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Mar 23 2010

BBC iPlayer on TechniSat, Harvard

Following on from the disappointing delay of BBC iPlayer onto TechniSat and Harvard receivers, it looks likely that the service will be added over the course of the next week or two.

TechniSat have confirmed a scheduled inclusion on the 25th March 2010 with Harvard Group (Grundig, Bush, Goodmans) and Sagem expected to follow on the 30th March 2010.

Panasonic receivers (DMR-BS850, BS750 and XS350) have an update happening tomorrow (24th March 2010) though we don’t know whether this includes iPlayer; unfortunately we have absolutely no news on Panasonic and LG televisions yet!

Note that iPlayer will only be available on Freesat HD and Freesat+ receivers/idtv’s.

Hopefully all will go according to plan this time 😉

148 Responses to “BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard (pt2)”

  1. aln Says:

    tick,tick,tick…..ah well…patience is some sort of virtue.
    thanks for the update.


  2. Peter Says:

    I know this is a bit pedantic but it is not the iPlayer that is launching on Technisat and Harvard; it is Technisat and Harvard finally upgrading their software to enable their boxes to access iPlayer.

    On the other hand, with the beta test of the BBC end apparently complete, it now only needs confirmation that these boxes have been correctly upgraded for the service to be formally launched. The BBC Red Button OTA front page announces it as “Coming Soon”


  3. admin Says:


    Can see your point but it works either way; essentially the service needs adding to the receive from software supplied from the BBC to the manufacturer.

    Either way, hopefully this will go according to plan this time; we’d still like to know what resulted in delays a couple of weeks ago! And why Panasonic still won’t confirm anything!!!


  4. MikeA Says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Still very disappointed that Panasonic have still not confirmed anything about updating there software yet. Is this the way to treat customers?
    Have the BBC announced that the beta testing of their end is complete and operational now?


  5. Al Catraz Says:

    I agree it’s disapponting about panny tvs, but we can’t really start complaining to panny until it’s officially “live”, so as Aln (1) says “patience is a virtue…”


  6. Peter Says:

    I know this is very off topic and site but is there any indication of what they are doing about porting the software to the Freeview HD platform? I presume it should be a fairly simple job in terms of the red button software for Freeview broadcasts and the Humax boxes.


  7. Roger D Says:

    There is a Panny update shown on this website, does anyone know what it is……..could it be iPlayer?


  8. Neal Says:

    Still no Panasonic TV update. Very very disapointing!


  9. Richard Crichton Says:

    Panasonic plasmas could be no more soon if the energy saving trust get their way:-( and scroll down.


  10. Rozzo Says:

    Roger D
    The panasonic update shown on DTG only names their newest versions of freesat tv; ie the 20 series.
    as above this does not seem to address either the recorders or the earlier freesat series 81s or 10/15s


  11. Rozzo Says:
    says it’s just an SD card update, so nothing to do with i-player


  12. Alan M Says:

    Sony also have a download today 24/3/10 for freesat


  13. Paul Says:

    Looks like the Grundig update is coming shortly as there is now a link for BBC iPlayer on their website


  14. Roger Says:

    Budh has appeared too – just followed the link:

    To connect to BBC iPlayer you first need to connect your freesat Digital Box to your broadband router. To obtain the correct setup instructions, please enter the MAC Address for your freesat Digital Box below.

    Enter your 12 digit MAC Address here xxxxxxxxxxxx [Submit]

    To find your MAC Address, press MENU and the 0 on your remote control.

    You are now ready for BBC iPlayer.

    To get started, your freesat HD Digital Box will first need to be connected to your broadband router. For step-by-step instructions, go to

    Of course, since the update isn’t scheduled to be streamed before 30/03/10 the software isn’t there so I’m not quite ready!

    Oh well. We can but wait.


  15. mike Says:

    just phoned goodmans re: iplayer as it is now on there web page i entered the mac number and it told me my hd box needs a up date and to phone goodmans to arrange a upgrade was told iplayer is not avalable and could not give me a date when it will be.


  16. Alan Says:

    mike – Will not the update just happen automatically? Surely all Goodmans box user don’t have to phone up.


  17. jim Says:

    mike- have you the current 1.8.1 version?. switch to automatic upgrades and you will get that and the new patch coming. i take it you are connected up to ethernet?
    thats all you need to do


  18. Richard Crichton Says:

    The new Technisat firmware is now available on air. 1454D patch 6.
    To download either wait till the time set or press menu, settings, service settings,update software.


  19. David Says:

    Software update in Progress, Please be patent …..

    We waited weeks :)

    The wait is finally over – Fingers Crossed !


  20. Richard Crichton Says:

    iPlayer is up and running on the Technisat HDFS :-)


  21. Mr no name Says:

    update done – iplayer is great, now let’s see if anything else has improved!


