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Apr 19 2011

C4HD Finally Arrives On Freesat

Channel 4 and Freesat today announced that C4HD has launched on the subscription-free satellite TV service. C4HD becomes the fourth HD channel on Freesat joining BBC ONE HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD.

C4HD will be available from today on channel 126 following an automatic update on your Freesat receiver or television with built-in Freesat.

Freesat also confirmed last month that NHK World HD will be launching in May, bringing the total number of HD channels on Freesat to five.

Freesat currently offers over 150 TV, radio and interactive channels to its 1.6 million customer sales, alongside BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player imminent.

213 Responses to “Channel 4 HD Finally Arrives On Freesat”

  1. neil Says:



  2. Mike Bannister Says:

    At last!


  3. Paul Says:


    The Easter Bunny has brought us a early present!!!!!

    Thanks Channel 4 [and Freesat of course]



  4. John Says:

    Only 4 HD Channels if you have a Scottish postcode, or retune to non freesat to pickup ITV HD. And no update when that position will change come on STV get the finger out and update your freesat viewers before we all just dump a borders postcode into our boxes


  5. liz Says:

    Great! .. got it 😀 .. thanks Channel 4 & Freesat !


  6. Dan Says:



  7. SteveB Says:

    Finally ! I was beginning to think it wasn’t ever going to happen.


  8. wimbles Says:

    Great news, kind of a stealth launch with no launch date trailed.

    Just need now to get a HD indicator on the EPG, my Humax HDR does not show which progs are in HD e.g. Campus tonight


  9. Froggie Says:

    No or bad signal. Brilliant! That’s on my main TV with a FreesatHD box connected. All other channels are fine.

    I can get Ch4HD perfectly on my other TVs with built in sat tuners (no Freesat box required to pick up all the channels Freesat offers plus a lot more)


  10. admin Says:

    Sounds like you have a dish alignment issue, or a weak signal. Presumably you are accessing UK channels abroad then?


  11. Oli Says:


    Now thats a GREAT birthday present !!



  12. Neil Says:

    Great news the EPG update has finally happened, now I can reset my series linked recordings to the new EPG LCN 126. I had a good guess that it would arrive on LCN 126, makes sense really that it’s at the end of the C4 channel bouquet although still think ITV1HD would be better on 111 ahead of ITV1+1 (Freesat must have a plan in place for this EPG slot at a later date).

    I do hope there’s a good marketing campaign planned over the Easter break on C4 and via Freesat to promote the new channel as it has seemed to have appeared all very quietly!


  13. Peter Says:

    Been waiting for C4 HD & found on Join Freesat that now up – but had to do a manual retune !! However, better late than never……………..


  14. Richard Crichton Says:

    @3 John
    Only 3 HD channels if you have a Scottish post code however you can get ITV1 HD via the red button from ITV1 London 977 if you don’t want to use a borders post code.

    ‘Come Dine With Me’ cooking a ham joint in cola!


  15. Rowan Says:

    Happy days :)


  16. asdfdgh Says:

    Imagine The Freesat ads this christmas with the tagline “you can now get 8 HD channels on Freesat” Yeah that’s right twice as many as you can get on Freeview HD. I hope that will sky rocket the box sales to say 4-5 million…


  17. Brian P Says:

    Whoop, whoop!!


  18. Phil Owens Says:

    @ 16 asdfdgh.. 8 HD channels ????


  19. Richard Crichton Says:

    I get both ITV1 HD’s (London and Granada) on my Freesat EPG so that’s 5 plus NHK HD in May is 6. Non Freesat mode I get STV HD. Luxury Life has gone bust so a total of seven if you count non Freesat mode but its only April.


  20. Froggie Says:

    @10 admin. I had the dish realigned recently. I have three other TVs all with perfect reception but they don’t have Freesat because they have built in Satellite tuners and they get Ch4HD perfectly. This TV doesn’t have that so it has a Humax FreesatHD box connected via HDMI. Its strange that its just Ch4HD that its having a problem with. Does the Humax Freesat box have the option where you choose which satellites to scan? or is it all automatic. I ask because my other newer Samsung TVs do and I set them to scan Astra 19.whatever it was and Astra 28.whatever.


  21. GuyStar Says:

    @19 Richard Crichton – Sorry, this was probably mentioned here before, how do you get both ITV1 HDs (London & Granada) on the Freesat EPG?
    I have a London post code.


  22. admin Says:


    Presumably Richard has a Granada postcode and access to ITV1 HD London via the red button on channel 977.


  23. Richard Crichton Says:

    @21 GuyStar 22 admin
    Don’t know how or why but I do.
    It’s seems to be a unique thing with my box (sorry) .Some sort of software glitch and admin I’m not talking about access via the red button on 977. Bewteen BBC1 on 101 and Freesat info on 999 I have 0965 ITV1 HD which is London. On 119 I have ITV1 HD Granada. ITV1(SD) London is on 977 as normal.
    I have a Technisat HDFS using a Borders postcode and I live in Fife, Scotland.
    Freesat TV channels 134. Radio 39.


  24. Richard Crichton Says:

    PS I could take a photograph of my EPG and upload it somewhere if anyone is interested.


  25. Neil Says:

    asdfdgh (16): That would be fantastic and could be a reality, could potentially also be higher than eight :)


  26. GuyStar Says:

    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess you are a lucky on Richard :)


  27. Terence Says:

    So nice to have something for nothing
    never worked out how sky get away with charging £10.25 extra for HD a month


  28. Muzer Says:

    The FTA satellite (* = on Freesat) HD channels, AFAIK, are:

    BBC HD *
    BBC One HD *
    ITV1 London HD * (South England/Wales (is that right?) postcodes)
    ITV1 Granada HD * (North England postcodes)
    STV HD
    Channel 4 HD *
    NHK World HD


  29. Clive Says:

    Hi, anyone Know how to manual tune Luxe HD in non freesat mode (mines disappeared) as i don’t want to auto tune and have to delete loads of channels.


  30. admin Says:


    Luxe HD has gone, the channel broadcaster went bust!


  31. Salty dawg Says:

    Woo hoo. Well done Freesat and channel 4hd


  32. alan Says:

    glad to have ch4hd. but when will iplayer come on


  33. Expat Says:

    There is a problem with the Humax FOXSAT-HD, with some frequencies on EB1. This is why some people are not getting Channel 4 HD.
    If you take the F connector off and insert the copper wire in to the F connector socket. You should then be able to view Channel 4 HD. Not ideal but it works.
    No problem with the FOXSAT-HDR.
    Great to have Channel 4 HD on Freesat.


  34. ian Says:

    I’m not sure here, but am i the only one who is not having problems with a Humax Foxsat HD box?
    I believe the BBC have dibs on 111 btw! I could be wrong, but the future launch of HD from the BBC, they will of course want there channels together and not like the EPG on $ky which is a mess.

    2 weeks later is better than not at all..


  35. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    At long last I can watch C4 HD on my Bush box! Still waiting for NHK World HD to join the Freesat EPG. Glad to know that my box works with S2!


  36. Paul Says:

    Sat down to catch a bit of 4HD this evening – The Simpsons looked fantastic in quality – but, was only showing in 4:3 [black bands down either side]. SD channel was wide screen. Was it just me and my settings, a glitch or what?

    Any suggestions?

    That was the only programme like that so far.




  37. johno Says:

    i have a goodmans freesat hd box just got c4 hd the screen has gone to 4.3 wot’s going on there.
    also the picture sticks a bit like watching sky (sorry for the bad word) in a heavy rain storm (or a light one in fact)
    any one got any thoughts about correcting this???


  38. andybell Says:

    #John. If HD matters more to you than STV’s regional output, reset your box with a postcode for the Borders or Dumfries and Galloway eg TD1 1AA. That way you’ll get ITV1 HD and ITV1 +1 but you’ll still get BBC1 Scotland on 101. It makes sense as you’ll get an extra choice… you’ve still got STV on analogue until switchover and after that you’d definitely get it on Freeview.


