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Bush Freesat HD Digital Box (BFSAT01HD)
Released: 6th May 2008

Bush HD freesat receiver

Bush BFSAT01HD Price Comparison (buy online now)

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About the Bush BFSAT01HD Digital Receiver

The Bush BFSAT01HD High Definition freesat Digital Box was released shortly after Freesat’s launch on 6th May 2008. Whilst off to a slow start due to software recalls, the Bush is selling well as the low-end receiver, significantly cheaper than its rival freesat receivers. The Bush BFSAT01HD brings you good quality SD and HD picture, and offers a LNB in/out connection allowing you to piggyback another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish (although a separate cable from the satellite with another Freesat digital box is highly recommended). The Bush HD also includes the ability to add FTA (free-to-air) channels not currently available on the Freesat EPG as default.

Bush BFSAT01HD Specification

– Freesat compliant
– Access all freesat Digital channels and Radio Stations
– Handy on-screen TV listings
– Interactive TV
– Ethernet support – for future iPlayer and Kangaroo use
– Subtitles and Audio Description
– Simultaneous playing of transmissions over HDMI, YPbPr or Scart (2 x Scart sockets)
– External Power Adapter
– Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
– Automatic software upgrade via satellite
– Audio description / One touch subtitle
– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 257mm x 42mm x 165mm
– Weight: 1kg

Bush BFSAT01HD latest software version

HD 1.5.46 (17-Feb-09)

Bush BFSAT01HD official website


Bush BFSAT01HD manuals

http://www.bushdigital.co.uk/downloads/Bush%20BFSAT01HD%20IB-Rev1-140308.pdf (0.9mb – user manual)
http://www.bushdigital.co.uk/downloads/BFSAT01HD%20QSG-Rev3-140308.pdf (0.6mb – quick start guide)


Bush HD freesat receiver
Bush HD Freesat Receiver (BFSAT01HD) Front View

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162 Responses to “Bush BFSAT01HD”

  1. admin Says:

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  2. philip allinson Says:

    picture quality in HD is excellent, but there is a problem with the programme guide, which crashes after a few seconds and makes it impossible to check up and coming programmes.
    worth getting just for the bbc high definition channel and the occasional high definnition prog on ITV.


  3. kevin francis Says:

    Bought it for the Euro Championships, and haven’t regretted it at all. Great pic quality. Great for HD on both BBC and ITV (when they broadcast). Only issue I can think of is that it’s a bit fiddly trying to add new channels. First time freesat added channels, they appeared automatically, then disappeared the day after. Now, it seems to be a combo of powering down and back up again, and leaving on the epg.


  4. Lee B Says:

    I purchased the Bush Freesat HD (£119 plus got a £10 voucher!) box from Argos and it came with a free HDMI cable, the box is compact and silent with an external power supply, The box is cool on top, but rather warm on the underside though it has never crashed.

    Unfortunately it has no RGB on scart, though most people will use the HDMI cable. It has a really bright blue LED for standby mode (too bright, not unlike an LED torch!), but nothing for when it’s actually switched on?, the menu system is usable, though hardly polished (could be improved with an over the air update) and on air upgrades have fixed most of the early problems. Never ever had any lip sync issued which can effect Sky HD and Humax HD boxes, but the remote is rather basic and very directional i.e needs to be pointed directly at the box.

    The picture quality is very good for both the SD and HD material, and no problems with HDMI connections.

    I do tend to have to rescan the whole system when new channels are added, I’m sure this will be fixed in a future update.

    I would give the box 8.5/10, would have been higher if the remote was better quality and the standby led was less torch like!. A cheap introduction to HD and recommended for ease of use and the credit crunch price tag!.

    Looking forward to some more HD channels now, or a full ITV HD service.


  5. Geoff Says:

    Bought the Bush HD box when it came out at Argos. Set everything up and working. The following day the box would not come out of standby and had to be “rebooted” by turning the power off. This was virtually all the time. Spoke to Bush tech. line and was advised to return the unit to Argos for a replacement. This I did and guess what, just the same as the old one. Spoke to Bush Tech. again and they told me they would send a replacement fully tested direct from Bush. Never arrived, rang again and was told that the replacement had been sent to Argos for me to collect. At Argos they did not know what I was talking about, and the only one’s they had was normal stock. At this point I gave up and got my money back. Bought another brand that has been perfect.


  6. Mark (North Wales) Says:

    Picture quality is excellent, however the programme guide is very basic. Remote control is poor, you have to point it directly at the receiver or it just doesn’t work. Sometimes this reciever does not pick up the new channels that get added from time to time, so you have to remove the power to get it to include them. But for £119 you get a good little reciever, however Bush could do with fixing the bugs via firmware update. BBC HD looks far superior to ITV HD. Come on Freesat sort out Channel 4 HD. I would give this receiver 7/10.


  7. Anne Says:

    I live in Southern Spain and have the Bush HD box but cannot receive Channel 4 – all it says is No Service. However, the channel is available on my Sky box.

    Channel 5 appeared after I had unplugged the box from the mains but Channel 4 is nowhere to be seen.

    I agree with comments about the remote control – have to point it directly at the receiver, and the EPG is also not good. I suppose we are used to the Sky EPG which is quite user friendly. I give the box 7/10.

    Any suggestions on why I cannot receive Channel 4 would be appreciated.


  8. Luke Says:

    Great receiver really but does crash on occasion. Sometimes if flicking quickly through channels using the up/down buttons the sound will be lost – the only way to get the sound back is to unplug the box, plug it back in and restart.

    Also, would echo the comments about the remote – it has a terrible problem if used at an angle from the box.


  9. Matthew Says:

    I purchased the free sat box. Easy to set up and great HD picture. The only issue I have is sometimes you scan up and down the channels and the sound will be lost.I took the box back and replaced it with the same make. Once again same problem. As mentioned by Luke the only way to reset the problem is to unplug the system.


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  11. Phil Says:

    Got the Bush HD box at Christmas. Works wells and the initial setup was very easy. I too get the problem with the sound loss, also occasionally the EPG has a hissy fit, and flick off and on, then lists no channels, and when the 3 new channels appeared at the end of last month, my box only picked up Wedding TV +1, I had to do a fully rescan for the other too.
    For the price, and as an entry level HD box it’s great, i’d give it 7.5/10… And when Bush iron out the few little bugs it’ll be even better.


  12. robert holgate Says:

    Very good for the money Bought this last july HD is excellant The only bugbear is it freezes up e.g wont switch on cant change channels but all it takes is a quick reboot 8/10


  13. Nick Fox Says:

    I have the Bush Hd box and it is very good for the price the picture is good.

    I’m having a few problems with this box. The first one is the sound cuts out when changing channels and the second one is that the system freezes and to fix this you have to pull the power.

    This is the second box I’m on and each one has had the same faults.
    So I give this 5 out of 10


  14. Paddy Stuart Says:

    I use this box in the bedroom. The blue “off” LED has had to be covered up as the brightness keeps me awake! I also agree that the remote is ridiculouly directional. I’ve had no problems except that the SD broadcasts appear to be much softer than the standard terrestrial freeview channels recieved through the house aerial. The BBC HD is very good but rather a waste of time on any set smaller than 36 inches unless you want to sit within 3 feet of the screen.


  15. Peter Says:

    Dreadful box. Gave up working only after 6 months.

    Same issues as those above – if the box is in standby for a while it wouldn’t turn on. Needed to pull out the main supply to let it cool down for about 5 minutes before it would turn on again


  16. philip allinson Says:

    software was updated this week and all the problems I had have been solved.
    The EPG no longer crashes no more system freezing.Also the information banner can now be made transparent (from the menu settings).
    I am now happy with this box.


