BET Awards Exclusive To Freesat In HD

Bet Awards HD Exclusive to Freesat

On Saturday 4th July (American Independence Day), Freesat will bring viewers the prestigious BET Awards 2009 in brilliant high-definition; a UK exclusive for the subscription-free digital satellite TV service.

Held in LA (Los Angeles) on Sunday 28th June, this year’s BET Awards are hosted by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and will feature performances from Hollywood A-listers Beyonce Knowles, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Watching this year’s BET Awards in HD is a special bonus for Freesat HD viewers who can catch an HD simulcast of the ceremony exclusively on the BET HD channel (channel 142), on Saturday 4th July from 8.00pm. Freesat standard-definition viewers will not miss out though and can watch the awards by tuning in to the normal BET channel (Channel 140) at the same time.

The BET Awards were established in 2001 by Black Entertainment Network to celebrate the best African American talent from music, film, television and sport and previous winners include Prince, Mariah Carey, Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Halle Berry.

Viewers should look out for the special BET HD channel (142) as it appears in the Freesat EPG from Thursday 2nd July until after the event.

Freesat’s MD Emma Scott comments;

Being able to broadcast this year’s BET Awards exclusively on Freesat in HD is a real coup and we hope Freesat viewers will really enjoy watching some of the world’s biggest entertainers like Beyonce and Jay Z with amazing HD picture and sound quality.

We’re committed to bringing our viewers brilliant HD programming completely subscription-free and we hope this will be the first of many Freesat HD exclusives.

This is great news for Freesat, obtaining an exclusive such as this isn’t easy with other satellite platforms available, so lets hope it’s a massive success and the start of other such exclusives.

53 thoughts on “BET Awards Exclusive To Freesat In HD”

  1. @Infliction (11) and @admin (12) et al
    The announcement that Freesat HD will be available soon, and potentially with more HD channels than Freesat is very embarrassing indeed. Freesat’s unique selling point was that you could receive HD broadcasts for ‘free’ (once the box is purchased. Once Freeview HD starts it’s then lost that USP. Obviously it will take time for Freeveiw HD to roll out across the country but it’s still a massive kick in the teeth to Feesat that they couldn’t move Freesat on any more after over a year of working on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is only a small team at Freesat and they have managed some feats, such as getting Panasonic to create Freesat TVs, and Freesat being a selling point on the new Bluray recorder. But the key things that it needs to encourage more non-digital people to join it, or take customers from sky ad Virgin, are more quality channels, more HD channels, and Iplayer access. At the moment they are fallingt behind on all of these and with FreeVIEW being more well known and the lack of need for a dish I can see people going for that once it’s available. Also, Virgin have both the Iplayer and ITVplayer and are doing a lot of offers for people at the moment.

    With the raft of news stories coming out recently regarding other service having Iplayer, more HD channels on other systems, and a direct competitor in the ‘free’ HD market, I really can’t see Freesat moving very quickly from the 1/2million boxes sold. I really like idea of my Freesat box and what I hoped it would be, I’m just not sure it’s living up to the dream???

  2. Freesat can only push so much for HD content, but in reality, this is down to the broadcasters and at present there are barely any HD channels available for free that Freesat don’t have, with the exception of C4HD which is tied into contract with BSkyB.

    HD was indeed a huge selling point of Freesat, and remains so, as where else can you obtain BBC HD and ITV HD without subscription, or buying a Sky digibox away from Sky themselves. Once Freeview obtain HD, we can be fairly confident they’ll be on Freesat too, but until then, with the likes of Five HD not currently in operation, it cannot come on any earlier.

    Whilst Freesat needs to be treated as a platform based on its own merits; lets not forget that the original key reason for the launch was to cover the areas of the UK that cannot obtain Freeview; for this purpose, Freesat is doing exactly what it should.

    For those with a strong Freeview signal via aerial; and the expectation of HD channels, maybe Freesat isn’t for you, but then, you only have to look at the list of channels on Freeview, other than a few un-obtainable by Freesat, there is barely anything.

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