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Dec 18 2009

**Update 21/12/2009**
The code for accessing BBC iPlayer has been released to us for all of you to use; the code is 5483. Please note BBC iPlayer is currently in beta test so may still have bugs and glitches, plus is only available via Humax Freesat HD or Freesat+ receivers with the latest software versions. We’d ask that you have a play and leave your comments/feedback below so BBC/Freesat can take the information to assist in the development before an official launch in the New Year. For more information on the BBC iPlayer trial with Freesat, please visit this page.

How BBC iPlayer Will Connect

Though not officially announced, we have it from a very reliable source that BBC/Freesat will release the BBC iPlayer code to the general public from early next week.

This will give those with a Humax Freesat HD or Humax Freesat+ receiver the opportunity to test out the service over the Christmas period enjoying all there is to offer through the festive season from the BBC.

The BBC iPlayer setup video can be found here

All other Freesat HD and Freesat+ makes/models will be able to enjoy BBC iPlayer some time in the new year.

351 Responses to “BBC iPlayer Available From Next Week”

  1. Tony Peake Says:

    Great news if it’s true !


  2. zag Says:

    Come on TechniSat, sort it out


  3. admin Says:

    @Tony Peake

    It’s true 😉


    Nothing to do with TechniSat or the other manufacturers; Freesat/BBC have chosen to start with Humax as they treat them like their own internal testers 😉


  4. Phil Says:

    Ding dong Merrily on High!!


  5. PaulB Says:

    So early next week means Monday then does it ?


  6. Rogerd Says:

    So it’s the New Year before my Freesat enabled Panasonic will be able to recieve iPlayer?


  7. Rogerd Says:

    receive even!!


  8. Paul Says:

    So how do I get the iplayer option on my HUMAX HD BOX? I goto BBC1 and press red button but no option for iplayer, is this going to be an over the air download next week?


  9. Graham Merritt Says:

    What about Pany users? Hardly fair just to release it to Humax boxes.


  10. darnall42 Says:

    hurrah if it’s true 😀


  11. Froggie Says:

    If only there was the option for us non UK Freesat users to pay for it. I’m sure most of us would be more than happy to pay for iPlayer as long as it was reasonably priced of course.


  12. Chriso69 Says:

    I for one can’t wait – opps, I forgot, I haven’t got broadband. D’oh.


  13. Chriso69 Says:

    Regarding Pauls comment at 8, currently it’s accessed via a four digit code you enter as a text page number, but I would assume there will be a permanent link on the BBCi home page when launched. Humax’s software update 1.00.23 gives your box all it needs.


  14. Jock Says:

    #11 – Froggie

    Assuming you have the right Humax box, have you tried connecting to the internet via a UK-based proxy? A bit of Googling should tell you how and suggest some suitable proxies – but be careful as the bad guys also use proxies to lead you into their web.


  15. Robin F Says:

    #11 – Froggie

    UK Telecom offer various broadband packages in France and they will supply you with a pre-configured router that has a VPN connection to their network in the UK.

    In theory this should allow all traffic on your LAN/WAN from all of your network devices (Humax HDR included) to be routed to the UK via a UK IP address.

    Hope this helps.


  16. Alan M Says:

    From bbc Today at 4.30pm. We appreciate your feedback concerning the launch of our service on Freesat. However, this is currently in a beta trial stage with specifically invited participants and we hope to roll out the service to all Freesat users as soon as possible


  17. Alan Says:

    Where can I find full and detailed information regarding the BBC iPlayer service?


  18. boudicca Says:

    “some time in the new year.” hmmm I do hope LG don’t hold out on us, as its a humax inside, knowing LG iplayer will only be available on the LF7710 model tv in 2010….logic being you didnt pay for the iplayer feature on the LF7700 and leave it disabled in the firmware.


  19. fluffy Says:

    yawn. got it on Wii, got it on Virgin Media. it’ll be on my microwave next


  20. fluffy Says:

    and i nearly forgot. got it on my pc as do all of you who are moaning about not having it.


  21. ZedsDead Says:

    Fluffy – it may be your view of the world, but there are planty of people looking forward to this significant development. I have multiple means of viewing iPlayer too, but having buttons on the remote control of the main STB in my home seems like a major step forward in delivering catch-up IPTV to the main family TV. Some people might like the chance to lead a solitary existence huddled over a laptop though……….

    P.S. At the risk of opening the old debate again….. does homeplug work with microwaves anyhow?


  22. graham Says:

    Good. I cant wait. How will we be notified of the code


  23. Ash Says:

    Once its up and running, can someone/admin be so kind to take screen shot pictures?


  24. Paul S Watts Says:


    What about all the rest of the Freesat owners who bought into the platform with the hope of expanding the facilities and capabilities as promised – who do not have or want a Wii, Cable, smart microwave etc…………. Or indeed those who do not have a PC in their living room or do not have/want want it streamed to their living room. Many will have more than one Freesat box, so they will be able to expand and utilise the full flexibility of the service.

    Loosen up and be pleased that others can fully enjoy what they have paid for.



  25. mr no name Says:

    some time in the new year? – so anything up to the 31st of December 2010? – i suppose i will have to use my Media Center extender for a bit longer yet – at least I have a Technisat box which is the best!…


  26. fluffy Says:

    @ Paul S Watts

    I was speaking for myself and didn’t suggest otherwise.

    Please let me watch previously broadcast BBC programmes. Please.


  27. Tony Peake Says:

    As far as i am aware this is the first time the I-player has been available as an MPEG 4 encoded steam, thats why it has taken so long to get right. Its also why it wont work with SD Freesat boxes as they cant decode MPEG 4. The picture quality should be significantly better than for the conventional steam on any given broadband speed.


  28. Bob Warriner Says:

    mr no name Says:

    December 18th, 2009 at 10:15 pm
    some time in the new year? – so anything up to the 31st of December 2010? – i suppose i will have to use my Media Center extender for a bit longer yet – at least I have a Technisat box which is the best!…
    I suppose that’s why the BBC chose Humax then eh?


  29. Brian Damage Says:

    I think a more extended trial is a great idea. The BBC obviously want to the Freesat iPlayer service to be robust, reliable and able to cope with the demand.

    I think this is going to be hugely popular – most people don’t have PC’s or microwaves connected to their TVs, so Freesat iPlayer is going to give them excatly what they are waiting for.

    OK – maybe not exactly. It’s a shame that we’ll only be getting SD – but hopefully that’s just the beginning. If the BBC has the capacity and the bandwidth, then I guess there’s no technical reason why Freesat iPlayer can’t supply HD as well.

    Also, it’s going to be interesting to see if any of the non-Humax receivers are able to access the iPlayer WITHOUT a firmware upgrade!


  30. Tony Hales Says:

    @Bob Warriner
    The BBC chose Humax because it’s the most popular HD box.
    I have both and the Technisat is better all round. The Humax is in storage.


  31. Tony Hales Says:

    @Brain Damage
    What gives you the idea we’ll only be getting SD?


  32. Alan M Says:

    To BOUDICCA@18 I have just downloaded new software on my LG7700 don’t know if its for BBCi took about 13min so its a big one ATV1.00.19/DTV LGHST 1.00.14 Don’t know what the differance is yet.


  33. Lee B Says:

    @Tony wow Mpeg 4 that should allow for an excellent picture quality, lets hope the bitrates are high enough…the bbc don’t have the best record on bitrate recently.


  34. Paul Says:

    Thanks Chriso69@13, I am using 1.0.24 firmware on my Humax HD
    got a couple of codes from google and youtube but no success.
    Is there something I need to download?
    Your help is appreciated.


  35. Derek B Says:

    I cannot use the BBC red button multiscreen on my Humax HD box since that upgrade, so I doubt I’ll get the Iplayer working. Humax promised another update to fix the missing channels etc, but no sign yet. My latest update was dated 26 November.


  36. Bob Warriner Says:

    Tony Hales Says:

    December 19th, 2009 at 12:10 pm
    @Bob Warriner
    The BBC chose Humax because it’s the most popular HD box.
    I have both and the Technisat is better all round. The Humax is in storage.
    I have had both as well, just given the Technisat away as a Christmas present.
    The Humax is the most popular because it’s the best, and very well supported, I expect you will be digging the Humax out of storage before very long…like this week (-:


  37. Doug Says:

    i seem to be in the same situation as Derek, there is no iplayer showing on my TV,
    i have just tried to do an update, none available,!!!!
    bit of a shame as i went out yesterday and bought the gearfor the iplayer,
    maybe upgrade os on the way??

    my sortware is showing 1.00.12 guess this is the wrong one,?


  38. Doug Says:

    advise please,

    i have been on the Humax site and found loader update,7.53 and saved to memory stick, following there instructions, press stand by and hold, guess what nothing happens,

    guess i am going wrong somewhere!!


  39. Tony Peake Says:

    Loader update wont affect your ability to get I-Player. It sorted out problems setting up a motorised dish installation so unless you have such a beast I wouldnt worryt aqbout the lader update.


  40. Paul Says:

    You won’t see iplayer showing on your TV yet. It can be accessed by a bbci page number after pressing the red button. Hopefully the code will be made public tomorrow!


  41. Doug Says:

    many thanks,
    fingers crossed for tomorrow,


  42. mr no name Says:

    The Technisat HDFS box is the highest rated box on this site. There is a difference between popularity and quality. Maybe the Humax is being chosen as it would put the beta through a tougher test with an inferior machine. Maybe if I had a dual LNB I would have bought a different machine, but for someone who doesn’t need or want two tuners, the Technisat HDFS offers USB recording, can read media from networked PCs, has a very good non freesat mode, and a 3 year warranty! Eventually it will have iplayer too, so Bob Warriner will make someone happy this Christmas!


  43. Dan M Says:

    I agree about the technisat. I much prefer it over my humax. The OSD might not be quite as pretty as the hummy but the extra features, good reliability, long warranty and great looks steal the show.


  44. Shane Says:

    Although the Technisat is a quality set top box, the bbc iplayer team decided to use the Humax to test they’re iplayer as more Humax set top boxes have been sold. Everyone will have BBC iplayer on freesat soon. To start a “my box is better box” is pointless. At the end of the day everything the BBC broadcast is repeated anyway.


  45. Tony Hales Says:

    @Bob Wariner
    My Technisat is a PVR. My Humax isn’t so why would I be digging the Humax out of storage this week. To see iPlayer I don’t think so. The Humax remote control layout is very poor compared to the Technisat which is a dream to operate.
    The Humax is more popular because its £30 cheaper than the Technisat not because it’s better.

    Project Canvas has been given a provisional go ahead and Sky are moaning. No suprise there then.


  46. Robert Hudson Says:

    Sat waiting for the codes


  47. oyodi Says:

    Does anyone know the exact date the i-player will be available, when this will be?, as I have just noticed that one of my recordings on my Humax Pvr has failed, so it would be great to be able to use the i-player to retrieve it, as watching catch up on my laptop on a small screen is not ideal.