  17. Kevin Says:

    Had this box for 3 days now, so far no problems mentioned above. For the price this is an excellent receiver. Just need more HD material now !!


  18. Nick Fox Says:

    Like Philip A I also had my software updated a month ago and the system seam to be working fine after this and it didn’t hang or lose sound at all.

    But not for long the system is now doing the same thing again and locking up and losing sound for no reason.

    I think that this has to be an issue with the hardware as this is my 2nd box and yet still the same problems. So if you are thinking of getting this box I would say no and say up some more money and buy a better box


  19. Natalie Says:

    Bought this box, straight away had problems getting it out of standby mode. Rang through to tech support who did manage to sort that. Did manage to get all channels loaded however box continued to freeze continuously. Could not do anything else other than take it back. Terrible product – don’t bother!


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  21. m o malley Says:

    had the bush since around its time of release
    i have not had any problems at all and the picture quality is superb in hd
    i would recommend to any one thinking of buying a freesat box for hd viewing


  22. ntp Says:

    Bought one 2nd hand from a guy who was changing to BT Vision, so very pleased to play less than half price for a box only 2 weeks old! Very impressed with the HD picture on my 42″ tv.

    Current software version, no lockups or anything, though as it gets switched off every night it effectively gets a regular reboot.

    One strange thing, I don’t seem to be able to change channels using the number keys – it ignores me. Channel up/down buttons work fine.

    Come on Freesat, more HD channels please!


  23. Jane Says:

    Had this box about two weeks now. No problems up to now with freezing or lack of sound. However, when in non-freesat mode you can’t put the number of the channel in but have to select it from the list. Also in non-freesat mode no info from the epg, unlike my Humax. Apart from that good little box for the money – does what it says on the tin. 7.50 out of 10


  24. jonosi Says:

    Not bad at all, for £95 its a good box, very good …
    picture quality is fantastic, menu is bit poor, no real shortcuts for fave channels on remote, which would really push this box up to top quality competitor…
    but for £95 i cant complain ,really pleased so far,lot of menu stuff could be updated via firmware update, if they take this box that far..
    well i say for under £100 taking into consideration fantastic SD pic and superb HD, poor menu which is fixible, 8/10


  25. Rob Says:

    Specifications details for this box are woefully inadequate. What does it carry over SCART, for instance – Composite, S-Video and/or RGB? There isn’t a clue in the manuals, and no technical support contact details that I can find.


  26. leew Says:

    My box has stopped working. I think is did an auto software install and since then does not pick up the satellite, does anybody know how to access the box or do reset?


  27. Ian Says:

    Good box as long as you don’t have a pvr attached, I’ve now had two boxes and both freeze up and hence the PVR is unable to change channel and records the same frozen picture rather than the program you want!

    if used just as a Freesat src for HD it’s a fine little box, manual tuning to get extra non freesat channels, all the inputs/outputs most people need.


  28. DAVEY Says:

    Recently bought this for £67 from Argos and its a real gem.

    The BBC HD and ITV HD are excellent and i have no complaints about the hd picture quality.

    The freeview channels are marginally inferior to my ‘normal’ reception on my LCD tv – but i bought the box for hd!

    No quality problems so far, and for £67, you cannot go wrong.

    8/10 from me.



  29. Paul Says:

    Couldn’t resist for £67 from argos. HD better than output from an HD
    computer card I have (Hauppauge HVR4000). A bit fiddley to add and view
    non freesat channels e.g. Luxe-tv HD. But HD picture quality great.

    BBC HD sound quality great (dolby digital 5.1 via ) – worth getting and connecting extra optical SPDIF cable with TOSLINK connector to surround sound amp.

    It will be interesting to see how it handles Ethernet support – for future iPlayer and Kangaroo use?


  30. kim Says:

    hi bought hd bush box wont go to set up on my hd tv any suggestions no set up page


  31. Damon Says:

    Bought one of these last week from Argos for the amazing price of £67, thought it would be crap at that price but I was wrong!
    It upscales very well indeed and is just a bit better than my freeview on my 40″ Samsung
    Also much much better than a standard Sky box, even with real bad channels (eg. TinyPop)
    HD is great at 1080i, BBC HD is a bit grainy up close but nothing to worry over.
    Alas it disables the picture when you use the tv guide bit of a shame really.
    DONT take the half price HDMI offer instore, there is one already in the box and it’s just fine.


  32. Mark Says:

    Just bought the box and was hoping to piggyback from it through the LNB out connector to my sky box. Only about half the channels now work on sky even though the signal strength on the sky settings page shows as very good.

    Any thoughts anyone?


  33. admin Says:

    Try switching the Freesat box to standby; the piggy-back system cannot control 2 receivers at the same time from a single cable from your dish; which is why you are likely to be receiving just some channels, as they share the same frequency.


  34. Jim McCarthy Says:

    Unable to receive BBC HD and local ITV station on BUSH BFSAT01HD. How do I initiate a software download on for this box? Have followed instuctions with box but unable to start software download. Thank you.


  35. Mark Says:

    Thanks admin,

    I have already tried that but didnt help


  36. Kevin Says:

    Had bought this box before and returned it as kept crashing. Decided to give it another go, and no problems so far. Excellent receiver for the price !!


  37. Alex Says:

    I bought one of these boxes from Argos as the price was right and I was particularly keen to be able to view BBC HD. I’m completely happy with the box. Plugged in and worked first time connected to a dish already set up for Sky.

    The picture quality and sound are at least as good as that from a Sky box. Plenty of choice and no exorbitant monthly bill for hundreds of channels that I wouldn’t choose to watch if Sky paid me. The box even came with an HDMI lead included.

    It’s possible to tune into non-FreeSat free to air services, such as Sky News, and various other foreign news and entertainment channels. The only minor niggles are that this isn’t made clear in the manuals, and wasn’t particularly intuitive. I worked it out without too much difficulty after a little internet search. There’s a help line too, if you get stuck. Also I’ve had to re-set (switch off and on again) when the sound disappeared or went out of sync. Very rarely, and quickly fixed.

    It was the cheapest HD Satellite box I could find, but I’m completely delighted with the machine. I’ve had the box for over a month, excellent purchase.


  38. Mark Overend Says:

    Bought this today Argos. So far its been sat on the “awaiting software download” for the best part of an hour…
    Well, theres nothing about this in the manual! Not sure if it will ever update or if I have a faulty one.

    As for ringing tech support. When do most people mess about with their Tv’s?
    Ans – After work so what bloody use is a help desk that closes at half 4!!


  39. Spencer Byford Says:

    Had this box for about a month , also have sky std sky hd and now freesat, and there is no diserable difference in pic or sound quality and this boxand cost me the just over the sub for sky for one month !. For the cost its great value and it works, will get the Humax pvr and bin sky HD, that costs me an additional £10 to watch channels i already have !, but i supose they have to charge something for the people standing in all the town centers trying to flog it.


  40. Peter Crosby Says:

    The latst automoatic software download has rendered the product completely useless. It loses sound every few minutes, and reboots abou every 20 minutes. Whoever checked the software before sending it out to everyone needs to be fired, immediately. If this is not fixed in a day or so, then Bush is out of busines. Where is their quality system?


  41. Terry Malka Says:

    Exactly the same problem as Peter Crosby, my box has been perfect since I bought it in august, until an update that took place on the 13th Oct in the morning. Now my box looses sound, then freezes. The remote doesnt to anything and I have to reboot (pull the plug). When it comes back on the genre menu only shows “All Channels”. Since the update the new font looks good, shame about the rest of it. :(


  42. Len Maughan Says:

    Can not get NetworkID Download system softwere, Not happy will return to Argos And get my Money Back


  43. Steveg Says:

    Exactly the same problem as Peter and Terry.
    Set upgrade to manual and don’t upgrade.
    The box is not useable after upgrade!!!


