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Nov 03 2011

Channel 5According to an interview between The Guardian and Richard Desmond, head of Channel 5, they will be launching a time-shift channel next month on all platforms, including Freesat.

This is a good step forward for a broadcaster that has been very slow in moving forward over the past few years, and might result in 5* and 5US joining the platform at the same time.

Whilst time-shift channels are not everyones cup of tea (and the same can be said for Channel 5 in general) any addition to the platform is a welcome one.

Original article can be found here

(thanks to Adam for the link)

142 Responses to “Channel 5+1 Due On Freesat Next Month”

  1. Martin Says:

    Good news for freesat that’s more like it hope five star and five USA launch at the same time


  2. David Says:



  3. steve 1 Says:

    Let’s hope so.


  4. Muzer Says:

    Absolutely no interest in C5 (though Desmond, unlike RTL, does at least seem to be trying with it – it’s still completely not at all to my taste, but I can see now that for those who like that type of programming, it could be seen as a more quality channel), but any popular channel launching on Freesat can only be a good thing.


  5. James B Says:

    Yes Desmond’s concept is maximum exposure for his media empire means freesat is being considered in conjunction with all the tv platforms. Rtl had no push with Channel 5 on freesat. Obviously getting on freesat would cost money for narrow beam capacity up front. Desmond knows if you want to make money you have to spend money! For freesat Channel 5 has been the missing link in the PSB chain. Hopefully Desmond will seize on 1N and launch all the services. They will know about 1N capacity, the -1 channel won’t be seen in isolation. Hopefully!


  6. Ian Vallender Says:

    when for channel5 hd


  7. Richard Crichton Says:

    I like Desmond, he has kicked Sky News into touch and gone with ITN. Keep up the good work.


  8. KevinM Says:

    Totally underwhelmed.


  9. James B Says:

    Kevin: why are you expecting SKY SPORTS to launch on Freesat?


  10. steve 1 Says:

    Its not really a new channel just a hour late.


  11. James B Says:

    But it shows movement, and that is a positive thing.


  12. Andy Says:

    Is Channel 5 still going? Any new channel is a good thing, I suppose, but I agree with KevinM @ 8. Yawn!


  13. Richard Crichton Says:

    Not as yawn as some stuff on BBC1,2,3,4 imho.


  14. Phil Says:

    Good news indeed. Let’s hope 5USA, 5* and [cough cough ] 5HD also arrive soon.


  15. Neil Says:

    C5+1 will most probably end up on LCN 131 if 5*, 5US and their +1’s go between 127 and 130. It all makes the logical channel numbering very uniform, a far cry from that of Sky’s which is a mess!

    When C5HD does make an appearance this will most probably go on to 132.


  16. Russ Says:

    We all know that every channel that joins the freesat EPG will not be to every bodies taste, however each channel that joins no matter how obscure, helps to secure the future of this platform.


  17. admin Says:

    Indeed, all pay’s the bills!

    Phew, managed to update the version of this site before, hopefully everything still working. Need to sort the IE issues now!!!


  18. steve 1 Says:

    I know top gear has been on Sunday and its been repeats but its showing 1 of 8 now is it a new series?it looks stunning in hd


  19. steve 1 Says:

    Sorry 1 of 7


  20. Conor Says:

    5USA and fiver are also launching before the end of the year on freesat and wee might get E4 HD and MORE4 HD and FILM4 HD also


  21. admin Says:

    @steve 1

    No, it is another old series. Top Gear is back in January with a special episode in December.


  22. steve 1 Says:

    Thanks admin a lot of people don’t like Jeremy clarkson but I do get his humour people take him seriously people need to lighten up.


  23. graham Says:

    I can only hope that ch5+1 will have a footprint similar to ch4+1as I can’t get ch4 at all but I can get ch4+1 out here in Benidorm, strangely I can get ch4 HD for all of 24 hrs. Ch5+1 on a similar footprint to ch4+1 would give me recording facility via EPG. At the moment I have ch5 on a Iberosat with a viewing card and an external HDD that has to be programmed. But this won’t happen not with my luck ( or maybe it will now I’ve spent the 300 euro to go that way ). No comments about my viewing tastes required.