  48. Ian M Says:

    Does this mean that to watch BBC iplayer the hd box needs to be connected to the internet, or is this for the trial period only, or will it be availavle via the satellite. I have a grundig HD box how will this work any ideas?


  49. Robert Hudson Says:

    It won’t work on your Grundig as yet, but yes it will have to hooked up using the Ethernet port and a cable to you router to the Internet using broadband.


  50. Tony Peake Says:

    @Ian M
    Yes the box has to be connected to the internet, that is what the ethernet port on the back is for. The internet connection will allways be needed, not just for the trial period.


  51. adamcovfan Says:

    got a humax hdr and connected to ethernet pressed the red button but still no iplayer showing? when will we know it’s going to be there ?.


  52. Markdj Says:

    I’m looking at buying a Panasonic plasma 42 G10 which has HD freesat and an ethernet port.

    Does anyone know if this will support the BBC iPlayer?

    Many thanks


  53. admin Says:


    If you don’t even have the iPlayer option it is likely that you are not on the very latest version of software yet.


  54. admin Says:


    Yes, eventually, see original post.


  55. adamcovfan Says:

    ok how do i get the latest softwear as my box say’s no new updates?


  56. admin Says:

    Sorry all, BBC/Freesat have jointly decided to delay launch until after Christmas when staff are available to assist in release.


  57. adamcovfan Says:

    ok so when it’s launched when i press the red button the iplayer option will just appear?.


  58. Robert Hudson Says:

    yet another turnaround, BBC/Freesat Should be ashamed of themselves building everybody’s hopes up then dashing them against the rocks again, should be used to it by now though, well over a year ago join freesat loads off HD channels coming etc etc etc, same old s##t they promise one thing and do another, or not even deliver at all no staff my arse.


  59. david Says:

    i agree with you robert more like after christmas next year


  60. avidwatcher Says:

    So now BBCi player won’t be released until January. I think this et again shows that Freesat is not as forward as other platforms and im beginning to think that Freeview will soon be a better option.


  61. peter piper Says:

    BBC/Freesat have jointly decided to delay launch until after Christmas when staff are available to assist in release
    End Qoute

    So they suddenly thought of this today at the last minute. None of them had the sense to think of it last week before they said it was going to be released.

    It’s what I expected anyway. Remember at the start of the year when they said it would be released for autumn? The they changed it to before Christmas – now it will be the new year – When?



  62. ZedsDead Says:

    #58 – Robert – don’t see why you are getting so upset. I didn’t see anything announced by Freesat or the BBC, just an unconfirmed source. Many posts on this site complain about issues with software releases. When you consider that iPlayer relies on the system working at the BBC, Freesat and the Humax boxes it seems sensible that this should not be rolled out during a national holiday. I for one would prefer that my stable (and highly value) Freesat set-up does not take a backwards step to add iPlayer, regardless of how much I am looking forward to it. Chill, and spread some Christmas cheer.


  63. larkim Says:

    @adamcovfan – you’ll press red button, bring up the “normal” BBC “teletext” menu, and iPlayer will either be an option on the menu or you’ll enter a code (like “3456”) as a page number. From there you’d be able to start browsing / selecting something to watch.


  64. Robert Hudson Says:

    Bar Humbug, lol


  65. mr no name Says:

    plug your computer into your telly and everyone stop complaining!!


  66. ZedsDead Says:

    That’s better Robert 😉 All the best and happy viewing. Hopefully iPlayer will prove worth the wait and we are all still able to view and record after the upgrade.


  67. Brian P Says:

    Just seen the update – ‘code to be released after Christmas’. Why am I not surprised?


  68. admin Says:

    I’m very surprised on this one, it was scheduled for release :(


  69. avidwatcher Says:

    You never know 2010 might bring us a channel we want – there again it could be vasts more shopping channels lol


  70. Maccers Says:

    Whilst it’s hardly the end of the world, it is a major disappointment and is starting to lead to a fair bit of disenchantment amongst the Freesat faithful (see above). In my opinion, Freesat desperately need to get the wheels turning on this one, or else people will start signing up with sky, virgin etc. to get the HD and interactive services everyone wants.

    Come on Freesat folks. Please get things moving behind the scenes and launch strongly in 2010.


  71. Chris Hawkins Says:

    I guess you’re going to be looking for a new reliable source :-) Thanks for the update.


  72. Dave K Says:

    Promises promises promises, its been a Freesat feature more so than the sadly lacking HD and decent channels, like the promsies 200+ channels, most of which are +1, shopping channels, god squad and soft porn. Freeview is looking a lot better these days after my freesat investment and experience, in fact i would go sofar as to say that the best advertisment for Freeview is Freesat. …. or am i trying to start a debate 😉 i love a good mass debate !


  73. Kevin Millican Says:

    Well – there we have it – dismal performance from the BBC.
    Freesat’s been out well over 18 months and the promised iplayer is still not here.

    We still only have one and a half HD channels, and the quality’s not as good as when the service was launched.


  74. admin Says:

    @Chris Hawkins

    😀 Not really, the source is good, but the change of schedule isn’t. :(


  75. avidwatcher Says:

    Admin can you not do a poll asking who is happy with Freesat overall, i guess we all know the answer anyway!


  76. admin Says:


    This poll was conducted in April this year and suspect that it won’t be as favourable at the moment, so maybe will wait a while longer until things have settled a little. You can see the original poll second one down:


  77. Tony Peake Says:

    Guess christmas has just snuck up on them and caught them by surprise ?
    Why oh Why oh Why does nothing on Freesat go to plan. Begining to feel like I bought a Betamax or a HD-DVD player


  78. owen Says:

    got the code and works a treat on my humax freesat hd box. been reliably told will work for all other humax freesat hd & + boxes too

    5483 (live – very clever)


  79. oyodi Says:

    It’s been one disappointment after another with Freesat, all the promises never materialize, now no i-player. I feel l have been let down so many times, that I will never again believe any information they give in the future. This could have been a marvelous Christmas present for FreeSat viewers with a Humax Pvr, but now the only thing they, it seems are capable of is , Scrooge, Humbug, …….No father Christmas! For FreeSat


  80. owen Says:

    erm, have you seen my last post?


  81. oyodi Says:

    @ Owen
    Fantastic It works great


  82. Simon Says:

    Cool, just watching Dances with Wolves in HQ and the quality is very good.


  83. Phil Says:

    Thanks Owen just what we all wanted.

    Dont suppose you have any extra HD channels tucked up your sleeve do you?


  84. Phil Says:

    Having just been playing with our new feature, i was always worried about the quality of the picture as my broadband is poor at a meagre 1.5mbps. i’ve never really been able to watch the iplayer through my pc however the humax doesnt seem to struggle with the low line speed. while the picture quality isnt mind blowing (not as good as SD pictures through the box) its still watchable without the annoying buffering that i would normally have experienced through my laptop.


  85. adamcovfan Says:

    thank’s owen work’s a treat mate’y.


  86. Tony Peake Says:

    Thanks Owen, works well here too.


  87. Tony Peake Says:

    wonder how long before the jobsworths pull theplug ?


  88. Jon Says:

    I’m really impressed with this, nowhere near as slow as seen on the demo’s on youtube, the menu’s are a lot quicker than I was expecting. The high quality version seems a fair bit better than skyplayer high quality through my xbox. A+ from me. Just don’t change the code so I can have a good play with this over xmas.


  89. Doug Says:

    shame about iplayer,no ware to be seen on my screen, good things are worth waiting for,!!!

    i just wish Humax could fix the problems with there box, my still keeps jaming,and every time i record anything i am un able to stop recording, the only way to fix the problem is to factory reset, (driving me mad)


  90. Robert Hudson Says:

    @owen and once again thanks


  91. rocketronnie Says:

    works on humax foxsat freesat hd box


  92. Chris Hawkins Says:

    @Owen et al,

    works perfectly. Watching cbeebies panto in HQ. Good image, pixilates with movement, but very watchable indeed :-)


  93. HAROLD Says:



  94. Rob H Says:

    Now the Beeb will change the code again – I’ll have to remember a new one!


  95. Derek (Original) Says:

    Thanks for posting the code.

    The high quality option works fine on my just under 2Mbps broadband into my Foxsat HDR. No pausing to catchup at all whilst watching James May’s Lego program. Some ‘blocking’ occasionally, but generally almost up to SD standard.

    Well done BBC, Freesat and Humax,


  96. Darren Speck Says:

    Excellent thanks owen, very impressed I have to say. The quality is better than I expected.


  97. MC of T/Wells Says:

    Got my connection from my broadband set up for my Humax HD today in the hope that the BBC i-player was going to be ready for Christmas! Oh Dear going to have to wait!


  98. Bob-W Says:

    Hi all I am still trying to get iplayer, have latest Humax download 1.00.12 connected to home hub by ethernet cable, cant see where to put code when pressed red button ? can anybody help.


  99. boudicca Says:

    only connecting….. on the lg lf7700 no fun here….move along :(


  100. Mike Says:

    Hi guys i’m really new to freesat i was just looking at Owens post

    owen Says:

    December 21st, 2009 at 4:32 pm
    got the code and works a treat on my humax freesat hd box. been reliably told will work for all other humax freesat hd & + boxes too

    5483 (live – very clever)

    Does this work for all boxes or just the Humax ones ? any advice would be great.
    thanks Mike


  101. Nat Says:

    @Owen Thanks!

    Its excellent and very useful, well done BBC.
    Its a proper feature that Freesat will be able to advertise.


  102. Mike Says:

    P.S do you have a forum and can somone point me in the right direction if you do many thanks again.


  103. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Mike
    yes it’s currently only available on Humax boxes

    come and join us at digital spy


  104. Paul S Watts Says:

    Same from me – @Owen Thanks!

    Logged on OK, but initially had real problems. Would not load any of the last weeks Family Guy. Bizarre.

    Then had a bash at Gavin and Stacy [can’t stand the show, but thought it would be a good one to test] came up OK, but picture quality was frankly very disappointing.

    It wasn’t until I thought I would have a look at Dances With Wolves that I realised there was an option on picture quality, subject to bandwidth. I have a 20Mbps connection and chose the higher quality – EXCELLENT. Massive, massive improvement.

    Generally, I am much impressed and hopeful that once the Beta phase is over bugs such as really slow menu screens and refresh rates are sorted out, this will be an excellent addition to my platform of choice.

    Now, are they also going to get the Radio option on here as well?

    Well done BBC and Freesat. PLEASE do not change the code………………… The ones watching are the ones that will feed you back their experiences through this forum. Use us.


    Paul S Watts


  105. Phil Says:

    It works really well. My broadband is only 2mbps but works on the higher definition. Why all the fuss it looks good. No doubt we will need to discover a new code in the morning !! Thanks Owen


  106. Steve Says:

    Excellent on higher bandwidth setting (just about possible for me), “standard” is pants, prefer the Wii iplayer to this very soft picture.


  107. Simon Says:

    “Logged on OK, but initially had real problems. Would not load any of the last weeks Family Guy. Bizarre.”

    Well no, it wouldn’t would it?


