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Feb 02 2011

Channel 4 and Freesat today announced that Freesat HD viewers will soon be able to enjoy C4HD when the channel launches on the subscription free satellite TV service in April.

C4HD becomes the fourth HD channel on Freesat joining BBC1 HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD. Freesat currently offers over 170 TV, radio and interactive channels to its 1.5 million customers, alongside BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player imminent (for most).

Freesat Managing Director Emma Scott said;

This is fantastic news for Freesat. C4HD is a high quality channel and we’re sure it’ll prove popular with our discerning viewers.

The addition of a fourth HD channel makes Freesat an even more attractive offer for savvy TV viewers looking for quality TV without monthly bills.

167 Responses to “C4HD To Launch On Freesat”

  1. alan Says:

    brilliant news we need more great tv channels


  2. Peter R Says:

    At last. A decent channel.


  3. KeithR Says:

    This is really great news.

    Exactly what we have been hoping for from Freesat


  4. Michael McG Says:

    cool news…does this mean 4 music and fillm 4 hd is also on the way?


  5. admin Says:

    @Michael McG

    It is possible. This is a clear sign that Channel 4 are looking to go FTA with their key channels.


  6. Jas Says:

    Wonderful news! Thank you Freesat and Channel 4 for providing viewers with another free HD channel.


  7. Andy Morris Says:

    Excellent. A further feather in the cap for Freesat. Roll on April.


  8. Me Says:

    super news….. thats at least one new channel being added each month this year upto April (assuming Dance Nation will be launcing in March)

    just need the other FTA channels to be added to Freesat’s EPG, then for Channel 5’s sister channels (Five US, FIVER) to be added.


  9. Fred Says:

    Brilliant news. Keep ’em coming :)


  10. Richard Crichton Says:

    Glad I didn’t rush out and get a Freeview HD box just to get C4HD.

    BTW what happened to the no space on Astra 2D excuse?


  11. monkeymaniac Says:

    Very rare I watch CH4, not a lot of interest there for me im afraid, fantastic news for Freesat. Just shows the broadcasters are keen to get on to FTA with the pressure and contracts with $ky, well done Freesat and thankyou CH4.


  12. Howard Says:

    FreeSat just keeps getting better, best decision ever made moving from Sky :-)


  13. ChrisK Says:

    Is that ” which HD channel next” poll a new one or just carrying on.

    I ask because I orginally voted for CH4HD but have now (now that CH4HD is coming) re-voted for Film4 HD.


  14. Salty dawg Says:

    Brilliant news, thanks Freesat & Channel 4. Freesat just gets better all the time!!


  15. Brian Says:

    Fantastic news. More important than ITV1-HD for me personally and a great addition to the line-up. Freeview was starting to look pretty attractive, but the addition of a fourth HD channel will be very welcome. The fact that radio is to be dropped by Freeview also helps boost Freesat.

    I agree that Film4 would be a great next addition.


  16. Phil Owens Says:

    Phew !!! I was think about getting Freeview HD… that’s saved me a quid or three..


  17. Kate Says:

    This is great news the BBC/ITV have blocked this for far to long.


  18. IrishMJ Says:

    This is great news.

    @Kate, just how have the BBC /ITV been blocking the launch of C4HD?????


  19. Terrykl Says:

    @17 What makes you think that BBC/ITV blocked this I think you will find they have tried hard to get CH4 HD on board!!

    Well done Freesat and CH4 HD!!


  20. bryan Says:

    well proves we all did the right thing dumping sky that 1 1/2 million mark seems to be very attractive to advertisers


  21. Justin Says:

    This is brilliant news for Freesat!!!


  22. Paul S Says:

    Great news, another poke in the eye for SKY! Well done freesat!!!!


  23. NickB Says:

    Great news. I hope it will appear in the EPG for those of us in Scotland in the STV area, (unlike ITV1 HD that we don’t get on the EPG, not even in the 9xx channels even though we are permitted ITV1 SD)


  24. Tony Says:

    Things are looking up.. day by day things are getting better.. 2011 just could be freesats big year ! Let’s hope so ….


  25. Zubeir Says:

    Thanks CH4 and Freesat(just like kelloggs frosties) They’re greaaaaaaaaaaaat :-)
    Long time coming, hoping this will further boost the Freesat platform.


  26. Brian Says:

    #23 – NickB – I don’t know if you desperately want STV at channel 103, but providing a Scottish borders postcode works well for me in the Lothians. I get ITV1-HD on 119 and BBC1/BBC2 Scotland at 101/102.