  39. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Paul 36

    Every time I have seen the Simpsons on C4 it is shown in 4:3 aspect. maybe it is something to do with the settings on your setup. Actually it does surprise me just how many shows which were only made a few years ago are in 4:3.


  40. Chris B Says:

    Channel 4 HD is jerky & stuttering all over the place for me on my goodmans freesat HD box. It was doing it when I tried to manually tune it earlier in the month but I just hoped it would be fixed by the time of the actual launch. I have a Sky HD box that picks it up perfectly from the same dish so can’t see it being an alignment issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was really looking forward to this as a step in the right direction for freesat but the channel is unwatchable for me. No others on my freesat box behave like this so why is channel 4 HD the only one?? :-(


  41. Chris B Says:

    UPDATE: After a bit more googling it turns out there is a whole load of Grundig, Goodmans & Bush freesat boxes that will not work with Channel 4 HD and will require an upgrade for which you will be charged for. Use this site to check: Great news? Whatever six figure salary the head of Freesat is on for doing pretty much sod all should go towards making this upgrade free I think?? :-)


  42. Wouter Says:

    Is there a way to reorder the HD channels as follows:

    101 BBC 1 HD
    102 BBC 2
    103 ITV 1 HD
    104 CH4 HD
    105 CH5

    and for all I care:
    109 BBC1
    116 ITV 1
    126 CH4

    With an HD box, it is quite silly having to scroll over 4 pages of the guide or by means of channel flicking (+1), in order to come across all 4 HD channels. For an HD box this does not make any logical sense!


  43. Neil Says:

    Ian (34): I guess your probably right there as it falls next to BBC Alba. Whether they’ll make use of it in the future I don’t know as any HD BBC 3 or 4 could be done in the same way as NHK will be (as a “HD swap”). I now guess that LCN’s 127-130 could be used for Channel 5’s bouquet of services with 131 reserved for a future 5HD? Don’t hold your breath though on C5HD launching on Freesat in the near future!

    Glad to finally have C4HD, it seemed strange to finally view the channel simply by pressing a few digits. I did get a sneak peak about 12mths back when I managed to get an old FTV Sky viewing card to work in the CA slot of my TV but then Sky switched all the remaining blue viewing cards off and that was the end of that!!!

    I think this year will be a very positive one for the platform with more HD channel launches which in turn will drive sales.


  44. Rob D Says:

    My Bush box is jumping about as well, but great on the other HD channels!


  45. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Just had another look at C4 HD on my Bush box and it working well for me. I could not see a DOG so I am impressed! Picture quality looks pretty good. Time will tell of course.


  46. Scott Says:

    Hi to those with black bars 4:3, this is because the transmission has been upscaled and not in true HD. HD will always show the original format program was filmed, and Simpsons is not in 16:9 until the HD episodes are aired. It’s the same on Sky 1 HD.


  47. Robert Hudson Says:


    Yes I agree that’s how it should be.


  48. Alan Says:

    Brilliant and great quality picture.


  49. Neil Says:

    Wouter + Robert:

    ITV and C4 need to protect regional advertising hence why they’d rather the fully regional variants remain on 103 and 104. I guess if we ever get to a stage where every ITV region is in HD (I guess never!) then they’d swap them to 103 etc.

    What would be better would be an automated process, at least on BBC1HD, to force a changeover to the SD version during news opt-outs however it would potentially be a nightmare to implement across set top boxes compatibility-wise.


  50. Freeview Says:

    was showing on 126 but as a black screen on my Panasonic G20.

    After a retune, it was there. Strange – first channel, where I needed to do this.


  51. Wouter Says:


    Although I understand the argument, it would be more than useful if I could reorganize the channel order myself, or at least have the option to swap HD and SD channel allocations (e.g. 101 vs. 109, 103 vs. 116). Understanding that some people do prefer the regional info, I care mainly about the main programs (in HD) and would assume many more. The automated process, you suggest, would be even better but indeed possibly more complicated.


  52. Richard Crichton Says:

    @41 Chris B
    It’s not Freesats fault that Harvard Groups boxes are having trouble decoding DVB S2 (as used by CH4 HD) which has been a Freesat requirement since the beginning. Harvard have apparently manufactured non compliant boxes and should take full responsibility for any action required to remedy the situation.


  53. Geoff Says:

    Getting CH4 HD at last, and it’s got subtitles (very important). Why can’t BBC HD and ITV HD do subtitles??


  54. Richard Crichton Says:

    @41 Chris B
    Harvard charging you for an upgrade to get 4HD can’t be correct in consumer law.
    If your box can’t get 4HD it wasn’t fit for the purpose it was sold for so you should get your money refunded or at the very least a free upgrade. If they won’t do that complain to trading standards.


  55. Zubeir Says:

    Good pic quality. Come on BBC, pull your finger out..


  56. Mark B Says:

    @53 Geoff
    BBC HD has always had subtitles, ITV HD on the other hand is still has no subtitles via Freesat, and yet on Sky guess what – they have enabled subtitles on it! ITV are treating Freesat with next to zero effort.


  57. Derek (original) Says:


    “was showing on 126 but as a black screen on my Panasonic G20”

    Same here on my Panny G20.


  58. Dan Says:

    Great news to have C4-hd on our line up now, the more hd channels the merrier, only problem i find though is the picture occasionally can go and you have to move to another channel and back again to see the picture, the sound still plays when you have no picture and this is very strange when i have 95% signal strength. This seems more like a technical glitch doesnt it? anyway now we only need e4 hd and were laughing


  59. Dan Says:

    sorry forgot to add with C4 HD now launched on freesat do you think we may see 4OD (four on demand) any time soon. It would be great to have bbc iplayer itv player and 4od, Five on demand could come i suppose if the channel 5 sister channels appear later on this year


  60. Clive Says:


    Cheers, that’s saved me time and effort trying to find it.


  61. Richard Crichton Says:

    Shame it does not work with the new Samsung SMT-S7800 Freesat+ box.

    It sees the channel but only has now and next data.


  62. Neil Says:

    Wouter: Another argument is that areas where HD regions are as default (Granada and London) could have ITV1HD as default on 103 too.

    Mark B (56): ITV1HD on Satellite only has subtitles on the London region which I presume the Sky STB your seeing it on is looking at? Regionalised cards for ITV1HD Granada or Meridian won’t have subtitles as per Freesat.

    Richard: I believe there’s a download and OTA firmware update coming around 3rd May to hopefully cure a lot of the unit’s bugs as, apart from these, it sounds like it’s got the potential to be a really good PVR.


  63. Derek B Says:

    I have the same problem as Froggie, and I live in Aberdeen. C4HD displays “No or bad signal”. I’m tuned to Borders and have the other 3 HD Channels okay. I am watching via a Humax HD (FOXSAT-HD) box. Dish was professionally aligned.


  64. monkeymaniac Says:

    Great addition to Freesat, never watch CH4, as there is nothing of great interest to me on 4. They at CH4 though are making a film in 2012 off the back of the great legendary band the Stone Roses, called Spike Island where the band had there first concert, the film will produced by the 24 Hour People and Bez from the Happy Mondays, can’t wait.


  65. Chris B Says:

    @Richard Crichton OK, cheers for the info. I called Goodmans/Harvard today and they said that despite their website saying they will charge for the update they have yet to categorically decide on this. They said they won’t know this for at least a week while they work out how to process the updates. I said you must have had this issue on your radar well before yesterday so why another week and they said they had been told by C4 they were officially launching it on May 1st so they’d been caught out with yesterday’s launch. I was of course only joking about the head of freesat but as much as I am happy to finally have C4 HD now (or not thanks to goodmans) freesat definitely have not lived up to their initial channel growth claims, SD or HD. So in that respect they should at least take a pay cut surely? :-)


  66. Lawrence Brady Says:

    I have a Humax HD receiver and get perfect reception on all HD channels except 4HD it just shows no signal. I have a 3 metre dish in Marrakech and was really looking forward to viewing some C4 programmes is this a temporary hitch or what should I expect in the future?


  67. Lee B Says:

    As my second box is Bush, I’m not sure why I should pay for something to be upgraded to the spec I thought I was purchasing in the 1st place.