  44. AKC Says:

    Mark – regarding your post (32) – the piggy back – the satellite signals are on both horizontal and vertical. Some channels are V and some H. Your LNB on the dish is controlled by the ‘main’ receiver (they change the voltage to the LNB slightly to switch it). Therefore your piggybacked Sky box will only pick up the same half channels (V or H) as the Bush is tuned to. If you change to the other group (other polarisation on the Bush you will get the other channels on the Sky box. This is the case either with the Bush on, or on standby I believe. They only way round it, is to have separate LNB feeds using say a quad LNB or two dishes. That’s why the Sky+ boxes use a dual or quad LNB and two cables.


  45. AKC Says:

    I too am having problems since the upgrade took place on or around 13th October – I’ve just taken one box back for a replacement assuming it was faulty but the new one is the same. I’m getting a combination of loosing sound, freezing picture and, if I go to standby, not being able to switch back on without turning the mains off/on. I must ring the helpline and have a moan and see when they will fix this. …


  46. Mark Says:

    Hi AKC,

    Thanks for that. It makes perfect sense. Simple when you how.

    Thanks again



  47. Tony Says:

    Had problems this last week as above. Just rang Bush and they seem to aknowlege the problem and said they will send a new fixed download.
    Cheers, Tony.


  48. Brigitte Says:

    I am having the same problem, bought my box in June last year. I called the help line, firstly you get told by an automated system that you will be charged 10p per minute, you than get left on hold for over five minutes (nice little money making first). When I eventually got thru to an operator, I asked how on earth they could roll out a system upgrade without having it tested, and than suggested that they should roll back. Standard answer, we are aware of the problem and are trying to sort it out. Give me your telephone number and we will call you back when the problem has been resolved. I am sorry this is not acceptable I paid a lot of money for my box and pay my TV licence one would expect better service from a 1st World country.


  49. Peter Crosby Says:

    I have found a “fix.” The problem appears to be heat releated – the upgrade probably runs the processor more, which dissipates more heat, so some boxes crap out when they get hot – which also explains why not all boxes have the problem. Solution: operate the box standing vertically, not horizontally. That is, stand it on its side – -I have done it with the “Bush” label at the top. tThis provides nbetter heat dissipation, as the heat produced on the circit board doesn’t heat up the rest of the electronics. Two of my 3 boxes which didn’t work for long before now have run all day. This works and should keep the boxes going until Bush release a new upgrade which (hopefully) will fix the problem properly.


  50. Jon Dance Says:

    Has anyone tried to get digital video out of the HDMI, with analogue audio out of SCART at the same time (e.g. by using a SCART to composite adapter). I want to feed HD video into speakerless PC monitor via DVI, and audio into separate speakers. I’ve phoned Bush call centre, but the gentleman was not able to understand what I was after. He kept thinking that I already owned the box, whereas I am looking to see if this is possible before buying it. Thanks in advance.


  51. Mark Says:

    I have this product since the Oct 1st and must say I have had no problems with sound or pic quality. Perhaps I have just been lucky.


  52. John Way Says:

    I have now owned a BFSAT01HD for several months, having purchased it new at a low,low bargain price from Argos. I have had several issues with this box : loss of sound one evening (which has since cleared) plus, video and audio signals occasionally disappear (they come back on after a turn off/on). I have also noticed that the video signal from the VCR Scart socket has issues. My Sony TV is connected to the Bush box via HDMI and my Sony DVD recorder is connected to the Bush box via SCART. The problem is that a dark line is present on the TV display when monitoring my DVD recorder with the Bush box SD input and when I play back SD programs recorded from the Bush box. The line can appear either 1/3 from the top of the scree or near half-way – it’s one of those annoying things that once you know it’s there you keep looking for it!! I have also encountered HD lip-sync problems with this box, which are sporadic. On the whole I think buying and using the Bush HD box has been a good experience (better than my old SKY box anyway) but obviously there are outstanding issues to be sorted with this new technology.


  53. Phil Harrison Says:

    Excellent budget HD box. Only problem I have is the lip-sync on my local ITV (Yorkshire) channel. Having to use ITV London which has no lip-sync problems.


  54. Jon Dance Says:

    Took the jump and bought it. For anyone who is interested this unit does output through HDMI and SCART at the same time (i.e. using HDMI does not “block” SCART output, which is what I had feared might happen), so I have answered my earlier question and have it set up through the PC monitor. No problems so far: everything working fine.


  55. Nathan Lane Says:

    Bought one on Monday from Argos and returned it today (Friday) for full refund. Spent the days between attempting to get it to work after always receiving the “Download Failed” message which locked the whole thing up as soon as it started. Cold reboot worked, but I don’t care to have to scrabble around the back of the thing every day before watching TV!
    Cheap and nasty.


  56. Stretch Says:

    Joining the trend i to have a Bush “BFSAT01HD” box of horrors. There must be a long Que as mine has been waiting for software download for a week now! I know for a fact that my dish is pointed in the right direction.
    I found a post some where saying the upgrade should take 15 mins approx may vary with signal strength I have 90% so this can’t be the problem.
    I’m currently trying the method adopted by Peter Crosby (stand the box vertical). If the problem is down to the box overheating I think Bush should issue every customer with a Polly bag so we can hang it out the window!


  57. mark Says:

    just bought this box down the market for £20 still waiting for a software download. they sell argos seconds on the stall i bought it from. i think it must be a return which is broken


  58. Roger Says:

    Bought a Bush BFSAT01HD form my local Argos last week. Plugged it in, didn’t even light up! Took it back, got it replaced. Plugged that in, and it displays signal strength of 85-90%. After pressing ok, it gets as far as announcing “Network ID 003b Transport ID 090b” and that its “waiting for software download”. Its been waiting for software download for over 20 hours now.

    How much longer should I wait before returning it to Argos and trying another replacement?

    Or should I spend another 30 quid and swap it for the Sagem HD box? (Yep, I’m cheap and don’t want to spend £130 on the Foxsat box!)


  59. Eric Says:

    Got the same problem as John Way above interference which seems to be related to the HDMI, I’ve had this problem before with an upscaling DVD Player, when you switch to HDMI the noise appears on the scart, when you swith of the HDMI output the noise on the scart disappears, but there is no way to switch of the HDMI on the Bush other than that the PQ through the scart is ok(I’ve seen better even if it is Composite, CVBS, Pal)the box hasn’t crashed or froze


  60. Phil Owens Says:

    Got one a few weeks ago, new software download went well, picture HD and SD not to bad at all. 7.5/10

    In the info on the box top of this page it says, “Ethernet support – for future iPlayer and Kangaroo use” I know about the iplayer but what is Kangaroo.


  61. Roger Says:

    v1.8.1 installed on my BFSAT01HD (yes, I kept my money and the Bush box) without a hitch – didn’t notice it had installed… What improvements was this upgrade supposed to implement over v1.4.44? At present, there’s no mention of ethernet functionality in the menus – is that an option that’s triggered by connection to a network, or is it just that the functionality isn’t in the firmware “yet”?

    Phil: AFAIK, Kangaroo was supposed to be a streaming system that would merge BBC, ITV and C4 video on demand. However, it fell through due to “competition” rules. What it does mean is that once iPlayer is up and running on HD boxen, then ITV and C4 will have to implement their own streaming systems, instead of having a joint enterprise with the BBC.


