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Feb 21 2011

Channel 4 HD

(Update – please be aware that the schedule slipped due to contractual issues between Channel 4 and Sky, so the 1st April release has been changed for later this month; as soon as we have official confirmation, we’ll let you know).

No, this isn’t an April Fools, C4HD is expected to launch on Freesat on the 1st April 2011. This date isn’t officially confirmed, but comes from a very reliable source.

If you cannot wait that long, the channel should be broadcasting ‘in the clear’ (FTA) from 10th March so you can scan non-Freesat mode to access it (as some were doing last week).

What is also exciting is that the technical setup C4 will soon be using means there is a chance of more channels from the C4 family coming available soon, though we’ll confirm more when we can.

As soon as we get official confirmation the dates (subject to change of course), we’ll let you know.

116 Responses to “(Updated) C4HD Expected To Launch On 1st April”

  1. liz Says:

    Great news! 😀


  2. Dan Says:



  3. Ricardo LM Says:

    fab news :-)


  4. monkeymaniac Says:

    Rarely watch CH4, a welcome addition to the platform though, just to show that other platforms & broadcasters are taking Freesat seriously and others may follow soon.


  5. Phil Owens Says:

    Good news indeed…..
    @ Admin … When you say “there is a chance of more channels from the C4 family coming available soon” do you mean Film 4 HD… ??


  6. Liamo Says:

    Great News- But i do have questions – Ive been a long term FTA user and ive just gone over to freesat for my living room setup – As far as i was aware, all british channels had to be located on Astra 2D to satisfy rights holders etc etc. Now i assume many saw the FTA version of C4HD on eurobird bout 2 weeks ago now – is that going to be the location?


  7. Phil Owens Says:

    One thing that crossed my mind is what happens if Eurobird goes t*ts up, what backup do Eurobird operators have ? I’ts been up there a while now and I don’t see any plans to launch another bird to 28.5.


  8. admin Says:

    @Phil Owens

    Cannot confirm at this stage, but certainly opens up the possibilities for more HD channels once existing contracts end.


    British broadcasters must use 2D for anything broadcast in the clear, but C4 have found a way around this by using a specific SR not available via a normal manual scan (certainly on a Sky digibox anyway!) so it might meet with ofcom regulations. Either that or an agreement has been made that this is a temporary measure until 1N is available to avoid C4 having to put channels like C4HD back under another encryption contract with Sky.


  9. Vin Says:

    Excellent news.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Rachel Riley gliding across my screen in HD! 😉

    Looking forward to whatever else Ch4, or anybody else can get onto the Freesat platform, particularly in HD.


  10. Brian P Says:



  11. Paul Says:

    Excellent News

    Well done Channel 4 and thanks to Admin for the heads up.



  12. Russ Says:

    21st feb,

    These threads are quite like our local bus service, you wait ages, and then two come along at once!!! Sorry admin, only joking.


  13. Vin Says:

    Just out of interest, does anybody remember which channel number Ch4HD was on, on non-freesat mode? (using a Humax Foxsat HD PVR)

    I just had a flick through, but didn’t spot it any more so I guess it’s gone.


  14. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Vin

    channel numbers are not likely to be the same from one users to another as channels added, in non-freesat mode, are located in the order that they are scanned and some users will have scanned at diferent times so they will possibly have channels still listed that no longer exist or have deleted themselves.

    However you may fine the C4 HD tests listed as “55300”


  15. ashjf Says:

    Well let’s hope that C4 bring E4HD & Film4 HD, then maybe Channel5 will bring 5HD, 5US & 5* (fiver)


  16. Dave Says:

    Great News admin, but is there any more word on Electric Sofa or CBS HD?


  17. admin Says:


    CBS HD isn’t happening this country, it was all part of a poorly worded report! Not sure on Electric Sofa at the moment, they won’t respond to communications and still appear to be in talks with Freesat.


