BBC iPlayer Beta Testing On Sony

Sony yesterday released their latest software (1.630SA) to enable BBC iPlayer on all their Freesat built-in Sony televisions. If you have one of these televisions, you should now be able to access BBC iPlayer from BBC1 by pressing the red button followed by code 5483. (instructions on how to connect your Sony television to the Internet to receive iPlayer can be found here)

Other manufacturers will be added as and when they have carried out the initial testing with the BBCi Tech Team. All Freesat HD receivers are expected to have BBC iPlayer enabled within the next few months.

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  1. I second the last post.
    When will iPlayer be available on latest Sony Bravia?
    We were promised within weeks (. when purchased in March .. !) Still no sign, and no firm answers from BBC or Sony.
    Ominously, though, Sony have dropped the BBCi widget from their screenshots on their Bravia site …. I hope I’m wrong but ….. !!!

  2. Any news when LG will agree with the BBC for iPlayer on it’s TVs?

    I have a 47LF770 that is ready but requires the iPlayer upgrade the current Freesat OTA upgrade from DTG does not support iPlayer.

  3. Thanks to Adrian (Mar 9) for the Sony fix – worked for me too. It took a while for iPlayer to list anything but got there in the end. Not exactly intuitive this stuff is it

  4. I could not get iplayer on my grundig freesat HD box. I contacted Grundig and they sent me a new updated box within a week. That was a month ago, everything worked fine untill today. I have tried re-booting the box but all I get is the red dot, when I press the red button the “connecting” sign is displayed for half a second but nothing happens. what can I do ?

  5. I’ve just received a Grundig freesat HD box and am experiencing the same “connecting” problem as chris F. I’ve checked my ethernet connection, removed all firewalls, re-installed all channels and rebooted about a dozen times and still nothing!

    Called Freesat who talked me through checking everything and told me to call my ISP (virgin media) who told me they didnt support the box and couldn’t help! Any other suggestions?

  6. KDL – EX632


    i have just bought a sony KDL – EX632 TV and having real problems connecting to i player it just tells me to update the programs and when i look at this option it is turned on but does not give me any option to update anything.. anyone have any ideas why i cannot watch i player???

    million thank yous.


  7. Hi All,

    I have the sony kdl-40w5810 and when when the ethernet is connected the red button does not work. Take the cable out and the red button works. Any ideas? Network is fine as i can get the feeds through Applicast. Freesat is via Sky Dish and the Router is a Netgear DG834g. TV is hard wired and IP is set either way Manual or DHCP.


  8. My KDL-40W5810 is exactly the same. Although it worked (briefly) at the start of the year, I have not managed to get iPlayer to work for over 6 months and have now tried just about everything! It is connected to a Belkin N+ router by an ethernet cable, running firmware 1.72 and all network settings seem to be configured correctly. I’ve tried just about every combination of router and firewall settings but on pressing the red button, still just get the ‘Due to a technical problem, unable to connect …’ message. The ethernet cable has to be unplugged from the TV to access normal red button services …

    Someone, please help! This one is now driving me mad! I simply hate to be defeated by technology!

  9. @Alan

    You’ve posted on a news story from almost a year ago, so the visiting traffic to this specific page is very low; we only saw it because we get email confirmations of every single post!

    Not sure what the problem may be, so you might want to speak to Sony directly, as they will have a better idea than anyone; there doesn’t appear to be any issues with accessing iPlayer from your television.

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