Channel 4 HD Finally Arrives On Freesat

C4HD Finally Arrives On Freesat

Channel 4 and Freesat today announced that C4HD has launched on the subscription-free satellite TV service. C4HD becomes the fourth HD channel on Freesat joining BBC ONE HD, BBC HD and ITV1 HD.

C4HD will be available from today on channel 126 following an automatic update on your Freesat receiver or television with built-in Freesat.

Freesat also confirmed last month that NHK World HD will be launching in May, bringing the total number of HD channels on Freesat to five.

Freesat currently offers over 150 TV, radio and interactive channels to its 1.6 million customer sales, alongside BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player imminent.

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  1. @ 200 and 197

    I have had no problems watching C4 HD on my Bush box. Looks like I am very lucky!

  2. Hi.

    I have not had the email that Mike has had from Harvard yet (even though I registered that my Goodmans box does not work with C4HD on their website quite some time ago). Therefore I called them to see what was going on and was told that since I am out of my 12 months warranty I have the two options that Mike was given e.g. buy a reconditioned or new box from them.

    Based on what people have said on here. If Harvard have mucked up by not following the original specification then if I make a written complaint does anyone think I have a leg to stand on because surely if there was some legal reason that could be used to prove they should resolve this at no cost to the customer then they wouldn’t be only offering the buy a box option?

    Either way if anyone could help me out with some key words, phrases, data etc to put in my complaint that would be most appreciated because I’d probably just go off on a rant missing the valid and pertinent points completely.



  3. Apparently you have to write a letter they do not accept email complaints
    Harvard International PLC
    4 The Spinney
    Parklands Business Park
    PO7 6AR

  4. this is essentially the wording I will be using
    “As a consumer I have no knowledge or understanding about transmission standards etc and nor should I have to have. Yet I now understand that because early Harvard boxes do not support the new standard for HD/3D satellite broadcasts called DVBS-2, Channel 4HD is not available without having to pay for a reconditioned box at £39.99 or a new box at £69.99.

    This is an argument that Harvard need to have with Freesat/Channel 4 and should not impact on the consumer.

    Therefore I would like a formal statement from Harvard into this issue and to investigate whether I can receive a new/reconditioned box free of charge. “

  5. Have also added this line “I also am led to understand that DVBS-2 support has always been a requirement since Freesat was launched. “

  6. Cool. Thanks @BigNickUK That’s really helpful and genuinely appreciated. Interesting post on a forum at the following link: –

    Says that they mailed the Argos CEO and received a full refund. Could be cobblers but does anyone think this is seriously worth a go?

    According to this site that would be Sara Weller: –

  7. I had the BFSAT01HD and needed a replacement, got the email from harvard and sent a snotty reply stating that the box was not fit for purpose under the sales of goods act.
    The same day a chap phoned me back and he told me that i was something that channel 4 had done and was not a fault with the box, i said that the original freesat spec said that dvb-s2 had to be supported, he said this was not true.

    If you need evidence to back up your argument you can point to there own website.

    under features is says dvb-s2 tuner, or , the digital television group website that clearly states that in order to have the frresathd logo it must support
    ‘DVB-S2 HD H.264 services’

    I took my box back to argos and the kindly offered me a replacement.

    Best of luck

  8. Now that the BBC HD channels are going DVB-S2 on 6th June, the early Harvards are definitely not fit for purpose. Like others, I took my Bush box (which I bought in 2008) back to Argos yesterday. They exchanged it for the new Alba box no questions asked.

  9. We are seeing TV adverts claiming that ITV +1 is available on Freesat channel 112 – but no upgrade yet on my Humax – any news about this?

  10. i need help i have a bush hd box bought from argus bout a year ago,i love watching bbc hd and bbc1hd , but now its displaying NO SIGNAL for these channels,
    my signal strength is over 80% I think its to do with bbc switching its satellite frequency in june or july i miss hd and can only receive ITV1 HD, PLASE HELP

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