Response: Ask Emma Scott a question (2012)

Following the huge response we got in the Ask Emma Scott a question (2012) post, we have the responses.

Just want to say a massive thank you to all those who contributed a question(s), I hope that most of them have been covered. Continue reading Response: Ask Emma Scott a question (2012)

Tesco offer Freesat HD install bundle

Tesco offer Freesat HD install bundleFor those of you reading this considering Freesat, but without any of the equipment required, this might be of interest to you.

Tesco have today launched their Freesat HD bundle, which comprises of the fantastic Manhattan Plaza HD-S, as well as basic installation, all for just £99.97. Continue reading Tesco offer Freesat HD install bundle

TSG Launch Freesat Support Website

Freesat Support

TSG, Freesat installer of the year 2009 are proud to present their newly launched Freesat Support website, offering helpful advice and information on Freesat related satellite dish installations; plus call-out options and maintainance contracts.

TSG (Total Support Group) were established in December 2003 to provide clients with award winning digital TV installations. Operating from 6 regional support offices situated across the country, the TSG network employees over 150 members of staff including 80 field installation teams and provides its clients with nationwide coverage. Offering a broad range of domestic signal solutions, TSG are recognised as one of the UK’s largest service providers specialising in satellite/terrestrial antenna installation and maintenance services.

As part of the new Freesat Support website, TSG are offering a few service options for those experiencing trouble with their already installed satellite dish, these include:


Freesat viewers encountering signal reception problems can quickly and easily arrange for one of TSG’s professional service installers to visit using the online booking facility. A fixed price call out charge is included, currently £59.95 which covers all materials needed to repair the system without any unexpected surprises. Please note that this service is designed for domestic dwellings using a stand alone satellite dish to receive Freesat services. For further information, call the TSG helpline on 0844 826 2055.

Annual Cover

For just £48, TSG offer a ‘peace of mind’ protection against any problems you may encounter with your satellite dish setup; so not to spoil the enjoyment of watching Freesat. This annual cover ensures cover against all electrical and mechanical failures including accidental damage and adverse weather conditions. The protection covers your satellite dish, LNB, mounting bracketry and all associated external downlead cabling to the Freesat receiver. Again, if you have a non-standard installation, you might want to call them first to check you would be covered.

Visit the Freesat Support website, there is plenty of useful simple diagnostics and technical information available free of charge; but should you take up any of their chargeable service options, don’t forget to give us a friendly mention.

Comet offer future proof Freesat installation

Visit our installation page for more information on Freesat satellite dish installations

We thought this was worthy of a mention. Comet have had the forsight to think about the future of Freesat and the soon to be released Freesat DTR/PVR. The new DTR is a digital recorder which to utilise the record functionality to the fullist requires you to have two cables from your satellite dish.

The problem so far is that all the major retailers participating in Freesat have been selling single cable installations, which suit the current SD and HD Freesat boxes only.

What Comet have done is include a Quad LNB instead of a Single LNB and the additional cable required, for just £20 more than the standard install. A small price to pay to future-proof your satellite installation. This will mean when the time comes you literally just have to plug the additional satellite cable into the new DTR box and away you go, rather than paying out for a return engineer visit at significant cost.


We highly recommend this purchase to anyone requiring satellite installation, even if you don’t fancy a DTR in the future, you may want Freesat in more than one room and this setup will make things much easier.

Well done Comet.

Currys combined Freesat box with installation

We all know that Freesat are keen to ensure that all retailers offer an installation option, infact, its the main requirement of their SLA, however, it seems Currys just aren’t getting it!

With all the talk on here about Currys shocking installation options, then the subsequential change only a day later, we half expected Currys had learnt there lesson, not so.

According to their website, they are now selling the Humax Freesat HD Digibox Box (hurray!)…with installation a requirement (boo).

Whilst it might not be a bad deal for those requiring the full shabang; for those with a satellite dish already installed (and setup correctly, the same as Sky), there’s no chance you are going to pay that price for something you don’t need.

Are Currys just not understanding the conditions of selling Freesat, or are they being deliberately difficult?

Visit the page in question here.

Currys misleading Freesat installation

We’ve heard plenty of stories about the main retailers telling consumers in-store misleading and inaccurate information on the new Freesat service, but Currys have gone one further by publishing a product on their site that we just couldn’t ignore.

Currys have made available (albeit ‘out of stock’) an installation package for £79.99 plus £6.99 delivery. Fair enough you might think, but its what the package is and suggests that really got us started.

It seems that the package does not include a dish, LNB or cable; they simply come out and plug the existing cables into the Freesat Digital Box for you, as if thats so hard to do yourself. So what are you paying £79.99 for? Very little it would seem! All retaillers are meant to be offering a installation service, this isn’t one and hopefully Freesat are taking note.

Also, they make mention to you needing a Sky Digital dish; sure Freesat won’t be too happy about that, not apart from the fact there’s no such thing as a Sky Digital dish, merely a dish suitable for receiving channels through the Sky Digital platform.

Visit the installation product and see for yourself.

Update (16-May-08) – It would seem that Currys have now updated the product to include installation of a dish etc, in line with the other retailers. The link above now takes you to the correct product.