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May 28 2010

News taken from BBC Trust website

The BBC is to launch a high definition (HD) version of BBC One on DTT, cable and satellite later in the year, following the BBC Trust’s approval of proposals from the Executive.

In addition, the Trust also agreed an extension of daily hours on the existing, dedicated BBC HD channel from an average of nine hours to 12 hours a day. These changes are reflected in amended service licences for BBC One and the BBC HD channel, published today.

BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said:

The launch of a high definition simulcast of BBC One is great news for audiences. As we move towards digital switchover, this is a high-profile commitment to the provision of HD services, which will help to fulfil the BBC’s public purpose of delivering to the public the benefit of new technologies. And this is possible within existing channel budgets, meaning excellent value for licence fee payers.

In taking this decision, the Trust took careful account of the implications of the proposals, including noting that adverse impact on other broadcasters was likely to be minimal, that neither change represents a new area of activity for the BBC, and that the changes can be made within the agreed budget range for each channel.

Despite the overall benefits of a universally available HD simulcast of BBC One for audiences, the Trust also recognised that technical and financial constraints currently prevent additional variations, and asked the BBC Executive to take steps to minimise the effects of this on viewers in the nations and regions.

(Thanks to member ‘Soul4real’ for the link)

57 Responses to “BBC One Goes High Definition”

  1. Wouter Says:

    Great news!

    Hopefully this will mean on freesat that we can have BBC 1 HD on channel 101 (as we should have the option to make ITV1 HD on channel 103 rather than 119).


  2. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    This is great news! Well done BBC :)


  3. Soul4real Says:

    Just hope there is an emprovement of picture quality also


  4. alan shep Says:

    could anyone explain what DTT is thanks


  5. admin Says:


    Digital Terrestrial Television, i.e. Freeview (via an aerial)


  6. Dipper Says:

    Excellent news. I just hope, though doubt, that it will be broadcast un-DOG’d.


  7. Brian P Says:

    Excellent news. A step in the right direction.


  8. HoxtonTit Says:

    Time we got some value for money for our TV licence fees


  9. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    What do you mean about time we get “some value for money for our TV licence fees” I think it’s great value. They the best programs in the UK on the BBC channels. Followed by CH4, no idea when I last watched ITV. I watch Five more then ITV. Now lets hope for BBC2 HD 2 :)


  10. Al Catraz Says:

    Very good news if a little overdue. Turning BBC HD into BBC2 HD would be a good next step.


  11. Shane Says:

    Good news indeed! Does anyone know why you still can’t get sub-titles on ITV hd now that they have a dedicated channel? I rely on the sub-titles because I am hard at hearing!


  12. Graham Hall Says:

    This is great news. I agree with HoxtonTit, it’s about time we started getting value for money with our TV licence fees. I’m affraid the BBC has let its standards drop of late, the amount of repeat programmes and the ludicrous salaries of so-called stars!! This is certainly a step in the right direction.


  13. jason Says:

    Not until Autumn:

    Let hope we get some F1 coverage in HD before the end of the season.


  14. David Austin Says:

    Excellent news. Might this free up BBC HD to be a kind of HD ‘best of’ 2, 3, and 4?


  15. Terence Says:

    this is the big one we have waited for,BBC 1 HD
    match of the day,eastenders,the one show,
    hard disk recorders will need much bigger hard disks in them, as my recorder is allways full.
    best news i herd all year.
    things are moving quicker now that hd is avaliable on freeview hd


  16. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    This is very good news. Will they broadcast SD upscaled as does ITV? I am glad BBC HD is to remain and extend their broadcasts especially as sporting events can sometimes dominate the HD schedule (Wimbledon, Winter Olympics etc),

    I am now looking forward to BBC 2 HD and BBC 4 HD!


  17. Two Pen'orth Says:

    Oh, come on, Hoxton Tit and Graham Hall, we get fantastic value from our B.B.C.

    They took the lead in providing such technical excellence as iPlayer and HD for free. Without this the licence fee would be pocket-money, compared to the prices commercial providers would like to charge us. Converts from SKY to Freesat will know that only too well.

    It may be fashionable to knock the B.B.C. but I believe that we are lucky to have it. Television and radio standards would definitely suffer if our standard-bearer was not there.

    I have sampled output to the lowest common denominator in other countries and it is not worth tuning in to.


  18. Paul S Watts Says:


    I might be wrong on this [and I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong], but it was my understanding that the F1 feed is supplied to the broadcaster by F1 and that they have not invested in the HD technology so far. Hence SD only this year and not the fault of the BBC.

    Has any one further information on this matter.

    Not sure why I have commented on this as I don’t watch F1 or any sport – but hey ho!



  19. Brian Damage Says:

    Excellent news!

    Lets hope it doesn’t come with an annoying DOG.

    Then if BBC can do the same for BBC 2, BBC HD can become a best of 3 & 4.