  24. Jon Says:

    Admin – Any chance you can get confirmation from Five of when Five* and Five US are coming to Freesat?

    I’ve emailed them but just get the same carbon copy email they send out to everyone. They may be willing to let you know a bit more.



  25. admin Says:


    Through the regular means of communication I get the same response; sometimes none at all. I can’t give away any more information just yet sadly; hopefully soon.


  26. Steve Says:

    There’s a channel 5? Someone wake me up when they show anything worth watching.


  27. Dan Says:

    Channel 5 have some good films on occasionally plus The Gadget Show. It’s not that bad a channel especially compaired to some of the S*y garbage.


  28. Froggie Says:

    Same as Steve, I never watch it because their programmes are trash. I do understand that all new channels are good for Freesat as they bring in more revenue, but there really needs to be some quality programming. Filling it up with +1s, god channels, foreign news channels, even if they are in HD, and shopping channels isn’t going to sell boxes to the masses. For me there are still only four channels worth watching. BB1, BBC2, ITV1 and now and again, Channel 4.


  29. Muzer Says:

    @Froggie: They’re not really “filling” anything. There is surplus space on widebeam satellite capacity – on which the religious, foreign news and shopping channels go. The same will soon be true of narrow-band capacity too (hopefully!) because of 1N, so soon +1 channels won’t really “matter” (as far as taking space from channels that “deserve” it most goes).


  30. Muzer Says:

    Narrow-BEAM, damn it. That’s the second time I’ve made that mistake, both times were when I’m tired – I should really refrain from discussing wide and narrow BEAMS when I’m tired :p


  31. paul S Says:

    I think that any addition to the freesat platform is good news .I agree that 5 does have some pretty poor content but to disregard the channel completely is a very narrow minded view-all channels may have something to offer -dont just stick to bbc 1 and 2 and itv ! . Anything that annoys S*Y is good in my books!


  32. James B Says:

    Freesat is not designed to rival sky… If you want sky then you pay for that. This is primarily about psb and FTA channels…


  33. Muzer Says:

    @James B: But if people who subscribe to Sky but rarely/never actually watch subscription channels – but perhaps use Sky+ features – are made aware of Freesat’s existence, they will move here and therefore deprive Sky/Murdoch of at least some money. For that to work, Freesat needs to be strong enough to provide to a variety of tastes.

    Obviously nobody is really expecting all the pay channels to suddenly arrive, but perhaps if at least the channels that are FTA on one platform eventually come across, it will be a small victory.


  34. Liam Says:

    they said five* and five USA
    Will be on freesat before Christmas so lets hope
    They will join with five+1


  35. Saltydawg Says:

    I want the Travel channel 😀


  36. James B Says:

    Freesat is a means for PSB and far channels to reach consumers at no cost (or after and initial upfront fee to buy equipment), as sky is a closed platform requiring ongoing funding to view channels – and record. Don’t get me wrong more channels means the platform will be more attractive. That is a good thing.


  37. JayW Says:

    There is nothing welcolme about ANY timeshift programming. With the advent of PVR’s and (eg) i-player, does anyone really need or use them. I cannot imagine so.
    It has always been said that there is not enough capacity in Freesat for more HD, (until the recent new satellite) but there is obviously plenty.

    I cannot see any benefit whatsoever in +1 channels, whether on Freesat or Freeview. Remove them all and use the capacity to enable more HD programming to be sought but I know that is not certain to be successful. I cannot see any benefit for +1 channels


  38. mike Says:

    I disagree strongly with Jayw@37 , not everyone has a PVR


  39. mike Says:

    I disagree strongly with JayW@37, not everyone has a PVR or internet access my mother in law being one , as she is out and about a lot, timeshifing progamming is an ideal solution for her , and as said by James B@36 more channels make the platform more attractive,


  40. Neil Says:

    JayW: I disagree. For me, +1’s are very useful for two reasons. Firstly, and obviously, if you genuinely miss a programme because of arriving home late then it’s there on the +1, also +1’s are handy for resolving recording conflicts too. I’ve had a few occasions when people have text or called me saying “are you watching such and such on C4, it’s very good”, I can then switch on the PVR and record it if indeed I’d debated over watching it and then got a second opinion! The other advantage of the +1’s for me is that if I simply just turn on the TV looking for something to watch at the spur of the moment then I’ve in effect got more ‘channels’ to watch as the previous programme on a particular channel’s +1 may interest me more than the current.

