BBC One HD Now Testing

For those of you that can’t wait for the launch of BBC One HD on the 3rd November 2010, the channel has appeared this morning for testing.

Obviously this is just a test channel for now, so won’t carry full television listings etc, but if you want to take a look, you’ll just need to add the frequency information manually (the method of doing this will vary from receiver to receiver):

Channel ID: 6941
Frequency: 10.84700 GHz
Polarisation: V (vertical)
Symbol rate: 22.0 Mbaud
FEC: 5/6

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  1. @99 bigal: Very possibly. Highly likely, in fact, as my earlier wanderings periously close to off topic (@55) may evidence. 🙂

    It is something I intend to either sort out or put firmly out of question as soon as I am able. I just thought you might like to know you are not alone with this -although the reasons may be different.

    It is regrettible ITV2, 3, 4 HD have gone subscription. It would certainly have helped the attraction of Freesat if they had come here. It would be great if STV HD would come to Freesat. I wonder if it is worth e-mailing them with the suggestion? There is a link on to, which seems the most appropriate option. Maybe if enough people request it, they might consider it if they haven’t already. Relevence to BBC1 HD? Tenuous, but the more HD channels the more attractive Freesat may become, thus more BBC channels may appear in HD sooner, perhaps. Also, it is generally regarded as having better picture quality which might persuade the BBC and ITV1 to make efforts to match it.

  2. I did the manual tune for BBC 1 HD earlier today. At the time they were just showing the BBC 1 idents with a notice about first program at 7pm Wednesday. It would be nice to see some previews.

  3. yep, the y joined BBC1 all week inbetween preview loops and cards .. I had some hope for a bit of upscaled Merlin too …

  4. cannot comfirm this, but noise from a few reliable sources have said that Channel4 have bought a vacant transponder space from the BBC for Channel4HD to launch on Freesat, again, i cannot confirm this!!

  5. @103, Satom: It’s a great pity Merlin, at the very least the current series, wasn’t shot in HD. I know there has been speculation regarding the costs and time required to create the special effects in HD. I for one would have loved to see the dragon in HD.

  6. #106 Keith

    I am surprised that Merlin has not been produced in HD especially as Dr Who, The Sarah Jane Adventure’s and Torchwood are all currently in HD now and have special effects galore. I really enjoyed last nights episode of Merlin so HD is not the most important factor.

  7. @104 – Who are your sources (if you can reveal, understand if not)? Not Digital Spy by any chance? You do have to take what is put on their with a pinch of salt!

  8. apart from not beeing the BBC but Sky, not C4 HD but E4/more4 HD/4 music HD and not FTA but encrypted …

    just teasing …

    yes a lot on digital spy is either wishful thinking without regards to commercial structures, promo by installers, reseller who want to sell fe new HD equipment or straightforward misleading “info” by sky troupers. So yes be careful with those, use your brain and own knowledge

  9. he wrote “might” – so either he is not allowed or the deals are not done yet so patience is the best way forward for now I think – lets be happy when it really is news

  10. not DS no, ive more sense than that lol!
    but no, i car’nt reveal the source, if/when i can, il plaster it across here in big capitals

  11. Patience is virtue that evidently most posters (and lurkers) don’t have on here or DS.

    But I am thankful for both Ian and the other Ian’s (admin) input.

    We all know it will happen eventially and I work on the presumption that c4 (and all the other psbs) will want more narrow beam transponders once the new astra sat is up next year. The BBC won’t launch any new services unless freeview can support them, so in the short term it looks like they have unused bandwidth which c4 could do with in the short term to launch their HD service.

    As I understand it free view think after dso 2012 there may be room for another HD service and there is always the potential of another HD mux being offered if it makes sense commercially, so until then I can’t see the the extra sat bandwidth being used.

    But until it’s official all we can do is presume….

  12. i know that 95% of the comments and alike on digital spy is concoton and speculation, and if i wanted that, il put sky news on!

    yes 115, i find that not to be the case with the BBC and Freeview, allot of what is avalible on DSAT, like sport multiscreen and new multiscreen is not avalible on Freeview, the latter was taken off for ‘HD’ but we all know the space is now being used for Sky Sports so….. its a big reason why i invested in a Humax FoxSat HD box, i was sick of seeing ‘not on freeview’…. but then again, new multiscreen is not on Freesat, so the cross platform neutrality is a bit all-to-cock with the BBC!
    still………… roll on BBC One HD and its splendid DOG right!! 🙂

  13. I received the following reply from STV regarding my enquiry about STV HD:

    We do not yet have a date for when STV HD will launch on the satellite
    platform. We absolutely want to have STV HD on both Sky and Freesat and
    are currently working with Sky, Freesat and ITV Network with a view to
    making STV HD available via satellite as soon as possible.

