Argos say no more Bush SD

Take this with a pinch of salt as it has come from Argos customer service; but in an email to a reader (Derek) of joinfreesat, Argos have told him that they will not be receiving any more stock of Bush Freesat SD digital boxes.

The conversation came about when the reader contacted Argos to request a replacement for a faulty Bush receiver; the email response explained that their current stock had all been sold and that they would not be receiving more. One can only assume they were willing to refund but nothing more.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the Bush Freesat Box.

I am so sorry you have not been able to order a replacement for the freesat box. We have totally sold out and we will not be getting any new stock in. I hope you can find a suitable alternative from our wide product range.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us on 0845 640 2020.


Argos Direct E-Commerce Customer Service Team.

It’s understandable that retailers some times stop selling products, depending on how successful they are, but given that not only is the Bush brand name owned by Argos, Freesat SD boxes have been selling incredibly well and Alba Group as a whole are not able to keep up with demand.

This of course might all be Chinese whispers at Argos towers, so if we find out anything more, we’ll let you know.

Edit (28-Apr-09): We have had a subsequent response to suggest that Freesat SD boxes will be available again around the 22nd May 2009. Argos giving us the run around!

10 thoughts on “Argos say no more Bush SD”

  1. I had to return my Bush SD box. The first was faulty, although it worked when new, The second had a label saying the LNB “out” socket was non functional, and I needed that feature. I did get a refund, as the box was not as advertised. I suspect that using the LNB out on the first box is what caused it to fail.

  2. Could this be another indicator of the level of demand for HD boxes?

    With a recent survey showing 80% of all boxes sold were HD, it looks as if the tide is truly turning.

    (BTW before I get flamed by some SD fans, HD boxes still let you watch SD).

  3. Reducing the product line could make the HD boxes even cheaper, if freesat had only launched a HD box in the 1st place the channels could be using mp4 and DVB-S2 to improve picture quality using the same bandwidth, even on SD channels.

  4. yes, I’m also up for HD boxes only (still supporting SD playback). No more SD boxes to be made/sold, as it is a waste of time/energy/money this day and age.

    Maybe this way we can also push for more HD content.

  5. I wonder if Argos are going to drop their price anytime soon on the Humax HDR, it’s a bit rich compared to other companies offerings around the £250 mark

  6. As I understand it, one of the reasons behind Freesat is to provide a digital TV option for households that can’t pick up Freeview. Bearing in mind that not all of them will want to pay extra for HD I’m actually surprised that nobody has released a recordable SD box to compete with Sky+

  7. Very good point Rich, to be honest with you it’s a good idea. Freesat needs to allow other manufacturor’s to produce SD boxes as this is one of the things that is really holding back Freesat how can they go forward if the products are always unavailable, i have bought about eight for friends and family, and had to go all over London to purchase them, and in all truth the Alba boxes are not a very good product. Come on Humax/Metronics were waiting for SD boxes too.

  8. I disagree. I suspect that the cost difference between manufacturing a SD box vs HD box is a lot less than the highstreet price difference. Also the current trend is towards MPEG 4 chips – Freeview itself is going this way and many other countries too – this means that most chips being made today and in future will support MPEG 4 and hence HD – it may actually start to cost more to get SD only chips. The issue here is really the price point of entry. If HD boxes were available for 70 quid it would be much less of an issue. I agree – we shouldn’t have to pay extra for HD – it is better if we expect to get HD as standard for a low entry cost.
    P.S. Richersounds are doing the PVR for 250 at the mo – I got mine delivered yesterday.

  9. £70 pricepoint for a HD box is ok. It also has to have a user interface that is well tested and customized for UK customer that doesnt know much about the technical side.

    Personally, I dont have a HD TV, and dont intend purchasing one anytime soon, and neither does my extended family, some of which are elderly who only have a 32″ flatscreen. and with that size of screen and the viewing distance, what’s the point in getting a HD box?

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