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Nov 05 2008

Freesat have today announced the forthcoming addition of Five onto the platform on Tuesday 18th November 2008.

Since launching in 1997, Five has developed a strong reputation for a wide mix of entertainment, documentaries, features, news, sport and children’s programmes. The channel’s Autumn schedule includes Paul Merton in India, 1968 Unseen, Dangerous Adventures for Boys, Unbreakable and Axe Men.

Commenting on the addition of channel Five to the service, Freesat Managing Director Emma Scott said;

We’ve been looking forward to welcoming Five onto Freesat since we launched – and we know viewers have too. Five is a fantastic addition and we’re thrilled that the large number of homes that have already chosen Freesat will now be able to enjoy Five alongside around 140 other channels available without a subscription or contract.

Charles Constable, Channel Five’s Director of Strategy, said;

I am delighted that Five will be available to Freesat viewers. Our launch will support three of Five’s objectives: to be universally available throughout the UK, to let viewers watch our programmes on the platform of their choice, and to enable as many people as possible to watch Five free of charge.

Five (channel 105) will automatically be added to Freesat digital boxes and integrated TVs.

Update: A number of you have asked about Fiver and Five US, the official statement from Freesat is:

Due to lack of availability of appropriate satellite capacity, Fiver and Five US are unable to join freesat currently. However, we are exploring options to secure capacity to enable these channels to join freesat at some time in the future.

79 Responses to “Channel Five Freesat Launch Announced”

  1. Mat Says:

    woooooo hooooooooo!!!
    Bring it on!!

    Excellent news
    Lovin my Neighbours and Home & Away


  2. Lee B Says:

    Best Freesat news in a while, it’s a very strong platform now, and once the PVR is launched I can see Sky getting worried in these credit crunch days!.

    I would very much like to see more HD material though, so I’d be interested in a C4HD or dedicated ITV HD Channel next….or even a C5HD just on freesat would be nice as much of the American material they show is already available in HD anyway!.

    I wonder if the new Discovery Freeview channel will be coming to Freesat as well?


  3. Rod L Says:

    I currently can’t receive 5 on analogue so this will be a brand new addition for me. However, having looked at 5’s schedules, I can’t see that there is much, if anything, which will add to my viewing. Seems like just another junk channel to me.


  4. Al (Original) Says:

    Excellent news if not unexpected.

    For some time now 5 has been the best channel on tv. Now its on Freesat at long last.

    Neighbours, Home and Away, CSI Miami, House, NCIS, Deadliest Catch, Axemen, UEFA Cup football, Police Interceptors. Many Top films (unlike the poor movies when the channel 1st launched), Build a New Life in the Country, Hotel Inspector, Fifth gear, Grey’s Anatomy, The Shield, all at a time when the other channels – the Beeb and ITV are struggling to put on 1 decent program a night.

    woooooooooooo hooooooooooooo 2!


  5. Al (Original) Says:

    Cross posted with you Lee. I 2nd your thoughts there.

    I too would like to see 4HD and a 5HD channel.

    I’d also like to see Fiver and 5 US put in an appearance preferably in HD too as like you say, most US programming is churned out in HD anyway. Freesat has the bandwidth so why bother putting SD up when HD is available.


  6. Pete Cullen Says:

    Splendid news! I only watch Martin Lewis’ show on Five but being able to watch it without having to crank up the Freeview box is a bonus.

    I wonder if we are going to get all the offshoot channels like Five US, et al too?


  7. trevor jones Says:

    good news channel five coming to freesat


  8. zag Says:

    Would be great to see them launch a Hi definition channel as well. Most of their shows must be available in that format anyway.


  9. Al Catraz Says:

    Excellent news – just the Humax PVR to go and I’ll be buying! Anyone know the wait time for dish installation at the mo (ie will I get it installed b4 Christmas?)


  10. Michael Says:

    Excellent news and just in time for the run-up to Christmas and the launch of a PVR. Thankfully they are independent of Sky and once the Freesat market hits the 1/4 of a million mark I’m sure they will give us the other 5 channels!