  108. Alan M Says:

    To BOUDICCA 97 Not work on LG7700 yet but have you done new software download by satterlite could be to get it ready.


  109. KyleR Says:


    Where do I enter the code? Should I be seeing an iPlayer option on my Humax HDR when I press red button?



  110. Pete G Says:

    Hey Kyle, just type it in as a page number after you press the red button


  111. Mike Says:

    Sorry guys being a total noob to free sat again can i just confirm is this only for Humax boxes for now ? i have a Bush box will it work on that ? is it open to all now ?
    Many thanks Mike


  112. Dan M Says:

    Tried it on my technisat (which unfortunately updated to the latest sw) it just says connecting…


  113. admin Says:

    Guys, please read the original post and some of the comments there after; Humax only for now!


  114. Mike Says:

    Sorry admin like i say i’m a total noob and thought it was already in beta test for Humax.
    admin Says:

    December 21st, 2009 at 10:44 pm
    Guys, please read the original post and some of the comments there after; Humax only for now
    If thats the case thats a disaapointment as i thought the bets testing was already out and running :(


  115. KyleR Says:

    Many thanks Pete, just tried it.



  116. Andy Says:

    This works just fine, great quality, fast response, search excellent.

    Beeb, please don’t change the code, am very happy thank you


  117. DVDKEV Says:

    Humax Foxsat PVR to Panasonic TX-P42V10B via o2 broadband, works an absolute treat, stunning PQ regardless of whether you select watch now or higher quality. many thanks to the BBC itech team for the 12 months worth of effort, testing and patience that has gone into this to date, another good reason to get a Humax freesat HD box.


  118. Ben Says:

    Works great for me high quality streams fine (12mb tested connection)


  119. DVDKEV Says:

    Update: Watching Merlin and using the Humax remote to fast forward the show it doesn’t seem particularly responsive and is quite slow to catch up, just shows the swirling dots in the middle of the screen for a while (then again this is normal I think with iplayer even on the PC/iphone). However, when it finally settles (not necessarily where you want it), it leaves the swirl dots on the middle of the screen and they only seem to clear if you hit stop which means starting the show again. Hopefully they are already working on this for the Live roll out but just in case. Since I’ve read that plasma’s suffer from screen burn this could be an issue or maybe completely harmless to the screen but warrants consideration.


  120. HAROLD Says:



  121. Pat Says:

    I have got mine working even with a crossover cable, thanks Owen. The picture is superb and no swirling dots. Works great in high quality. Very pleased.


  122. Glyn Smith Says:

    So what’s the average MB usage for say an hour prog, both in standard and the higher quality?


  123. Dave S Says:

    Well they say 1Mb/s required for low quality and 2Mb/s for high quality so would assume around 128KB/s and 256KB/s peak respectively.

    Very impressed by quality anyway. Have to agree that skip forward is pretty painful but can cope with the speed of the menus as they are, as the HDR wasn’t really designed with fast menus in mind anyway. All the processing power was given to the streaming itself.

    Only minor bugs I’ve found is that single programmes seem to appear multiple times when searching (e.g. Have I Got News For You). You think they’re all for different airings but they’re not – realise once you select them (should be able to see the date aired at a glance in the list really). Also when you scroll down the corresponding picture against the programme at the bottom of the page seems to be always incorrect. Scrolling down and up again so it is top of the page corrects it.


  124. Robert Hudson Says:

    Hey as there are not enough staff at the Beeb to set BBC iPlayer up, then maybe just maybe there is no one to change the code,


  125. david Says:

    now thats a good thought lol. well done robert hudson.


  126. Dave S Says:

    Also, call me cynical but would suggest that the code will never be changed as it was probably leaked out on purpose by the Beeb as a soft launch. Less complaints that way. Funny that there was a well-respected rumour that it would be released this week which was then backtracked hmmm :o)


  127. admin Says:

    As said, they won’t change this code, we wouldn’t have allowed it to be leaked on this site if we didn’t have enough authorisation to do so without risking change of codes.


  128. Dave S Says:

    Didn’t see where there was said but bonus cheers


  129. Dave S Says:

    Didn’t see where that was said but bonus cheers


  130. darnall42 Says:

    OWEN-thanx for the code-works great 😀


  131. Davei Says:

    Have had a look. It’s quite impressive – far, far better than via Wii. The picture is still a little soft compared to broadcast TV, but it’s not at all bad (and the motion is far smoother than via Wii). Will definitely be using iPlayer more often now, given this leap in quality. Many thanks to the BBC and Freesat!


  132. Col Says:

    I’m not that impressed, yet. I have it on the PS3 and, whether its the software or the upscaling or something else, the sound and picture quality are much better on the PS3.
    The user interface is also better on the PS3 but I’d imagine the BBC will upgrade that on Freesat before they roll it out for everybody to use.


  133. Chaz Says:

    connected a homeplug to my Humax and punched in the code and it works great!


  134. Adam Says:

    Watching on a six-foot screen using my Infocus projector. Obviously a bit demanding for Net-delivered material but amazingly it looks fine: most content’s at or around broadcast SD level and nothing’s less than watchable. Well done to all concerned, very well implemented. Precious little to show this is a Beta. To be perfect it would just need quicker response, more content, and a slightly more user-friendly interface.


  135. Steve Says:

    If you go to the Humax menu, then to System, then to Network make sure your IP address is present and press confirm then exit. Now go to BBC1 press red button and put in the numbers (5484) and the you should get the Iplayer.


  136. Steve L Says:

    For a “first stab” this is excellent – as a broadcast engineer for 20 years I was sceptical about this technology but I am convinced of its workability now.

    Still don’t think it will replace PVRs but as another mechanism for viewing it is a great concept.

    …all they need to do is up the bitrate on BBCHD and everything ill be cushty!


  137. Luke Says:

    Working well – have watched a couple of programs on it now. Image quality in “high quality” is just okay.

    @owen: Thanks for the code. Just hope they don’t go changing it again.


  138. Robert Hudson Says:

    so does anyone know the answer this earlier post by Glyn Smith as I am interested in the answer as well

    “So what’s the average MB usage for say an hour prog, both in standard and the higher quality?”


  139. Richard Crichton Says:

    I have the network address and put in 5484 from red buuton on BBC1 but nothing happens.
    Does it matter which region of BBC1?


  140. Zub Says:

    tried it today morning on my Humax PVR, quite impressed with the speed and quality, no doubt they will tweak it and improve it(wish they would do this for BBC HD) further in time for official launch.


  141. Derek (Original) Says:

    #135 Steve
    The code is 5483 (LIVE) not 5484.


  142. Richard Crichton Says:

    Put in 5483
    ‘Due to a technical problem we are unable to carry out your request at this time.
    We apologise for any inconvenience.’


  143. Steve Says:

    Sorry typed it wrong code is 5483.


  144. DB Says:

    Just hooked up my Humax PVR to my router, very impressed with Iplayer works well.

    Who got hold of the code?


  145. Derek (Original) Says:

    #143 Richard

    Just tried it on my setup and is still working fine.


  146. admin Says:

    Who got hold of the code?

    We did in agreement with a ‘contact’ we like to call Owen 😉


  147. Richard Crichton Says:

    #144 Derek
    Tried again and got the home page. It’s slow but got the story of Roxy Music playing in what they say is higher quality.Works ok but some mpeg blocking visible.


  148. David M Says:

    Thank you ‘Owen’ for my Christmas present. Crooked House part 3 failed to record but now I can snuggle down and watch it on the living room tv using the iPlayer. I think the beta is excellent. The picture quality is great, much better than I expected. Well done BBC. You know for all that people moan about the BBC/license fee etc let’s face it the BBC is on the cutting edge of technology in Internert broadcasting and provides some fantastic quality advertisement free shows. If it weren’t so good then we wouldn’t all have been so desperate to get it. I actually hope that the BBC is allowed to just get on with it in the future without meddling from politicians !


  149. BBC Supporter Says:

    Well said DavidM. The BBC is one of the few things these days that this country can still be proud off. It has shaped television on a global scale for many years, long may it continue. If they were to scrap the BBC I would be first in line in the March to Downing Street!!!

    I’ll be trying iPlayer tonight.


  150. David Says:

    #149 @BBC Supporter



  151. ZedsDead Says:

    #149 – BBC Supporter

    I wholeheartedly agree. The quality of the product and service is quite astonishing to me. I have the benefit of travelling all around the World with work and no other country can offer anything close on TV alone. Add in the radio and online coverage and it is often my primary point of news & entertainment. I am a frequent iPlayer user on PC and sometimes PS3 on the TV. I think that iPlayer on the STB will be game-changing in delivering IPTV to the family in a more user-friendly way.

    Well done to all concerned.


  152. admin Says:

    **Update 21/12/2009**
    The code for accessing BBC iPlayer has been released to us for all of you to use; the code is 5483. Please note BBC iPlayer is currently in beta test so may still have bugs and glitches, plus is only available via Humax Freesat HD or Freesat+ receivers with the latest software versions. We’d ask that you have a play and leave your comments/feedback below so BBC/Freesat can take the information to assist in the development before an official launch in the New Year. For more information on the BBC iPlayer trial with Freesat, please visit this page.


  153. Jonboy1959 Says:

    Is it posible to connect the Humax PVR wirelessly (but not using home plugs)? All the WiFi dongles I can find are USB – as far as I can see WiFi seems to be USB (not ethernet) based. Although there’s a USB port on the hummy, I suspect the dongles won’t work without the specific software (correct me if I’m wrong!) – I can’t find any dongles with an RJ45 connection. Any ideas?


  154. Mark Says:

    Works nicely here. First ran the Ski Sunday opening titles, as it’s fast moving, and was stunned not to see any pixelisation. Then watched a 1hr doc on Thunderbirds, and a couple of times I briefly had slight blocking, but no worse than Channel 4 seems for me at the moment. Certainly was better than using iPlayer via the Wii.

    A nice add-on facility for my FoxSat box. What astounds me more is that the box is still working after well over 1 year – a record compared with all the Sky & Sky+ boxes that regularly used to fail after 9 months (though some made it to just past the warranty period).

    We have a broadband rate that hovers around 10Mbps (so says thinkbroadband) using O2 more expensive package. In the house we have 3 gigabit ethernet hubs and wired CAT5b / CAT6; we have a couple of WiFi hubs plugged in as well for iPhone & netbooks (but I learnt long ago that walls & wifi don’t mix). I’d like to thank to the plumber who caused a leak, which meant the ceiling needed repairing in the lounge, and once they found asbestos, the whole thing was removed, thus letting me stuff some ethernet wiring to the TV & playroom hubs…


  155. Robert Hudson Says:

    so far so good, works just fine bit slow only a bit though but no glitches for me at present, and no complaints, no not from me, if and when I see any I will report them. Thank you all concerned


  156. Orbital Says:

    To the BBC crew on the ground who delivered this – this is quallity.


  157. Steve Says:

    153 Jonboy I have my HDR connected via ethernet cable to a Belkin wireless G games adaptor which communicates to my wireless Belkin router.


  158. aybeesea Says:

    Beta feedback

    Programme delivery works fine.