    Sounds promising. 🙂

  14. @ 118 Keith:

    but you are well aware you can get STV HD in gorgeous HD in non freesat mode for some time now?

  15. #119 satom

    Yeah – but still without subtitles. For those of us who are aurally challenged, a pretty picture is not enough. SD with subtitles still wins. The same is true of ITV-HD. If the Beeb can do it, why not ITV/STV?

  16. yes … I think its because its just a test transmission until they get their issues with ITV sorted ,,,

  17. Just reading the Freesat info page on channel 999.

    It says that to prompt the changes after 7pm put your box into standby for one minute and turn it back on.

    So it looks as though the change will be made right at the last minute.

    Don’t know about anyone else but I would have thought it would be better to switch say morning/afternoon on the 3rd to put BBC HD on 109 and One HD on 108 and show the BBC One HD slide until the launch.

  18. i was expecting an update message this morning saying it had been added, but i feel they (BBC) will leave it untill wednesday! which is mindless IMO!

  19. @bigal

    The plan is to launch it just before midday on Wednesday with a test screen and banner stating that BBC HD is now on channel 109. Not sure why the info channel is suggesting otherwise, but there are always some boxes that need rebooting before the changes take affect, so many it is directed at them.

  20. thinking about it its not easy for freesat since the EPG is the heart of the matter and if the switched to a one testcatd too early people would complain their scheduled recordings were alll wrong. So they have to keep it to almost the last minute. I wonder if they will switch real tp channels at all since what is going on in the backgound it is not relevant for freesat viewers. I would have expected them to put HD UK on both IDs for some time so people could get used to the new ID of the HD channel and program that in advance.

  21. @ admin Many thanks for the info.

    @ satom I agree it is not easy for freesat. This must be a major nightmare for them.

    Round of applause everyone for all at the BBC, Freesat and the Admin of this site for all the work they put in on our behalf. In the words of an old TV host…..
    “I mean that most sincerely, folks”

  22. @119, satom: Thanks for pointing that out, but yes I did know.

    There four reasons I’m keen for it to appear on Freesat proper:

    It would be included in the programmes guide, not just Now and Next.

    I have a Humax/Foxsat HDR. Whilst in non-freesat mode, scheduled recordings won’t record (I think).

    Following from that point, I would be able to schedule recordings once the channel appears in the programme guide.

    It would be easier to switch between channels.

    Actually, I rarely come out of Freesat mode any longer. Another benefit is that the channel would become more visible than others, rather than just a four-digit number, and more people might notice the better picture quality. Above all else, Freesat would be able to claim four HD channels, rather than just three.

  23. @ 127 Keith

    Err, That would be three HD channels. BBC One HD, BBC HD & ITV 1 HD.

    The other HD channel is in Non Freesat mode.

  24. @ bigal

    he referred to IF the now testing STV HD was part of freesat line up (not really 4 HD channels since ITV1 and STV join for a lot of programming but if you would overlook that there would be 4)

  25. @129, bigal: Agreed, it does rather depend upon ones definition of a channel. It would more correctly be termed a regional variant. Yet, on casual examination, it does seem to have a greater variation than the English regions before they were amalgamated into ITV1 – now there’s hardly any regional variation at all and no decernable ‘local’ news, at least with Meridian. STV seem to show feature films overnight, instead of ITV1’s teleshopping/quizzes etc.

    Given also that it is generally regarded as having better picture quality, personally, I would be more likely to regard it as my preferred ITV1 HD channel than channel 119.

    I guess I was taking a loose definition, regarding it as a separate channel since it would be listed separately in the programme guide and I would have the option of scheduling recordings from it.

  26. STV is more than a regional variant! Not so long ago we had Grampian serving the north of Scotland, STV serving the central belt (including Edinburgh and Glasgow) and Border TV looking after, well, the Borders. They all featured a lot of their own programming (who remembers Thingummyjig?),

    The pressure which followed financial weakness forced a lot of mergers and we are now left with the present situation. STV still makes some of its own programmes, but a lot of the schedule is indistinguishable from the English regions. We would like to think of this as a temporary measure until the financial situation improves so that we can return to making and watching our own programmes.

