Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony 12.45pm

Short notice but don’t forget that the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is on BBC One and BBC HD at 12.45pm today, in just 10 minutes time.

It’s expected to be spectacular and should look absolutely amazing in high-definition so don’t miss it.

15 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony 12.45pm”

  1. Absolutely stunning. The people designing the London opening ceremony have quite an act to follow.

  2. Re post 3: 19:00-20:00, BBC1 & BBC HD, Olympics 2008: Games Today.
    Gabby Logan presents highlights from the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, and provides a rundown of the athletes to watch over the next two weeks.

  3. Thanks Paul.

    Consensus seems to be that this has been a sucess for BBC HD. Seems that sport really seems to be the strong point of the channel at the moment (I really enjoyed Wimbledon in HD). Next would be nice to get a few more films in HD.

  4. Some very (and I mean very) minor sound problems, but picture quality was absolutely fantastic. The ceremony was great, especially the firework footprints to the stadium, the light drummers (brilliant) and the end fireworks and lighting the torch. The highlights show will be worth watching for those that didn’t see it, as a couple of hours in the middle of the ceremony was just walking the countries participants in to the stadium which isn’t really that exciting. Was outstanding, well done Bijing and well done BBC on the high-definition quality.

  5. I have 2 moans 🙁 🙁

    Moan 1 🙁
    Most people were at work in the day time when it was on so I was very excited to see it was going to be a highlights show but why was it only on for 60 minets? Couldn’t of Gardeners’ World at 20.00 taken a week off so we could of had a 2 hrs show? The hilights were fantastic but I think alot was missed out or rushed.

    Moan 2 🙁
    Are we always going to have to look at the “BBC HD” logo (or digital onscreen graphics) on every program?

    You don’t get a birthday coke from Asda and have the Asda logo on it.

    You dod’t go to the Tate mMdern and find they have put there logo onto a Damien Hurst.

    We know we are watching BBC HD but I don’t want to have it’s D.O.G. on my screen ruining such a beautiful picture.

    At the end of the day is that not what HD is all about?

  6. Pedro,
    good point, well put!

    To me HD is alll about a beutiful picture and puttung a logo on it (BBC HD) ruins it.

    Dam you Mtv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for starting it all off 🙁

  7. Logos are not good for plasmas either although most modern ones dont suffer screen burn.

    Shouldn’t be allowed in my opinion though as its pointless. You either know which channel you’re on if you don’t, you press the EPG button. Really is no need to display something that detracts from the picture and has the potential to harm your tv.

  8. Apart from the possible ‘burning in’ issue for plasma users, I don’t find the logo distracting at all. Perhaps it could be moved a little further to the right (or left) and reduced in size by 20%?

    There will definately be thousands of European viewers enjoying our TV including BBC HD so we should be proud to see the BBC logo attached to the high quality programming they produce.

  9. When will it be posible to get my local news ( about Anglia) on freesat,until then, I have to switch to anologe every time?

  10. My point is this.

    No one would except it if they went to the Odeon to see a film and they put their Odeon logo on the screen throughout the film.

    I remember a few years ago someone on C4’s “Right to reply” complaining about it. He was told it was put on so people knew what channel they were watching.
    (What a load of rubbish!!!)
    It is just another way of advertising their corporate logo.

    As Al says “its pointless. You either know which channel you’re on if you don’t, you press the EPG button.

    I don’t mind it on the BBC’s “Preview” programs but not on the proper programs.

    I would like to take Steven suggestion of
    “it could be moved a little further to the right (or left) and reduced in size by 20%?”
    a step further to
    moved it right (off of the screen) and reduced in size by 100%

    Sorry Steven, I didn’t mean to sound rood about your comment.

  11. That’s OK Pete . . It’s spelt ‘rude’ not rood..

    Maybe it’s a bit like having a ‘Ghia’ badge on the back of you Ford?
    Or the ‘I’ being red on your GTi to show you have the more powerful version?

    Just kidding really . .

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