  68. IrishMJ Says:

    Just to wade in on the whole Harvard Receivers and CH4 HD issue… I have 2 Bush Freesat HD Receivers.

    The first is Hardware Version 1.3 and this has issues with Ch4 HD. The sound is fine, but the picture stutters and freezes. It also does this with ITV1 HD Granada.

    The second receiver is Hardware Version 1.4 and this has no issues receiving Ch4 HD or indeed ITV1 HD Granada.

    It should be noted that that iPlayer only works on H V. 1.4 and not H V 1.3. Since I am in Ireland, I can’t access any of the shows, so this is not a major issue. Likewise, the H V 1.3 receiver is connected to a 22″ non HD LCD TV so not getting C4HD on it is also not that much of an issue for me.

    So, from my experiences, it seems that Harvard messed up somewhere along the way. I don’t think it is a DVB S2 issue as I have tuned in foreign HD channels on the H V 1.3 box and they were DVBS2. I wonder can it just not handle 1920x1080i??


  69. IrishMJ Says:

    Oh and it is great to have another HD Channel! Now for NHK HD. Well done Freesat.


  70. ztoppe Says:

    @ 61 Richard Crichton

    It Good that the 7 days Guide works with the new Samsung SMT-S7800 Freesat+ box.

    Got full channel guide data up until midnight on Wed 27 April (just over 7 days).
    But yesterday (Tues) I only had about 2 hours of data all day, but this morning it had the full week of data, and I have just check it again now and it is the same as this morning. So you might need to give this box some time to get the full data. Hope you don’t have to wait too long.

    I don,t know why it has taken this long to get the full week data for C4HD, but it should have done it on the first day on the EPG.


  71. Mark Says:

    @62 Neil
    Yes I was looking at ITV1HD London region on both Sky and Freesat, with subtitles only active via a Sky box. Do bear in mind that subtitles works differently on Sky and Freesat (both Freesat & Freeview follow DVB guidelines, whereas with Sky they just adapted the old teletext subtitles technology to have a digital output that can only be decoded on their digi-boxes).

    Considering Channel 4 / Aquia have implemented both DVB and Sky subtitles on the HD feed from start, ITV really has no excuse – it is just poor effort on their part.

    I do wish Sky would jump on board and follow the DVB modern way of broadcasting subtitles, rather than being stuck in the past and focusing broadcasters to output multiple kinds of subtitles streams rather than using an international recognised standard. IMHO subtitles are presented much neater and clearer on Freesat/Freeview than Sky’s too-large subtitles 😉


  72. Link Says:

    @20 Froggie: Admittedly, I have no Freesat box and I do receive channels from abroad – outside UK – I basically watch this site as all channels coming on Freesat also means more channels for me. Anyway: Channel 4 HD seems to be interesting.. Because in German forums I was reading multiple issues with it, despite people like me living in the reception area (which additionally: thanks to C4HD being on Eurobird and not Astra 2D it should be no issue).

    Channel 4 HD however seems to be the only channel so far on Freesat which is on a DVB-S2 transponder as you can see on – and what it seems is that some boxes seem to be weak when it comes to decoding DVB-S2 data. What you can try.. if your set-top box has a non freesat mode, try to tune in encrypted Sky channels if your box allows you to search for encrypted channels – select one DVB-S2 transponder of choice, tune it and select a channel: – also at least several standard FTA or CI receivers according to forum users seem to have problems with the transponder, too.

    Your box will not show the channels as they are encrypted but it will show the signal strength.. is this signal strength weak on all DVB-S2 transponders then I fear you need to contact Humax for a software update on your box.


  73. Daniel Says:

    This is good news, we have been well overdue some new HD channels.

    I would love to see Film4 HD on Freesat next, any idea if this will ever happen and if so when?


  74. Anonymous Says:

    My Bush box has never been good with HD channels; usually when I try to view any HD channel I can hear but not see, there is just a black screen. This is not always, but it is sometimes. Does anyone know what the reason is?

    Also, what is a DOG?


  75. Richard Crichton Says:

    Digital on screen graphic
    @70 ztoppe
    Neil said’ I believe there’s a download and OTA firmware update coming around 3rd May to hopefully cure a lot of the unit’s bugs as, apart from these, it sounds like it’s got the potential to be a really good PVR.’


  76. Roland Says:

    I’m getting 4hd fine on my Foxsat-HD. My box shows all content be it HD or not in widescreen via HDMI, but my Freeview PVR with HDMI upscaling shows all content that is not widescreen in 4:3 Pillar box via HDMI.



  77. Richard Crichton Says:

    Check picture options in settings. There are options for screen format either 4:3 or 16:9 and video scaling/zoom on my Technisat HDFS so other makes should have similar options.


  78. Matt Says:


    I’ve got a Humax Foxsat HD box and live in the Canterbury area. BBCNews24 and Channel4HD are giving me “no or bad signal” messages. Any ideas? Thanks, M


  79. Brian Damage Says:

    “No service” on my Panasonic PZ81B :-(

    The entry was in the EPG, but no picture.

    I’ve just rescaned and still nothing.

    Anyone else in the same boat?


  80. Emma Says:

    I have a Bush 1.4 box but no 4hd. I can select the channel from the epg but all I get is a black screen saying ‘service not currently available’. The box is compatable for 4hd and I’ve done a manual retune. I’ve never had any problems with other hd channels…I’m clueless as to why I can’t get 4hd?!?!


  81. Rozzo Says:

    My PZ81B showing 126 okay


  82. Dave Says:

    I switch on my LG freesat TV no Ch4 HD – 1 min later there it was…better late than never

    WE are still way behind FTA HD channels though compared to the US – 20 or so in the next year otr two I hope


  83. ian Says:

    #82 @Dave.. You’re hoping LOL! :-)


  84. Neil Says:

    I was chatting to someone today who’s having reception issues, turns out his dish is mis-aligned. The field strength of Txp F4L isn’t great and as such it appears if dishes aren’t perfectly aligned then reception issues could be problematic.

    I can say that a properly aligned 35mm Zone 1 Minidish with a Mk4 LNB pulls the 4HD service in fine with 9dB carrier to noise, I’m using a Triax TD64 and Invocom LNB, again all ok but signal level lower than corresponding 2A/2B and notably 2D services. Obviously my installation is more robust than is necessary but provides better rain fade margins.


  85. Alan Says:

    For many people like myself who only watch BBC, ITV1 and C4 the HD line up on Freesat is now complete. I now watch very little in non HD. The point I am getting to is that the addition of C4HD will help push a large group towards moving over to Freesat.


  86. Anonymous Says:

    @75 Richard Crichton

    @80 Emma
    4HD is on a DVB-S2 transponder whereas other HD channels are on DVB-S.
    Go to to check your box. The site needs your box’s MAC address which you can find by pressing MENU and then 0 on your box.

    I’ve just tried the stb checker. All I get is this server error thing. Has anyone else tried the site yet?


  87. Robin_F Says:

    No Signal on my Panasonic BS750 either.

    I live in Sourh West France and have a 80cm dish professionally aligned with a Quad LNB, all other channels work perfectly except C4HD.


  88. Lone_Rider Says:

    I hope everyone is double and triple checking the MAC address that they are inputting into the stbchecker. It would appear that its only checking against a known list of MAC addresses.
    If you input random numbers and letters, its says your box is compatible with CH4HD…. :-O


  89. DAVID Says:

    The Sagem pvr locks the box when trying to view chanel 126, same thing has been happening when trying to scan it in non freesat mode. What a joke


  90. mediaman Says:

    My Goodmans box I have had since the early days of Freesat and have never had a real problem with it (Except the dodgy update a few years back). Channel 4 HD tuned in ok in non freesat mode and came to the EPG with no problems but I have the same problem with STV HD as many are having with 4 HD. Not sure if the problem is the box or not.


  91. Anonymous Says:

    OK, so this question isn’t really related to this, I just wanted to know,

    Do Freesat have to pay broadcasters to put their channels on the EPG?
    Or is it the other way?
    Or does no-one pay?