    I don’t get STV, but that for me is a bonus :)


  27. Rozzo Says:

    Great to have this news, we’ve seen the cake is out there and in two months time we’ll be able to eat it!
    @10 : Will it be on Astra 2D then on a new transponder, I wonder, or stay where it is on 2A but with the encryption lifted?
    Anyone with a hint what channel number it will get allocated? Or indeed if freesat will allow a “HD channel number swap” so we can have the main HD channels at 101, 103 and 104. That would be the icing.


  28. Dave Says:

    Fantastic new – well done freesat, big thumbs up!


  29. Frank Says:

    fantastic news.
    But Russell Brand in HD Ugggg


  30. Jon Says:

    Brilliant news, I honestly didn’t think we’d get it this year.


  31. Dan Says:

    Excellent news, fingers crossed for Film4HD


  32. steve Says:

    @24 my sentiments exactly


  33. Ralph Says:

    Massive step forward for Freesat, well done all involved – lets keep up the good work campaigning for more quality HD content.


  34. Darren Speck Says:

    I nearly fell on the floor when I saw that, great news. The platform is going from strenght to strenght. Keep them coming!!


  35. Mark Says:

    Wonderful news. I hope it has the ‘to switch to HD press the red button’ like ITV has got as it it very handy. BBC missed a trick on this function! Channel 5HD next please or even just Fiver/Five USA will do…


  36. Muzer Says:

    @17 I assume it’ll be on 2D, as I doubt they would be happy with it being available to all of Europe…


  37. admin Says:

    It will have to go on 2D as ofcom won’t allow them to launch it on 2A, B, C or Eurobird FTA. It might then go on 1N when available a month or so later. There is a plan afoot, but it cannot be disclosed.


  38. Muzer Says:

    1N? Intriguing… is that a new satellite being launched?


  39. admin Says:


    Yes, Astra1N is due to go on-line in Q2 2011 and will offer further narrow beam access for the main UK broadcasters. Note that this will eventually replace 2D, but believe that 2D still has a few years service.


  40. SL Says:

    I said no good HD channels will join a couple of days ago. Well I sure there wont be 5HD, E4HD and film4HD joining soon!


  41. WERT Says:

    2D or not, it should be okay to be FTA on a widebeam on temporary basis. maybe a month long would be a stretch though.

    @Admin so you’re saying Film4 HD in May then?


  42. Dan Says:

    Thats Great News!!!! Be nice if they followed with E4HD, but 1 at a time is fine with me 😀


  43. mike Says:

    Excellent news, great start to the year. Well done and thank you. Film4 would be a good next one.
    HD aside, the main two things that were missing as I see it were sport or films. The interactive aspect of bbc1 now gives live sport coverage, streaming films should become available at some point, already taken off in the US. I’ve heard Amazon , having bought Lovefilms, are planning on providing this at some point. I just hope something like this could be integrated into existing boxes using software upgrades ?


  44. Brian P Says:

    This is the best news we have heard in a long time! Excellent!


  45. Chris Says:

    Fantastic news…………C4HD is a most welcomed addition to the Freeesat line up……..


  46. alan Says:

    great a very good channel will this also be a step closer to 4on demand


  47. SteveB Says:

    Add my name to the list of people who are happy to see C4HD joining Free Sat.


  48. neil Says:



  49. Wouter Says:


    This is great news. After so much non-news regarding freesat, we finally get a proper HD channel! Hopefully more to follow in the foreseeable future…


  50. Simon Says:

    I love my freesat box and with the addition of another HD channel it makes me think I made the right choice with binning sky. I have never looked back since the switch last year. Thank you freesat and Channel 4. keep up the good work guys.


  51. ShaunE Says:

    My GF is happy with Hollyoaks in HD. Thanks CH4 and Freesat of course!


  52. Rowan Says:

    FANTASTIC news!!!!


  53. Alan Says:

    Great news.


  54. gingercol Says:

    great news timed it just right with the cancellation of sky . just need the rest of the freeview channels (except sky 3) and freesat will truly be the platform everyone will be turning too.


  55. Jon Says:

    I would guess that C4 will see how well this HD channel fairs on Freesat before making a decision on their other HD channels.


  56. gingercol Says:

    Oh and for people wanting 5hd the actual hd content is very limited.It is mostly sd content on this channel as having a sky+hd box you can see what content is actually in hd.


  57. Oska Says:

    This is great news, (oh how we’ve craved for it).

    Me thinks in my humble opinion that if C5HD and Film4HD joined the ranks in the not too distant future, then finally Freesat as a media platform will be on par with $ky and with out the subs. This hopefully will in turn make ITV see it’s error in giving exclusive rights to ITV2,3 and 4 HD to Murdoch.

