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Jun 25 2009

Bet Awards HD Exclusive to Freesat

On Saturday 4th July (American Independence Day), Freesat will bring viewers the prestigious BET Awards 2009 in brilliant high-definition; a UK exclusive for the subscription-free digital satellite TV service.

Held in LA (Los Angeles) on Sunday 28th June, this year’s BET Awards are hosted by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and will feature performances from Hollywood A-listers Beyonce Knowles, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Watching this year’s BET Awards in HD is a special bonus for Freesat HD viewers who can catch an HD simulcast of the ceremony exclusively on the BET HD channel (channel 142), on Saturday 4th July from 8.00pm. Freesat standard-definition viewers will not miss out though and can watch the awards by tuning in to the normal BET channel (Channel 140) at the same time.

The BET Awards were established in 2001 by Black Entertainment Network to celebrate the best African American talent from music, film, television and sport and previous winners include Prince, Mariah Carey, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Halle Berry.

Viewers should look out for the special BET HD channel (142) as it appears in the Freesat EPG from Thursday 2nd July until after the event.

Freesat’s MD Emma Scott comments;

Being able to broadcast this year’s BET Awards exclusively on Freesat in HD is a real coup and we hope Freesat viewers will really enjoy watching some of the world’s biggest entertainers like Beyonce and Jay Z with amazing HD picture and sound quality.

We’re committed to bringing our viewers brilliant HD programming completely subscription-free and we hope this will be the first of many Freesat HD exclusives.

This is great news for Freesat, obtaining an exclusive such as this isn’t easy with other satellite platforms available, so lets hope it’s a massive success and the start of other such exclusives.

53 Responses to “BET Awards Exclusive To Freesat In HD”

  1. Ash Says:

    So this makes 2 HD channels and 1 HD service, Will BET HD stay for good or just for this awards show? Also if its a channel then what is to stop Sky HD viewers doing a manual tune?


  2. Peter (bobmarleypeople) Says:

    I don’t quite understand. Will this be a permanent channel addition, or a special channel for this event? If it’s a permanent channel, there’s now officially 2 HD channels on Freesat! (oooh burn to ITV)


  3. wezo Says:

    By the sounds of things it is just a one off HD simulcast. So basicly they giveth us a new HD channel then taketh it away D’oh. Not good enough freesat.


  4. admin Says:

    BET don’t have a full time UK channel so whilst this won’t be a permanent feature, it is still a nice to have; better something than nothing right!


  5. Denis Says:

    Agree a pity it could not be permanent. However is this the first sign that we could see HD being available on a wider range of channels soon.


  6. Martin Says:

    I think it’s an interesting development. It could set a precedent for allowing other channels (who don’t want to maintain a full time HD service yet) to broadcast occaisional events/programmes in HD on the Freesat EPG – maybe Freesat could actively promote it as an option for broadcasters such as C4 etc. i.e. we might be waiting for C4HD – but does that prevent them broadcasting a one off film in HD on Freesat ??? Or even Five doing so – or Film 4 ?


  7. Rod L Says:

    Totally underwhelming news.


  8. Lee B Says:

    Martin, I think that’s an interesting idea, maybe a shared HD channel and various broadcasters get to fill the time slots and can share the costs. Between a couple of broadcasters they should be able to pump out enough HD material.


  9. Steve G Says:

    I would hazard a guess that they’ll use the ITV HD “channel” for this, accessed via the red button from BET. This would make sense as the capacity is already there, along with the infrastructure. It would be nice if we could get more of this sort of thing to use existing capacity better.


  10. derek500 Says:

    Emma says amazing picture and sound. Does that mean it will be in 5.1?

    I don’t suppose so. The Freesat website used to use pictures from BBC’s rugby coverage and ITV’s football on their ‘stunning surround sound’ page even though they were only broadcast in stereo..

    Now they use ITV’s ‘Natures Fury’ another stereo transmission!!

    Why not put Wimbledon on there? At least it actually is ‘stunning surround sound’.


  11. Infliction Says:

    It appears that Freeview HD will be launching on 2nd December in the Manchester area, with BBC, ITV and Channel4 launching their channels –

    Freesat better get a move on !!!!


  12. admin Says:


    This isn’t relevant to this specific topic but why do Freesat need to get a move on; launching of a HD service on Freeview isn’t going to guarantee any greater content than currently available on Freesat; nor do Freesat have any control over C4 and what they decide to do with their HD offering.


  13. Tom Says:

    It says ” From Thursday 2nd July until after the event. ” does this mean they will be demoing some HD or it’ll be a blank channel until saturday” Why tease us freesat


  14. Derek Says:

    @ Infliction

    Old news. The role out on Freeview will take years because the channel availability simply is not there until the analogue service closes down.

