BBCHD To Be Replaced By BBC2HD

As part of the BBC’s cost cutting budget announced today, it has been confirmed what had been planned since last year that BBC’s “umbrella” high-definition channel will be replaced by BBC2 HD, to help with their required 20% cost reduction.

The plan is that BBC2 HD will simply simulcast programmes on BBC2 rather than offering a range of programmes from BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 in high-definition, though it is expected that many of the most popular BBC3 and 4 programmes will broadcast on BBC2 in the future.

There are no planned changes to the way BBC1 and BBC1 HD operate.

More information on the BBC’s further cuts can be found here.

How do you feel about the change? Do you often watch programmes on BBCHD that aren’t being simulcast from BBC1 or BBC2 at the same time? Leave your comments below.

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  1. HD-Sceptic:”If the Beeb is doing this to save money, how is it cheaper to simulcast BBC2 than to use BBC-HD as a showcase?”

    because there is a team of people dealing with the schedule of BBCHD; deciding what programmes go where, links, trailers, announcements etc.

    A continuous showcase will still need a schedule generating and isn’t as much value as BBC2HD

    BBC2HD will tap off the standard BBC2 chain with redundancy + DOGS, hence there is no additional ongoing operational costs

  2. Shame. BBC HD was a great showcase for all that was good from the BBC in HD. It had an excellent mix of the best repeats from BBC1 and allowed programs on 2/3 and 4 to be broadcast in HD as appropriate – everything from Being Human to BBC Wildlife. As a simulcast of BBC2 it will simply include the bad with the good.

  3. Right that’s it..

    I demand a free Freesat hd pvr as compensation please.

    On a different note the extra hd slot that’s being freed up on the freeview hd platform should now get a little more interesting as with the advent of this reorganisation of the bbc channels.
    Personally, I don’t want to see upscaled crap on a hd channel: ever.
    There’s simply no place for it except the sd slot it currently occupies.
    Therefore this change, in my opinion in the short term (until everyhting they produce becomes hd) is bad news compared to what we had before.

    Gutted I didn’t win that Manhattan…I was convinced!!!

  4. …compenstation….. I’d too would like a HD PVR… lol

    not sure how the BBC can save money by replacing BBC HD with BBC2 HD….

    I always thought a way of saving money would be reducing a service……

    Why not just get rid of Teletext (as ITV did), or remove the red button content…..

    I was kind of hoping that BBC2 HD was going to be an addition, and that BBC HD would be shoing BBC3 & BBC4 (and CBBC/Cbeebies before 7:00pm)

  5. @ 54 shaun

    If the BBC removed the red button content would that mean the loss of iPlayer on Freesat?

    Frankly I think these cuts are over the top and should be resisted. We are still paying the same licence fee. As I have pointed out before we the licence payers are being affected by a stealth tax which seems to indicate that the Conservatives are still in the back pocket of Murdoch.

  6. @ 56 Kevin Ver1
    “We are still paying the same licence fee.”
    Trouble is we should be paying 5% more as inflation has risen since last year.
    The license fee is frozen for six years so at the end of that period what we are paying could be worth 30% less to the BBC. How would you handle a 30% drop in your income without making cuts.

  7. “Tony Hales Says:
    Trouble is we should be paying 5% more as inflation has risen since last year.
    The license fee is frozen for six years so at the end of that period what we are paying could be worth 30% less to the BBC. How would you handle a 30% drop in your income without making cuts.”

    Maths fail.

    And also how many people in the UK do you think will be receiving 5% pay increases for the next 6 years? Not many, but I’m pretty sure that the BBC staff will be – and there lies part of the problem.

  8. I gather that the senior management at the BBC have taken a pay cut and I would not be surprised if there was a wage freeze. Whilst I would agree that the freeze on the licence fee would be difficult to deal with I would expect the additional costs imposed by the Government would not help in any way.

  9. Why do the BBC need two all day children’s channels. They should be combined into one channel. The school age kids can’t watch anyway so who do they think
    are they broadcasting to.
    @60 Ian Vallender
    The BBC is trying to save money not spend more and they are very unlikely to do as you suggest though I agree all channels should be in HD.
    If you want to see what proper HD looks like tune to NHK World.

  10. From a kids point of view its better one for toddlers and one for older children. Adults don’t really care anyway.older children will think cbeebies childish

  11. @55…..

    well ‘coming soon’ for BBC iplayer was almost a year wait.
    and ITV player has been ‘coming soon’ for a few months now.

    so ‘coming soon’ could be a matter of days, weeks, months, years.

  12. @62…..
    When I was a kid there was no daytime TV and only 3 BBC Radio Stations, home service, light program and third but we did have the pirate radio ships to listen to on our transistor radios.

  13. If the BBC was committed to giving the British public value for money whilst at the same time saving on its budget and moving forward, Then they would change BBC Three to BBC Movies. BBC Four to BBC Documentary.
    By doing this the BBC would become the envy of the world and could expand its HD division.
    Its that easy BBC and you pay managers £65000 and they cant come up with anything better?

  14. @ Ged Skelton #65

    Not sure of the logic behind your suggestion. BBC 3 does showcase a fair amount of original drama and comedy. It also show a fair number of factual programs. Its output may not be to everyone’s taste but much of it is well made. BBC 4 on the other hand does show a fair number of origin drama series including some of the best continental series. I see no benefit in restricting BBC 3 to films and BBC 4 to documentaries.

    Personally there is several ways the BBC could cut costs and improve its output. Firstly it should forgo the National Lottery. Why does the corporation pay a fortune for what is clearly a commercial venture? Secondly they should refuse to spend silly money for sport rights. Thirdly they should slim down the bureaucracy and concentrate on being creative.

  15. the sound on the HD channels are not as loud as on all other digital channels. What can i do about this?

  16. @ Stephen #67

    I often find the reverse is the case. HD Channels tend to be loader with my TV. I think the only solution is the remote control.

  17. I agree with a number of contributors who state that if the beeb can’t afford more HD channels and needs to economize, it should reserve one channel for programmes that can do full justice to HD. Namely, documentaries, live events including sport and indeed music which benefits from the better sound quality potential of HD. I am thinking here particularly of the Proms, which go out on BBC4 in the Summer. Hopefully adjustments will be made to the existing BBC2 schedules to accommodate more of these programmes in future. I cannot see how HD benefits BBC2 studio transmissions such as Mastermind and sitcoms, popular though they undoubtedly are.,

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