BBC iPlayer On Panasonic From Mid-February?

Panasonic Freesat

It has been brought to our attention by one of our readers (thanks Mike!) that according to DTG, Panasonic’s current software version is due to be updated on Monday 15th February 2010.

We know that Panasonic have been working with the BBC to introduce iPlayer across their range of televisions (following Sony a few weeks back) but is this the date when it launches? We hope so!

We have contacted Panasonic and they have stated that they cannot release information coincidently until that very same date;

our 2010 line-up is under embargo until 9.00 GMT 15th Feb

We know quite a few of you have Panasonic televisions with Freesat built-in and are eagerly awaiting the availability of BBC iPlayer, so lets hope this is it!

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  1. I purchased my TV because of the Freesat HD content.. for iPlayer I can use my Wii or the Xbox or VirginMedia. Good news, but I want what I believed would be available a year ago…

  2. I’ve sent Panasonic 3 emails about when this is going to happen and they can’t be bothered to respond even with a ‘no comment’ As an ‘early’ adopter of Panasonic’s Freesat plasma it peeves me how long Panasonic have taken, take about last one to the party!

  3. Great I’ve been keeping a eye on CH999 so I’m looking forward to 15/2/10
    hope it starts, I’ve got a Panasonic TV ready,so Good Luck

  4. Hope so, it’s about time – Sony look much sharper getting their update out so quickly; especially when Panasonic were first with Freesat

  5. that’s good news – panny plugged in to the router and waiting – broadband download limit being upgraded this month … bring it on!

  6. See my latest post on the main iPlayer thread. After an initial false start on Monday, the access system has now changed (although there is no guarantee it will remain, the bugs in the initial try appear to have been fixed)

    With the Humax box, you now need to have a live internet link on the ethernet connection for the iPlayer option to become available. On pressing the red button, the box checks to see if one is present and then displays the main interactive menu with an iPlayer option or you can key in 7001. Without a live connection, the iPlayer option is replaced by a “Watch BBC HD” option – obviously on other channels but not on the children’s ones. Page 5483 or “LIVE” is no longer recognised.

    As the Panny software is likely to be very similar to the Humax, make sure your router is connected to the back of your set or an iPlayer upgrade will not be obvious.

    A 2Mb connection is said to be adequate for the higher quality option. Remember these files are pretty large so you should be careful if you have a monthly download limit.

  7. Panasonic should pull their finger out and give us this feature. When I bought my TV in July 2008 it was because Panasonic sales people (I rang their HQ) told me that they expected i-player by Christmas that year. So far we are 14 months late. The least they could do is give us customers who have bought in good faith a clue as to when they will deliver what they have promised.

  8. surely the quote relates to their 2010 product range not functionality on 2008 range freesat tvs (81 series) or 2009 range (10/15 series) or recorders.

    certainly hoping they don’t just update one of the ranges and leave others pending.

    also hoping the long delay will have enabled them to have a perfectly working version.

    finally, also hoping the implication of the 15th will indeed mean what we all hope. my 81 series has been hooked up since december 09 and waiting.

  9. Does OTA mean it get updated through the sattelite connection or through the aerial, I have no aerial connection.

  10. Nothing so far…….where was this mentioned on DTG website, I cannot find any reference. Anyone had the update?

  11. the update is just for the freesat recorders

    Panasonic DIGA FREESAT RECORDER: B5850/750 X5350 3220 N 15-02-2010-Open,

  12. I’ve been checking regularly since 9 but neither OTA or ethernet software update is finding anything new. The freesat information channel doesn’t mention it either, although that probably doesn’t mean much.

  13. I got the following response from Panasonic –


    When are you going to enable the BBC’s iPlayer service on your Freesat sets. I
    find it rather disappointing that Sony have it on their Freesat sets, and yet
    Panasonic, the 1st on the market with Freesat TV’s still haven’t enabled it!

    ISSUE RESOLUTION: Dear Sir or Madam ,

    Thank you for your e-mail enquiry. Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the uncharacteristic delay in our response. Due to an unexpected increase in the number of contacts we have recently received we have been unable to provide as speedy a response as we would normally.

    In response, unfortunately, we have no further information for new services at this time, other than that already displayed on our website. We would suggest that you please keep checking the following website for updates, as any information regarding new services will be added to this site as soon as it becomes available:

    We are aware that features on Freesat such as BBC iplayer are in beta testing at the moment on some Freesat set-top boxes, but we have no further information on testing with other products

    We trust that the above information will be of assistance to you. However, of course, if you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0844 844 3852 or email us using the following email address:

    Kind Regards,

    Chris Swatridge
    Dealer Support / Correspondence Team
    Panasonic UK Ltd

  14. Sorry, there is seemingly no iPlayer updates due today 🙁

    We asked specifically about iPlayer when speaking to Panasonic and they said they would disclose today; it would seem the embargo was simply on the new range of televisions due for launch soon!

