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Jun 02 2011

BBC will shortly be making changes to the satellite transponder that carries BBC One HD and BBC HD. The signal on this transponder is currently broadcast using a modulation scheme called “DVB-S”. On 6th June 2011 they will be upgrading to a newer “DVB-S2” scheme which is a more efficient way of operating the transponder and it creates more capacity from the same amount of spectrum.

The change will mean you may need to put your Freesat receiver or television into standby for 30 seconds (on or after the 6th June) and then restart to continue to receive the two BBC HD channels. If the channels are still unavailable then carry out a ‘freesat channel retune’ or a ‘first time installation’ (both available from the menu options). Full instructions can be found in the manual for your box or TV. Further help with retuning can be found at or by calling their customer support team on 08450 990 990.

Channel 4 used a similar principle in order to make more space available to introduce Channel 4 HD to Freesat, with talk of more of their HD channel family coming soon.

This may mean potentially improve bitrate quality across the BBC HD channels…but don’t hold your breath 😉

More information here.

194 Responses to “Changes To BBC HD Channels On Freesat”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if they will quiety go to full size of 1920 x1080? :-)


  2. ian Says:

    Wow, i mention this to Mr Admin, and a thread appears.. :-)

    We all saw what happened to those using a HD box that cannot decode S2 and unable to get Channel4HD, this will spring it up once again and expect the evil eyed glare at the BBC because its the BBC making the change now and not the fact they didn’t get a new box!
    Here is hoping the BBC have taken note of the fact Globecast uplink there BBC Worldwide HD channels in full 1920 x 1080 and with the shift to S2 they do so and stop this peddly tosh of a poor resolution now they will have more space!

    Wonder what effect this will have for Channel5 on that Txp!


  3. jumpingbeans Says:

    please let it mean 1920*1080 & improved VBR/statmux, the current BBC HD is by far the worst ‘HD’ on Freesat – just compare with NHK World HD to see how it should be done, & some of the movies on 4HD are simply stunning

    Then watch Waterloo Road on BBC HD, shocking quality


  4. ian Says:

    Its not really HD is it, its just a super version of SD! Id be ashamed if i worked for the BBC, supposed standard setter in world broadcasting..


  5. Neil Says:

    This is interesting and something that has potentially been on the cards for a while, obviously the beeb not wanting to take the plunge in to S2 modulation before Channel 4 did in terms of the non-S2 compliance issue with Harvard boxes etc.

    Maybe this in part is going to give the beeb more bandwidth for 3D trials of Wimbledon if that goes ahead? 1920×1080 res would be fantastic but the beeb won’t do it I’m sure.

    I’m keen to see what FEC and SR they chose as this will be the first 2D Txp to go S2 (apart from a very brief Sky trial on 10936V). Looking at 2D DVB-S characteristics if they chose similar protection ratios for S2 on a 2D Txp they could potentially fit another 8MB of bandwidth on there but we’ll have to see.


  6. Brian Damage Says:

    Tuning details here for new BBC HD :


  7. BigNickUK Says:

    What the hell is going on??? All us people who have the older boxes that Harvard didnt see fit to make compatible for DVB-S2 are going to lose all our HD channels bar ITV?????? Is someone going to comment on this officially? Why is the consumer getting shafted again?????


  8. Brian Damage Says:

    I wonder if this is leading up to Wimbledon 2011 in 3D, on the BBC…


  9. Muzer Says:

    I’m going to assume Harvard will have to backtrack on that anti-DVB-S2 thing. They’ve certainly been bollocked enough by Freesat already, if what I’ve heard is true (they’re not allowed to make any more Freesat boxes), I’m sure the BBC switching to DVB-S2 could end up with Freesat taking legal action against Harvard if their not supporting DVB-S2 was a breach of contract, which could end up with them swapping faulty boxes for free. I hope, at least, for the sake of those with those boxes (not me, thankfully).


  10. Alvin Says:

    #7….. it’s to force you to buy new kit.
    O’dear, it’s not compatible anymore is a classic sales tactic.


  11. Anthony Says:

    Ian says above,

    Wow, i mention this to Mr Admin, and a thread appears.. :-)

    We all saw what happened to those using a HD box that cannot decode S2 and unable to get Channel4HD,

    I’ve tried watching C4HD a couple of times and just had a black screen, so just assumed that I couldn’t get the signal. I’ve never heard of this S2 hiccup. If this is so, by the sound of it I wont be able to get any of the channels as they change over. I have a bush HD box. I’ve just checked and it is supposedly compatible with C4HD so we’ll see


  12. Al (Original) Says:

    I have to agree with the calls for bit rate increases now more space is being made available.

    The Royal Wedding showed the dividends of having 14mbs average and with a resolution increase to 1920 with maybe 16-18mbs average would be a better target than the current 9mbs. I believe Sky used to run 18mbs on their 1920 HD channels and the picture was stunning.

    @ #3 Jumping Beans, I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments on channel quality.

    The poll on here puts BBC HD 2nd but given its audience pull and the fact that many people perhaps don’t venture onto Ch4 HD that often the result isn’t that surprising.

    However, I do agree entirely with your channel analysis.

    In terms of HD quality:

    1. NHK HD

    2. CH4 HD

    3. ITV HD

    4. BBC HD

    I’m giving 3rd to ITV HD simply because its consistently better. On its day, BBC HD can match ITV HD for quality with the very best of its production, its just that it often doesn’t.

    NHK HD and CH4 simply can’t be matched for clarity and sharpness by the other two channels with NHK especially sharp.

    At least in Japan they know how HD should be made / transmitted!


  13. Trevor Harris Says:

    The sale of goods act says that goods must be fit for purpose. Clearly Harvard do not have a leg to stand on. In fact it is the retailer who is resposible. Just take your box back and demand a refund. Office of fair trading might be interested as well.


  14. admin Says:

    @Trevor Harris

    That is true, goods must be fit for purpose, but equally technology moves on very quickly and a product cannot be expected to be compatible for ever. The question is whether Freesat requested DVB-S2 compatibility within the originally specification; if they did, then Harvard have a lot to answer for.


  15. Amanda Brighton Says:

    @ #12 Al (Original) – ITV HD may be a better picture quality but, they haven’t been able to transmit subtitles ! We don’t view ITV HD for this reason.


  16. Mike Bannister Says:

    If an item was sold saying it is HD ready and the equipment can recieve the broadcasts but the service provider ie BBC changes the way it transmits those programmes then the equipment manufacturer is not obliged to change or refund the equipment, however it should as a good will gesture.


  17. WERT Says:

    Yeah original specs of freesat had dvb-s2 standard for HD boxes…


  18. Angry. Says:

    B E A utiful. So as BigNickUK and Trevor Harris have essentially said: All us people with crappy Harvard boxes that can’t work with DVB-S2 are going to essentially lose 2 HD channels and Havard are still going to stick with this policy that basically tells the customer to suck it where they will kindly let us buy another box from them for a fee that feels relatively expensive when you consider what’s now out there. This is horrific on their part. There are so many people out there that rightly so just buy products and expect them to work and won’t understand why their HD channels are breaking and won’t be bothered to have to do research to understand why and will essentially just see this as freesat is crap or their box is broken and buy another one and that is wrong on both fronts. With this, the Sepp Blatter/Fifa farce and every other debacle that goes on in this corrupt world at the moment it just makes you think what’s the point.


  19. bigal Says:

    @ 12 Al (Original)

    Re the first line of your comment. Have you seen this website

    I agree with you about NHK HD. I watched a prog the other week, I think it was called Great Summits, Stunning PQ. Can’t comment on CH4 HD as I do not find anything worth watching apart from CH4 News and that is upscaled.

