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Dec 07 2010

(originally posted 06 Dec 2010)

The BBC have introduced a range of new IPTV streams, initially, exclusive to Freesat.

The streams, which are accessed via the red button on your Freesat receiver connected to the Internet, will give you access to much more content as the bandwidth available is so much greater than that of the available satellite space/frequencies.

The service launched (quietly!) on Friday with Strictly Come Dancing; allowing back stage information and clips from previous shows.

Further options will include comedy, music and sport.

At this stage we know the service works on Humax set top boxes and Sony televisions (with Freesat built in) but we don’t know whether it will be rolled out over the other brands too.

Freesat have provided us with the following statement to answer some of the questions asked;

The extra red button content from the BBC is available to all Freesat Humax and Sony connected receivers.

This is a great addition to Freesat and allows viewers to watch exclusive Strictly Come Dancing content such as backstage interviews and previous programme content, and will also be available for other viewing events in time.

All Humax and Sony Freesat customers need to do to get started is connect their HD receivers to their home broadband.

(thanks Neil for the heads up)

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77 Responses to “Updated: BBC Launch IPTV Exclusive To Freesat”

  1. James Cohen Says:

    That sounds interesting and I remember it being talked about around the time of the freesat launch, as they knew then that interactive streams would be difficult for freesat.


  2. Andy Says:

    This sounds great but how do we obtain it ?
    What do we do?


  3. Lee B Says:

    Very interesting, nice to see the BBC are pushing forward with extra IPTV content, the BBC’s efforts are appreciated but I’d just wish they would listen to the public and give freesat the bandwidth it deserves.


  4. admin Says:

    Freesat doesn’t need bandwidth, it has enough to run the EPG. Satellite (and terrestrial for that matter) will always have restrictions on bandwidth available which is why many broadcasters now see IPTV as the way forward; though they fail to understand that most of the UK don’t have lightning fast broadband speeds (think many broadcasters think we all live in London!!!).


  5. Paul Says:


    That was a surprise.

    And, it works too, on my Humax – not interested in the Come Dancing nonsense, but great additional info from the High Street programme.

    Really good.



  6. Rob H Says:

    I seem to have had this for a while I think! Does it include Comedy clips as well? The changing High Street programme was pretty good extra content


  7. admin Says:

    Yes, had been available for a while now; owning up to having not seen anything about it :(


  8. Nick Says:

    C’mon then Admin – for the benefit of the uninitiated – spill the beans! What is the modus operandi for accessing this stuff? Plug in the CAT5 cable to the FoxSat box … and then what?


  9. Jim P Says:

    As Andy asks in post number 2, how do we get this? Is it via the Red Button?

    I’ve just tried the BBC channels on Freesat and have iPlayer, but no mention of anything else.

    Does it show up just when certain programmes are on?

    Judging by post number 5, Humax are up at the forefront again!


  10. Paul B Says:

    I have a Panasonic Viera TV with internet capability but cannot see anything via Viera network or the BBC iPlayer on the Red Button whilst connected to the Internet. So not sure how I would readily identify if it is available or not. Anybody else with a Panasonic internet capable TV who can tell me if I am missing a trick?


  11. Garrif Says:

    No updates were downloaded on my Humax+ so I will be unable to use this.


  12. Roger D Says:

    As I’ve got a 2008 Panny and am still waiting for iPlayer, I’m not expecting this function to be available either!


  13. Brian Lincoln Says:

    This sounds great! but HOW do we access it? I have a good internet connecion, and iPlayer works fine!


  14. Sparkey Says:

    To all those asking how to access –
    It looks like this service is only enabled for certain programmes (two mentioned so far are SCD and The High Street). Since the BBC don’t seem to announce which programmes have the service, I guess it’s just pot luck if you get the extra option on the Red Button menu.


  15. Ian C Says:

    On my Humax Red button the two new streams appear below the Iplayer banner. Unlike other menu choices there is no page number. There has been no update to by Humax except for todays new channel scan.


