Updated: BBC Launch IPTV Exclusive To Freesat

(originally posted 06 Dec 2010)

The BBC have introduced a range of new IPTV streams, initially, exclusive to Freesat.

The streams, which are accessed via the red button on your Freesat receiver connected to the Internet, will give you access to much more content as the bandwidth available is so much greater than that of the available satellite space/frequencies.

The service launched (quietly!) on Friday with Strictly Come Dancing; allowing back stage information and clips from previous shows.


Further options will include comedy, music and sport.

At this stage we know the service works on Humax set top boxes and Sony televisions (with Freesat built in) but we don’t know whether it will be rolled out over the other brands too.

Freesat have provided us with the following statement to answer some of the questions asked;

The extra red button content from the BBC is available to all Freesat Humax and Sony connected receivers.

This is a great addition to Freesat and allows viewers to watch exclusive Strictly Come Dancing content such as backstage interviews and previous programme content, and will also be available for other viewing events in time.

All Humax and Sony Freesat customers need to do to get started is connect their HD receivers to their home broadband.

(thanks Neil for the heads up)

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77 thoughts on “Updated: BBC Launch IPTV Exclusive To Freesat”

  1. @Rozzo

    It is a tough one, we are constantly asking Panasonic’s PR department for updates on this and they just won’t respond, yet they are forthcoming with information when it relates to new products they are launching. We also cannot get much out of Freesat either.

    We will continue to push, but unless Panasonic have stated when you purchased that iPlayer will be available, it puts you in a situation like LGE, where you cannot pursue claims easily.

    Still hopeful they will release it eventually though.

  2. @44 the LG LF7700 TV’s also had (I believe) Humax tuners built in – Strangely , they didn’t work with BBC iplayer, so doubt that they’ll work with this new service.

  3. @48 admin
    Humax are South Korean I think you’ll find. At least Technisat is made in the European Union unlike Humax gear..

  4. @Richard Crichton

    Meant that Humax have a technical base and develop in this country; they manufacturer out in Korea. TechniSat are soley based in Germany and manufacture in Poland, their UK base is management only.

  5. Just been informed, that my Panasonic DMR850, will never be capable, of delivering, BBC iplayer. This is very poor for a product, that became available in the shops, at least a year after Humax products, which have had BBC i player, for some time now.

  6. Once again the real Panasonic customer anger, frustration and disappointment shows through because of the way Panasonic have treated us over the i-player implementation. Why can’t Panasonic just treat their customer correctly. So, when will the 2009+ sets be able to get the IP streams? 2011 or 2012 or never???? When will the 2008 sets get i-player & IP ???


  7. I wonder if a replacement Panasonic TV or standalone receiver (not ideal) could be offered to us suffering 2008 LZD81 customers….

    I did get a Panasonic 5 Year Warranty at the time of purchase….long shot but no iplayer could be a possible fault? maybe??? (at the very least it looks like it was not made to meet Freesat’s specification).

  8. IMHO it’s always better to buy a dedicated STB – this will be the same with You View when it launches. There will undoubtedly be tv’s with YView incorporated but a STB is always more likely to be updated quicker – Humax definately at the forefront

  9. Admin@51
    Thanks for the response and poor but no surprise panasonic won’t inform you or freesat. I mean, personally, I have a technisat hdfs to access i-player but this is a secondary means to what I expected to be able to do via the tv based on extensive research prior to purchase and info panasonic were giving out at the time (early 2009). If using the technisat for i-player it cannot do recordings or viceversa.

    Even more annoyingly, by the time my tv was delivered the new 2009 models were about to arrive in the shop! I was not bothered about viera cast because it carried so little content but I firmly believed all 2008 and 2009 sets would get i-player that year so I stayed with the delayed delivery of the 2008 model.

    I think whether panasonic specifically mentioned bbc i-player is not the issue. They produced a set to provide a freesat service which did promise VOD services and of which the bbc i-player was the first. So to sell equipment that turns out not to accommodate VOD becomes a fundamental failure.

  10. Rozzo 63

    I received a letter today from QVC stating. When you purchased the PVR it was advertised that the item would have the capability to stream the BBC iplayer. However,it has since been brought to our attention that the BBC iplayer will no longer be available on your PVR. Please note this will not affect your Freesat tuners.

    We are sorry for this error and for any inconvenience caused.

    They have offered a refund.

  11. ASK@64 Thanks

    Admin, Seems someone at Panasonic has admitted (via a retailer) the early freesat recorders will never get i-player!!!!

    What hope left for the 2008 tvs? The fiasco needs wider exposure!

  12. Agreed. LG got away with it with their LCD TV and now Panasonic are pulling the same trick with their early Freesat recorders. About time something was done to shake these foreign companies out of their smug complacency with heavy fines etc for not delivering on promised functionality. There is no way they would get away with it in Japan or Korea but in rip off Britain they can and do.

  13. @ Richard Crichton,

    Have to say I agree with you 100%. I decided to buy the Panasonic TH50PZ81 in 2008. As I was upgrading to HD I thought I would go the whole hog and buy a panasonic blu-ray home cinema system along with a panasonic HD camcorder and panasonic still camera. In total about £4,500.00. I will have to think long and hard before I commit myself to purchase anything else from this company. Although the products are first class, the lack of urgency they have shown to their customers regarding i-player is appalling.

  14. Richard@66 & Russ@67

    Couldn’t agree more. It is a disgrace! Come on Panasonic, put us out of our misery one way or another! Or do we have to resort to the OFT?

  15. Off topic.

    To post 25, Mark Coker.

    This happened to me when I lost Internet access for a short time. As soon as service was restored, iPlayer reappeared like magic.

  16. phoned freesat they haven’t heard of it either whats going on freesat don’t you know what the bbc are doing ?

  17. @71/72 Seeing as they already do i-player on the newer sets and other mfrs boxes you clearly hit a very revealing hole. (Is it possible to hit a hole?) Or were they unable to realise iptv / i-player / VOD etc are just different ways of referring to one general concept?

    I have had responses by email from the marketing and managing directors offices promising to investigate promptly. That’s great, but don’t the management already understand they have a problem or do customer service just bury all the enquiries they can’t deal with? Customer service certainly did not reply as yet, although I do have a read receipt from someone the switchboard tell me is in the cs dept.

  18. Slightly more pleased to say that escalation has at least given me telephone confirmation that management is involved now, that the issue is on the agenda, and so will give Panasonic the chance to respond properly next week.
    Let’s hope the 2008 adopters still get brought back up to date with all the internet enabled freesat current and future features and do not get left out in preference to newer purchasers.

  19. http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/bd/index.html

    I have this bookmarked to check for updates to my Panasonic DMR850, noticed there had been a lot of recent activity from Panasonic for other countries and assumed that something was expected soon for UK users. My understanding was that we were getting an iPlayer enabling update after the other boxes had been done?

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