  20. Lee B Says:

    Good news but I would have also liked to see an improvement in picture quality the BBC is currently the poor man of HD, even beaten by ITVHD. A combination of low bitrate and below HD resolution is to blame for all the compalints recently. If they reband as SD+ or HD light I think that would be a fairer name for the channel.


  21. Radjoz Says:

    You’ll see, in a near future, that all the channels from BBC 1 to Five and more will broadcast in HD !


  22. chrislayeruk Says:

    Well I get Value for money from my Licence fee with BBC Radio alone, Then there is the webb……The iplayer……..and we have TV with all the investments involved there.
    I wish people would stop stupid moaning and yes, its great to see the BBC biulding on an already great Service. Bring it on, Chris


  23. Lee B Says:

    Chris, as a licence fee payer I and others are entitled to an opinion on the service, good or bad, considering all the public money the BBC get I personally find it strange their HD offering is of a lower quality than the other HD broadcasters. I agree their radio and iplayer offerings are excellent but my main interest is HD not radio. If the sound quality of the radio channels were dropped by 40% maybe you would then “moan” about it.


  24. Alan Says:

    Super news. It will be great to have the high qualilty HD picture that we have on BBC HD also on BBC 1. Lets hope this is the start of other channels going HD.


  25. Terry Kl Says:

    Finally we have a dedicated BBC 1 HD channel coming to Freesat and yet again the moaners surface!! Yes I agree that the quality of HD PQ isn’t what it was but perhaps there will be an improvement to coincide with the launch.
    To those of you who continually whinge”we don’t get value in return for the licence fee”I ask please tell us where we can get better value for a little under £3 per week?


  26. peter piper Says:

    Great news but lets hope autumn means autumn. If I remember correctly iplayer went from spring to autumn to Christmas.


  27. momalley Says:

    so were all happy some more hd thats right hd.


  28. Lee B Says:

    It would be interesting to see if the BBC would have launched this if Five had not given up it’s freeview HD slot.

    Terry, improvement to the PQ on launch would be nice, but I would not be suprised of further bitrate drops to fit 2 channels in the same bitrate one channel used to hold. Will wait and see what happens on that.


  29. Richard Crichton Says:

    They could go DVB S2 and mux the two HD channels then the bitrate could increase or at least stay the same.


  30. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    As a matter of interest are all the Freesat HD satellite boxes all equipped with DVB S2? If not some people will need to get a new box. I was looking at Satellite PC cards and the majority are only DVB S so I would not be surprised if the average consumer box is only DVB S.


  31. C14R4N Says:

    @30, Kevin Ver1.
    I believe the DVB-S2 was part of the box specification required to gain a freesat logo and certification. I doubt the broadcasters care about those with PC cards, as they are a small minority


  32. Soul4real Says:

    The Humax boxes are DVB-S2 and DVB-S compatible


  33. Rod Says:

    My question to Emma Scott in previous thread…

    3. BBC 1,2,3&4 are too many in my opinion. IMO we need a rebranding. BBC4 is much like after dark BBC2 anyway. BBC3 could stay the same.
    4. The BBC need another HD channel. One would be a simulcast of BBC1 and the other the best of a new BBC2 & 3 plus classic repeats, movies, sports etc. At least until bandwidth increases. Then all three in HD.

    Can I have a job please :-)


  34. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Rod

    Sorry but I disagree that BBC 1,2,3 & 4 are too many. In fact it is a shame that BBC 3 and 4 do not come on air before 19:00.

    This evening we started by watching Dads Army on BBC 2 then watched Doctor Who on BBC HD followed by Doctor Who Confidential on BBC 3. We then had a break until 21:00 when we watched Wallander on BBC4. After watching the voting for Eurovision Song Contest on BBC HD we then switched over to the news on BBC1.

    There is no way I would be happy if the BBC reduced the choice, quality and quantity of its programming.


  35. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ C14R4N reply 31

    I have just checked the tech details of my Bush HD box and that has DVB S2, however the Bush SD box only has DVB S. That is not an issue as DVD S2 is designed for HD transmissions.

    As the Freesat specifications also included features such as BBC iPlayer I think it just shows how much foresight has been put into Freesat. I just need to make sure I purchase a DVB S2 card when I get round to building a HTPC!


  36. Al Catraz Says:

    13 & 18 – F1 took years to finally start broadcasting in 16:9, so don’t hold your breath for HD!


  37. Llew Says:

    Yes great news but when are we going to get Fiver and Five USA


  38. Marcel Falke Says:

    Can I just ask exactly which of the 15 or so regional variations will be broadcast in HD?


  39. Alan Says:

    25 Terry KI – Well said about the whingers. There are some who are never happy unless they are moaning.


  40. Richard Crichton Says:

    I would guess London but have no evidence to support that.

    @36 That means some content on BBC1 HD will be upscaled SD or will Grand Prix be transferred to BBC2?
    @37 How long is a piece of string?