  11. timmy Says:

    at last. how for some more HD channels


  12. Simon Says:

    fiver or 5 us ???


  13. derek500 Says:

    “Freesat has the bandwidth so why bother putting SD up when HD is available.”

    There is a shortage of bandwidth on Astra 2D (the UK beam) where ‘free to air’ broadcasts need to be for Freesat.


  14. admin Says:

    Simon Said
    fiver or 5 us ???

    Neither yet I’m afriad, Five are unable to find space for them to broadcast in the clear (Astra2D) and the contract for those two channels with Sky is different to what was of Five’s main channel.


  15. Tony Hewitt Says:

    My hearing is past its “use-by” date and I lean heavily on the subtitling services for my TV enjoyment. I added FTA Channel 5 to my Goodmans box using the data which you published, but so far no subtitles. I accept that these are experimental test transmissions, but it would be nice to test subtitling as well. Last night I settled down to watch CSI Miami, but had to abandon it because I could not follow the dialogue. Do you have any influence over 5?

    Tony Hewitt

    p.s. I am amused by all this clamour for HD. They don’t seem to care what the programme content is as long as they can count the whiskers!


  16. John Richardson Says:

    “Neither yet I’m afriad, Five are unable to find space for them to broadcast in the clear (Astra2D) and the contract for those two channels with Sky is different to what was of Five’s main channel.”

    I can understand that there’s limited space of Astra2D, but they seemed to find space for foreign language rubbish like Alba and S4C, and also a plethora of shopping channels which I’ve taken the liberty of deleting from my list.


  17. derek Says:

    I currently receive freesat channels on a “Fortec Star” box bought from Maplins a year ago,for £40 and after adjusting frequency and symbol rates I get all freesat channels ok. The ch 5,5+1,us5, us5+1, fiver, fiver+1 are all there BUT scrambled
    Why cant Ch 5 simply drop the “videoguard” ???
    What about Dave and Virgin ! channels now on freeview but not on freesat?
    Am I alone in thinking that channel 5 wanting a subscription fee and commecials is usreasonable and GREEDY!!!! IT should be one OR other not both!!!!


  18. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    Channel 5 don’t want a subscription fee; if you have a Sky box without a sub, you’ll still get it. The issue is programming rights – you can only broadcast in the clear if you are on a satellite transponder that the rights owners accept is essentially just the UK – which means Astra 2D.

    Five now has a transponder on 2D for their main channel, which will be used for Freesat. But there isn’t space for the other channels, so they have to remain encrypted, which ensures the programmes are (mostly) only seen in the places where five has paid for the right to show them.

    It’s not greed on five’s part at all.


  19. Al (Original) Says:

    @Tony, the program content is the same as in SD, just in more detail!

    The clamour for HD is here because a significant proportion of households have a HD ready or Full HD tv which is currently going to waste through lack of HD content.

    This is one occassion when the broadcasters are way behind the public with technology and most people having forked out on an expensive HD tv unsurprisingly want something to watch in HD on it!

    On the subject of content, as was pointed out above, a lot of US content is already recorded in HD so the content is there, its just difficult to get the channels to broadcast it and to this end, 5 with quite a high proportion of US shows, is in a unique position to take up the mantle.

    There’s also been comment from the BBC that HD recording can have some unexpected outcomes due to different depth of field characteristics. However, I for one would be happy to put up with some fractionally inferior programming whilst the BBC learnt how to record their shows in HD if only to actually get content on there and push the changeover along.


  20. Jamie Says:

    John Richardson, steady on old flower. SC4 may be foriegn to you, but for us Welsh speakers it’s part of what we do! So have a care there’s a good chap.
    Diolch yn fawr.


  21. Simon PK Says:

    Another poster wrote: “Freesat has the bandwidth so why bother putting SD up when HD is available.”
    Perhaps, because not everyone has MPEG4 (HD) receivers or HD televisions.


  22. Al Catraz Says:

    bydew eb Jamie

    not that I can speak Welsh – just thought I’d try a language translate site!!