  18. ian Says:

    I saw today that the FTA Channel4HD we all found (thanks to satom) is no longer on that transponder, i just checked it and it is gone!
    Looking forward to the launch, spoke to my contact at Channel4 today, its going to be very good! :-)


  19. Shane Says:

    Symbol rate changed to 27500 today


  20. Ross Says:

    “British broadcasters must use 2D for anything broadcast in the clear, but C4 have found a way around this by using a specific SR not available via a normal manual scan so it might meet with ofcom regulations……

    Well that shows just what a joke the narrow beam argument is and what a bunch of burkes the Ofcom tech guys are – using a different symbol rate has no effect whatsoever on the thousands of expat folk watching C4HD on generic HD boxes during the clear tests recently. I know from the forum folk all over the Mediterranean were delighted to get access to the new HD service 😉

    Whatever the SR used is these folk


  21. ian Says:

    Because allot of boxes can now have the SR manually added, like you can on a Humax FoxSat HD/HDR.. so it makes zero difference like you said @Ross!

    Ofcom aren’t the brightest bunch in the pack are they!!


  22. Night Watchman Says:

    @ Phil Owens 7

    Don’t forget Astra 1N launches Q2 2011 so additional capacity will be available shortly even if it is not on Eurobird.


  23. Vin Says:

    @GaseousClay 14

    Thanks for that. I hadn’t realised that the non-freesat mode channel numbers varied from box to box. That would explain why my mate couldn’t find Scuzz on his Humax HD box when I gave him my channel number.

    Never mind, it’s back on Freesat now anyway.

    Still, good to know,


  24. satom Says:


    Why do you hgave to rant about the ways around if that means one can with a bit of afford get a bit more without braking us studio greed rules to control the european tv viewers choices. Be happy they find these ways. Don’t call the greedy us studios or their puppets – enyoy it and keep quiet so they can use it.

    BTW this was only a test broadcast never ment for the public to see and only temporary. For regular transmission it has to switch to 2D.


  25. satom Says:

    okay its back, testing has resumed, still S2, still scrambled but – since it is encrypted – with a more common SR of 27500 …


  26. satom Says:

    .. and 2 different audios now: PCM and AC3 – of course scrambled too …


  27. admin Says:


    C4HD won’t be broadcast from 2D, but Eurobird1, even when FTA.


  28. satom Says:


    thanks for the info. But how? With extremely lowered tp power or have they got pan european rights to their stuff? Otherwise IMHO could be dangerous for the whole of freesat seen those more than greedy US studios …


  29. satom Says:

    and more than a few people should make an appointment with their dish installer before april 1st, since I’ve learned from various entries that lots of dishes are not quite aligned to get a good signal from eurobird as well …


  30. admin Says:


    Not sure exactly how they have got around the narrow beam required for a UK broadcaster, but possibly an agreement is in place for this being a temporary measure until 1N is made available in Q2 2011.


  31. Neil Says:

    I measured the carrier level to be on a par with other EB1 services, it’s higher frequency might have something to do with response on some poorer LNB’s at the higher limits of the ku band.


  32. D Says:

    Fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. Les Nicol. Says:

    Phil Owens – Eurobird 3 at 33degrees East has 4 stearable spot beams – (which can communicate with each other and all cover th UK and are Pan European in coverage) – with it’s close proximity to Eurobird 1 at 29.5 degrees East it is perfectly positioned for bundling TV and Broadband services that can be received by small domestic antennas. I xpect that this would be the backup shpuld there be any issues with Eurobird 1 As far as new birds are concerned if anything those planned certainly bu Eutelsat are of a larger payload with more capacity and wider coverage. There’s certainly no legislative restrictiond by the EU on beam and footprint coverage.


  34. Les Nicol. Says:

    P>S sorry about the typing error EUROBIRD 1 is of course at 28.5 degrees East.not 29.5.


  35. ian Says:

    The transponder that Channel4HD is on, that will be used FTA is weak, and the signal is cutting out often, and that is with a dish that is spot on for Eurobird1, so i believe that it is as suggested, a low powered one, to try and prevent it being viewed outside the UK, or that state while it is encrypted and testing in NDS Video Guard.. i expect it to go up in power more, but not allot, enough to not cause issues for UK viewers.. Watch this space i guess!


  36. dennis Says:

    The way they have got around the widebeam issue is this – they will not be showing anything of interest to the european market.
    All the US shows – gone.
    All the films – gone.
    Cheap [removed] UK reality dross – plenty of.
    This is from somebody high-ish up at CH4.
    [admin – swearing removed]


  37. satom Says:

    yeah sad enough you are quite right … quality programming is removed all over the place in favour of crowd pleasers ie realty stuff invading peoples private spheres and exploiting intern quarrels …

    although I would not go as far as calling US programming quality, the newer stuff mostly propaganda for wars, all over terrorists and how to spy on your neighbours fe the journalist in the original V has been replaced by a governemnt loyal gun swinging FBI agent …

    and over all its just numbers, ratings and dollars/euros/pounds nor contents or educational, crude instaed of subtle … management is chose by their “commercial merrits” (ie what companies have they stripped of their assets and workers and sold in arts for highest price once it was ruined).

