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Oct 16 2010

Following on from the announcement made back in May of BBC One going high-definition, we can confirm that the BBC expect to launch this channel on the 3rd November 2010, if the expected frequency changes are accurate.

BBC One HD will mirror the standard-definition version with any programmes native to HD being available in that format, whilst all others will be upscalled.

This channel will join BBC HD (a mix of BBC Two, Three and Four) and ITV1 HD in the Freesat HD line-up.

77 Responses to “BBC One HD Launches This November”

  1. Pe-el Bee Says:

    Let it be the first of many (more)!


  2. A Snell Says:

    Lets hope they put it in the Channel 101 position – its really frustrating ITV HD is all the way down at 119 and not 103 !!


  3. David Austin Says:



  4. Al Catraz Says:

    good news – lets hope they ditch the “HD preview” programmes on their existing HD channel at the same time.


  5. Peter Shillito Says:

    CAN I GET A HELL YEAH? This is good news as Freesat will get 3 HD channels


  6. Rozzo Says:

    Do freesat plan to allow you to have BBC1HD in position 101 and ITV1HD in position 103 or do we have to keep going to other deeper positions such as BBCHD at 108 and BBC1HD at (presumably???) 109 and ITV1HD at 119.

    (Some freeview HD devices are allowing such repositioning)


  7. admin Says:

    We believe that it isn’t going to be possible to change your default 101 and 103 to the high-definition variants, though I suspect as time goes on this will happen naturally, maybe next year when BBC Two, Three and Four HD launch.

    Suspect BBC One HD will take slot 109, or swap with 108.


  8. A Snell Says:

    Thanks for your swift reply admin re the defaults – so it seems that after watching BBC2 we will have to continue pressing the channel up button 17 times to get to ITV1 HD and only 7 or 8 times for BBC1 HD – Better get some new batteries ready for my remote! This is quite frankly ridiculous – I bought my HD ready TV back in 2006 – looks like I wont be rushing out to buy a 3D-TV anytime soon…


  9. neil Says:

    brilliant!! How will this work for regional variations though? Will it be the same way as ITV1/ITVHD works?


  10. Neil Says:

    I don’t mind it being higher up the EPG. It won’t take LCN 101 as it doesn’t contain regional variants. Lets hope, as the beeb did possibly hint, that it will be of a national ‘flavour’ and not just BBC1 London! I’d have thought it make sense to go on 108 with BBC HD moving to 109.


  11. Kev Says:

    Thumbs up good news


  12. Paul. Says:

    @ 9.

    There not be any macro regional variants at this time. We’ll all get BBC1 London.


  13. Paul. Says:

    That reads like I drive a tractor. There will not be….. etc.


  14. Al Catraz Says:

    8. try using the favourites list – may save your poor thumb a bit…
    12. Oh no – one of my reasons for getting freesat was to dump BBC London as their news team don’t realise there is life outside the M25.
    13. …and what’s wrong with driving a tractor? I used to like tractors but I don’t any more – guess that makes me an extractor fan. :(


  15. ian Says:

    I do wonder, that if the BBC was like ITV…. a commercial broadcaster, would BBC One HD go behind a paywall like what ITV did with ITV2HD, atleast one of the 2 Freesat partners IS intrested in HD channels making there way onto Freesat, unlike ITV who frankly (bleep)ed over Freesat by run off to $ky and the little amount of cash they will get from ITV2HD being behind a paywall!!!

    Next one for me has to be Channel4HD, just be nice to know if/when the encription contract with $ky expires, freeing it up to become avalible on Freesat!


  16. admin Says:

    @Al Catraz

    I don’t think anyone in London knows that there is a country outside the M25, let alone the news team! I don’t want London regional either, but hopefully they will have a way of flicking to SD for the regional news.


    C4HD are not waiting for the end of contract with Sky, as it is on a rolling basis; they simply want to remain encrypted as Sky offer them a lot of money to do so. The only time this will change is when Freesat has such a large proportion of the digital market (maybe a few million sales) that advertising revenue is greater than encryption revenue from Sky.


  17. Neil Says:

    Maybe the BBC will have a green/yellow/blue button HD option on 101 so you can also watch via the national BBC1HD but then switch back to local BBC1 whenever there’s regional news etc. This would be most beneficial, for example, during BBC Breakfast whereby every 20 or so mins there’s 3 mins of regional news and weather. BBC Breakfast is unlikely to be presented in HD until the Salford studio move so probably not an option anyway.