  92. admin Says:

    The broadcasters pay Freesat for inclusion on the EPG and slots are offered on a first come first serve basis with the exception of a few reserved ones for future use.


  93. Lillywhite Says:

    It’s perfect on my Technisat receiver and complete with EPG listing.


  94. paul edwards Says:

    4 hd i live in wales seem to gettin problem with picture seems to be moving frame by frame and freezes some time soundtrack fine all other stations ok NHK HD ok as welee in non freesat mode any help


  95. Richard Crichton Says:

    And mine. A real bargain at only £99.99 at Amazon and its a single tuner PVR not just a receiver.


  96. satom Says:

    bangla tv has started test transmissions on 12560, replacing arqiva color bar testcard (now bangla music videos)
    will they join freesat as well?

    and apart from 1 freesat info 11428 now seems empty (M&M and all radios left) @admin:
    any idea what the are up to with that tp?


  97. satom Says:

    myabe moving C4Hd there since its managed by Arquiva as well and lots of people seem to have issues with the tp C4HD is on now …


  98. ian Says:

    Channel4HD is on a sat that boots a signal across Europe and because its a HD channel with content that other broadcasters in Europe has and it being a FTA HD channel.. They have had to make it weaker in signal strength to prevent those outside of the UK being able to receive it.
    As @Neil has said, if you have a dish that is not lined up correctly lined up to Eurobird1 then you will have problems getting the channel because of this.

    Some boxes are not worth the weight they are and the cost they was. Some are not DVBS-2 compliant (despite this being a Freesat tech spec standard for all box manufactures but some ignored that and never had a contract renewal to keep making Freesat HD boxes) Harvard and Bush are the ones causing the most issues!


  99. satom Says:

    Personallly I have no reception probs with C4HD until now

    just wondering why they moved everything including those strange radios from the freesat tp – thought they might switch it toS2 …


  100. satom Says:

    btw not many here me included will watch bangla tv much … but it is a real feast for our dog ranters ;-)))


  101. Jim Says:

    Up to last night I had no Ch4HD on my Humax box and just the channel bar on my Panasonic G20.

    When I switched both on this afternoon the Humax did an automatic update, added 1 channel, and Ch4HD appeared with a perfect picture.

    I had to do a rescan on the TV myself and now have the channel as well as the channel bar.

    Now Film4 HD please!


  102. satom Says:

    yesssssss Film4 HD would be a great addition and probably a real magnet for new freesat users


  103. Ross Says:

    @99 satom – if Freesat switch 11428 to DVB-S2 all the Freesat SD boxes will lose their epg’s 😀


  104. lee b Says:

    Got full refund on by bush box as not fit for purpose.


  105. satom Says:

    @ 104 lee b
    good – thats like it should work for consumers. Hope you got yourself a box really fit for freesat.

    @103 Ross
    yepp I had thought that might happen.
    They should move that #############******####### encrypted ITV HD rom BBC HD tp and free it for broadcasters really interested in freesat and the platforms progress – ITVs aims seem really contrary. Maybe they should move C4HD there for the time beeing. The layout as it is now is total and utter nonsense.


  106. Wouter Says:

    Is there any news concerning ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD, ITV4 HD as well as CH4+1 HD?
    Those channels do exist so it would be great if these would some shortly to Freesat (and hopefully Five HD as well). I think only BBC2 HD is confirmed so far?


  107. Keith Says:

    I echo the majority that it’s great news that 4HD is now on Freesat.

    However, a couple of reservations. Firstly, I’ve yet to discover a programme that actually appears to be broadcast in HD. Programme guides don’t appear to indicate whether a programme is SD/HD, either, currently.

    Secondly, there are significant lip-sync problems viewing 10 O’Clock Live from a recording earlier tonight on a Humax HDR. Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve never seen this with BBC HD, ITV1 HD or BBC1 HD.


  108. Freddy Says:

    When C4HD is broadcasting in true HD rather than upscaled the DOG appears on screen.


  109. Clive Says:

    I buy the Sun newspaper on a Saturday because the mag tells you what’s in HD including Ch4.


  110. dal Says:

    does any one know how much the goodmans upgrade is? to be able to view c4 hd properly , went on the website but it just states i need upgrade and that theres a charge.


  111. Trevor Harris Says:


    Please can you tell me where BBC2 HD has been confirmed. Danielle Nagler head of BBC HD has said that there will not be any more BBC HD channels till 2013. This is inline with the BBC policy of only creating channels which can be shown on Freeview HD. Extra space will not be available till 2013. There might be an exception to this to provide a 3D service in 2012 but this has not been confirmed.

    As for ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD it is very unlikely they will go FTA in the near future as it would not be economic.


  112. Richard Crichton Says:

    Now that 4HD has finally broken Freesat’s DVB S2 duck will the BBC convert to S2 and go 1080 x 1920? I think not they are too stubborn.

    @104 lee b
    Argos are pretty good when it comes to refunds.Hope you get a good box like a Technisat or Humax.

    @106 Wouter
    I wasn’t aware that BBC2 HD had been confirmed however I have a theory that BBC HD channel will eventually become BBC2 HD.
    There was no such thing as ITV2,3,4 HD before they joined the dark side so I expect most of their retro output is upscaled SD?


  113. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Richard 111

    Your theory that BBC HD will become BBC 2 HD would not be a good idea as quite a number of BBC 3, 4 CBBC, Ceebees programs are in HD and the point of BBC HD is so folks can watch those programs in HD!

    Actually I like the fact that BBC HD do show a fair number of programs at different times so it can act as a catch up service.


  114. Richard Crichton Says:

    @112 Kevin
    You are assuming that the Beeb will only have two HD channels ad infinitum.
    I give BBC HD channel at most 2 or 3 years to exist. BBC3 & 4 will be HD anyway by then (2013 onwards) so no point in having a separate HD channel.


  115. Yorky Says:

    I must add my voice to the others who are annoyed by the HD channels being spread all over the place: wouldn’t a simple solution be an HD category on the EPG?


  116. Brian Says:

    Sony Bravia TV with built in freesat says “no signal” on ch4 hd. All other freesat channels are perfect.


  117. Russ Says:

    There is an old saying, (you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time). There were complaints about too few HD channels, now we have more, there are still complaints about their position on the epg. In the words of Victor Meldrew, ” I don’t believe it ”


  118. Derek (original) Says:

    Despite Russ’ tongue in cheek (I hope) mocking of your comment about an HD category on the EPG, I totally agree that it would be a very useful addition


  119. satom Says:

    I don’t know if that would be possible but couldn’t they add a second pair of HD IDs as copied links – like 6945 is linked to BBC HD or Stream44 to CITV and bundle those link IDs in a HD category to please the HD moaners?


  120. Keith Says:

    @108 Freddy

    That’s worth knowing, thanks. Nevertheless, I have seen programmes with the DOG showing that I found hard to believe were true HD. Just my impression, but they seemed indistinguishable from C4/SD in terms of picture quality. The difference between BBC1/SD and BBC1/HD is much more pronounced.

    The lip-sync problems made it all-but unwatchble, anyway. A great pity.


  121. Freddy Says:

    @120 Keith

    Thanks, I personally think C4’s removal of the dog when showing upscaled SD is a great idea that BBC and ITV could follow, although to be fair they do say on the EPG programme guides when a programme is HD.

    To those who want an HD EPG category, I don’t know about other boxes but on my Humax if I press the OK button, then press yellow to select HD then scroll and select a channel from there I’m then in HD mode on the EPG, and can move up and down between HD channels only until I leave that mode by selecting another channel by manually putting in a channel number or pressing OK and reversing the process.


  122. ian Says:

    The BBC will remain platform neutral with the HD channels they have and the quality they are.. However they also recognise that channels such as BBC Two HD, BBC Three HD and BBC Four HD if launched, would not be able to be part of Freeview with its limited space unless changes are made although i would expect Freeview to maybe lose the BBC HD channel if BBC Two HD was born, but will not deprive DSAT and cable customers/viewers of these channels if they launch them! Don’t however expect BBC One HD and BBC HD to become as spanking as Channel4HD and NHK World HD is.. Or ITV1 HD Granada!!
    What is viewable through an aerial from the BBC in terms of HD will be the same on DSAT and cable.. PQ and resolution and bit rate!