    I find this sites current poll results so far strange, People really think the BBC HD channels are close to the NHK HD quality. I don’t think so.


  20. ian Says:

    Let me get this straight… You continue to use a HD box that is not up to spec and unable to get Channel4HD, thus knowing it wasn’t compliant and now the BBC is following suit and using S2, its a public outrage?!!!!
    If you knew the box was useless when 4HD came, you knew it needed to be replaced so thus is not the fault of the BBC but you for continuing to use a box that is not fit for purpose!
    Yes Harvard are not worth ____ and have shafted the consumer for selling goods that failed to meet a contractual obligation, but you knew that when 4HD came along and you couldn’t receive it.. Channel4 or BBC.. no difference who the broadcaster is!!
    You’ll also find more and more the move to DVB-S2, so expect to either lose more channels, kick off to Harvard or go and replace it.. A re-run of the 4HD complaints won’t change ____!!


  21. Waumo Says:

    @ 14 – Admin
    I decided to pay a little more for my box like many others and went down the Humax route so I am not affected by the move to DVB-S2, but for those people that do own Havard box’s which arent compatible is it possible you can speak to your contacts within Freesat to see if it was part of the original specification?


  22. Trevor Harris Says:


    The sale of goods act makes it plain it is the retailer who is resposible not Harvard. Just take it back to the retailer and tell them it does not work.


  23. Trevor Harris Says:

    Just looked on the Goodmans website. The specification says it has 2 DVB-S2 tuners. They don’t have a leg to stand on.


  24. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Amanda Brighton # 15. Fair comment. I don’t need subtitles but appreciate that for anyone that does, this could be a large obstacle to enjoying ITV content.

    More of a problem for me is the fact that no-one to my knowledge transmits proper Dolby Digital Sound only stereo or 3 channel digital.

    @ BigAl # 19. I hadn’t seen that web site but was aware of the campaign.

    I didn’t know European BBC HD was 16mbs + 1920 although I did know that it had a much higher bit rate.

    It looks like my estimations of 16-18mbs for good 1920 HD were on the mark therefore!


  25. BigNickUK Says:

    Arguing with Harvard over 1 channel going to DVB-S2 was difficult now that BBC is following suit it does mean that the Harvard boxes are not fit for purpose.

    So, armed with this new info…I went to Argos where I bought my HD box in September 2008. I explained the situation to the manager and he swapped the old Bush box for the newer Alba version. Good for Argos.


  26. Jock Says:

    Al (Original) & Amanda Brighton

    I depend on subtitles to make TV intelligible and thus, hopefully, enjoyable. The situation at the moment is a bit hit-or-miss. For example, Have I got News For You is shown on BBC1 on Fridays at about 9 or 9:30 (depending on region) with subtitles. It is then repeated on BBC-HD at 10:30 and someone in the BBC tosses a coin to see whether we get subtitles or not. On Saturday an extended version is simulcast on BBC2 and BBC-HD and the subtitles are usually quite good.

    ITV1-HD does not carry subtitles, so I have to revert to SD to follow the programme. ITV and STV had a spat whereby a lot of good programmes are not shown in Scotland. Freesat provides the answer, but without subtitles on HD. STV-HD usually does carry subtitles, but that’s no help if you don’t want to watch the programme!

    Is anyone else bugged by the way speech recognition (maybe) is used to provide the subtitles? By the time they appear on the screen, the action has moved on to a point where subtitles and action are well out of sync. The quality of the recognition is poor, so that the subtitling keeps re-trying and making ever more ridiculous guesses until it finally gives up. By this time I’ve lost the thread anyway.

    A tip to all of you youngsters out there – take care of your hearing. Once it goes, everything from marriage through socialising to watching TV becomes difficult. Agreed Amanda?


  27. Derek B Says:

    I cannot get CH4HD on my Humax Foxsat HD box, not since launch! I’m now worried that I will lose the 2 BBC HD channels also. Do all Humax Foxsat HD boxes handle DVB-S2. The LNB on my dish is a cheap one, should I upgrade to a top quaility LNB to decode DVB-S2 ?


  28. ian Says:

    The Humax is DVB-S2 compliant so either a dish alignment issue or a poor quality LNB yes @Derek B..


  29. Trevor Harris Says:

    @ Derek B

    The LNB should not be an issue if you can get other channels OK.


  30. Paul Says:

    @Derek B

    I also have a Foxsat HD STB and have no problems whatsoever with CH4HD. I changed and installed my dish for a new 60cm Raven with good quality quad LNB late last year. Signal strength and quality here in Berkshire is now 100% on almost all channels with really only the CBS cluster dropping to 90% This is so even in severe weather and even with the dish and LNB covered in snow earlier in the year.

    So, it may well be your LNB and for the price, an upgrade in dish size won’t go amiss either.



  31. frank Says:

    I will not believe that freesat has arrived until I can buy a full listing magazine that
    will tell me WHAT IS ON and the times.


  32. patrick Says:

    I hope my LG lf7700 is dvb-s2 complient I can get all the hd stations through the tv without the humax box they supplied,what do you think?


  33. Lee b Says:

    My vote is for the extra space created by s2 to be used to increase the BBC bitrate to something acceptable like 12- 14 Mbps or up the res to 1080p


  34. scoobie Says:

    @Lee b
    You are making the mistake that BBC Management have any interest whatsoever in what you as a viewer want.
    Easy mistake to make.
    The BBC HD picture quality campaign guys made the same mistake.


  35. Alvin Says:

    Why has watching T.V gone so complicated these days?

    When is all this technology going to end?

    What is the ultimate aim of hyper technology?


  36. Nate Says:

    I have a Harvard box (Goodmans) & I have 4HD, so I assume I should still get the BBC HD channels too? Is it just some Harvard boxes that have this “fault” as mine is obviously compatible??


  37. Salty dawg Says:

    This is so boring……… Anyone wanna cuppa tea? ;0)


  38. ian Says:

    @frank.. That is called an EPG squire..!!!


  39. lee b Says:

    I can’t help but look at the old BBC recordings I made at 20 mbps and wonder where it all went wrong, it used to look more like blu ray than SD. Who knows maybe they will drop the bit rate again and ill pine for the good old 9 mbps days! If the BBC cared we would get the same quality they show abroad but we get half that bitrate. Id just like to think the extra bitrate will go to something useful like picture quality rather than the BBC sending null bits again and wasting it.


  40. lee b Says:

    @nate sounds like your box meets the s2 spec, my old bush box was not so lucky! Bit of a brush up on law and ten mins in argos got me a refund though. Even though it was three years old!


  41. Chrislayeruk Says:

    @Frank. Go to zingzing online for listings on any platform. Save all that wasted printing that knowbody wants anymore now.

    Cheers Chris :)


  42. Percy Says:

    The BBC link says that the new specifications are >>
    Satellite: Astra 2D tp.50
    Frequency: 10,847MHz (vertical polarity)
    Modulation: DVB-S2, QPSK
    Symbol Rate: 23000
    FEC: 8/9

    On my Humax Foxsat HD set top box, in manual tune I have 3 defined Symbol Rate options : 27500, 26000, 22000 or user defined. In FEC, I can only select upto 7/8 or Auto. I live in Scotland and watch STV HD via manual tune. If STV HD copy these non-standard specifications, will I still be able to manual tune STV HD?


  43. Neil Says:

    Percy: You can select your own FEC on the Foxsat HD and HDR’s under the ‘manual’ option in the FEC drop-down.


