Amazon Sell Humax HDR

Amazon are pleased to announced they are now selling the Humax FOXSAT-HDR directly (not just through their Marketplace). Their latest price of £259.99 is just a few £££’s more than the current cheapest online price from our price comparison page. With Amazon’s vast buying power we may see Humax reduce their trade price and therefore helping the retail value to continue downwards.

Visit Amazon’s Humax FOXSAT-HDR @ £259.99

4 thoughts on “Amazon Sell Humax HDR”

  1. Nice, though I would like to see a firmware update from humax soon and a min hard drive size of 500 gig is realistic at current prices

  2. Lee – have you downloaded and applied the 28/12/08 upgrade? Are you looking for anything specific, or do you just like upgrades?

  3. Richer Sounds have been the cheapest for a couple of weeks now @ £249.95 for VIP members (newsletter subscribers) and £259.95 normal price. They also offfer a 5 year warranty price at £285.90 which is a crackin; deal.

    These are currently In store prices and online.

  4. Not quite cheapest, their product hasn’t been available for purchase online until the last few days and they charge £6.99 delivery. Good deal though, especially if you take the 5 year warranty instead of the included 2 year warranty with others.

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