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We have been given the opportunity to present some questions to Emma Scott, MD of Freesat; but rather than us asking the usual kind of stuff, we thought that we’d open it up to our readers to ask the kind of questions Freesat customers want to know.

Have a think what question you’d like answering more than any other and then post a comment below. We’ll obviously sift through them and pick out those we feel are likely to gain the most interesting response.

We’ll leave this post open until **now closed, thanks for all your questions**

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  1. first please let this question get thur i would like to ask why virgin one and dave quest are not available to freesat i find it irratating to go from freesat to freeviwe just to see my programes would it not make more seanse to put them all on the one platforme also the promis of free hd channels as aposed to two channels was promised in you r advertisment when will we see them

  2. Can I just point out there are several channels NOT on Freeview that are on Freesat.
    Emma, not everyone is moaning about the service as it would appear here!
    Freeview HD will not be available from every transmitter until 2012 or so.

  3. @102

    I agree I am more than happy.

    Good grief if the majority of these questions are posed I would have thought Emma would be glad to give up her job!

    Would it be possible to cut out a few of the posts that clearly are inane so that the few good questions can be seen more easily?

  4. Will freesat waive/reduce the EPG fee for channels like 4 HD, Sky News, Sky News Sports, RTE International (if launched) etc. that would ultimately enhance (and differentiate) the platform?

    Is narrow-beam capacity the biggest hurdle to additional channels on freesat, HD or otherwise? What steps are ofcom, freesat, BBC, astra and Sky taking to ensure that narrow-beam capacity is prioritised for FTA channels?

    Will the launch of freeview HD hinder further development of freesat? Will it stop attempting to complement freeview and simply be a service for those with no terrestrial reception?

    Is it possible to use freesat+ set-top boxes to stream purchased HD content (sport, movies, box-sets etc.) from the internet? Is there plans to develop this with content suppliers?

    Can the internet connect be used as a return-path for interactive red-button services such as voting? Any plans to implement this?

  5. I am sure it has been covered in some way or another above (and acknowledging Emma’s previous answers on similar subject) however with news of Sky being pushed into reducing the wholesale price of its sports packages and the underlying attitudes of the regulators this portrays does Emma see scope to develop an OnDigital style top-up feature for Freesat to enable us to enjoy the best of both FTA HD (and SD) as well as the premium products we will only ever see from Pay TV (and to be fair only expect to see from Pay TV) such as sports.

  6. Peeps – Emma cannot answer questions about why certain channels are only available on Freeview, or when certain channels will appear on Freesat, or why FTA channels are available on the Sky EPG but not on Freesat, moving channels around transponders, etc etc. These issues have nothing to do with Freesat, apart from maybe lobbying and gentle persuasion that they might be able to do on the broadcasters!

  7. I have a Panasonic EX79 digital recorder with HD facility upgrade. Therefore, is it necessary for me to have a Freesat box with a recorder or, is there simply a Freesat receiver from which I can record to the above equipment. SJT

  8. To Emma Scott, There is a real chance for Freesat to make a name for itself and be acknowledged as a major player in the HD broadcast industry. Currently it is an ‘also ran’, hardly known outside of the population that currently own Freesat receiving equipment. Changes such as those outlined in post #90 would set Freesat on the path to become the market leader in high quality, high definition TV transmission in the UK. Products survive or fail on their USPs (Unique Selling Points). Multi channel, Free HD transmissions of the highest picture and sound quality is something Freesat can aspire too. The technology is there, the source material is there. It just needs strong management to make it happen. Success breeds success and if Freesat sets out on this path, HD channels would quickly come knocking on it’s door to be included (subject to existing contractual arrangements). My question to you Emma is: Are you willing to take Freesat down this path for the benefit of the UK viewing audience.

  9. Apart from the usual more HD content questions, WHY can I not change the channel order like I can on Freeview boxes. Ths is another reasion why I mainly watch using my freeview box rather than via freesat. I want the ability to change the order of the channels on the epg the way I like them, not the way you think I like them. If it takes me four times as long to switch to a channel using Freesat vs Freeview then, sorry but it’s Freeview for me.

    Also I want to be able to press 1 and get BBC1, not have to press 101 or what ever it is.

  10. This whole thread depresses me! Do people not read the previous posts before doing their own bleat? Freesat is about ensuring that areas of difficult reception have access to a digital service after analogue is switched off. Some of us might have been left without a TV service at all.

    HD is the icing on the cake. It depends on channels being free of contractual obligations, on sufficient bandwidth being found on the UK-specific satellite, the ability of the channel provider to survive without subscription income and many other factors.

    If Admin passes all this stuff to Emma un-edited, I suspect she will not form a very high opinion of the Joinfreesat correspondents. Virtually all of the dross on Freesat come from satellites which are not eligible to beam HD into the UK – getting rid of porn channels will only have the effect of reducing Freesat’s income.

    Perhaps I should just go away and fing a nice gardening website!

  11. @HD-Sceptic

    The responses are what we had expected to receive but it was always our intention to take away a selection of the questions we feel Emma is most likely to give an informative answer on. We naturally won’t be passing on questions about why certain channels like Dave aren’t available, as the answers are clear, so we’d rather focus on questions that can only really be answered by Emma herself. Emma will not be responding to questions directly on here, but through me to be published as a separate news story.

    We’ll be closing this post earlier than planned due to the high number of questions already asked (thanks for those) so get them in as soon as you can, but please, have a scan through those already asked and try to think of something completely different, as we cannot ask two slight variations on the same question over and over again

  12. 111 I agree – it’s as if this forum has hit the self-destruct button with all these dreadful posts. Come back derek100 – all is forgiven – none of your dross was as bad as some of these posts.