  15. Do you notice that ALL correspondence from panasonic starts with “Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the uncharacteristic delay in our response…” – it’s wearing a bit thin now chaps.

  16. when they say “we have no information”
    they actually seem to mean “we refuse to provide any information”
    somewhere within their organisation they must know what they are doing!
    the refusal to provide planned info to loyal customers stinks. the uk and global websites don’t actually provide planned info for updates – the global website
    then scroll to whats’s new
    lists v1.2 for the freesat recorders available from today but this only deals with series timers, not i-player.
    the same site under the TV sublist has not been updated since 2006 (six)!

    as I said in post 20 above let’s hope it all gets sorted soon, plus we get told when we can expect the i-player. it won’t be long before panasonic turn out to be the last to get it running!

  17. Its all very well, but any new customers should beware, Pansonic have not added the promised iPlayer now some 3 months after Humax, and, their much trumpeted Viera Link is just a vague shadow of what Panasonic are offering to their US customers.
    Don’t buy Pansonic until they come up with what they promised. So far they all all Fur Coat and no nickers!

    Disgruntled Pnasonic BluRay recorder customer

  18. Al (31) – the new entry for panasonic updates on the DTG site mentions freesat recorders with a ref to 850/750 models (I don’t understand what the boxes all mean on that site, so I may be totally wrong!), so have you tried seeing if the new update applies to your box? maybe it’ll give you the elusive iplayer functionality – maybe it doesn’t!

  19. My Panasonic 850 recorder has just started SW-DL (Software Download) when I switched it back to stand-by after unsuccessfully trying to get the iPlayer after reading #24 above. I’ll be surprised if it is the IPlayer update though, after reading the posts above. Incidentally the 850 automatically switched the HD version of Larkrise to record tonight instead of Sunday, only to get stuck on pause/record as the BBC have scuppered the change by putting on Wainwright which was presumably the original Monday programme. However I remain very positive about the 850.

  20. Meantime my Humax box in the bedroom is churning out iPlayer stuff….ZZZZZZZ!
    I have been watching the unsolved murders on BBC Alba, which were partly in English and with English sub-titles, for the Gaelic bits. Scots, who are south of the border, like me should give it a try.

  21. Is it me or has the entry for Panasonic Freesat TV’s been removed from the DTG update schedule? Are Panasonic going backwards? Come on – I only bought a Freesat TV for iPlayer!
    Ian H

  22. It says on that iplayer is launching on Freesat in the near future and that they are working on having itv player in the first half of 2010. There are many people who cannot get iPlayer yet not just Panasonic owners. I am a Technisat hdfs owner and we had the firmware for iPlayer last year and then it was withdrawn because of complaints. It will happen when it happens.Winging is pointless and self destructive.

  23. @ Ian H:


    We mustn’t forget the lies either. My local TV shop told me that panasonic were releasing support for the iPlayer in 2009. Seeing as that wasn’t true, can I take my TV back and claim a refund? (Then buy a nice new Sony)

    Joking aside, it is very disappointing – and perhaps a little worrying that there is no officially announced release date. If they said we’re not getting it until May, then at least we’d know we were getting an update, and when to expect it. Keeping people in the dark doesn’t help anyone – if anything it makes the situation worse.

  24. I’ll ask the PR people, when they’ve all recovered from Munich. Panasonic Convention 2010 was this week, which is the main event for dealers and press from across Europe, with all the new products on show.

    Understandably, a lot of people will have been busy working on that recently, and it’s not been as easy as usual to get hold of the right people.

    Old sets, incidentally, will receive some of the VieraCast updates that were show, though not all; notably, the video on demand service won’t come to 2009 sets.

  25. Don’t hold you breath, ok it’s not the reason I bought my plasma, but don’t wave the carrot under my nose then fail to keep your promises or let your customers, yes that’s right Panasonic CUSTOMERS know when we can expect iPlayer.

  26. At lunchtime today I saw on my Panasonic PZ81 an anouncement on the BBC Text homepage, stating that on page 7001, see iPlayer, the information mentioned the testing and that that other equipment will follow in the near future.

  27. 8th of may 2010 still no iplayer on panasonic 2009 series what is going on, my Wii even has iplayer , it can’t be that difficult to arrange.

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