BBC One HD Launches This November

Following on from the announcement made back in May of BBC One going high-definition, we can confirm that the BBC expect to launch this channel on the 3rd November 2010, if the expected frequency changes are accurate.

BBC One HD will mirror the standard-definition version with any programmes native to HD being available in that format, whilst all others will be upscalled.

This channel will join BBC HD (a mix of BBC Two, Three and Four) and ITV1 HD in the Freesat HD line-up.

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  1. @Peter

    Do you think Ofcom will be able to squeeze another HD channel onto multiplex B. The BBC has already stated that they had to revert to AAC sound just to get audio description included. I cannot believe that the BBC would reduce the picture quality even more considering the publics reaction to the current low quality.

  2. re: 49 & 50
    My Panasonic freesat tv (Z81 series – 2008 model) and technisat hdfs both retuned without any messages / confirmations being required.

  3. Rozzo – have you got BBC iplayer for your Panasonic? I think I’ve got the same model but it doesn’t seem to have updated with the iplayer as yet!

  4. Why are people moaning about channel numbers?
    Just press the buttons – it’s not hard.
    You currently press 103 for ITV and 119 for ITV HD (or back/swap depending on your receiver if returning to a previously watched channel)

    Even $ky don’t have their HD channels in the upper numbers.

    As for the comments on C4 HD, if you are on Facebook, search for Freesat and one of of their feeds somebody asked about this channel and the response was ‘we hope to have news on this soon’

  5. What will the picture quality be like though? They have the transponder space on Freesat at least to do this right, and broadcast in 1920, true HD, at a decent bitrate, with stat muxing. But will they I wonder, compared to the HD lite we get from BBC HD.

  6. If anything is to go by, as made refrence to earlier, i think BBC One HD will be at the same quality as BBC HD is on Freeview, and so to make it ‘fair’ the quality will be the same across DTT and DSAT, which is poor to be honest!
    It being the BBC, you sort of expect the quality to be good, but im sorry to say, the BBC HD channel output quality is second or even thrid rate! You almost penalise viewers in with a dish in terms of quality to make up for it for those with an ariel…

  7. If the BBC commission extra programe’s in HD then they can easily rebroadcast a BBC2 programe onto BBC4 several months in the future, wiith BBC1,2,3and 4 in HD. Channel4 should be able to convert all of their channels to HD for FREESAT transmission when ASTRA 1N is in operation.

  8. @59 – You’ll have to email Heart (Global) as they are missing a big opportunity with not being on the platform.

    It looks like the two BBC1’s are still on 10847V although with the service names deleted so Sky and Freesat STB’s won’t see them. I presume they’ll be deleted once their is a reconfiguration to add BBC1HD which should start testing very soon I guess.

  9. Always good to see extra channels ..The BBC1 hd channel will be welcomed by most as a massive plus..It would of been a big plus if they had kept this channel exclusive to freesat & freeview . It’s about time someone stood up to S*Y !!
    Looking forward to Astras 1N , this should open up alot of space for everyone concerned. The no space/room issue on this satellite platform will become a thing of the past.

  10. @ Alex, I emailed Heart months ago about joining freesat. Their answer was they intend to, but need more technical work done to join.
    Maybe so they can have different heart regions?

  11. “The no space/room issue on this satellite platform will become a thing of the past.”

    I don’t think there is a real problem. There would be enough room if they really wanted to add channels. And if there was demand, SES would reposition astra 2c rather than let it rot 100% empty at 31 …

  12. @Tony

    You say .”It would of been a big plus if they had kept this channel exclusive to freesat & freeview . It’s about time someone stood up to S*Y !!”

    I realy do not see how this would be a big plus for anyone. First of all Sky has more than 2 million HD subscribers who are also licence payers which the BBC should not ignore. The BBC has a legal responsibility to transmit on all platforms. It must also be remembered that Freesat is only an EPG service and is dependent of Sky for the transmission infrastructure.

  13. are you using sky as synonym for sat/ses or are they really? Than they should work to directly interact with ses and private uplink organizations – which would open possinilites for independent enterprises (and the economy) and a door to negotiate tp leases for future freesat broadcasters (get better conditions if a bundle of channels contract together with ses)

  14. @ 67 Trevor Harris
    The point I was making was simply everytime a new HD service comes along Freesat always seems to come of worse , quite simply as sky pays for channels to be scrambled. Therefore not open to everyone.
    I was just stating a that it would be nice for a mainstream HD channel to be exclusive to Freesat , instead of it always being the other way round !
    Maybe when more people come over to freesat things will eventually change.
    It would be nice to see the shoe on the other foot !

  15. ITV HD was exclusive to Freesat but ITV soon realised that they were missing out on 2 million HD homes. ITV 1 was also not available on satellite for over a year to get people onto ITV Digital. This did not work either.

  16. ITV was available on Sky HD boxes as a manual tune before it became available on Sky channel 178. It was not exclusive to Freesat.

  17. It was exclusive to Freesat in terms of EPG carriage. Interestingly Sky HD STB’s also didn’t support the encoding format ITV were using until Sky decided to do a “routine firmware update” purely co-incidental of course!!

  18. For those enquiring about replacing slots 101 and 103 with the high-definition version, unfortunately Freesat have responded with the following:

    Channel positions on the Freest EPG are universal to all Freesat receiver products and are strictly allocated according our EPG Listing Policy. This policy takes into account special requirements set out in the Ofcom EPG Code about the way in which Public Service channels must be listed.

    Freesat customers can use the ‘favourites’ feature on their receiver to set up their own Freesat channel listing. This allows customers to add favourite channels in a preferred order within a separate list.

    We suspect however from a conversation had with BBC a few months ago that the BBC intend on getting rid of the SD versions of those in HD during 2011/12, so we’ll see.

  19. #74 admin

    If the BBC get rid of the SD version of BBC1 (their most-watched channel), how do those of us with SD boxes watch BBC1?

    At a time when Freesat needs to attract as many viewers as possible to consolidate its position, this would be an appalling message to send to prospective customers – “buy into our service and, in a couple of years, we’ll make your equipment obsolete”. Will they next get rid of HD channels which are broadcast in 3-D?

  20. @HD-Sceptic

    Suspect the plan would be that everyone can still access BBC One etc, but it will be SD if you have an SD receiver, or HD if you have a HD receiver; depending on the connection used. Not sure how possible that is…

  21. @admin
    If Sky can do an EPG swap for customers with a HD box and HD sub I would have thought that it would be possible for Freesat to do an EPG swap for HD equipment users, as all HD boxes and TVs have an Ethernet port they could in theory detect which boxes have got a connection to the Internet and do an EPG swap for those boxes and if your HD equipment isn’t connected to the Internet your box would be treated like and SD box and carry on as it is now.

    A simpler solution would be to allow D box manufacturers to expand on the channel swap feature that they have got now so that you can have BBC One HD on 101 and Itv1 HD on 103.

    As all HD boxes can be connected to a non HD/HD Ready TV there really isn’t any excuse for people to be buying SD Freesat boxes, even Sky have discontinued the supply of SD kit to new subscribers.

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