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Jan 21 2010

Sony yesterday released their latest software (1.630SA) to enable BBC iPlayer on all their Freesat built-in Sony televisions. If you have one of these televisions, you should now be able to access BBC iPlayer from BBC1 by pressing the red button followed by code 5483. (instructions on how to connect your Sony television to the Internet to receive iPlayer can be found here)

Other manufacturers will be added as and when they have carried out the initial testing with the BBCi Tech Team. All Freesat HD receivers are expected to have BBC iPlayer enabled within the next few months.

61 Responses to “BBC iPlayer Beta Testing On Sony”

  1. Craig Says:

    Hi Admin, In your posting it says ‘All Freesat receivers are expected to have BBC iPlayer enabled within the next few months.’ Is that all HD receivers or does that also include SD receivers as well?


  2. admin Says:

    Sorry Craig, we have edited, HD receivers only, BBC iPlayer will not launch on SD receivers.


  3. Dan Says:

    Why on earth have Panasonic not been at the forfront of this being the first to release freesat enabled TV’s?


  4. Craig Says:

    ok, thanks admin.


  5. David Says:

    I left my tv on standby overnight to get the update but it didnt happen – is there any special way of getting it?


  6. GaseousClay Says:

    @ David.. It’s been reported that switching in and out of standby a couple of times will trigger the update.


  7. neil Says:

    the last software update was via their website (saved on USB memory stick and then put into the usb port on the tv) but I see there is no new firmware update on their site. Does anyone know for sure if this update going to be over the air?


  8. admin Says:


    This update is over the air as it was released via DTG yesterday.


  9. neil Says:

    brilliant thanks – looking forward to testing it out tonight! Very surprised Sony have been so quick with this to be honest. Well done Sony and Freesat


  10. Dave Says:

    My new Sony TV offered to update last night as I switched it to standby. I accepted the update and didn’t realise what it was for. I shall check when I get home. Excellent news.


  11. Mike Says:

    Agree with Dan why is their no news or date yet from Panasonic? Disappointed!!


  12. Noo Says:

    It’s on Sony TVs first because it was rolled out to my sons PS3 sometime ago so I expect much of the testing and validation was already done.



  13. Alan M Says:

    Also nothing on LG LF7700 got download December but not work iplayer


  14. StringWells Says:

    Good news on BBCiplayer.
    On another point – I have a Humax Foxsat – HDR and couldn’t find how to record a series program. Then last week, all recorded programs in Media had “NEW” next to them and the series choice became available. Do you think the Freesat box received an update?


  15. neil Says:

    Been switching to standby now for the past couple of hours and nothing! Have all the auto update settings set to on but it is not picking up any updates. Does anyone know how to force it to look for software updates (model KDL-40W5810) or is it a case of more patience?! Thanks


  16. SiY Says:

    This is good news.

    On a slightly different note, has anyone got any knowledge of using the Humax or Sony overseas with the BBC iPlayer update?
    I know BBC website blocks traffic from overseas and I guess it may do so from TV?

    One more observation is that the from what I can see none of the TV’s offer proxy options for the network traffic from a TV, quite limiting in some house networks and the corporate world.


  17. steve Says:

    All works here on a Sony 40V5810 . Received the update yesterday evening as I switched to Standby. . Watched the semi finals of the snooker which I missed on Sat. Great


  18. neil Says:

    Nothing all night last night, but update kicked in at 8 this morning (40W5810) when put to standby. Initial impressions of iplayer are very good – only tested on higher quality at the moment. Much better than wii version – loads near instantly and much better PQ. Experienced a bit of noise on the sound through the TV speakers (seemed ok through home theatre connected via optical, May need to alter settings on tv for noise suppression. Well done Sony for getting this out so quick!


  19. Andy Says:

    The update is now available on the Sony website.


  20. Mike Says:

    I agree with Dan & Mike.

    I bought a Panasonic TH46PZ81B just under 2 years ago, and have only had a couple of software updates.

    Come on Panasonic – pull your finger out!

    At this rate, I don’t think I’d buy another Panasonic.


  21. Fred Says:

    I have a Sony KDL40W5810 and was offered the upgrade automatically few days ago via the air. It works very well and is very quick. It is much quicker that a Humax FoxsatHDR that I also have when using the IPlayer. I’ve had this tv for less than 3 months and in that time have had 2 sofware updates (I via the usb/website) and this over OTA. Well done Sony for keeping this product up-to-date!


  22. Dave Hirst Says:

    I gave Panasonic customer services a ring. They tell me they are working on it with the BBC but it will still be some time. Maybe if others give them a call too it could hurry them up.


  23. John Emerson Says:

    I have a panasonic freesat TV with ethernet connectorat back of TV, also dissapointed that they are behind Sony anyway you mentioned that I player is only on HD channel freesat does that mean its only available on the BBC HD channel and not on the standard BBC channel.