    Existing Freeview equipment will not receive these channels because the code is different. Have you noticed your local store packed with HD Freeview receivers….? I think not. Will they (when they eventually appear) be cheaper than Freesat decoders….. I doubt it.


  15. industry Says:

    From what i gather the channel might continue after sunday, if it’s well recieved. Some even say this has allready been decided but an announcement would be making a bigger smash impact to other broadcaster after the “successfull” event.


  16. Lee B Says:

    @Infliction, yes I just read that as well, I hope C4HD launch on freesat at the same time or earlier then, else it could mean the freeview HD service where available could be a superior offering to freesat.


  17. Infliction Says:

    It would be great if ITV HD and Ch4 HD could launch as separate channels by December 2009, alongside the start on Freeview HD.

    If BET HD stays, then that would take the HD list to 4 channels (inc. BBC HD), which would be excellent news.

    But how likely is it that ITV HD and Ch4 HD will launch on Freesat? Is it more expensive to launch on Freesat than Freeview EPG’s?


  18. Stumpy Says:

    Good luck to BET HD. I wish them well. I for one will be watching.


  19. Ron Says:

    Anyone have issues on ITV HD with the show about spain. Total waste of time, on and off for the whole hour.


  20. Tony Hales Says:

    I didn’t get the red button prompt for that show.


  21. Denis Says:

    Ron – Yes I had same problem with Spain show.


  22. Saltydawg Says:

    Same problem with the Spain show too. ITV stop farting about and give us a stress free HD channel. No red button prompt either!!


  23. Lee B Says:

    Yes dedicated ITV HD channel with upscaled SD like C4 would be nice.


  24. andrew morris Says:

    I emailed STV about their non existant HD programming in Scotland. I know most of you are English and this isn’t really a problem for you.But we each pay the same for a disproportionate service.

    Here is what I asked:-


    I am a Freesat viewer. Could you please tell my why I have to tune into English ITV to see broadcasts in High Definition?

    This is most annoying as STV is my local station and if I am watching it, I am not aware if HD is being broadcast on ITV elsewhere.

    If I don’t want to miss any ITV HD broadcasts, I will have to make an English ITV channel my preferred station.

    If everyone else were to do the same, I am sure your advertisers would have something to say.

    Does STV have any plans to go down the HD route at all?

    Needless to say, there has been no reply. Such is the response of ITV.


  25. Tony Hales Says:

    No, such is the response of STV.


  26. Francis Says:

    @andrew morris
    It was hopeless asking STV it seems the idea of having HD channel was not valid enough for us Scottish viewers.
    It was proposed to use some of the licence fee to pay for a new digital channel, but it was’nt approved as it would cost to much to run.


  27. Tony Hales Says:

    Janet Jackson led an emotional family tribute to her brother Michael – Footage courtesy of Black Entertainment Television.

    The BET awards show was turned into a tribute to Jackson, with major stars re-working their performances in honour of the singer.


  28. Steve Says:

    When are we gonna see the WET(White Entertainment Television) awards in HD?


  29. Soul4real Says:

    You had it over forty years ago, The Black and White Minstral Show. Now lets have some serious conversation and stop trying to whined people-up. i find it funny that the news media Can mention the Black Entertainment Television in the last few days when it concern’s Micheal Jackson with no objection, but you find it a big issue!


  30. Steve Says:

    I’m not trying to wind people up although it seems to have happened in your case. In these days of political correctness to have an awards show just for Black entertainers is playing into the hands of the rasist & bigoted people among us.


  31. Soul4real Says:

    O.k we are at peace now, but take a look at the non-freesat mode and the titles of the channels their, Gay TV, our very own Movies4men which are both for a certain market of people. I hope the show and transmisson are of a high standard, lets all start to praise Freesat for at least trying to bring more HD to ours homes instead of knocking them, i am all for them doing what ever they are doing right now and hope it becomes a regular feature, they are not telling us out right, so let them experiment, some people don’t want to pay the 30K fee so they have to try something else and this is what they are doing, even if it’s Rural TV in HD, I don’t watch it, but there are those who will, and benefit from it.


  32. andrew morris Says:

    Calm down children. I get colour TV but that has never been an issue…!

    Anyway, I have had a reply from STV as follows:

    “Thank you for contacting STV.

    We are aware that ITV have a HD service on Freesat in some parts of the UK. STV has asked ITV to make an STV version of this service available in Scotland. We are keen to get this resolved as soon as possible and as soon as the STV HD service is made available in Scotland STV will be happy to broadcast it.”

    This seems to contradict my earlier impression that STV had refused to broadcast HD because of the costs. Time will tell.