  44. bazm Says:

    @Frank – I’m with you on this one. Scrolling through epgs to see if a new series has started for example is boring. Yes I know you can get tvguide online but to my mind a printed guide is much better.


  45. Ron Says:

    Patrich @32. You should have no probs mate.


  46. Ron Says:

    Sorry, Patrick. Finger slipped.


  47. Alan Says:

    Any new channels coming soon?????


  48. ian vallender Says:

    just thought i would remind any one with the following boxes bush bfsat01hd. goodmans gfsat200hd and grundig gufsat01hd to check their rights as as a consumer or if the box has an extended guarantee eg 3years if bought on or after 5th june 2008 to return it. dvbs2 was a requirement of freesat and therefore a fault if your receiver will not pick up any s2 channels. eg c4hd, bbc1hd and bbchd. i think the above model numbers cover all the harvard boxes affected. ian vallender


  49. Nate Says:

    My Goodmans box is a GFSAT200HD & got it in 2008 so an early model & it supports DVBS2, weird how mine is ok while others are not…


  50. Al (Original) Says:

    @ nate are you sure it supports it?

    Don’t forget the change doesn’t happen until tomorrow.


  51. steve Says:

    There is no excuse now for BBC for poor hd now


  52. steve Says:

    Depending where you buy your humax why are some shops offering 2 year warranty?


  53. admin Says:


    Some independent retailers have paid a slight premium to Humax for the additional years warranty, where as most major retailers just go for the cheapest option which has 1 years warranty. Worth paying the extra!


  54. steve Says:

    Thanks comet offer 2 years currys 1 year


  55. Richard Crichton Says:

    No excuse but it won’t make any difference. It’ll still be HD Lite 1440×1080.
    The BBC are fixated on making the most efficient use of the spectrum possible not on the maximum quality possible.

    @48 Ian Vallender
    Do you know for a fact that DVB-S2 was a requirement of Freesat from the start and if so why were the non compliant boxes allowed to carry the Freesat logo. Don’t Freesat test their licenced boxes for compliance and if not why not. It’s really not good enough to put all the blame on Harvard.


  56. liz Says:

    @ 37 Salty dawg … milk and 2 sugars please ! … lol


  57. Derek (original) Says:

    Whilst Liz and Salty dawg are enjoying their cups of tea, let the debate continue.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree that DVB-S2 transmissions require less bandwidth than DVB-S to achieve the same picture quality. Sky News HD has always been lauded for its picture quality, and is transmitted using DVB-S2 at an average bitrate of 13.2 Mbps over the last 10 days. The average bitrate for BBC HD using DVB-S over the same period was 8.5 Mbps.

    So what will the BBC do when it switches to S2 tomorrow? There are 3 choices as I see it:

    1) Take its role seriously as an HD broadcater and Increase its average bitrate to that of Sky News by using the null bytes still being wasted on its transponder. Just image the PQ improvements this would produce.
    2) Leave its average bitrate at current levels and let us enjoy the PQ improvements that moving from DVB-S to DVB-S2 will deliver
    3) Drop its average bitrate below the current average of 8.5 Mbps to maintain PQ at its current level.

    Any thoughts as to which option the BBC will go for?


  58. Al (Original) Says:

    Call me a sceptic Derek but the smart monies on the last option.

    I predict the other 2 are like the queens horse in the Derby, favourites with the audience, but ultimately a let down.


  59. steve Says:

    Why don’t they give us what we want they will have to in the end I think they think we are customers of spec savers!


  60. Brian Damage Says:

    I have to wonder about why the BBC have decided to change to S2 in June 2011.

    If they are under an obligation to make the best use of the spectrum, why didn’t they do this from the start? Weren’t they obliged to do this back in 2008?

    So if the “obligation” is merely an excuse for making this change, impacting on however many viewers that can’t receive S2, then why are they doing it ?.

    There’s more to this, I think:
    Perhpas a change in resolution, or bit rate (though both seem unlikely, sadly) or perhaps they are making room for more HD channels.

    If the later, hopefully this will be something more desirable than regional variations in HD – which I consider to be a complete waste of bandwidth!


  61. bigal Says:

    @ 60 Brian Damage

    The BBC and more HD channels?

    They would be better advised to improve the PQ of their current so called HD channels first. NHK WORLD HD sets a standard that our ‘State broadcaster’ does currently aspire to.

    I for one no longer watch (Or record) a BBC HD channel.

    Dear BBC, Can I have a reduction in my TV licence fee please?


  62. ian Says:

    The BBC has been planning the S-2 move for years, the extra space that this move will create will free up space for another HD stream and with the plans for BBC Two HD in the pipe line from the BBC, they will have the space ready made..

    The hope they will change to 1920 x 1080 is one i am hoping for but like most of you on here, its something we know won’t happen because the BBC won’t do a U-turn now as they would then be ripped apart for taking so long and only doing it after buckling from the pressure we have heaped on them and other organisations a-like also..
    A possible increase in bitrate but again, wish in one hand and s___ in the other, see which fills up first!
    2 Sugars and milk ta… 😀


  63. ian Says:

    ITV 3D, anyone give a monkeys?


  64. Derek (original) Says:

    Not ITV 3D or any 3D in the home thank you.


  65. Lee b Says:

    What time is the switch to s2? I’m interested in seeing which way the BBC go with bitrates, I’m betting we get zero improvement and more null bytes being sent, hope to be wrong though.


  66. steve Says:

    My humax hdr has locked up remote wouldn’t work or front hdr buttons I switched off back then on ok now what would cause it?


  67. ian Says:

    The switch will take place around 4am but could be earlier or later, you will know if you watch because the channels will go off air!

    @steve #66, sounds like it just crashed mate, PVR’s do that.
    Is it working fine now?


  68. steve Says:

    Yes it is mate


  69. Steve Says:

    “BigNickUK Says:
    June 2nd, 2011 at 11:29 pm
    What the hell is going on??? All us people who have the older boxes that Harvard didnt see fit to make compatible for DVB-S2 are going to lose all our HD channels bar ITV?????? Is someone going to comment on this officially? Why is the consumer getting shafted again?????”

    This is what happens when you jump in early on new technology. Why are you so surprised? Just as the first digital boxes couldn’t cope with the move to 8k, so the older FreeSat boxes don’t do S2. Smart people wait a while before jumping on bandwagons. If you get in early, this is what happens. If the BBC didn’t change, you’d get just as many people moan that they’re not willing to upgrade their technology. Either way, they can’t win.


  70. steve Says:

    I left a question @ 74 on the humax software site do u have the same problem?


  71. Nate Says:

    @50 Al. Yeah my box definitely supports it, I have the DVBS2 option in settings & also have 4HD… The box was bought not long after Freesat started back in 2008.


  72. Mediaman Says:

    All official Freesat boxes are capable of DVB-S2 and have been since day one. The downside is you need the over the air update and if you didn’t get it a few years back your not likely to now unless it is re released. My Goodmans was one of the originals and it got the S2 update the following year. Boxes sold after that time should already have the update installed but it would not hurt manufacturers to re release updates occasionally.


  73. A2sat Says:

    Hi all, well it’s working perfectly well this morning on my Humax pvr… I did not have to do anything other than bring the decoder out of standby.
    Cannot say if BBC Breakfast news looks any better but I do think BBC HD does..
    I added the information for the tp last night in the manual search mode and it remained off until now where the decoder found the new/updated tp fully working…


  74. Neil Says:

    A2sat: can you confirm the SR to be 23000 as Linowsat is still reporting 22000?