  27. Jock-STV are a joke right now,they are denying viewers the likes of Downton Abbey(not my cup of tea) and in the past stopped showing The Bill etc. They seem more committed to showing second rate Australian crime series’ and repeats of billy connolly in the arctic.STV made a rod for their own back by opting out of the ITV network when it suited them,they dont even cover Live scottish football anymore. Its not a temporary measure at all,expect more repeats of Taggart, et al.

  28. @roger

    they don’t only break away from downtown alley which is even less my cup of tea than that weired australian “crime series” but at least they try to offer a decent regional program to cater their viewers with an different schedule. Some of that is a lot better than the ITV offerings some are worth – as always … but i applaude them for beeing regional and going their own way

  29. @roger: ITV1 London is always available on 977 for those STV viewers for whom Downton Abbey ‘is’ their cup of tea -not mine either.

  30. 133 – roger

    Thanks for that. I would much rather watch a repeat of Taggart than Scottish (or any other) football. As Keith points out, Freesat boxes give us access to English ITV – and Scottish ex-pats can watch our programmes.

    Many of the posts on JoinFreesat have drawn attention to the poor quality of ITV programming in general – STV is just different. However, with the flexibility that a decent Freesat box gives us, what are we moaning about?

  31. Re Jock,Keith etc-Absolutely agree guys,ITV1 is far from being the best,Auntie BBC is easily way ahead,all i was saying was that STV are not what they once were,they have lost the plot. Satom,have you watched “The Hour” screened between 5-6pm? Jesus,its dire,this is supposedly STV’s answer to a Paul O’Grady/Alan TiTmarsh show. The other week they even showed the previous 2 days weather instead of that day’s forecast. And as for “going their own way”- the only way is down.

  32. @ roger

    give them a chance … personally I would rather look the weather of the last two days again or 10 episodes of Beeing victor than 10 miunutes of celebrity juice or the likes of that

  33. and yes The Hour is only the short title for The Nanas Niiting Club Entertainment Hour – they have to cater to the viewers at that time of day like the good ole radio kuxembourg had to do since they only haven 1 channel for all groups. But I do think they show a lot better movies at night than ITV does. And anyway: If they come to freesat its one more to choose from – and that can’t be that bad, can it?

  34. Satom-sorry mate but,being scotland’s only independent channel they are dying a slow death.Viewing figures are plummeting whereas if they had stayed fully within the ITV network,screening the major dramas etc their share of advertising revenue would have helped them produce better local programming.For some of their programmes(repeats) viewing figures have been under 100,000. In a nation of 5m plus this is not good.Cheers

  35. STV in the last year have launched STV Player, apps, higher online profile, alternative programming most of which is working, higher number of viewers and profits new advertising and sponsors start next year. None of which could be done under ITV. Many media experts are saying that STV’s strategy and business plan are working unlike ITV,s which is spending huge amounts and getting further into debt. On the whole STV is in a better place now than it was with ITV. Even ITV’s boss said today that ITV only appeals to the lowest common denominator and they would like more variety in genres but can’t afford it.
    STV is in a lot better shape than ITV is right now and their shares are rising above average where as ITV are barely moving. Daybreak, the many problems surrounding Downton Abbey are adding to their already huge financial debt.

  36. “BBC One HD will be available – from November 3rd – on Freesat channel 108, BBC HD will be available – from November 3rd – on Freesat channel 109….”

    So will it just appear, i’m out until 10:30 tonight and have programmes set to record on BBC HD will then just fail or will the channel channel appear before I leave for work at 13:30?????

  37. Addition to my post No 145

    It tries to Auto access the Red Button service and shows a box saying Due to a technical problem, we are unable to carry out your request at this time.

    There is a Yellow button to go back. When I press it I just get stuck in a loop.

  38. @146-147,bigal: My Humax box started doing that at power-up occasionally a few months ago. Mostly, after it did an auto-tune, I think. I found pressing the ‘Exit’ button the most reliable method to sort this.

  39. Keith 148

    It only happened on BBC One HD just after it came onto ch 108. No other channels were affected and it cleared itself shortly after.

    More of a tech fault at BBC/Freesat than my Humax I suspect.

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