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Mar 03 2010

BBC iPlayer on TechniSat, Harvard

We have been tipped off that TechniSat will be receiving BBC iPlayer as part of their new software update due for release on the 16th March 2010.

In the same week, and maybe on the same day, Harvard Group is expected to also launch new software to give access to iPlayer, though at this stage we do not know if it will be their entire HD range of Grundig, Bush and Goodmans.

According to What Hifi, Sagem receivers will also have BBC iPlayer on the 15th.

iPlayer is currently available on Humax receivers and Sony IDTV via the red button home page or using page 7001.

75 Responses to “BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard”

  1. Ross Says:

    It’s about time, i’ve been waiting for this for months!


  2. Ralph Says:

    Fantastic news, the HDFS gets better and better.


  3. Richard Crichton Says:

    Yes considering that the Technisat had iPlayer functionality last year before the latest firmware.


  4. Dan Says:

    According to What HiHi, the Sagem boxes will soon have iPlayer as well –


  5. admin Says:


    Thanks for the heads up, it would appear that the majority of manufacturers are getting this month. We’ve added the piece on Sagem to our original post.


  6. Brian Says:

    Very pleased for everyone – I wish Panasonic would hurry up though!


  7. Neil Says:

    I’m sure it won’t be long now. iPlayer will make Freesat an even more attractive proposition against the mighty $ky and that can only be a good thing.


  8. Martin Says:

    Please as well although I sympathise with Brian above, at this rate Panasonic will be the last to update their software after being at the forefront in freesat televisions, very disappointing for Panasonic owners.


  9. Mike Says:

    Come on Panasonic!


  10. derek Says:

    Any idea when LG are moving onto iplayer


  11. Rob Says:

    Come on Panasonic


  12. Paul D Says:

    This is great news. I have a goodmans box which I intend to use alongside my sky box to use iplayer.

    I wonder if someone here could answer a question… there anyway I can access I player without having a sat feed in the goodmans box???

    I only have 2 feeds and both are in the sky box.


  13. Nick Says:

    Come on Panasonic!!


  14. MikeA Says:

    I agree-come on Panasonic!!! How disappointed am I with their slow response and lack of any communication on this subject. Not what I expected from them – they must be working hard for last place!!

    Wish I’d bought a Sony!!!


  15. Neil Says:


    Check if the LNB installed on the Sat Dish (the unit with the white cap) is a dual or quad version as if it’s quad you’ll find only two ports currently in use. The third could be used to feed your Goodmans receiver but you’ll need to run some co-ax feeder down to your receiver which probably includes a new hole through the wall (dependant on your DIY ability).


  16. Paul Holmes Says:

    Panasonic- UK customers of your G10 TV have no access to the full picture settings menu (unlike the US), no Viera View functionality and you cannot even get your arses in gear to get the iplayer on the TV.
    Good TV but Panasonic UK you are an absolute disgrace.


  17. Lone_Rider Says:

    My main reason for buying into Freesat was the HD transmissions, so I am some what dissapointed that since June 2008, we still only have 1 1/2 channels. I also bought into it because of the networking, iplayer capability. So to find that a major manufacturer like Panasonic (the first to sell freesat enabled TV’s) are looking like the last to implement iPlayer is even more gauling!

    Getting more and more dissapointed, all I will say is thank goodness the TV itself is so damn good..


  18. Richard Crichton Says:

    Why does every thread have to turn into a dicussion about HD?
    Update scan is the place for general discussions admin said.
    Agree with you about Panasonic TV’s being superb.


  19. Alan Says:

    Looking forward to iplayer on my Goodmans box.
    Agree the HD issue seems to ambush nearly every thread. It is getting a bit tedious when some continue to go off topic.


  20. Roger Says:

    Good luck lads!

    “Update” is on manual for my Bush BFSAT01HD and will stay that way until the added iPlayer software stops falling over. Harvard ain’t known for their quality control, and adding iPlayer functionality is a bit more complex than their woeful bug-fix releases so far …


  21. Frank Says:

    Good TV but Panasonic UK you are an absolute disgrace.
    Come on Panasonic! When are we going to get bbc I.player????.