    Can’t tell any difference on BBC1 due to Breakfast being upscaled but BBC HD might look slightly better, unless it’s me?


  75. Alan Says:

    On my Humax box had to do a retune, now works ok. BBC HD seems much better.


  76. Rogerd Says:

    No signal on either BBC HD channel on my Panny PZ81…I’ve tried leaving it on stand by and carried out the Freesat retune but still no signal. Any ideas anyone?


  77. PeterW Says:

    Just retuned my Feesat card in my PC and am sad to report that BBC1HD was still in 1440×1080 on Breakfast this morning and what was worse the bitrate appears to have dropped to about 8mbps average (although that was after 2 minutes of testing). BBCHD did not yet appear to have a drop in bitrate but was also still on 1440×1080.

    One thing I did note that I hadn’t seen before is that ITVHD Granada is now 1080p whereas ITV London was still 1440×1080, it may be old news but I have switched my recordings already :)


  78. Justin Says:

    @76 I just did a retune on my Panasonic G15 and the channels are there now, so hopefully you should get them at some point.

    Not sure if there is a quality difference, might be my mind tricking me. Would be good to know if there have been any “upgrades”


  79. Freeview Says:

    had to do a retune on my Panasonic G20…..
    (still no sign of ITV player becoming available ?)


  80. Rogerd Says:

    @78 I have retuned again (well Auto Setup) and although the BBC HD channels are shown on the EPG, they ae both showing “no signal” on 108 and 109…


  81. John1961 Says:

    76 @Rogerd -pz81. I had same problem, re scan didn’t solve it so I put it back to shipping condition for a new start and now recieving ok.


  82. steve Says:

    What has happened to true ent epg the last week it has only been showing 2 days ahead at 1 time


  83. lee b Says:

    @mediaman, you are not correct many of the Harvard boxes can’t receive s2, I entered my serial number in the Harvard website and was told the box would have to be replaced at my cost, many others are also unable to get c4 hd. Though a refund sorted my issues out.


  84. lee b Says:

    Bitrate drop on BBC one hd, doh another missed opportunity and more null bytes


  85. BigNickUK Says:

    @Steve…absolute rubbish

    DVB-S2 was a requirement from day one on all freesat box providers. Harvard cocked up. That is why Argos for example are now replacing them as they are not fit for purpose. Some people need to read up on their facts!!


  86. AndyPandy Says:

    Well I’ve just tested my B*sh HD box and both BBC HD channels still work fine, even though I’ve got one of the dodgy boxes that can’t receive CH4 HD correctly. If it stays like this I’ll probably keep it, as I can’t be bothered taking it back and it’s only used for watching the footy in HD in the spare room.

    If I lose the HD channels Ill get a Technisat for 100 quid. Certainly never buying anything with the name Bush on the front ever again. This box has bee one big pain in the a*** since I bought it 3 years ago.


  87. Roger Says:

    BBC HD/HDOne seem to be working fine at present on my Bush BFSAT01HD. However, I’m getting a crappy C4HD signal with picture freezes/dropouts (s/q at 50% of BBC figures…). I’ve not looked at ITV HD, but then again, I never do – its the programme quality that bothers me there… :-)

    As for Bush, the tech spec page indicates that the tuner is DVB-S2 compliant ( ), so I suppose a firmware update may be in the pipeline to address any niggles. Anyone good at holding their breath for at least 6 months?


  88. jumpingbeans Says:

    If the bitrate has indeed dropped & the resolution remains at the HD-Lite 1440, then this is a further massive **** YOU to all the domestic BBC viewers – need to wait until tomorrow to check the stats for the full day from LinowSat.

    A great opportunity to show they do actually care & listen, has it been squandered?


  89. Clive Says:

    I agree with Allen @75. My Humax has a much better picture on the BBC HD channels. I noticed it after the channel changes even though i didn’t know about them.
    My son told me when i mentioned how much better the picture looks.


  90. Rogerd Says:

    @John1961 – thanks. I put it back to shipping condition and it is now fine. And I do believe that the picture quality on BBC HD is better…Let’s see what it’s like with some of the stuff on BBC1 HD later, fingers crossed.


  91. steve Says:

    My humax hdr I did not have to do anything my 1 and a half year bush box no signal then rescan fine now


  92. Slightly Less Angry Says:

    @ 20 – ian

    Your comments really irked me upon initial reading because you either completely misinterpreted my point or were intentionally confrontational for seemingly no reason. However, I am inclined to think, and hope it was, the former.

    My issue was not with the BBC and I was not clamouring for a public outrage against them but was just extremely disappointed by the situation Harvard have left its customers in. As it has been stated many times on this site, DVB-S2 was a requirement of freesat from the start. Specific requirements put in place by freesat gave me confidence and I am not usually an ‘early adopter’ but these contractual requirements placed on box manufacturers really gave me the confidence to buy in early to freesat. To at @69 Steve I’m glad BigNickUk @85 told you what cobblers you were talking because of this very reason. Your comments will probably work in a few years time to ‘early adopters’ of 3D because to me that looks a mess with seemingly multiple implementations fighting to be the standard and therefore I would think people will get burnt there much like HD DVD equipment purchasers did.

    However, I digress. Anyway, the point of my original rant was that Harvard knew they had a problem and admitted it but instead of doing the honest thing and doing a recall they hid the checker page deep on their website and then if people did find that (which I would think would be about 5% of people who own these boxes) they turned round and said “yeah we cocked up so you need to buy a whole new box from us”.

    Now believe it or not but I dread confrontations and therefore I appreciate that with the raft of advice on here about not fit for purpose, sale of goods act, trading standards etc etc this appears to make it an easy task to go back to the retailer and “demand a refund of a suitable replacement” but having to be in that whole situation where you usually have to be an aggressive tosser to get anywhere and with people looking at you thinking that exact thing I was not relishing this prospect.

    Therefore I did ‘continue to use a HD box that I knew wasn’t up to spec’ because I was procrastinating on having to endure what I would find a truly horrible experience. That’s why I got so upset when BBC made this announcement because I felt like I had now been pushed into having to have this experience and with a deadline. And therefore @ian your comments essentially read to me “well you knew what you needed to do so go do it, it’s easy, stop whining”.

    Anyway, I went back to Argos this weekend armed with several print outs and had the experience exactly pan out as I thought it would. Everyone in the queue looked at me like I was a troublemaker or pulling a scam, the Argos guy claimed never to have heard of the issue and after 20 minutes of me trying to explain the situation he wandered off to ‘make some calls’, 15 minutes later he returned and said his manager said there was nothing they could do, Argos technical support had no knowledge of the situation and Harvard tech support was closed.

    He asked me to come back but at this point I was too far down the horrific rabbit hole to stop so I tried to explain some more being polite as ever and not raising my voice and knowing all the while that that was probably not helping me at all. He then brought down a similar box to what I had to see if it was on the packaging, he found the DVB-S2 mention and said therefore it should work, I explained that is a new box so it will do, he said how do I know this new box won’t have exactly the same fault and on it went for 1.5 HOURS!!!!!

    There is a good ending to this story because I think in the end they wanted to close the store and knew I wasn’t going anywhere so they totally honestly said, “here my manager has authorised this, have the humax, it’s supposed to be the best so hopefully it should work for you”. I still don’t think they understood my issue but I was extremely happy with that so I just took the box.

    So this proves all the “take it back to the retailer” stuff does actually work if you have 1.5 hours of your life to throw away and don’t mind being looked at like you’re a tit.

