C4HD To Launch On Freesat

Channel 4 and Freesat today announced that Freesat HD viewers will soon be able to enjoy C4HD when the channel launches on the subscription free satellite TV service in April.

C4HD becomes the fourth HD channel on Freesat joining BBC1 HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD. Freesat currently offers over 170 TV, radio and interactive channels to its 1.5 million customers, alongside BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player imminent (for most).

Freesat Managing Director Emma Scott said;

This is fantastic news for Freesat. C4HD is a high quality channel and we’re sure it’ll prove popular with our discerning viewers.

The addition of a fourth HD channel makes Freesat an even more attractive offer for savvy TV viewers looking for quality TV without monthly bills.

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  1. Hi all,

    With regard to the freesat epg & hd channels, Is it possible that if bbc1hd was on 101 when the network splits for local news / programs a “digital flag” tells the freesat box to switch to your postcode set regional version & back again when the network is reunited & a similar setup for regional advertising on itv / chan 4 / five this would appear to be a solution,like a automatic itvhd red button .

    BTW I’m enjoying fta channel 4 hd as per post 149.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  2. I have only just heard the news about CH4 HD. Excellent, but I hope the CH4 logo will be set at the same (minimum) brightness level that the BBC HD, BBC1 HD are using (which, at last, ITV1 HD has just started to use). There is very little point trying to watch HD programmes on a plasma TV set to the lower quality ‘Game’ mode to avoid screen burn from bright channel logos.

  3. #152 (John): The on-screen graphic (DOG) is less obtrusive than ITV1HD’s in terms of it’s font width etc but isn’t as opaque. Saying that, it’s not an issue for me as hidden away in the corner, maybe it’s me but might also have possibly been toned down slightly?

  4. Channel4 to my knowledge have said they won’t be changing the D.O.G in terms of placement or brightness, and not many have said that it has caused burn to a screen, but you can always contact them, the more feedback they get on this kind of thing, the better equipped they are to review it!

    Some boxes are saying it is an encrypted channel, even though plenty are watching it FTA, the boxes that are being pains in the arse evade me, but regard it as the same for those that you cannot watch STVHD on aswell!

    #151.. shameless plug boss! to do that i believe would need all boxes and the software to be able to support it, to see the flag broadcast and carry out the swap to regional BBC One channels, and then its not always going to work, there is nothing wrong with people using a remote control and changing it themselves, IMHO there is far to much reliance on tech to do it for you, use your fingers and press the 4 buttons you need to.. 1..0..1..enter! 🙂

  5. Why are some boxes/TV’s displaying the CH4 HD as encrypted, and others not ?

    My Panny TV states it’s encrypted !

  6. Is it not because you have to enter the transponder frequency manually and then search that transponder. Don’t just select auto scan.

  7. All I can enter is:-

    Transponder frequency – 12607
    Polarisation – Vertical
    Symbol Rate – Auto

    I then have 55300 as a non-free sat channel, buts it encrypted. (same applies if I change frequency to 12605 or 12606)

  8. Like Mark @151

    I would like to see the HD channels replace the EPG positions of the SD channels, and when Regional programmes start to broadcast, you have the option of pressing the button to switch to the broadcast, once finished revert back to the HD channel.

  9. Great news !!! C4 is not the sbsolut top of my list but HD will make it look much better. 😉
    I am watching FreeSat over here in Germany and have no problem with the reception, even the HD channels.
    Keeps me in touch with home and away from German TV.
    Keep up the great service.

  10. @162 Tom, glad to hear your able to get freesat in Germany, What setup are you using as I have relatives in Hamburg who woukd be interested

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