    Fits that the BBC buys a travel agency but sells more near to their job assets like the radio times to one of europes monopolist print and tv molochs to limit peoples choices even more. And they change the cebeebees radio to a testimonial outlet for their websites, gone the subtle eductional contents with able presenters und soon radio 7 will become radio archers unlimited with artificially happy clone presenters …

    So yes [insert swearing]


  38. satom Says:


    atm ie in encrypted mode the signal on my box shows to be average for an EB1 tps … (there even are some weaker ones)


  39. ian Says:

    Glad to see i am not the only one who is a naughty boy on here LOL!

    My Humax Foxsat HD is faster, and seems like it has had a update, it is also displaying the time and the picture behind all menu options now, before, it didn’t, has Humax issued the update? or is this just a tinker??
    And i had a channel update too!! 2 changed!


  40. satom Says:


    any idea what those changes were? Could not find any name changes (I would be aware of), could be just the abbreviaition at Absolute ‘s (to fit in dab) or PID changes of fe Horror Channel?


  41. ian Says:

    I have sat here for a while now, glaring at the names, and nothing that i can see at all! So as you say, unless it is the hidden info, like the PID changes, i have no idea! Hopfully Admin will post the changes tomorrow or later tonight?!!


  42. RAM Says:

    If more channels from the C4 family are to become available, could this include 4Music? I only ask this because I think this is partly owned by Bauer and am wondering whether or not this makes it part of the C4 family.


  43. ian Says:

    Box Television @RAM!


  44. Liamo Says:

    C4HD is free to air at the moment – thursday 24th February


  45. Vin Says:


    Thanks for the tip.
    I couldn’t find it here, so am just doing a manual tune in non-Freesat mode.


  46. Vin Says:

    Oh well, still can’t find it here. I guess it’ll be here soon enough.
    I did find another HD channel that I’d personally never seen before though, Luxury Life HD. Was showing some closeup shots of a carbon fibre Ferrari steering wheel earlier, and now it’s in French.

    Oh well, just Ch4SD for me, as usual 😉


  47. satom Says:

    It is still called 55300

    EPG still shows “event xx”
    Now has audio description on PCM audio

    12607 V
    NOW: SR 27500 !
    S2 QPSK
    Pilot: OFF !!!
    VPID 2305 APID 2305 (if you box needs those)


  48. satom Says:

    … and gone $ky black again …


  49. satom Says:

    king of sat say (at 18h56) it has left 12.606,65 – can someone verfy or contradict that? My box says it is still there (scrambled with epg “events”)


  50. ian Says:

    It is still scrambled yes, but still on the frequency, so i think kingofsat has it wrong for once!


  51. satom Says:

    yep … just plaed around a bit and activated the subtitles in my box … quite funny … channel scrambled, sound scrambled, no text but text subtitles working on a black background … so as long as those keep changing it is there 😉

    btw king of sat are stubborn again and have still not updated their C4 tests have left …


  52. ian Says:

    LOL watching the subtitles :-) Im going to try that myself now, after Two Pints on BBC Three that is…


  53. satom Says:

    could be they switched to the BBC HD tp

    someone over at DS spotted a new ID there:


    and since I don’t get anything on the eurobird tp any longer I might be C4HD has moved there – maybe just for tp changes on eurobird, maybe for good

    Since 6942 is encrypted and they don’t transmitt anything on the activated subtitles all thisis utter speculation of course …


  54. satom Says:

    its back – still encrypted, still with subtitles 😉

    new SR 23.000
    ID still 55300

    according to ds the new channel on BBC HD tp is another regional ITV 1 HD outlet (copy of one encrypted region) … just what I always dreamed of …


  55. satom Says:

    … and back to 27500 …

    some say it will de-encrypt as early as 10th march … lets see …


  56. satom Says:

    you can now 😉


  57. Raymond Says:

    Any sign of C4 HD FTA?