  23. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Simon PK that was me, I should have clarified better, – they never put up HD without also putting up an SD feed so as an SD user you wouldn’t lose out. I was simply calling for HD (HD +SD) to be put up instead of SD alone.


  24. Tony Hewitt Says:

    Al (Original) wrote : “The clamour for HD is here because a significant proportion of households have a HD ready or Full HD tv which is currently going to waste through lack of HD content.”

    Does that mean a significant proportion of households were conned into buying HD TVs for which no programme material was available? Do the HD channels simulcast their SD counterparts (meaning a lot of up-scaled SD content) or do they make up their own schedules of HD-worthy content?

    The Gaelic Channel Alba is important in Scotland on a number of levels and is a good example of what multi-channel TV should be about. Why not get rid of some of the “+1” channels to make room for (SD) FIVER and FIVEUS?

    Tony Hewitt


  25. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Tony, “Does that mean a significant proportion of households were conned into buying HD TVs for which no programme material was available?”

    Possibly! There were 10 million UK households with HD tvs at the last count!!

    In a country of 60 million people that might not sound a lot but remember its households not people.

    There are an estimated 21 millions hosueholds according to the National statistics office :

    ….so thats 1/2 of all UK households that now have a HD tv.

    The Freesat HD channels are all true HD so far as I know ie non scaled content. Thats one of the reasons why there’s so little at the moment. The BBC’s / ITV’s producers are still producing a lot in SD.

    As the question might come up the other way around, I’ll address it now, a lot of people in the know believe downscaled HD content is better than original SD content, it retains better colours and remains sharper despite losing the extra pixels, so production in HD isn’t detrimental to SD viewing. Unfortuntately the same can’t be said the other way around.


  26. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying people have been conned into buying HD Ready TVs. Take a look around in the shops at the moment (and for the last couple of years) and it’s actually pretty close to impossible to buy a set that’s not HD Ready.

    So, it’s not as simple as asserting that people are buying HD Ready sets, because they want HD. People are buying TV sets, and all those sets are made to the HD Ready standard. That’s what people will end up with in their home, even when they don’t specifically set out to buy HD equipment.


  27. Neil... Says:

    Looking at a list of what is on Astra 2D I see a couple of transponders that seem to have nothing broadcast (52, 55, 56) or am I wrong?

    Also of note is the amount of regional variations of the same channel. I suppose its necessary (a bit of both advertising and real local content such as news), but certainly takes a lot of space.

    Are there plans for Astra 2E (or whatever) also with a tight focused beam to alleviate the shortage (which will not go away, and risks ultimately preventing Freesat’s growth) – I hope so.


  28. Stuart Page Says:

    “5 is the best channel on TV”? huh? I’ve had 5, 5US, 5r on FreesatFromEvilSky for months now. Never watched more than half an hour of any of ’em.

    Load of bloody rubbish.


  29. Dave Says:

    Actually for the anoraks freesat will give a slightly better video quality 720 x 576 for Five compared with 704 x 576 on Sky. I know.. big deal, if they went the 4HD route and at least simulcast an upscaled version ie 1920 x 1080i that would be ‘getting there’ sure it will happen sometime soon


  30. Dave Says:

    Some of the docs on Five are ok plus The Gadget Show is reasonably entertaining but yes Fiver / US your not missing much. Ch4 HD would be the icing on the cake I think as a good number of progs are now HD ie the recent Dawn Porter series, wow she looked good in HD did’nt she ? 😉


  31. Jannik Says:

    S4C and BBC Alba are not broadcast from the Astra 2d satellite, so they do not take up bandwith there. They are broadcast from another Astra satellite in the same position. These channels do not need to be broadcast from a satellite with a narrow footprint, because the language spoken constitutes a kind of encryption. Basically these channels only make sense to people in either Wales or Scotland.
    Nor are the shopping channels broadcast from the Astra 2d satellite. They do not broadcast copyrighted material so they do not need the narrow footprint.
    Keep in mind that most things satellite are governed by copyright issues.