  16. Richard Crichton Says:

    Is that true or a educated guess? Have you seen it on the RB menu?


  17. terrykl Says:

    I’ve been able to access it for several days now on the FoxsatHDR,but no sign of it on my new 2010 Panasonic!!


  18. Graham Says:

    Works great on my humax. Too programs at the moment .looking forward to seeing more. Does anyone know(admin) when itv player will be available


  19. Richard Crichton Says:

    It’s not on the Technisat HDFS either. Looks like Humax only.


  20. Richard Crichton Says:

    Are you the Graham who posts on avforums per chance?


  21. Chris Says:

    I have a Humax set top box upstairs and a Panasonic plasma with built in Freesat downstairs, as per previous posters the new content is available on the Humax but not on the Panasonic………… do we have to wait for a software update!!!!


  22. S Adams Says:

    Works really well on our Sony W5810 32″.


  23. BBC launch IPTV exclusive to Freesat Says:
  24. Dan Says:

    Sweet! and least its just for freesat! Something that may attract new freesat customers! they should advertise this on the website n facebook


  25. Mark Coker Says:

    Cant find it and to make matters worse my iplayer has disapeared as an option on the red button service (Humax HDR). Number 7001 only comes back with “iplayer will be coming soon”. This is strange since i have had the service since the Beta launch. Have they removed it?


  26. Paul Says:

    Further to my earlier post…..

    I am really impressed. Even though I am only interested in the High Street offering and certainly not the SCD garbage, I have now watched all the additional content and it is brilliant. What a superb enhancement from the BBC.

    I will be doubly pleased if there is IPTV content for tomorrow night’s Panda programme, which looks like a real tear jerker [for my wife, not me!!].

    Well done BBC and well done Humax. I really hope this will be available for other boxes in the stable so others can share the extras.



  27. Neil Says:

    I too can’t see it on any of my Panasonic TV’s, presume they are introducing it on a phased basis maybe??

    Once it’s available on all the IP connected STB and TV’s Freesat should capitalise on this as it’s a good promotional tool.


  28. Paul Says:


  29. Neil Says:

    Paul, this comment on that blog is interesting:

    What’s next?
    We’ll be bringing new video based services to Freesat, who so far have not been able to access scheduled video based services which users of other digital TV platforms are able to enjoy.

    This to me means the BBC News Multiscreens which so far we’ve been missing out on, good news!!


  30. Pat Says:

    Yes I have it on my Humax box, have had it quite a while now. Very pleased with the extra content.


  31. Richard Crichton Says:

    It looks like it won’t be exclusive to Freesat for long as the Humax TV portal service launched last Friday for their DVB-T box looks much more comprehensive.



  32. Jerry Says:

    I suspect GeoIP will prevent use outside of UK?


  33. Rozzo Says:

    Panasonic 2008 owners waiting for i-player back to the end of the queue again then!


  34. MYK-IT Says:

    Rozzo: very true, I too have been waiting patiently for 2 years now for my TX37LZD81 to get the iPlayer update (never mind BBC IPTV!)

    And we won’t be getting it this year, the DTG Website states:

    “DTG Testing does not transmit new over-air downloads on Freeview (Mux1, HD PSB3 and MuxB) and Freesat over the important Christmas viewing period. No new downloads will be scheduled between 15 December 2010 and 4 January 2011 (inclusive).”

    Only the repeated update for the Panasonic PAL 09: G15B series LCD & PDP, V10B PDP series v2.106 is listed from today.

    Very, very poor support from Panasonic.


  35. Froggie Says:

    @32 Yep :( lets call it ipblockedtv. It shows up on the menu as iplayer does, but just freezes if you try to access it.


  36. Jock Says:

    IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. My LNB is currently buried in snow and not doing what it should, so I plugged my ethernet cable into my Foxsat-HD and tried to find some broadband-borne programmes – after all, isn’t that what IPTV is supposed to do? It turns out that you need a satellite signal first. I should have read this thread before I experimented.


  37. graham Says:

    Works fine with my Humax box. Looking forward to more of the same.