  41. James Says:

    This is good news, i’m still not in favour of the licence fee as you still have to pay it even if you just want to buy a TV (just to pick up non BBC channels), there is no option against it.


  42. C14R4N Says:

    @40, Richard Crichton
    I imagine most of the content will be upscaled, at least to start with, same as ITV1 HD


  43. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    The BBC don’t have to upscale as much material as ITV as they produce a far greater proportion of their programs in HD. Incidentally ITV is now making Coronation Street in HD. There was an item on it on Radio 4 today.


  44. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @37 Lew, “Yes great news but when are we going to get Fiver and Five USA”

    Don’t hold your breath. Five is up for sale. BSkyB is supposedly interested, in which case it will be never. Though they probably wouldn’t be allowed to buy it.


  45. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #43 – Kevin Ver1

    Corrie in HD! Wow! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!

    Personally, I’d rather see ITV spend the money on more interesting or entertaining programmes. If this is the way HD is going, I guess I’ll remain a sceptic.


  46. Kevin Ver1 Says:


    Funny enough if I had a choice between the HD version of Wallender and the original Swedish SD version, I would chose the SD version every time. But then I do watch quite a few programmes and films made in black and white!


  47. HD-Sceptic Says:

    In view of the BBC’s announcement I have been looking at the BBC-HD schedule in the Radio Times. This must be the showcase for the Beeb to show off what HD can do using the pick of the BBC channels. I am puzzled by the selection on offer. If I had HD, I would skip most of BBC-HD’s offerings as not being to my taste. ITV1-HD is an upscaled simulcast of their everyday schedule, which I don’t watch anyway. To make matters worse, it lacks the subtitles found on the SD version.

    Why the clamour for more HD channels if the broadcasters can’t make sensible use of what they’ve got?


  48. Kevin Ver1 Says:


    I think the reasoning behind BBC HD is not so much of showcasing but to provide a channel which broadcast only HD material. Useful if you need guaranteed HD TV which ITV1 is not.

    It is a very broad selection and as such it will at some time broadcast programmes that are to your tastes. Personally I find quite a few programmes worth watching. Last night I watched Doctor Who and Shark Therapy. During the week I watched Torchwood, Junior Apprentice, Rick Stein’s food of the Italian opera, Pulse, Timewatch Alantis the evidence. Not a bad selection and pretty varied.


  49. andybell Says:

    Indeed the whole point, originally, of BBC HD was to provide a showcase for those BBC programmes likely to gain the most from HD. With only one channel available, there was a deliberate decision to showcase material from ALL BBC channels rather than just BBC1.

    But, of course, the audience is getting used to the idea of HD simulcasts and scarcity of bandwidth for HD channels is becoming less of an issue.

    In practice, it should become easier for the BBC HD channel to simulcast those BBC2 programmes which are made in HD as soon as BBC1 HD is up and running. And as a growing proportion of BBC programmes are going to be made in HD over the next few years, BBC HD could almost become BBC2 HD by default – common sense suggests BBC2 programmes will take priority over those from the other channels as a relatively low proportion of them are getting their first run.

    The problem for the HD channel was really about balancing between BBC1 and BBC2 when both had HD programmes at the same time.


  50. Kevin Ver1 Says:


    I tend to think of BBC HD as being BBC 5. What about the HD programs shown on BBC 3 and 4?


  51. Llew Says:

    I agree with kev yes HD tv is a bonus but I would much prefer to watch quality programmes weather in HD or not. Eventually HD will become standard and it won’t be such a big deal then. Just like when digital tv first appeared on the scene , everybody thought wow. But now we just take it for granted as we will with HD.Then we will all whinge about something else.


  52. Alan Says:

    47 – HD Sceptic – This is really down to your opinion. I happen to think ITV HD is very good quallity and they are beginning to show programmes such as travel that I enjoy. Equally I personally find a lot to watch on BBC HD. Still as like a lot of things in life it is down to personal choice.


  53. Richard Crichton Says:

    Anyone notice the bitrate changes on BBC HD?


  54. Jock Says:

    #53 – Richard Crichton

    No, I hadn’t noticed – but then the channel is choked solid with bl**dy football. And the football is drowned out by those bl**dy plastic horns. What a waste of HD.


  55. mykepsych Says:

    At the moment I have no TV . I’ve moved somewhere that has a dish outside: I could buy a freesat box, and wondering if I can connect a good LCD TFT High Def 1080 P Computer monitor to this box, and get a decent image? The monitor has DVI , HDMI and VGA inputs. If I connect the box to the screen Via HDMI will I get high def images ( probably not!) ? Dont I need a HD freesat for that?!? And all the majority of programs that are NOT high def – how will they display?!?



  56. Alan G Says:

    According to Wikipedia the latest date for the BBC One HD launch is some time in November 2010


  57. BBC One HD Launches This November | Join Freesat Says:

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