  32. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Stuart, All I can say Stuart is that we must have different tastes. I’ve listed a whole host of programs in point 4 that are some of the most popular on TV.

    From my point of view, I hardly ever find anything worth watching on the BBC, ITV or Ch4.

    On the BBC, its either Eastenders which is OK or the documentary Trawlermen. Top Gear on BBC2 is fantastic and Coast deserves a mention. Beyond that I’m struggling to even think of a decent BBC programme. There’s Strictly Come Dancing if you like that kind of thing (I can’t stand talent programs – Dancing / Singing) but accept its popular with some. Beyond that I’m really struggling to think of why anyone would want to pay their licence fee.

    ITV has Champions League Footy (always a winner), then again I’m struggling to think of anything worth watching unless your an Emmerdale / Corrie fan (not me personally) or like talent shows such as the X Factor. Personally, if I want to see bad singing, I go to Karaoke at the pub.

    As for 5, if you haven’t looked in a long while then probably you would think it was rubbish. It was absolute garbage until about a while a go and since then its built quality program after quality program which is why many of its programs are now winning awards. eg

    House: 2 Golden Globes, Screen Actors Award Guild for Outstanding Acting, multiple Prime Time Emmy Award Nominations for the Most Outstanding Drama every year for the last 3 years running,

    CSI Miami – Rated the World’s Most Popular TV Programme in a survey of 20 countries and consistently rated in the top ten in all 20 countires (Source Wiki).

    Deadliest Catch: Nominated for 4 Prime Time Emmy Award Nominations for best show during 2007. Now in 5th Series and bought by Discovery Channel to Show on Sky! Even made into a video game this year for the Playstaion and XBox 360!


  33. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    Sometimes, watching CSI Miami, don’t you get the feeling it’s a very clever satire on the other CSI programmes? 😉


  34. Martin Sanderson Says:

    Personally I think Channel 5 is one of the best channels at the moment, I think sometimes with the amount of choice there is people get channel blindness because you have not watched anything on ever or recently on a particular channel you tend not to even read what is on the EPG.

    My top 5 channels in order of prefence are: –

    1) C4
    2) C5
    3) BBC2
    4) BBC1
    5) E4

    It may be an interesting pole if ‘Join Free Sat’ put up the major channels and see what people actually watch!


  35. Tony Hewitt Says:

    Reading these posts underlines the wide range of people’s tastes. If you were to conduct Martin Sanderson’s poll you would only learn about the viewing habits of JoinFreeSat’s readers – not the population at large – and I guess we’re not a representative sample.

    Personally, I hate the three “S”s – Soaps, Sport and Swearing, so I like a good variety of channels. This enables me to pick a route through the dross to find something viewable. Bring on 5 and its relatives!


  36. Michael Says:

    I just wonder if some of the subscriber’s to this site have a life outside watching television? There is a world outside. Basically most of multi-channel is rubbish its just a case of choosing carefully.
    Sometimes less is best. How many of us have scanned the Radio Times and the remote programme listingsof 100’s of channels and come to the conclusion” there’s nothing on worth watching”?

    We should all get out a bit more!


  37. Pete Says:

    i am glad 5 is coming to freesat at last. BUt am very puzzled as to why the other 5 channels are not comming.
    But as stated we get a myriad of shopping channels and the like but a mainstream set of channels has been trimmed down but we get the channels which do little more than line the coffers.
    When people ask me about freesat the channels they want to kwno about are all the BBc and ITV channels Channel 4 (e4 more 4 etc) channel 5 and UK history (dave etc)
    now we can tick some of those boxes but sadly the latter few are sadly lacking and if there is no room for the extra 5 channels where do dave et al fit in?
    Slightly worrying


  38. monkeymaniac Says:

    I totaly agree with Michael, 100%


  39. Niall Says:

    if copyright is the issue, surely some form of encryption can be incorporated into the freesat box. considering the box has propriorty software within anyway (advantage of generic FTA boxs), this shouldnt be difficult.