  22. Rozzo Says:

    Yes, come on Panasonic!
    I know that you are unwilling to release the i-player update until the service itself is beyond its beta status, that’s in keeping with your general approach to only including services that you have full confidence in. Surely there has been enough beta testing now to enable the bbc i-player service to be seen as reliable!
    Let’s perhaps hope that mid-march coincides with the end of the beta provision from the bbc, then there will really be no more excuses to delay!
    Plus, please don’t forget the first generation of “81” series freesat tvs in your update and, no, we don’t plan to replace our “81” series sets to buy your newest versions.

    Technisat – great news – was expected end of Feb but mid-march will do and hopefully include the bug fixes which you have promised plus a few more given the extra time. PS. will you be releasing a downloadable version on your website perhaps a little earlier? I see on the DTG site that 15/3 is fixed to end the 1364c firmware OTA so hope we can be sure the next version will follow on immediately?


  23. Jamie Pavely Says:

    Yes Panasonic come on, I work in a large Panasonic Store and we are dying to get this feature enabled, admittantly they have a larger range than anyone else but still, it should be ready sooner rather than later.


  24. Brian Lincoln Says:

    I fully agree with all the above comments re Panasonic. Excellent TVs, Looking forward to the updates, but please, let it be soon!!


  25. StringWells Says:

    I have had a Humax HD-R since January, can I expect BBC i player in the near future?


  26. admin Says:


    The Humax receivers have had iPlayer since before Christmas, just press the red button on BBC1 and locate the iPlayer option.


  27. Andrew Says:

    I also bought an LG tv expecting to be able to access BBCi player in December as per all the pre launch blurb. Am very disappointed that they are in the race with panasonic for the wooden spoon. It is really not good enough from these big manufacturers to be so tortoise like in this matter. They must have been anticipating BBCi player as they fitted network connections to the TV’s ages ago.
    They must be able to give us some anticipated date for new software upgrade.


  28. Dan Says:

    Storage, networking and multimedia company Buffalo Technology has got together with Panasonic to offer a simple hard-disk add on for Viera plasma and LCD TVs, allowing recording of programming.

    Buffalo’s JustStoreT HD-EU2, which is available in both 500GB and 1TB versions, can now be plugged into the USB port on many Panasonic Viera TVs, and used to record content.

    It will work with VT20, V20 and G20 series Panasonic plasma TVs, and V20, D25 and G20 LCD sets, plus 32in and larger D28 LCD models.

    Prices for the drives start at around £60.


  29. Dan Says:

    Humax has confirmed that all Humax Freesat boxes will now get access to the BBC’s iPlayer service by using the famous red button.

    Both the Foxsat-HD and the Foxsat-HDR will sniff out the service provided you’re connected to your home network and follow these instructions:

    – Ensure your product is connected to your broadband network and of course your satellite dish
    – While on a BBC channel press the red button on your remote control
    – Once the BBCi Homepage appears select BBC iPlayer Beta from the list and press OK, or type 7001 into your remote control and press OK
    So there’s a new code compared to the original trial but hopefully this method will now work for everyone with a Humax Freesat box.


  30. Neil Says:

    Looks like the beeb are in the final stages of beta testing as a lot of set top boxes are having updates around the 15th. Surely it can’t be long for us Panny owners to get our treat!


  31. Rozzo Says:

    Technisat HDFS were expecting a firmware update from 16 March and the DTG site was showing the 1364c version ending on 15 March but yesterday was changed and the 15 March end date removed. Anyone know what/why?


  32. Andrew Says:

    My LG freesat TV on red button , says that BBCi player will be soon available on page 7001. Does that mean I have the correct firmware at last?


  33. Richard Crichton Says:

    No, your firmware goes back to listed on the DTG site.


  34. R Guest Says:

    What do we have to do to get the BBC iPlayer on Technisat after the 16th March?


  35. admin Says:

    The receiver will automatically update the software (assuming you have it set to auto in the menu); you should then just have to press the red button on BBC1 for the iPlayer option to appear on the menu; alternatively try channel 7001 which is the direct link.


  36. Tony Hales Says:

    The firmware update is no longer scheduled on the DTG website so it’s anyone’s guess when it will happen.


  37. Rozzo Says:

    maybe technisat will put it on their website first for USB stick transfer if it’s just a DTG timing issue?….in forlorn hope.