  22. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Yes indeed the wait is over! Just downloaded the Technisat software. Took about 10 minutes. All is well, now watching a film on BBC iplayer. Good quality picture and sound, no juddering or stuttering …… congratulations BBC & Technisat. The long wait was worth it.
    Now waiting with much trepidation for Panasonic to come up with iplayer for the LZD81 series !!!!!


  23. ProfZarkov Says:

    Yep – all installed & working. I already had it plugged in to my router, so it could play videos etc so no need for any setting up . . it just works! Brilliant.


  24. Paul Says:

    Glad to hear all is well on the Technisat platforms – looking forward to it being released on the Harvard equipment.


  25. Phil Says:

    @13, Paul. So if Grundig are getting it that means Bush should get it as they are both one of the same, Havard. Here’s hoping.


  26. Paul Says:

    @25, Phil yes I believe Bush will be getting the update at the same time – looks like Roger @14 noticed the Bush website has been updated also. Fingers crossed…!


  27. zag Says:

    Wow! the technisat implementation is really good, loving the interface and its pretty quick to navigate and use.

    Anyone know if I can assign a remote button as a shortcut to go direct to iplayer?


  28. David Says:

    If you have Subtitles switched on – Nothing you do will bring up the red button on the Technisat

    Took me until today to work that out

    Also despite TWO channel searches I now have no radio channels

    iPlayer in “Good Connection” mode is surprisingly good well better than I dared expect really

    Roll on ITV HD without the Red Button eh


  29. Gary Says:

    wasn’t Panasonic TV’s the first to have Freesat built into there sets?
    Funny how we have to wait till everyone else gets iPlayer, in the end it’s all about the money i guess…


  30. Gary Says:

    ITV HD… i hope they get rid of the display in the top right hand corner or if not just make it faded in the background because lets face it we all know what channel we are on so why have it stick out like that, they could at least do what BBC HD have done and have it show up faded..


  31. Richard Crichton Says:

    @28 David
    The only way to get the radio channels back is to do a factory reset. I lost mine weeks ago.


  32. scb Says:

    just a pity LG are lagging so far behind too – have chased Customer support recently in light of fact that most others have or are getting imminently – response was – “still under development. Regrettably we are unable to provide you with the release date as of yet.” – not really ideal. come on LG – get the finger out!


  33. David Says:

    arrgh another factory reset to get radio –

    I got a new item for my wish list then – A save to disc all my recorder settings :)


  34. David K Says:

    I don’t have iPlayer on my HDFS and when I go to get the update it tells me there’s no new software available! Aaaaarghhhhh! Why can’t I have it?


  35. Richard Crichton Says:

    @34 David K
    Go to Main menu>Settings>System configuration and see what version software you have installed. It should be (1454d).
    The Technisat site does not have this software. It is an over air download only.
    Go to Main menu>Settings>Service settings>Update software and set updates to on. It should say ‘checking availability of new software’ if it’s working. If not do a factory reset and repeat the above.


  36. David K Says:

    Thanks for the reply Richard. Checked the version I have and it is 1454d. But still no iPlayer. Did a factory reset but still no luck. My software appears to be the correct version but no iPlayer option on the red button. I still get the message that it’s coming soon to Freesat. Looks like I’ll need to call TechniSat :(


  37. Richard Crichton Says:

    @36 David K
    You only get the option if you are connected to the internet via your router otherwise you will still get the coming soon message so it looks like you are not connected. When you press the red button it should say connecting. Check the cable bewteen the box and router and make sure you are connected to the internet.


  38. zag Says:

    Been playing with this some more and its great. Not too impressed with the quality yet though, but that must be a BBC issue.


  39. David K Says:

    Ah I see Richard. Still waiting for my WLAN adapter to arrive. Cart before the horse then!


  40. Barry Says:

    I’m thinking of buying a Panasonic G10 or Sony W5810. Will Iplayer work on these?


  41. admin Says:


    Sony freesat models yes, Panasonic freesat models not yet!


  42. Roger Says:

    I see Harvard (Bush, etc) have drifted another day……


  43. Ross Says:

    Wednesday now


  44. aln Says:

    tick,tick,tick…….for another bit longer…….patience,virtue..etc,etc


  45. jim Says:

    gives you great confidence it will work eh?


  46. Roger Says:

    Jim: I’m so confident about their ability to produce functional firmware patches that I’ve put update on “manual”. I’ll let all the eager beavers give it the once over. Once bricked, twice shy!


  47. Roger Says:


    Admin: We’re posting in GMT?

    (posted 22:27 or thereabouts)



  48. Paul D Says:

    This is now officially taking the piss. Harvard have been scheduled for the 30th and suddenly in the last couple of hours it has changed to the 31st.


  49. Richard Crichton Says:

    @39 WLAN. Yes that’s another great feature of the Technisat.