  24. Big-Wayne Says:

    Great update, works a charm. Just hope the next one will give divx support.


  25. Dan Says:

    It just annoys me that Panasonic were the 1st out with a product and the last to forfill it’s full potential. I have also rung Panasonic’s customer services, so come on the rest of you Panny owners.


  26. Simon Says:

    @ 12

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the PS3, entirely different technologies.


  27. billy Says:

    To get the BBCiPlayer do we need to have a satelite dish installed or can you access it direct through the freesat sony tv..also, are there any plans to enable bbciplayer on wi-fi internet enabled tv’s such as the phillips pfl9604..thanks in advance


  28. aln Says:

    when will us paupers with a mere goodmans hd box (gasp in horror!) and the like, be allowed to be a part of this wonderous event!!


  29. Chris Says:

    @23 John Emerson
    iPlayer will work with any BBC channel as long as your receiver/TV is freesat HD. Which it is.

    @27 billy
    This version of iPlayer comes via freesat, so yes you need a satellite dish. The application/software is downloaded via the the freesat red button facilityy (BBCi) and the actual video streams come via the internet.

    @28 aln
    See the main article at the top of the page! “Other manufacturers will be added as and when they have carried out the initial testing with the BBCi Tech Team. All Freesat HD receivers are expected to have BBC iPlayer enabled within the next few months.”


  30. aln Says:

    still feel like a pauper (although i couldnt eat a whole one!)


  31. Richard Crichton Says:

    Never mind it’s only iPlayer so no big deal.


  32. Brian Damage Says:

    Goodwins? Pah!

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder-berries!


  33. aln Says:

    and for good reason….which escapes me at the moment!

    mark my words..the goodwins will have their day…oh yes!


  34. Brian Damage Says:


  35. Brian Damage Says:

    Want Panasonic update…

    Want Panasonic update…

    Want Panasonic update…


  36. Noo Says:


    Please justify your comment. Which technology are you talking about? The hardware? It just that all decent software developers make their code portable between hardware platforms… so different hardware yes, but same libraries and alot of common code I would have thought. Sony’s experience with the Iplayer and PS3 must have affected time to market. Lets face it, Nov/Dec release for these XXX58XX series TVs means Sony wanted them out quick. The project plan would then have been to integrate the Iplayer to gain a market advantage. In 2 months the new TV firmware is available… very unlikely to be new code, more likely a “port”.



  37. Alex@Wotsat Says:

    @ Noo: iPlayer via Freesat (Sony or anyone else) runs on a MHEG-5, a completely different platform to the PS3’s implementation. In fact, the BBC’s Open iPlayer proposal was about creating the kind of cross-platform standards you describe so that IPTV devices can be created easily, but it was sadly rejected by the BBC Trust


  38. Dane Says:

    I have the Foxsat HD box and the update for iPlayer. When tuned to BBC News I connect to broadband and get the iPlayer graphics, but when I press play to watch a programme nothing happens. Why is that? Is it because I am abroad outside the narrow footprint for BBC One or is it because I do not have a British IP address? Or possibly both? Must the receiver be tuned to BBC One?


  39. Al Catraz Says:

    Dane – you need a UK IP address.


  40. David Says:

    I emailed Panasonic customer support about getting the BBC iPlayer, just received this reply:

    “In response, unfortunately, we have no further information for new services at this time, other than that already displayed on our website. We would suggest that you please keep checking the following website for updates, as any information regarding new services will be added to this site as soon as it becomes available:

    We are aware that features on Freesat such as BBC iplayer are in beta testing at the moment on some Freesat set-top boxes, but we have no further information on testing with other products

    We trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 844 3852 or email us using the following email address:“.

    Not very promising at all! Coincedently, my mates TV crashed and burned this morning. He likes my Freesat Panansonic, but will not be buying one – he is going to get one with iPlayer support. I wonder how many other sales are being lost?


  41. Noo Says:


    Thanks, that’s useful info :)

    It is only the front end menus and selection system that comes by the MHEG-5 though…

    So all the LAN integration and stream playback from the internet would have already existed for the PS3. I still see that as an “enabler” for Sony to deliver first.



  42. Al Catraz Says:

    David (40) – don’t give up on panny just yet. somebody posted a similar comment on another forum, and the bbc iplayer test team said they’d seen the panny test version and it looked good.


  43. Dane Says:

    Al Catraz – Thanks for your reply in post 39. Not much hope for me then of getting any iPlayer content on my tv screen. Brilliant initiative from the BBC though. Generally news programmes are not so strictly copyrighted. Maybe the BBC could let news programmes on iPlayer be free of this UK IP address requirement. Then those of us outside the UK could also have some benefit of the new iPlayer feature.


  44. BBC iPlayer On Panasonic From Mid-February? | Join Freesat Says:
  45. Adrian Says:

    Sony FreeSat TV coonecting to iplayer – problem fixed.

