Grundig freesat product added to Comet website

Comet have launched a Grundig product on their website, called ‘GRUNDIG GUFSATHD’ with a subheading ‘GRUNDIG HIGH DEFINITION FREESAT BOX’.

Whilst there is no picture, and the specification is limited, could this be a genuine freesat product, or a mis-labeled Freeview product?

We’ll keep checking for updates, but the page in question is here.

Prices and availability

Sorry for the lack of updates, but not much is being ‘leaked’ by the BBC or ITV at this time. We have however noticed a discussion taking place on Digital Spy which has some information worth sharing, although it might just be pure speculation, but certainly generates a good talking point!

According to the information supplied, the retailers for the freesat product will be:

Phase 1 – Argos, DSG (Curry’s), Comet, John Lewis
Phase 2 – CIH Euronics, M & S, Tesco
Phase 3 – non-Euronics independents in 2009

From previous reports we beleive Phase 1 will cover 6 months from launch, followed by a further 6 months for Phase 2, then a free-for-all in Phase 3. We have been told of retailers trying to obtain the rights to sell that BBC are not yet considering ‘general’ retailers, just those already hand selected!

The target prices, which were discussed in a recent meeting suggest:

Freesat non-HD (box only) £35
Freesat HD (box only) £99
Freesat HD PVR (box only) £149

Note the absense of a non-HD PVR? As suspected its unlikely they will make one, expecting those wanting to record to pay up for the HD version.

Should you require installation, its hoped to cost around £50, which when you do the sums, is a great deal for a full setup, no matter which digital receiver you pick. We had concerns that the prices would not compete with existing Sky deals, but fortunatly it looks like if they meet these targets, they will, good news.