    I agree C4 will get a wodge of cash from Sky to remain encrypted but in essense the ‘Channel Four Corporation’ is a unique Government owned Commercial entity. It doesn’t have shareholders to answer to and providing it stays in profit then I suppose you could argue they should put the public before ‘profit’, it in effect being a not-for-profit organisation. I’m rather dubious as to why the BBC have decided to move both SD BBC1’s from Txp 50 when they could have left one there alongside both BBC1HD and BBCHD which would have also kept BBC1 London, BBC2 England and BBC3’s bitrates higher? I could see a BBC2, 3 and 4 in HD but not for a couple of years yet. Maybe the beeb have made C4 a handsome deal to help promote Freesat seen as ITV deserted to Sky? That bandwidth on Txp 50 is going to go unused otherwise?? Interesting times, we’ll see Monday morning what is happening.


  18. Oyodi Says:

    Great news about BBC1HD, but as for the Ch4HD debacle, I find it really very annoying that I can watch CH4HD on my FreeView TV but can’t record it on my FreeSat PVR!!!!


  19. Frazer Palmer Says:

    Looking forward to pictures even clearer and more detailed on BBC 1 HD. What remarkable improvements in picture quality overall on digital channels!


  20. ian Says:

    how can you be encrypted on one platform yet FTA on another, Channel4 is a PSB are they not? so surely Channel4HD should not be shoved behind a paywall, but hey, $ky offer a little bit of dosh, and like most commercial broadcasters, they will take it, but Freesat is not just up and coming, they are in a very strong position right now, and will be going forward aswell, so surely it makes sense to have Channel4HD on Freesat! oh’well i suppose!


  21. ian Says:

    and i did not know that about the encryption deal on $ky in regards to Channel4HD, i thought they were under a fixed term deal, not a rolling one!!


  22. Neil Says:

    #20 – I think BBC1HD will be a very strong addition to the platform considering it accounts for something like 20% of all UK viewing. I’m glad it’s being added early November as there were some suggestions of it not happening until closer to Christmas. I think this in itself will also be a driver for extra Christmas sales.

    I don’t really want to go off topic on to the C4HD thing again but in fairness to C4 the biggest issue is that of 2D capacity which on non-Sky rented Txp’s for which Sky can be the ‘gatekeeper’ has been zero for HD carriage. From Monday onwards when the BBC reshuffle their services this will change, it’s up to the BBC though what they do with it and that’s anyones guess?

    I guess we may see some testing of BBC1HD taking place over the next couple of weeks, will have to keep an eye on 10847V


  23. Dan Says:

    Good Times Wooooop!!


  24. Daniel Says:

    This is the best news for HD on freesat yet!!!
    As we’ll as Bernie saying F1 will be in HD starting 2011, atleast now we will have the channel in place, with BBC ONE HD to show the HD goodness for season 2011.
    And we will also get to Enjoy the last 2 Races of this years Season Upscaled!


  25. Robert Hudson Says:

    On Humax HD HDR Or any other HD Set top box we should be able to swap BBC1 HD ITVHD etc to 101 and 103, but on a SD Box leave as is.


  26. Brian P Says:

    Bring it on!


  27. Laurence Upton Says:

    Good news! I note that tonight, for example, everything on BBC1 from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm is simulcast on BBCHD. Having this all on BBC1HD instead will free up a lot of space on BBCHD for other stuff as well.


  28. Lez Says:

    Excellent news!


  29. Peter Says:

    These frequency changes do not necessarily mean BBC1 HD will be launched – or rather formally launched – on that date. STV-HD for example is still not properly identified. I think it highly unlikely that a new HD channel would dribble out across different platforms so we will have to wait for further intelligence about Freeview, Sky or Virigin’s plans.

    On Freeview HD boxes, the BBC has just started to use a “Watch in HD” red button option at the start of simulcast programmes or when you tune to the SD version.


  30. ASK Says:

    @8 A Snell—- Try pressing 119 on your remote, it works for me


  31. fsn6b Says:

    My friend has a Virgin Media box, and has access to their HD channels, but only has a standard CRT TV. However he can watch these HD channels (altough not at HD quality), without any problems, and has the same quality as the SD equivalents.