    Observations compared to Wii:

    a) Much better picture in “Higher Quality” with correct dynamic range Thank you MPEG4.

    b) Menu slow and clunky

    c) Aspect ratio of programme icons (pretty pictures) mucked up thoughout. Ultra-wide 16:9 on a 16:9 setting. Not nice.

    d) fast forward remains a mystery

    e) No iPlayer radio. Yet

    Summary. Once you get to the TV programme it’s a reasonable viewing experience provided you accept what you get. And I do.



  159. darnall42 Says:

    working fab with my foxsat HD connected to my 02 router-Yes it could be a little faster,but PQ is very good in High qulity mode.hopefully we’ll have some regional tv (bbc wales,NI and scotland )programes and some radio content in a future version.welll done to the bbc tech boffins for a great feature 😀


  160. terry harmes Says:

    congratulations to bbc i-tech team.I have watched several programmes before commenting and considering my broadband only averages 3’5mbps I am more than impressed by PQ.There are one or two elements that need to be improved ie fast forwarding and rewind which I am sure that they will be.Well done to both bbci and freesat.


  161. Dan M Says:

    Working great connected over a netgear powerline adapter. My broadband averages at about 19mbps so its nice and fast and looks great! Fab.


  162. Dipper Says:

    Hey, this is great! Watching Dara O’Briain live at the Apollo from July while also browsing the web on this pc and it’s working on my 2Mbps broadband without any hesitation. Well done BBCi & Freesat. Can we have some radio, please?


  163. Jonboy1959 Says:

    Steve (157) – many thanks for your suggestion.
    Did the adaptor require any setting up via your PC, or was it a case of plug and play?


  164. sam Says:

    Thanks chaps – got home and can get onto the iplayer Beta.

    Immediate comments;

    Nice easy and quick interface
    Poor picture quality, blurry. MacBook plugged into the TV via mini HDMI is much clearer. Why is this ?


  165. Alan62 Says:

    Setup with Cat 5 cable to my router, everything just worked no problem (over ADSL at about 6Mbps).
    Initial comments – looks good, works well, although navigation could be faster. High Quality mode is noticably better than standard
    Aspect ratio of selection screens is wrong – looks stretched.
    That’s all so far


  166. Jeff Says:

    When I click play nothing happens! I am outside the UK though. Will it work?


  167. aybeesea Says:


    Because iPlayer streams are encoded differently depending on the target platform. e.g. You wouldn’t expect iPlayer for iPhone or perhaps Wii to be encoded in the same way as for other platforms. Why the quality difference? It’s a beta and the BBC is seeking feedback to see what’s acceptable.

    Let your eyes be the judge.

    Thanks for the feedback on differing PQ.



  168. aybeesea Says:

    @165 If you read from the top, you will see your question is answered.


    PS The answer is no.


  169. aybeesea Says:


    These adaptors are plug and play, unless you want to set up encryption.



  170. aybeesea Says:

    Programmes which are no longer available for playback being still listed is unhelpful.



  171. Jeff Says:

    I thought that as of 19th Dec, all EU countries had to make their TV available to member states? Its now the 22nd Dec!


  172. Hobbes Says:

    Works very well. I’m running it through a Homeplug that’s also running a PS3 and surfing on a laptop while watching the iPlayer on the best setting through the Humax.

    Well done BBC. Hope the bloody Tories don’t give any licence money to Sky or ITV.


  173. Carl Hibbard Says:

    Just get “Connecting….” here after entering the code and pressing ok – are any specific ports needed open for a non NAT connection or is there something else I could be missing?


  174. neil Says:

    anyone know when the service is going to be available to the sony tv’s with built in freesat (KDL-W5810)?


  175. Steve Says:

    Johnboy 163 go through router,and see 135


  176. Alan Says:

    Tried iplayer today on BBC HD (Humax HDR Freesat box) channel using code. Watched one 30 minute program with no problems at all. Excellent.


  177. baronfungus Says:

    Easy peasy and as cheep as chips !

    I bought a 5m cable for £6, plugged one end into BT Home Hub and other end into Humax Foxsat, pushed red button, typed in code and all works fine….and I am impressed !

    thank you Freesat


  178. Kevin Millican Says:

    Amazing – first it’s on before Christmas, then it’s off, then it’s on again !
    Well – I retract my earlier comments – not as dismal after all :)

    First impressions are quite good, though my box seems to stop on ‘Connecting…’ sometimes. Sure this is just a teething problem though.


  179. borobiffa Says:

    Plugged our humax into our home network, pressed the red button, entered the code and it works a treat. Quality is very impressive. Looks better than on our Wii and on a par with our PS3. Very pleased.

    well done BBC


  180. karl Says:

    Not very technical. How do you get your ip address please


  181. Julian Says:

    Well, the code is ok on my Humax Foxsat HD ! I can navigate in the BBC iplayer and see the different categories but, as I thought, it doesn’t work outside the UK (I’m in France…)


  182. Carl Hibbard Says:

    I confirmed it works fine in NAT mode – so just need to find out what actual ports are in use now!


  183. Mike Bannister Says:

    Foxsat HDR picture is ok on SD but needs higher quality to make it watchable. If this is still in beta i’m impressed already bring on the final release lol


  184. Alan Says:

    The iPlayer seems to load and run faster if you press the RED Button from channel 108 (BBC HD). Must have a higher MHEG bitrate than the other BBC channels. Can anyone confirm this? (ie. bitrate and reduced waiting time?)



  185. Alec Says:

    I know its still in its beta, anyone know if subtitles will be added? cause i can’t seem to do it at the moment unless i’m missing something


  186. Alan Says:

    To the BBC…

    To me, the picture seems over exposed compared to watching any other Freesat/Freeview footage! Has the brightness been increased to reduce the darkness of dark areas (helps with limited bitrate maybe?)


  187. aybeesea Says:

    Beta feedback:

    a) Make the “View in Higher Quality” the default – it will save hundreds of remote control batteries a year

    b) If you overshoot a tab (which appears to be easy with the Humax remote – even with new batteries and distance about 3metres), then time and bandwidth are used in auto-populating a menu screen that you don’t need. I feel that after selecting a tab, the selection needs to be confirmed by pressing “OK”.

    c) When fast-forward/rewind is implemented in a consistent manner, it would make sense to be able to use the ff/rw keys of the remote (as well as the cursor control?) but I understand that not all Freesat receiver platforms may have these keys readily available. e.g. some TVs.



  188. Robert Hudson Says:

    Just watched top gear on page 108 in SD?, and the picture quality is poor blurry, then in higher quality and is about what i would say is about SD quality, keep up the good work


  189. Jonboy1959 Says:

    Steve @175
    Many thanks


  190. Strog25 Says:

    Bought a 5m cable, plugged it into my Orange Livebox and then into the Foxsat HDR, hit the red button, entered the code and it worked straight away. I get about 3Mb and can watch in HQ with absolutely no break-up or “white Circles”. Brilliant effort BBC Team.


  191. BBC Supporter Says:

    Tried it last night and it just worked without any messing around using homeplugs.

    I was pleasantly suprised by the interface, thought it my be some sort of functional off shoot of the bbc interactive pages but its quite attractive.

    I can be a little clunky to use the interface, but nothing too bad.

    I would like to see the picture quality improved in the final release. I watched the Michael Jackson dance competition and even in Higher Quality there was alot of artifacting (blocks) on screen.

    I have used the search option and not been able to find programmes that I had only just watched which is a bit strange.

    Overall though, I am very impressed. This really does add a very ‘high profile’ feature to the freesat platform and should lead to a healthy increase in takeup of the platform especially with ITVPlayer coming along in the new year. Maybe the fully complement will follow suite also.

    Once it is fully released I will can see myself using it regularly. So much more convienent watching iPlayer on your main TV than on a laptop.

    Well done to those involved.


  192. Glyn Smith Says:

    Still no answer to my post no 122, so here goes again –
    What’s the average MB usage for say an hour prog, both in standard and the higher quality?


  193. hhmb Says:

    Re post 192

    In high quality I watched Victorian Farm episode 1 last night, which lasted about an hour and my ISP reported a 690MB download


  194. elelbee Says:

    Wow! It is working fine out in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Well done everyone. Our connection is not fast enough to watch in High Quality but the standard connection is working fine without any stops for buffering.


  195. Richard Crichton Says:

    @184 Alan
    Not hight enough for the legions of moaners (bit rate) :-)


  196. Glyn Smith Says:

    Thanks hhmb. Realistically, this service will suck data allowances set by ISPs, so need to be careful how much iplayer viewing I use. Even unlimited usage ISPs have limits. They need to awake up to the fact that people are becoming more data hungry. Someone on a 2GB a month download limit (and they do exist) could not manage three hours before getting the chop. I need to start looking around as my 40GB limit may not be enough for my internet and casual use of iplayer.


  197. Richard Crichton Says:

    Off topic sorry.
    These proposed pre election leaders debates are a bloody disgrace.
    One of the three will only be on Sky.


  198. Tony Peake Says:

    @ Richard Crichton
    I wouldnt loose sleep over it Richard, If anything remotely interesting happens the other networks will show it !


  199. Richard Crichton Says:

    Yeah I suppose. Not that anything remotely interesting is likely to happen. :-)
    Its the principle of giving Sky equal status and assuming everyone has Sky which concerns me.


  200. R J Dring Says:

    With BT Internet and a typical 6.7Mbps connection I have been able to view 3 programmes to date. In Higher Quality, the viewing experience on my Loewe 40″ T.V. is about equal to Standard definition pictures of air.

    Cannot access “Cranford” for some reason but, as it is only on test can’t complain!

    Well done BBC and thanks for allowing us the chance to view ahead of general release.

    Nice birthday present for my Humax Freesat+ as it’s one year old today.


  201. dolphin Says:

    Perfect! Two Humax Foxsat HD boxes down the same O2 broadband connection, no problems using both at the same time and viewing higher res content. Have had the code for over 10 days as it was an easy guess. Main box is direct to broadband via patch cable, second box is via WIFI (Netgear WIFI bridge plugged into the box). Both boxes on loader v7.24 / app V1.00.25.

    Now when are we going to see some true interaction. Red button voting etc.


  202. Dave K Says:

    if its on sky news we can get it on non freesat mode 😉


  203. Busker Says:

    Got my Humax box connected via 200Mbps Solway AV Homeplug and it works great, especially on the high quality option, just a little picture distortion from time to time but there is no picture stutter as I get through my pc.

    I for one won’t complain and will only look forward to ITV coming on board with this, as are CH4 & 5 as the BBC news reported last night.

    My only beef with Freesat, and it isn’t actually Freesat but ITV is the amount of programs broadcast in HD, which apart from The Bill, football (ugh) and the odd film, is very little. In my opinion they should be showing the likes of X Factor, Dancing on Ice (whether you like those programs or not) and other light, family entertainment shows in glorious HD. Come on ITV, pull you finger out.