    The boxes are only available in the UK, so if you can build in this type of setup, you can pump any channel you want, such as Five without having to worry about copyright etc – the only boxes that will pick it up are uk sold anyway and means its still not truly free to air and can only be feasibly viewed in the intended area.

    I appreciate that it could be argued that people could obtain a box in the UK and use elsewhere but this is no different to the slight minority who rent sky in the uk and use the box in the southern Med etc. Or people in the Republic of Ireland who are close to the Northern Irish border being able to pick up FreeView/DTT. After all the sales are controlled by the need to give a UK address anyways


  40. Glen McFarlane Says:

    Enryption rather defeats the purpose of a FTA platorm…


  41. Juan Pablo Says:

    I also agree with Michael (comment 36).
    How many hours do people watch TV programms every day? What else they do? What DVD movies? Read a book? I spent more time in the computer and internet than watching TV. Most of the programmes are rubbish. Well not that rubbish. If you have to watch Spanish TV you will see what RUBBISH really is (and lots of commercials). If I went back to Spain I would miss the TV channels here a lot. On the other hand most of the papers here (at least judging from the frontpage…like the Sun) seem rubbish compared to Spanish press.
    But I read less papers than I watch TV so better here.
    So when I read someone “complaining” that the HUMAX HDR wouldn’t record 4 channels at a time like the iCord…. When are you going to watch that? Do you sleep or eat?Go out? I can only thing use for one person: a TV programms critic.I must say I keep watching Friends and Scrubs again and again..because i can’t find something better most of the times. There are lots of great documentaries and also some clever “reality” shows. No not Big brother, or the talent(?) shows.And clever humour too (except I don’t like Russell Brand I don´t think he is funny or clever..or maybe I just don’t understand very well..).
    Like most of things in life should be quality not quantity what is important!


  42. Glen McFarlane Says:

    Quality, not quantity… indeed 😉


  43. Denis Says:

    Ok but not that bothered as hardly ever watch 5.


  44. caki Says:

    It´s already open on:

    Astra 2D (28.2°E) 10773.00 H 22000 5/6


  45. admin Says:

    We know, but that’s the FTA test channel, as discussed here

    The inclusion on the Freesat EPG is what’s being discussed on this page :)


  46. Simon Says:

    no news for 2 whole days !!, no wonder there are 45 coments on this !


  47. Niall Says:

    Glen, i accept your point of “defeating the purpose of a FTA platform”. (comment #40) I should clarify that no subscription would be required on the customers behalf. It would be “controlled” to only be viewed in the intended licence area, much in the same way as someone with a freely obtained sky card have been able to receive Five until now, or how BBC/ITV/Five etc all control their online content to only work from UK origins. With the controllable software already installed on the box it wouldnt be a major technical issue to do this.


  48. neil Says:

    wow the mighty channel 5 hey ,
    now yoy s can all watch neighbours and home and away .
    sky must be quaking in their boots


  49. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    The problem with cardless embedded encryption is that if it were ever cracked, you’d have to update every box with new software. A two-factor system (smart card and encryption system) is more robust and flexible, but not politically sensible for Freesat.


  50. peterhb Says:

    Hope the bit rate for C5 on Freesat is an improvement on Freeview.
    I like some of the CSI and Law and Order progs.but find on the visual close ups I get a kind of ‘morphing’ as the actor moves his/her head the outline moves and the facial characteristics follow half a second later looks weird !!.
    Effect is not so evident in general scenes.
    Anyone else noticed this ?


  51. Al Catraz Says:

    Will the launch of the new Astra 1M satellite help capacity problems with the UK satellites?
    According to various sites, the successful launch of 1M allows Astra SES to relocate Astra 2C to 28.2° East “to provide additional capacity to meet the strong demand in the UK and Irish markets”.


  52. Al (Original) Says:


    Actually Peter I don’t know about Freeview but I watched Aston Villa vs Slavia Prague on Thursday on ordinary analogue on Five.