  62. Rod Says:

    Bought this nearly new off ebay for £44. Software updated okay after a fairly long wait with the progress bar stuck on 10%.
    I tried to manually tune the BBCi streams in yesterday using 12441 27500 Vertical but i kept being told “no services available.” If it could be made to receive the BBCi streams this would be a superb little box. Everything else seems fine.


  63. Mike Says:

    I got this box a couple of days ago from argos because of the price, i wanted to trial freesat before i ring sky and save myself some money.
    Ive read the comments but i can honestly i had no problem with the firmware upgrade although it did take about 20 minutes.
    I was getting alittle worried as time went on but patience paid off and it does give clear warnings not to turn the box off.
    It all went well for me and im very happy with it so far i’m now gowing to get a quad LMB and buy some more for the bedrooms.
    I have seen some people dont like the menu i dont know why i love it yeah its bland but well layed out.
    It gives you a list layed out into options.
    All channels
    ect ect
    I found it easy to follow and install if i have one dissapointment that would be i thought freesat would have more channels by now.
    Doing some research what i am waiting for and i think will be awsome is the BBCI player option i cant wait for that.
    People have commented on the remote is basic well i agree it is quite basic but i like that and find it easy to use.
    One of the other things i read was the stand by light i agree with that it is a bright blue.
    I cant get my head arround what they were thinking when they did that,they seem to have got things back to front.
    When the system is on you have no light at all ? or is mine faulty ? you have no indication it is on until its in standby.


  64. Mike Says:

    Bought this nearly new off ebay for £44. Software updated okay after a fairly long wait with the progress bar stuck on 10%.
    I tried to manually tune the BBCi streams in yesterday using 12441 27500 Vertical but i kept being told “no services available.” If it could be made to receive the BBCi streams this would be a superb little box. Everything else seems fine.

    Can you get this yet on this box ? if so how so i can try it as i dont see it yet either, i put that down to it is a beta test atm.
    any help would be good thanks in advance


  65. Andy Says:

    Bought this a couple of months ago. I have had intermittent problems which seem to be caused by overheating. The picture goes to a pretty green pattern after a couple of hours use. Tried standing the box on its side to enable better cooling, but same problem. I’m now running the box without its lid to see how that goes! Inside the box it looks like the manufacturers have glued a huge heat-sink on to the processor – huge, but not huge enough methinks. This baby needs a fan!

    I really appreciate the extra quality of HD but because the Bush box is so unreliable I’m running Freesat HD alongside my old Sky SD box from the same cable, using a splitter, but having the expected polarity issues. Next job: install a Quad LNB, ready for a serious PVR. In the meantime the Bush will just have to do.

    However picture and sound quality both great, in my view better than the Pace Skybox. Yes there are occasional sync problems, and the remote is rather basic. Pity there’s no Fiver, Five US or C4HD. And the extra channels function is rather clunky. Just make it possible to scan for everything with one click, people! How hard can that be?


  66. Steve Jackson Says:

    Have had this for a couple of months. It updated as soon as the 1.8.1 was released the first time and there have been no problems save the occasional lip sync which a change of channel cures. It’s not used often as it’s on a quad LNB which it shares with an SD Sky+ box (noisy Thomson). Primarily bought for football (ITVHD) with an eye to the 2010WC, it’s been easy to use and most of the comments here are fair. The standby LED is too bright, the SD PQ is soft but looks ok, better than Freeview on most chans. It is being used at 1080i via HDMI into my 42″ Samsung PDP and the PQ is occasionally less than optimal on BBCHD due to bitrate changes. ITVHD is better but it’s so part-time (however the new DOG is horrific). The output from the box is a little brighter than the other sources (Wii, Sky+, Blu-Ray, laptop) but I have set another preset on the PDP. Haven’t experienced probs with the remote but it is used square-on from maybe 3m away. It would get more use when they enable the Ethernet and iPlayer, it would save hooking up the laptop occasionally, but with Sky+ the iPlayer is useful if your planner is full or you missed something you didn’t know about.


  67. Andy Says:

    Update on the cooling issue. The box ran fine with the lid off (to aid cooling) for about a week. Then I had the same problems as before – picture turns to a pretty green and pink blocky pattern, and this when starting from cold on a very cold day. Seems it’s not a classic oveheating problem then…

    Signal is 90% strength and quality…

    OK so it’s back to the Pace SD Skybox. Caveat Emptor with this fragile piece of cheap kit.


  68. FRANK Says:

    I have installed many different types of sat receivers over the years Konig,Technomate, Sky,etc. with the introduction of free sat I used this Bush BFSAT01HD, from day one there have been issues with sound, picture freezing,memory loss,non functionality of remote control. On occasions updates seem to create further glitches.It is my opinion software compatability issues are responsible for most of the problems.Pricing is the key factor,not quality in research and developement.When it works is its fine.This product needs more R&R work or it will soon loose its market share.


  69. Andrew K Fletcher Says:

    Purchased Bush HD Freesat Box from Argos today. Installed it, Signal strength 90% Ran scan as instructed.

    Result Scan Failed. (several times)

    New dish so don’t suspect the dish. Have a meter so alignment not a problem.

    Pressed the blue button (matrix springs to mind here) Low and behold nothing happens :)

    Argos told us when we purchased it that we could not bring it back unless it does not work. The lady said lots of people are bringing these back :)

    Alarm bells went off but thought would give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Taking it back today :)

    BUSH = Buy Usless Shit Here



  70. Mick (Rochdale) Says:

    Bought a Bush HD Freesat Box from Argos about 14 Months ago. The software update in Oct 2009 left my HD box with all channels OK except BBC HD and ITV HD. I get sound on the HD channels but no picture. It worked fine before the update, but not after. Bush customer services advised me to send it to a repair shop. I will send it to the tip instead. BE WARNED do not waste your money on this rubbish! I will never buy a Bush product again.


  71. Tim Says:

    I bought one of these boxes from Argos today. Installed & scanned for channels easily. My dish showed 90% signal.

    After being on for 10 minutes it started Upgrading itself and said ‘don’t turn off while updating’. Progress bar didn’t seem to be moving so I turned it off using the remote and then turned back on (no ill effects) and went into Menu and set to Manual Upgrade. It still tried to upgrade even after I set it to manual.

    In the end I changed the channel back to BBC1 and left it alone for 20 minutes, it then sucessfully upgraded. Bush don’t make it clear which channel you have to leave the box on for the upgrade to work (it faild first time on ITV), or even if the update happens over the Ethernet Interface on the back. Looking at what others have said in this feed, once you get a Firmware that works it would be best to set the Upgrade process to manual only, and then check what others are saying in forums like this one before applying future upgrades.

    So far my box looks good. Great HD pictures on BBC HD & ITV. With ITV you just press the Red Button to access the HD stream, although there doesn’t seem to be much HD content available just yet. BBC HD channel runs everyday, and some of the Nature-type programmes are simply breathaking.

    Ethernet port means the possibilty of iPlayer at some point in the future, perhaps.

    I agree, with the points others make:

    1)There’s already a HDMI cable in the box, so don’t buy Argos’s half price HDMI cable.

    2) Blue LED is on when the unit’s off, and off when the unit’s on – bizarre, that makes no sense at all.

    3) Doesn’t look like the box has any active cooling, so make sure cool air can get to it.


  72. A. Leiber Says:

    Very good value for the money – does what it says on the box. The only real downer is not having a timer device and being able to set programs to record and then turn off when done.


  73. Phil Owens Says:

    CNBC has now gone FTA. It seems that Bush boxes, well Havard can’t tune in the channel due to the lack of being able to manually change the FEC. . Anyway to do this? i.e. secrete menu?