    Can anyone (Mr Admin) tell me when ITV Player will be available. I seem to remember that some time ago it was mentioned but as yet i have heard no more.


  38. graham Says:

    Note to Richard Crichton . No it is not me why are there some interesting things on there?


  39. admin Says:


    Last I heard from Freesat it was “before the end of this year”!!!!


  40. Graham Says:

    Little bit off subject but thought this might be of intrest to us FreeSat users:-

    Future BBC HD channels could be exclusive to satellite and cable, the BBC has warned.

    BBC HD chief Danielle Nagler said the BBC will launch BBC Two HD when there is enough hi-def content for peak-time schedules.

    ‘We have over half of the peak-time content in HD now on BBC One, but we are not currently in that position with BBC Two or the other channels,’ said Nagler, who is the BBC’s head of HD and 3D.

    ‘When we feel we can offer it we will launch – and I have no doubt that BBC Three HD and BBC Four HD will follow in due course.’

    Speaking to the Informa Digital TV Summit said Freeview’s limited capacity for HD channels would not stop the BBC launching them. Freeview currently has a single HD multiplex with capacity for five channels, of which the BBC takes two, whereas Freesat, Sky and Virgin have relatively unlimited capacity for more HD.

    Digital TV Europe reports that she added: ‘There are possibilities around what can be done with Freeview that could allow the addition of further HD channels but it’s a matter for Freeview and Freeview shareholders.

    ‘If Freeview can’t take them we will have to offer those channels on the platforms that are capable of taking them.’


  41. admin Says:

    Original post has been updated to confirm the service is only available via Humax Freesat boxes and Sony Freesat televisions…at the moment!


  42. Paul Says:


    Thanks for keeping us all updated – it is appreciated.

    Now, what will be the next innovation?



  43. MYK-IT Says:

    Hopefully the next innovation is that Panasonic will pull their finger out and finally update their 2008 Televisions!!!


  44. Rozzo Says:

    As I understood it Sony freesat tvs (not that they make them any more) have a Humax sat tuner built in so it is no surprise that those two manufacturers equipment has responded with similar success to this addition to red button driven streams.

    Panasonic shame on you!

    Why Panasonic seem to have designed a dead end system for their 2008 sets is just outrageous. Freesat internet connectivity was always supposed to allow for future services and not need new software rewrites with every change to the services that become available.

    The failure of Panasonic to enable i-player on 2008 sets just cannot be seen to be acceptable; to the customers or to freesat, and the failure can now be seen to have even wider implications as it won’t just be bbc i-player that remains unavailable, but also these new streams and later additions such as itv-player etc which no doubt the likes of Humax will accept automatically but Panasonic just never will.

    If Panasonic were not now the only tv manufacturer producing integrated freesat sets we would at least have the option to demand refunds and select another name, but if we want the integrated set we are stuck.

    I don’t want a free humax box, I don’t want to wait til next Christmas and then still not get it. Who is really going to stick up for us?

    One poster on avforums and one on digital spy have reported: One seems to have got a partial refund (via the retailer) but only by spending more on a newer set. The other has hopes of records of promises made by customer services to start a Watchdog campaign.

    What can joinfreesat do for us? Admin, please can you look into this. We have a right to get an update (if the 2008 sets are not so dead end as to make it impossible), or we need exchanges for newer 2009 or 10 sets; under Panasonics costs!

    What are freesat themselves doing for us?


  45. Neil Says:

    I was led to believe that the iPlayer update for the Panasonic TV’s is simply an IPTV software upgrade. Adding ITV Player should be fairly simple, it makes me wonder why these streams are exclusive to, essentially, Humax STB’s or maybe as there’s so many Humax units out there then it made sense to enable these first??


  46. Brian Lincoln Says:

    I endorse all that MYK-IT @43 and Rozzo @44 say! It’s about time Panasonic get their act in order to honour their commitment to customers. Our next purchase may NOT be a Panasonic!! notwithstanding the fact that otherwise they are excellent TVs.


