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Apr 25 2008

Argos have today launched their range of freesat receivers and installation options. Whilst they remain ‘unavailable’ to buy, atleast we have information on almost all receivers that will be available from launch. Receivers include:

Goodmans GFSAT100SD Silver Freesat SD Digital Box – £69.99
Goodmans GFSAT200HD Black Freesat HD Digital Box – £149.99
Bush BFSAT01SD Freesat SD Digital Box – £49.99
Bush BFSAT01HD Black Freesat HD Digital Box – £119.99
Single Freesat Installation – £80.00

You can visit the full range here.

(backup screenshots: goodmans hd, goodmans sd, bush hd, bush sd, installation)

19 Responses to “Argos freesat products go live”

  1. lib Says:

    do”s the Installation price include a dish and lnb.


  2. admin Says:

    lib – Yes, installation will include the dish, LNB and cable, plus connecting the freesat receiver up and making sure its working etc.


  3. lib Says:

    thanks admin


  4. lib Says:

    sorry admin me again can i use my old sky dish to pick up freesat hd (bbc/itv).


  5. admin Says:

    lib – Yes, if your satellite setup presently works with a Sky digibox, it will also work with a freesat receiver. You are effectively receiving the same BBC/ITV channels etc.


  6. lib Says:

    thanks admin thats saved me £80 or so


  7. admin Says:

    lib – can we have it then 😀


  8. goosey7 Says:

    The Goodmans HD box mentions 1080i not 1080p, I thought it was gonig to be a full HD service.


  9. admin Says:

    goosey7 – Nope, not yet, all broadcasts in 1080i. Suspect this might be the case for a good few years. There isn’t enough difference to warrant it on these channels yet.


  10. Tommy Says:

    I note the expected cost for installation of a Freesat box is going to be £80. Who is going to install the boxes? Is Freesat building up a network of installers?


  11. admin Says:

    Tommy – We were led to beleive by John Lewis that freesat installations will be carried out by Sky’s network of installers in the first instance, presumably as freesat have not got their own agreements in place. This is what the buyers from John Lewis were told on their training day!


  12. Tommy Says:

    I used to work for a fairly large company that SKY use for installations, and rumour has it that this company were offered the Freesat installation contract. However, SKY persuaded them not to take it, and instead gave them other contracts!


  13. mark Says:

    Hi, i currently use sky digital + and multi room, can i use the spare input on my quad lnb for the freesat hd box or do i need a second dish installed.



  14. Bernie Abraham Says:

    Am on Sky digital and an LCD TV in our living room.
    Can we also have Freesat running from the Sky dish to another LCD TV in our back room.


  15. Mickey Says:

    hey, looking at the freesat and it seems really good, are all the channels available with the £49.99 box? And i have freeview just now so would i need to get a satellite? thanks


  16. brian Says:

    thank you


  17. Dan Says:

    will inatallers fit dish to chiminey at the promoted cost or does the cost only cover instalaton of dish to a wall?


  18. terry Says:

    do i need a dish or will my sky dish connect to the freesat box humax hd
    foxsat ~hd

    also does all freesat give you upto 200 channels


  19. vi Says:

    have 2 tv,s +2 humax 9200 boxes,both give freeview, will I just need a dish to get more channels,dont want to buy more boxes


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