  74. wil daemen Says:

    I have bougt the bush satellite receiver. Reception 90%, but no network ID or transport ID. Can’t get it to work. What to do?


  75. Mike Smallman Says:

    Had a bush sd since freesat started no probs at all, got excited about the IPLAYER coming to Freesat so bought an bush HD from Argos before xmas. When oh when will Bush get iplayer???????


  76. Simon Arnold Says:

    Mike – I ask myself the same question every week, I’ve even thought about buying a competitors receiver. The iplayer functionality will be brilliant for me when (IF?) it arrives. It’s frustrating & seems like the bush receiver comes in last like a lame horse. I do enjoy watching the high definition programmes but I also have a motorised system for everything else. The iplayer feature is a good reason for me to keep my bush receiver, so please – hurry up Bush/BBC!


  77. Roger Says:

    My Bush HD box (15/12/09 passim) is plugging gamely along. Since the upgrade to 1.8.1 its been behaving itself – I’ve taken the precaution of setting update to manual so there are no surprises one evening when its turned on!

    My major concern with the HD box is that “Bush” will make it obsolete so they don’t have to make the effort of modifying the system to provide access to iPlayer. Given the lack of facilities in the current software and upgrade mess over the latter half of 2009, I fear that they don’t have the technical capability to do so.

    I suppose any iPlayer functionality does appear, it’ll merit a v2 identifier!


  78. Mike S Says:

    I am still hanging on in hope as the Grundig/Goodmans are essentially the same box as the Bush and the software updates seem to be the same, they all have the same support phone number???? I sent a query to Grundig about IPLAYER but never got a reply. the BUSH website has no email address so not sent them a query. However there web page script does contain IPLAYER logos (hidden at present) so perhaps things will happen sometime… I hope so. Another point is that the BBC guys were giving info on DIGITALSPY website but they have said nothing for a few days.


  79. John Stubbs Says:

    I purchest a Bush HD freesat from Argos , set it up in my lounge ,loaded some of the free none freesat programs into the set . The HD programs are simply stunning ,its the best little set I have ever seen . I’cant get over how great it is ,the only thing wrong is my wife sayes I’m watching too much TV now.


  80. Jon Says:

    As with many others on this list, problems with firmware and logic behaviour.

    As far as I can tell the firmware has been written in such a way that the box does not know what to do when the signal is poor or temporarily lost. You can end up in what I would guess is an endless program loop waiting for a firmware update download – sometimes you can quickly reset by removing power, other times not so easy to get back to square one.

    It wont respond when signal is lost.

    I am guessing here but I think these guys have broken the cardinal rule – dont test your equipment or write your firmware assuming a perfect signal, assume downloads will be incomplete and do something more intelligent than going into standby mode when the signal is lost. There is a “restore settings” option on the menu system but the thing needs to be working properly to get to that menu so no good if your box freezes up and then does not talk to you anymore.

    Shame nice price but rubbish reliability – I am sure the positive reports here are correct, when it works then it probably works fine but if your dish receives a weak or non constant signal then avoid like the plague. The set should be able to complete all logic sequences to sensible defaults when the signal is lost and it seems to be incapable of this.

    Apparently Argos now own Bush – I really dont like calling the number quoted for tech support and getting the regular Argos storeline number – ok the operator said they could transfer me and did so but I first had to listen to a number of automated options like “X to order an item from your nearest Argos store” and so on. I nearly hung up assuming wrong number – come on Argos you cant expect people to tolerate your storeline telephone system when they are calling the tech support number given on the info sheet for a specific electronic item.

    Take a chance if you like but you may well end up just adding the price of this unit to the price you may eventually have to pay to get something that actually works.



  81. Jon Says:

    Quote from above “The Bush BFSAT01HD brings you good quality SD and HD picture, and offers a LNB in/out connection allowing you to piggyback another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish (although a separate cable from the satellite with another Freesat digital box is highly recommended).”

    On my set the LNB out is specifically labelled as being non-functional, I would have to question the accuracy of this statement. I havent tested this myself, I have been too busy with more immediate issues like basic reliability as the unit locks out and doesnt respond.



  82. Jon Says:

    My third posting

    Helpline tel in the box is incorrect – Argos storeline ( Argos own Bush )

    Dont call 0845 640 3030

    Instead call 0845 604 0105

    This second number gets you through to a Bush tech helpline – operator freely admitted there had been loads of problems of the nature of units locking out and unreliable firmware. My unit seems to have locked out for good, even pulling the power cable for five minutes as mentioned in someone elses posting didnt work. Apparently the only option now is to send back for a replacement as the firmware can get itself into a knot that cannot be undone by powerdown and the unit lacks the usual pinhole which causes a “reset to manufacturers spec”.

    I am a software engineer – not usually firmware related but all my senses tell me this is a botch job and the software has not been written anticipating real field conditions with variable signal strengths and the possibility of signal loss during an upgrade. If a double decker bus passes your dish at the critical moment you could end up with a worthless pile of junk although some folks on this thread seem to think it was a worthless pile of junk the moment they paid over their money in the shop.

    I have tried not to rant here but my opinion is hardening to

    “Avoid – spend more and get something decent” life is too short to spend a few days wasted on telephone help lines and staring hopefully at the little blue light in the hope that it will go out signifying that the unit is back out of standby mode.



  83. Adrian Says:

    I’ve had this box since Nov/Dec time and never had a single problem. It’s a nice box with a decent picture (HDMI). If you are worried about upgrades you can set it to manual upgrade and then you are prompted to upgrade so you’re not clueless to anything. Occasionally Channel 4 will not show but I put that down to my local signal as on sky couldn’t pick up channel 5. Go figure….

    Right.. for those of you interested in how the iPlayer works on this. Its actually released on Wednesday 31st March 2010… You’ll need to plug in the Ethernet cable to your broadband router then Go to any BBC channel (apart from CBBC/CBeebies) and press your Red button… Then just go to channel 7001.. The iPlayer menu will eventually be shown on the main menu after pressing the Red button but until Wednesday only boxes supported are Sony… I think..

    See here for product support


  84. Roger Says:

    31/03/10 @ 11.34

    iPlayer now available and working well.

    A gold star for Harvard, the wait was worth it!


  85. mike Says:

    Brilliant, the wait is over, my Bush HD updated at 10am and after two updates was able to go straight on to Iplayer and it works superbly well… Hurrah!!!!


  86. Roger Says:

    Gold star demoted to black mark for the iPlayer High Quality/BBC HD glitch…


    Lets hope they patch this soon!


  87. wayne Says:

    I love this box and works fine on my Techwood TV. However, my issue is that the BUSH remote controls my Medion TV??? Why is this????


  88. Phil Says:

    Bought one of these from Ebay for £30 in February. All software updates have been successful.
    Only a couple of problems i havew encountered, it does freeze but that is mainly cos it is over worked searching for non freesat channels (well I have added over 200 lol).
    The other problem I have is that when ever there is ac hannel update it never adds the new channels however it does take off channels that are no longer on freesat or move to a different channel number. Everytime this happens, have to do first time install so lose all my manually added channels.
    It is only used in my conservatory so not watched much as have sky in the main room, but would be nice to have the channels upated on there so i dont have to spend hours adding the non freesat channels


  89. Kevin Avery Says:

    Box worked for a couple of months, now most channels do not work, picture freezes, channel not currently available messages, and no signal on some channels. Yet satellite is fine. I think these companies have put old Sky box components into their models which overheat and cause the problems. Huge amounts of info on internet about how these low end boxes are awful. Do not bother


  90. mike Says:

    The IPlayer still working great but sadly if I use it I lose HD channels until I power reset, anyone have the same problem????