  50. Al Catraz Says:

    info from Freesat site:

    Important information: customers with Goodmans, Grundig, Bush HD boxes
    On Wednesday 31st March your box will receive the software update for BBC iPlayer. The update will be in two parts, the first of which will start automatically when the box is turned on. It may take up to 20 minutes to complete both parts of the update.

    so allow extra time if you plan to watch anything!


  51. Francis Says:

    All this talk about ITVHD it’s ok for everyone in the south of the country. What about us in STV land, i’ve not heard anything about us getting ITVHD??.


  52. admin Says:


    See this page,, and especially look at comment 123 for an alternative.


  53. Jon Says:

    @ Brian Lincoln

    Not good outlook for LZD81 owners!
    I spoke to Panasonic yesterday and was told that there are no plans in place at all to update these models for BBC Iplayer.
    He said that the new 2010 Freesat models are being shipped now with the capability.
    They will then address units needing upgrade working back as far as the beginning of 2009 last.
    Summer this year most likely for the first upgrades.
    He did offer a glimmer of hope that an upgrade could possibly take place sometime!
    I moaned that one of the attractions offered with these sets was the capability of functionality such as I player and that early adopters who paid handsomely were being disadvantaged unfairly.
    His comment was that Panny had never stated that I player would become available.
    Maybe they did not, but I remember the salesman at the time dangling that additional carrot.


  54. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I was talking to a friend about the impending upgrade on my Freesat receiver for iPlayer (on a Bush box) and he mentioned he could get iPlayer on his TV via his Nintendo Wii. Anyway I decided to do the same. It is very easy to do.

    I suspect the picture quality may not be as good as the input is not upscaled via HDMI but it is better than watching on my PC and it can be done via wireless connection. I have also set up my wife’s iPhone for iPlayer. Now she can watch TV in the Kitchen.


  55. carole Says:

    we are on our 2nd box as a fault with the first one has turned out to be a design issue – WE CAN NOT GET THE REMOTE TO WORK UNLESS WE ARE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE BOX AND LESS THAN 2M AWAY!!! We have even been as sad as to measure the angles that work as well as the distance. I could understand this to some extent if we had a huge lounge, however we live in a 2 bed semi and are never further than 3.5m from the box. Has anyone else had the same issue or found a solution???
    thx 😐
    Other than this issue the box is fab, but could do with more HD channels; particularly with the launch of Freeview HD which we don’t get in our area :-(


  56. admin Says:


    You haven’t said what receiver you have? If it is a Humax HDR, make sure you remove both film coatings from the two perspex front panels.


  57. Paul D Says:

    Good thinking admin.

    When I bought my goodmans box the remote wasn’t working properly until I removed the plastic film. It was hard to spot that there was even a film there.


  58. Paul D Says:


    My goodmans box has just started to do the update. Well I hope it has because if it hasn’t it must be broke. It froze up completely and let me put it into standby but now won’t come out of standby.

    Hopefully it is the update. If it is I will let you all know how it’s gone. I have fast broadband a router next to the freesat box so it will be all systems go.


  59. Paul D Says:

    Now i’m concerned. My box still won’t come out of standby 40 minutes later. Can an update even take that long? i don’t want to switch it off at the plug in case I disturb the update.


  60. bramble Says:

    I hope Paul D’s update completed OK.

    Today’s Harvard update is, according to the DTG site, for “zappers” only and consequently my GFSDTR500HD is not picking up an update today.

    Does anyone know when iPlayer support will be added for the Grundig/Goodmans DTRs?


  61. Paul Says:

    I’ve just turned my Grundig unit on and it’s midway doing the software download. Will let you know how it all goes.


  62. Paul Says:

    Well it downloaded an update and rebooted the box – now it’s trying to download a second update but the progress bar hasn’t moved off ~5% for the last 10 mins…


  63. Roger Says:

    Just to remind everyone, the notification on the Freesat front page says to allow 40 minutes for this two-part download.

    Good luck!


  64. bramble Says:

    Paul, Is yours a DTR or a” zapper” which I take to mean a set top box without a hard drive?


  65. jim Says:

    I tried to find the download earlier for my Goodmans HD box bt it picked up nothing. Any ideas?


  66. Roger Says:

    Jim: Have you got update set to manual? If so, you won’t find the download until you change it back to automatic, and then go in and out of standby. Also have a look and see if its upgraded on the qt – the upgraded version numbers should be 1.9.1/2.0.1 according to DTG.


  67. jim Says:

    Roger Says:

    March 31st, 2010 at 10:41 am
    Jim: Have you got update set to manual? If so, you won’t find the download until you change it back to automatic, and then go in and out of standby. Also have a look and see if its upgraded on the qt – the upgraded version numbers should be 1.9.1/2.0.1 according to DTG.
    Hi Roger
    Idid both to no avail but that was at 8.30 am. Maybe something has happened since


  68. Ian Says:

    No update yet for my Goodmans GFSAT200HD. Software version still showing as 1.8.1. I left it in standy mode last night – does it have to be left on to update?


