BBC HD Now Interactive

BBC have today added the Interactive service on their high definition channel (BBC HD channel 108).

Accessed via the red button, this service should allow for more features such as multi-screen of major HD events, plus text, information and much more.

As soon as we have confirmed uses for this service, we’ll let you know. Maybe Wimbledon multi-screen court action in HD?

16 thoughts on “BBC HD Now Interactive”

  1. Shame that F1 isn’t HD this year otherwise this could have been a brilliant addition for this.

    Be good to see it used for the major sporting events (that BBC still has left).

    Any ideas what else it could be used for ?

  2. A bit more good news trickles through, though with the state of the purse strings at ITV and C5 I don’t think we are going to see a HD channel expansion/offering from them anytime soon. Any news on the C4HD channel?

  3. I’m sure many viewers of this fantasic site share the desire to know the answer of your question Lee. anyone have any news? please..

  4. @Groomy

    Agreed mate – F1 in HD would be stunning. Apparently the lack of HD F1is due to the “host nation” broadcaster rather than the BBC as there isn’t a universal adoption of HD. Once that happens; the BBC will give it full beans in HD! Can’t wait! 🙂

  5. Just a question, so please don’t shoot me down if i’m talking nonsense……

    Although F1 isn’t broadcast in HD, could it not be upscaled at least, or is that not possible with a live broadcast?
    ‘IF’ it can be, then F1 on BBC HD interactive service would be a great idea.

  6. What I find so strange about F1 not being in HD is that last year it was sponsored by Sony HD equipment and in every advertising break they would say how good Sony HD is.

    Multi-screen HD? Where is all the capacity for that coming from?

  7. Colin: The policy that BBC HD works to is that no more than 25% of any programme is allowed to be from a non-HD source.

    While a welcome addition, all that is happening here is that BBC HD is getting exactly the same Interactive service that all of the other BBC channels have. There isn’t going to be any HD-Exclusive Red Button content, no multiscreen HD service for sporting events covered in HD.

    BBC HD is already part of the multi-channel offering for major events such as Wimbledon or Glasonbury, it’s just that now the Red Button software works on the channel it will be easier to integrate BBC HD into the overall offering.

  8. I would still like to see a Text service on ITV. When you ask them they say it is coming – but give no clues when.

  9. Nice addition by the beeb but would really like them to get their news multi screen sorted out. That would be a very useful addition to freesat.

  10. When i go to ‘sport multiscreen’ it thinks for a moment then takes me to a black screen with the bar across the bottom that says ‘no service’, anyone else?

  11. Hi Tom – me too! I got up early yesterday to watch the first F1 race of the season expecting to be able to change views etc – but all I got was the same message “NO SERVICE”!!

  12. Good news about CNN being included on freesat.

    To make it all complete there is only one more left to include at the moment and that is The TRAVEL CHANNEL what is the chance of bringing this about, it is free to view on Sky it would be great to include on FREESAT

    Bring it on PLEASE.

    Many thanks

  13. Adding and viewing non-Freesat channels is dead easy. Why do we want all these Sky FTA channels in the Freesat EPG? Get real, guys – and add your own selection of FTA stuff to your Freesat boxes.

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