  91. Roger Says:

    Mike (90);

    Yes, its a known problem. I’ve found that it kills HD if you view iPlayer in high-quality mode; standard quality mode doesn’t seem to interfere with HD. It seems to be a software glitch in v2. I supose Harvard might address it in a subsequent update, but we might have a long wait. The only workaround is to either power reset after each use, or to only use standard quality.

    Kevin (89):

    Have you tried unplugging your box, letting it cool down for 15 mins or so, then powering it back up and doing an initial install? That may recover the “missing” channels and deleted those channels that have been removed from the EPG. The recievers are also noted for overheating, especially when stacked on other equipment. Try standing your box on end, it does wonders for the airflow. In addition, have you been on the Bush website and checked your MAC number in the iPlayer section? It may be that your box has been affected by the recent software upgrade.


  92. PG Says:

    I won this item on ebay at a very good price: £36 (brand new). I was a bit afraid after reading the comments from this page. After 2 weeks of use, I find it correct and there is no major problem. The upgrade takes a little time (15-20mins), but after this you’re set to go. The HD picture quality is a 7 and the SD is a 8.
    It is quite good. I hope it continues working great.

    Perhaps I have a question: i’m using the box in France, BBC iPlayer loads normally, but when I select a program to watch nothing happens. Is there an IP restriction on the boxes ???


  93. Chris Says:

    Bought this just after Christmas. Nice quality HD but a bit soft on SD channels.

    Useless support for non-freesat channels – hard to program (have to manually enter the freq etc.), no now/next info (which is available on my old non-sky sd receiver) and couldn’t add to programme categories or favorites or indeed restrict access to these channels. Selecting them is a challenge in itself as they don’t appear in the normal channel list but are accessed separately after pressing a special button from the channel list. So much for all those +1 channels that didn’t make it onto freesat.

    Every now and then we got lip-sync problems but unsure if this was transmission related. Every few weeks box would suddenly have no sound at all – frequently after clicking through a few channels. Unplug – power cycle to reboot fixed this.

    One day it just sat there in standby and refused to do anything. Power cycled – no help. Called Bush help line – busy. They eventually called back and recommended we return to Argos for replacement. Called Argos – no replacements available. Arranged return for refund.

    Not very impressed – it only lasted about 3 months. Firmware seems to be pretty dodgy on these boxes. Now looking round for a better quality and more reliable product.


  94. john Says:

    Its crap! Locks up near every hour or less. When it works the picture is great! later it locks up cant change channel all you can do it turn it off but then it wont come back on till the power is removed…. then wait a while then it will work again for a while! and i did say a while! I never used to like BUSH anyway and its the only BUSH thing i have… but after this now i know why i keep away from BUSH as thats where the unit needs putting into.


  95. Rich (Sat/Aerial Installer Says:

    Don’t purchase a Bush/Goodmans freesat receiver if you have a cheap Neon Television from Morrisons. Some functions on the freesat remote control, function the Neon television (Turns TV off etc).


  96. markmucca Says:

    can someone advise please what non freesat channels are available….and where I can find the frequencies. Thanks
    Bought Bush Freesat box for Wimbledon HD coverage 2008……lipsync goes wrong watching ITV HD occasionally which requires a reset…..only gets used for HD, but otherwise very pleased.


  97. Justin Says:

    Just bought this Bush bfsat01hd box and straight away started to flicker and turn its self of randomly, getting really peeved off with it now, is there a way of upgrading manually


  98. Az Says:

    Poor quality all round. Very cheap remote indeed. Software poor and won’t play BBC multistreams or iPlayer. Mine was faulty on the HDMI – picture and sound kept cutting out right from the start. Returned it as faulty and replaced it with a Foxsat HD box. Soooooo much better quality.


  99. Az Says:

    Oh and I have to add it gets surprisingly hot which worries me a bit.


  100. Roger Says:

    Bush family box surprise update!

    I attempted to switch on my BushHD this evening, and it didn’t react ~ thought “ohno….” so I unplugged it, waited it a few mins and plugged it back in, to see a message that it had updated successfully! Eh?

    So, its updated to 2.2.6. I don’t know what that fixes or provides in addition, I just hope that it sorts out the high quality iPlayer/HD bug. There’s no advice on such an update on DTG.

    Currently (7pm) high quality iPlayer is very good, I’m watching the Timewatch programme on Atlantis and its working well, apart from occasional” internet problems” messages which go away after a few seconds without any dropouts or degradation of quality. When it finishes, I’ll see how HD goes….


  101. Roger Says:


    2.2.6 does not cure the hq iPlayer/HD switchover bug :-(

    I wonder what it did do?


  102. michael Says:

    I have 2 HD boxes 1 from BUSH and the other from Goodmans, the BUSH BFSAT01HD started loading a software update about 20:30 this evening (2010/06/08). I’ve not had a signal since. So I switched on the Goodmans in the back room and the first thing I saw was a message @Roger did, ‘update successful’. The Goodmans box seems to have turned itself off and won’t switch on again! I tried taking the power cable out of the BUSH box earlier as that usually fixes the ‘freezing bugs’ I’ve experienced with it. Not going to do that with the Goodmans tho as the BUSH is still showing no signal. What the hell just happened to £100’s of my Freesat receivers?????


  103. Robin Says:

    I bought this box a few days ago and so far haven’t had any problems although after reading everything above I’m guessing it will happen at some point. I wasn’t completely unaware of the issues when buying it but since its primary purpose was just to allow me to watch the World Cup in HD then I was willing to take the chance especially as it is only for my spare room (as my wife hates football!) as we already have Sky+HD in our living room.

    So far no problems although got slightly worried this evening when it just jumped into a software upgrade (whilst I was watching something!?!) and stayed at 10% on the progress bar for ages. Eventually it moved and after getting to 100% said it would reboot in a few minutes and after a few minutes just went into standy by. Couldn’t get it off stand by with remote and had to unplug it before it worked again! Could this be the first problem occurring???

    However, on rebooting got a message saying download successful (v2.2.6). Have now changed software upgrade to manual to avoid future surprises. I’m sure the next one can wait until the world cup is over! It also in a room which avoids the sun (i.e. quite cool) and is not stacked so hoping I don’t get overheating issues.

    Incidentally, sits on top of Xbox 360 so as far as reliability issues and overheating goes it’s in good company! 😉 (apologies to anyone that doesn’t own an Xbox 360 who probably has no idea what I’m talking about)


  104. john Says:

    My first freesat box and what a disaster, firmware 2.02 audio and picture droping out all the time, cant use anything other than 576p on hdmi otherwise its not usable. Only bought it for the world cup, load of junk.


  105. rogermunns Says:

    Bought my BFSAT01HD off eBay for £20 6 months ago. From the beginning it has been excellent.

    There is an issue with software updating but I’m not too concerned. Maybe someone can suggest what might be wrong and whether I should leave well alone or try to get a download.

    I am on software version 1.9.1

    There is never any attempt to download software UNLESS I go into GUIDE.

    It then pops up and starts to download but the progress bar halts at about 10%. Although it warns not to switch off, I do.

    Switch back on and it is ok. Next time I go onto GUIDE it happens again.


  106. Phil Says:

    Worked perfectly until latest software upgrade which has messed up the screen size and the ‘WIDE’ button no longer works.


