Channel Worth Watching In Non-Freesat Mode

Taken from a post on DigitalSpy (thanks jzee!), we thought it might be a good idea publishing here to; showcase some of the many channels available on your Freesat box via the ‘non-Freesat’ mode. These channels are FTA (free-to-air) but have so far decided not to join the Freesat EPG (electronic programme guide) for full 7 day listings and an assigned channel number.

Just switch your Freesat receiver over to ‘non-Freesat’ mode, carry out a scan, and you’ll find hundreds of channels including these worth a look. Hopefully one day they will find themselves on the Freesat EPG, but that is down to the broadcaster and whether they are willing to pay the fee for inclusion.


Brit Shorts – french short film & animation
11426 H, 27500 2/3

Film24 – films, classic kids progs, film previews, interviews, film festivals.
12690 V, 27500 2/3

Movies4Men+1 – if you miss something on the freesat channel (ch 304)
12524.00 H, 27500 2/3

Movies4Men2+1 – if you miss something on the freesat channel (ch 306)
11259 V, 27500 2/3

Paranormal – classic mystery, UFO and ghost stuff, old films
11488 V, 27500 2/3

World Movies – ‘highbrow’ world cinema
12643 V, 27500 2/3


Horse & Country – UK countryside stuff, horse trials fishing, farming, stately homes
12560 V, 27500 2/3

Luxe HD – french channel showing premium food, fashion, travel, art, cars; in HD
12643 H, 27500 2/3

SA Direct – documentaries on southern africa, not all travel focused
11343 V, 27500 2/3

Sky Travel – travel deals shopping channel
10876 V, 22000 5/6

Thomas Cook – travel sales
11527 V, 27500 2/3

Travel Channel – travel documentaries, sales
12560 V, 27500 2/3

Travel Channel+1 – travel documentaries, sales
12690 V, 27500 2/3

Travel Deals Direct – thomson holiday sales
12560 V, 27500 2/3


Channel M – Manchester news, documentaries; some sport
11527 V, 27500 2/3

Community Channel – charity activities in 3rd world and UK
12226 H, 27500 2/3

Controversial TV – political; plus supernatural/extraterrestrial/conspiracy theory
11222 H, 27500 2/3

Press TV – Iranian 24 hour news channel
12690 V, 27500 2/3

Sky News – UK 24 hour news (award winning)
12207 V, 27500 2/3

Zone Reality+1 – if you miss something on the Freesat channel (ch 136)
11261 H, 27500 2/3


Bliss – mainstream pop
11642 V, 27500 2/3

Brit Asia TV – asian pop
12480 V, 27500 2/3

Channel AKA – hip hop
12690 V, 27500 2/3

Flaunt – house, trance, disco
11642 V, 27500 2/3

Flava – hip hop, R&B, garage, drum n bass
11642 V, 27500 2/3

Music India – indian pop
12643 H, 27500 2/3

NME TV – indy rock
11642 V, 27500 2/3

oMusic TV – classical
11223 V, 27500 2/3

Starz TV – youth orientated pop
11343 V, 27500 2/3


Arrow Rock
10862 H, 22000 5/6

10862 H, 22000 5/6

10862 H, 22000 5/6

10862 H, 22000 5/6

11623 H, 27500 2/3

Real Radio
10862 H, 22000 5/6

10862 H, 22000 5/6

42 thoughts on “Channel Worth Watching In Non-Freesat Mode”

  1. Radio
    Radio Caroline

    You need to manually tune us in on Freesat’s Other Satellite Services.

    Satellite: Astra2/Eurobird

    Transponder Frequency: 11390

    Polarisation: Vertical

    Symbol Rate: 27.5 (or as Auto)

  2. personally ive been enjoying a channel called contervesial tv (used to be emtv ).some interesting and thought provoking programing πŸ™‚

  3. It would appear you`ve done Murdoch a favour by inadvertently
    giving a plug for FREESAT FROM SKY in showing some of the
    extra channels they have, including a full EPG!

  4. It would appear you`ve done Murdoch a favour by inadvertently
    giving a plug for FREESAT FROM SKY in showing some of the
    extra channels they have, including a full EPG!

    I think you may have just done that, we are just making Freesat viewers aware of additional channels they can access; and hope that these broadcasters will sit up and take notice and pay for inclusion on Freesat. πŸ˜‰

  5. Is Freesat actually asking these channels if they want to join the EPG? If so, what are they saying?

  6. @Ronnie. I’ve had the same problem with my Humax Foxsat HDR clearing my planner whenever I manually tune channels. Does anyone know if this is avoidable?

  7. Not avoidable – also fails to record anything you have scheduled in fresat, whilst in non-freesat mode. Hope it all gets fixed with the upcoming update. Just be cautious going into non-freesat mode if you are due to rcord anything.