  204. Dave K Says:

    I think it would be far more intresting if they where all wired up to polygraphs with the results live across the bottom of the screen. and maybe to apeal to the popular vote we could have a phone in election lol


  205. Dave K Says:

    Quick question: which is more efficient bandwidth wise, steaming or Downloading ?


  206. John M Says:

    Just tried using higher quality and worked well, quality good and no buffering. Also tried using BT Vision simultaneously and again for the short period I tested both worked fine. Just need to get the hang of the skip forward controls. This gives me something extra to what I expected when I bought the decoder so good news, just need some more HD broadcast channels and will be excellent!


  207. Steve L Says:

    @Busker 201
    This has come up before about ITVHD – the infrastructure required to allow a full HD TX chain from studio to transmission is immense – that is just *not* going to happen quickly with ITV at the moment given the downturn and how hard it is being hit with loss of revenue. It wouldn’t even make it to the business case so their fingers will remain very much in their pockets.



  208. Robert Hudson Says:

    @Busker Yep I agree about ITV 110%, Just looked at last nights 6 o’clock news on iplayer there storey on canvas & bbc iplayer and itv lasted all of 2seconds lol still its’ a start.


  209. Doug in Northampton Says:

    BBC iplayer works perfectly here on my humax HDR, good speed, good pictures a brilliant addition that I feel sure will be very well appreciated by everyone.
    Thanks to The BBC for releasing the code and well done on the work that has given this very worthwhile addition to freesat .
    My modem is about 3metres from the tv and I use a standard cable conection to the humax and have had good results on hd and sd programmes.
    I am sure the addition of other broadcasters stuff will come eventually but lets hope the BBC can avoid the adding of advertising in the future, because I find it very irritating, especially now the frequency has been increased by ITV it seems .
    I am really pleased I no longer contribute to the the Australian Gents pension fund too !
    Thanks BBC and Humax and happy christmas to all .


  210. Andy Says:

    Went to the shop, bought a Ethernet Cable, plugged it in to my Router and Humax Foxsat, BINGO.
    That is all I had to do !!!
    Works perfectly, Thanks BBC.


  211. Bryan B. Cambridgeshire. Says:

    BBC iPlayer, Well done you technicians, Tis frightening wondering what is to come in the future, brilliant bit of work, pat yourselves on the back, I have used iPlayer for some time now mirrored on to my tv via my computer but your achievement takes the biscuit, I bet a lot of folk out there will look at it in awe but won’t admit its a marvellous bit of engineering.


  212. HAROLD Says:

    Having problems can anyone help, yesterday and today i player functioned perfectly early in the morning ie 7 am, tried from lunchtime onwards today and yesterday, shows getting ready to play then the time bar then nothing on any programme. my internet speed is 5.7 mbps. i,m really frustrated


  213. HAROLD Says:

    i forgot to mention that my isp is orange has anybody else had a problem on that network. i cannot think of an answer as it seems most people on this forum are not having any great problems


  214. Jonboy1959 Says:

    Dolphin @201
    What Netgear WiFi bridge do you use?
    Am I right in thinking that this plugs into the back of the HDR, which then gives you wireless connectivity to a standard (non-wifi router) – presumably via some kind of dongle which connects into the back of the router?


  215. H Says:

    HAROLD@212 & 213
    Yes, I have Orange and the same problem is apparent.
    iPlayer was fine even in higher definition until after 09:00 this morning. I had same experience yesterday too until 23:00. I suppose this could be Orange’s idea of ‘fair use’ but I hope not.
    Router is Netgear DG834G with a direct ethernet cable connection. Yes, the indicated speed is still over 5Mbps too and I am only 150 Metres from the BT exchange. I have no problem with access to iPlayer via my laptop PC and wireless network at the same time? Anyone else any ideas?


  216. hhmb Says:

    Re 212

    I noticed something similar around 2pm today, but it was only for one particular program, another was fine. Perhaps it was a beeb server problem. My ISP is Andrews and Arnold (AAISP) and currently I get about 10mbps. There was no evidence of network congestion in the ISP’s performance graphs.


  217. hhmb Says:

    PS to 216 – re 215

    AAISP do not throttle back throughput in the event of excessive use – they just charge you for it. In any case, my use this month has not been excessive.


  218. Rob Says:

    I am seemingly having trouble with this – any help of this will be most appreciated (I am quite technical, so I think I have tried everything I can think of but perhaps missed something obvious!). I’ve upgraded to the latest update i.e. 7.52, plugged in my ethernet cable into the Humax and then naturally connected the other end to my wireless router and for some reason the Humax cannot get an IP address via DHCP nor does it connect to my network via manual IP; So obviously no iPlayer (when I tried that i.e after entering the code it just sits there with the word (not surprisingly) ‘scanning’). So I tried the following:
    – Tried different internet source (macbook with ‘shared’ internet connection)
    – Tried different ethernet (straight) cables – non crossover
    – Tried factory restore on Humax
    – Various combinations of above
    I can see the ethernet light flashing – one green and one Amber + I can see the Humax has a mac address, so clearly it can see its ethernet port. I couldn’t see this mac address on devices connected to (netgear) router). So again, this verifies with the absence of IP address – but I can’t think or see anything obvious I need to do to get the Humax to ‘see’ the network. Its very odd and coming to the conclusion that I must have a duff box :-(
    Any pointers would be welcome ?


  219. Doug Says:

    well done BBC and Freesat, works fine easy to use picture quality is good, the menue is alittle slow, all in all well done keep up the good work,


  220. Sam P Says:

    @167 (sorry its a little late)

    Thanks for the response aybeesea, interesting.

    Having paid a little more attention to what i was doing i found the higher quality feed for Spooks and have to say it was pretty impressive. A different ‘look’ to that off the mac but all in all decent viewing, after a little aclimatisation it really was very very watchable and i have moved from a stauch iplayer sceptic to someone eager to see what 2010 / 11 and 12 will bring for IPTV and on-demand services, particularly those for free !

    I cant wait for the day i can pay the NFL directly for my game coverage, down the broadband and onto my tv in HD !!!!!! (rubbing hands in anticipation)


  221. jassy Says:

    Can anyone help.
    I can access iplayer through my Humax Box and everything seems to be going OK up to the point when I select a programme to watch. I get the “getting ready to play …” screen, but then it goes blank.


  222. jassy Says:

    I can access iplayer through my Humax Box and everything seems to be going OK up to the point when I select a programme to watch. I get the “getting ready to play …” screen, but then it goes blank.
    Has anyone had this problem and found a solution?


  223. aybeesea Says:


    Seems like a router configuration issue.

    Make sure you understand your firewall and DMZ settings and you haven’t limited access to your network by MAC address.



  224. aybeesea Says:

    Post above is @218, sorry.



  225. aybeesea Says:

    Re beta feedback (only). I feel the BBC would receive most benefit in comments regarding the USER experience… especially interface design and picture quality, rather than an individual’s ability to connect a cable or use homeplugs (configuration).

    I may be wrong.



  226. aybeesea Says:

    Beta feedback:

    It would be really useful if the up/down scrolling was cyclic. i.e. you could scroll downwards thought the final item in a menu list into the first item or upwards through the first item to the final item etc.



  227. Rob Says:

    ABC, thanks.
    Not changed any major settings on router – certainly not DMZ (security risks) and currently router is not managed my Mac address; Also, DHCP is working just fine for all other devices on the network – so if they can see the DHCP server perfectly well, why can’t the HUmax? Maybe there are some bugs in the last update although I’ve not heard anyone having quite the same problem as me :-(
    I can’t see anywhere in the menu(s) to de-active ethernet and just assumed plug and play….


  228. Alan Says:

    Good quality picture and sound (I have 6.8Mbit/s download bandwidth), painfully slow menu navigation, and almost impossible to jump forward or backward within a program. I think a switch to low graphics versions of menus would be a good idea to improve speed.


  229. Paul Cooper Says:

    Very pleased so far, and this is a BETA?
    Menus slow but like I said it’s BETA.

    Look forward to the full release.


  230. aybeesea Says:


    Can you be more explicit where the DHCP server is in your network…. if DHCP IP addresses are NOT being allocated by your router.



  231. Chad Says:

    I’ve watched a lot of stuff over the last couple of days, and I have to say, I’m really pleased with the results.
    Set up is a doddle. I did have a problem with i hanging after typing the code (it just displayed ‘connecting…’), but this was fixed with a reboot.
    One comment I do have is that several times, the box has rebooted itself when a program finishes. It also did this once in the middle of a program. No idea why, and no mention above of anybody else having the same problem. It’s not a big deal by any means, but I’d be interested to know if it happened to anybody else.


  232. Chad Says:

    Assuming you’ve changed your network cable, and maybe tried a different port in your hub/switch/router, I would put that down to a faulty network connection on the Humax. If possible, best test would be to plug another Hummy in and see if that has any luck getting an IP address.


  233. Martyn S. Bedford Says:

    # 157 # 163
    Do you know what speed you are getting via wifi and is what the picture quality like, any buffering etc ?


  234. Orion30 Says:

    Excellent so far…. Have avoided a long CAT5 cable from my router by plugging into my SONOS…works like a dream. Shame the BBC doesn’t devote the same effort to sorting out the awful picture quality on BBCHD following the bandwidth reduction.


  235. unocogero Says:

    Brilliant…Well done BBC


    1. Slow menus
    2. First item on a list of programs shows the image of the last item on the list when viewing programs by type
    3. Why list unplayable programs?
    4. Program availability length (days left) should be shown on list rather than just when program is selected
    5. Simple alphabetical list of all programs would be useful


  236. dolphin Says:

    Re: Jonboy1959 and WIFI.

    What I have are a pair of Netgear WG602 (hardware v3’s firmware v1.2.5 see,

    One of them I am using as a plain old WIFI access point, default config out of the box, just plugged into a long length of Cat5e cable and into the back of the O2 broadband router, its purpose in life is just to act as another WIFI network for a few gadgets.

    The other WG602 is running in “client” mode (its set up with the same WIFI key’s SSID etc) but acts as a client would (like a laptop would) and connects to the first WIFI access point, in effect creating a replacement for running a cable. A short 1m patch cable connects the Humax box to the WG602 (no cross over cables needed).

    Its cheaper than home plugs, is fast enough to work, and you get a WIFI network you can use for other things.

    WIFI speed is 22MBit/s, no buffering issues, picture quality same as cable. (If the beeb tech folks are reading this, we’ve watched a lot of shaun the sheep, and if you’ve got the logs, the reverse DNS will have a lot of dolphins in the name 😉 ).


  237. jonboy1959 Says:


    Many thanks for the details – an interesting set up!


  238. totalwar Says:

    Iplayer working great using Extra Value 85Mbps Powerline Adapter Twin Pack From E-buyer


  239. Dave Says:

    @Rob – I had the same issue. I fixed it by doing a factory reset with the ethernet cable plugged in (being plugged in probably made no difference) and then letting it do the OTA update when it restarted.