  58. admin Says:

    Meant to be today, but might have been put back one week; this doesn’t affect the expected launch date though.


  59. ian Says:

    Channel4 are spitting feathers at the release of the details of the test period for Channel4HD! This was supposed to of been kept under wraps, but hoping for that is like praying a shark doesn’t munch your already mangled leg off and have it for dinner!
    My source at Channel4 finally sent me an email outlining a few possible things that might now happen, but cannot 100% guarantee it.
    # Channel4HD may not go FTA untill exactly 14 days before Freesat launch
    # It may go FTA in the next 7 days
    # All ‘future’ HD channels to become available to Freesat will be tested in an encryption state untill it is 100% needed for it to be broadcast FTA

    I cannot send a copy of the email to Admin to publish as it contains on several occasions, the sources name, and details that could expose this person thus risking the job they have! No go!


  60. admin Says:


    Similar information to what I have. By all means send the details; I never divuldge information that is sent in confidence.


  61. Kyle Says:

    Hmmm, scanned again manually on Humax and not getting it…


  62. satom Says:

    everyone was more than happy to get 4 HD on freesat as of april 1st until someone spread “info” about going FTA on 10th march.

    I think we will live through until april with occasional free periods – I guess of material they own all the rights for – and be conent with that,

    As mentioned by someone on another board people tend to moan about the broadcast not beeing 110% perfect during testing times if it is not encrypted – meant for the public to see yet or not, they moan and rant …

    Apart from all this: It is not as if 4HD was a new FTA channel with new content for FTA/fresssat viewers as the 5lings or sofas would be.


  63. satom Says:


    it is still encrypted and ID 55300

    which/what parameters are you using on your HD box?


  64. Kyle Says:


    Hi Satom

    Have done manual tune using the default settings then gone through the channel list in non-freesat mode. I did notice the satellite on the menu page was set to Astra and I didn’t seem able to change that?


  65. satom Says:


    I am not familiar with your box but I think you can’t just run a single search but you have to enter the transponder parameters could be labled as edit tp or personal channel or the likes of that

    there check for astra 2 (28.2 E or Eurobird 28.5 E) – both are usually used as one satellite though

    parameters for new tp:

    frequency 12607
    symobol rate (or SR) 27500
    polarity V
    Transmission (or something like that you have to choose an option)
    S2 or DVB-S or similar option
    FEC Auto(matic)
    Modulation QPSK
    Pilot OFF

    search for FTA AND encrypted/scrambled

    it should find just 1 result on that TP:


    tuned in you get a black (or blue) screen with “scrambled channel”
    if you activate subtitles you get them 😉 so you see they are transmitting c4 programming

    if you box needs VPID and APID too:

    VPID 2305
    APID 2307


  66. satom Says:

    sorry the transmission lines should read

    S2 or DVB-S2 or similar option


  67. Kyle Says:

    @66 Thanks Satom, I don’t think I can specify much on the Humax, I used to be able to on my Fortec one…


  68. ian Says:

    @Kyle, you use a Humax Foxsat HD or HDR.. if so, you need to imput the following as such on the manual tune menu
    Transponder. . 12607 (press the OK button and and find where it says user define, select that, you will be given an option that now says Frequency.. you need to enter 12607…
    Press the down arrow button once to take you to the next setting of Polarisation.. which you can leave as auto, or select vertical.
    Press down once more, that will take you to Symbol Rate, it need to be set at 27500
    Press down and go to Transmission, press the right arrow key, and select DVB-S2, then press the down arrow again.
    you will come to the option called Modulation, which need to be set at QPSK.
    Down key one last time, and change the final option called FEC, press the right arrow key untill it displays 3/4, it will take a second or 2 untill you have a signal displayed at the bottom, but if you enter as i have just said above, you will get one.
    Press down and you should now have SAVE highlighted, press the OK button, you will now have a different menu onscreen, you will have the option called Scrambled Type, you need to press the down arrow untill you highlight it, then, press the right arrow key, you will have the option to tick ‘ALL’ you need to do that by highlighting ‘all’ and then press the ok button. After you do that, press the down arrow untill it highlights Search, press the OK button, and you should have onscreen, 55300, press the OK button, and then the Exit button, go to non-freesat mode, and there it is…


  69. rich pem Says:

    thanks ian a great guide and easy to follow.

    i now have it and the subtitles are there. nice one.

    are any other channels able to be tuned in a similar way?


