Channel Five FTA

Channel Five has today taken a step towards inclusion on the Freesat EPG by broadcasting ‘in the clear’.

You can currently manually add the channel with the following frequency details:

10773 H 22000 5/6 ID 6335

We hope to have news on inclusion on the Freesat EPG soon, but a November launch is likely.

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  1. finally, indeed one of the crucial channels to be added (compared to freeview package)…

    Now lets focus on more HD stuff. Ch4 HD would be a nice added bonus for Christmas as well.

    (a pity Discover HD & National Geography HD are not likely to be added, as this would be a welcome addition on freesat…)

  2. More good news.

    By the way, Dave, Humux sent a update email over the weekend to us sados who signed-up, including the line;

    “…available to buy from UK retailers from the last week in November 2008”

    So either 24th or the maybe weekend before. (the 24th fits in with a date suggested in some quarters when the first details of the new box emerged)

  3. Must be missing something, but how do I add Channel 5? I’ve looked at the manual but can’t see where the info telling me how to do is located! Thanks.

  4. Re: Post 6 – It is on a BBC transponder. This channel has been carrying a copy of BBC News for the last few weeks.

  5. I have just got freesat, and looking through the channels and stopped- i could’nt believe it,(british) wrestling!! from itv sport. i watched that years ago on itv. why can’t they give us some up to date american wrestling surely there must be some prerecorded stuff hanging about

  6. great it should be on EPG soon..
    Next chan 4 HD there contract with sky must be up very soon if not already ..

  7. @ RUSSELL You cant add chan 5 to the Freesat side of your box..
    you can only add it via manual tune , at this present time (if its not in your manual then your box dosn’t have this feature)..
    In time it will come in an auto update witch then it will appear on your EPG “Freesat side” …

  8. Might be stating the obvious here, but as soon as C4HD is released I predict a huge influx of buyers for Freesat. Despite the financial climate, C4HD at the moment seems to be broadcasting quite alot of their main programmes such as Hollyoaks (not that I watch it! but…).

    C4HD next pleassee! 🙂

  9. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes $ky to go through their ‘configuration’ process and for five to appear on the Freesat EPG . .

  10. Anyone know if you can record ‘other channels’ or whatever the term is in the freesat+ unit ?

    I wonder if they are delaying the launch to coinside with Ch4HD going FTA ?!

  11. When will 4HD be a available on Freesat. It will be great if this is on the Freesat EPG by Christams. It is strange that it has not been added already as Freesat has the rights for Channel 4 so why can’t it have 4HD from launch date? WE WANT 4HD!

  12. The question of C4HD is asked too often! The truth is that no one in the public domain knows when it will launch FTA yet, and I’m confident it won’t be this year. C4HD remains in contract with Sky until who knows when, it’s not bound by the same availability as C4(SD).

  13. Where is ITV HD for Sky HD?

    Advertisiers could gain half a million Sky+HD users as well as the current freesat user base giving ITV HD and so advertising impacts which is what ITV needs in the current advertising downturn.

    Five have put themselves on freesat to gain the maximum number of viewers so why doesn’t ITV HD does the same with Sky+HD?

  14. C4HD launched in December 2007. Therefore December is going to be the very earliest it could go clear assuming a 1 year encryption contract. Of course they could easily be tied into a 3 or 5 year contract!

  15. The number of advertisers available via Sky right now for ITV HD is pretty much irrelevant. They’re playing a much longer game than that, I think.

    Anyone who has Sky HD can already see ITV anyway, just not in HD. They also have a much bigger choice of alternative HD, so to assume that for any given programme, all the SkyHD viewers will watch the HD version of an ITV show, while none would watch the SD version at all is fanciful. There won’t be this much-vaunted pressure from advertisers to get on Sky, because the figures won’t make much difference at all.

    Meanwhile, the longer ITV hold out from Sky, the longer they have a) to get their act together with content and b) the more people they may help to attract to the Freesat platform, where they have less competition. And in the longer term, that’s important – ITV is stronger on platforms like Freeview where there are fewer alternatives. So a short term loss of the small fraction of Sky viewers who’d only watch an ITV programme if it were in HD is worth it if in the longer term, it gains them viewers who won’t even have the option of watching, say, SkyOne or SkyMovies rather than ITV HD.