  69. jim Says:

    Have also cheked that current version remains at 1.8.1


  70. Paul Says:

    @63, Roger – thanks for that – it finally moved and has downloaded the second update.
    @64, Bramble – it’s a set top box not a recorder – I guess it’s a zapper then (not a phrase I’ve heard of before!).
    Software version now at 2.0.1 – will let you know how I get on.


  71. Roger Says:


    Downloads didn’t officially start until 10am, so if you haven’t tried since 8:30am then you could give it another try.

    Over on Digitalspy, folk are having fun too…


  72. Bruce Says:

    Just finished the two stage download on my Goodmans box iplayer working fine.


  73. Brian Says:

    Loaded both downloads on my Goodmans box but when I press the red button it just says ‘connecting’!


  74. Paul Says:

    Hmmm…after my Grundig box rebooted all channels have been lost. I tried a first time install to re-scan channels but it’s not finding anything – now completely channel-less!


  75. Roger Says:

    Bravely switched update from manual to automatic at 11am, and I’ve now got iPlayer! Watching “Synth Britannia at the BBC” in HQ – quality is good and I’m officially impressed. Its also more convenient than watching on the PC. :-)


  76. Roger Says:

    Now to download the Ubuntu 10.4 beta ISO, lets see how it handles bandwidth degradation……. *evil grin*


  77. Paul Says:

    I powered off the unit at the mains for 5 mins – now back in business! Lets see if iPlayer works…


  78. Ratty Says:

    What has happend to the update for the Sagem DSI86HD? It has gone from the the DTG website.


  79. Peter Morris Says:

    My Goodmans has updated and everthing including the Iplayer beta is working fine.

    There was a delay between the two halves of the upgrade so patience is rewarded. The box doesn’t connect to the router until after the second upgrade.

    There’s a goodmans support page

    The implementation of the iplayer is really good, significantly less clunky and easier to navigate than Virginmedia V box.


  80. mike Says:

    download was completed ok on my goodmans hdbox but still no iplayer on pressing the red button on bbc1 it tells me its comming soon.
    i went to goodmans web page entered my mac number and it now tells me i need a upgrade and to phone there 10p phone line i done this but could not understand the the chap who took my call.
    Has anyone got any idears what to do???????


  81. Hayden Says:

    Hi folks,

    After waiting patiently for the BBC i-player on my Bush HD box, it updated this morning to 1.9.1 but it still won’t give me the i-player!
    I phoned the Bush help line and gave them the mac address,
    the bad news, as mine is one of the early boxes it isn’t capable of receiving the iplayer! Doh!
    The good news, Bush will exchange my old box for a new one FREE of charge, I only have to pay £14.95 for the courier charge! not bad!
    The not so good, impatient news, I’ll have to wait 4-5 weeks as they don’t have any in stock!!! Never mind.
    I’m going back to waiting!

    Kind regards,


  82. Nick Says:

    Hi Mike,

    just called BUSH (Same place as Goodmans) to find out “some of the Early adopters of bush HD boxes need a Box change to get iPlayer see 4 week wait cost about £15″ as I’ve just posted to twitter @freesat_tv .

    Anyone calling the line today may have a delay getting through as there appears to be only one person dealing with the calls as the main call centre is down or so I’m told but looking at your post it might be more to the point they don’t know what they are doing! lol


  83. Brian Says:

    just checked my mac address on the website and it says I need a hardware upgrade – doh….

    update: I just called the helpline and they said I would have to pay £14-99p to get my box swapped out for a newer version – I made it clear how unhappy I was and that to charge me more was unacceptable.

    Also they can’t swap out for another 5 weeks and if I don’t upgrade my current box I won’t be able to get any more firmware updates……I need to look into this a bit more……


  84. Paul D Says:

    @60 Bramble.

    I think it turned out to be a false alarm. The box never came out of standby so eventually I turned it off at the mains and there was no update. I think I locked the box up changing channels too quick.

    But the download appears to be downloading now. I was hoping to try it last night but patience is a freesat virtue lol


  85. Paul D Says:

    Both parts of the update have just completed and there is NO iplayer option on bbc red button.


  86. Brian Says:

    Left it on standby for awhile and now works fine. Is higher quality HD?


  87. zag Says:

    Get a technisat box chaps, Iplayer works great 😉

    There is a reason the bush/goodmans ones are cheap!


  88. Roger Says:

    zag: iPlayer on the Bush box works fine when the box upgrades. :-)

    (It’ll be good when Panasonic get their arses into gear and put iPlayer on the TX-L37G10B, and they’re NOT cheap kit…)


  89. Paul D Says:

    It’s working here now. Quality on HQ is very good. Runs nice and smooth, sound is very good. Menus react very quickly aswell.