  47. Richard Crichton Says:

    @41 admin
    A strange state of affairs considering the Technisat HDFS is the Freesat receiver of the year and not the Foxsat. It makes you wonder if Freesat are having a FIFA moment.


  48. admin Says:

    @Richard Crichton

    Think Freesat have always had a closer relationship with Humax as a developer for their new services. Humax are at least UK based though which might have been a contributing factor.


  49. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    I’d noticed a big difference in BBC red button services for some time (Got a Humax PVR). It appears that once plugged in the service runs entirely over the network. The times to load normal text info like football scores and weather maps are next to nothing – unplugging the network cable reverts the text service back to satellite slow service.


  50. Rozzo Says:

    Any thoughts from you re my post 44 as to what joinfreesat or freesat could do for us left in the cold 2008 Panasonic tv set owners?

    Panasonic were also the freesat partners for an exclusive launch period where tvs were concerned. Now what service assurance do either of them provide to us early supporters? What influence can joinfreesat have. Please let us know.

    (Thanks for all the great work on the forum!)


  51. admin Says:


    It is a tough one, we are constantly asking Panasonic’s PR department for updates on this and they just won’t respond, yet they are forthcoming with information when it relates to new products they are launching. We also cannot get much out of Freesat either.

    We will continue to push, but unless Panasonic have stated when you purchased that iPlayer will be available, it puts you in a situation like LGE, where you cannot pursue claims easily.

    Still hopeful they will release it eventually though.


  52. Shaun Says:

    @44 the LG LF7700 TV’s also had (I believe) Humax tuners built in – Strangely , they didn’t work with BBC iplayer, so doubt that they’ll work with this new service.


  53. Richard Crichton Says:

    @48 admin
    Humax are South Korean I think you’ll find. At least Technisat is made in the European Union unlike Humax gear..


  54. Brian P Says:

    Not a lot of use unless you have a decent internet connection and I don’t. I can only dream!


  55. admin Says:

    @Richard Crichton

    Meant that Humax have a technical base and develop in this country; they manufacturer out in Korea. TechniSat are soley based in Germany and manufacture in Poland, their UK base is management only.


  56. EddieH Says:


  57. EddieH Says:

    Re my 56 forgot to say

    Note the mention of OTT youview service in 2011…


  58. ASK Says:

    Just been informed, that my Panasonic DMR850, will never be capable, of delivering, BBC iplayer. This is very poor for a product, that became available in the shops, at least a year after Humax products, which have had BBC i player, for some time now.


  59. MikeA Says:

    Once again the real Panasonic customer anger, frustration and disappointment shows through because of the way Panasonic have treated us over the i-player implementation. Why can’t Panasonic just treat their customer correctly. So, when will the 2009+ sets be able to get the IP streams? 2011 or 2012 or never???? When will the 2008 sets get i-player & IP ???



  60. MYK-IT Says:

    I wonder if a replacement Panasonic TV or standalone receiver (not ideal) could be offered to us suffering 2008 LZD81 customers….

    I did get a Panasonic 5 Year Warranty at the time of purchase….long shot but no iplayer could be a possible fault? maybe??? (at the very least it looks like it was not made to meet Freesat’s specification).


  61. Rob H Says:

    IMHO it’s always better to buy a dedicated STB – this will be the same with You View when it launches. There will undoubtedly be tv’s with YView incorporated but a STB is always more likely to be updated quicker – Humax definately at the forefront


  62. Rozzo Says:

    Thanks for the response and poor but no surprise panasonic won’t inform you or freesat. I mean, personally, I have a technisat hdfs to access i-player but this is a secondary means to what I expected to be able to do via the tv based on extensive research prior to purchase and info panasonic were giving out at the time (early 2009). If using the technisat for i-player it cannot do recordings or viceversa.

    Even more annoyingly, by the time my tv was delivered the new 2009 models were about to arrive in the shop! I was not bothered about viera cast because it carried so little content but I firmly believed all 2008 and 2009 sets would get i-player that year so I stayed with the delayed delivery of the 2008 model.