  107. John Jackson Says:

    I foolishly bought one of these from Argos yesterday. I plugged it in and it immediatly upgraded to a new software. BBC HD ok ITV HD locks up and freezes. BBC i Player does not work! Made 3 calls to help line who told me to take it back. I exchanged it for another Bush which is again faulty Picture output from hdmi socket to TV goes off and on makes sound makes large poping sound. Scart output is OK and BBC I player works. Then my TV blew up!
    So the box is going back tomorrow and I.ll have to use my refund to part go to the purchase of a new TV! Verdict JUNK!


  108. Will Says:

    Just got one… my SD picture is fine – HD loses audio every now and then for about a second, this is so annoying – sometimes, audio cuts out so much that you dont know whats going on – it happened on a gabby logan world cup report, but when in cut from her to an interview it was fine…

    Anyone know if this is a signal problem or box?


  109. lisa Says:

    I bought one for my husband. All the channels go on and off when connected with HDML lead. Picture stays on with the other connector snart? I took it back today to Argos the lady in the shop said it was the second return today with the same problem?


  110. PaulRNew Says:

    Got this Freesat box from Argos, primarily because of the iPlayer feature. Picture OK (BBC HD particularly good). That’s about where the good points end! The menu is VERY slow, channels seem to take ages to appear, HD channels frequently vanish leving a “Data service only” error. Worse, every time I come out of iPlayer, the unit freezes and/or crashes every time requiring a full reboot. I’m practically wearing a patch in the carpet going back and forth from the sofa, so at least I’m getting some exercise! Terrible product. DO NOT BUY!!!!


  111. Edna Says:

    BFSAT01HD Bush Freesat box, Remote ‘ok’ button stopped working, so bought a URC7940 one for all 4 way remote, can I get it to work? NO! not one code works, and even the auto search fails!


  112. Phil Says:

    Please Please! release another software update that doesn’t cock everything up! Box was working perfectly well before last update. Now it takes forever to change channel and the screen size is all to pot!


  113. Wornpick Says:

    Picked one up brand-new and cheap on Ebay. Had a slight problem after the initial automatic upgrade, so pulled the power and left it a day. Next day it powered up fine and has worked perfectly ever since. I think a lot of the problems some people are having is more to do with their general installation than the Bush box. Get a zone 2 dish!


  114. Roger Says:


    Since the last update (2.26), the only problem I’ve had with my Bush HD box is that concerning watching iPlayer in “high quality” and having to reset the box to get “SD” images back. The remedy at present is to view iPlayer in standard quality. If the hq option is broke, don’t use it!

    Actually, I’m surprised that this box is still being sold. Its a first generation Freesat HD receiver which came out when Freesat was launched. Surely its time either for a Mk2 version or consignment to the big skip.

    How about a new topic?

    Specs for a Bush BFSAT02HD

    Anyone? *grin*


  115. Mike Says:

    Have two of these from Argos when on offer at £67.00 and paid for with Nectar Points. Irritatated with Argos pushing HDMI cable when 1 is included. Easy to set up and use although no more than the next program can be checked on the info button and switching to the guide turns off what you were watching. BBC iplayer works well through a power plug link and I am not bothered by the blue light as I have a multiplug that cuts the power to everything that is connected when the TV is switched off so nothing is on Standby. Fantastic value


  116. Phil Says:

    Argh I’ve lost iplayer. Changed ISP to Virgin, who provided a D-Link router. Seems like Bush doesn’t like D-links!! Netgear worked perfectly but virgin want to charge for a replacement. Can anyone confirm which Freesat boxes work with a D-Link router for iplayer? time for an upgrade me thinks!!


  117. Roger Says:


    Do you HAVE to use Virgin supplied equipment, or are you using other Virgin services that require you to use kit that they supply? Personally, I’ve not had much fun with D-Link equipment; I had a D-Link 54g wireless modem that eventually melted itself (despite being in a well-ventilated location). I’m currently using a Belkin modem that co-exists happily with my Bush box.

    If you have a Netgear, and it worked with your previous ISP, why not disconnect the D-Link and configure the Netgear for your Virgin account and try it out. How much did they want you to pay for an alternative? Amazon have a (pretty basic) Netgear DG834G for about 30 squid inc carriage. If its less than that, it might be worth taking them up on the offer, if more, then they’re gouging a little.

    The other possibility is that Virgin is doing some sneaky traffic shaping wrt iPlayer, as it might be seen to conflict with the on-demand service ~they~ supply

    As if!



  118. Phil Says:

    Thanks Roger

    Had to send back my old O2 router, but remembered I’d got an old locked $KY netgear. After a little searching on the net I managed to unlock and configure to to Virgin..and now works perfectly with iplayer.




  119. Dave Says:

    I think BUSH have really cocked this up. I have two BFSAT01HD boxes. Both brought at around the same time. One of them works ok, even works with BBC Iplayer. The other missed the update. I just called BUSH at 10p per min to have someone tell me that NO freesat boxes can pick up Iplayer at the moment. I told him, well thats funny cos I have two boxes and Im sat here watching Iplayer at the moment. THEN he back tracked and said to take the one that dont work back to the shop I got it from and tell them its not working. WHY do these companies get away with selling stuff that isnt quite working and needs no end of updates..!!


  120. Steve Says:

    This box is now £64.99 in-store at Argos and you get a £5 voucher when you buy.


  121. steven Bain Says:

    Ulike most on here I DO NOT RECOMMEND this box. It has just too many niggles to annoy you beyond endurance

    1 If you set programmes on the EPG it reminds you about two minutes after any programme has started

    2 When you are reminded it flashes up the name of the PREVIOUS programme rather than the one you asked it to flag.

    3 Take the batteries out at your own risk, it will begin to behave erratically.

    4 When using the remote to change channels it has a slight delay making you miss the channel you are trying to view

    5 Recent update means iplayer no longer works (the reason I bought it in the first place).

    6 Remote control build quality poor.


  122. steven bain Says:

    oh and 7…

    The unit lights up blue when it is switched OFF and this light goes off when the unit is switched on! Meaning when it’s left on you don’t realise….madness!


  123. Jane Says:

    Had my box for over a year now with no problems and was very pleased with it. Recently tried iplayer (using home plugs) but IF I can get it to load it will play for about 30 seconds and then stop and won’t start again. I rang the Bush helpline who were very unhelpful and told me to ring my isp who were also no help at all. My software version is the latest and my internet connection is quite fast (over 5 mbps). I also have a Humax box on a different tv and have no difficulty watching iplayer in high quality.
    Does anyone have any ideas/solutions as to what I can do to resolve this?
    Thanks, Jane


  124. adam Says:

    non of u have mentioned that it gets very very hot!! u can cook an egg on that thing.


  125. mark:) Says:

    my remote stopped workin changed the batteries but nothing …can turn it over manually …..but its a pain…..is there a code for the remote to work…..?


  126. Roger Says:

    @stephen (122)

    A lot of Bush family TV equipment has the “blue light” annoying feature.

    One of these days, I’m going to try wiring a 7400 NAND gate in to invert the LED, so it goes off when the box is on standby.

    Shouldn’t be TOO hard…… :-)


  127. fuming with this box Says:

    i brought this box four month ago . the picture quality is fine but with my belkin router i have no iplayer . im pulling out my hair as the tech numbers dont work they just pass the buck

    im not a slouch around a pc and the router can see the box , but nothing

    i thought it was firewall so i took this off for the short term but no difference

    can any one guide me how to get thi damm thing work as i missed bonfire night last week arrrrrrrh


  128. Andy Says:

    @adam: Take a look back at Comments #65 and #67. Yes this thing runs bloody hot! Mine will only work with the lid off! With the lid on, and leaving lots of breathing space around it, it lasts maybe two or three hours before the picture disappears to be replaced by a pretty green and red pattern. Take the lid off and it works fine. Go figure. I’ve had it for a year now. Cheap and nasty, and now dusty!