  70. Kyle Says:

    Many thanks Ian



  71. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I have attempted to do a manual tune on my Bush HD receiver but it fails to pick it up. Has anyone else had a similar problem? By the way I seem to be getting a signal around 80%.


  72. satom Says:

    its there allright – just checked, subs are up and running – check #65 – these are the parameters yu should use


  73. ian Says:

    You’re welcome fella’s!
    @Kevin Ver1.. can’t help with the Bush, i don’t have that model of box, a Humax im afraid. If you can change in the setting during a manual scan, to allow all channels, not just FTA channels, you will need to do that, as it is still currently in an encryption state.


  74. satom Says:


    any idea what $ky are up to reshuffling their 2D tps? I guess no chance they free 10862 H and sublet it complete to c4 or just let c4hd move there until summer in exchange for 12607? Alternativley the few nicks could be re-moved from 10876 V … just dreaming ….


  75. mediaman Says:

    71 Bush and Goodmans boxes can’t tune certain FTA channels in such as STV HD, Channel 4 HD and a few others. The FEC rating won’t change to accomidate the channel until it launches on the EPG. Harvard has no plans to fix this problem which could be acheived with an update.


  76. ian Says:

    @mediaman, i did think that, but i forgot to post it, but yes, some boxes won’t tune STVHD, so Channel4HD will fall into the same group!

    Its very possible @satom, it is certainly something i can put to my source at Channel4 and see what they say back. It more than falls into their job area so i will get something back at least. It would more than suit both parties anyway!
    Off to bed, ta tar!!


  77. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ mediaman

    I had a feeling there might be a problem with the Bush box. Oh well I will just have to wait a little longer!


  78. shane Says:

    E4 HD currently fta at New TP fired up on EB1 – 12726 V 27565 DVB-S2 QPSK 3/4
    Hopefully a sign of more good things to come….


  79. ShaunKE Says:

    I just checked the frequency on my Bush HD and its showing coloured bars and says in the bottom right corner “BT Tower 1080i50”


  80. satom Says:



    … atm color bars testcard BT Tower …


  81. satom Says:

    off … gone …

    or someone got new parameters?


  82. satom Says:

    id change on 12.607

    55300 now

    Channel 4 HD


  83. pippo Says:

    hi there,

    is Channel 4HD free to air at the moment, or encrypted?
    and how about E4 HD?

    i don’t seem able to tune them…


  84. satom Says:

    encrypted (C4HD on 12607) and off air (BT testcard/E4HD) … all is silent in the skies …


  85. satom Says:

    … and don’t worry although kingofsat writes c4hd has left 11798 on 2A and 12607 on eb1 and
    “it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe”

    it is still on 12607 … kingofsat got it wrong … again …


  86. Richard Crichton Says:

    How much of 4HD is upscaled (if any) and how much native HD?
    I hope it will be better than the poor BBC HD and BBC1 HD lite. Frankly I don’t think they are anywhere near HD quality. All this stuff about HD is a load of nonsense and mainly just a marketing ploy to sell more boxes.


  87. Alan G Says:

    Richard @86
    I know it’s the content that matters most, but HD + good content + 5.1 surround = best TV experience. I agree it’s all been hyped up a lot but it is at least worthy of a bit of hype. 3D on the other hand…….


  88. Richard Crichton Says:

    I have never seen 3D except with the old viewmaster discs which were brilliant and a few DVD’s with the two different colour glasses so can’t comment on it.
    Why can’t we have proper HD and proper DAB in the UK instead of the lowest quality they can get away with is my point.


  89. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    The current active glasses 3D technology does actually look quite good. Even on the small(er) screen.

    The only snags are that there’s next to nothing to watch at the moment, and the huge price differential between 3D and 2D panels.

    So however good it looks, it will be a very, very time before every home has 3D… Or even a significant percentage, I suspect.

    But in the long run, I think it might be sucessful.


  90. Freeman Says:

    Its open now.Only old move Kipps 1941 ,but it will be intersting too see the picture guality later today if its still open….


  91. IrishMJ Says:

    Right… So Channel 4 is now available in glorious HD….. I can tune it in on my Bush HD box, but it is incredibly jerky. It would appear that the first generation of Bush HD boxes can’t cope with the 1920×1080 as it also has problems with the Granada ITV 1 HD.