  240. davecwmbran Says:

    fantastic, bit slow loading, what do people want for free!!!!, i,m very happy and it will only improve,



  241. simonaf Says:

    I’ve not had time to do a lot but so far:
    It worked. Watched the Roxy Music thing. Picture looks reasonable but with lots of old footage it was difficult to judge. Sound was sometimes ropey with the phasing (?) you get on internet radio sometimes, but again, it may be the material.
    Menu a bit slow as mentioned elsewhere, but not a big deal.
    Couldn’t see any radio stations?
    First conclusions: It’s nice to know we’re starting to get the benefits of what was ‘hoped for’ this time last year, but well done Beeb, I look forward to other broadcasters joining in. Well done Humax too – looks like the networking kit and software works OK – I look forward to other LAN functions in due course!


  242. Rob Says:

    Just tested and working fine on my HDR box. The navigation is quite sluggish – it would benefit from some caching, maybe, if possible. Playback in normal quality looks a little soft on a 42″ Viera plasma, but higher quality is better.


  243. Alan62 Says:

    Update on earlier comments:
    a great service, works well.
    menu navigation needs to be faster, and its very hard to FF/Rewind to find part of a programme. Hope these small niggles will be fixed in the full release


  244. dolphin Says:

    Looks Good, My wish list, Bug list and Feature Request List.

    * Love the option of view in higher quality, but is it possible to store this as a user preference??

    * When scrolling on longer lists the images get out of sync with the programme names.

    * Is it possible to scrolling up and loop round to the bottom of a long list to save scrolling down a few pages.

    * When search page is selected, can the search box be selected by default rather than having to move the “cursor” into the box.

    * Can the background be pure black, rather than shaded grey.

    * Help Screen – Front screen has, back, terms, search via coloured buttons, what about using the remaining colour button for a help screen, few graphics showing what the remote buttons do etc.

    * How do iplayer subtitles work?

    * Can we have more info on the pause/progress bar? e.g. Programme name, date of broadcast, current time, and ad-hoc tech info, e.g. bit rate??

    * Use the number buttons as a jump to 0=0% 1=10%….7=70% 8-80% 9=90% during play back… makes sence to hit 5 to go 50% through a programme.


  245. Orion30 Says:

    Subtitles ASAP Please


  246. aybeesea Says:

    From a standardisation viewpoint, I see it unlikely that iPlayer’s user interface will be implemented significantly differently for the Freesat platform.

    Though there are performance wrinkles to be ironed out, I’m sure they will rightly seek to preserve as much of the cross-platform user-interface as possible.



  247. Denis Says:

    Orion30 – How on earth can you say BBCHD is awfull picture quality. I think it is brilliant. I would suggest perhaps it is you equipment.


  248. Neil Jeffery Says:

    Stumbled across this by accident.

    Have plugged in the cable, rebooted my Humax receiver, and am watching it now.



  249. Stephen McCormack Says:

    I managed to connect an Ethernet cable to my Humax FOXSAT-HD Freesat Receiver and have to say I am mighty impressed with the quality of picture from the BBC iplayer. Living in rural Scotland my Broadband speed is just about 2.5 MB but the picture quality is good and without any buffering.

    Like others, I am slightly hard of hearing and subtitles would be an excellent addition. Also what about radio stations – I cant seen to find anything for these, am I missing anything?

    In conclusion, “Well done the Beeb !!!!” Other broadcasters both national and across the world must be very envious.

    Thank you.


  250. Orion30 Says:

    #247 Denis,

    Slightly off topic I know however there is nothing wrong with my equipment or my eyes. I suggest you have a read of the BBC’s Internet Blogs. There are hundreds and hundreds of people jumping up and down in apoplectic rage at a 40% Bandwidth reduction. Trust me….the picture is not as good as it used to be by a long chalk.


  251. Derek (Original) Says:

    #250 Orion

    I agree and it needs to be said until the situation is corrected by the BBC


  252. Denis Says:

    Orion30 – Ok you say the picture is not as good as it used to be. However to say the picture is awful is somewhat over the top.

    I honestly have no problem with the picture, yes some may notice a difference but I do feel this issue is being blown out of all proportion.


  253. Iain D Says:

    Waited until the Christmas hassle was over. Hooked up the Humax HD via the spare ethernet connection on a Sonos ZP90. The picture on My Pioneer plasma was superb given what we’re doing and the fact that it’s a Beta test. Well done BBC.


  254. Tim L Says:

    Worked OK although got the ‘Waiting to load..’ message and then back to the menu a few times before success. Picture quality on SD pretty poor on my 52″ plasma. Will try on High Quality.


  255. AlexR Says:

    used a couple of Comtrend to link up – picked up IPlayer with no problem.
    Tried the HQ option and seems ok so far.
    Menus a bit slow to react but could be me thinking it should be quicker.
    Superb picture on my Sony Bravia


  256. Focus Says:

    Tried this today, am on a 2.5meg d/load, higher quality option was good, no buffering (not tried with other users on network at same time though, but sure QOS would sort any probs). As other have said, menus are a bit slow (Zzzzz).


  257. Orion30 Says:

    #253. Denis, unfortunately there we will have to agree to differ.

    I have the good fortune to have some of some of the best equipment available with which to enjoy BBCiPlayer. Indeed I have praised the BBC in my earlier post for their efforts in this concern. I do not expect1080i standard for iPlayer however I take violent exception to being told that there is no difference in the picture quality of BBCHD since its 40% bandwidth reduction when I can see plain as a pike staff that there is. Judging by the thousands of other posts past and present on the BBC Internet blogs and now comments in several newspapers to this effect there are plenty of people who agree with me.

    The BBC Trust will be hearing from me in the new year and I urge anyone else who has noticed the picture quality reduction to do the same. I understood the BBC to be a ‘beacon of excellence’ which broadcasters like ITV and Sky could only seek to emulate. This they may ultimately do with iplayer equivalents, however I sincerely hope they don’t in HD picture quality. The BBCHD channel is a pale shadow of its former self.

    You should count yourself fortunate Denis that you evidently cant see the difference. Unfortunately there are plenty who can and will not be fobbed off by plain lies from the head of the BBCHD channel and her associates.


  258. Alan E Says:

    Works fine. Quality good and no real problems.

    A couple of feedback points – I was foxed on the search screen as I couldn’t get the system to accept input from the handset but see from posts above that I should have highlighted the search entry box first.

    When trying to watch the film “In which we serve” I could only get the system to play in HD mode – in SD it simply returned to the menu entry screen after a “Waiting to load” message.

    Thanks to all concerned for an excellent system.


  259. aybeesea Says:

    Here continueth the Beta feedback:

    I was demonstrating iPlayer on TV to some guests yesterday and compared the Nintendo Wii iPlayer functionality with that of the Freesat platform.

    Though, when compared, the picture quality is entirely different (and both platforms still need work in that regard), at least on the Wii the user interface was extremely responsive (even though the Wii is connected wirelessly over a large distance). Whilst understanding that the Freesat implementation is in its Beta test phase, the Humax user interface is diabolically slow and it would be a development travesty to release it in that configuration.

    I know that all we ant to do is to catch up with BBC TV using iPlayer but if navigating to a programme is an uphill struggle then it will more than disenchant potential users.

    Tip: If you care, don’t lose your audience before you start.



  260. Richard Crichton Says:

    Cranford looked stunning last night in HD. How can anyone say BBC HD is poor? It still looks miles better than ITV HD and no one complains about that.It mainly depends how the programme was made in the first place not the bitrate its encoded at. Why else would shows like Antiques Roadshow and Life look superb but other look less good or even disapointing?


  261. aybeesea Says:

    I feel that a more critical eye should be brought to bear here rather than saying “woooohoooo”.

    This implementation a start and has a long way to go. Probably C+ (or maybe C) at the moment.

    The more who are constructively critical with their comments will help to evolve a finer product for us all to enjoy.

    Vapid blandishments achieve nothing.



  262. aybeesea Says:

    I feel we should be trying to keep on topic regarding BBC iPlayer Beta on Freesat in this thread.

    I may be wrong but discussions about PQ of BBCHD may belong in a different thread.



  263. Richard Crichton Says:

    257. Orion30
    You should watch who you are calling a liar on a public forum. You are opening yourself up to being sued for every penny you have.


  264. Geoff Spink Says:

    I have watched a lot of BBC iplayer over my Humax box since its release last week and find it fairly good for a start. I watched Spooks last night and it was good enough for me to forget that it was Iplayer.
    The search could do to be faster and highlighting the seach box is not clear.
    I know it’s not perfect but as far as I am concerned it is another great plus to my viewing.


  265. Rogerd Says:

    @257 Orion30

    I know thjis should be on a diffrerent thread but I don’t know which one, however,
    I watched Top Gear in HD last night on my Pany 46″ and all the family agreed that the PQ was stunning.
    Can’t wait to get iPlayer as well.


  266. Orion30 Says:

    I apologise. Lets get back on topic.


  267. Newsboy Says:

    Very happy with the iPlayer on a Humax HD box and a Samsung HDTV. The only comment I have is that the second half of the Disney Chronicles of Narnia is missing as it cuts out at 55mins and that Ring of Bright Water on Alba (27th Dec broadcast) has not been uploaded onto the system, but this may be due the holiday period.

    I am expecting similar results from my Freesat Panasonic plasma in the lounge and have had it and the BluRay recorder connected for some time. For those who do not know the recorder plays YouTube and Picassa and for some reason the news in German, the world weather and the financial news.


  268. Orion30 Says:

    Does anyone know if or when we are likely to get subtitles?


  269. jazmes Says:

    Does anyone know if i can connect direct from my BB Modem or do i have to have a router, have just unplugged my e-net from the pc and plugged it into my Humax, put in the code, and it just says connecting in the top right hand corner, stays like this :( ?. When i go to network in the Humax menu all the ip addresses etc are set to zero, except the E-Net id??? can anyone help?. Thanks


  270. aybeesea Says:


    If you read down the thread you will find that some people here have found that they need to perform a factory reset on their Humax PVR.

    It may or may not help.

    Your NAT (Network Address Translation) settings in the modem may have some bearing but without specific information it’s difficult to advise.



  271. JamesRob Says:

    I hooked my Foxsat HDR to my Sky broadband (yes I know, I’m in the process of unsubscribing from Sky) today with a long ethernet cable as soon as I read that iPlayer was available. We had forgotten to record Casualty last night so it was a good test.
    The DHCP worked, the code worked, I easily found the episode of Casualty we were looking for and watched it (in SD) without a “buffering” hitch or any other usual disappointment. Perfect. It all just worked, without me thinking “My Mum’s going to struggle with this one”.

    I haven’t got a Wii to compare it to, I didn’t try the HD yet as I didn’t want to get my hopes up, and I haven’t used the search feature…
    But, for a first impression, test no.1 has passed :) I was a very satisfied customer. Well done BBC.


  272. hhmb Says:

    After a week or so of using I agree that it is impressive, though it does gobble up the bandwidth if watching in high quality mode. But, as others have said, the slowness of the menu is a pain. I was wondering, therefore, whether it would be faster if menu pages were sent via the internet rather than over the air.

    PS please add radio


  273. fzgrommit Says:

    Typed in the code worked first time. Watched Shawn the Sheep. looked good no problems.

