Absolute Radio channels available now

Absolute Radio (724), Absolute Class R (725) and Absolute Xtreme (726) went live on the Freesat EPG a couple of hours a go. An automatic update should have been carried out on all Freesat receivers, but if not, try unplugging from the mains power, connecting back up and leaving for 10 minutes, this should avoid having to do a full reset resulting in any FTA channels added being lost.

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  1. Absolute Radio is the new name for Virgin Radio.
    Looks like Freesat is the first to use the new branding taking place over September.
    These channels may have been live for a day or two as my notification to Join Freesat of these new channels was after a power down capture (I leave BUSH SD on standby overnight).
    Looking forward to the day when auto update happens reliably on the Alba boxes.

  2. Denis – I am probably over cautious worrying that I might power down the box in the middle of a software update and turn it into a brick!
    I hope you are not the owner of a power hungry plasma tv – people in glass houses etc!
    Anyway point taken.

  3. Michael – Thanks but we decided not to mention this as C4 is already available, its just an additional region. We have added it to the channel line up though.

  4. Good question Andrew Morris.

    I would be interested to see statistics of those listening to radio via satellite (or via their TV). When tuned to a radio station my Foxsat gives a rather boring ‘blank screen’.. Is that normal? All other sat (and Freeview) receivers I own show a picture of a radio, or something about the radio station.

    Have to say, I rarely listen to radio via satellite pop pickers, not arf!

  5. admin – you need to up date your channels list to

    705 – BBC Radio Five Live
    706 – BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra
    707 – BBC 6 Music
    708 – BBC 7
    709 – BBC Asian Network
    710 – BBC Radio 4 LW

  6. Duncan – I have always powered my box completely down both freesat and sky before for years and have never had any problems. TV is LCD.

  7. I can say I never have and never will listen to any radio stations through my TV.

    Freesat should be trying to process TV channels. I’ve had freesat for about 4 weeks now and all they’re added is France 24. (a channel no one wants or watches)

  8. Andrew Morris Says:
    ‘Does anyone seriously listen to radio stations via the tv?’

    I don’t actually use the TV, no, but II occasionally listen to Radios 4 and 3 via satellite (usually on my Dreambox rather than my Foxsat, though), as I don’t have an FM/Band II aerial on the roof (I took it down as it wasn’t much good anyway). Also, radio sound quality via satellite is vastly better than DAB.

  9. 15. Denis – understood. Bush SD a bit of an unknown quantity at moment.
    Commonsense says if you set receiver upgrade to manual this will inhibit any any software updates but manufacture does not supply any info on this in instructions or on their website.
    My Sony IDTV is totally different on freeview and is powered down overnight.
    This by the way no longer allows Freeview rescans due to recent change in transmissions and will require me to update my software from 11 to 15th of September by accumulating a viewing time total on any BBC channel mix of 3 hours between these dates when updates are broadcast (for my tv – other Sony sets from 8th to 11th of September).
    These digital broadcasters are making us jump through a few hoops at the moment!
    It will all be all right next year won’t it?!

  10. I see the new BBC Alba channel aimed at Scotland’s Gaelic community is due to launch on 19 September. They are already broadcasting some test programming. I imagine this will launch on Freesat as most of their target audience must live in remote areas that freeview won’t reach? You can tune in on none-freesat.

    The point made about France 24 appears to be ill-informed. Plenty of people I know (including myself) enjoy a different perspective on the news from abroad. For years Euronews and Al Jazeera have shown uncensored news footage.

  11. You’re dead right Michael. I (very often) watch Euronews to get a broader perspective on the news. Besides, I never liked SkyNews (too americanised) and I hate when the news are too local.

  12. Is it just me or is anyone else not able to watch Film4? It comes up with the what’s on now and next listing, then a pause, then it just says New Service – Please Wait… with a blank screen and nothing happens. I’ve tried a full re-scan to see if that solves the problem but no luck. I’m using a Goodmans HD box.

