Challenge TV launching on Freesat

It has been announced by Challenge TV on Twitter that they will join the freesat platform on Monday 3rd December, finally putting to rest speculation that the channel would launch soon after dropping their encryption deal with Sky.

Challenge (Freesat Channel 145) is the home of playalong TV and is the ultimate destination if you are looking for game shows and world famous quiz formats.

Emma Scott, MD of Freesat said:

[..] With Challenge TV and Pick TV joining today too, the breadth of choice for our viewers, for free, has never been better.

Challenge TV will be automatically added on Monday to your freesat receiver or television.

17 thoughts on “Challenge TV launching on Freesat”

  1. This is great news, live watching all the old shows. I had asked challenge a number of times if they planned to launch but never said so this is welcome news.

  2. How many months is it now since they went non encryption?
    I suppose we will have all those non stop Sky ads to put up with officially now and they will only get more frequent as time goes on.

  3. Challenge went fta in early June.

    So a 6 month fta period before a previously encrypted channel can join Freesat??

  4. I love the Takeshi Castle episodes bit never views them on FV because I dont have a FV PVR.

    This is the 1st channel for ages that I will actually watch.

  5. Rosco said:
    Challenge went fta in early June.
    So a 6 month fta period before a previously encrypted channelcan join Freesat??

    Not necessarily, C5’s sister services were FTA officially for 5 days before joining freesat last December. Politics were probably at play!

  6. Anyone know what time these channels launch mon ! Great news fed up of dipping into none freesat mode for these channels .

  7. Already appearing on the epg’s Billybass. I did a manual Freesat tune a couple of hours ago and all 3 appeared. Some boxes will wait until they do their 3am “housekeeping”

  8. Ninja Warrior is a decent show, basically dozens of Japanese people running on some weird assault course, crashing out badly(Some even smashing their faces on the rocks lol). Decent show

  9. Lmao clearly tired, described both Takeshis Castle and Ninja Warrior in that paragraph, meant to say Ninja Warrior is a decent show with dozens of Japanese people running on some weird assault course. And Takeshis Castle is a little alike but well I said above lol

  10. david stobo said:
    i would like to see tcm on sometime that would be good

    TCM is not free channel its only for sky and virgin media

  11. Would love to see these channel but my box isnt updating for some reason, and o turn my box to stand by regularly.

  12. My Bush SD box had not updated automatically but have gone into the “add non-Freesat channels” option and keyed in the settings shown on the Wikipedia page
    Frequency 11565, Symbol Rate 27500, LNB Polarisation Vertical. This contains both the main Challenge and +1, upon finishing the scan it recognised the main channel and loaded it into its EPG position 145, while the +1 is also available in “non-Freesat” mode as it isn’t encrypted either. Hope this helps.

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