    Thank you – the information here has helped me connect my new Sony FreeSat TV to BBCi Player using two homeplugs.

    Problem – when I pressed the red button “connecting” was displyed in the top righthand corner of the tv screen for ~ 1 second then disappeared. The iplayer menu did not display on the screen.


    1. I checked the software version of the TV (using Product Info option within the Settings menu) and found that it was 1.578SA i.e. not the latest software (1.630SA) to enable BBC iPlayer.

    2. I switched the TV to standby twice and got a message that the TV wanted to upgrade its software. I accepted the request to upgrade.

    3. After the upgrade had finished (yellow indicator light stopped flashing) I turned the TV back on, pressed the red button and iplayer menu and the iplayer menu was displayed. Problem solved…


  46. neil Says:

    I received another update to the firmware on 24 March, now version 1.720SA. However, no idea what has changed. Anyone know?.


  47. mwa Says:

    Me too. No mention of it on Sony’s download page though so no idea what it does.


  48. stu Says:

    i have just got a sony tv and i want to connect to i-player, i have connected the cable, gone to bbc 1 pushed the red button it says connecting but nothing happens, can any one please help


  49. Chris Says:

    Is there already or likely to be an iPlayer upgrade for the Sony Blu-Ray DVDs, 360,560 and 760? I know the 370 has the capability built in.


  50. nrgsaver Says:

    I’ve just bought a Sony Bravia on the assumption it would have access to BBC iPlayer, but having connected it to the internet it doesn’t. Now I read that it’s only available on Sony Freesat models. Doesn’t anyone know if the iPlayer will be available on my Freeview HD set anytime soon?


  51. John G Says:

    I second the last post.
    When will iPlayer be available on latest Sony Bravia?
    We were promised within weeks (. when purchased in March .. !) Still no sign, and no firm answers from BBC or Sony.
    Ominously, though, Sony have dropped the BBCi widget from their screenshots on their Bravia site …. I hope I’m wrong but ….. !!!


  52. Dean Says:

    Any news when LG will agree with the BBC for iPlayer on it’s TVs?

    I have a 47LF770 that is ready but requires the iPlayer upgrade the current Freesat OTA upgrade from DTG does not support iPlayer.


  53. Chris H Says:

    Thanks to Adrian (Mar 9) for the Sony fix – worked for me too. It took a while for iPlayer to list anything but got there in the end. Not exactly intuitive this stuff is it


  54. chris F. Says:

    I could not get iplayer on my grundig freesat HD box. I contacted Grundig and they sent me a new updated box within a week. That was a month ago, everything worked fine untill today. I have tried re-booting the box but all I get is the red dot, when I press the red button the “connecting” sign is displayed for half a second but nothing happens. what can I do ?


  55. Mark B Says:

    I’ve just received a Grundig freesat HD box and am experiencing the same “connecting” problem as chris F. I’ve checked my ethernet connection, removed all firewalls, re-installed all channels and rebooted about a dozen times and still nothing!

    Called Freesat who talked me through checking everything and told me to call my ISP (virgin media) who told me they didnt support the box and couldn’t help! Any other suggestions?


  56. Mark B Says:

    Iplayer now working tonight. Havent a clue why. Nothing seems to have changed…


  57. amber Says:

    KDL – EX632


    i have just bought a sony KDL – EX632 TV and having real problems connecting to i player it just tells me to update the programs and when i look at this option it is turned on but does not give me any option to update anything.. anyone have any ideas why i cannot watch i player???

    million thank yous.



  58. Alan Says:

    Hi All,

    I have the sony kdl-40w5810 and when when the ethernet is connected the red button does not work. Take the cable out and the red button works. Any ideas? Network is fine as i can get the feeds through Applicast. Freesat is via Sky Dish and the Router is a Netgear DG834g. TV is hard wired and IP is set either way Manual or DHCP.



  59. Alan Says:

    My KDL-40W5810 is exactly the same. Although it worked (briefly) at the start of the year, I have not managed to get iPlayer to work for over 6 months and have now tried just about everything! It is connected to a Belkin N+ router by an ethernet cable, running firmware 1.72 and all network settings seem to be configured correctly. I’ve tried just about every combination of router and firewall settings but on pressing the red button, still just get the ‘Due to a technical problem, unable to connect …’ message. The ethernet cable has to be unplugged from the TV to access normal red button services …

    Someone, please help! This one is now driving me mad! I simply hate to be defeated by technology!


  60. Alan Says:



  61. admin Says:


    You’ve posted on a news story from almost a year ago, so the visiting traffic to this specific page is very low; we only saw it because we get email confirmations of every single post!

    Not sure what the problem may be, so you might want to speak to Sony directly, as they will have a better idea than anyone; there doesn’t appear to be any issues with accessing iPlayer from your television.


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