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Apr 08 2008

Where as the BBC and ITV region on the Sky platform is determined by the registered address of the viewing card, and not that easy to change, the freesat platform will see the receivers request a postcode on the initial setup, allowing you to choose your own region as the default, or alternatively a prefered region. By default we mean that your region of BBC will be in position 1 (101) and your chosen ITV region in position 3 (103). Naturally you will be able to change the region again at any time by simply carrying out the initial setup again.

For those that wish to have access to more than one region at a time, an option to include them as an ‘additional channel’ will be available.

For a platform where by the receivers have no viewing card slots, this seems the most logical setup, and much prefered for those that don’t like their home’s default region, or possibility even for those considering ‘unofficial’ use outside of the UK.

11 Responses to “BBC / ITV region determined by POSTCODE input”

  1. Al Catraz Says:


    I notice there is no rss feed button on this site. Maybe the author could add one at some stage. Meanwhile, for anyone interested in seeing this site in their news reader, the rss feed url is:

    (using a feed reader means you don’t have to keep checking this site for updates – they will be picked up by your news reader automatically)


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Alan, hadn’t realised it had gone missing! Have added in a temporary one by clicking the RSS Feed logo at the top left, we are presently working on developing the layout so stick around for further changes.


  3. Al Catraz Says:

    ok – will keep an eye out for the new layout. Your site has more news than the official freesat site itself!


  4. David Boley Says:

    Post code doesn’t work in Norfolk. I tried all Norfolk postcode only to get BBC London. I had to put a Northampton post code in to get BBC East


  5. Dutiful Daughter Says:

    Does anyone know what postcode my Dad can put in for Wimborne which is BH21. All he can get with that postcode is BBC London or Meridian Central West!! What he wants is BBC South. Many thanks.


  6. Steve Says:

    Not all regions are transmitting on Freesat yet, in which case if yours isn’t you’ll get BBC London and Meridian ITV instead for the moment. Freesat website says the other regions will be launching soon


  7. Dotti Says:

    Hi. Do all boxes have the option to change region? I can’t find this option on my Philips DTR 220/05.


  8. admin Says:

    On Freesat digital boxes and IDTV’s, yes, you input a postcode on initial setup which determines your local region for you. The Philips DTR 220 is not a Freesat unit, hense no option.


  9. Ian Says:

    I am having problems entering postcode, i.e. I want to enter ‘b’ but only ever get ‘a’ Goodmans manual says nothing other than enter postcode.


  10. admin Says:

    I guess it assumes that everyone knows how to use the letters on a numerical format. Have you tried pressing ‘2’ twice straight after each other to change ‘a’ to ‘b’?


  11. Ian Says:

    yes, unfortunately I then get ‘aa’ it has taken three of us to try and we all get the same result, infuriating


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