  90. Brian Says:

    update to my post 31 Mar @ 1:35pm:

    I’ve since been onto freesat and they say I shouldn’t have to pay anything as its part of the spec! I’ve now got Harvard and freesat talking to each other to resolve why Harvard are trying to charge for something that is part of the freesat spec….my view is that the onus is on Harvard to arrange free swap outs for equipment that isn’t compatible with the latest firmware/iplayer update. Will post here when I hear more…..


  91. aln Says:

    i checked my goodmans hd box when i came in and it saidupdate failed….also something about not having enough space to change channels!!!.
    now i have no update and i cant change the channels by keying in the numbers,and thats after i did a first time install.
    i also went to the goodmans site and put in mi mac and was told im now ready for iplayer.
    anyone else had anything like this?
    theres no sign of it attempting to update again…..any thoughts please!


  92. aln Says:

    hold those thoughts….stuff happening!!…excitement rising!!…expectations moderate!!…must go for a lie down….


  93. aln Says:

    bingo!!…..i am now in with the in crowd


  94. Alan Says:

    Disappointed, download successful on Goodmans box but still cannot get I player. Checked on Goodmans site and I need to contact them because I need another update. Box is an early version. They must have known that this would not work on some boxes and should have made this fact clear from the outset.
    I have bought a suitable length of Ethernet cable only for this to be redundant.
    Total shambles!!!


  95. BobH Says:

    I have used iPlayer on my TechniSat HDFS with great success. It has been an option on the red button and called iPlayer BETA. It has now gone back to the Blue message relating to BBC HD 7001. Was it a false alarm and is not now available again? Am I missing something?


  96. Mark Says:

    Right, got update, still no iPlayer…
    Checked MAC address on Bush website, says, and I quote.. “You are now ready for BBC iPlayer.”
    Still don’t have iPlayer


  97. Mark Says:

    Scrub that last comment, second update installed and currently enjoying Wonders of the Solar System in high quilaty.


  98. David Says:

    I have a Goodmans 200HD. No update yet, left it on all last night and for a few hours this evening. I have noticed that the freesat channel 999 has no signal? any ideas?


  99. colin Says:

    I too have one of the early goodmans HD boxes, and I also am unable to get the iplayer. Spent an hour after the (successful) update rigging up the router with ethernet cable, all to no avail.
    What a bloody shambles this freesat is. Why should I have to pay £15 just because they couldn’t run a *^&%$( up in a brewery.
    And the almost total lack of info!!!
    Bloody shambles.


  100. colin Says:

    Further to my last post does anyone know of an email addy for freesat? I really don’t want to phone and moan cos I know it’s not the fault of some lassie on the switchboard.


  101. Paul D Says:

    I must congratulate both freesat and harvard on this update. iplayer works flawlessly on my goodmans box and the only problem that seems to have arisen is a loss of sound on bbc hd when subtitles are selected. No doubt harvard will address this.

    I do wonder, though, why we can’t have HD iplayer. The boxes are clearly capable of decoding and transmitting HD formats to the TV and many of us have more than enough bandwidth for the 1280 x 720 HD iplayer video.

    Anyone know why this is?


  102. Shaun Edwards Says:

    I have updated my Bush HD box for the BBC iPlayer to work and that is working really well, however after exiting the BBC iPlayer I can no longer watch BBC HD channel. As you will see in the video, its says BBC HD channel is a Data Service, no vision or sound.
    I found after a power cycle all is well until I use and exit the BBC iPLayer and again its a data service on BBC HD channel

    Have Harvard messed the update up for all the boxes and are any other people experiencing the same as me?


  103. Alan Says:

    I am sorry I cannot congratulate Goodmans. Mine is an early box which would appear not to work with I player. The annoying thing is Goodmans knew this but failed to warn users. As usual a total farce. Shambles!!!!


  104. Roger Says:

    Shaun: I’d seen comment of this yesterday, and indeed found my Bush did the same, but corrected after unplugging form the mains. I did a couple of “tests” this morning and found that everything is ok if you view iPlayer in standard quality, but BBC HD becomes unusable after viewing iPlayer in high quality. I had a most curious Video/Sound late” display, rather than the “Data Service” one. It looks like we’ll be unplugging for a couple of minutes after viewing iPlayer in high quality before going to BBC HD if we want to work around this.

    It looks like the iPlayer implementation isn’t exiting cleanly and Harvard needs to patch the upgrade….. *sigh*

    Alan: Goodmans have a page on their website which allows you to enter the “MAC address” of your box which then determines wether it requires an upgrade. Admittedly, they don’t TELL you before you enter the MAC address that is the purpose of the exercise but in the run up to iPlayer implementation, I’d have thought you would have been keeping an eye on all sources of information…..


  105. Barrie Says:

    My Grundig HD Box updated itself yesterday (31/3/2010) lunchtime. there was about a 10 min gap between the first and second upgrades, each took about 10 mins. Connected to the network and iplayer works fine.


