BBC / ITV Regions Now Live

It seems this afternoon most/all of the regional channels for BBC and ITV have gone live. Your default region should now correspond with the postcode you entered on setup. If you are still receiving the wrong region, you may need to carry out a reset/re-scan (Humax boxes need a re-scan, Alba boxes are automatic).

We’ve updated the channel list page, which now includes the BBC regions and ITV2+1. Note that ITV regions don’t have an allocated EPG channel slot.

16 thoughts on “BBC / ITV Regions Now Live”

  1. Had to retune Goodmans HD box. Got BBC Southwest/ITV Westcountry region but the lip sync on BBC1 (SW) is so so so bad.

  2. Yes, just to add….went to channel 950 (BBC London) lip sync OK….BBC Southwest is upto half a second or so out…unwatchable

  3. anyway i now have my correct regional channels and ITV2+1 lets hope this is the sign of things to come im not getting too excited but a start is a start and with talk of a humax lyp-sync fix in the next 3 week maybe we can give freesat some praise rather than pulling them at every opportunity.

  4. If you read this and are in the BBC Southwest region and have retuned your box so channel 101 is now correctly set BBC SW can you please compare the lip sync against channel 950 – BBC London. Is your BBC SW as bad as mine???

    PS: Keep up the good work ‘Join Freesat’

  5. Gave my Foxsat HD box a retune and checked lip sync on 101 and 950 no problems. thanks join-freesat

  6. All is well – BBC1 South on 101 and ITV1 Meridian South on 103. But what is the experience of Freesat users who’s correct ITV1 region is among those that are scrambled (i.e. the ones shifted to Astra 2C)?

  7. Received my BBC regional channels as per update, but not received ITV regional or ITV2+1 on my Goodmans SD. Anyone else had the same problem?

  8. ITV’s targets are measured by the effectiveness of their regional content delivery and advertising. It’s a mostly political thing but if you don’t watch an advert from your region you aren’t officially viewing that channel (according to the people that audit ITV). ITV want to avoid people not watching the service they are supposed to get, so they want to discourage you from going ‘out of region’. BBC on the other hand are not bound by such rules but regional content AND advertising are part of ITVs broadcast license. It may not be what you want but it’s what is right to them, you always have the option of changing your postcode but it’s not life and death.

    As for the missing regional variants, if you understand above you’ll understand that ITV are as keen as anyone to get more regions on air as soon as possible. Remember “ya canna change the laws of physics” and a contract is a contract.

  9. My local ITV region still not showing on Freesat, Anglia (WEST)
    Spoken to Freesat today, 17 July and I am assured that it will be there by the end of July.

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