BBC One HD Channel To Launch 3rd November 2010

The BBC today confirmed that BBC One HD will launch at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd November 2010 across all HD platforms: Freesat channel 108, Freeview channel 50, Sky channel 143 and Virgin Media channel 108.

The new high definition (HD) channel kicks off at 7pm with a series of programmes made in true HD: The One Show, followed by Wallace and Gromit: World of Inventions (the new series brought to you from award-winning Aardman Animations), as well as some food for thought with Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers and Jimmy’s Food Factory. The Apprentice and Film 2010 will also show in HD that evening.

It is also announced today that the BBC’s award-winning continuing drama EastEnders broadcasts in HD for the first time on Christmas Day, allowing viewers to catch all the drama in Albert Square in even more vivid detail.

EastEnders follows Holby City which made the move to HD on 18th October 2010. It will be shown on the BBC’s existing HD channel, until BBC One HD launches in November.

The new HD channel will simulcast a network version of the BBC One schedule, with the majority of peaktime programmes in HD, including The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing, Children in Need, Antiques Roadshow, Countryfile, The Graham Norton Show and The Royal Variety Show.

Jana Bennett, Director BBC Vision said;

Whether it is seeing the flicker of irritation on Lord Sugar’s face in a boardroom showdown or watching the beads of sweat fly from the dancers on Strictly, BBC ONE HD is the biggest sign yet that HD viewing is now part of the mainstream.

Danielle Nagler, Head of HD & 3D says;

It’s incredibly exciting to begin the official count down to the launch of the new channel, and we’re delighted to be launching with BBC One’s popular flagship programe, The One Show.

The arrival of the UK’s favourite channel in HD – as a second HD channel from the BBC – will increase the range and choice of HD programming we can offer the ever growing HD audience.

“The existing BBC HD channel has been hugely successful. It will continue to show programmes from across all BBC channels, to allow all HD viewers to find programming they can enjoy. And it will now have space to accommodate more hours of new HD programmes from the BBC.

Bryan Kirkwood, Executive Producer EastEnders says;

Christmas Day in Walford is traditionally, turkey, tinsel and turmoil for the residents of Albert Square. This year will be even more spectacular with viewers having the opportunity the watch the festive drama unfold in HD for the first time.

*Those shows which aren’t made in HD – including EastEnders up until Christmas Day – will still be on BBC ONE HD – but will be upscaled.

The BBC HD Channel will continue to bring programming such as Top Gear, Wimbledon, children’s programming, golf coverage, great drama, comedy, music and factual programmes from BBC TWO, THREE and FOUR throughout the week. We can also announce that this year we’ll bring viewers some of the last races of this year’s Moto GP in HD as a trial run for the sport on the channel.

The Autumn launch is the first stage in delivering BBC One in HD. The majority of programmes in the BBC One network evening schedule will be available in HD at launch, and by 2012 it is expected that the vast majority of all BBC One titles across all hours will be in HD. In time the channel will evolve to bring all programmes, news and current affairs to viewers in the nations and regions.

Follow the progress towards the channel launch on twitter @naglerHD.

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  1. It will be in the very corner of the screen as per BBC HD and ITV1HD DOG. As HDTV’s are widescreen only (and there’s no 4:3 HD sets) then in effect there is no need for a 4:3 ‘safe area’ as you’d get with SD broadcasters.

  2. Further to my comments in post 98 it would appear the BBC have now removed the BBC1SD SID’s from their HD Txp, leaving just 6940 (and 6945 duplicating 6940).

    I guess we can expect to see some new label(s) and testing this coming week.

  3. They can normally add or drop services on the fly without affecting other co-mux’d services. For example mux reconfigurations take place at 0600 and 1900 to add/remove BBC3, 4, Cbeebies and CBBC etc.

  4. i hope your right @neil, as much as i dont mind DOG’s, it does my head in when they are so far into the picture, get on the edge of the screen!!

    when can we expect the testing to begin?

  5. Now that the SD channels have been moved off the transponder will the BBC change to DVB-S2 or stick with DVB-S. I understand that all Freesat boxes support DVB-S2 so cannot see why not. It would allow the space for a third HD channel or higher bitrates.

  6. … since freesat IDs are switched, will this (6941) become BBC 1 HD or BBC HD (which is 6940 atm) ?

    btw no dog yet

  7. actually its BBC1 HD EPG now and next

    (“This is BBC One HD

    Please switch over to BBC One for the latest news from your area. Programming will resume on BBC One HD after the bulletin”)

    So they will not carry London News ?

  8. Now the HDophiles have got a real development to look forward to, all they do is whinge about DOGs!

    When I read about the BBC1 programmes to get the HD treatment, I wonder why they’ve bothered. There is nothing there yet to persuade me to come off the fence and spend serious money on HD kit.

  9. Actually a number of the programs listed as to be in HD on BBC1 are already shown on BBC HD. That will free up BBC HD to show alternative programs to BBC 1 so that BBC HD can concentrate more on BBC 2, 3 and 4 programs in HD.

    Whilst I can appreciated that HD-Sceptic is not so exited about HD why does he think you need to spend serious money for HD. In real terms HD TVs are very cheap. I recall spending £450 on a VCR many years back (1980s). Now you can get a 32″ LCD HD TV with integral Freesat receiver for the same monetary amount. An average annual sub to Sky is around £600 so in real terms the equipment is not expensive.