    Oh, just sit back and think about that… With a platform like that, a good majority of TV viewers would be heaven and me thinks also that $ky would be afraid… very afraid… (imagine yourself laughing as evilly as you can).


  58. Yukseek Says:

    Great !!! Me happy !!


  59. Jason Says:

    All quiet and then this. Fantastic!


  60. paul s Says:

    Best days work i ever did was ditching Sky ! power to Freesat!


  61. liz Says:

    excellent news ! 😀


  62. Robert Says:

    brill news another thumbs up for freesat. channel 5 will be next,i don’t think they will be far behind channel 4 hd coming onto freesat .


  63. Sniffs Says:

    For all you non-believers in freesat, having read many of you comments I would just like to add: –
    1. I am disappointed in some of you, are free HD channels (4) not good enough for you?
    2. I am sure freesat is a committed to expanding its portfolio of channels and services and all of you need to be patient in the forthcoming year(s).
    3. Astra 1N could potentially add to a number of opportunities for freesats expansion this year but the channels make the decisions, on who they want to broadcast with and so you will have to watch this space.
    4. I advise you to take a look at Sky’s HD planner and have a real look at how many programs are really available in HD on such channels as ITV 2,3,4 & on CH5 and then consider how much better freesat really is?


  64. Graham Says:

    Well done Emma finally got CH4 to see sense, lets hope this makes other channels think twice before going exclusive with Sky. Roll on April.


  65. Oyodi Says:

    This is the best news since the launch of ITV HD & BBC1 HD, Absolutely brilliant and at least puts FreeSat on an even footing now with FreeView!
    I have been with FreeSat since it’s launch when we only had 1 HD channel (BBC HD).
    Hopefully it won’t be long now before more follow, I read somewhere that we may get CBS HD soon as well. :-)


  66. m o malley Says:

    we will soon have as much hd channels as sky
    and they are free,
    also any 3d tv channels comming on freesat.
    only kiddin guys.


  67. Rob H Says:

    Great news, just what Freesat needed – hoping with YouView boxes arriving end o the year with any luck that the FTA platform for Freesat will continue to grow


  68. Kokua Says:

    Good news for freesat. Might 4 Music and friends are on the way?

    @admin #37 #39

    Wasn’t Astra 2C to move back to 28.2ºE? Or will it stay ‘sleeping’ on 31.5ºE?

    They could open the 10.95-11-20 Ghz slot. No UK beam, but shouldn’t be a problem for The Box and the other music channels.


  69. Dan & Jim Says:

    Progress! Nice!!


  70. Fluffy Says:

    The only channel worth watching. Praise the lord.


  71. satom Says:

    I ‘ve read a lauch date of june 30th 2011 for 1N so might take time before its operational

    further 1N is going to join the other 1s on 19.2 in 2012/13 latest to be replaced bei 2 E and later F afaik

    and as it seems ses rather lets 2C rott for the important growing easternmarkets than removing it to 28 – shows how “important” 28.2 is for ses management …


  72. Brian_Damage Says:


    But when will this work on 2008 Panasonics?

    (It’s OK – I’m only joking 😉 !)


  73. ian Says:

    Seems i was right… and so was my source at Channel4!!

    To all of those doubters, and to the entire cast of the chipmunk act that is DS forums, il do my Rufus Hound and make it available on youtube in due course!!!


  74. Dave Says:

    Never thought we would get another hd channel so soon.excellent news.Freesat all the way.


  75. digitalizer Says:

    i expect it will go on epg 126 but what about 111, why is that missed out?


  76. Chrislayeruk Says:

    Chanel 4 realise that alot of people will be under financial pressure this year and loosing a subscription is an easy way to save monies for the average household. Plenty will be doing this and advertisers want access to them.

    Thoughts. Chris.


  77. neil Says:

    @Brian_Damage lol….. :)


  78. Paul Says:


    Came back from a few days away to find this excellent news. Long awaited – long overdue and great for Freesat who I am sure has worked tirelessly to help bring this about.

    However, very many thanks have to go to Channel 4 for adding a real punch to the Freesat stable.



  79. stingeyal Says:

    I have a smile on my face, a proper unforced happy smile, on my face


  80. ian Says:

    If anything, i would expect ITV1HD to go to 111, and Channel4HD take 119, so they are together, and the HD version is at the front of the block of Channel4 digital channels, and that would enable ITV to do the same! Or is that to simple and easy?


  81. SAM Says:

    well its about time C4HD .
    I can now tell my customers of something exiting to come.