    Long live +1’s, I like them even if there not to everyone’s taste!

    Liam (34): Yes, I would estimate the +1 arriving at the same time and within the same EPG update to include 5* and 5US, they are on there way!


  41. admin Says:

    Also disagree, +1’s are great when you are already recording two channels and can record another an hour later. Until twin tuners are superseded they will have their place (and I barely record anything, but when I do, there is always a clash).


  42. James B Says:

    agree with admin


  43. Al (Original) Says:

    @Steve #26, Ch5 shows some good stuff Steve if you like US shows such as CSI or CSI Miami, Football and documentaries.

    If you don’t then maybe its a yawn but that’s exactly how I feel about the BBC and ITV. Can’t remember the last time I even watched those channels. Talent shows, antiques and costume dramas. Someone Euthanase me now!


  44. ????? Says:

    In Holland, they have all BBC1,2,3,4, cbeebies,cbbc and also BBC entertainment . You’d think Britain would haVe. BBC entertainment channel also


  45. Muzer Says:

    @Neil: Here, here.


  46. Muzer Says:

    @????? 44: It has advertising, doesn’t it? If so, it isn’t allowed on UK television unless they remove the BBC branding.

    Besides, it’s designed as a pay channel, so isn’t funded by the licence fee (it’s funded by subscriptions and advertising), and the BBC also aren’t allowed any subscription channels in this country. So they’d essentially have to make it entirely licence-fee funded.

    Same argument for BBC America.


  47. monkeymaniac Says:

    @ Al (Original) 43, I do not have any favourite channels, but I can say Ch5 is my least favourite. The CSI’s are getting a bit long in the tooth now, as with all American drama. The best USA police show at the moment is Southland on ITV 4, much more to real life police, like our home bred police drama on BBC but without all that flashing images and those ghastly poor colour filters. Your comments on the BBC, you did miss out fantastic programs like Merlin, Astro Science, Wild Life and so on, very educational, we need to know more about our planet and what we are doing to it, more please, and I take my hat to the beeb. My only quarrel with the beeb is they don’t show any decent films before & after nine, just bloody football, Match Of The Day. Just goes to show how different peoples viewing interest are, but there is some clutter on TV that needs to be cleared up.


  48. JayW Says:

    I am astonished by the support for +1 channels.

    Perhaps all those that view +1s are part of “Join Freesat”. Certainly I have never ever spoken to anyone that uses them.

    Still, I suppose though that these days, we need to support the minorities


  49. antony Says:

    When did they say 5* and 5us on the way?


  50. James B Says:

    By the end of the year, so when space is available on 1N, but testing is taking a long time so we’ve got plenty of time to wait…


  51. JoeD Says:

    The only thing I ever watch on Channel 5 is the Gadget Show, and I have to record that so I can skip through the stupid amount of ads they have.
    Really do not need a +1.


  52. Russ Says:

    I thought I read on here that they said that 5 Star & 5USA would be on Freesat by the end of the year so maybe they will launch next month too.


  53. James B Says:

    yes they will but actual dates have not been given just the end of the year. apparently satellite tests take sometime, so 1N will need to fire up and test the transponders before Channel 5 can launch it services, test them and get them added to the EPG.


  54. Eamonn Says:

    They regularly show the John-Wayne-In-1970s-London romp ‘Brannigan!’ which officially makes it the greatest TV station on earth.


  55. Muzer Says:

    @JayW: I know plenty of people who use them. Maybe you just don’t know enough people.


  56. Camberley_Chris Says:

    I’m sure many viewers have PVRs these days so additional channels would be preferable to +1’s since space is so hard to get.


  57. Muzer Says:

    @Camberley_Chris: You’re forgetting the new satellite, space is no longer an excuse starting soon.


  58. Al (Original) Says:

    @ JayW I often use them and never thought I would.