    The picture was so bad you could see pixellation on the entire picture and square edges on the players. The slightest movement of the camera side to side caused the entire pitch area to break up into artefacts, it was practically unwatcheable.

    Worst broadcast I’ve ever seen.

    Heaven knows what the bit rate / level of compression was.


  53. salty dawg Says:

    No capacity for Fiver or five US huh? So has Freesat filled up all the space already? Well, that was a waste of money then!


  54. Deano Says:

    I think 5 is a welcome addition to Freesat and it will deff help future sales ..
    i will prob be interested in watching about 20 % of its content witch is no different than any of the other main channels..
    As for the space filled up on Freesat well its a joke if they didn’t have so many SPAM channels as others have put it, there would be a lot more room for decent channels that more than 2% of us will watch ..
    WILL THEY HAVE ENOUGH ROOM FOR CH 4 HD ?? and other hd channels when they eventually are available ???


  55. Deano Says:

    pete # 37 RIGHT ON THE BUTTON !!!!!!!


  56. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    The ‘spam’ channels as some of you call them haven’t just been added by Freesat; they’ve been there all along. And, in fact, the bulk of them aren’t on 2D anyway, which is where the main capacity issue lies.

    Whether or not these channels were on the Freesat EPG, they’d still be broadcasting – they’re on Sky too, and being on Freesat’s EPG doesn’t take up space that someone else could magically have.

    The issue is that the Astra 2 is a cluster of satellites; some have a footprint that means channels can be received in most of northern europe; 2D is more focussed, with a largely UK footprint. Many broadcasters accept that if a channel is carried on 2D, it won’t be picked up by many people outside the UK, and so encryption is not needed. On other Astra 2 satellites, it is, and so encryption is necessary.

    Most shopping channels are not on 2D; they don’t have the same copyright issues, and so they’re not stopping things like FiveUS and Fiver from getting space on 2D.


  57. Deano Says:

    @ Nigel Whitfield thanks for making that clear ..
    so who gets to decide witch channels are on ASTRA 2 satellites ???
    and especially 2D ???? DOES ANYBODY KNOW ???


  58. Al (Original) Says:

    Maybe its time for the regulator to step in and force Sky to move some of its channels off 2D to the other Astra’s to free capacity. After all Sky has the encryption capability already.

    As to the new Astra satellite, I hadn’t heard of a proposed launch, but anything that increases capacity has to be good especially with a HD / Super Hi Vision future ahead.


  59. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    I think the only people who really know are SES Astra, who own the satellites. Some broadcasters (like the BBC) obviously have contracts that specify that they want space on 2D, so they can broadcast in the clear. Others may just rent a transponder, and be happy to take what they’re given, on any satellite in the cluster.

    Whether or not channels can be moved will depend on the contracts – can Astra tell Sky, for example, to swap some of their transponders from 2D to 2A? No one really knows, unless they’ve seen the contract. Sky’s obviously a big customer for Astra (probably their biggest, for the UK market); does that give them clout with Astra? Or the other way round – it would cost Sky a fortune if they had to switch to a different satellite provider, after all.

    Personally, I’m not sure that a regulator would be able to do much about this. And which one, anyway? SES Astra is in Luxembourg, so I’m not sure Ofcom could do much about unpicking any contracts there.


  60. Colin Says:

    This is great news
    as the Wright Stuff on Five at 9PM
    is great with Politics and Jokes Live each day.

    Good to be able to watch that on 576i freesatHD.


  61. Dave Says:

    I wish ITV could up the video res to 720 x 576, would be far better for upscalling or just have ITV HD ‘on’ 24/7 as 4HD do


  62. Scott Says:

    In reply to subtitles, they are available using teletext on page 888.


  63. Alan Says:

    Scott – Subtitles (888) don’t seem to be available whilst Five is testing as “6335” – I expect they’ll appear, along with the EPG, when it goes properly live on the 18th…


  64. Kevin Says:

    Channel 5 is a joke. American cop shows nearly every night.