  106. Robin P Says:

    Still happy with my CRT telly so not interested in HD and was not amused when I found ouit that the network socket on my SD would have no use.
    Updates successful here and pleased that the Grundig HD box I bought cheap on eBay is a recent one.
    i-Player on the TV is the best thing to happen to my viewing choice for many a year – thank you BBC and congratulations to Harvard for finally getting it right for us “bargain box” owners.


  107. Francis Says:

    how about the people who have’t got Freesat box, but with freesat intergraded in their tv’s Panasonic TH-42PZ81B, how long do we have to wait for the iPlayer?


  108. Nick S Says:

    Upgraded my Grundig HD Box yesterday, despite the slow 2 part process, no problems other than the mentioned subtitles being switched on when on BBC HD cutting out the sound altogether (not a problem for me as I never use subtitles, but clearly a bug for Harvard to sort out) changing channels and back again clears the mute sound.

    No problem at all with exiting BBC iPlayer out of high quality mode and viewing BBC HD channel.

    For those complaining of having early boxes with the problems, I think it’s ridiculous expecting to have to pay £15 for another box that was meant to be equipped ready for ethernet use such as iPlayer, and I would think you would be well within your rights to complain under sales of goods act for a new box from the retailer you bought it from.


  109. Alan Says:

    Nick – I agree about the early box. We also have to pay for a 10p a minute phone call to arrange the swop. To be honest I am not going to bother.


  110. Lee Sparrowhawk Says:

    I am throughly frustrated. I have a Humax box, model Foxsat-HD, software version HZPTSF 1.00.26, Loader version U 7.22. The box is connected via an ethernet cable to my PC and I cannot get iplayer.

    I used to be able to recieve it, but the picture was jerky and I put this down a well known national ISP with a weak signal as I only had .7Mbps. So I changed my ISP to that which is owned by a man with long hair and flys areoplanes and hey presto, I now have 9.47 Mbps. Fantastic. Got the new ISP setup, went to the red button on my remote, pressed it only to find that iplayer is undergoing testing and has been eversince. According to freesat website I should be able to receive iplayer and used to be able to do so on my Humax box. Am I doing something wrong, do I need to re-configure something if so what? Any comments and help would be greatfully recieved.


  111. Jon Says:


    I spoke to Panasonic (ref my post 53) .
    I have an integrated Freesat Panny 32LZD81 purchased late 2080 and was asking your same question.
    I reckon your TH-42PZ81B is not on their upgrade plans.


  112. Jon Says:

    @ Shaun and Roger

    Same problem with my Bush.
    Thanks for the workaround for the time being.


  113. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    My Freesat box has now been updated and in theory should work with iPlayer. I do intend to carry out a test by temporarily connecting with an Ethernet cable from my modem router. I dare say my wife will not be happy with me having cables around the house and it would be difficult to route the cables in to the living room especially as it has only been decorated a year ago! The point of the exercise is to prove that iPlayer will work on the box if only just to check if a more permanent solution is worthwhile.

    I notice they have been plugging the home plug adapters but I have heard there are issues with interference. I was consider getting another wireless router just for the Freesat box and bridging by wireless. Has anyone else used this option and what are the advantages and disadvantages?


  114. Allan Says:

    I received the latest software (2.0.1) update on 31 March, both updates were successfully completed. I connected the cable from my Grundig Freesat HD box to my wired Edimax Router. After a couple of minutes, the video and sound started to break up in standard mode, then it started to play again. My Broadband is Virgin Media up to 10MB. The BBC iPlayer dignostic showed the download speed was 9862 kbps and the streaming speed 1, 2 & 3 were 8786; 9464 and 9517 respectively. However, when the Grundig box connected directly to the Virgin Cable Modem, it worked perfect. Today, I replaced the Edimax Router with a brand new Belkin wired router, a new cable. I am still having problem, but not as bad as previously. When the video and sound broke up, when came back again, it returned to and start playing where the video problem started. I guess the problem may be the box. My current Grundig box was replaced on 4 December 2009 by the retailer, now it is out of warranty. Is there anyway I can reset the Grundig box back to its original factory setting and try again.

    the patch cable between the router and the


  115. Shaun Edwards Says:

    So any news on wheather Bush, Grundig are going to fix the exiting BBC iPlayer and watching BBC / ITV1 HD without powercycling


  116. chrislyeruk Says:

    Just fitted Cat5e cable so I can use BBC i Player on my Humax and it works perfect, first go, no issues at all. PQ not as good as off air, but easily watchable as a catch up.
    Advice, Get a Humax. Chris :)


  117. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Is the picture quality via the sat box better than using the Nintendo Wii?


