Channel 5+1 Due On Freesat Next Month

Channel 5According to an interview between The Guardian and Richard Desmond, head of Channel 5, they will be launching a time-shift channel next month on all platforms, including Freesat.

This is a good step forward for a broadcaster that has been very slow in moving forward over the past few years, and might result in 5* and 5US joining the platform at the same time.

Whilst time-shift channels are not everyones cup of tea (and the same can be said for Channel 5 in general) any addition to the platform is a welcome one.

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  1. Stuart: email or call CSC Media if you want Dance Nation on the platform. It’s the only service left off it and one that I quite like, not sure why it’s not been added yet!

  2. I suspect that ‘?TV’ channel they are placeholding on Sky has something to do with the fact it’s still not launched on the platform. I’ll have to drop them another email or give them a call and find out.

  3. i emailed them yesterday but have heard nothing back as of yet..
    will keep you guys updated.

    thx neil

  4. Channel 5+1 has been testing for the past few days, although it has now changed back to the tescard.

    The channels can be found on 10964 Horizontal.
    SR 22000
    FEC 5/6

    There are a number of Channel 5 regions, 5*, 5*+1, 5USA and 5USA+1. All are encrypted in Videoguard at present.

  5. Lee: I’m not aware there’s been any video testing yet on C5+1, this isn’t likely to happen until the services have migrated over to their new transponder on 1N.

  6. The Yougov survey covered the following points:
    1: How many sets in house and how they receive TV. (Freeview/Freesat/Sky etc).
    2: What equipment used.
    3: Did I use existing dish/install my own/ use an installer.
    4: How did I hear about Freesat.
    5: Was I satisfied/would I recommend Freesat/ Have I recommended Freesat.
    6: Why I chose Freesat (ie poor Freeview reception)
    7: What I thought of the choice of channels.
    8: Have I moved from Sky/Virgin etc

  7. Interesting, did you nominate for this or was it a generic questionnaire? Looks like there’s some deeper research going on to find out where consumers have come from.

  8. This was just a normal questionnaire. Yougov would know from my profile and answers to previous surveys that I use Freesat.

    The preamble to the survey said it was to “inform their client”. The client might not, of course, be Freesat.

  9. well guys got my reply back from csc and its not good about dance nation here is the email….

    Dear Stuart,

    We’re very happy to hear that you enjoy watching Dance Nation. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to bring Dance Nation to Freesat. Hopefully as joint ventures progress this may be a possibility in the future.

    Kind regards,


    what a great big let down 🙁

  10. IanC: Yep, your right that the client could be someone else, like Sky, although doubt they’d be that intimately interested?

    Stuart: Got exactly the same response this morning. DanceNation is a Ministry of Sound brand so I suspect that CSC have a deal for sharing overheads with them possibly?? Maybe this is what the ‘joint ventures’ bit is all about? It’s got to appear in time as all their other brands are on there, patience is a virtue I guess!!

  11. looks like there are another 5 new labels on astra 1N today, 1 of them is indicated as HD, maybe some 5+1 regions & 5 HD?

  12. They are the currently missing ITV1 regions which were forced to go encrypted due to space, East Midlands and Meridian?

  13. James: the two new regions are Central S (Oxford) and Central E (Notts) Yep they are the two which were relegated to Astra 2B TP14 when ITV1HD launched last year, looks like they’ll be moving the ITV1+1 and ITV1HD region on to 11053H too.

    I’d better get emailing my relatives in the Canaries to inform them their about to loose their last ITV1 channels they’ve added in their Sky STB ‘other channels’!!! You’d be surprised the number of people abroad who’ve obviously caught on to still being able to see ITV1 via TP14 where they are well out of the footprint of 2D, they’ll all be upset soon but us UK residents take presidence I’m afraid!

  14. There is something happening with STV HD. There is a placeholder saying the programme is not available in HD in this area. STV HD will return at 09:25.