    Why not just get rid of the SD equivalents, and broadcast in HD, freeing up space on the transponders for other channels ?


  32. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @2 and 6, stop moaning and just be grateful you’re getting more HD. :-)


  33. Trevor Harris Says:

    I would like to ask admin where he got his information that the BBC were going to provide BBC2,3, and 4 in HD. As far as I am aware the BBC has absolutly no plans to to provide these services at all. The main reason is that the BBC is just not willing to invest the money in HD.

    We must remember that the BBC were forced into providing BBC One HD because Five HD refused to pay the BBC the high cost the BBC were demanding for an HD channel on the BBC terestrial multiplex. I think many viewers are going to be very disapointed by the quanity of HD judging by the output from BBC One at the moment. Even for the Commonwealth Games the studio shots were in SD.


  34. Neil Says:

    Trevor – whilst I’m not aware of any other planned BBC HD services the BBC have stated that from April 2011 they want all their programming from external producers in HD. By this Christmas too BBC1 hopes to have most of it’s primetime evening output in native HD as well.


  35. Trevor Harris Says:

    One thing that is very interesting here is that the BBC seems to have moved the 2 SD channels from thier HD transponder. This would alow the transponder to be switched to DVB-S2 transmission which will give 50% increase in bitrate available. It remains to be seen if they will increase the bitrate and switch to 1920×1080 transmission. The BBC have already indicated they will switch to statistical multiplexing on HD channels.


  36. Trevor Harris Says:


    That is true but looking back at BBC 1 primetime over that last 6 months most of it has been repeats and very few new programs. Even now quite a few of thier new prime time series are not in HD. I certainly find myself watching far more in HD on ITV than the BBC.


  37. Neil Says:

    That is also interesting me too, more so as to why the beeb have decided to fit seven services in to their ‘DSAT1’ Txp (the one carrying BBC1 London, BBC2 England, BBC Three, Five + 3x BBC1 variants)? I thought S2 modulation increased bandwidth by 20-25%? I doubt they’ll go 1920×1080 for HD but if so would only require minimal increases in average bandwidth for this and using DVB-S or S2 still leave room for a further HD channel – as is the case with ITV (x2) + STV on 10936V.

    Surely in the interests of quality over quantity, which I truly believe the BBC are the only broadcasters who still think along these lines, I would have thought they’d keep six services on all Txp’s if only to protect BBC2 England’s resolution. Stat muxing will work well on the BBC ‘DSAT1’ Txp as it hosts a variety of services (BBC1, BBC2, BBC3/CBeebies + Five) so suspect this is the way they are thinking with these changes? Alternatively there will most likely be a longer term solution to remove Five when they acquire their own spot-beam transponder on 1N next year.

    Either way, they could have had the two HD services + left one SD BBC1 region on their HD Txp but haven’t and there must be a reason why.


  38. Paul. Says:


    Could you explain this strange logic in post 33?

    “We must remember that the BBC were forced into providing BBC One HD because Five HD refused to pay the BBC the high cost the BBC were demanding for an HD channel on the BBC terestrial multiplex.”

    How were the BBC forced to provide BBC One HD because another company didn’t want to pay for carriage one one of the platforms?


  39. admin Says:

    @Trevor Harris

    In a discussion I had with a member of the BBC team, they gave me indications of the expected launches of the other HD channels, in 2011. Thinking about it though, this information was never official, but was a conversation had with a high up member of the team so here’s hoping.


  40. Neil Says:

    At least we can all pretty much be sure that if further BBC channels go HD then we’ll get them on Freesat. I’d suspect the BBC take another Txp once Astra 1N is launced in Q2 next year as this will give them more bandwidth for a potential four more HD services.

    I think the BBC have been a bit slow at embracing HD and with the opportunity they got to launch BBC1HD have decided to move forward with all new commissions to their networks being in HD from next year. If we do see more HD from the BBC it won’t be on Freeview as there’s no bandwidth available for it.


  41. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Neil 40

    Even if there is little room on Freeview for additional HD channels, it makes sense for the BBC to commission the majority of its programs in HD. The investment would be recouped in the future with sales to other broadcasters and when Bluray becomes mainstream. Hopefully Freesat will be one of the main beneficiary.