    Five are in a slightly different position, firstly by not having an HD channel to worry about and secondly by not having universal terrestrial coverage of the UK. Freesat is another way for them to achieve that and to do so without being at the mercy of a competitor for services such as encryption. That it may potentially increase viewers for ads is important, but not as much – because they already had full UK coverage via Sky anyway.

  16. I agree that it is in the interest of ITV to maintain the exclusivity of it’s HD content, on Freesat, until it develops into a major platform. Once they start showing the ‘Soaps’ in HD the number of HD/PVR recievers will escalate.

  17. I have just found out from Freesat that they wont be getting any of the Sky channels. It reminds me when Clyde cable in Glasgow,what big ideas they had and all the channels we were going to get. In the end we ended up by taking over by NTL, and you know what happend to them.

    I will look forward to what ever Freesat has in the future for us, as long as i can see more good programes, and not repeats of shows we have already seen on Itv /BBC.

  18. What do you mean by ‘Sky channels’ ?

    If you mean channels that are operated by Sky, then no; why would Sky give their channels away to a free competitor?

    If you mean channels that are on the Sky platform, and are free, well some of those are already on Freesat.

    If you mean channels that are on the Sky platform, and are not free, that’s obviously up to the individual channels. Freesat doesn’t have the money to pay channels to come on board. Those channels that are presently subscription on Sky would have to exist purely on ad revenue on Freesat.

    It’s possible that some may move in future – when Freesat is much bigger, maybe one or two will decide that they can make as much by being seen free in Freesat homes as they make via their subscription income on Sky (as Film4 did on Freeview), but that’s a very long way off.

    Freesat doesn’t pay channels to come onto its platform. It doesn’t have the money. Anyone who’s dreaming about pay TV channels suddenly deciding to go free, because of Freesat, will be dreaming for a very long time – and that’s always been the case. No one rational has ever pretended otherwise – especially Freesat.

  19. Have Five pulled the plug already?

    I tuned them in using the FTA freq listed above, working fine up till about 2.30, now i have a Five graphic on screen, with music, saying “The scheduled programme is not available Freesat” – “For further information call Five on 0845 … …”

    Anyone any info?

  20. I emailed CH4 last week (end of October) about CH4 HD on freesat and
    they replied as follows:
    “Thank you for contacting Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries.

    Neither the HD Channel 4 service or the +1?s are currently avaiable via Freesat, but we hope these will be added in the coming months”.

  21. They are most likely testing still, and as part of that, they have made a provision for cases where the rights they have don’t allow programmes to be broadcast in the clear. But hopefully that will be a pretty rare occurrence.

  22. Has C5 pulled the plug?

    If you are seeing the “not available to Freesat” caption then obviously the channel is still working but blanked out for a couple of hours. People are forgetting this is a **TEST TRANSMISSION** Odd things happen on tests, they are not really meant for the general public. Its a happy accident it been tracked down so quickly. Until 6355 is mapped onto the Freesat epg the channel is in test mode and the engineers can do exactly what they want whilst tinkering with the uplinked service.

  23. I tuned up my ” Fortec Star” sd box to 10773v sym 22000 and up popped ch 5
    disgused as 6335 which I simply renamed ch 5 !
    Many thanks to this kind subscriber Derek

  24. Yep working fine for me, but annoyed that there’s no Five US and Fiver but it’ll do. I also sent C4 a message about the HD and they said the said thing to me. This is the price you have to pay for being an early adopter.

  25. Yes the TV engineers are very busy doing many test transmissions, even in the wilds of hilly Derbyshire,I have had the pleasure of CH5 on our FTA picture a bit snowy but just watchable on CH40 It would be nice, if only on low power the Granada area could switch to Digital in small amounts, many people have bought new HD ready TVs eager to go digital, surely it is possible to operate a service along side at a lowerpower We must not grumble though things are looking good for the future of TV on Freesat At this point I would like to say that BT Broadband is a perfect way to receive digital tv but they are unable to transmit live up the telephone service attn BBC Trust and OFcom

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