    I am now happy, picture quality is much better on the foxsat and C4HD works a treat but the sentiment behind my initial rant remains true which is Harvard should not have put customers in this situation in the first place and should have owned up better. As it is, the way they have dealt with this means that they won’t feel the pinch on this at all and actually Argos, Freesat and the consumer will.


  93. Richard Crichton Says:

    Resolution still 1440×1088. Bitrate 8.532 MBit/sec (averge) at present. No change then.


  94. Wobblybob Says:

    BBC HD channels showing ‘No Signal’ on my Sony KDL-52W5800 this morning, so I had to do a retune


  95. Jan Says:

    Panasonic DMR-BS850 shows No Signal for both bbc1hd and bbchd channels. Bringing my Humax hdr out of standby was enough for it to show the channels.
    I guess it would be too much to ask from Panasonic to get things right the first time. Considering how long we had to wait for the iPlayer update, I’m not keeping my hopes up of getting a signal by the end of the day.


  96. ASK Says:

    Have Panasonic DMR-BS850 no signal on BBC1HD or BBCHD. Have tried isolating power, and doing a rescan without success. Any help would be gratefully received.


  97. Froggie Says:

    Humax Foxsat HD – All ok, didn’t have to re-tune.

    Samsung TVs with integrated Satellite tuners DVB-S2 compatible – Lost both BBC HD channels and despite rescanning, unable to find either of them now.

    Channel 4HD and ITV1HD working fine.

    Any ideas guys?


  98. Andy Says:

    On my Panasonic (TX-37LZD81) it was showing ‘no signal’. Tried a rescan without success. I’ve done a factory reset (Menu -> Setup -> Shipping Condition) which has fixed the problem, although you do lose your manually tuned channels and picture/sound settings.


  99. Rozzo Says:

    All Panasonic 2008 LZD81 and PZ81 models seem to require a full shipping condition reset to get the DVB-S2 signal working on the new BBC1HD and BBCHD channels.
    I have the PZ81 and freesat auto re-tune was not enough, nor was manual tuning on “other sat” mode – it found the new channels and listed them but “no signal” onscreen.
    Shipping condition reset is by itself not so bad just for freesat retuning, but it does return all your other settings to defaults and any “other sat” tuning will have to be done again which can be extremely slow. AV / HDMI settings also have to be reallocated / renamed if you don’t use the default names provided. The same happened when CH4HD was officially launched.
    Conclusion; Panasonic 2008 sets can handle DVB-S2 but cannot do so automatically so any future changes of this sort will also require full shipping condition resets because I cannot imaging P bothering to upgrade the software to take account of this.


  100. ian Says:

    Had to do my hummy myself… :(

    I will agree that the PQ so far looks good but i have a feeling that is because its Tennis on (BBC HD) and after thats done, will go back to poxy again! We will soon see.


  101. Rozzo Says:

    Technisat HDFS retuned overnight with no need for user input in freesat mode. Obviously the “technisat sat” mode did need retuning.


  102. ASK Says:

    Re. 95

    Have returned box to shipping conditions retuned, and now have BBC1HD&BBCHD but will have to reset timers, and do a non freesat tune


  103. Neil Says:

    We should all be able to see the average bitrates tomorrow when Linowsat updates. I’m interested if they have upped the average at all, will check out BBC1HD later on when they’ve got some native programming to see if there’s any noticeable difference as BBC HD *possibly* looked slightly better this morning.


  104. Derek (original) Says:

    Don’t forget to take into account that DVB-S2 is about 30% more ‘efficient’ than DVB-S, so even if the average bitrate hasn’t changed, there is scope for an improvement in picture quality.


  105. steve Says:

    I have humax pvr and when I am watching a recording and when it starts to record it moves the curser I think u know what I mean so when u finished playback u got to be careful not to delete new program.your feed back would be great


  106. Froggie Says:

    Quick question:

    Is Channel4HD broadcast via DVB-S2?

    Also, is there anyone else using a “non Freesat” FTA tuner who has lost both BBC HD channels today? its like they are no longer on the satellite! No matter how many times I factory reset and re-scan, there are no BBC HD channels anywhere to be seen in the long list of channels it finds. :(


  107. steve Says:

    Ch4 hd is dvb-s2


  108. Froggie Says:

    Thanks Steve. So its not my TVs then as I can get Ch4HD perfectly. I’m baffled.


  109. truckspin Says:

    I have a Panny DMR-BS850EB switched it on about half hour ago and no signal on the BBC HD Channels. Done a couple of retunes and no joy. Phoned Panasonic and was told it’s not their problem it’s Freesats, called Freesat and a very nice chap said there was no problem with the broadcast which I verified on my Panny Freesat Plasma, chap told me that Panasonic should have told me to put the box into shipping condition, Menu, Function Menu,Others, Setuo, Others, Initialise, Shipping Condition. Followed on screen details and all now ok. Panasonic Tech Support useless as usual.


  110. Rich Says:

    Not tried my Panasonic blu ray malarky thingy this morning before work, but seems a bit strange that if Ch4-HD worked fine on the Panasonic products from the word go (which mine did) then why the BBC HD things should not work straight off too?

    Suppose I’ll find out in about an hours time! :)


  111. Alan Says:

    BBC HD and BBC ONE HD looks better, after re tune this evening on my Humax. Definatly sharper.


  112. steve Says:

    All humax hdr users out there my 104 question is it just me or is it a pain to you?


  113. Richard Crichton Says:

    Yeh until they cut the bitrate again else it’ll look better than Freeview Hd and that would never do unless they have changed policy.


  114. Clive Says:

    Sorry for spelling your name wrong ALAN. Even my mum said how good the BBC HD channel looked yesterday, and she’s never noticed the difference between HD and SD before (bless her) Maybe it’s just a temporary thing but it’s the best I’ve seen it so far.


  115. Muzer Says:

    @Derek: Er, no, you’re horribly misunderstanding this.

    DVB-S2 is indeed more efficient, but all that means is if every other setting remains constant, you get a higher total bitrate to work with. Broadcasters can then increase the bitrate of each channel in order to increase overall picture quality. DVB-S2 doesn’t mean picture somehow magically looks better with the same bitrate (it doesn’t make any sense for that to happen technically). Unless they have also replaced the encoders with more efficient ones, if the bitrate remains constant, picture quality will too – if it decreases, picture quality will decrease.


  116. Richard Crichton Says:

    Is it my imagination but does BBC1 Scotland look better? The live studio shots during the local news seem sharper than before and I noticed the bitrate going up to 6.000MBit/s.


  117. Neil Says:

    108: Having read through more threads I’ve since also tried my BS750 BluRay/PVR and there’s no BBC1HD or BBC HD to be seen!

    Why oh why did the BBC not change the SID’s and Freesat send an over-air update as STB’s would then over-write existing parameters and wouldn’t have been an issue. I believe, reading elsewhere, that there’s a good handful of Sky users (including a well known proponent of Sky called Derek :) ) who also has lost his BBC HD services so this isn’t exclusive to Freesat.

    Looks like I’ll have to do a full factory reset on the unit now to restore everything together with reprogramming all recordings.


  118. Derek (original) Says:

    @114 Muzzer
    I bow to your greater knowledge of DVB-S2.

    @116 Neil
    Just to clarify, the Derek you refer to isn’t me {Derek (Original)}.