  123. Peter Smith Says:

    Looked forward to Ch4HD. Now it’s here, all I get is “no signal”. Any ideas out there? If so, please email me ( I’m in London and get the other Freesat HD channels OK. Regards, Plunky


  124. Sandra Says:

    We used to be able to get ITV HD by pressing the red button in Scotland but now we can’t. Anyone know why? I know I can get it by by changing to a border postcose but don’t really want to do this.


  125. Adam Says:

    The biggest impediment to BBC adopting HD is all the people who don’t have HD receivers. I think most major channels would have no issue switching if they didn’t have to worry paying to broadcast both an SD and HD channel. While it might annoy some people I don’t think it would be a bad idea in the long term for Freesat / Sky to say that after 2015 or whenever that everyone will need an HD box whether they like it or not. The HD box would of course downscale but then it frees up channels to dump the SD and go HD.


  126. Lee B Says:

    The Bush box was just a second box for an upstairs room, my main boxes are a Humax HDR and a Sky HD box (as long as I can get a half price deal (2 years so far!). Very pleased to get £119 back on the Bush though considering they are £75 now, just purchased a £29 SD bush box (will I ever learn!) and the rest to keep on a gift card!


  127. Anonymous Says:

    @123 Adam
    I partly agree with you because at first I thought:

    ‘What about the people without an HDTV?’

    But then I realised that HD boxes still have SCART so they can still watch TV, the only thing stopping that an HD box costs more than an SD one. But it still would annoy quite a few people.


  128. satom Says:


    sorry to contradict but there are thoughtless, lazy developers and companies as relentless as adam – their HD boxes ONLY come with HDMI and maybe optical connections – NO MORE down compatibility like scart


  129. ian Says:

    I agree to a degree about HD only, but that would mean the need for allot more sat space and all of the regional channels (BBC, ITV and alike) needing space and lets face facts here, they will need so much that the reality is, they can’t afford that unless these channels go behind paywalls! The BBC can’t justify spending the kind of money needed for space to make every region HD only and no SD what so ever! You have to think in a realistic manner about the growth of FTA HD channels, and understand they cost allot to run, and the rights are not cheap! Then you have to think about the folks who are not bothered by HD, who don’t have HD ready telly’s and don’t want one. Its not one preference, its about being realistic!


  130. Neil Says:

    Well after reading all these comments about varying degrees of success receiving the channel on different makes/firmware revison of Harvard STBs it’s brought it home to me why Freesat haven’t made a sing and dance marketing-wise about the launch of the new 4HD service and I can’t say I blame them for Harvard’s shortfalls in terms of not making their STB’s S2 compliant (part of the DVB/Freesat spec).

    The issues of non-dish alignment are most likely also affecting Sky HD STB’s too as, from what I’ve heard, many people are reporting low quality during good weather.


  131. satom Says:

    @129 Neil

    I don’t really get it about the alignment factor with $ky dishes – they should be aligned to eb too since – I just checked – there are lots of encrypted channels they should have problems to watch as well (like hallmark, scifi, sports and movie buckets) – even more so since encryption needs a much stronger signal to decrypt than FTA channels do.


  132. Ross Says:

    @130 satom “since encryption needs a much stronger signal to decrypt than FTA channels do.”

    Eh? Makes no difference bud.


  133. satom Says:

    digital FTA boxes need a minimum signal strength to transform the FTA signals into TV sound & picture combination for you to watch.

    digital decoder boxes need a much higher signal strength to recognice and decrypt the signal + encryption

    analogue boxes can cope with a much weaker signal than digital and still produce a watchable picture


  134. Neil Says:

    satom: There’s more to it than just the fact that Encrypted services decode ok.

    This is a DVB-S2 modulated Txp, therefore the uplink/downlink power, FEC and Symbol Rate all play a part to the level of signal quality received. Signal quality is in effect the ability of the receiver to correctly demodulate the modulation within the accurate QPSK constellation. The higher the Txp power and field strength within it’s intended footprint, the lower the FEC can be, this in turn results in a higher baseband bandwidth but lower quality! If you up the SR then this increases the bandwidth further (both RF and baseband) but quality again suffers. There’s a delicate compromise between SR, FEC and downlink power resulting in varying degrees of signal quality which should also take rainfade in to account – these give an overall availability as a percentage at a users location.

    Now, all I’ve mentioned above is fine for services not affected by rights issues etc but C4 have a further problem that whilst ‘getting away’ with the minimum acceptable quality levels to satisfy UK viewers in downlink Carrier to Noise terms they need to make it harder for European overspill viewers to receive, to keep the copyright mob happy. They could improve quality by reducing the SR on 12607V, reduce the FEC or up the uplink power. If it becomes a major issue then they may reduce the FEC but my guess is that C4 were fully aware of these potential issues.


  135. Richard Crichton Says:

    @124 Sandra
    You only get the red button on ITV London 977 when the programme is in HD not the upscaled programes. This Morning: Saturday is upscaled. No red button. Monk is true HD so expect the red button to work on that.

    Ch4 Hd working great in Central Scotland ,level 64 quality 5.4db. Std ex $ky zone 2 dish and single LNB. Technisat HDFS . Light rain and overcast.

    Technisat HDFS £99.99 delivered at Amazon. These boxes sold for £150 two years ago when I bought it. The PVR function works very well and is ideal if you only have a single LNB.


  136. ian Says:

    Channel4HD for me is working well on a good signal strength and quality. I’d be surprised if many $$$ky boxes are a problem as they are all compliant with S-2, most of the issues are dish alignment and in need of a small tweak as $ky dishes are optimised for the Astra sat’s and not Eurobird1 which is right next door!


  137. Richard Crichton Says:

    “$ky dishes are optimised for the Astra sat’s and not Eurobird1.”
    Not true. $ky has 190 channels on EB1 so why would they optimise for Astra?
    A good installer will centre the dish bewteen 28.2 and 28.5 Trouble not is not all installers are good.


  138. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @117 Russ “There were complaints about too few HD channels, now we have more, there are still complaints about their position on the epg.”

    There will always be complaints about Freesat no matter how much better it gets. I guess it would be boring if there weren’t. :)

    NHK World is due next month. If it doesn’t appear on 1st May there will be complaints, just as there were for the non-immediate appearance of Ch4 HD when April arrived.


  139. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @Richard 114

    I was under the impression that there was limited capacity for HD channels on Freeview so how come you think the BBC will transmit BBC3 and 4 in HD from 2013? OK it could do it on Satellite assuming all the new Satellites are up and operational. But if they reduce the bitrate on satellite to match Freeviw why would the BBC have more HD channels on Freesat than Freeview?


  140. Russ Says:

    @ 138 Kevin McFarlane,

    I am just happy to have more HD content, having to push three buttons to access them is no real hardship as far as I am concerned.


  141. carlin Says:

    Is anyone viewing channel4 hd on a sagem dtr94250s , the whole box locks up and turns off everytime you press 126 on the remote. Think a firmware update is needed.


  142. ian Says:

    They are @Richard Crichton and the reason for this is because the Sky EPG and data needed is carried on the an Astra sat and not Eurobird1. Without the EPG, Sky is useless to the customer.

    @carlin, did you try a factory reset on the box at all? Sometimes that will solve issues like this, but bare in mind doing so will wipe any non-Freesat mode channels you have stored.


  143. Derek (original) Says:

    Why when people express a desire for improved funcionality do some people always interpret it as complaining.

    Historically, the desire for ‘better’ has been the lifeblood of technological advancement.

    Complaining? No. Constructive feedback? Yes!


  144. Bob Martin Says:

    I live in Scotland DD9 7ST and have both types of Humax Freesat boxes the recorder and the other one and both are the same as far as what I can or cant get.