    +1 to me is a great advantage that being if you forgot to record a particular programme or suddenly realised that a programme you wanted to watch had just started, you know if you’re within the hour, then you can find it on +1 and not miss it after all.

    It’s also great for recording clashes where you have either 3 recordings set or 2 recordings + a programme on a non compatible channel you want to watch. With +1’s you can stagger the recordings to get around the problems.


  59. Phil Says:

    I use the +1 channels quite a lot. I find them handy as I work crazy shifts and the +1’s give then option of recording stuff I’d normally miss or clash.

    I’d like to see the BBC channels go +1, no chance there..


  60. Paul. Says:

    I’ll give y’all another reason why +1s are good. If you want to set sheduled events to record two episodes of a programme being shown back to back (such as Time Team on a Saturday morning) rather than have the PVR switched on for two hours to record both eps on the +0 channel, record one on the +0 and one on the +1 at the same time.


  61. steve 1 Says:

    Phil we can cope without bbc+1 because the itv and 4 can fit around bbc channels but it would be a plus


  62. Muzer Says:

    I have had two instances of just missing programmes on BBC One recently (having forgotten to record both of them), so I would rather like a BBC One +1.

    (All this discussion reminds me of Andy Parsons’s joke on Mock the Week, that went something like this:

    “A note to our regular viewers to avoid some confusion; ITV2 +1 is not the same as ITV3”)


  63. Zombywoof Says:

    @Al (Original)

    You may already have been euthanised if you watch anything more than 5% of the Channel 5 stable dire pprogramme content…………………..


  64. Rich Says:

    Yep +1’s are really good if you catch the back end of a programme, realise you would have liked to have watched it, also realise it’s not on the BBC so you don’t have a way to “catch up”, then you go “Aha, it’s 1hr behind on x channel”.

    Also, as others say, great for resolving schedule conflicts. I use Film4+1 a lot so I can record peakish time films a bit later so it doesn’t mess up what I’m watching, plus anything I’m recording, earlier in the evening. I detest that conflict banner on the FoxsatHDR … it’s almost impossible to suss out whether you’re going to cancel the right conflict, equally if you have something ending at 8pm, and something starting at 8pm, it doesn’t have the brains to realise there isnt, therefore, actually a conflict lol


  65. ChrisK Says:

    With all the support the +1 channels are getting here I have decided to write to my MP and the BBC to see if we can have all the BBC channels duplicated with a few more pounds added on TV licensing fee to pay for it all. LOL


  66. Rosco Says:

    The C5 family of channels on 12422H is now duplicated on 1N 10964H 22000 5/6. Theres also an extra label (7720) on both freqs which might well be for C5 +1


  67. James B Says:

    it looks like data no broadcast channels or C5 HD, so the contract goes on, maybe launching with freeview!


  68. Muzer Says:

    @James B: The channels on the transponder are encrypted, because the transponder is currently duplicated in two places, one of which is wide-beam. However, once the wide-beam one disappears, I’m sure the other channels will go FTA – at the very least, Channel 5 +1 will appear FTA.


  69. Rosco Says:

    Test label 7720 on the C5 frequency is already live – its pids are all active but its just transmitting black level. If it is for C5 +1 I hope they increase the video resolution before launching – its currently flagged as transmitting at 352*272 😀


  70. Neil Says:

    Rosco: Yep, the resolution will increase as you can’t broadcast a channel as low resolution as that!

    James B: C5HD isn’t going to appear in the very short term (ie next Month) but there’s speculation the contract with Sky ends next July (2yr deal) and included exclusion from Freeview. Adding it to Freeview next July, as they’ve stated in their application, will we suspect mean that it can go FTA on Satellite too. My bet is that once ITV have their own TP then they’ll move ITV1HD Meridian off the BBC’s TP on to their own, thus if the beeb want to lease this bandwidth to C5 then they can.


  71. Muzer Says:

    Yeah, my FOXSAT-HDR isn’t picking up any video at all; presumably it can’t handle so low a resolution.


  72. Al (Original) Says:

    @Chris K, I’d rather have +1’s for the BBC than regional programming, news aside, 99% of which is of no interest to anyone. Only regional news seems to have a big following.