  8. @rogerd – if you haven’t found it yet, it’s in your menu-setup-add other sat services-manual tune
    Input the sat details and the tv will list a number of available channels, tick the ones you like. You can save quite a lot, and the tv will search as many times as you like until you have used up the space

  9. Shame that the Goodmans SD Freesat box won’t let you scan for anything other than 3/4 for the FEC. No Bliss for me πŸ™

  10. Any chance of publishing the non-Freesat epg channel numbers allocated to the stations listed above?

  11. Hi-def news
    Channel 5 has been awarded the last Freeview HD slot so expect this on Freesat as well.
    Meanwhile, Sky has announced that its Sky News channel will be available in HD from 2010.Sky News HD will be a simulcast of the current standard definition channel, The BBC has previously announced plans to transmit BBC World News in HD, but this isn’t scheduled to start until 2012.
    Sorry if this is a bit off topic but there is no where else to post it.

  12. Re: Hi Def News, the Digital TV Group site ( says :-

    “The launch of Sky News HD is scheduled to take place in Spring 2010 following an upgrade to studios, production facilities and newsgathering operations in the UK and overseas.

    “Sky News HD will be simulcast alongside Sky News’ existing standard definition channel, and include an updated HD studio, HD resources in the field and HD graphics capable of delivering a 3D look on-air.”

    You can imagine the cost of all this! $ky can just put their hands deeper into subscribers’ pockets, but broadcasters who are struggling financially through the recession can be forgiven for moving at a pace they can afford.

  13. Re Channels Worth Watching In Non-Freesat Mode

    World Cinema + Community Channel

    Dunno if anyone else has found this, but my Humax HD box is producing pretty poor signal reception on the two above channels, both on a Non-Freeview and a Manual Tune, using the frequencies, polarisation and FEC settings given in the posting. Finds them Ok but repeated signal break-up or complete drop. All other Non-Freeview channels (about +/- 400 incl. 17 bimbos on couches just waiting for my phone call…!) excellent reception…Any thoughts? Or is it just a dodgy transponder?

  14. Correction to post 17. above

    The film channel with poor reception is called World MOVIES and not World Cinema.

    Apologies for any confusion caused.

  15. I am thinking of buying DMR SS350 with built in FreeSat, but I already have a TV with built in Freesat. Does this matter? will they conflict? or do I just not need the recorder with FreeSat? Please help, I need to buy a new recorder urgently.

  16. floflo – you’ll need separate connections from your dish to the panny recorder, so you may need to get a new quad LNB on your dish and run some extra coax’s.

  17. Hi all,
    Perhaps a silly question – but here goes.
    I’m a teacher, so I thought TeachersTV might be worth a look. The problem is the channel is really poor – with constant breaking up and image pixillation.
    Any way of improving it?

  18. Great shame that ITV Teletext is not included in the Humax line-up. BBC Ceefax is there…..when is Teletex gloing to be included?

  19. i heard teletext was being killed off early due to the rise of the internet πŸ˜‰

  20. I had an email from Film24 a few days ago saying they “hope” to join the EPG by the end of the year. I use quotes because it pays to be cautious with Freesat developments.:-) I also know that the recently launched True Entertainment (available in non-Freesat mode) would like to join. No timetable given though.

  21. I am completely mystified by the non-Freesat channels.

    My Goodmans HD box will not scan for them and it seems that the tuning details are required in order to find the channels manually.

    Can anybody nudge a complete newbie in the right direction so that I can sample these channels?

  22. I cannot now receive film24,have they closed down,if not what frequency for film24 from northern ireland

  23. Is there any sign of FX joing the stations? Thinking about Dexter and True Blood as I’ve abandoned SKY for the Freesat clan.

  24. FX is tied in contract to Sky as a subscription only channel; it won’t be available on Freesat unless FX decide to change their broadcasting.

  25. has anybody got the channel frequencies for al jazeera sports channels
    for freesat , have a sagem box but cant seem to find any decent sports channels also lookin for setanta ireland

  26. i am on sky at the mo,my friend has just bought a humax freesat hd recorder he said its ok,is it worth cancelling sky and going onto freesat or should i stick with sky,i enjoy my comedy is there anything on freesat thats funny.

  27. i have just purchased a sagem dsi86hd freesat box, could anyone please tell me how i add these non freesat channels as i have the option to add non freesat channels but it finds nothink. many thanks for your time .

  28. Did you ever find out if you could get French channels? I have a goodmans freesat and live in France and would like to add French channels. Any help/ideas gratefully received.

  29. I have to do a manual tune myself, but found out I can change each digit the numbers by using the numbers on the remote control itself, rather than using all the up and down arrows long procedure! Try doing this yourself!

  30. Two Pen’orth said:
    I am completely mystified by the non-Freesat channels.
    My Goodmans HD box will not scan for them and it seems that the tuning details are required in order to find the channels manually.
    Can anybody nudge a complete newbie in the right direction so that I can sample these channels?

  31. In the Menu. Go to settings, towards the bottom, it says add non freesat channels press yes & hey presto it works. (sorry about the hey presto bit). Undeath you can manual or automatically tune channels, you can find them on the internet.

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