BBC One to launch +1 channel

BBC One to launch +1 channelBBC Director General Tony Hall announced today that Britain’s most-watched channel will launch a BBC One +1 channel.

Speaking today, he said:

Any plan for channels starts with BBC One. Above all, BBC One needs to be on top form. It has to be the nation’s favourite channel, but also its bravest. We’ll also look to launch a BBC One +1 channel, too – it’s what audiences expect, especially younger ones, and it means people can get more of what they’ve already paid for.

Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, adds:

This is brilliant news for BBC One viewers, it means the content we pay for delivers even more value for audiences. In a world of increased choice, +1 will enable licence fee payers to have even more access to our broad range of programmes every day.

BBC One already reaches 80 per cent of the population on average per week, by far the biggest reach of any other channel. The backwards programme guide on YouView is already helping audiences fit more of the best content into their busy lives. The extras audiences get through the red button and our new connected red button makes pressing red even better, bringing TV, radio and online seamlessly together on the living room TV, in the simplest way possible. And with plans to launch on a number of new platforms, including FreeView, Freesat and YouView, in the next 12 months – this is what channels will feel like, in the future.

Emma Scott, Managing Director of Freesat said:

The announcement today that BBC One will launch a +1 channel on Freesat is fantastic news for our 4 million viewers as we continue to add new channels and On Demand services, plus invest in cutting edge technology. Our own backwards TV Guide has already proved incredibly popular, giving viewers the option to Roll Back in time via a slick TV Guide which also gives recommendations on what to watch. It’s a hugely exciting time in the TV market and the addition of popular new channels and services can only strengthen our great line-up, giving viewers more of what they want in their living rooms.

We’re really excited about the new BBC iPlayer features and hope to be able to roll them out for our Freetime users as soon as they become available. We will soon be delivering more features to our next generation Freetime service including a remote app and in the future, additional movie and music channels.

Further details on when this new service will launch and how it will be made available to licence fee payers will be confirmed in due course.

56 thoughts on “BBC One to launch +1 channel”

  1. Cheers for the gadget show heads up
    I just watched it via demand 5 on a PC
    Very distorted I thought, i.e. did not tell you how much storage space that any of the boxes had. They only did one recording, and did not comment on it’s time keeping. Freesat that I have, record an ITV show via the guide, and the end of the recording is likely to be missing. Or what if some one’s location skews their choice, were I live forget freeview, if a car goes past it ruins what you are watching

  2. they (freesat) need to to put pressure on channel 5 to get their HD service on freesat. never mind +1 channels it should have the main 5 services in HD first

  3. m tate said:
    they (freesat) need to to put pressure on channel 5 to get their HD service on freesat.never mind +1 channels it should have the main 5 services in HD first

    Unfortunately 5HD has just gone Pay for View.

  4. Al (Original) said: Unfortunately 5HD has just gone Pay for View.

    i know… bad news for freesat imo and just to prove what a joke this country has become

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