  82. Derek Says:

    Great news channel 4HD on freesat FILM4 next fingers crossed


  83. Viking Says:

    Wow, fantastic news. Really looking forward to this. 4 HD channels now. I wonder what is next???


  84. Neil Says:

    Been working all day and only just looked at the RSS update on my phone when I spotted this headline! Glad C4HD is launching at last, I’d had some Luke warm vibes as I’m in the industry but couldn’t share these. This is a massive boost for the platform and sends out a clear message to other broadcasters too.


  85. ShaunE Says:


  86. Ian Says:

    For all of you is STV land & with a Humax inthe fta section if you scan that one of the numbered channels is STV HD.


  87. Garry Says:

    The only thing we need to debate is what date in april beginning,middle or end of april also i am wondering now that challenge has gone on freeview and is now free on virgin and sky could that make an appearance on freesat when the other sat goes up? would be a good addition now that TNA is on there.


  88. Mark S Says:

    Easter weekend? ITV1 HD launched last Easter


  89. Colin Says:

    Are there any plans for S4C Clirlun (the Welsh Channel 4 HD) to come onto Freesat? Why is it available on Freeview only?


  90. Mark Says:

    God I cant wait. Some of the most cutting edge and funny programmes available are on Ch4. Imagine Misfits and Shameless in full gritty, edgy and hilariously mode. Wonderful! Come on five, FX (doubtful), Dave and Eurosport. For those Sky people who want to convert but panick that they will miss the ‘sport’ ITV, BBC and Ch4 have plenty to keep most happy especially as the BBC has the new red button on demand service.


  91. barrie Says:

    Mark @ 90
    Wasn’t Misfits on E4? Now that would be a great addition.
    I assume that $kys new Atalantic channel will stop those great HBO shows appearing on C4 such as True Blood because thatd be amazing in HD!


  92. conor mcdermott Says:

    brillant channel 4 now lets hope ch 5 gives us ch5 hd and five usa and fiver with in the next few months hope wee also get film4 hd also


  93. Richard Crichton Says:

    Any monopoly of pay sat may be illegal.according to this EU ruling.


  94. Howard Says:

    The more HD Ready televisions sold in the UK will obviously help the economy.

    Sky & Virgin Media even the BBC or ITV should not have the monopoly or restrict the availability of HD channels via FreeSat.

    The only acceptable limitation should be the capacity of the Satellites

    Perhaps Jeremy Hunt MP the Secretary of State for Media and/or Ofcom should comment further?


  95. satom Says:

    @94 Howard

    how did you conclude they do? Its all up to the broadcasters and what they think is cost/win related interesting/sane.

    Freesat is just an EPG service an no broadcaster is forced to join or how to broadcast what shows …


  96. Howard Says:


    My point, any HD channel (non Sky, Virgin or Premium Rate) that is available on subscription services, targeted at the UK audience should be carried on FreeSat, enforced by Ofcom. It should not be up to the Broadcasters. (Influenced by others!!!)

    For example BBC News 24, QVC, Channel 5 – if any of these went HD, automatically these should be available to FreeSat. viewers


  97. satom Says:

    frankly thats not ofcoms job and as much I like broadcasters to go FTA it has to stay with them how and where they transmitt theit programs. You can’t orce all printed magazines to print all pages in 4c and sell them at train stations either. Apart from the public and non profit broadcasters tv is a buisiness to make money (and dumb down the vievers as it seems) and they have to decide themselfs.


  98. ian Says:

    If Ofcom started saying to a broadcaster ”make your HD channel FTA and not go anywhere near subscption” would simply not bother with a HD channel, the cost of running, producing and acquiring satellite space for this to beamed across the UK is more than i make in a week, so the tempting offers from $ky to go behind a paywall is, in this current financial climate, something allot of broadcasters cannot refuse @Howard, if it was cheap, or the same cost as SD, then yes, we would have allot more HD channels on Freesat.

    The soon to be 4 HD channels on Freesat is good enough for me, yes, i would like more, as all of the FreesatHD users would like, but lets not get ahead of our selves, Channel4 has finally confirmed a launch for Channel4HD on Freesat, in april, they have listened to us, and no doubt they do view these sites, and read the comments and what the viewers want, but we cannot get ahead of ourselves and expect the world!

    As for the hope of pay tv channels going FTA on DSAT, like Dave (if it is allowed to keep the name of course) then it will happen, FX won’t and nor will Eurosport, some people need to set their sights lower, because you hope for the world, your dissapointed when you only get a skanky village!
    I think Freesat are doing a tremendous job, the next moves should be to get Fiver (soon to become 5*) and Five USA on!