  65. tony Says:

    dont worry folks, the other 2 5 channels will be on soon, there’s bound to be some shopping channels going bust soon, they can go in those slots.


  66. Al (Original) Says:

    Obviously Kevin you’ve looked at Five a lot, lol.

    No cops shows at all tonight, non tommorrow, Several CSI shows Tuesday albeit the worlds most popular TV program but fair enough if you don’t like it, No US cops shows Wednesday night (1 UK cop documentary – Police Interceptors which happens to be very good – think UK Special Police Unit driving souped up 200BHP+ rally cars), No cops Thursday, some shows Friday (NCIS and Law and Order) and same Saturday.

    So even for a US cop show hater such as yourself, I make that US cop shows on for 3 nights out of 7 (Tue, Fri, Sat) and even then, they’re not on ALL the night, there are many other top shows as well!!!


  67. Andy Clayton Says:

    OK. This may sound a bit cynical, but if Freesat can find space for limitless shopping and travel channels how come there’s no space for Fiver and Five US? If the space on Astra 2D is limited then why do Freesat still seem able to add so many channels that practically no sane person will ever watch?

    OK. Grumble over. I’m still going to dump Sky+ and go to Freesat+. At least I can delete the 90% of channels from the Freesat EPG that I’ll never watch.


  68. admin Says:

    Andy – your not understanding how it works, none of the shopping channels are on Astra2D, they are on other beams such as 2A, 2B and 2C. 2D is used by UK broadcasters to ensure they remain difficult to access outside of the UK, it’s a ofcom requirement. As it stands, all the slots on the 2D beam are taken, most by the likes of BBC, ITV and C4, but some by Sky for their programming. It’s suspected that because those channels held by Sky are encrypted subscription channels anyway, that they will be moved, but that might take time.


  69. peterhb Says:

    @andy clayton
    Like you I will delete all the ‘rubbish’ channels from Freesat.
    presently using a Humax HD box and have configured a number of non Freesat channels.These have to be on a separate list. Would be nice if we could put all our ‘favourites’ onto one list, both Freesat and non Freesat.


  70. Glen McFarlane Says:

    Also Andy, Freesat don’t find space for these channels – they’re all already being broadcast long before Freesat appeared. All Freesat allows you to do is access them through a shiny new EPG.


  71. Scott Says:

    Alan in reply again to subtitles, on the Humax receiver subtitles are available by pressing subtitles then pressing up to teletext or just text, then punching in number 888 on the test channel “6335”, or with a normal FTA receiver using text/videotext. (don’t know about the other freesat models)


  72. Tony Hewitt Says:

    I hope all the HD enthusiasts are making the most of 90 minutes of Prince Charles at 60 tonight.


  73. How to get freesat via my pc? - Page 2 - Says:
  74. rudey Says:

    according to ch5 website they are trying to get fiveus and fiver onto freesat.


  75. Ross Says:

    Post 51 – “Will the launch of the new Astra 1M satellite help capacity problems with the UK satellites?
    According to various sites, the successful launch of 1M allows Astra SES to relocate Astra 2C to 28.2° East “to provide additional capacity to meet the strong demand in the UK and Irish markets”.

    No. Astra 2C is already at 28E – and has been for about a year. All the scrambled five channels currently use it. Astra 1M will be replacing Astra 1H at 19E. 1H will be redeployed to 23E.


  76. Bert Allsop Says:

    BBC did a wonderful job covering the games in China
    I was one of the lucky people able to watch it in HD and analoge having purchased a HUMAX HDCI-2000 I was able to compare the picture quality from each transmission, watched on my HD ready tv, the difference between the two
    was hard to notice, and all coming down my twenty two year old LOW LOSS
    cable embeded in the walls of my flat The only thing I could notice the nets across the Tennis Courts the pattern could be clearly seen.
    BBC I wish you well, keep up the wonderful progress


  77. Heads Up - Police Interceptors CH5 - BRISKODA - The Skoda Forums Says:
  78. CHRIS GLOVER Says:



  79. phil Says:

    will channel 5 HD be available on freesat


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