    That’s a tad annoying to say the least.


  92. Disappointed TH42PZ81B Owner Says:

    Arqiva provides satellite distribution of Channel 4 HD to Sky and Freesat


  93. Dave kennedy Says:

    Is the ch4 launch still set for April 1st and if so do we have a time?


  94. admin Says:

    Unlikely for the 1st as the schedule slipped. Will be in April though.


  95. gaz Says:

    c4hd is avalible on add non freesat channels its been on there a couple of days


  96. Richard Crichton Says:

    So it was an April fool after all !


  97. Dave kennedy Says:

    As it is currently available on Freeview HD,its quicker to simply watch it on there,rather than faff about with non freesat c’mon Ch4 let’s have it ASAP. It makes me laugh the way people get excited about non freest, especially as it involves a lot of messing certainly looks like a April fools.


  98. Raymond Says:

    I have retuned my Humax using the non-freesat channels option and cannot find CH4HD. What non-freesat channel number is it?


  99. Expat Says:

    New chaanels are always added to the EPG after 12.00. Try again later.


  100. Cliff Says:

    Updated and it still isn’t there. Even on the official freesat page it just says coming in April.


  101. Adrian Says:

    C4HD? April 1st was suggested earlier………..or was this an early April fool? It’s certainly gone very quiet on the C4HD front.


  102. zac Says:

    “No, this isn’t an April Fools, C4HD is expected to launch on Freesat on the 1st April 2011. This date isn’t officially confirmed, but comes from a very reliable source.”

    That was a load of old rubbish then


  103. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that has to be one of the best April fools ever played on me!
    We all fell for it!

    Well, it does say,

    ‘No, this isn’t an April Fools, C4HD is expected to launch on Freesat on the 1st April 2011.’

    But it also says,
    ‘This date isn’t officially confirmed, but comes from a very reliable source.’


  104. admin Says:


    Clearly you didn’t understand “unofficial”; this was the scheduled date for release but the timescale slipped due to issues between Sky and C4. Freesat never gave an official date, they do this to avoid situations such as these where timings slip, but we gave the information in good faith when the original schedule was released to a team in C4!


  105. Dan Says:

    Any update on theofficial date?


  106. zac Says:


    I do understand the term unofficial. Do you understand that if you tell your site users that 4hd will broadcast on freesat from April 1st and that the information is from a very reliable source we will believe you. If that situations changes then post a new bulletin with more information, or run the risk of having egg on your faces as you do now.


  107. admin Says:


    The post was updated and a comment was made (#94) as well, you just need to read it! No egg on face here, the date was correct originally, the schedule was correct, and the source (more than one) was correct, but things change all the time in this industry.


  108. Clive Says:

    So what, it will come on when it’s ready, You’ll just have to watch in SD for a few more days, what’s the big problem? Stop getting your knickers in a twist, it’s not good for you!!


  109. David Says:

    I have just found a FTA c4HD when i re tuned my Freesat Box its on Other Sats EPG 640 I have swap the channel to 001 so until it arrived on freesat i can jump to it quickly


  110. rob Says:

    hi try other sats epg 917 channel number reads 55300 then you C4 HD nice


  111. Wouter Says:

    I just hope that we can have BBC1 HD on 101, ITV1 HD on 103 and CH4 HD on 104.

    For those wanting to watch the HD channels (most of us I would imagine), we wouldn’t like to have 108, 119 and ?? to scroll across these 3 channel…


  112. Mark Says:

    There is not much info. on C4s website about the launch. Has anyone any more info. when the release date will be yet?


  113. Lee S Says:

    Just been trying out Channel 4hd on my Technisat HDFS receiver. Great quality, looks like the testing has been going well. Looking forward to seeing it on the Freesat epg so I don’t have to keep swapping between freesat and non-freesat mode!


  114. Dave kennedy Says:

    Any official or unofficial news lol


  115. DGW Says:

    Watching it on my Humax (non freesat mode)

    Frequency 12606
    Polarisation v
    Symbol Rate 27500
    FEC 3/4
    Modulation to QPSK
    Transmission to DVB-S2


  116. Dan Says:

    Channel 4 HD officially broadcasting on channel 126


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