Comet reduce Freesat HD boxes further

Comet Freesat Best PriceComet, not wanting to be outdone by Dixons’ consistent low Freesat prices have released a 15% off discount code, applicable on all Freesat HD digital boxes until 10th November 2008.

They are offering the Humax FOXSAT-HD at £127.49 plus delivery (£5.95) and the Grundig GUFSAT01HD at £110.49 plus delivery (£5.95).

So if you are looking for Freesat HD, and not waiting for the Freesat PVR, then this is a good time to buy. Visit Comet online here, entering discount code FREESAT15 at checkout (also applies to store collections, just book the collection online).


15 thoughts on “Comet reduce Freesat HD boxes further”

  1. Congratulations Neil! You are the winner of the Join Freesat Contribution Of The Week award.

    It was the “cups and string” innovation that finally swayed the panel in their decision.

  2. It’s tempting to get a HD box but the PVR just around the corner. I can’t do it.

    What did Neil say… lol

  3. The product pages are still there though, so if anyone is looking to buy, go through to the products on our pages, and click to Comet link.

  4. So.. Has anyone been able to take advantage of the Comet discount? I paid full price, but that was some months back now . .

  5. I have been trying all day to get the discount on the Grundig HD and they always say not applicable!

  6. That’s odd, seems they’ve dropped the deal on the Grundig, leaving only the Humax HD with the discount. We shall try and find out what’s happening.

  7. I don’t know what Neils original comments were but from his later comment I can only assume he is a Sky employee!!! They hate any form of competition and will do anything to see off any rivals, right down to giving away their equipment only to impose rip off charges later on. Thanks Freesat & Freeview for giving us HD for nothing!!

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