    I think whether panasonic specifically mentioned bbc i-player is not the issue. They produced a set to provide a freesat service which did promise VOD services and of which the bbc i-player was the first. So to sell equipment that turns out not to accommodate VOD becomes a fundamental failure.


  63. Rozzo Says:

    ASK @58
    Where did you hear about the DMRBS850 being dead-ended as regards VOD/i-player?


  64. ASK Says:

    Rozzo 63

    I received a letter today from QVC stating. When you purchased the PVR it was advertised that the item would have the capability to stream the BBC iplayer. However,it has since been brought to our attention that the BBC iplayer will no longer be available on your PVR. Please note this will not affect your Freesat tuners.

    We are sorry for this error and for any inconvenience caused.

    They have offered a refund.


  65. Rozzo Says:

    ASK@64 Thanks

    Admin, Seems someone at Panasonic has admitted (via a retailer) the early freesat recorders will never get i-player!!!!

    What hope left for the 2008 tvs? The fiasco needs wider exposure!


  66. Richard Crichton Says:

    Agreed. LG got away with it with their LCD TV and now Panasonic are pulling the same trick with their early Freesat recorders. About time something was done to shake these foreign companies out of their smug complacency with heavy fines etc for not delivering on promised functionality. There is no way they would get away with it in Japan or Korea but in rip off Britain they can and do.


  67. Russ Says:

    @ Richard Crichton,

    Have to say I agree with you 100%. I decided to buy the Panasonic TH50PZ81 in 2008. As I was upgrading to HD I thought I would go the whole hog and buy a panasonic blu-ray home cinema system along with a panasonic HD camcorder and panasonic still camera. In total about £4,500.00. I will have to think long and hard before I commit myself to purchase anything else from this company. Although the products are first class, the lack of urgency they have shown to their customers regarding i-player is appalling.


  68. Brian Lincoln Says:

    Richard@66 & Russ@67

    Couldn’t agree more. It is a disgrace! Come on Panasonic, put us out of our misery one way or another! Or do we have to resort to the OFT?


  69. Two Pen'orth Says:

    Off topic.

    To post 25, Mark Coker.

    This happened to me when I lost Internet access for a short time. As soon as service was restored, iPlayer reappeared like magic.


  70. robert hill Says:

    i’ll contact panasonic 10th of december let u know then sometime around tea time


  71. robert hill Says:

    phoned panasonic they weren’t aware of iptv another clueless company of latest technology.


  72. robert hill Says:

    phoned freesat they haven’t heard of it either whats going on freesat don’t you know what the bbc are doing ?


  73. Rozzo Says:

    @71/72 Seeing as they already do i-player on the newer sets and other mfrs boxes you clearly hit a very revealing hole. (Is it possible to hit a hole?) Or were they unable to realise iptv / i-player / VOD etc are just different ways of referring to one general concept?

    I have had responses by email from the marketing and managing directors offices promising to investigate promptly. That’s great, but don’t the management already understand they have a problem or do customer service just bury all the enquiries they can’t deal with? Customer service certainly did not reply as yet, although I do have a read receipt from someone the switchboard tell me is in the cs dept.


  74. Rozzo Says:

    Slightly more pleased to say that escalation has at least given me telephone confirmation that management is involved now, that the issue is on the agenda, and so will give Panasonic the chance to respond properly next week.
    Let’s hope the 2008 adopters still get brought back up to date with all the internet enabled freesat current and future features and do not get left out in preference to newer purchasers.


  75. robert hill Says:

    @74 look forward to their response


  76. AD 2010 Says:

    I have this bookmarked to check for updates to my Panasonic DMR850, noticed there had been a lot of recent activity from Panasonic for other countries and assumed that something was expected soon for UK users. My understanding was that we were getting an iPlayer enabling update after the other boxes had been done?


  77. Richard Crichton Says:

    @38 graham
    Yes there is a whole forum section dedicated to Freesat


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