  42. Peter Says:

    @40 and 41

    It would be highly unlikely that the BBC Trust would allow the Corporation to launch HD services on one platform only. This would go completely against their main public service remit.

    What is more likely is that shortly after 2012, there will be a decision to convert another DTT mux to DVB-T2 That would allow the current BBC mux used for all HD services to have the main 1-4 channels in HD plus BBC Alba in SD, which the Scottish Parliament would finance as on satellite or an alternative HD feed (think Olympics or World Cup) or reserved for BBC 3D.


  43. Mediaman Says:

    My contacts say pretty much the same thing about the additional BBC channels going HD. Satellite will probably be first for testing as more space will be available then cable and hopefully Freeview after DSO when space can be made. Hopefully STV will be on freesat soon to.


  44. Trevor Harris Says:


    The reason I was suprised at the posibility of more BBC HD channels is the BBC policy of olny creating new channels if they can be made available on Freeview. As we now know the BBC even reduced the picture quality on BBC HD on satellite to match the quality on Freeview HD. As far as I can see there will be no more space on freeview until 2012 at least. Ofcom did hope to be able to squeeze 5 HD channels on one Freeview multiplex but I think this will be impossibe.

    In fact if the BBC HD transponder switches to DVB-S2 there will be room for 4 high quality HD channels. The BBC could start BBC2, 3 and 4 in HD but only on satellite.


    Sorry you are right it is 25% for DVB-S2 and 50% for DVB-T2.


    In answer to your question the terestrial multiplex for Freevoew HD belongs to the BBC. The plan was to offer a channel to Five HD but for financial reasons they decided not to take up the offer. The channel then reverted to the BBC and so the BBC had to find something to put on it as it was costing money. The cheapest and easyest solution was create BBC One HD. Before Fives refusal there were no plans for the BBC One HD channel.

    As for 3D well the BBC in there wisdom have made our old friend Danielle Nagler head of BBC 3D. She has made it clear that the BBC has no plans to deliver a 3D service at all. The BBC does have plans for producing 3D at the Olympics for foreign broadcasters only. Licence payers will not seeing the Olympics in 3D.


  45. Neil Says:

    @40 – I agree with you there, never thought about the BluRay sales and BBC Worldwide re-sale etc.

    @41 – Your right that the BBC Trust wouldn’t be happy about the Corporation to launch additional HD channels on one single platform (particularly a pay-biased one like Sky) but I really can’t see where the bandwidth is going to come from Freeview-wise before 2012. Even afterwards they’ll be lucky to have 70% UK coverage at the launch of a 7th multiplex and this unlikely to ever have 98% universal coverage too. BBC HD has existed on Satellite and Cable since 2006, it’s only in the last 11 Months it’s appeared on Freeview so I don’t see the issue.

    If Freesat continues it’s growth to over 2m by next year, the case could be argued that Freesat complements Freeview with those wanting extra HD opting for Freesat STB’s or TV’s. I really can’t see all these extra BBC HD services, ITV2,3+4 & Film4 and E4HD all ever on Freeview together – satellite and cable are the only options for mass HD moving forward.


  46. Peter Says:

    @ Neil
    I think the scenario will very much depend on the penetration of DVB-T2 enabled sets but I think it quite likely the end of 2011 sales will see the last full screen sets without this being sold off and STBs down to the £30 / £50 range. This is particularly the case now India has opted for T2 so the number of tuner circuits produced will explode.

    OfCom did not only hope, they plan for 5 HD stations on the existing mux. It was the “consolation prize” for Five when they were removed from the bidding for slot 4.

    IF there is a reasonable percentage of sets with T2 tuners or other means of accessing digital services, the excuse for not converting one of the existing commercial muxes reduces so it would not need another one. Eventually we will go fully T2 for HD, SD and radio with the last -T services being a single mux for the PSB ie the analogue five – BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five (assuming the lineup remains the same) A good date for that would be 2018 as it would be 20 years after the first digital services. with final -T switchoff five years later.

    That would allow for the resolution of another stumbling block for HD penetration that nobody seems to recognise. A number of cable areas do not have enough bandwidth for very many HD channels. These are the places with the original copper cable main distribution lines. Virgin only offer a comparatively few HD channels in these places. I happen to be in one where the capacity is so low they do not recognise that I have cable (I use their broadband) and refuse to install a telephone because the copper cables cannot cope.