  38. Roger Says:

    There was a report on another website (I can’t remember which so can’t provide a link), that Harvard would be updating their HD boxes on the 18th March. However, Harvard are playing their cards close to their chests and not making any announcments…

    A search of the html for reveals a hidden reference/link to iPlayer, but this is hidden when the page is displayed Its a blank graphic that will appear somewhere to the right of that cyan/magenta “Welcome”, so something may be in the works. For what its worth, the Grundig and Goodmans pages have a similar stub.

    Oh well, all we can do is sit on our hands and wait and see!


  39. R Guest Says:

    Why isn’t F1 in HD as promised on BBc 1?


  40. admin Says:

    @R Guest

    BBC never promised it would be; they said they hope for the 2011 season but ultimately Bernie’s media company are the ones holding it up for all broadcasters as they don’t want to invest!


  41. Richard Crichton Says:


  42. mark Says:

    still waiting for my goodmans hd box to be updated, looks like we be waiting a bit longer, come on goodmans get it sorted pls


  43. Roger Says:

    Well, according to the DTG schedule updated Monday 15th March 2010 12:14 ( ), there’s no new updates scheduled for this week.

    Might as well all start breathing again!



  44. Mike Says:

    The iPlayer didn’t start on Sagem boxes on the 15 March as was forecast.


  45. admin Says:

    We have reports that suggest it has been put back a week, but we are none the wiser at this present time.


  46. lee Says:

    what a joke all this freesat bbc iplayer is turning out to be


  47. jo Says:

    me thinks this site has no info, all just 1 persons world, stands for nothing in my eyes


  48. admin Says:


    Why? Because the launch has been delayed? We have announced breaking news countless times before anyone else, but besides that, this site is full of useful Freesat information to help those wanting to know more about the platform or move over to digital.


  49. ProfZarkov Says:

    Hmm, I reckon something’s in the offing. My Technisat box has lost its teletext & red button function – it’s been replced by a “Connecting…” in place of the “Wait…” and then an error message – so it’s coming but when? It would nice if the Technisat guys actually posted stuff on their own website. There’s nothing there – not even a mention of the new PVR function either. Still it’s good box if only a bit flaky at times. Has anyone else experienced this odd telext/red button effect?


  50. admin Says:

    TechniSat are now suggesting around the 24th for launch of iPlayer, so suspect it is an issue with the BBC or Freesat as TechniSat have had their software working for months but weren’t allowed to launch any earlier.


  51. ProfZarkov Says:

    Jolly good – how do you get to know such info?


  52. admin Says:

    Just through contacts, many of which contact us directly to update us on news etc. Many cannot ignore the fact that this site has a large visitor base that cannot be ignored from a marketing potential.


  53. David Says:

    Just received an email from TechniSat on an unrelated matter and was gutted to see this as a postscript:

    “The software update is planned for next week which should resolve your problem.”

    Next week! – Gutted


  54. Rozzo Says:

    Well next week includes the 24th and if they have been able to include more user reported fixes then surely that is a good thing.
    Technisat are not the only manufacturer finding timing of updates rather unpredictable.


  55. maonayze Says:

    It’s only a week guys. Anyone would think you were all waiting for a sack of money to come through the post. I have a grundig HD box and it doesn’t bother me one bit when we get the iPlayer. We will get it, a few days is only a few days. It’s not like your life depends on it. Get a grip. :-)


  56. Ross Says:

    Seven ages of Britain – The IPlayer on Harvard Boxes Age


  57. Alan Says:

    I cannot believe why some are getting so uptight about a weeks delay about new technology. Surely it is important to enure that it working correctly before release.

    It is sad if this slight delay is so important to some.


  58. Roger Says:

    Alan: I don’t think its a matter of “hurry up already”, in many ways, I think its just a reflection of the lack of information from Harvard and the BBC. iPlayer has been mooted for a long time for Freesat; the ethernet ports on the back of HD Freesat boxes has promised some sort of an interactive service ever since the system was launched.

    Given that the Freesat consortium laid the specs and the BBC is to provide the content, then once the initial beta on Humax boxes proved successful, then a better roll-out timetable should have been announced by the BBC than vague promises “for the first half of 2010”. They are working with the STB manufacturers, they should be able to chivvy them along and release information.