    Re Ch4 HD Excellent news pity it was not where we would expect it to be at (104) but that is not the only thing that irks me. I cannot get ITV HD (even using the red button on the ITV London channel. I do also note that I can get STV HD in non the Manual mode and not the Freesat mode if searching for this channel. so why can’t this be added?

    On another point it does not matter which postcode you put in if you live in the Dundee to Aberdeen area you are only left with Aberdeen News as your local news this is extremely annoying and hardly what I would call progress!!! I believe this is down to Murdoch’s interference at SKY though.

    But overall great news that we have at last got another High Definition channel


  145. Neil Says:

    #137 – Richard:

    The acceptance angle of dishes panned to 28.2/28.5E is wide enough that it should pick up both birds well within it’s 3dB points with no or little drop-off quality-wise. I think these issues are down to Sky installers not correctly panning and skewing the dish resulting in rain-fade issues + what people are experiencing with 4HD.

    The 2A, 2B and, especially, 2D services deliver a much higher field strength across the UK together with a much better organised frequency plan SES implement across their fleet. Eutelsat on the other hand have decided within their alloted spectrum to co-locate transponders on both the horizontal and vertically polarised component using the same frequency, this has issues in relation to skew on LNB’s resulting in interference whereby the rejection from the opposite plane isn’t great. Using a professional meter and spot-checking SES vs EB1 Txp’s this is seen quite easily in terms of identical signal strength but much reduced quality, depending on transponder etc as they do differ.


  146. carlin Says:

    Done a factory reset but the box just turns it self off when i press 126, It does look like a dvb-S2 problem. i will move my dish later to see if i can scan in dance tv HD on 23.5 east as this channel is fta and also s2.


  147. ian Says:

    Sagem boxes are in my experience pretty good bits of kit so to hear that it is working not as intended, is a surprise! It might be worth having a look on the website and see if any update is needed and your box has missed it!


  148. Neil Says:

    I wasn’t aware Sagem STB’s were affected too unless like Ian mentions it’s running an early firmware release?


  149. Russ Says:

    For those with Humax HD boxes, by pressing the list button on your remote you can in fact group all your HD channels together. Press list, then the yellow button to select HD subgroup. The four existing HD channels will appear in the subgroup, select one of the channels and then exit. At this stage you can use your up/down button to change between HD channels, the down side is, you have to go back into subgroup and select mytv to return to SD viewing.


  150. Adam Says:

    In the hypothetical scenario that Sky / Freesat set an end of life on SD content, manufacturers would switch to boxes that offered HDMI & downscaled to SCART (which most HD boxes already do). I doubt many stbs would omit SCART for SD output since downscaling is usually a free function of the SoC.

    I think if it did happen it would have to be well telegraphed, e.g. 4-5 years into the future with immediate ban on SD only STBs. By the time of the deadline most STBs would be HD and the cost of replacing the others would be manageable. The benefits of switching should be fairly obvious for consumer and content provider.


  151. Richard Crichton Says:

    @142 Ian
    I don’t really buy that. As Neil pointed out “The acceptance angle of dishes panned to 28.2/28.5E is wide enough that it should pick up both birds well within it’s 3dB points with no or little drop-off quality-wise. I think these issues are down to Sky installers not correctly panning and skewing the dish resulting in rain-fade issues + what people are experiencing with 4HD.”

    Not all $ky installers do a good job.
    @138 Kevin Ver1
    At the moment there is only room for four HD channels on Freeview but I’m hoping that things will change. It depends what Ofcom/Goverment want to do with the spectrum released after DSO. They could sell it to mobile phone/data companies for many billions which I believe is their current plan or they could release some space for extra Freeview muxes. If the BBC insist that both platforms must remain equal so that any future BBC HD channels must be on both platforms we are in a very dark place if Ofcom don’t release extra spectrum for Freeview. I think that the BBC’s position is illogical and not the way to go.


  152. Derek (original) Says:

    @149 Russ

    Using the list function on Humax boxes, does allow you to see a grouping of HD channels by pressing the Yellow button, but unfortunately not with EPG information. What has been proposed is something akin to the HD grouping on the Sky EPG, where when selecting the HD subcategory, you get full EPG information for all the HD channels.


  153. Neil Says:

    #151 – Richard:

    I’ve been following the Ofcom 600MHz consultation and reading responses it appears there’s the same amount of interest from Telecom’s organisations as there is broadcasters, Wide-Area Wi-Fi seems to be favoured at these lower frequencies it would seem.

    My personal take on this, and what I’ve heard, is that if all the spectrum (UHF ch.31-37) was released for DTT then there would be two or possibly three HD Mux’s with 80% UK coverage, similar to the current pre-DSO DTT low-power network, however if Telcos are gifted some spectrum then this could be down to one, or two DTT Mux’s at a push. You then think who would be interested, certainly it seems Channel 4 want one, the BBC would want another (for BBC Three, Four, News and Parliament?) and who would have the third? ITV??

    I still stand by my opinion that DTT has a limited future compared to what Satellite can offer. All this spectrum isn’t likely to be auctioned until 2012 and then they’d have to install the transmission network and get the services on-air, likely to be 2013 or 2014, Freesat is going to be streets ahead in HD inclusion by this time.

    If it goes to bidding auctions, what’s to stop Murdoch putting in a bid for one or more of the Multiplexes at a crazy figure with a plan to offer Encrypted services? After all his ‘Picnic’ offer was allowed as part of the Sky Sports wholesaling policy. Sky would do this just to keep FTA HD off DTT (Freeview).


  154. peterhb Says:

    Just tuned in C4HD on my Foxsat-HD box.
    Got excellent picture and sound.
    Following comments here about signal I had a look at what I was getting and found signal strength about 80% of max and quality about 70% of max (all my other stations are 100/100. Still you wouldn’t know there was any difference fromm watching the programme.


  155. Richard Crichton Says:

    @153 Neil
    “If it goes to bidding auctions, what’s to stop Murdoch putting in a bid for one or more of the Multiplexes at a crazy figure with a plan to offer Encrypted services?”
    Phone hacking scandal comes to mind.Dark Lord should be in jail not running a media empire. I don’t agree with Dark Lord having a monopoly of pay satellite platforms.
    I agree with your comment that long term Freesat will have far more HD services. Freeview was never designed with HD in mind and is not a good idea on that platform.


  156. Russ Says:

    @ 152 Derek (original),

    Hi Derek, I entirely understand your comments regarding the HD/EPG situation. In an ideal world to have a setup like the $ky system might be beneficial, but don’t forget, sky hd subscribers pay £10 per month on top of their package price for the privilege. Freesat is still in it’s infancy and I am sure when we have more hd content, and more hd channels paying £30,000 per annum into the Freesat coffers, your wishes regarding the epg may come to fruition.


  157. Bob Says:

    Great CH4HD picture on my Humax Foxsat HDR , and on my budget Tevilon sat box , but no 5.1 sound from either , just broken pulses of sound. My indicator on my amp lights up to show 5.1 is present.
    I went the Freesat route to get HD and 5.1 sound , as opposed to Freeview HD which on lunch was giving box manufacturers problems with the 5.1 specifications.
    I later found out that only BBC broadcast 5.1 sound which is good (but not ITV), and now this problem with CH4HD its very disappointing.
    I hope it’s a technical glitch that can be put right.


  158. Bob Says:

    Great CH4HD picture on my Humax Foxsat HDR , and even on my budget Tevilon sat box , but no 5.1 sound from either , just broken pulses of sound. My indicator on my amp lights up to show 5.1 is present.
    I went the Freesat route to get HD and 5.1 sound , as opposed to Freeview HD which on lunch was giving box manufacturers problems with the 5.1 specifications.
    I later found out that only BBC broadcast 5.1 sound (not ITV), and now this problem with CH4HD its very disappointing.
    I hope it’s a technical glitch that can be put right.