  47. Richard Crichton Says:

    BBC1 has something like 20 regional variations which would mean 20 HD channels if your idea was adopted. Where would the space come from ?


  48. glynsmith Says:

    Got a wierd (and failed) update scan today. HDR asked me to update, said yes, then came up with a ‘due to technical difficulties…’ page. Can’t see anything added or removed. Anyone else?


  49. Phil Owens Says:

    Where has Joinfreesat been all day?

    Anyway, how did the big BBC re-shuffle go? I had to do a re-scan to get the channels that had changed transponders back. They 101, 102 and so on had plonked themselves in the 900’s. 101 between 956 and 957 looked strange.


  50. admin Says:

    @Phil Owens

    Sorry about that, host problems, data connections etc. Should all be back to normal now (hopefully!)


  51. Trevor Harris Says:


    Do you think Ofcom will be able to squeeze another HD channel onto multiplex B. The BBC has already stated that they had to revert to AAC sound just to get audio description included. I cannot believe that the BBC would reduce the picture quality even more considering the publics reaction to the current low quality.


  52. Rozzo Says:

    re: 49 & 50
    My Panasonic freesat tv (Z81 series – 2008 model) and technisat hdfs both retuned without any messages / confirmations being required.


  53. Pedro Says:

    Rozzo – have you got BBC iplayer for your Panasonic? I think I’ve got the same model but it doesn’t seem to have updated with the iplayer as yet!


  54. Mark Says:

    Why are people moaning about channel numbers?
    Just press the buttons – it’s not hard.
    You currently press 103 for ITV and 119 for ITV HD (or back/swap depending on your receiver if returning to a previously watched channel)

    Even $ky don’t have their HD channels in the upper numbers.

    As for the comments on C4 HD, if you are on Facebook, search for Freesat and one of of their feeds somebody asked about this channel and the response was ‘we hope to have news on this soon’


  55. satom Says:

    @54 thats their standard reply to almost anything …


  56. scoobie Says:

    What will the picture quality be like though? They have the transponder space on Freesat at least to do this right, and broadcast in 1920, true HD, at a decent bitrate, with stat muxing. But will they I wonder, compared to the HD lite we get from BBC HD.


  57. ian Says:

    If anything is to go by, as made refrence to earlier, i think BBC One HD will be at the same quality as BBC HD is on Freeview, and so to make it ‘fair’ the quality will be the same across DTT and DSAT, which is poor to be honest!
    It being the BBC, you sort of expect the quality to be good, but im sorry to say, the BBC HD channel output quality is second or even thrid rate! You almost penalise viewers in with a dish in terms of quality to make up for it for those with an ariel…


  58. Salty dawg Says:

    Blimey, l thought train & plane spotters were bad enough!! 8-D


  59. Phil Says:

    Going off topic slightly does anyone know when Heart Radio station is going on to freesat


  60. alex Says:

    If the BBC commission extra programe’s in HD then they can easily rebroadcast a BBC2 programe onto BBC4 several months in the future, wiith BBC1,2,3and 4 in HD. Channel4 should be able to convert all of their channels to HD for FREESAT transmission when ASTRA 1N is in operation.


  61. Neil Says:

    @59 – You’ll have to email Heart (Global) as they are missing a big opportunity with not being on the platform.

    It looks like the two BBC1’s are still on 10847V although with the service names deleted so Sky and Freesat STB’s won’t see them. I presume they’ll be deleted once their is a reconfiguration to add BBC1HD which should start testing very soon I guess.


  62. Tony Says:

    Always good to see extra channels ..The BBC1 hd channel will be welcomed by most as a massive plus..It would of been a big plus if they had kept this channel exclusive to freesat & freeview . It’s about time someone stood up to S*Y !!
    Looking forward to Astras 1N , this should open up alot of space for everyone concerned. The no space/room issue on this satellite platform will become a thing of the past.


  63. Mark S Says:

    @ Alex, I emailed Heart months ago about joining freesat. Their answer was they intend to, but need more technical work done to join.
    Maybe so they can have different heart regions?