    The Menus are slow however, but its only a beta, I am sure that could be cached better.


  274. Denis Says:

    Richard Crichton – Well said, It is exactly that, it all depends on the quality of how the programme was filmed in the first place. It must be tedious sitting watching HD TV with these “Hawkeyes”, just commenting on the HD quaility all the time and ignoring the programme content.


  275. Derek (Original) Says:

    #274 Denis
    What amazing assumptions you make about people who are discerning enough to notice picture quality differences:
    a) that they are tedious company when watching TV
    b) that they only comment on picture quality and ignore the program itself

    Sweeping generalisations that are patently incorrect say more about the person making them than the people they are aimed at. I think it would be better if you kept those sort of patronising comments to yourself.


  276. Robert Hudson Says:

    I watched on day of the triffids last night on iplayer in higher quality and on my Humax HDR, and about 30 minutes int the program the picture started sticking at intervals of about every 2 seconds for 1 second at a time for about 30 minuets.


  277. jazmes Says:

    # Agree with Denis, I’m paying for something that is rarely better than normal TV. LUXE seem to pull it off! (Just a shame i’m not in the Market for Bentley/Patek Phillipe/Bulgari 😀 )


  278. jazmes Says:

    Sorry, DEREK, rather (see above)


  279. Nick H Says:

    I’ve been using the beta iPlayer for a few days now with no significant problems. I use my Squeezebox as a bridge between the router and the Humax box, which is very handy.

    At the higher bit rate the picture quality is good, with only very occasional signs of problems (when one of the kids is watching iPlayer on a computer upstairs).

    The only problem I have is that I can’t search for programs by name by entering text using the remote. This might well be me, of course.


  280. arthur Says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks to all those already expressed here. Watched “The Incredibles” on High Quality and although some slight pixelation in fast action, the general experience was very good! :)

    Also would be keen to see radio content available, hopefully its in the pipeline?


  281. aybeesea Says:

    re 277 TV Luxe statement. Remember that their programming has many slow pans, still frames, talking heads and extreme closeups. Not challenging picture content for a low bitrate compared to normal live action. It doesn’t take a high bitrate to transmit a 1920×540 25 times a second to produce a 1920x1080i 50Hz still picture!

    Back on topic.

    Though it must be usable to be of use (!!), iPlayer is simply an “insurance” against missed programming and cannot be regarded as a prime TV service.

    The developers will surely respond to the comments regarding the clunkiness of the menu. I doubt whether the content encoding will change.



  282. Nick H Says:

    Regarding aybeesea’s final comment in #281, for me the menu system is just too busy, I’d like to see a much simpler, searchable, text-only option. Wouldn’t this be quicker too?


  283. Yasar Says:

    it works sometimes and does not work most times. sits there saying “connecting” after tapping in of 5483. Also when and if it connects , the high quality reception is terrible. It stops and waits for buffer to catch up. it could be my less than 3megabit tiscali broadband connection. But it is not success for me.


  284. graham Says:

    I have used BBC iplayer in both SD and HD modes and have had no problems what so ever. The picture quality is exceptional. I have hard wired the Freesat box to my BT broadband hub usinf the relevant port and it works perfectly. Its fast and Glitch free. Well done BBC and Freesat. Keep up the excellent work. I am now waiting for the release of ITV Player. Has anyone any idea how this will be acceccable. I cannot imagine it will be via the red button as this appears to be controlled by the BBC channel.

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all Freesaters.

    PS. Buying Freesat has been the best investment i have made for many years.


  285. Howard Blackmore Says:

    Finally got it working on the Humax Foxsat HDR. Here’s how….
    1. Plug in the ethernet cable.
    2. Do a full factory reset.
    3. Allow any software updates to be applied. I had the latest so there was none to apply.
    4. Go to BBC 1 or 2 and press the red button.
    5. Enter 5483 and press OK
    6. Wait for ‘Connecting…’ message to clear and that’s it.
    The network settings are DHCP which I originally suspected as being faulty because they showed rather odd IP addresses for the DNS server and router address.


  286. David Illsley Says:

    Looking good so far. Don’t like the search screen. It’s not obvious you need to press the down arrow to focus the text entry field.


  287. Mark Cresswell Says:

    I have a homeplug system…but it needs the host to ‘unlock’ the data via a software utility. How can I use this in my Humax Freesat receiver where I can’t run the Windows decrypt utility that came with my Homeplug system? The setup video shows a button press solution to ‘pair’ the two Homeplugs…but I can’t see it on PCWorld or maplin etc… they all need software to be installed on then host (because they seem to assume you are going to connect the LAN cable to a PC). ???


  288. David M Says:


    I use Devolo ‘homeplug’ networking that has a similar pairing system. However, I don’t bother with turning the encryption on as it is uneccesary in a home environment as I am pretty sure that any networkig signals will not be transmitted beyond your main junction box. Therefore, you are only encrypting against people plugging in ‘homeplugs’ into sockets within your own house which depending on your circumstances is probably not necessary.


  289. Peter RH Says:

    I have a Comtrend Powerline adapter close to my Humax HDR that’s already providing the Ethernet connection to a BT Vision box. Do I need an Ethernet switch if I want to connect the powerline adpater to both the BT Vision box and the Humax? Amazon have 5 port Ethernet switches for under £20 so would one of these do the job? Alternatively would it be better to just buy an additional single powerline adapter (about £25 on eBay)?


  290. aybeesea Says:

    Back to the Humax iPLayer Beta topic again.

    I wonder why some people refer to the “higher quality” iPlayer picture as HD? It’s a mystery.

    Though generally watchable as a backup service, the “higher quality” picture is anything BUT HD in ANY of its definitions. It’s not INTENDED to be HD and the service can never be HD with the current limitations of “Broadband Britain”.



  291. aybeesea Says:


    The “red button” is controlled by the BBC?

    When there’s anything worth watching, how do you watch ITV HD live?



  292. David M Says:

    #289 – an additional single powerline adaptor imo


  293. Martin Says:

    I’m generally impressed with the service.

    The PQ on Higher Quality looks OK, but I’ve only tried it on undemanding material (eg Not the Nine O’Clock News). Couple of issues, though:-

    The fast forward / rewind options are painfully unworkable. My partner would end up throwing the remote across the room in frustration. Frankly, this needs to be fixed before the service goes live (can’t believe I’m saying that).

    As a minor fault, when scrolling through a list of programmes and moving to another page, it shows the wrong image against the first item on the page (the image for the bottom programme, in fact). If you scroll down to the second item, then back to the top of the page it shows the correct image.

    cheers, Martin


  294. Paul Sawyer Says:

    I’ve now had a play with the I-player.
    Very good, however, picture quality, even on the high setting gets very pixellated at times, which does tend to put you off some of the time.
    Looking at the same programme on the PC, the quality is far better.


  295. Paul Grayem Says:

    quality and aspect ratio far better on wii but going in the right direction


  296. Peter Taylor Says:

    As my modem is some distance away from the Humax box I ran a telephone extension cable to get closer to the box and connected my wireless modem via an ethernet cable.

    Now I know it works I will invest in powerline adapters.


  297. Jasta Says:

    Having tested the iplayer and being a bit of a perfectionist I can’t fault it. I am using Comtrend 200mbps adaptors and find the HQ stream perfectly watchable. Please, all those who are complaining remember how jerky the iplayer is via most pc’s – this is a major step forward. Watched a film last night and can’t fault it. When watching a concert or football the pixels are very slightly off but hey ! Please remember this is free – virgin/tiscali customers pay for this service – we don’t. Humax HDR has done nothing but impress me since I got it, even installed my own quad lnb dish (and I’m a complete novice) and little add-ons like this are just a bonus! For those who are still unsure – once you get your box connected to the internet (however this may be) you just go to BBC1 press the red button and enter page 5483 and hey presto! 10/10 Enjoy


  298. aybeesea Says:

    Quality and aspect ratio better on Wii than on the Humax? Not on my equipment or with my eyes (using the Humax implementation’s Higher Quality setting). Work to be done though.

    Though on the Wii, the menu is correctly proportioned and extremely responsive, the MENU aspect ratio on the Humax Beta is WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    The menu is presented in some strange hybrid 4:3 format and when viewed in 16:9 the images are horizontally stretched so every face looks like it belongs to someone who’s overdosed on Christmas Pudding.

    It looks like a booboo in the Beta, yet so simple to correct before going live.



  299. Nick H Says:

    I do think we need to remember that what we have at present is a semi-public trial of a prototype system. They started off with a closed trial and then (I presume) ‘leaked’ the magic code so that a greater number of people, people like us, could participate and comment. I think this was a very intelligent way of proceeding.

    It’s our constructive comments and feedback in places like this that will be of interest to them (Oh Lord ‘them’, well you know who I mean) and help them to improve the service to the point where it can be launched on the public at large. Perhaps this might be some time off, because when it is launched on the grand scale it has to work and it has to be right.

    Regards, N.


  300. Bob Says:

    300th comment!!!


  301. davecwmbran Says:

    just watched Gavin & Stacey in high quality, great until the 22nd minute then it stopped and reloaded to menu screen!!!!, this happened every time i played it, gave up in the end and watched on my lappy, my internet is 54mbps, is this the problem ?? also on the Humax the “fast forward” facility is “iffy” not really controllable.

    regards Dave


  302. hhmb Says:

    Re 301

    Same thing happened to me. If you looked at the timer bar across the bottom of the screen, it showed that the recording was only 20 minutes or so long, not the half hour it should have been. I guess someone cocked up at the beeb when putting the programme on the server. Nothing to do with network speed.


  303. Andy Says:

    Just one question – when will the i-player facility be provided to other platform users (I have a Panasonic that just displays “connecting…”)?


  304. cid Says:

    bbc hd good bbci player all good whats happening with itv, can’t even get a hd picture


  305. stuart rodgers Says:

    working OK
    Picture quality doesn#t seem to be quite as good as when I access it by connecting my laptop to the TV but watchable.


  306. aybeesea Says:

    It seems most contributors are now officially bored after the initial raft of “excitement”. “Tick in the box”, “got the teashirt” or, Heaven forfend, actually “have a life”…

    Let’s hope the technicians at the BBC aren’t quite as bored and listen to the constructive feedback.



  307. robo Says:

    cid – we have all had problems with ITV I believe with no HD. Need to do a factory rest I believe and then should be ok. It seems to have worked for all that have done this.


  308. Nick H Says:

    Yes :)
    After what, ten days or so, for us iPlayer on Freesat has become just another routine way of watching TV. A very useful way, I’d add. It’s never let us down and the only problem I’ve had was with searching for programmes by name, but this was me and not the system.

    Yup, the technology is shaping up nicely, just the content to be improved now .


  309. aybeesea Says:


    Content? Let’s get the user interface sorted first!

    The content will follow.



  310. kenny Says:

    Watched iplayer tonight picture not as sharp as normal tv but certainly watchable, Fantastic


  311. Sparky Says:

    Got a buffalo ethernet converter from amazon this morning. Allows my wifi to connect to up to 4 ethernet devices. So connected my Humaz HDR up to it and my sony tv that apparently has yahho widgets in it ??!!
    So how long before ITV player etc are also available ???