  73. Neil Says:

    Muzer: likewise too, both on a HD and a HDR.


  74. WERT Says:

    in regards to 5HD they probably wouldn’t cram it in with the existing SD channels anyway, they’d need another transponder for 5HD really, it could technically share with 5+1 regions, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. and i prefer to think 5USA & 5* HD would share space with 5HD…


  75. Neil Says:

    WERT: By the looks of things there will, initially anyway, only be a single 5+1 service which is non-regionalised – taking Region 1 or 2. My guess is that C5 will do a deal with the BBC for some DVB-S2 bandwidth (as per my post No.70), doubt though you can expect any of their other services in HD for a long time considering how little native HD content 5HD currently has!


  76. Neil Says:

    According to C5+1 launches and commences BARB reporting from 6th December.


  77. Llew Says:

    All the Channel 5 family are welcome on Freesat. I don’t watch it much but a welcome addition all the same. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know but the BBC , ITV and C4 aren’t either, you can’t please everybody. At least it’s better than more shopping and news channels. More entertainment channels are just what we need on Freesat. So well done C5 and Freesat. My only disapointment with Freesat, no documentary genre. Any news on Electric Sofa? Seems to have gone quiet.


  78. Mark S Says:


  79. WERT Says:

    Neil (75) not saying that new label isnt 5+1 but what makes you say that there cant be other labels showing up? it’s almost an entire month left until launch and you only need 2 weeks of testing.


  80. Rosco Says:

    @76. In that case video tests may well start on November 29th – Sky traditionally insist on a weeks full trade testing before they launch a channel onto the epg.


  81. Neil Says:

    WERT: I can’t see them fitting any more video services on that TP, it’s pretty full as it is!

    Rosco: Yep, guess your right there. it might even appear earlier with a caption put on prior to launch. They may add all the C5 sister services to the platform at the same time as they add C5+1 and also do regionalisation work on C5 (LCN 105) to bring it in line on Freesat with Sky’s platform so the relevant region is shown to viewers under postcode allocation.


  82. WERT Says:

    Neil But there are a good 14 transponders left for them to use aswell.. :) plenty of space


  83. Neil Says:

    Yes, they could rent a second TP to fill with the five regionalised +1’s and perhaps a C5HD but this costs a lot of dosh. The benefits of extra ad revenue versus upfront costs of renting another complete TP have to be weighed up.

    If by the spring C5+1 is a big hit winner and gets BARB ratings above all expectations (adding to C5’s total viewing figures) then they’ll make that investment however I can’t see this being the case! Week ending 30th Oct saw ITV1+1 getting an audience share of 0.7% total viewing, versus the linear version seeing 15%, likewise C4 saw 0.8% to it’s +1 versus 5.1% to the linear version, for C5 these figures won’t be matched for at least 6mths.

    Maybe in the longer term C5 will take another TP to fit these +1 regions together with 5HD on to but we’ll have to wait and see.


  84. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Neil, I take your point but equally figures for +1’s will always be low as they’re only watched by people catching up or recording to avoid a clash. I’m sure CH5 realise this and won’t be expecting huge additional ad revenues through 5+1.

    That said, I bet they’ll charge more for advertising given that all adverts will now be run twice per schedule.


  85. steve 1 Says:

    I don’t think they show the same adverts al.


  86. Muzer Says:

    I think they do, steve 1, not quite sure though.


  87. Neil Says:

    Maybe they’ll sell 5+1 ads on a seperate basis to clients wanting double exposure on a national basis? It would make good sense, all they need to do is run a seperate instance of ad playout in to the server buffering output.


  88. Llew Says:

    Just found out C5 HD is coming to Freeview along with C5+1. But whether or not it will be coming to Freesat I don’t know. I have serched the web but couldn’t find any confirmation.


  89. Muzer Says:

    Yeah, there’s no confirmation at all – the only inkling we have is because there are redacted bullet points in Channel 5’s ITA response, relating to why it won’t launch before June/July, so it could be that that time is when the contract with Sky expires, which could mean it will be on Freesat. These are only suppositions.


