Beijing Olympics Interactive Channels

Thanks to reader Keith Ashman, he has pointed out 7 hidden channels showing BBCi streams for the olympics, with a further 2 multiscreen channels. We have not had news from BBC or the BBCi team on the progress of being ready for the start of the olympics (08/08/08), but it should be.

You can access the hidden channels by keying in the following numbers on your remote: 0980, 0981, 0982, 0983, 0984, 0985, 0986. For the multiscreen channels, key in 0990 & 0991.

This has been tested on a Bush SD box, but should work on all boxes.

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  1. The Olympic plans are highlighted on the main Freesat web site.

    Be patient all.

    Cheers, Chris

  2. These definitely appear on my Bush SD Box & are shown as Freesat channels. The first 7 channels appear to use the same transponder settings as the Sky BBCi service & could not previously be downloaded, (I tried it), so I assume this is all part of the changes that Sky are having to make to allow Freesat’s additional channels.
    If you haven’t already got them do a manual download & then try again. Settings are: 0980 channels.. Frequency 12441 Vertical Symbol 27500. The 0990 channels are on Freq 11953 Horizontal Symbol 27500.
    Good luck.

  3. Admin…I get the impression people think these are new channels rather than BBCi streams via red button….BUT can also be accessed directly by keying in the ‘channel’ number of each stream

  4. “Admin…I get the impression people think these are new channels rather than BBCi streams via red button….BUT can also be accessed directly by keying in the ‘channel’ number of each stream”
    Yes have tried keying in those numbers on the Foxsat, nothing happens

  5. I would imagine the Humax software is a little more advanced than the literal stuff found in the Alba range, like my Goodmans.

    I found this to be the case with BBC3….on the humax it is blank during the day…with the alba you get a few seconds on CBBC….

    What I am trying to say is that I expect the humax is behaving exactly as it should…as these channels are NOT real channels, so to speak. The Albas are, cute but a little lacking…in a nice way.

    Try the red button service once the olympics starts….

  6. Not working on my Foxsat and for some reason when scanning the appropriate transponder on Astra 2B (in non-Freesat mode) 12441V 27500 2/3 the Foxsat receiver reports “No channels found” . . This box is really well tied down and I don’t really understand why it needs to be.

    Good job I have a FTA receiver also to complement it . .

  7. Having looked at the interactive streams on a FTA receiver. I note there is programming available but appears to be no way of accessing these on my Foxsat via the ‘red button’.. Anyone know if these services are available to Freesat viewers or not? Somewhat confused and if not, why not? Perhaps it all has to go through the ‘Sky’ technical review system . . Maybe by 2009 then? He he . .

  8. As long as the main channels have been set up in readiness for the MHEG application, and the channels themselves are up and running (which the experience of those using Alba boxes shows is the case), then there won’t be anything more that Sky need to do.

    When it all goes live, the PID that’s already configured for red button services on BBC channels will simply start carrying a new MHEG application; when that’s loaded and triggered, it will direct people to the new streams, depending on their menu selections. With a modern MHEG implementation, you don’t actually need the streams to be visible as channels in their own right; it will all happen in the background. (The reason such channels have numbers on Freeview is historical)

    And once a channel is configured to have interactive stuff, additional applications themselves can be launched pretty much at any time.

  9. I have been unimpressed with the slow speed of BBC’s efforts in getting the basics of BBCi (Red button) up and running smoothly but fully forgive them if they are concentrating on getting the BBCi Video news/sportsnews plus extra live video channels up and running in time for the olympics.
    The magic numbers give us a peek at what we might get on BBCi and it looks great. It seems to be some kind of fluke- as suggested above- that we can access this work in progress as not yet available on the red button .
    Thanks for this bit of magic!
    It looks as though there will be a greater chance of programs which over run their time slots being continued on BCCi as a larger number of “spare” channels will be available.

  10. BBC streams available on my FTA motorized receiver (which has a blind search capability) but nothing even with a fresh scan on the Humax.

  11. New Sky HD channels showing on FTA scan this morning. What’s the continuing problem with ITV? Still no dedicated HD channel!

  12. OK Nigel, I think I understand. Are you saying the MHEG application will ‘point’ the receiver at the appropriate ‘transponder’ and ‘channel’ even though it is not necessarily ‘tuned in’ beforehand?

    I assume, for now, that these services are not available as the red button service is not yet setup to receive these channels . .

  13. Looking at above comments I am beginning to seetht the Humax Foxsat is the only one not receiving the hidden channels. Are there any humax hd receivers that have succeeded?

  14. Yep; the MHEG should do the job – it may simply be the case that the channels aren’t actually shown in the list or selectable in the usual way, but they may have been stored.

    Without knowing exactly how things are configured, it’s hard to say for certain, but MHEG doesn’t require channels to have a visible number; we’re only used to seeing those on Freeview because it had to work like that in the past.

    Since other boxes are obviously detecting them, they’re online – so either the Humax hasn’t realised they’re there, or – which I think may be more likely – the it hiding them, as they’re not intended to be visible or selectable directly by the user. The MHEG will point the box to the right place when the app is launched.

  15. MHEG is to digital TV services what HTML or Flash is to the web – it’s the language that’s used to build the interactive applications that allow things like the BBC news headlines, multiscreens, weather, and (when they activate it) the Olympics.

    It’s already used on Freeview, so the decision was taken to use it (with a couple of modifications for things like the ethernet port) on Freesat. There are alternative technologies – Sky uses one called ‘OpenTV’ for example, which is proprietary, despite the name, and some broadcasters in Europe use one called MHP.

  16. On other boxes, can you get ITV HD by typing in 010 or 1100 or 210 etc?

    Incidentally, I have a Humax, but I am not impressed. If I press red on it, the application does not work, so cannot access the Olympics on the Humax. What a farce!

  17. I had all 10 i channels on my humax c1500 2003 model. Since doing the update of channels to get 5 etc. I have only multiscreen and mosaic on i channels. I have tried for hours to get the i channels back. Tried vpid and apid numbers as instructed by users of the internet. I have the manual for my humax and that is all that I know about stbs. No knowledge but a lot of patience. Can anyone help?

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