  312. Nick H Says:

    Fair enough, I’d agree that the menu system needs a little de-clunking. But for me it’s the menu delays that are more important. It would be nice if something could be done about these. I would also like a text-only option for menus (I am not one of the iPod generation I’m afraid, not by a long chalk).


  313. Sparky Says:

    First Real Test-
    Beagn buffering on “Higher Quality” setting , so restarted programme on lower setting.
    Menu sytem slow to react.
    Programme started buffering after 20 minutes then crashes my Hummy! oh dear.
    Wouldn’t even switch off via the button on the box, so had to switch off and on at the mains plug…
    That meant I had to try and find the correct place in the programme to continue viewing it.
    Not sure which buttons on the remote to use,, The left/right navigation buttons wizzed from 0 mins to 40 mins too fast. Really difficult to get to an approx time .
    The other rewind f/forward buttons also seem to do something , but it was all very painful! Much easier and same quality via my Wii,

    Seems to buffer more frequentyly than Wii. I don’t know howthe quality settings compare


  314. aybeesea Says:

    Quote #313

    “Much easier and same quality via my Wii,

    … Wii. I don’t know howthe quality settings compare”

    Would you care to explain?

    With my eyes and equipment the Wii menu is *extremely* responsive but the picture quality on the Humax in “Higher Quality” mode is superior the picture quality which the Wii delivers (and I have my Wii confured to 480p using component out – maybe that’s my Wii picture problem!!)

    In any event, repeating the bulk of opinions on the Beta here:

    a) Menu needs work, specifically responsiveness and correct aspect ratio for the menu still images

    b) Navigation (FF/RW) needs to work so that it works in a predictable and controllable way

    c) Picture quality, though *just* acceptable in “Higher Quality”, it would be “nice” if better quality could be delivered. Of course this is an open-ended “request”!!

    d) Radio content will doubtless be added

    e) Though identical to the Wii, the search facility could be improved to looking at strings “within” titles rather than at the “start” of titles. Particularly tedious with programme titles beginning with the word “The…”

    All the above presupposes that the user can connect his Humax to the Internet via his home network and ISP. Of course THAT is outside of the scope of the iPlayer Freesat Beta trial but more down to local circumstances.



  315. Sparky Says:

    In answer to 314…

    The quality iplayer on my wii through 480p looks similar to watching it on my Freesat 1080i in low quality setting..
    And yes, much easier to watch iplayer via my Wii.
    I’m asking how do the bit rates of the iplayer on my wii, compare with the two bit rates on my Freesat?


  316. Stephen Bamforth Says:

    Can anyone recommend the best home plugs for using the iplayer? thanks.


  317. aybeesea Says:

    @ 315 We punters have no way of “knowing” what the bitrates are or even if we did, what significance they have since the delivered PQ is dependent upon the the CODECs used.

    @ 316 Re:”Homeplugs” – If budget isn’t an issue, in order to future-proof yourself, I would recommend a pair based on the 200Mbps performance spec. This type of device performs, technically, in the same way, irrespective of its “headline speed”.


  318. Mel Bee Says:

    Can anyone tell me if I can do this abroad using the Humax foxsat HDR. I can watch all the channels using a postal code in England but does my ip address influence this setup. I can get to i player and to the programmes but somehow when I want to watch a programme everything blocks up.


  319. aybeesea Says:


    You appear to have answered your own question.

    The answer is no, iPlayer is designed for UK BBC Licence Payers. There may be ways of achieving what you want on your PC using proxying (at least that’s what rumours indicate) but these methods at best can be less than simple and, for any kind of data rate which gives a sensible speed connection, will cost you a monthly subscription.

    Which kinda defeats the object of *FREE*Sat.



  320. Ian H Says:

    Any idea when iPlayer is going to be rolled out to the rest of us? I’ve got my Homeplugs working, just waiting for the word…


  321. Sparky Says:

    Anyone else find High quality crashes box ?
    My 6mb/s broadband connects to my foxsat HDR box. Iplayer works ok in lower quality , but on every occasion when I watch high quality it stops working after about 3 mins and shows the circle of white dots as it buffers. It remains like this.

    On a couple of occasions I have had to switch box off as mians to reboot it.

    Is this a beta bug ? I have tested my internet feed and I’m sure it’s ok


  322. Sparky Says:

    And question which I’m sure you can all answer , but I haven’t figured out…..

    When I’m watching a programme and you pause it, what do I press to go back one step to the previous screen where I choose PQ etc ? There are no hints on the screen at that point like there are on the Wii.



  323. aybeesea Says:

    There are no PQ choices on the Wii



  324. Sparky Says:

    Didn’t say there was.
    At the point where you ahve a timeline on the screen you also have a ” back” option on the wii. What do I do on the Humax?


  325. aybeesea Says:

    This is obviously a user interface deficiency for now, compared to the Wii, BUT if you follow the mantra of “yellow button = BACK” it will do the job.

    When in doubt press, for “BACK” press YELLOW.

    Something else to be improved after the Beta.



  326. Stephen Bamforth Says:

    @317 re home plugs, many thanks will check out ebuyer and amazon.


  327. Sparky Says:

    mmm I’ve tried yellow. It take sme back to the point where I have to enter 5483 or the box has crashes and needs a mains reboot!

    No programmes will show this evening. I get the time bar , then screen goes blank and then nothing.
    Wonder if it’s my box or my wifi connection to its bridge? Although having a laptop plugged into the bridge plays iplayer ok & is 6mb/s .
    Can i do more than switch box off at mains to make it reset I wonder?


  328. aybeesea Says:

    @327 Sorry but it works in that way on my Humax.

    I guess that there’re lessons at this stage of the Beta which might be “keep it simple” and let’s “walk before we try to run”.



  329. alfabeta Says:

    Works OK for me even with a ‘crossed’ LAN cable, which was my only available option. Yes, the interface is a bit clunky and the picture quality slightly less than SD, but ideal for me as a non PVR owner as the picture quality is comparable with VCR playback. Having said that, a bit pointless apart from being video on demand as much of the content is usually repeated on Freeview and Freesat regularly anyway. Just gives me even less of a reason to buy a PVR.


  330. alfabeta Says:

    By the way, I’m achieving an uninterrupted stream at the lowest quality stream but some buffering on the ‘high quality’ setting on a 2.3mbps internet connection, so the stream must be somewhere around the 2-2.5mbps speed.


  331. admin Says:

    BBC have released the code for beta testing for all on their website. Might be worth a read even though we published the code weeks ago:


  332. BBC iPlayer Open To Public Beta | Join Freesat Says:
  333. clive Says:

    Hi -well I have tried eveything, I have moved the router to the Humax Freesat box, connected it all up with and ethernet cable. Done a factory reset and ZILTCH – no screen to enter the pin and I am at a loss what to do please – HELP. Thanks CLIVE


  334. malcolm Says:

    works fine; even a sixty one year old beginer can set this up
    thanks everyone for comments advice would be nice


  335. Russ Says:

    @ clive 333,

    Clive there is no stand alone screen for the i-player. after you have pressed the text or red button the text menu will appear, at this point type in 5483 as if you are entering a page number. you will see the code appear in the top right hand corner of your screen followed by connecting. a few seconds later the i-player should appear.


  336. Mick Says:

    Does anyone have an update on whether the LG42LF7700 will be given a firmware update so that it can use BBC iplayer?



  337. Rog in sussex Says:

    Dear Admin,
    The on line instructions do not tell you that (once you have connected the ethernet and seen the light flashing at the back of the unit) you need to configure the network settings on your Humax HDR box BEFORE you can get i player working.
    Once you go to network settings on the Humax box and click DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) it inputs the settings no problem. People like me need to be told in the step by step instructions that i player will not work till you do this!
    BUT once i figured it out it is amazing, picture quality is not HD but still good and very stable. Well done all.


  338. Harv Says:

    thanks for the dhcp tip, I did this the other day, then when the ethernet cable arrived today this worked first tim. First impressions are good. The menus are fast enough for me, the choice of programs seems pretty good for a Beta. The lower quality compared to watching live is noticeable but would only bother me with music. It seems to be music where you can really hear the lower quality. I am sure this will improve in due course. As it is I am sure we will use this when we miss stuff.


  339. Paul C Says:

    This is a great development – I am well impressed. Simps pimps to set up and easy to navigate and operate. I can only see is expanding assuming the subscription providers do not mobilise their considerable lobbies to try to limit it.


  340. Rob M Says:

    Really impressed… Was suprised by how simple it was… Use BT as my ISP and have a 2mb connection (roughly)… I was impressed by the stream quality…. Followed the instructions as provided and was browsing the iplayer within minutes…. Only criticism found the menus a but clunky, not as fluid moving between screens as I would hope… Also found myself looking at the “loading” message and occasionally a black screen more than I would expect but overall a good start….


  341. Paul B Says:

    Noticed the page number has changed now? Not sure why, Also HEROS is on Iplayer via PC and the web, but not on Iplayer on freesat? Why the inconsistency?

    Good service when it works, but I guess still in “change” mode.


  342. Pumps100 Says:

    I see that they must have switched it off last night about tea time. Now beta iPlayer is not accessible via the red button. I’ve been on all the various BBC & freesat websites – not a mention! Typical


  343. priyp Says:

    I lost ‘all’ RED button features today on my HUMAX HDR. Switched off and rebooted. RED button features back but NO iPlayer … message in BLUE on bottom to say iPlayer is coming soon to Freesat on page 7001. I have tried 7001 and 5483 but nothing … where has it gone??


  344. priyp Says:

    It’s back again … phew


  345. Claremontcott Says:

    Can anybody help, please
    I’ve done all the connecting bits using home plugs to my Humax FOXSAT HDR and I know that the hopeplug connectors are working because I tested my laptop on it but when I press the red button the iplayer option never shows (and never has)
    What have I missed?


  346. Claremontcott Says:

    ps. I’ve done the PHCB bit


  347. Claremontcott Says:

    Keying in 5483 dosn’t do anything either. It says page not found!


  348. Simon H Says:

    Any update when the rest of us can enjoy iPlayer? We own an LG 7700 with ethernet and have been waiting very patiently indeed!


  349. Tetse Says:

    Just plugged an ethernet cable between my Panasonic and the router and was up and running in a couple of minutes – Brilliant picture quality. Are any other channels participating?


  350. Ray Powell Says:

    i have a foxsat hdr and have connected it to my computer via a homeplug adapter and it works, fine although a little slow to download


  351. Jerry Says:

    How can I configure my Humax Foxsat-HD box to receive iPlayer via a selective proxy, the reason being I am a TV License payer temporarily residing overseas?

    I have configured my Humax Foxsat-HD box correctly, can display the iPlayer home page, can select a programme, but clicking display “loading” indefinitely. I presume the “not available in your area” message is not displayed.

    I am able to use a selective proxy from my PC over my broadband connection.


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