  119. Neil Says:

    No Derek, don’t worry I know it’s not you!! He goes by the name of ‘derek500’

    So folks, before I have the task of factory resetting the BS750 has anyone managed to restore services by deleting the 108 and 109 LCN’s or simply by manual or auto non freesat-tuning? It’s interesting my Panny G10 TV’s have both handled this fine but the BS750/BS850 PVR’s haven’t. I suspect the way these units store the SID associated with each LCN within it’s EPG table is different. With the non-Freesat mode any changes to a channels parameters are re-stored within the unit’s non-freesat channel list by simply deleting that service and then doing a manual scan on a particular transponder. I’ll give that a go + delete 108 and 109 followed by a Freesat channel rescan before the dreaded factory reset!!


  120. Dave Says:

    For all you Panasonic 2008 LZD81 chaps out there, you might just get away with a freesat autotune (& not the full Shipping Condition reset).
    Just retuned my set (TX-37LZD81) & both BBC1HD & BBCHD reappeared.
    However, before you do, take note of any ‘Timer Programming’ schedules you may have created as these will be erased as part of the retune (found out the
    hard way – all of my 15 events disappeared !). Plus, you’ll probably need to reset your Service List & then your Favourites List.


  121. Trevor Harris Says:

    Don’t forget to tweet @naglerhd as Danielle Nagler is head of BBC HD. I also complained to the BBC complaints.


  122. ian Says:

    LOL Yeah derek500 and the tosh he spouts.. OMG its obvious he either works for $$$ky or is paid by them to bum them publicly!!


  123. Neil Says:

    Alex Pryde of the BBC has responded to comments on their blog:


  124. Froggie Says:

    In other words. Tough, go and buy new equipment that supports our £”&?%$ up HD service.


  125. ian Says:

    They have been planning it for years so no, its not **** and %^$£ to the viewer, its called using the best available technology to maximise the space they have.. Just because its the BBC does not make this a public outrage.. Channel4HD is broadcast using S-2 and most other HD channels will soon enough as it creates more space! You have the net, use it!!


  126. Rich Says:

    This post was left on the BBC link shown in the post above; looks like the BBC might be making some vague announcement soon about this movement of channels etc:

    Thanks for all your comments to last Thursday’s blog post. I can see there are some strong feelings out there and I wanted to come back to you on a few specific points.

    First, as many of you have noticed, I can confirm that the move to DVB-S2 completed as scheduled early this morning. Thanks to a lot of people from the BBC and our partners (including Siemens, Astra, Sky and Freesat) for working through the night on the implementation to minimise disruption for viewers. In the end, the HD TV channels were off-air for only about half an hour.

    The vast majority of FreesatHD and SkyHD receivers have coped with the change as expected in a straightforward manner. But I realise that is little comfort for people experiencing problems with their own receivers, and I know that must be very frustrating for you. My advice is to call your receiver manufacturer, or Freesat (08450 990 990) or Sky (08442 411 653) as appropriate. The BBC has been working closely with our two platform partners both before and after implementing this change, including in planning and testing the change and then on the best way to resolve specific problems that a small number of viewers have experienced today.

    Some of you are asking about the rationale for the BBC’s move to S2. It has been on our roadmap for the platform for some time now because it increases our spectrum efficiency. For this reason we’ve been advising that consumers to look for equipment that is DVB-S2 compatible: .

    On some of the speculation around what we are going to do with this additional capacity, S2 can enable a range of developments for us over the next couple of years. There will be news on the first of them in the coming days.

    Finally, a number of you have expressed a wish for more advance notice of this sort of change. I’ve taken this point on board and in future we’ll do our best to post this kind of information further ahead of any planned changes.


  127. Neil Says:

    There’s some zero’d PID’s appeared on 10847V so before you all go and retune there could be (only just) a glimmer of hope they’ve taken note of all these issues and will do a SID change of all the services followed by an EPG update tonight. I’m not overly expecting it but the BBC must be aware these issues are affecting more than “just a few” as subtly made out in paragraph four of Alix Pryde’s cut and pasted reply above. Fingers crossed!!


  128. Charles Says:

    No BBC HD/BBC1 HD on my Panasonic 850.How do I return the machine to factory settings to get these back and will I loose the recordings(tv,music,stills etc) on the hard disc.


  129. jezB Says:

    Panasonic LZD81…..I too had to do a “Shipping Condition” reset.
    Really enjoyed resetting all parameters again…….thankyou.

    Another demonstration of Panasonics commitment to software.
    IPlayer update in september?? oink oink flap flap


  130. Linowsat Says:

    @Neil #74,

    the wrong symbolrate early yesterday morning on my website was caused by a wrong NIT entry at this time. The NIT on that mux was corrected later.

    @All, my bitrate charts are updated with the bbc mux measurements from yesterday


  131. bbcfan Says:

    Charles: Doing the required “shipping condition” rest will not lose recordings on the hard disk, but you will have to:

    – retune freesat (approx. 5 minutes)
    – reconfigure your timer recordings
    – retune non-freesat mode channels (approx. 45 minutes)

    And this seems to apply not only to Panasonic 850, 750, 350, 880, 780 and 380, but also to Panasonic Freesat flatscreen tvs.

    No reactions from Panasonic support to requests sent earlier, but hey, their kit is great!


  132. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    No problem with my cheap as chips Bush box!

    Maybe Admin should consider doing a survey asking people if they have been affected by the change to S2?


  133. rich pem Says:

    hi all

    had to retune my humax box to get the bbc hd channels back but have done a retune of the FTA and still not there.

    can someone post the settings pleaase.




  134. Neil Says:

    @Linowsat: Looked at the updated bitrate measurements, noticed the Txp SR and FEC had been updated. Your site provides some very valuable info which a lot of us all use on a regular basis :).

    @130: It seems that my Panny TV isn’t affected and reading between the lines it appears the 2008 models are the main ones affected, will give my BS750 a factory reset tonight once I’ve copied all the settings. Will keep me busy for an hour or so later this evening!

    I was hoping the beeb may have changed service SID’s to resolve the Freesat and Sky user issues last night but obviously these are for something else, probably something to do with the forthcoming announcement Alix Pryde mentioned is occuring in the coming days.

    You do have to feel sorry for those who don’t have a clue about any of this as at least most of us on here or somewhat technically minded. Ok, some more than others but there must be loads of people staring at blank screens on 108/109 wondering what the issue is and how to sort it! From experience, I’d say 50% of these would never bother picking up the phone to make enquiries to Freesat as to what and why!


  135. jumpingbeans Says:

    LinowSat data now available for yesterday, shows resolution remains @ 1440*1080 & birate is identical to DVB-S despite the increased capacity on the transponder.
    No surprise there then, the BBC just do not care about Picture Quality – surely the overriding parameter for a HD service!


  136. ian Says:

    We all hoped for a resolution change to 1920×1080 but we also knew that was never going to happen because the BBC are spineless and we also hoped for a bitrate increase aswell which we knew was never going to happen too!
    I seriously do now wonder if the BBC read anything other than what is written on the their own forums and comments pages.. If they do, read this BBC

    A friend of mine whom works at BBC R&D was talking to me yesterday and he told me flat out that he knows the BBC are putting out a poor version of HD and thats not what they tell the BBC to output, they told them to use the full resolution and ignored it. He also told me that as much as the BBC is world respected in the research and development area of broadcasting, he was ashamed to read page after page slating the BBC on the so called HD service..
    Your own staff think you are a p***-poor excuse for a HD broadcaster, and thats the very people (R&D) that you SHOULD be paying attention to and listening to, not what bob with his moustache is saying to you!!!!!!


  137. Richard Crichton Says:

    The BBC’s overwhelming parameter is spectrum efficiency and trying to spin their way out of their shortcomings not picture quality as has just been demonstrated. Mind you the BBC’s overwhelming parameter should be programme quality.
    Rubbish in rubbish out.