  118. Paul Says:

    @113 Kevin Ver1
    I used a wireless ethernet bridge to connect my Grundig box to the broadband connection – it was ok but the wireless signal was quite weak and meant video playback was occasionally jerky. So I bought a couple of Solwise HomePlug adapters and it seems to have solved the problems. They offer connection speeds of ~50Mbps which is far higher than my broadband connection speed. I am not aware of any interference problems – but I do recall reading somewhere you may get issues if they are connected to surge protectors – might be worth researching this?


  119. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @Paul 118
    Thanks for confirming that bridging by wireless is an option. It does look as is HomePlug adapters are now fairly mainstream and as such should be considered, however at the moment I can access iPlayer via my Nintedo Wii. Until I have tested my Satellite box to check if iPlayer works on it and the quality is significantly better I am rather loath to spend any money on it or contemplate running new Ethernet cables round the house.

    It is very annoying that I had the chance to install Ethernet in the living room prior to decorating, but at the time I was rushed and decided against it. If I move house it will be at the top of the agenda!


  120. Dan Says:

    “The upgrade will not be available on some early model Freesat HD receivers produced by Goodmans, Grundig and Bush.

    Harvard International, manufacturer of boxes for all three firms, is therefore offering a replacement high definition receiver to anyone affected.

    Following the OAD, any boxes that need to be replaced will flag up an on-screen message directing users to the Harvard customer support centre.

    The new HD boxes will be offered without charge, but consumers will need to pay £14.99 to cover the costs of a courier service.”


  121. Kathryn Says:

    I’ve maanged to get the iplayer onmy Goodmans box, but it has a real problem with stuttering, picture break-up, and sometimes even sound and picture going out of sync.

    Any idea what the problem is? In theory I have a high-speed internet connection, and have the problem in the normal quality as well as high quality. Router is connected by ethernet to box – though it is itself running to phone socket by extension cable. Is it most likely down to connection speed dropping away, or a bad connection to the box, or something else?


  122. aln Says:

    i have a goodmans box and was 49 mins into an hour long prog when it stopped dead…the little circles going round endlessly,so i went off and back on the channel and didnt get the red button so i tried all the bbc channels but no red button so i gave in.
    anyone else had this happen!!! or is it just me……as per.!


  123. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @121 Kathryn
    Have you run a speed test on your internet line? If so try it at different times of day so you can ascertain if your connection is fast enough. Extensions can slow down a line but I use an extension and I still get a reasonable 15 Mb/s. Some Internet providers do throttle the connection during peak periods. It is well worth checking out if your provider is one of them.


  124. chrislyeruk Says:

    You get a great Broadband Speed Checker on the BBC Web site, Just do an internal search there. It tells you what sort of TV Stream you can support.
    I havnt compared the Humax Freesat to the Wii, but I dont think there is much in it. Now, to get a Wii USB/Lan adapter.
    Cheers Chris :)


  125. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    iPlayer is not as good as on air satellite but it’s much better than the terrestrial analogue signal I receive! I am still keen to check out the Sat Box. If I have time I might do it today. One thing that is worth while doing is getting a component cable for the Wii. It is not that expensive and should refine the picture quality. Certainly cheaper than purchasing HomePlug adapters for the Sat Box.


  126. Paul Says:

    @Kevin 119
    No problem – as you say no point in spending money on HomePlugs if the Wii already gives you iPlayer and agree about not having to run new ethernet cables around – I guess providing ethernet points around the house is not something many of us will think about when decorating!

    @aln 122
    I had the same problem – playback stopped at roughly the same time when watching a program and then couldn’t get the red button back. I eventually powered off the unit for an hour or so and then it started working again – and been fine since. I guess there are a few bugs in the recent software causing some erratic behavoir now and again.


  127. John Says:

    I have a Panasonic TH –42PZ81B Freesat TV from which I would like to use the BBCi facility. I will probably need a 20m Ethernet cable to connect my broadband to the TV can you advise me if this will be ok.


  128. Allan Says:

    Further to my previous comment of my Grundig Freesat HD and BBC iPlayer (see post 114) problem, I took delivery of a Technisat HDFS this afternoon, installation and software update took no more than 25 minutes. Connected the Technisat to my broadband router, the connection was established immediately. I was able to watch a full 59 minutes BBC iPlayer program in high quality without any interruption for the first time since the software update by Grundig on 31 March. I guess BBC iPlayer and Harvard have a lot of work ahead to put their products right.


  129. Bantambunny Says:

    Finally got it installed on my goodman’s box the other day and the same as Kathryn (121), I run a 50 meg broadband Virgin connection which streams HD without any issues off the web based iplayer, my brother even runs xbmc (up until recently) that ran in full hd without any lag.

    My box runs the stream but stops, buffers, but then plays bits of video from before with sound from afterwards then starts that entire section again, picture break up, distortion etc.

    I got about 20 minutes into a 30 minute program and had to give up it was like having de ja vu! 😀

    Pretty rubbish so far, let’s hope the next update sorts this out!


