Bloomberg Television Arrives On Freesat

Freesat have today announced the launch of Bloomberg Television, the leading financial news and information station.

Bloomberg Television provides news and commentary aimed at the business and financial professional. The Bloomberg network operates twenty-four hours a day and reaches more than 200 million homes worldwide via 11 networks, in seven languages.

Bloomberg Television will be automatically added to your Freesat digital box or IDTV during today, channel 208.

22 thoughts on “Bloomberg Television Arrives On Freesat”

  1. Any idea of the prospect of CNN International joining Freesat? It seems like that’s the last major FTA news/information channel (other than Sky News of course and excluding Fox News and CNBC which are encrypted) that’s not on Freesat.

  2. definitely the best new channel of the 3 from today…

    let’s also make discovery and national geographic available, thank you mr. Freesat.

  3. Whats the chance of Sky News coming. I like the Channel and miss being told what I’m missing by not missing loads of money every month ?

  4. i think more people would want CNN than Bloomberg but its better than shopping channel rubbish is’nt it 😀 🙂

  5. Thanks Ian I know, and have done a few times, I could also plug in my Digi box but I can’t be bothered any more,( Lazy ) I only liked the multiscreen really which you can’t get in non-freesat.
    When will I be able to get BBC News Multiscreen on my HDR ?
    Got the 3 new channels, but NO Wedding +1 on 403, pity was looking forward to that ………..

  6. CNN and Bloomberg are two different types of channel. We have other 24 hour news channels but Bloomberg gives specialist coverage of the financial world and is particularly important right now given the economic situation. Anyway, when CNN stops thinking World Sport covers only basketball, American Football and The Strongest Farmer in Texas it might be worth watching :O)

  7. Bloomberg is a real plus. Having switched from Sky a few weeks ago, I think the news coverage was one of the real weaknesses of the line-up. It’s a great product, but BBC News 24 is limited, and not many of us want to watch Euro News or Russia Today. CNN would be a grerat addition, as would the livlier Fox News.

  8. “Sky HD looks more attractive now that the box is only £49!”

    …But you need to pay monthly rental to use the service….

  9. Oh Whoopie. Who want’s to see a load of merchant bankers talking about the world’s finacial crisis!

  10. Bloomberg is welcome, CNBC would be a useful financial news channel to complement Bloomberg.

    As for additional news channels, I think it is going to be difficult to persuade Sky to allow their news channel to be aired notwithstanding that it is FTA and is on freeview. I believe that Fox is part of the Murdoch empire so will be the same issue as Sky News.

    A dedicated sports news channel would also be welcome, but with Setanta now doing Freeview and Sky subscription services, I wonder if there is scope to take their sports channel. As for Sky Sports News, same for me as Sky news above.

  11. I have bought LG 32″ LCD with built-in Freeview PVR and able to get some freeview channels after I paid the TV licence.

    I am not getting Bloomberg for some reason. Could you please let me know how do I get it ?


  12. Seshi, as far as I’m aware, Bloomberg isn’t available on Freeview, but is available on Freesat, which is a completely different service platform.

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