  99. Steve Says:

    Had 4HD for a while via FSFSkyHD, a lot of upscaled content and hardly a thing worth watching. Watch C5HD more when football is on.

    Been paying for News mix ever since SSN (Sky Football News) went off Freeview. Watch a lot of Eurosport – HD of that would be nice for GP2 coverage.


  100. Keith Says:

    I was very pleased to hear that CH4 HD is starting even though I don’t watch a lot of CH4 stuff. However, on the non-freesat menu there is still STV HD and Luxury Life HD. If CBS bring a HD version of the 2 channels they got licenses for, the main freesat and non-freesat has a potential for 8 HD channels between the 2. Admin, is there any more news about STV HD coming on to the main freesat menu, and the CBS channels?


  101. mediaman Says:

    This is certainly good news for Freesat considering the rumours about ITV in official talks with the channel 3 license and Ofcom about future encryption hopefully that’s just internet speculation.

    Broadcasters are finally taking the platform seriously and hopefully 5HD will follow and the other channels that have been talked about. Finally Freesat is on an even playing field with Freeview and hopefully will continue to grow and not be abused like Freeview has been recently.


  102. ian Says:

    @mediaman, i agree, Freeview has been abused and destroyed by the brainless fools that own the multiplex’s flogging to any old c**p that wishes to be there, the level of shopping channels says it all, when there are far more better channels that would make Freeview what it is supposed to be!

    I don’t see FiveHD being on Freesat anytime soon IMHO, if anything, i think the next possible HD channel will be Film4HD, or the ITV digital channels!

    @Keith, the CBS channels only acquired the HD licences, but are not planning to launch actual HD channels as yet!


  103. WERT Says:

    @ ian about CBS channels thats what they say however thats usually because they’d like to make announcement of the launch themselves. It migh happen soon or not but i’d definatly say this year.


  104. Keith Says:

    @Ian, I never said in my post that the CBS were going to launch. I am aware that it is only licence’s, not actual channel launch’s. All I have said is that there is potential between the 2 menu’s for 8 HD channels IF they all launched. I think you has misread what I was saying in the post. As it currently stands between the 2 menu’s, there are 5 HD channels, once CH4 launch there’s it will be 6.


  105. JayW Says:

    Some talk about the EPG slots. It is a pity that Freesat have ruled out automatic xchange with the SD numbers (as I understand SKY has recently done)
    My suggestion always ha been to put all the HD channels at 151 etc, so that BBC1 is 151, ITV1 is 153, Channel 4 154. (152 for BBC HD until BBC2 goes HD). At least all the HD channels would be together


  106. Kevin Says:

    I am clad to see ch4hd come to freesat, i like fivehd come to freesat


  107. Ramondo Says:

    Great news.
    Film 4 would be a great addition and then Channel 5


  108. Chris Says:

    @89 Colin

    Clirlun is on Freeview because it replaces Ch4HD in Wales, there is not enough room for both. It’s not on Freesat because S4C have decided not to put it there, the reasons may be because it requires another transponder space rental and EPG slot.


  109. Al (original) Says:

    Great News for Freesat.

    Just need 5 HD and Fiver and Five USA now to make it really complete. Even better if the latter 2 could join in HD as well. I’m sure a lot of Five USA’s content is HD.


  110. footy Says:

    great news! Things are beginning to hot up for sky-good.


  111. WERT Says:

    @105 they haven’t its up to the broadcaster to put the HD channel as one of the regions on the box .


  112. ian Says:

    Sorry, my bad, long night, and tired when i was reading it LOL!


  113. Keith Says:

    No problem, Ian. Just making sure that you understood what I was getting at.


  114. ian Says:

    One of them nights for me i think!

    I understand what you was getting at now yes, i think!
    You meant if CBS/ChelloZone were to launch CBS Action HD and CBS Drama HD and they were FTA, and then add STVHD to that aswell, the HD offerings on Freesat then become rather juicy? :-)


  115. Keith Says:

    Ian, spot on with what you said, the only thing you missed was Luxury Life HD which is on the non freesat menu. This is what I meant when I said in the original post that between the menu’s that there is the potential for 8 HD channels which would make freesat a very juicy offering if they were all broadcasting on the main menu. Only time will tell, but I think freesat is heading in the right direction.


  116. lloyd Says:

    at last another hd channel …hopefully more to follow


  117. Kev Says:

    Thumbs up


  118. dhomi Says:

    Brilliant news, my Humax HDR remains the best purchase I made in the last 2 years. I don’t really envy people with 50 HD channels.
    Hopefully the rest of the 4 group will follow, then what else would you want?