  138. jumpingbeans Says:

    @ ian #135, intriguing, perhaps you might post to the BBC thread?


  139. EC Says:

    I too experienced the no signal on BBC HD Channels after auto update on a Panasonic BS850EB Recorder but the word initialise scares me to death especially where hard disk recordings apply.
    Thanks to all posters of shipping condition access and especially bbcfan who was right in saying it does not erase recordings.
    Thoroughly relieved simply to get back to what I had on Sunday 5th.


  140. Rowan Says:

    Any chance BBC will up their bandwidth for Wimbledon?


  141. Richard Crichton Says:

    Don’t think Wimbledon quite qualifies for Royal Wedding status but we might get a 3D trial broadcast courtesy of Sony.


  142. NTP Says:

    I have a Bush Freesat HD box bought Feb 2009 (firmware 1.3). Having read about the DVB S2 service changes and having put my box’s MAC in the upgrade checker I was fully expecting it to lose BBC HD yesterday and I was preparing to go argue for an exchange or refund at Argos. It’s never been able to show C4HD. To my surprise, after a first time install the BBC HD channels came up fine. I’m even getting some sort of picture on C4HD although it is jerky as others have mentioned. I expect I’ll go buy a decent Freesat HD box at some point, but at least it’s not quite so urgent!


  143. Dave P Says:

    I too had the ‘No Signal’ on BBC HD channels on my Panasonic 850.
    Just do a manual retune – everything else remained as it was. No need to reset program timers or anything.
    Brilliant piece of kit – especially for £350.


  144. AndyPandy Says:

    @NTP – I have exactly the same as you. Both BBC HD channels are fine but CH4 HD is all jerky.

    According to the Harvard site I have one of the dodgy boxes but WHY are the BBC channels OK? Anybody have an idea?

    Maybe it’s because the BBC HD channels are HD only in the BBC’s definition!


  145. ian Says:

    Whats the point? They are now removing comments regarding PQ on that page, i think that says it all! They are policing a forum that is talking about BBC HD channels and anything that is a criticism about them is removed!
    I like one comment he made saying ‘the BBC Trust has ruled on the PQ’.. Thats a cop-out and a hide-behind if i ever saw one!


  146. Muzer Says:

    Channel 4 HD problems but no BBC HD problems are likely to be caused by a misaligned dish. Because there is a nearby satellite that uses the same frequency that Channel 4 HD does, dish alignment is more important for that than most channels, so I would get your dish looked at.


  147. avit_now Says:

    looks like joinfreesat will be revealing the reason of the s2 conversion at 12:01 tonight, acording to DS


  148. KDHUK Says:

    “The BBC has annoyed some early Freesat supporters by switching the technology used to broadcast its HD channels over the free-to-air satellite service.”

    The Register


  149. Simon_Gardner Says:

    For my 2010 Panasonic TXL32D28BS, I found “Add new channels” worked on the ‘Other Sat’ side of the sat receiver. But still no joy on the “official” Freesat section even after that and putting it into standby. An “Auto Setup” on the Freesat side worked without having to do a complete Factory Reset. I did lose items from the recording schedule but only those involving BBC HD and BBC1 HD.

    Fortunately, I didn’t lose HD in the interim as the telly does Freeview as well.

    [TBH I’ve been far more cross about the inadequate 15 item limit (should be at least 30) on the Panny’s scheduling list than anything.]


  150. ian Says:

    Wimbledon… Get HD right first!!!!!


  151. Simon_Gardner Says:

    Oh and I knew about the change last week because Alix tweeted it. Though of course I’d forgotten by Monday.


  152. ChrisK Says:

    Odd one this, my Humax HDR normally has to have channels that change or are added in added with a rescan however on this occasion it done it automatically with no input from me.

    My Pani TV which is the opposite from the Humax with any changes or new channels added in being automatic however this time I had to do a re-scan.

    I noted that the HDR had an up-date to the software this week so maybe with a bit of luck it will always update channels automatically from now on.


  153. GaseousClay Says:

    @ ChrisK

    Yes it will..


  154. steve Says:

    To Chris k it was a part of update.updates at 3am


  155. Ian Says:


  156. steve Says:

    Only trouble with auto update is u might not know u got new channels unless u go though the epg or look at this site


  157. ian Says:

    Thats the one thing i miss with the Humax update, telling you when you have new channels or a change of some sort!

    And btw, thats not me posting about the 3D thing in asda.. Might need unique names on here LOL!


  158. Derek (original) Says:


    “Thats the one thing i miss with the Humax update, telling you when you have new channels or a change of some sort!

    But that’s why we have joinfreesat!!


  159. Muzer Says:

    @156 It’s easy – yours has a lower-case “i” 😉

    Yeah, the problem is, I’ve noticed joinfreesat has missed a few of the minor changes – I can only assume admin has updated his Humax as well 😉

    You should really buy another one and keep it non-updated (not sure how possible that is…) just so you can see changes. Either that or find a way to monitor it on a computer…


  160. John Emerson Says:

    I have a Pany Z81 (2008 model) C4 HD ok. BBC HD 108 and 109 no signal. Dont fancy doing a full reset what about the firmware updates I am assuming that these will be lost as well as this process returns it to a factory condition.

    I will try the normal rescan and hope for the best if it does not work. I will think again.

    Panasonic and freesat and BBC should really sort this out


  161. Jon Says:

    I had to do the whole factory reset on Panny Bluray DMR BS 750.
    Firmware remained at latest and recordings were unaffected


  162. GaseousClay Says:

    @ John Emerson

    “I have a Pany Z81 (2008 model) C4 HD ok. BBC HD 108 and 109 no signal. Dont fancy doing a full reset what about the firmware updates I am assuming that these will be lost as well as this process returns it to a factory condition.”

    no they won’t, all previous firmware updates will remain intact. Factory condition only applies to the user preferences.


  163. barrie Says:

    Just watched Injustice on ITVHD then switched over to Grow Your Own BBC HD. The difference is huge. ITV is like a dslr photo whereas BBC is like a compact camera with over saturated colours.


  164. John Emerson Says:

    OK on my panasonic freesat 2008 it looks as if I need to do a shipping reset to get BBC HD 108 and 109 (or is that the case?) if I do this do I need my original PIN number the problem is that I forgot to write it down and 2008 was a long time ago.

    Do you leave all wires connected i,e, DVD etc any other info before I attemp will be appreciated. For the record I have a Pany Z81


  165. Mark S Says:

    What are the BBC going to do with the new capacity? Rent it out to ITV for more HD regions, or Channel 5 HD?


  166. Russ Says:

    @ John Emerson,

    Simply go into menu then shipping condition, it will ask you to confirm as you will lose all data. Press ok, once it has returned your set to S.C it will retune all three tuners. you will have to re-enter your post code but not your pin. you should be able to receive 108 & 109 at this point. You can now delete any unwanted channels from the channel list as this is the data you will have lost.


  167. Tony Says:

    Is it me or has the picture actually got worse , watching the beeb hd last night & was thought I was watching sd , even got my daughter to put 109 in again to be sure… what a load of rubbish….

    We wont give in to this second rate quality. Film 4 on freesat in sd seems just about as good as bbchd and thats saying something…

    As Madness once sang ” Your’e an Embarrassment” !

    Its now putting me off watching this tosh, Hd should mean Hd not sd+ or Hd lite..