  13. Lots of people listen to radio via their TV; according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Review for 2007, 41% of adults said they’d listened to radio via their TV set.

    That was an increase of 3.5 percentage points over the previous year; biggest growth in platform was DAB, up 5.9 to 19.5%, probably helped by the sets becoming cheaper.

    These, and other thrilling bits of information are available at http://www.ofcom.org.uk/research/cm/cmr07/radio/ for those who want to know more.

  14. James – I had the same on Bush SD with France 24 when it first entered EPG.
    “New Service” please wait for ever etc.
    A first time install fixed it and suggest you keep trying at intervals of half a day say.

    Come on Alba with new software and Instructions!
    Come on Freesat lets have Channel 5!

    Like many others am pleasantly surprised with France 24.

  15. Quote
    The point made about France 24 appears to be ill-informed. Plenty of people I know (including myself) enjoy a different perspective on the news from abroad. For years Euronews and Al Jazeera have shown uncensored news footage.


    It’s not ill informed at all. I didn’t mention Al Jazerra. The main news channel I watch its CNN followed by Al Jazeera.
    France 24 is nothing like these 2 channels.

  16. the more free news the better imho there is nothing wrong with having different perspectives a fine example of which was the recent events in Georgia, it was a breath of fresh air to actaully be able to get the Russian perspective as well as the usual BBC SKY etc , dont get me wrong i am not taking sides in this or any issues but i do like to at least feel more informed 😉

    Wating for FIVE and more HD is becoming painful hurry up you media tycoons lets see freesat pushed and promoted a bit more and letrs make it the best free sat platform out there, but please no more QVC or bimbo tv thanks . Saying u have a hundred odd channels is probabaly most apt as many of them are very odd lol
    btw great forum , very helpfull keep up the good work

  17. If I’m listening to radio in the room where my TV is, I use my Freesat box, which is hooked up to my amp via coax = excellent quality. One of the plus points of the Humax box (I don’t know about the other makes) is that it displays the channel number, so I don’t need to switch on the TV to be able listen.
    If I do switch on the TV, the iPlate gives info on what’s on the channel I’m listening to.
    One of the main reasons I have a satellite dish is that I live in a poor reception area (

  18. A lot of people may complain about channels such as QVC being added, and to an extent I agree, I don’t watch them or have any interest in watching some of them, however these channels are paying the EPG fees to freesat, which is more money that Freesat have for marketing, hopefully more marketing will mean more viewers which in turn will convince more quality channels to jump on board.

  19. Areas of the UK with poor DTT (Freeview coverage) often have poor DAB coverage. So Freesat’s offering of digital radio through the tv is brilliant. We regularly use the goggle-box to listen to radio.

  20. Peter Piper says -“France 24 ( a channel no one wants or watches)”

    Who is he speaking for and on what facts has he based this rather broad brush statement?

  21. Hi, I listen to Radio on TV when I want to record things.
    A freeview PVR does the trick here but a Freesat PVR when available will be great for those who cant get Freeview or DAB.
    Also BBC7 is Mono in DAB but Stereo programs are better in Stereo.

    The more choice the better as long as quality remains.
    Cheers, Chris

  22. I haven’t watched France24 that much but it seems ok. Not as good as Al Jazeera but a hell of a lot better than the awful Euronews.

    I couldn’t sit and listen to any radio channels but sometimes my girlfriend leaves it on while she’s doing housework.

  23. I thought DAB was on the way out . .

    “biggest growth in platform was DAB, up 5.9 to 19.5%, probably helped by the sets becoming cheaper.”

    Now I am amazed by that to be honest. I do own a DAB receiver but is rarely used and usually turned on to see if it still works and to see how many stations have dissappeared since last time.

    Sound quality is questionable, can produce a gargling effect in poor conditions and there appears no advantage over good old FM and no pirate stations. But surely it must be good? It’s digital, with 15 year old technology.

  24. DAB was another one of those technologies that work well right up to the point when broadcasters crowd the frequency and then reduce the bitrate.

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