  13. I’m very pleased and happy with Freesat, although I would like the same red button service available to other platforms.

    I realise that you do not have the advertising budget of other providers, even Freeview, but why do you not make potential viewers aware of your service in other ways. I’ve seen trailers for many programmes on various channels (one for CBBC today for instance) which give appropriate channel numbers for viewing via Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media, but never for Freesat. I have only ever heard Freesat mentioned on TV as a means of receiving digital TV when a football match is on ITV and the commentator is telling viewers to press the red button, or occasionally as a means of getting BBC HD. It does make me worry about the BBC and ITV’s commitment to a service that they have been running for nearly two years now and which even after switch-over will still be my only means of getting decent digital TV without Sky.

    Even just saying “Such and such is available on the red button except for Freesat viewers” would at least make people aware of the platform (and stop me pressing red in hope). Is there some agreement with Sky not to promote or mention Freesat on tv except via paid for advertising slots?

  14. @Admin – so my reasonably worded post right at the top of this discussion stands a good chance of getting to Emma? In light of the Ofcom ruling today (31-3-10), offering a CAM card (i’d pay for it!) & subscription it seems a very good way to grow the Freesat platform & get new partners on board!

  15. Radio channels. I recently tried to get Calssic FM but found Freesat does not have it “not available or scrambled” was the message. Freeview seems to have far more radio channels, apart from other advantages over Freesat.already mentioned above. Grateful for your response.


  16. I think it is about time we had more HD channels only BBC and ITV not much for the time freesat has been going

  17. Back in 2008 when Five launched on Freesat, Five said it was working on bringing Fiver and Five USA to Freesat. It is now 2010 and still no sign of either channel.
    I have tried contacting Five, but no reply, what progress has been made, or must we continue to watch on Freeview or Sky?

  18. To Emma Scott
    Please can I have the option to add any non Freesat channel in Freesat mode and not just those that Freesat thinks I may want to watch.

  19. i player freezes alot and sometimes does not work at all , when will we see an improvment PLEASE

  20. Dave is a fantastic channel but is not yet available on Freesat even though it’s on Freeview. Are you likely to have this channel soon? if not why not? or is it just worth waiting for the Freeview signal to be increased when they turn the analogue signal off?

  21. And still the question regarding channel Dave comes up despite answering that above. Dave along with many others is a subscription only channel on DSAT platform so they won’t be available on Freesat. We have a question compiled which essentially asks whether any channels have discussed the possibility of becoming FTA from SUB; like CNBC did!

  22. (1) Change the regional channels to country channels : ie BBC ENGLAND, BBC SCOTLAND, BBC WALES, BBC NORTHERN IRELAND, BBC ALBA and BBC CYMBRA. this should release some bandwith. This means that some changes to programes will have to be made such as local news.

    (2)a) When is the new astra/eurobird with spot beam on britain? will FREESAT obtain all the space so that it can improve the system.

  23. I would like to ask Emma if a limited subscription service on FreeSat is at all possible, for channels like Eurosport HD, Discovery HD, etc, a bit like the old Top up TV which use to be available on freeview, this would be a great way to expand the HD service on FreeSat, and be a great alternative to Sky.

  24. Compared with what I had before Freesat is fantastic. I have two questions for Emma.
    1. When then new Astra satellites are launched from 2012 does Freesat hope to be able to offer more channels in HD?

    2. Why is it that the vast number of programs on the EPG seem to have warnings on the contents of the program? They are just annoying especially the that states some viewers may find the content distressing. The problem is that I have yet to see a program with that warning I find distressing, however programs such as the X factor which would distress me do not have one!

  25. complained to my dealer about the Panasonic Freesat Issues… no answers?? No Iplayer upgrade???

    Peter Tyson Panasonic Shop in Carlisle pursued this and received the following reply from Panasonic…

    ” have just contacted Panasonic who assure me that the Panasonic ‘G10’ ‘G15’ and ‘V10’ models will be updated via an over-air update in June and the
    ‘LZ81’ and ‘PZ81’ models in November.”

    not good but at least a reply.. Elo

  26. Why is there only two ITV channel, ITV London, ITV W. I live in the east midlands and I don’t want to know the weather or news and sport is in the west midlands.
    That is the reason we watch BBC 1 east midlands to see our local news.
    Also it’s been said before but when will Channel 4 HD come to Free-Sat.

  27. Do you think it’s fair that early adopters of Goodmans / Grundig / Alba HD boxes are being asked to pay for an upgrade to be able to view iplayer, even though support for IPTV services is part of the Freesat specification and advertised from day 1 ?

  28. i’d like a internet browser built in to freesat it would be great to browse the web while listening to the tv in the background save turning my laptop on also it would be nice if the software could learn what we watch and record stuff for us which were interested in i think tivo does it and i’d like widget’s

  29. Hi Emma,
    Like previous posters I had hoped for more HD channels by now,and more quality channels as opposed to shopping and soft porn channels.If space is so limited why oh why fill it with junk?However trying to be different my question is this: The Foxsat HDR incorporates a slot for a CAM and card,was this a requirement in the Freesat specifications,and if so do you intend to use it in any way as part of Freesats offerings?

  30. @terrykl

    As per previously comments made, the inclusion of soft porn and shopping channels has no baring on the limitations of access for others; they are simply taking an EPG slot, not bandwidth on the narrow beam required for UK broadcasters to broadcast in the clear.

  31. Thanks everyone that contributed with questions; we’ll now go through them and pick out those we feel are most likely to get answered. We have at least 50 unique questions though that may be an excessive amount for Emma to answer, but we’ll try.

    Once we have the answers back, we’ll publish on the site as a new page.

    Thanks again, sorry we couldn’t leave this open longer, but the response has been huge and we had to stop somewhere 😉

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