  168. Steve T Says:

    I have lost all the BBC HD channels , also BBC3 and BBC1 London on my Fortec Star Innovation box. Have tried rescanning 4x now and it still wont pick them up. Removed the non working channels first as suggested but made no difference. What are the BBC doing ??? Anyone Know what to do ??


  169. passer_by Says:

    @167: I had a bit of trouble with BBC HD (not the channels others though) with a Fortec Star Passion+. I think what solved it was I edited the transponder details, which on that box is an option on a separate menu from manual scan. I just re-entered everything and on going back to manual scan the strength and quality meters sprang into life.

    I think that’s what did it, anyway(!)


  170. Newsboy Says:

    Panasonic 2008 PZ81 shipping condition performed now OK 108 109, lost the DNS settings for hdmi inputs, restored automatically on second attempt to connect BBC iPlayer from Sony BluRay player.

    However as suggested above, tried just retuning the Panasonic BluRay recorder, with no success. Freesat did the ‘initialise’ yesterday, on their recorder and ended up with a black and white picture. So I shall contact my Panasonic retailler, to discuss a solution before I attempt the shipping condition/initialise route.


  171. Orrible Says:

    I was wondering how you clever people find what bitrate the channel is utilising? I can’t find it any indication of it on my Humax HDR. I’m guessing it’s a function that isn’t available on the Humax platform, but is on others?
    It isn’t important, but I’ve just realised that I’ve got no hope of finishing this job on schedule and the abandonment of hope has liberated me in to drinking about a gallon of tea and a lot of web browsing :-)


  172. Richard Crichton Says:

    You either press the status button (if you have the superb Technisat HDFS ) or you get a free account at


  173. bobbyi Says:

    just fixed my panny 2008 to show bbchd and just realised i’ve lost the bloodt chanels on my sky box any suggestions


  174. Neil Says:

    Spent an hour last night factory resetting and then subsequently setting up my Panny BS750, took screen shots of all the system menu options to reprogramme back again.

    I’m glad this doesn’t have to be carried out everytime there’s a channel change, reminds me of the joys of cheap Freeview STB’s!!


  175. Mike Says:

    I’ve got one of the very early Grundig Gufsat01HD boxes, brought about the day after Freesat started. Box does not work with Ch4HD. According to the Harvard website my serial number won’t support S2 and I got a black screen when BBC channels changed last week.

    However, did a complete reinstall and rescan and the BBC channels are now working! Ch4HD still doesn’t work, but never watch Ch4 anyway.


  176. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Mike 174

    Can you get NHK World HD? If so what is the signal strength. If it is low it may explain why you do not receive C4 HD.


  177. Froggie Says:

    I get around 95% signal strength on NHK World HD on my Humax Foxsat HD box but no signal on Channel4 HD. I would have suspected dish alignment problems, but I had all that professionally re-done recently plus I have other TVs connected to that same dish ( via Quattro LNB and multiswitch) and they have 100% signal on channel4 HD.

    Still cant get the BBC HD channels on my Samsung TVs with built in FTA tuners, they don’t even show up on the satellites anymore so goodness only knows what else the BBC did the other day. I get them both perfectly on my Humax box.

    I’ve run out of ideas now :(


  178. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Hi Froggie

    If you are getting 95% signal on NHK World HD it would suggest your dish is perfectly aligned. Both Channel 4 HD and NHK World HD are on Eurobird 1 satellite. Can you get the BBC HD channels on your Humax box? Is your Samsung TV DVB S2 capable?


  179. Froggie Says:

    Hi Kevin. Yes I get both BBD HD channels perfectly through my Humax box, just no channel4HD and yes the Samsung TVs are DVB-S2 capable, which is why I cant understand why I have lost BBC HD and BBC OneHD on the Samsungs since the switch the other day. When I re-scan, it doesn’t even find them now. I even reset one of the TVs back to factory setting, but still nothing. I can get Channel4HD, NHL WorldHD and ITV1HD on the Samsung TVs perfectly, its just the BBC HD channels that have vanished. I know, its weird.

    The three Samsung LED’s are in the bedrooms and yes I could put Humax boxes up there, but I like the in-built tuners because its less clutter in a bedroom not having the extra box and cabling.

    I am over in France BTW, but I cant see why that would make a difference?


  180. Link Says:

    @Froggie: in your TV.. does it have a blindscan abilitity? If so, use it. Otherwise, many Set-top-boxes show the modulation mode in the settings. While BBC uses DVB-S2 in QPSK mode my set-top box is a bit stupid and I needed to set the transponder BBC One HD and BBC HD are using (10,847V) to 8PSK – 8PSK is the most common transponder mode for DVB-S2 used in Germany however, 8PSK is not “automatically DVB-S2” – just my set-top box assumes that this is the case. But yeah.. setting the transponder to 8PSK or doing a blindscan did help.


  181. Froggie Says:

    @Link. Not sure, I’ll have to look again. The manual isn’t much help unfortunatly.


  182. peterhb Says:

    I have a Humax Foxsat – HD box which receives all the latest HD channels OK.
    It received the latest software update, over the air and continues to work. I think their may be a slight improvement in picture quality for BBC1HD and BBCHD but i wouldn’t rave about it. I get C4HD and NHK which are both superior as many people comment.
    I havce noticed since the update that the BBC channels take about a second longer for the picture to appear than before otherwise I’ve not had any problem with this update


  183. steve Says:

    To peter hb I think it takes a second longer for BBC hd channels because it is adjusting to dvb-s2.


  184. Firefly6260 Says:

    Thanxs Guys & Gals for all this info. Been without Beeb HD channels for a week B4 checking this out. Panasonic Viera from 2008. Had to do a shipping condition but all ok now. TYVM 1 & all


  185. Froggie Says:

    Huh? what happened? Channel4HD just started working on my Humax tonight. Spooky :)


  186. Rogerd Says:

    I have just bought a Panasonic TXL32 for which has built in Freeview HD. The picture quality is far superior to my PZ81 on BBC HD, ITV HD and C4 HD. In fact the quality is as good as NHK HD is on the Freesat model. Any ideas why that would be?


  187. Neil Says:

    Rogerd: probably as it’s a newer set. Certainly the broadcast resolution of (possibly) ITV, C4 and NHK beats Freeview res as they are all higher than 1440 horizontal pixels.


  188. Derek B Says:

    Upadte from @27: Well, I replaced my sky LNB for a good quality Technomate 0.1db Universal LNB Super High Gain. I now have all 5 HD Freesat channels. The BBC channels and ITV HD are all Signal 100%; Quality 100%. NHK HD & CH4HD are Signal 100%: Quality 80% so I’m happy with that. Got the LNB at Amazon and did the job myself.


  189. recycled teenager Says:

    Rang freesat info on 08450 990 990 and they were very helpful first talking me through update on tv which sufficed with a retune and then humax foxsat.
    Glad I rang as I was going to take it through the shipping condition route and it wasn’t needed.
    Well done to freesat.


  190. GJN Says:

    Still coant recceive BBC HD


  191. R Guest Says:

    Help ! Been away for 4 weeks, came back to find no BBC HD
    Anybody got any ideas? On my Technisat HDFS I did a re – search- no luck!


  192. jayartibee Says:

    The only way I can get all the HD channels correctly on a FortecStar is by uploading the channel list from somebody else on the Sat/digi TV support forum.
    I am told this is because the channel database has not been updated on Freesat. Is this bunkum?


  193. darren Says:

    i read online nitv 3d is launching on freesat anyone know is it on hd humax fox sat boxes to cheers


  194. Derek Says:

    BBC say I can not get HD on post code CT9 3QW? When will I get HD? just got my freesat box and dish. Derek


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