BBC One Goes High Definition

News taken from BBC Trust website

The BBC is to launch a high definition (HD) version of BBC One on DTT, cable and satellite later in the year, following the BBC Trust’s approval of proposals from the Executive.

In addition, the Trust also agreed an extension of daily hours on the existing, dedicated BBC HD channel from an average of nine hours to 12 hours a day. These changes are reflected in amended service licences for BBC One and the BBC HD channel, published today.

BBC Trust Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said:

The launch of a high definition simulcast of BBC One is great news for audiences. As we move towards digital switchover, this is a high-profile commitment to the provision of HD services, which will help to fulfil the BBC’s public purpose of delivering to the public the benefit of new technologies. And this is possible within existing channel budgets, meaning excellent value for licence fee payers.

In taking this decision, the Trust took careful account of the implications of the proposals, including noting that adverse impact on other broadcasters was likely to be minimal, that neither change represents a new area of activity for the BBC, and that the changes can be made within the agreed budget range for each channel.

Despite the overall benefits of a universally available HD simulcast of BBC One for audiences, the Trust also recognised that technical and financial constraints currently prevent additional variations, and asked the BBC Executive to take steps to minimise the effects of this on viewers in the nations and regions.

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57 thoughts on “BBC One Goes High Definition”

  1. I agree with kev yes HD tv is a bonus but I would much prefer to watch quality programmes weather in HD or not. Eventually HD will become standard and it won’t be such a big deal then. Just like when digital tv first appeared on the scene , everybody thought wow. But now we just take it for granted as we will with HD.Then we will all whinge about something else.

  2. 47 – HD Sceptic – This is really down to your opinion. I happen to think ITV HD is very good quallity and they are beginning to show programmes such as travel that I enjoy. Equally I personally find a lot to watch on BBC HD. Still as like a lot of things in life it is down to personal choice.

  3. #53 – Richard Crichton

    No, I hadn’t noticed – but then the channel is choked solid with bl**dy football. And the football is drowned out by those bl**dy plastic horns. What a waste of HD.

  4. At the moment I have no TV . I’ve moved somewhere that has a dish outside: I could buy a freesat box, and wondering if I can connect a good LCD TFT High Def 1080 P Computer monitor to this box, and get a decent image? The monitor has DVI , HDMI and VGA inputs. If I connect the box to the screen Via HDMI will I get high def images ( probably not!) ? Dont I need a HD freesat for that?!? And all the majority of programs that are NOT high def – how will they display?!?


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