Channel 5 Hope To Launch Sister Channels Later This Year

In a series of replies received from Channel 5 by readers of joinfreesat (thanks guys/gals), it would appear that Channel 5 have made it very clear that they intend to launch Fiver (called 5* from 7th March) and Five US (called 5 USA from 7th March) on Freesat later this year.

They seem to be suggesting that the only problem standing in their way is the lack of narrow beam capacity on Astra2D (not a Freesat issue), but expect this to be resolved later this year when 1N becomes available.

We suspect given that C4 have found a way around this and intend on launching C4HD on Eurobird (despite the requirement for narrow beam capacity), Channel 5 might follow suit with what ever agreement C4 have with ofcom, so we might see these channels sooner rather than later, but for now it seems later this year is what they are sticking to.

Here is a copy of the reply received by reader astra2d:

Due to a lack of narrow beam capacity, we have been unable to make FIVER (5* from 7th March) and Five USA (5 USA from 7th March) available on this platform since it was launched. However, additional capacity on Freesat is likely to become available later this year and we are planning to make the channels available once this is in place.

We have no specific word on Channel 5 HD, so suspect that might be stuck in a contract with BSkyB for the short term future atleast.

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  1. @ 46, Satom I was using my sky box as an example that I can get Lava and other FTA Eurobird channels on there.

    For Freesat HD I have a Bravia tv with built in Freesat

  2. @satom, I don’t do mobile shorthand, and I don’t do things like ‘LOL’, as I said before I only asked a question, and I did read everything as I always do, I just misunderstood.

  3. @swjoduk

    sorry … misunderstood … lava is afak a FTA channel, so available on every FTA box with a dish aligned to receive astra2/eurobird 1.

    So if you get the like of horror channel, cbs action or Controversial tv (from eurobird) with equal reception quality as the astra 2(d) channels like ITV/BBC/C4/C5 AND you get BBC One HD, BBC HD or ITV/STV HD I can’t see why you should’t get C4HD.

    (Have a look at the frequency lists at flysat, lyngsat or kingofsat if you are in doubt which satellite they are broadcasting from)

    If I got it wrong again don’t hesitate to ask again, maybe some sunny day even I might get it right 😉

  4. @ 53 I can receive Horror and CBS Action and Reality on my Freesat TV so hopefully I will get C4HD.

    We shall see come April 1st

  5. I emailed FIVE regarding FIVE HD on Freesat and got the following reply:

    ” At present we are unable to broadcast in HD on Freesat or Freeview. Due to a lack of narrow beam capacity (essentially the section of the Freesat satellite that only covers the UK), we are currently unable to make Five HD (or indeed FIVER and Five USA) available on Freesat.”

    So a lack of narrow beam capacity prevents FIVE being broadcast in HD on Freesat?

  6. It’s great news that 5HD could launch soon. I have heard through contacts that NHK plans to launch a HD channel exclusively on Freesat and was wondering if anyone here has heard anything. Sorry it is off topic a little but it goes to show how serious Freesat is being seen by broadcasters and how channel information seems to be moving faster than a few years ago. I have had Freesat since the early days and it’s a decision I have never regretted.

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