  159. Robert Milsom Says:

    Great CH4HD picture on my Humax Foxsat HDR , and even on my budget Tevilon sat box , but no 5.1 sound from either , just broken pulses of sound. My indicator on my amp lights up to show 5.1 is present.
    I went the Freesat route to get HD and 5.1 sound , as opposed to Freeview HD which on lunch was giving box manufacturers problems with the 5.1 specifications.
    I later found out that only BBC broadcast 5.1 sound (not ITV), and now this problem with CH4HD its very disappointing.
    I hope it’s a technical glitch that can be put right, or maybe I need to slightly realign my dish.


  160. Fluffy Says:

    Can you offer channels to a sale? Surely there are offered to customers.


  161. Neil Says:


    Yep, fully agree the Dark Lord should be locked up!! I also believe within this proposal for him to buy out BSkyB then Sky Subscriber Services Ltd (SSSL) should be removed from Sky’s content arm.

    Fluffy: Sadly it’s all about money and how much revenue can be raised for the sale of spectrum, the customer comes last in that respect!!


  162. carlin Says:

    I had the box turned off last night and just turned on to see that Channel 4 hd works, Well for 2 minutes it did but then the box turned off. Could it be a over heating problem or maybe the harddrive cant buffer up that much data. Is there any hidden menu to turn off the harddrive ?


  163. Alan Says:

    I get a great 4HD picture on my Humax box. As for 5.1 sound, I have not tried it on C4HD but in all honesty most of the programmes on that channel don’t really need it. Yes if its a music programme or film, but the rest no real need. Content quality comes first.


  164. fluffy Says:

    I was pointing out that the following sentence is very poorly construced.

    “Freesat currently offers over 150 TV, radio and interactive channels to its 1.6 million customer sales, alongside BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player imminent”

    You offer service to a customer, not to a sale


  165. Anonymous Says:

    This isn’t really related to this, and if it is true then it probably won’t happen until at least next year, but QVC are thinking of launching an HD channel next year on satellite, and seeing as it’s SD channel is already available on Freesat then this could be too.

    They already have an HD channel in the US.

    Just thought about it, remember all these channels which we have in SD but not in HD?
    Film4HD (not available on satellite yet)

    5HD is stuck behind the card, and the others in the HD pack on $ky.


  166. Rowan Says:

    Really impressed with the HD programs on Channel 4. Upscaling is okay, but the channel really shines with native HD programs.

    Just wondering what the chances are of a 5* /5 USA HD channel? Alternatively, should Five HD be a ‘best of’ sort of channel showing the HD content from the trio of channels? There are programs like Chuck and CSI which could benefit by being in HD.


  167. Neil Says:

    Anonymous: Don’t expect 5HD for (up to) another 2yrs, ITV2,3 and 4HD are tied in with Sky and may go FTA in the future or not! I’d say the only driver to make the ITV2,3,4HD services FTA on Satellite would be if ITV get their hands on another DTT Mux otherwise they’ll sell out to Murdoch. E4HD and Film4HD are strong contenders for Freesat inclusion, watch this space!

    Rowan: 5HD need to get their hands on some HD content first for their main service before thinking about anything else. Lets get 5* and 5US on to Freesat first!


  168. billboy Says:

    Why does my bush freesat HD box need an up grade to see CH 4 HD


  169. steve Says:

    great to see 4HD on the tecnhnisat HD/ Humax Hdr cant wait for others to come, and they will, watch this space


  170. Muzer Says:

    @168 billboy: Because Harvard (who manufacture the boxes for Bush as well as a few other companies) were stupid and didn’t follow the specification properly – some of the boxes don’t support DVB-S2 (a newer and better way to store data in satellite signals, usually but not necessarily associated with HD). Channel 4 HD is the first Freesat channel to use DVB-S2 (the rest are just on standard DVB-S transponders, ie the same as SD), which is why the problem only appeared now.


  171. Scott Says:

    I don’t understand though, how did the Alba boxes get the freesat logo, if they are checked by freesat to be compliant?

    My Technisat receiver works great, and is also a pvr, for only £80.


  172. Sammy Says:

    @ 171

    Where did you get the Technisat Receiver for £80?


  173. Richard Crichton Says:

    @171 Scott
    They aren’t checked by Freesat to be compliant. Freesat is really just an EPG.
    @172 Sammy
    They are £99.99 on Amazon
    Scott probably got his S/H off Fleebay.


  174. Richard Crichton Says:

    PS There is a new Technisat HDFS on Fleebay for £75 +£4.41 postage. Bargain.


  175. Froggie Says:

    Quote “Freesat is really just an EPG”

    Exactly, and with the latest TVs such as my Samsung LEDs having built-in satellite tuners which give you all the channels Freesat does and more, plus the ability to scan multi satellites, I’m starting to wonder what the point of Freesat is? I was going to buy more Freesat boxes for my guest rooms, but there’s no point, the new TVs have made Freesat redundant.


  176. Richard Crichton Says:

    I think you’ll find the Samsung Tv’s have Freesat tuners according to joinfreesat article below.
    The Technisat box gives you the ability to scan multi satellites not sure about other Freesat boxes though.

    FTA satellite boxes don’t give you a 7day epg or Iplayer with itv player coming soon. Two pretty good reasons to get a Freesat box.


  177. Chris Says:

    You are indeed using Freesat in your Samsung TV! You’ve been using Freesat without knowing it.


  178. Froggie Says:

    Um … no I’m not. My guest TVs (SAMSUNG UE32C6740) don’t have Freesat built in, but they do have a Satellite (DVB-S) tuner.


  179. Russ Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it has been confirmed in previous posts that Froggie does not reside in the UK. I am sure the samsung model Froggie refers to is not UK spec. Freesat, being owned by the BBC & ITV was conceived to cater for the UK only, hence narrow beam issues. How can he claim Freesat is redundant when it was never designed for european viewers in the first place ?


  180. Froggie Says:

    I’m just saying it is for me (as if anyone cares lol)

    Yes I’m in France and have a B&B, so I wanted English TV for my English speaking guests as well as French channels. The 7 day guide is not important for them and of course iPlayer doesn’t work over here, but again for guest use its not important. My original plan was to put a FreesatHD box in each room but having realised that the in-built satellite tuner in these TVs actually give me all the channels Freesat does, including ALL the HD channels, I decided there was no point. Not only does it save money, it makes it simpler for the guests to use, no extra box and second handset etc. I’m now thinking of adding another dish or two and a larger multi switch to add Dutch and German channels.

    For my own personal TV, yes the EPG is nice to have, but not essential and I still cant get channel4HD on my blasted Humax foxsatHD box :(


  181. Richard Crichton Says:

    Froggie said “For my own personal TV, yes the EPG is nice to have, but not essential and I still cant get channel4HD on my blasted Humax foxsatHD box ”

    I’m sure Ch4 HD will be delighted to hear that people in France can’t get Ch4 HD which is how it was designed otherwise it would have to be on Astra 2D instead of Eurobird.


  182. Froggie Says:

    Not via my humax box no, but in all its HD glory on all my non freesat sets :)

    Don’t get all high and mighty, you would do the same thing if you moved abroad.


  183. Salty dawg Says:

    I agree with Froggie.
    Question? Is a Freesat box suitable to use in Spain with the relevant size dish as I have been told to get Freesat from Sky as their boxes pick up the signal better than the Humax.


  184. Froggie Says:

    Not sure what you need in Spain Salty dawg, but in my experience, the Humax FoxsatHD box gave a much better signal than my old Sky digibox. Maybe you don’t need either if you have one of the newer TVs with built in sat tuner? because for me at least, that gives a much better signal than either Sky or Freesat.

    BTW, I just looked at my new Samsungs again as I hadn’t really played with them that much, and they do actually have a 7 day EPG and you can select a programme to auto view as you can on the Humax. The only thing they don’t currently do is sort the channels into any logical order, so you either scroll to find the channel you want, or as I do, make a note of the channel numbers. Should the major TV manufacturers decide to improve their EPGs in the future and perhaps make them auto update when channels change frequency, then yes, I can see Freesat becoming redundant. Why pay a third party company for something they can offer themselves. As for viewing UK channels outside of the UK. I understand the argument against, but I have said before that I am totally prepared to pay for a UK TV licence should the option be available to me. It isn’t though. Perhaps a pan European licence is the way to go, considering more and more of us choose to live away from our country of birth these days.