  90. steve 1 Says:

    It seems freeview has the upperhand with new channels and we are dragging our heals but I do know about the red tape involved.freeview seems like a free bird and freesat has a ball and chain around its ankle.


  91. Muzer Says:

    @steve 1: Still optimistic that’ll all be changing when 1N really gets going. Well, I think it has got going now, but of course, we have to wait for all the Sky contracts to end.

    Freesat is now not a platform to be ignored, at least, that’s for sure – they are gaining viewers all the time, and seem to be a very popular alternative in late-switchover areas in which people want HD, or Freeview Lite areas in which people simply want more channels..


  92. Neil Says:

    Steve: these are legacy contracts which as they expire won’t be renewed with Sky. BSkyB exploited the lack of spotbeam capacity issue together with financial back-handers, my bet is that the 5HD contract included a clause to keep them off Freeview too hence why they can’t launch until next July. I think they’ll appear on Freesat around the same time as Desmond wants to invest in his channel which is something RTL weren’t interested in prior to the selloff.


  93. Dipper Says:

    I used to think +1 channels were a waste but I have watched quite a few programmes that way even though I do have a PVR. Can’t remember the last time I watched Ch5 though but will look out for the Gadget Show as quite a few on here think it’s good.


  94. steve 1 Says:

    Hotel inspector is ok.5 gear watchable not as good as top gear


  95. Stuart Tanner Says:

    Any movement on free-sat is still way to slow, lets face it its taken forever to get itv player and surprise only humax receivers can get it at the moment.
    how long will the rest have to wait well i think the answer to that is ‘how long is a piece of string’
    were is channel 5* and 5us, dance nation and a few others?
    i am a big supporter of free-sat with 6 receivers in my house but it really gets to me that we seem to have to wait forever for the good channels but we get plenty of rubbish like argos tv..
    come on free-sat get it together..


  96. admin Says:

    @Stuart Tanner

    Any delays aren’t the result of Freesat being slow; it is down to the broadcasters and how fast they move; or what contracts they are currently tied to. If you look at other platforms, they have all moved a lot slower than Freesat has in the past 3+ years.


  97. Stuart Tanner Says:

    Don’t get me wrong i love freesat and all it stands for just gripes me when i rush out to buy a sagem hd receiver thinking i am going to be able to watch itvplayer and we wait and we wait and we wait then its available on the humax boxes but still no word from itv or freesat as to when it will 100% defiantly be available to the rest of us if ever.
    i know this is not down to freesat i just feel it damages the brand slightly it s like saying if you spends lots of money on the humax box u get the perks if you buy below this then tough.


  98. admin Says:

    @Stuart Tanner

    There is no doubt that Humax benefits from early adoption of new services, but they were intrumental in the original launch of Freesat and have a strong technical team so is of no surprise. Sagem were late to the party and unsure how good their support afterwards is.


  99. Stuart Tanner Says:

    i suppose being honest i should have chose better when selecting a hd box lol.
    keep my fingers crossed for the future anyway rant over.

    thx @admin


  100. steve 1 Says:

    You get what you pay for humax rolls royce sagem 2cv!


  101. Neil Says:

    Stuart: email or call CSC Media if you want Dance Nation on the platform. It’s the only service left off it and one that I quite like, not sure why it’s not been added yet!


  102. Shaun Says:

    I e-mailed CSC earlier this Year regarding DanceNation.

    They stated it was to be Feb, confirming what was said in:-


  103. Neil Says:

    I suspect that ‘?TV’ channel they are placeholding on Sky has something to do with the fact it’s still not launched on the platform. I’ll have to drop them another email or give them a call and find out.


  104. Stuart Tanner Says:

    i emailed them yesterday but have heard nothing back as of yet..
    will keep you guys updated.

    thx neil


  105. Neil Says:

    Stuart I’ll do likewise or might give them a bell Monday.


  106. steve 1 Says:

    It’s very quiet on the freesat front at the moment.


  107. Lee S Says:

    Channel 5+1 has been testing for the past few days, although it has now changed back to the tescard.

    The channels can be found on 10964 Horizontal.
    SR 22000
    FEC 5/6

    There are a number of Channel 5 regions, 5*, 5*+1, 5USA and 5USA+1. All are encrypted in Videoguard at present.