  119. Salty dawg Says:

    @ 118, I’d like the Travel channel, I emailed them but never got a reply!


  120. Cerberus Says:

    Bravo. HD Simpsons, the children will be happy. ( and me )..


  121. Viking Says:

    Great news, well done to all for making it happen. Good start to the year, any guesses to how many HD channels will be on at the end of 2011?!


  122. Darryl Says:

    I think no more hd channels will join freesat other than cbs..however if you look at the tv ratings hardly any people watch them! Freesat need real quality channels like 4HD…however with sky giving them millions will they…very unlikely!


  123. satom Says:

    yepp more important are more prime content channels – if in HD as second step okay. Lets hope the sofa people get up from those and the stations running asap. Sadly the outlook or gaining fiver and five us have been minimized since C5 is again in talks with the big $ to get $ky news delivering news for C5 chain. And as we know them they will bind a package for all C5 channels. And if someone now should mention Sky News possibly beeing sold be asured if it will be sold the new owner will at least be a very close buisiness partner of M or some purposely set up company – has been done for print publishers or ages …


  124. Anders Says:

    this is great news.

    I’m hoping Film4 HD will join and Food Network HD :)

    The second could be realistic, right? :)


  125. ian Says:

    Any body else have an update scan today? Or just me and a dodgy Humax?


  126. Neil Says:

    Don’t expect Channel 5HD for a number of years as they are tied in with Sky. Come on folks, we’ve got 4HD, lets not get carried away!


  127. ian Says:

    Well said @Neil #126.

    I’m not to bothered by 5HD, id like the digital channels, Five USA and Fiver, they need to be on before 5HD!


  128. Dan Says:

    It says “Currently scrambled” on Clubland TV for me


  129. lovinthetelly Says:

    Clubland TV changed transponders today to 11623H. Freesat haven’t updated the EPG mapping to the channel yet (it’s still FTA).


  130. ASK Says:

    ian 125,

    Yes, just said 1 changed.


  131. lovinthetelly Says:

    I stand corrected – freesat have updated the frequency for Clubland – my box hadn’t updated/given me the new channels message.


  132. Salty dawg Says:

    Anyone know what the changed channel was?


  133. admin Says:

    @Salty dawg

    See the previous 3 posts to yours, or here,


  134. Neil Says:

    #127 (Ian) – yep, already people are moaning about wanting 5HD!! Can we all agree not to start the “we want 5HD” debate until the beginning of 2012 at the earliest!!!! There’s hardly anything on Channel 5 in High Definition yet anyway! It was a political move by Sky to get one over on Freeview HD at the time. I agree that the Fiver and Five US channels would be more worth having first and think these will be coming our way this year once Astra 1N is up.


  135. ian Says:

    Saying that though, how long have Channel Five Television been using the space excuse, and we see other channels find space more than easily and launch FTA, so i think Five are spinning a yarn to all that ask!

    How many shows a day does Five HD actually broadcast? I’m guessing it is maybe the same answer as how many fingers do i have on my right hand..4, and as you said @Neil, the channel was only launched as a move by $$$ky against Freeview, and that is nothing new to $$$ky is it?

    All in all, im chuffed with what Freesat is offering, channel wise, and HD wise, im pleased Channel4HD will be the 4th HD channel (ironic or what) on Freesat, but folk need to stop getting ahead of themselves, be patient, but don’t expect the world.


  136. Neil Says:

    Channel 5’s issue is that their own transponder is located on Astra 2A whereas all the rest have some 2D presence (the beeb, ITV + C4). ITV achieved the launch of ITV1+1 via new encoder efficiencies (the same resolution using less bandwidth per service), Channel 5 would have to rent further capacity to get Fiver and Five USA on to 2D, same as they’d done with the BBC for their main C5 service.

    Your right Ian about 5HD, I bet currently they have less than four shows per day! I must also note that the resolution of C5 (SD) on Astra 2D (the one we get on Freesat) is really good compared to other services, probably as there’s a healthy bandwidth allotted and with it being on one of the BBC’s Txp’s it’s not crammed up so for me I’m more than happy with Channel 5 as it is.

    My guess too would be that, as has been rumoured, Richard Desmond would have probably not signed on the dotted line for the length of time of the 5HD contract with Sky and possibly gone FTA from the start. It may have been the case that 5HD’s launch would have been delayed until now following the channels financial restructuring to free up CAPEX but RTL did the previous deal as I don’t think they realised they’d sell it so soon!


  137. Daave Taylor Says:

    I wonder if Channel 4 HD will discover how to use Dolby 5.1, like the BBC.

