C4 HD Joins Virgin Media Line-up

Channel 4 HD

With today’s announcement that C4 HD will launch on the Virgin Media cable platform in the next few weeks; questions are being asked of whether Channel 4’s high-definition service will also be available on Freesat.

We are trying to find this out, but from what we understood from previously conversations with Channel 4; the contract with Sky ensured an exclusive agreement on the satellite platform, but not others such as cable and terrestrial aerial. If this is the case, then we have a while longer to wait yet; but if not, we could indeed see C4HD making an appearance on Freesat very soon.

As we find out more information, we’ll be sure to update you.

61 thoughts on “C4 HD Joins Virgin Media Line-up”

  1. To Admin
    When you say “where do you expect Freesat to get a movie or sports channel from, especially in HD?” to StuartA; Surly the answer is Film 4, movies are made in HD anyway, so surly the only cost to them is transmitting HD content instead of SD.

  2. @Oyodi

    That may be so, and would be greatly received no doubt, but StuartA was suggesting that Freesat should have more HD but in reality Freesat cannot be responsible for this, only the broadcasters can.

  3. Admin: Any further ”unofficial” news regarding C4HD on freesat since your post in July??? sky can now add myself to the list of cancelations – just cancelled today – sky putting the fees up again from september.. Another question for you: what Mb’s per sec does the BBC HD channel broadcast on Freesat?

  4. @ Jimbo

    BBC HD doesn’t broadcast on Freesat. It broadcasts on Astra 2D.

    It runs at 16mbs, which is higher than most channels, but the BBC are using old encoders that aren’t as efficient.

    I have full pack sky and it’s only going up by £1. Hardly a cancelling issue!!

  5. @derek500. but this seems to be a reguar thing with Sky each & every September. there customer service has not improved over the years nor has there channel content (unless you pay extra for the sports/movies). Freesat I think holds an important key for the future. As soon as 4HD becomes free I think sales will improve and more people will make that Sky –> Freesat switch.

  6. @derek500

    You seem to be so in love with your $ky package, so why the interest (and so much negativity) in a freesat forum? a $py in our midst, perhaps?

  7. “I thought we were going to have 200 channels by the end of the first year .”

    That was revised downwards, and with the current economic climate the number of channels can only decrease – if ITV sends ITV’s 2-4 pay thats six channels gone in one go!

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