  108. Neil Says:

    Lee: I’m not aware there’s been any video testing yet on C5+1, this isn’t likely to happen until the services have migrated over to their new transponder on 1N.


  109. James B Says:

    Oh this is like waiting for Christmas. Things on 1N seem to be taking a good amount of time!


  110. IanC Says:

    OT but I have just had a new Yougov survey today devoted to Freesat.


  111. James B Says:

    oh dear all tests encrypted


  112. Rosco Says:

    According to a post on DS the epg numbers of C5 +1 are

    Freeview – 44
    Sky – 177
    Freesat – 128


  113. Neil Says:

    IanC: tell us more about what this Yougov survey is asking?


  114. IanC Says:

    The Yougov survey covered the following points:
    1: How many sets in house and how they receive TV. (Freeview/Freesat/Sky etc).
    2: What equipment used.
    3: Did I use existing dish/install my own/ use an installer.
    4: How did I hear about Freesat.
    5: Was I satisfied/would I recommend Freesat/ Have I recommended Freesat.
    6: Why I chose Freesat (ie poor Freeview reception)
    7: What I thought of the choice of channels.
    8: Have I moved from Sky/Virgin etc


  115. Neil Says:

    Interesting, did you nominate for this or was it a generic questionnaire? Looks like there’s some deeper research going on to find out where consumers have come from.


  116. IanC Says:

    This was just a normal questionnaire. Yougov would know from my profile and answers to previous surveys that I use Freesat.

    The preamble to the survey said it was to “inform their client”. The client might not, of course, be Freesat.


  117. Stuart Tanner Says:

    well guys got my reply back from csc and its not good about dance nation here is the email….

    Dear Stuart,

    We’re very happy to hear that you enjoy watching Dance Nation. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to bring Dance Nation to Freesat. Hopefully as joint ventures progress this may be a possibility in the future.

    Kind regards,


    what a great big let down :(


  118. Neil Says:

    IanC: Yep, your right that the client could be someone else, like Sky, although doubt they’d be that intimately interested?

    Stuart: Got exactly the same response this morning. DanceNation is a Ministry of Sound brand so I suspect that CSC have a deal for sharing overheads with them possibly?? Maybe this is what the ‘joint ventures’ bit is all about? It’s got to appear in time as all their other brands are on there, patience is a virtue I guess!!


  119. WERT Says:

    looks like there are another 5 new labels on astra 1N today, 1 of them is indicated as HD, maybe some 5+1 regions & 5 HD?


  120. shane Says:

    The new labels are ITVs. They have just begun test broadcasts from Astra1n today.


  121. James B Says:

    They are the currently missing ITV1 regions which were forced to go encrypted due to space, East Midlands and Meridian?


  122. Neil Says:

    James: the two new regions are Central S (Oxford) and Central E (Notts) Yep they are the two which were relegated to Astra 2B TP14 when ITV1HD launched last year, looks like they’ll be moving the ITV1+1 and ITV1HD region on to 11053H too.

    I’d better get emailing my relatives in the Canaries to inform them their about to loose their last ITV1 channels they’ve added in their Sky STB ‘other channels’!!! You’d be surprised the number of people abroad who’ve obviously caught on to still being able to see ITV1 via TP14 where they are well out of the footprint of 2D, they’ll all be upset soon but us UK residents take presidence I’m afraid!


  123. Richard Crichton Says:

    There is something happening with STV HD. There is a placeholder saying the programme is not available in HD in this area. STV HD will return at 09:25.


  124. James B Says:

    Richard, they show that during the time when ITV Breakfast is on (they do not have the rights to show it) or in other programmes they do not have the HD rights to, but don’t bother changing the time from 9.25. Free willy 3 was an example of this a few weeks back, the film was on a saturday afternoon!!!


  125. Shane Says:

    Ch 7720 on astra 1n now has 7 day epg for 5+1


  126. Richard Crichton Says:

    @124 James B
    Useless bunch! So how are we supposed to know. Doh!
    @125 Shane
    As if a +1 channel needs an epg :-)


  127. James B Says:

    Richard it is lazy, but shows how much they think of informing their viewers.