    ITV does not even know that HD means sound & vision. Still great news for Freesat out it on par with Freeview


  138. Adrian Lucas Says:

    to Daave 137

    It’s odd that ITV1-hd via the ‘Red Button’ on 103 ( in the old fashioned way ) is in Dolby 5.1 but the same HD broadcast on 119 is not.

    Anybody have any ideas WHY not ?


  139. ian Says:

    Exactly, so why people want a channel, in HD on Freesat, when it broadcasts less HD shows a day than the number the broadcaster is called, what is the point as yet? The novelty of having 5HD me thinks!

    They knew this was going to be a problem, and so far, have done screw all about it, and they could of, they will be fully aware of what Freesat can offer, and the sales it has achieved so far, and that is growing all the time and becoming stronger and stronger! The quicker Five sort this, and get Fiver (soon to be 5*) and Five USA on, the better, for both Channel Five TV and Freesat!

    ITV doesn’t even bother to subtitle anything on ITV1HD, so if you are deaf, does that mean you can’t enjoy HD from ITV?? That is an issue that needs sorting out before sound and 5.1.. that is an option, if you are deaf, it is an necessity in alot of cases!


  140. Neil Says:

    Yep, your right there Ian. Freesat is going to prove to be even more popular now 4HD is finally on board and is on an equal par with Freeview HD. I guess they’ll hit the 2m target later this year.


  141. Shane Says:

    I am hard at hearing and with no sub-titles on ITV HD, it is a choice of watching a programme in HD with a great picture and not hearing the dialogue or watching it in SD with a poorer picture, but understanding the dialogue. I wish ITV would understand this!! Hard at hearing people like to see HD pictures as well!


  142. ian Says:

    Personally, i think Freesat will hit and surpass 2m sales by the end of the year, you look at what is now on offer, 4 free to watch HD channels (soon to be) and allot of channels that you cannot get on Freeview, the fact there is zero need to pay a company every month for channels, and it becomes very very appealing, yes, there is a few channels that Freeview has Freesat doesn’t have, but on the whole, it is drawing customers in, and keeping them very happy aswell.

    @Shane, yes, that is the point i was making, ITV don’t bother to offer any subtitle data on any ITV digital channel that is in HD, and that is a disgrace from ITV, they will be fully aware that just because you are deaf, or cannot hear fully, that subtitles are needed, but don’t bother, yet, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 & ITV4 SD versions do carry subtitling, so it bares down to bone idleness and not giving a flying #cough# and that won’t change unless folks get on ITV’s case and make it known that HD viewers can be deaf or hard of hearing too!


  143. Keith Says:

    $ky’s business model of practically giving away HD+ boxes and then locking subscribers into c. £450 annual contracts each and every year is bound to come under pressure in these austere times. Unless you are a major sports fan C4HD now makes freesat a more viable alternative. I’d rather spend the £450 on an annnual holiday!

    It’s no wonder $ky are now focusing their attention on 3-D but I cant see 3-D being a big money spinner with it’s very limited content and costly outlay on new TV’s.


  144. ian Says:

    @Keith #143, that post is spot on, and agree fully!


  145. Neil Says:

    Sky do seem to be veering towards 3D now, obviously it’s their next USP in terms of sales. I can’t see it becoming to the level HD is currently at for 10-15yrs, simply because of the costs involved with production. There’s also a proportion of the population who do think it damages your eyes and whilst this is unproven, if people have these concerns then they won’t buy in to the technology.

    I think Freesat is looking really good now with 4HD and there will be more to come. Keith, on the subject of sport it seems there may be trouble on the horizon for Sky and the EPL as the EU have upheld a case against a pub landlord who ‘legally’ watched games via a Greek TV package. The reckoning is that if the EU rule that these products and services can be bought from any EU operator rather than the EPL’s ‘territory by territory’ current basis then both the EPL and Sky could loose millions. More pubs, who currently can’t afford the astronomical Monthly costs, will show games and Sky will loose out.


  146. Keith Says:

    @ 145 Hi Neil

    I agree that Sky must be worried about the EU case but I think that involved a transmission from Hotbird 13E so Jo Public would need to invest in another dish or twin lnb… maybe it’s still a cost effective alternative to $ky though and not just for pubs.


  147. Yorky Says:

    I’ve read a lot of stuff about what channel number will be used for C4HD. Since C4 doesn’t have the regional programming issues associated with BBC One and ITV1: surely it will be channel 104?