  15. Richard, they show that during the time when ITV Breakfast is on (they do not have the rights to show it) or in other programmes they do not have the HD rights to, but don’t bother changing the time from 9.25. Free willy 3 was an example of this a few weeks back, the film was on a saturday afternoon!!!

  16. @124 James B
    Useless bunch! So how are we supposed to know. Doh!
    @125 Shane
    As if a +1 channel needs an epg 🙂

  17. @ Shane this shows they will be testing it next week possible launch first 2 weeks december as promised… interesting. Still no 5HD

  18. New plans for its satellite Astra

    According to user in another forum, SES Astra company was up to a change in location for some of its satellites. Astra 1KR, now located at 19.2 º E, will be located in January at 28’2 ° E.

    And the newly 1N would go to its final location, 19.2 ° E in February 2012.

    Assuming Astra 1KR has a tighter spot beam then there is logic in moving that satellite to 28deg. Then once it is up and running 1N moves to where it would have gone anyway in due course, 19deg.

    1KR to stays at 28deg until 2E or/and 2F launch. So for the short term, whatever is able to launches on 1N will do so, until it is replaced by 1KR when more launches should follow. Makes sense if there is a spot beam problem on 1N as seems to be the case. It may also explain why there has been so much testing since 1N launched.

  19. ztoppe: seen these rumours myself, SES have not confirmed anything yet so at present it’s only speculation.

    I do hope though for the broadcasters sake that if 1KR moves with 1N that they can get a bit more juice out of it EiRP-wise as needing a 60cm dish to receive within the footprint isn’t going to work well when 99% of UK residents use 45cm elliptical dishes!

  20. Neil:

    Yes at the moment they are only rumours, but it would explain why it has been taking such a long time in testing and launching any channels.

    But did not SES show theoretical minimum dish size of 60cm for 2A and 2B, but the signal is easily receivable on smaller dishes in the UK. 1KR is showing roughly the same signal strength for its widebeam so a spotbeam might be even higher.

    Anyway I was just letting people know on this site that there could be other reasons why it has been taking so loooong with moving channels and launching.
    Also there may be people on this site who may know a lot more as to what is going on.

  21. It also explains why a low higher than expected FEC may have been chosen for C4HD’s 1N Txp despite the fact that there’s a whopping 15+dB C/N ratio and 100% quality when measured on a professional satellite analyser. Perhaps if this is true then this decision has been made prior to the 24th October, ie when 1N entered service. Time will tell whether it’s true or just hearsay.

  22. A reply from SES about the rumours

    from rob satellitepage:
    Dear Mr

    Please find below our answers to your questions in as far as we can answer to rumors…

    There’s no plan to move 1KR.
    ASTRA 1N will be moved to 19.2°E, not in 2012, but later on. More precise date is not public information yet
    There is currently no public information about an Astra 2C move.
    Transmission on 2D will be transferred on 1N (with same parameters) next year. Exact date is not yet defined… and it concerns only our customers at the moment.
    New business on 1N is not public information either. However, we may disclose that ITV will start soon on 2.063 (in the coming days) and on 2.059 (in the coming weeks).

    Kind regards,



    2059=10994 h
    2063=11053 h


  23. That’s the end of that unsubstantiated rumour dealt with!

    Nice to see SES reply in this way and also with the info they’ve given as this industry is very secretive in it’s plans!

  24. Channel 7720 now with full epg and broadcast channel 5 with one hour timeshift and a MASSIVE +1 logo. Still FTV

  25. @Raymond

    I believe it has now switch over to ASTRA 1N

    so try a rescan to see if Channel 4 HD comes back on for you

  26. i get the full list of channels in the EPG but when I tune in to 5+1 or 5* and 5US I get nothing,just a black screen then “no signal” message. Are they there yet? Do I have to do something?

  27. As far as I know 5+1 has been set up on Freeview, does anyone know if Virgin will be getting it as well?

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