  64. Mark S Says:

    oops, @ phil, 59


  65. Update Scan – 19/10/10 | Join Freesat Says:
  66. satom Says:

    “The no space/room issue on this satellite platform will become a thing of the past.”

    I don’t think there is a real problem. There would be enough room if they really wanted to add channels. And if there was demand, SES would reposition astra 2c rather than let it rot 100% empty at 31 …


  67. Trevor Harris Says:


    You say .”It would of been a big plus if they had kept this channel exclusive to freesat & freeview . It’s about time someone stood up to S*Y !!”

    I realy do not see how this would be a big plus for anyone. First of all Sky has more than 2 million HD subscribers who are also licence payers which the BBC should not ignore. The BBC has a legal responsibility to transmit on all platforms. It must also be remembered that Freesat is only an EPG service and is dependent of Sky for the transmission infrastructure.


  68. satom Says:

    are you using sky as synonym for sat/ses or are they really? Than they should work to directly interact with ses and private uplink organizations – which would open possinilites for independent enterprises (and the economy) and a door to negotiate tp leases for future freesat broadcasters (get better conditions if a bundle of channels contract together with ses)


  69. Tony Says:

    @ 67 Trevor Harris
    The point I was making was simply everytime a new HD service comes along Freesat always seems to come of worse , quite simply as sky pays for channels to be scrambled. Therefore not open to everyone.
    I was just stating a that it would be nice for a mainstream HD channel to be exclusive to Freesat , instead of it always being the other way round !
    Maybe when more people come over to freesat things will eventually change.
    It would be nice to see the shoe on the other foot !


  70. Yorky Says:

    Wasn’t ITV1HD exclusive to Freesat for a while?


  71. Trevor Harris Says:

    ITV HD was exclusive to Freesat but ITV soon realised that they were missing out on 2 million HD homes. ITV 1 was also not available on satellite for over a year to get people onto ITV Digital. This did not work either.


  72. John P Says:

    ITV was available on Sky HD boxes as a manual tune before it became available on Sky channel 178. It was not exclusive to Freesat.


  73. Neil Says:

    It was exclusive to Freesat in terms of EPG carriage. Interestingly Sky HD STB’s also didn’t support the encoding format ITV were using until Sky decided to do a “routine firmware update” purely co-incidental of course!!


  74. admin Says:

    For those enquiring about replacing slots 101 and 103 with the high-definition version, unfortunately Freesat have responded with the following:

    Channel positions on the Freest EPG are universal to all Freesat receiver products and are strictly allocated according our EPG Listing Policy. This policy takes into account special requirements set out in the Ofcom EPG Code about the way in which Public Service channels must be listed.

    Freesat customers can use the ‘favourites’ feature on their receiver to set up their own Freesat channel listing. This allows customers to add favourite channels in a preferred order within a separate list.

    We suspect however from a conversation had with BBC a few months ago that the BBC intend on getting rid of the SD versions of those in HD during 2011/12, so we’ll see.


  75. HD-Sceptic Says:

    #74 admin

    If the BBC get rid of the SD version of BBC1 (their most-watched channel), how do those of us with SD boxes watch BBC1?

    At a time when Freesat needs to attract as many viewers as possible to consolidate its position, this would be an appalling message to send to prospective customers – “buy into our service and, in a couple of years, we’ll make your equipment obsolete”. Will they next get rid of HD channels which are broadcast in 3-D?


  76. admin Says:


    Suspect the plan would be that everyone can still access BBC One etc, but it will be SD if you have an SD receiver, or HD if you have a HD receiver; depending on the connection used. Not sure how possible that is…


  77. Roland Says:

    If Sky can do an EPG swap for customers with a HD box and HD sub I would have thought that it would be possible for Freesat to do an EPG swap for HD equipment users, as all HD boxes and TVs have an Ethernet port they could in theory detect which boxes have got a connection to the Internet and do an EPG swap for those boxes and if your HD equipment isn’t connected to the Internet your box would be treated like and SD box and carry on as it is now.

    A simpler solution would be to allow D box manufacturers to expand on the channel swap feature that they have got now so that you can have BBC One HD on 101 and Itv1 HD on 103.

    As all HD boxes can be connected to a non HD/HD Ready TV there really isn’t any excuse for people to be buying SD Freesat boxes, even Sky have discontinued the supply of SD kit to new subscribers.


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