Ask Emma Scott a question (2012)

Following the huge success of the previous ask Emma Scott a question article, we are pleased to announce we’ve been given the opportunity to once again pose some questions to Emma Scott, MD of Freesat; and we’d like your questions to put to Emma.

It’s been nearly 2 years since we last did this and if you follow the link above, you’ll see how many of those questions have now been answered with the successful inclusion of high-definition channels, on-demand services etc.

Have a think what question you’d like asking more than any other and then post a comment below. We’ll obviously sift through them and pick out those we feel are most likely to gain an interesting response. Remember to be unique as they are more likely to get included and be answered; questions asking when Dave, UK Gold, UK TV etc will be available won’t be submitted!

We’ll start the ball rolling with the following questions:

Q. Have any discussions taken place with regards to the inclusion of Channel 5 HD this year, given their original plan to launch on Freeview in the summer, which subsequently has been retracted?

Q. What are the plans surrounding the G2 version of receivers, what are the key reasons for the revision and when are the first receivers likely to roll-out?

Q. Do you feel the style and content of the current television advertising campaign was the right route to go? The general consensus online is that it has tried to be quirky and rememberable (adj.) rather than informative which is needed whilst Freesat is still an unknown brand name for most UK homes.

We’ll leave this post open for question submissions until end of play 25th January 2012 **Question submissions now closed, see comment at bottom**.

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  1. Ralph said:
    Will there be any documentary channels such as Quest or a Discovery type channel coming to Freesat ever…?
    Also where are the sports channels…?
    In your advertising it clearly states News and Sports channels. There are plenty of news channels but no sports channels even Eurosport would be good…

    Sports rights are expensive – even for the more “minority sports” that ES covers. There is no realistic prospect of any major sports channels coming to Freesat. All European releases of ES are encrypted apart from one – ES Germany – and theres no guarantee as to how long that one will last FTA once the analogue version closes on April 30th.

    FTA minority sports channels havent had much luck in the last 10 years – they have all ended up going encrypted or closing.

  2. admin said: There are no freely available sports channels anyway, so having some on Freesat is unlikely unless a broadcaster launches one and considers going fta (free-to-air).That might be a question to raise with Electric Sofa rather than Freesat, as it clearly isn’t Freesat causing a delay, but ES themselves.

    Not true – British EuroSport is available free to air on analogue satellite – yes I still have an analogue receiver! So presumably this could be on Freesat?

  3. Julian said: Not true – British EuroSport is available free to air on analogue satellite – yes I still have an analogue receiver! So presumably this could be on Freesat?

    Not so – Eurosport INTERNATIONAL is available on analogue – and that is closing on April 30th (at the latest – theres a chance it could go earlier).

  4. Can Emma arrange to have an extra guide tab where all the HD channels are clubbed together? This would make it so much easier to flick between channels and give a more rewarding experience. It would also give the HD channels prominence they don’t currently have on the EPG, a good selling point when demonstrating Freesat to prospective customers!

  5. Hi Guys,

    My main fear is that Sony have bought these channels as a way of getting Sky epg placings, as they have a very good stable of channels called AXN which sadly (for us) are subscription based channels. Does Emma have any news if the existing channels will continue on Freesat ?

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  6. Colin said: Q. Do you agree that FreeSat’s retail display material in outlets like Comet is failing woefully to help FreeSat realise its growth potential? It is hopelessly outgunned by Sky’s material, & what little there is fails to get across the simplicity FreeSat’s unique selling proposition (as indeed does its far-too-clever-for-its-own-good TV campaign). Retail point-of-sale is where most consumers get their education about these things, & FreeSat is failing to compete – surely?

    To expand on my point – it seems to me that a lot of people’s technical wish-lists listed here, could be satisfied IF FreeSat’s user base was much larger… one of the main issues for Emma has to be GROWING THE USER BASE.

    Ask most people you meet what they know about FreeSat, & the answer tends to be Not Much… it has to be all about consumer education, which in turn is all about advertising, both on TV & at point of sale, plus PR in magazines.

    Q. What plans do you have to sharpen your consumer communication, & achieve much faster growth?

  7. Would it be possible to move the EPG, 999 info channel, VOD services etc from EB1 to 1N? I get highly variable and generally low signal strength from these particular transponders, yet some channels on EB1 have a good signal although never as good as 2D. By comparison 1N and 2D consistently delivery 100% strength and quality. These poorer signals obviously affect the EPG performance and ability to retune.

    With regard to the VOD services, better still would be to have an alternative means of accessing ITV player. It actually seems a little perverse accessing Internet services via a channel – although I understand they require some means of delivering the software.

    As an example, yesterday I had zero signal from these transponders and so couldn’t retune to get Channel 5 back, yet I could still access iPlayer via Red Button.

    For completeness, my box is a Humax (Foxsat) HDR.

  8. Keith said:
    Would it be possible to move the EPG, 999 info channel, VOD services etc from EB1 to 1N?

    If you have a few million quid spare, I’m sure the broadcasters will do this for you 😉

  9. Freesat has an awareness problem. I’m sure if people were more aware of it they would switch to it. Considering the BBC has a vested interest in the platform how come Sky get so much free publicity on BBC channels? “I’ve Sky Plus’d it” is commonly heard on BBC programmes as is the inclusion of Sky News in dramas. The BBC (as a share holder of Freesat) should encourage their programme makers to stop advertising Sky and if they have to mention any service at all, mention Freesat (and Freesat+ instead of Sky+).

  10. Keith, it sounds like your dish is off-pan as you shouldn’t be experiencing these issues (certainly if not in the UK anyway!).

  11. Like any business Freesat must have targets, who sets these targets?

    Do these targets specifically list the expansion of the HD channel line up?
    If so have you met your targets in the past, and do you expect to this year?
    If not what do they cover?

    Regarding catch up TV services such as BBC iplayer , 4OD etc, do your targets specifically mention these? Have future targets on expansion of these services been metered given the difficulties (whether end user hardware or broadcaster) faced with the introduction of BBC and ITV’s offerings, or can we look forward with confidence that lessons have been learnt and new services will come to all.

    Finally, the TV ads are shocking, you must have been kicking yourself when you saw Freeview’s latest balloon ads which spell out what you actually get on Freeview.

  12. [admin] We don’t allow talk about “RD” on here sorry [/admin]

    I understand the chances of a dedicated sports channel ever appearing on Freesat are, at best, minimal but can a channel that is normally broadcasting an encrypted service ever broadcast in the clear? For example could Liverpool FC TV, which is encrypted with Videoguard, ever broadcast content without encryption and likewise for Premier Sports or even Eurosport? I know this would be totally reliant on the channels putting out content FTA but it’s just an idea.

    I know there is a fair amount of sport on Freesat if you look for it but it can be well hidden.

  13. **Question submissions now closed**

    Thanks for all the questions submitted, I’ve now look through them and submitted the best to Emma Scott (26/01/2012 10:45); hopefully with a response posted up in a few weeks time.

    I’ve ensured a wide spectrum of questions have been presented to Emma, but obviously needed to pick those I felt most likely to gain a useful response. If your question doesn’t get asked, please don’t take it personally, I just can’t submit too many otherwise the questions are likely to be skimmed over.

    Thanks again to all that contributed.

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