    Then again: it would also be extremely helpful to have all the HD channels together, or an HD category in the EPG…


  148. ian Says:

    @Yorky, they do however have regional advertising!
    And Freesat have said that they do not intend to do ‘a sky’ and start moving HD channels around on the EPG to replace the SD versions, BBC One HD can’t as it is a national service, not regional as yet, and the same for ITV1HD, so having just Channel4HD as the only one to do this would look very out of place.

    Personally, i see ITV1HD moving to 111, and then Channel4HD taking 119, that way, bot Channel4 and ITV would have the HD channel before the digital sister channels on the EPG, and i hope that Channel4HD doesn’t slot in after More4+1, IMHO it would look daft, it has to be further up the EPG, and ITV won’t want Channel4HD at 111 will they!!


  149. de vrije fries Says:

    at eurobird 1 28,5 east 12605 v 3/4 28250 dvbs-2 QSPK fta test chanel 4 hd (55300)


  150. Tony Says:

    Now channel 4hd is just around the corner, I don’t think it will be too long before film 4 hd follows.. Let’s hope so..


  151. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi all,

    With regard to the freesat epg & hd channels, Is it possible that if bbc1hd was on 101 when the network splits for local news / programs a “digital flag” tells the freesat box to switch to your postcode set regional version & back again when the network is reunited & a similar setup for regional advertising on itv / chan 4 / five this would appear to be a solution,like a automatic itvhd red button .

    BTW I’m enjoying fta channel 4 hd as per post 149.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  152. John Millns Says:

    I have only just heard the news about CH4 HD. Excellent, but I hope the CH4 logo will be set at the same (minimum) brightness level that the BBC HD, BBC1 HD are using (which, at last, ITV1 HD has just started to use). There is very little point trying to watch HD programmes on a plasma TV set to the lower quality ‘Game’ mode to avoid screen burn from bright channel logos.


  153. Shawny Says:

    @149 – Did a manual tune, and its showing as being encrypted.


  154. Peter Piper Says:

    I’m watching it now in non freesat mode and it’s not encrypted.


  155. Neil Says:

    #152 (John): The on-screen graphic (DOG) is less obtrusive than ITV1HD’s in terms of it’s font width etc but isn’t as opaque. Saying that, it’s not an issue for me as hidden away in the corner, maybe it’s me but might also have possibly been toned down slightly?


  156. ian Says:

    Channel4 to my knowledge have said they won’t be changing the D.O.G in terms of placement or brightness, and not many have said that it has caused burn to a screen, but you can always contact them, the more feedback they get on this kind of thing, the better equipped they are to review it!

    Some boxes are saying it is an encrypted channel, even though plenty are watching it FTA, the boxes that are being pains in the arse evade me, but regard it as the same for those that you cannot watch STVHD on aswell!

    #151.. shameless plug boss! to do that i believe would need all boxes and the software to be able to support it, to see the flag broadcast and carry out the swap to regional BBC One channels, and then its not always going to work, there is nothing wrong with people using a remote control and changing it themselves, IMHO there is far to much reliance on tech to do it for you, use your fingers and press the 4 buttons you need to.. 1..0..1..enter! :-)


  157. Me Says:

    Why are some boxes/TV’s displaying the CH4 HD as encrypted, and others not ?

    My Panny TV states it’s encrypted !


  158. Peter Piper Says:

    Is it not because you have to enter the transponder frequency manually and then search that transponder. Don’t just select auto scan.


  159. Me Says:

    All I can enter is:-

    Transponder frequency – 12607
    Polarisation – Vertical
    Symbol Rate – Auto

    I then have 55300 as a non-free sat channel, buts it encrypted. (same applies if I change frequency to 12605 or 12606)


  160. Peter Piper Says:

    It’s now encrypted on mine too,


  161. Shaun Says:

    Like Mark @151

    I would like to see the HD channels replace the EPG positions of the SD channels, and when Regional programmes start to broadcast, you have the option of pressing the button to switch to the broadcast, once finished revert back to the HD channel.


  162. Tom Says:

    Great news !!! C4 is not the sbsolut top of my list but HD will make it look much better. 😉
    I am watching FreeSat over here in Germany and have no problem with the reception, even the HD channels.
    Keeps me in touch with home and away from German TV.
    Keep up the great service.


  163. Ross Says:

    @159/160. The 55300 C4HD test went encrypted this afternoon


  164. Nabster Says:

    Also label Channel 4 Hd from today and encrpyted


  165. dan pugh Says:

    best news of the year


  166. Peter Says:

    @162 Tom, glad to hear your able to get freesat in Germany, What setup are you using as I have relatives in Hamburg who woukd be interested


  167. Brian Newport Says:

    I have just recived a freesat + box very good recordings


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