    As far as Harvard is concerned, I feel that people are more worried about having their boxes bricked by an inept release of the software as happened last year with v1.7. Given that debacle, its a pity that Harvard have not been more proactive with announcing their plans for iPlayer on the largely useless websites for their products. It’d just be nice if they WOULD release a timetable for future development of current products!


  59. Alan Says:

    Roger – Thats a rather long reply for a weeks delay.
    As you say after the problems last year surely it is better to make sure everything is ok before new software release.


  60. admin Says:

    Had it confirmed that roll-out of iPlayer will now be early April; though still waiting clarification on which remaining manufacturers this includes…


  61. Roger Says:

    Alan: There was a rumour two weeks ago that things would happen this week that didn’t pan out. The hopeful ones then said “perhaps next week…”. Now, according to admin, its been pushed forward at least another couple of weeks, though “early April” can take us up to 4 weeks.

    MY observation was that some official announcements from either the service providers or the manufacturers would not go amiss – it would at least prevent those who don’t have your forbearance from being disappointed. Also, if the manufacturers wwere a little more open and took users into their confidence, we wouldn’t see disasters like those which affected Bush, etc last year.

    A long reply, eh?

    I prefer “comprehensive”. :-)


  62. mrnoname Says:

    re comment 46 – ProfZarkov
    BBC red button and text broke here too – seems BBC updated something and Technisat box needs updating to get things working again. Frustrating but I can wait. If you want iPlayer quicker, and all the other free IPTV services, get a Acer Revo 3610. – Great machine for not much money if you are impatient!


  63. Alan Says:

    Roger – In the line of work I was in replies and reports had to be succinct and to the point. Long responses were not read.


  64. Steve Says:

    i-Player update for the TechniSat HDFS is now tabled for March 25th


  65. admin Says:

    Good news Steve 😉


  66. Kennybobs Says:

    As if waiting another week is the problem, I bought the bloody box a week before Christmas because it was supposed to be ready FOR CHRISTMAS. Now it’s going to be April? That’s not moaning about waiting a couple of days, it’s being thoroughly disappointed by a service which shouldn’t be all that bloody difficult to set up.

    Ethernet + MHEG 5 + RTSP? + MPEG 4 = ??? How hard can it be ???

    My mobile phone plays iPlayer over RTSP over Wifi or EDGE for Christ’s sake, and it doesn’t have the resources available that Freesat boxes have.

    On another point, if the ISPs could be bothered to implement multicast/IPv6 the major (and minor) broadcasters might be able to multicast some programming that they don’t have time for in their schedule (such as sporting events), but we’re about 20 years behind there! This would give an even wider choice of programming and should be on the Government’s list for this supposed Digital Britain. Saying that it’s the 21st Century and we don’t even have a stable power supply yet.
    The BBC did have a multicast service to reduce bandwidth, but I’m not sure what happened to that. It was probably shelved due to lack of adoption – which wasn’t the end-users fault!


  67. Andy W Says:

    I’m still amazed that Panasonic have dragged their feet for so long and when I’ve contacted them for details all they say is 2check the Panasonic web pages for up-dates. I wish I’d bought Sony!


  68. mark Says:

    the bush/ goodmans is due to update for bbc iplayer on the 30th march


  69. BBC iPlayer To Launch On TechniSat, Harvard (pt2) | Join Freesat Says:
  70. Roger D Says:

    There is a Panny update shown on this website, does anyone know what it is……..could it be iPlayer?


  71. mark Says:

    more than likely it will be for the bbc iplayer rollout as most of the updates come out end of this month


  72. Mr no name Says:

    Kennybobs needs to get out more, or get a Computer and plug it into your telly!


  73. mark Says:

    Important information: customers with Goodmans, Grundig, Bush HD boxes
    On Wednesday 31st March your box will receive the software update for BBC iPlayer. The update will be in two parts, the first of which will start automatically when the box is turned on. It may take up to 20 minutes to complete both parts of the update, so we advise customers to turn their freesat HD box on well ahead of any programmes they wish to watch


  74. masonj98 Says:

    Just got round to connecting my Goodmans SAT200HD for the iplayer and the box needs an upgrade from Goodmans. Let’s see how this goes :(


  75. masonj98 Says:

    Update on 74

    Harvard replaced the box within 3 weeks, but cost £15 handling. No complains and the iplayer works :)


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