  128. James B Says:

    @ Shane this shows they will be testing it next week possible launch first 2 weeks december as promised… interesting. Still no 5HD


  129. ztoppe Says:

    New plans for its satellite Astra

    According to user in another forum, SES Astra company was up to a change in location for some of its satellites. Astra 1KR, now located at 19.2 º E, will be located in January at 28’2 ° E.

    And the newly 1N would go to its final location, 19.2 ° E in February 2012.

    Assuming Astra 1KR has a tighter spot beam then there is logic in moving that satellite to 28deg. Then once it is up and running 1N moves to where it would have gone anyway in due course, 19deg.

    1KR to stays at 28deg until 2E or/and 2F launch. So for the short term, whatever is able to launches on 1N will do so, until it is replaced by 1KR when more launches should follow. Makes sense if there is a spot beam problem on 1N as seems to be the case. It may also explain why there has been so much testing since 1N launched.


  130. Neil Says:

    ztoppe: seen these rumours myself, SES have not confirmed anything yet so at present it’s only speculation.

    I do hope though for the broadcasters sake that if 1KR moves with 1N that they can get a bit more juice out of it EiRP-wise as needing a 60cm dish to receive within the footprint isn’t going to work well when 99% of UK residents use 45cm elliptical dishes!


  131. ztoppe Says:


    Yes at the moment they are only rumours, but it would explain why it has been taking such a long time in testing and launching any channels.

    But did not SES show theoretical minimum dish size of 60cm for 2A and 2B, but the signal is easily receivable on smaller dishes in the UK. 1KR is showing roughly the same signal strength for its widebeam so a spotbeam might be even higher.

    Anyway I was just letting people know on this site that there could be other reasons why it has been taking so loooong with moving channels and launching.
    Also there may be people on this site who may know a lot more as to what is going on.


  132. Neil Says:

    It also explains why a low higher than expected FEC may have been chosen for C4HD’s 1N Txp despite the fact that there’s a whopping 15+dB C/N ratio and 100% quality when measured on a professional satellite analyser. Perhaps if this is true then this decision has been made prior to the 24th October, ie when 1N entered service. Time will tell whether it’s true or just hearsay.


  133. de vrije fries Says:

    11053 h 5/6 22000
    ITV1+1 wales fta (20715)


  134. ztoppe Says:

    A reply from SES about the rumours

    from rob satellitepage:
    Dear Mr

    Please find below our answers to your questions in as far as we can answer to rumors…

    There’s no plan to move 1KR.
    ASTRA 1N will be moved to 19.2°E, not in 2012, but later on. More precise date is not public information yet
    There is currently no public information about an Astra 2C move.
    Transmission on 2D will be transferred on 1N (with same parameters) next year. Exact date is not yet defined… and it concerns only our customers at the moment.
    New business on 1N is not public information either. However, we may disclose that ITV will start soon on 2.063 (in the coming days) and on 2.059 (in the coming weeks).

    Kind regards,



    2059=10994 h
    2063=11053 h



  135. Neil Says:

    That’s the end of that unsubstantiated rumour dealt with!

    Nice to see SES reply in this way and also with the info they’ve given as this industry is very secretive in it’s plans!


  136. Shane Says:

    Channel 7720 now with full epg and broadcast channel 5 with one hour timeshift and a MASSIVE +1 logo. Still FTV


  137. Raymond Says:

    I seem to have lost Channel 4 HD in the last day. Has something happened?


  138. ztoppe Says:


    I believe it has now switch over to ASTRA 1N

    so try a rescan to see if Channel 4 HD comes back on for you


  139. Raymond Says:


    The rescan did the job.




  140. Terri Tinsel Says:

    I can not get 5+1 on my Freesat channels yet, will it download itself?


  141. John F Says:

    i get the full list of channels in the EPG but when I tune in to 5+1 or 5* and 5US I get nothing,just a black screen then “no signal” message. Are they there yet? Do I have to do something?


  142. David in London Says:

    As far as I know 5+1 has been set up on Freeview, does anyone know if Virgin will be getting it as well?


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