  10. #113 – Kevin Ver1

    That’s a good point about clearing space on BBC-HD. It will give the Beeb more opportunity to show off the programmes from the minority channels.

    From discussions on this site, you get very little benefit from watching HD on anything less than about a 37″ set, whilst most posts seem to favour 42″ or larger. Tests on TVs draw attention to the varying quality of the picture and in-built tuner(s). The sets which give good reception, a good picture and acceptable sound cost a lot more than your £450 guide price. Would you advise me to buy down to a price, rather than up to a decent performance? As a sceptic, I need something to convince me that the end result is worth the cost – and, at present, it is not.

    Even sets with built-in HD tuners, generally, do not feature recorders. If I wish to record Freesat HD I need a suitable PVR. Whilst the Humax box is currently being offered for £179, most are a lot dearer than this.

    If I were to upgrade my kit to do a decent job of viewing and recording HD it would cost me serious money. Freesat is doing a grand job, and I am quite content to stick with their SD service until I can see some clear benefit to me in upgrading.

  11. @ HD Sceptic #114

    I have to disagree that there is little benefit watching HD on anything less than a 37″ TV. I have a Panasonic 32″ HD TV and I can definitely see a marked difference between HD and SD broadcasts. I think you may be confusing full HD 1080p with 720. I must admit our TV was considerably more expensive than £450 but I did go for a TV with better sound and it was a couple of years ago.

    Strange it might seem I did purchase a very cheap satellite box but it has been working fine and the picture quality is far in excess of what I get on terrestrial broadcasts. As for recording I can still record using my ancient VCR, but I seldom use it as the picture quality is so poor. I am considering building a HTPC which would give me capability of recording satellite transmissions, proper Internet, gaming and Bluray.

  12. I have tge Grundig hd01 freesat box and i cant seem to get the manual tune to pick up BBC ONE HD any ideas what i could be doing wrong? it wont let me change from mhz to ghz setting and it wont let me change the option from3/4 to fec 5/6

  13. #115 – Kevin Ver1

    An interesting reply – thanks for that. Some time ago I bought a DVD recorder from Scan for £60. It has a range of inputs (but not HDMI) and a choice of recording quality. By recording via the S-Video or composite inputs I can match SD broadcast quality and, by using re-recordable DVD blanks, I get the economy and flexibility of S-VHS. My trusty Humax PVR9200T looks after the Freeview SD side of things.

    You’re not disagreeing with me about the merits of 37″ HD as I have no experience. It was the consensus which emerged after some discussion on this site.

  14. @HD-Sceptic #117 & #114

    Judging from your posts you value sound quality over picture quality? However if your current TV failed I would presume the replacement would be a HD TV.

  15. #118 – Kevin Ver1

    I have always rated sound quality highly, with the picture giving me more information about what I was hearing. I’ve always tried to get the best reception of the TV signal – sound and picture.

    My trusty Sony Trinitron failed a few months back and its replacement is capable of 720p. Age has taken its toll (on me!) and I’m now dependent on subtitles. These were not available the last time a friend checked ITV-HD and STV-HD. The BBC-HD includes subtitles, but there is rarely anything on there that I would choose to watch. I would say I value programme interest over picture quality. I despaired when I saw the programmes which the Beeb has chosen to launch BBC1-HD. And Eastenders in HD for Christmas leaves me cold.

    I guess my scepticism will remain until HD adds that “must see” factor to otherwise good programmes. And HD pictures need HD eyes!

  16. #119 HD-Sceptic

    I have checked out the new schedules for BBC HD from the 3rd November and there is now a much greater choice of HD available on the BBC (much better than ITV). I am not quite sure what you mean by the “must see” factor as I believe many programmes already have that factor. Programs such as Great British Railway Journeys, Seven Ages of Britain, Coast, Wonders of the Solar System, Michael Wood’s Story of England, The Apprentice, Life all look fantastic in HD.

    Even ITV has a selection of HD programs that are worth watching such as Greatest Cities, Survival with Ray Mears, Downton Abbey and Whitechapel. However I do agree with you re Eastenders. I would rather poke my eyes out than have to watch that depressing program!

  17. A friend invited me to watch the Estoril MotoGP in HD on Sunday.

    I noticed a difference while the commentators were interviewing one another in the pit lane before the race, However, I normally skip that bit and switch on just before the race starts. The most revealing coverage of the race itself came, as always, from the on-board cameras on the bikes. I am sure that the on-board cameras were not HD. A bit of Beeb upscaling joined up the dots on my friend’s big screen.

    I came away wondering, as always, what all the fuss was about. The viewing experience was not notably better than my own 32″ SD set-up. It was a good race though!

  18. Just looking at the schedules for the week ahead (Dont you love Digiguide) my worry that BBC HD would disappear seem to be unfounded Quite a line up and different schedules so seems obvious to me that BBC HD will remain as its own channel for some time ahead.

    While BBC One HD and BBC One are almost identical here in Wales – there are some regional BBC One differences that pushes BBC ONE SD into a BBC +1 position late evenings – Might come in real useful 😉

  19. Admin
    With only a few hours til launch, the Foxsat HDR is still devoid of a re-tune. Having trawled the net and more specifically Humaxdirect, it appears that the HDR can be re-tuned to receive BBC1 HD, only after launch. Seems a strange way of adding a channel. Any chance of you putting this as a new thread, to save others trying to find the info too? Of course, if this info is incorrect or there is a tuning update this afternoon, I’m sure you will advise.

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