  185. Dennis Says:

    i too have a bush freesat, when channel 4 HD started on freesat all i was getting was “no signal” so i done a retune still “no signal” so i thought i would change the cables over (cable from sky dish to freesat) i changed them over and bingo channel 4 HD is working perfect


  186. bigal Says:

    @183 Salty dawg.

    It is technically possible to use a Freesat box in Spain with the correct size dish.

    Freesat from Sky appears to have a better signal in Spain because on some encrypted channels it uses a more powerful transponder beam than the Freesat channel versions.


  187. footy Says:

    Great on my Humax HD box-just did it automatically. Much better picture than BBC-come on BBC match the rest!


  188. Automan Says:

    My Samsung S7800 still hardly gets any EPG for this channel with the first two programs with program information and the next two with none. From that point on the guide is blank.

    Still with the box being as bug-ridden as it is it would only forget to make the recordings or say they are already scheduled anyway.

    Perhaps this Monday’s firmware upgrade will help?

    BTW, the new Echostar box has a firmware upgrade to make it work with CHN4 HD.


  189. Matt Says:


    I’m getting bad / no signal on CH4HD and a few others like BBCNews24. Am I right in thinking that you replaced the cable that leads from the wall to the satellite box and the channels worked again, suggesting your original cable was at fault?


  190. BigNickUK Says:

    Anyone know how much the upgrade is for Harvard boxes which have the mac code which listed on the stbchecker? What will it be a rom upgrade or a card or something? Have to say I am pretty annoyed that will have to pay for it!


  191. Richard Crichton Says:

    @190 Tell em the box isn’t fit for purpose and you will complain to trading standards unless they upgrade it for free. Don’t let them rip you off.


  192. Mike Says:

    recived this email from Harvard last night

    Dear Freesat User,

    Thank you for registering your details with us and indicating your preference to upgrade your Bush/Goodmans/ Grundig Freesat Digital Box for a Channel 4 HD enabled replacement.
    We are happy to inform you that we now have stock of boxes which will be supplied under our Grundig brand.
    Please note that there will be a charge for this upgrade and two options are available :

    Option A A Reconditioned Grundig GUFSAT01HD – £39.99 including VAT & P&P with 3 months warranty
    Option B A new Grundig GUFSAT01HD- £69.99 including VAT & P&P with 12 months warranty

    To progress your upgrade and to discuss the payment options please call our customer helpline on 0871 230 4695.
    Alternatively reply to this mail with your preferred option and a contact telephone number and one of our agents will call you.

    Kind Regards

    Harvard Customer Service Team

    Calls from BT landlines are charged at 10p per minute, whilst calls via other service providers may vary.


  193. Richard Crichton Says:



  194. mrmacfly Says:

    I have had the same problem. after a week of harvard telling me my box is compatible and trying everything under the sun to get it working, they have just told me that it is not compatible and i need an upgrade. I spoke to trading standards, and they quoted the sale of goods act 1979, as the goods are not of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose you are fully entitled to a free repair or replacement. have a feeling this is something watchdog might be interested in, if enough people speak up. I dont understand why people have to pay again to correct harvards mess??


  195. Richard Crichton Says:

    I don’t think the BBC would get involved as Freesat is partly owned by them and any bad publicity about Freesat boxes would be a no no for them.
    If enough people complain to trading standard and Harvard don’t back down they will act. Frankly I don’t think Harvard have a leg to stand on.


  196. Tony Hales Says:

    Don’t get done get Dom.


  197. footy Says:

    Harvard boxes are c***-end of story!


  198. Neil Says:

    Mike: That is out of order charging for a full replacement STB. They should be S2 compliant, after all that is the spec. I wonder how many of these STB’s are actually affected?


  199. Robert McH Says:

    Hi, I was recently receiving C4HD perfectly on my Humax Foxsat HDR box until 2 days ago (8th May). It is now however virtually unwatchable! – full strength signal but quality is 30% dropping to zero, lots of pixellation, cutting out etc. Shame as it looks brilliant when working!! All my other HD channels work fine. Any ideas/solutions would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  200. G Says:

    @Robert 199. I have the same issue and no idea what is causing it on my humax foxsat hd. It was excellent now it is awful. Have you had any luck working out what the cause of this dramatic reduction in quality is?


  201. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ 200 and 197

    I have had no problems watching C4 HD on my Bush box. Looks like I am very lucky!


  202. Chris B Says:


    I have not had the email that Mike has had from Harvard yet (even though I registered that my Goodmans box does not work with C4HD on their website quite some time ago). Therefore I called them to see what was going on and was told that since I am out of my 12 months warranty I have the two options that Mike was given e.g. buy a reconditioned or new box from them.

    Based on what people have said on here. If Harvard have mucked up by not following the original specification then if I make a written complaint does anyone think I have a leg to stand on because surely if there was some legal reason that could be used to prove they should resolve this at no cost to the customer then they wouldn’t be only offering the buy a box option?

    Either way if anyone could help me out with some key words, phrases, data etc to put in my complaint that would be most appreciated because I’d probably just go off on a rant missing the valid and pertinent points completely.




  203. BigNickUK Says:

    Apparently you have to write a letter they do not accept email complaints
    Harvard International PLC
    4 The Spinney
    Parklands Business Park
    PO7 6AR


  204. BigNickUK Says:

    this is essentially the wording I will be using
    “As a consumer I have no knowledge or understanding about transmission standards etc and nor should I have to have. Yet I now understand that because early Harvard boxes do not support the new standard for HD/3D satellite broadcasts called DVBS-2, Channel 4HD is not available without having to pay for a reconditioned box at £39.99 or a new box at £69.99.

    This is an argument that Harvard need to have with Freesat/Channel 4 and should not impact on the consumer.

    Therefore I would like a formal statement from Harvard into this issue and to investigate whether I can receive a new/reconditioned box free of charge. ”


  205. BigNickUK Says:

    Have also added this line “I also am led to understand that DVBS-2 support has always been a requirement since Freesat was launched. ”


  206. Chris B Says:

    Cool. Thanks @BigNickUK That’s really helpful and genuinely appreciated. Interesting post on a forum at the following link: –

    Says that they mailed the Argos CEO and received a full refund. Could be cobblers but does anyone think this is seriously worth a go?

    According to this site that would be Sara Weller: –


  207. Alan H Says:

    I had the BFSAT01HD and needed a replacement, got the email from harvard and sent a snotty reply stating that the box was not fit for purpose under the sales of goods act.
    The same day a chap phoned me back and he told me that i was something that channel 4 had done and was not a fault with the box, i said that the original freesat spec said that dvb-s2 had to be supported, he said this was not true.

    If you need evidence to back up your argument you can point to there own website.

    under features is says dvb-s2 tuner, or , the digital television group website that clearly states that in order to have the frresathd logo it must support
    ‘DVB-S2 HD H.264 services’

    I took my box back to argos and the kindly offered me a replacement.

    Best of luck


  208. BigNickUK Says:

    Now that the BBC HD channels are going DVB-S2 on 6th June, the early Harvards are definitely not fit for purpose. Like others, I took my Bush box (which I bought in 2008) back to Argos yesterday. They exchanged it for the new Alba box no questions asked.


  209. No News Is Good News? | Join Freesat Says:
  210. Paul Savage Says:

    We are seeing TV adverts claiming that ITV +1 is available on Freesat channel 112 – but no upgrade yet on my Humax – any news about this?


  211. jonathan Says:

    i need help i have a bush hd box bought from argus bout a year ago,i love watching bbc hd and bbc1hd , but now its displaying NO SIGNAL for these channels,
    my signal strength is over 80% I think its to do with bbc switching its satellite frequency in june or july i miss hd and can only receive ITV1 HD, PLASE HELP


  212. nev Says:

    im getting sound on 4dh but no pitrue


  213. Toby Jones Says:

    Any idea why I get blocky patches on the screen whwn I view ITV1 HD on my new Loewe Connect ID 40 TV –
    is there some compatibility issue?


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