  33. Brian Says:

    Ive just set up my freesat hd box and its fine.But i want to see more nature programes in hd.I do remember being in my local electrical store and over hearing a customer service adviser say to a client that there will be 5 or 6 hd channels in the summer and the man then brought a Freesat HD box.What a dirty liar.
    But still i,m happy,iv,e got no intention of paying £9.99 per month even though Sky HD is ace.


  34. Jon W Says:

    This isn’t really a channel it’s just a one off in HD. I have had Freesat for well over a year and enjoyed rescanning every week or so to get new channels. Not any more though – nothing’s happening.
    Freesat please get some decent extra channels (not shopping or betting) and preferably in HD as that’s what got you noticed in the first place. If you dont then people will simply walk away and get their pictures elsewhere.


  35. matt Says:

    What time are the awards on today?


  36. admin Says:

    As per the original post

    Saturday 4th July from 8.00pm


  37. matt Says:

    Oh yeah my bad


  38. Tony Hales Says:

    BET HD up and showing barker for the BET awards.
    That woman has great breasts if you like them big.


  39. Soul4real Says:

    The quality was top-notch too, there off the air now


  40. Trevor Harris Says:

    Not exclusive to Freesat. I have just tuned in my Sky box


  41. Tony Hales Says:

    I think they mean exclusive to the Freesat EPG (which is all Freesat is).


  42. derek500 Says:

    So much for Emma Scott and her ‘amazing’ sound. Not even DD 2.0 let alone 5.1.

    After Thursday’s Bill cock-up, another poor show from Freesat.


  43. wezo Says:

    Any reason why every other freesat channel is working fine but when i put it on channel 142 for Bet HD im getting a message that reads No or Bad signal. Why does nothing ever work on freesat?


  44. Timbo Says:

    After all the hype it’s not working – what a waste of time. Well done Freesat!!….Not!!


  45. Richard Crichton Says:

    It works fine for me. Superb picture.


  46. Denis Says:

    Picture clarity great but movement stutters all the time. All other channels fine.


  47. Chris T Says:


    In what way didn’t it work?

    I tuned into channel 142 and everything worked as expected.

    Looked great in HD!


  48. Raymond B Says:

    Hi: I also did not receive BET HD. Is it anything to do with the digital box used?


  49. Chris P Says:

    I also couldnt recieve BET HD the channel tunned in bet all i got was a bad signal msg!!!!!!!!!


  50. peterhb Says:

    Received excellent picture and sound.
    Noticed this was transmitted on an individual channel BET HD. So they found space for this on the satellite. If this can be done what about ITV HD ?


  51. Pete Says:

    @Infliction (11) and @admin (12) et al
    The announcement that Freesat HD will be available soon, and potentially with more HD channels than Freesat is very embarrassing indeed. Freesat’s unique selling point was that you could receive HD broadcasts for ‘free’ (once the box is purchased. Once Freeview HD starts it’s then lost that USP. Obviously it will take time for Freeveiw HD to roll out across the country but it’s still a massive kick in the teeth to Feesat that they couldn’t move Freesat on any more after over a year of working on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is only a small team at Freesat and they have managed some feats, such as getting Panasonic to create Freesat TVs, and Freesat being a selling point on the new Bluray recorder. But the key things that it needs to encourage more non-digital people to join it, or take customers from sky ad Virgin, are more quality channels, more HD channels, and Iplayer access. At the moment they are fallingt behind on all of these and with FreeVIEW being more well known and the lack of need for a dish I can see people going for that once it’s available. Also, Virgin have both the Iplayer and ITVplayer and are doing a lot of offers for people at the moment.

    With the raft of news stories coming out recently regarding other service having Iplayer, more HD channels on other systems, and a direct competitor in the ‘free’ HD market, I really can’t see Freesat moving very quickly from the 1/2million boxes sold. I really like idea of my Freesat box and what I hoped it would be, I’m just not sure it’s living up to the dream???


  52. admin Says:

    Freesat can only push so much for HD content, but in reality, this is down to the broadcasters and at present there are barely any HD channels available for free that Freesat don’t have, with the exception of C4HD which is tied into contract with BSkyB.

    HD was indeed a huge selling point of Freesat, and remains so, as where else can you obtain BBC HD and ITV HD without subscription, or buying a Sky digibox away from Sky themselves. Once Freeview obtain HD, we can be fairly confident they’ll be on Freesat too, but until then, with the likes of Five HD not currently in operation, it cannot come on any earlier.

    Whilst Freesat needs to be treated as a platform based on its own merits; lets not forget that the original key reason for the launch was to cover the areas of the UK that cannot obtain Freeview; for this purpose, Freesat is doing exactly what it should.

    For those with a strong Freeview signal via aerial; and the expectation of HD channels, maybe Freesat isn’t for you, but then, you only have to look at the list of channels on Freeview, other than a few un-obtainable by Freesat, there is barely anything.


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