  130. bramble Says:

    Can anyone else with a Harvard DTR (recorder) confirm that this “zapper” update is not intended for the GFSDTR500HD and GUFSDTR500HD and the versions with smaller drives? How does one confirm that the upgrade will happen – the DTG site only shows current OAD updates? If it’s not going to happen, I will have to replace mine. On the other hand, if it’s coming in a month or two, I’ll wait patiently.


  131. bramble Says:

    To answer my own question…

    Even though the DTG site has not been changed today, the Harvard DTRs are being updated from today (well, mine has and so has someone else’s on DS). The menu navigation is much improved on my experiences with the iPlayer on the Foxsat-HDR a couple of months ago. Have the BBC improved it or is this a Humax / Harvard difference?


  132. Jill Gregory Says:

    I have a Bush Freesat box model BFSAT01HD and have just been told that it will not upgrade on my mac address. It will not accept the 2nd upgrade. Am now getting a replacement box for £15.00 and should take about two weeks but reading between the lines it will be more like four weeks.


  133. PeteWoods Says:

    I seam to have a problem … all of my recordings on a usb drive plugged into the back of my Technisat HDFS have disappeared!

    It could have coinsided with the software update which happened automatically on my unit. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

    (of course it could be that my drive has given up the ghost but I am exploring all avenues. I cant view any directories on the NAV menu where as I can navigate to a USB stick if I plug it in the front. It sees it as a drive and offers to format it for me but I would prefer to keep the recordings if I can). Any ideas?


  134. gypsyofthesky Says:

    Can I watch iPlayer – while recording a programme on the hdfs?


  135. gypsyofthesky Says:

    Also – Do you think it will ever be able to play .avi files and divx..??


  136. Rozzo Says:

    134 – no, because you have to tune the single tuner to a bbc channel then red etc. So, you remain tuned to bbc and you tuner cannot be used for anything else. All menus are effectively locked whilst in i-player even though by the time you have started a programme the data is coming through the internet.


  137. Rozzo Says:

    Jon-53&111, Francis-107
    ***i-player on panasonics***
    Unfortunately your experience with support for 81 series panasonic freesat tvs seems to be borne out in this report;
    also see my comment;
    “81 series and G10 buyers left out in the cold by panasonic”
    at the bottom of that link and included in a digitalspy thread on the subject.
    I won’t re-paste the whole comment here but it confirms their really poor attitude, however, they are wrong to say they never promised i-player! The network connection point is there specifically for future freesat functionality and that includes bbc i-player and still to come itv/c4/c5 VOD services. That is the freesat spec and panasonic cannot be allowed to force us to buy new equipment to achieve functionality which the series we bought were supposed to future-proof / allow for.
    There is a suggestion we claim on the 5 year warranties if they won’t (assuming you bought via their network and got the 5 year cover included).


  138. Prof Zarkov Says:

    My iPlayer on the HDFS is working fine – first time & excellent quality. Just onee question why can’t we get radio on this facility? I missed the News Quiz & had to plug my PC into the TV and run the “real” iPlayer from that . . . maybe in the non-beta version?


  139. Prof Zarkov Says:

    Looks like the BBC beta – is just that, a trial version with ” a selection” of channels – presumably they will roll out the lot once the trial is over? Happy so far. In fact the quality is better than my PC-to-TV set up!


  140. Dan Says:

    I just got the following reply from Panasonic –
    In response, I am pleased to announce that the BBC iplayer should be available on Panasonic Freesat televisions and Diga Blu-ray recorders from the following dates (software stability and successful testing permitting):

    2009 Viera televisions: end of July 2010
    2008 Viera televisions: end of September 2010
    2010 Diga models: end of Sept 2010


  141. Greg Says:

    So easy. looks a treat. So happy. My Technisat HDFS is brilliant.


  142. Nick Says:

    Another Bush update has arrived today (version 2.2.6) which has sorted out the errors with iplayer on my machine so that it now works and doesn’t keep skipping/repeating. Has anyone else had this update?


  143. paul Says:

    I got the update last night on my Grundig. Problem of subs on BBC HD sorted. I have not tried iplayer yet


  144. NRC Says:

    I have a Panasonic TH-42PZ81b and still waiting for freesat. Anyone else waiting ?


  145. admin Says:

    You mean waiting for iPlayer 😉


  146. John G Says:

    I also have Panasonic TH-42PZ81b. No sign of availability for I-Player.


  147. Gordon B Says:

    I also have a Panasonic TH-42PZ81B, just tried it this afternoon. It doesn’t recognise the internet connection.


  148. Rusty Sheriff Says:

    Panasonic TH-42PZ81B, CH901 bbciplayer states ‘No internet connection detected’? Ethernets plugged in and TV’s mac address shows in my routers connected devices list!!!!
    Last I read bbciplayer would be appear around end Sept 2010, 5 months later still nothing!!!


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