  129. Bobby Says:

    Ive just bought this box and Im watching football on ITV HD and I think its a fantastic picture, but can anyone tell me if (and how) I can pick up channels like sky 3 and channel one?


  130. Steve Says:

    The Bush freesat box is now discontinued ( BFSAT01 ) and replaced with BFSAT03. The new box has a new menu system and remote control. THe blue light is ON when the box is ON ! Plus it now has a USB socket on the back !

    Software and hardware versions are different from the old BFSAT01 box as well.

    No one on the net seems to know anything about this, but all the Bush freesat box’s that Argos have sold for the past few months are BFSAT03.


  131. Glynn Says:

    Well ive had the Bush freesat HD box for over a year now and had no problems with it at all. The HD channels are crisp and the normal SD channels are comparable with any other boxes ive had in the past. It never freezes and the menu interface is simple and easy to use. This freesat box was bought from Argos for £39.99 which is an absolute bargain. Forget Humax boxes which are too expensive. Rating 10/10 :)


  132. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I have had the Bush BFSAT01 for over a year and overall it seems to work fairly well. At the time of purchase it was easily the cheapest Freesat receiver on the market so on the basis that you get what you pay for I have been pleasantly surprised on its reliability and picture quality.

    There are a few downsides to the receiver. The EPG is very slow at times and frequently just shows ‘no information’ on a few channels. You can do a manual search for non Freesat channels but there is a bug which seems to prevent some channels working such as Channel 4 HD whilst in the testing stage and NHK World HD.

    Another downside is the picture quality when using the scart connection. I did originally use the scart for recording on my VHS recorder but found the quality to low for my liking.

    Occasionally you can lose the picture but tuning into the channel again seems to cure it. I have noticed that rebooting the box from cold is advisable if you are suffering problems.

    I would not give the box 10:10 but considering that the rival boxes all seem to have problems from time to time I would score it very high on a value for money basis. I am sure that other manufacturers make a better quality product but if you just want a basic Freesat box it does the job.


  133. Stephen Burke Says:

    Have had this box for a couple of years now and has functioned well for the price. I agree with comments about annoying ultra bright blue LED in standby especially as this box is in the bedroom. EPG a bit flaky etc.

    Now Ch 4 and NHK available in HD but the picture is very jerky. – (BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV HD and Luxe HD all fine!) There is a fix available from Bush but the website says there is a charge for this without mentioning how much! Does anyone out there know??


  134. dont know sam kidderminster Says:

    im having similar problems since the bbc changed the signal both bbc hd channels make the screen flash black every so often .all the other hd channels are fine,ive tried 1st time install and leaving it on stanby for 30secs but it still happens. any body know how to sort it? cheers


  135. Stu Says:

    Still no BBC or C4 HD with Bush HD Freesat – no signal. WTF


  136. Ellen Says:

    Hi, as soon as my LNB cable is plugged into the box the power light goes off and can’t be switched back on????? Therefore it’s doesn’t work, can anyone help.


  137. John Says:

    Had this box for some time now, does some silly things time to time.

    EPG listings vanish but do come back, can not always turn on after being in stand-by so i have to pull the power plug from the rear then reconnect it…

    The HD picture is good, but you must remember its a BUSH Freesat box…. i have never been keen on them but for the price its ok


  138. Peter Mc Says:

    I’m having an issue with jittery picture when on HD channels (mostly ITV and c4 hd) I called Bush who after saying it probably needs returning under Warranty (which has long since expired).
    After a brief exchange over the fact that there is definitely a fault but no diagnostics were really tried (no asking which version Software etc is it running) The Suggestion stunned me. The suggestions was to get a Humax as they tend to be more reliable!?!?!?! So… As per Bush (grundig etc) Technical supports instruction, Don’t buy Bush, Buy a Humax.

    In the words of Chef Ramsey… Un-###king-believable


  139. MICKY Says:

    I have had a “BUSH” 32″ HDMI TV for the last 2 or 3 years and have to say that it has performed very well. Sadly, this month saw the ‘ digital’ switch over. Since then programmes information page has decided to stop giving information, after about 30 min’ of operation I have to switch off and watch the blue torch at the front, flash for a min’ or two. When it stops flashing. I can switch on and every thing is back to normal. Perhaps this is a similar problem suffered by – John (94). As for the software update which takes place at 3am every day. (yes I do sit up and allow for it to update occasionally). It simply reads. ” No new software found”. N.B. after 2 or 3 years of owning it ! What a service. A bird in the hand — etc,.


  140. Stephen Burke Says:

    Ch4 HD freezes and ethernet socket does not work – bush website says my box needs an “upgrade” – phone tech support who “will be happy to help”! So after waiting 15min @ 10p per min the Tech guy asked for my software version number and told me the “upgrade” I needed was a new box!! – “Sorry it’s not very clear on the website”! – Cheers for that – I certainly wont be a Bush receiver


  141. Stephen Burke Says:

    PS – Does anyone know the address of the Bush Head office? I want to write them a stinker and there are no “Contact Us” details on the website – wonder why?


  142. Bill Peach Says:

    I bought my box from Argos back in July and although I am very happy with it there is one particular problem which is very annoying and happens on a regular basis. When I wish to record say Eastenders for future viewing via my local BBC South East station and having selected the programme and pressed the record button, I get the option “this programme is available on HD do you wish to switch to this or record it at the lower resolution” or word to that effect. I always chose the HD option (why wouldn’t you) but when I later come to watch the programme the sound is totally missing. If I then record it when it is repeated on BBC 3 or if I record it non HD the sound is there.
    Anyone else with this problem?


  143. andy Says:

    got bush BFSAT01HD have had it six mths and now it as crashed and just says no signal can any one help ? other wise brill .


  144. Keith Says:

    I have a bush HD freesat box and have no complaints I can watch BBC iplayer on standard quality with no problems,only when trying to watch in HQ does it have to be re-booted by power turning off at the wall plug to enable the servcie to be resumed, but when I try to watch ITV iplayer it tells me this is not supported, sure I have read above that you can watch ITV iplayer on this unit how can I achieve this?


  145. Tim P Says:

    We have the same problem with Channel 4 HD It judders then freezes completely but the compensation is that the BBC HD channels work fine with simply gorgeous pictures. The upscaler works extremely well too.
    I bought this as used box on ebay – Price was just £35. Software version is 1.9.1
    I phoned tech support to ask about Ch 4 hd and I was told that this box needs to be upgraded and that I’ need to send them the box for an upgrade . They quoted £40 for a 3 month guarantee on the upgrade or £79 for a twelve month guarantee. I’ll live with it as it is. For the most part this is fine.


  146. Jeff J Purcell Says:

    Great value product with excellent sound/vision. One strange problem, though:

    Using a Powerlink connection between DSL Gateway and LAN switch, Iplayer is not accesible via the ethernet. Replace the Powerlink by a direct Cat5e cable and everything works fine.
    Question is- is this a compatibility problem caused by the Freesat or by the powerlink??


  147. Mike B Says:

    Mine used to judder on all ITV channels on the Granada transmitter Changed my post code to London and all judder has stopped Only drawback is you get London regional news but can live with that as I just go back to normal telly


  148. david southam Says:

    i bought this from argos for 69 quid and i’m happy with it.
    the picture is great
    iplayer works thro my powerline.
    bye bye sky.

    one question i have.
    i have scanned in all the non freesat channels.
    i get sky news but once i watch the freesat channels and go back to sky news it says no signal.
    i have to delete the channel and rescan it to get it back.
    anyone else have similar?


  149. Keith Says:

    I can’t get Channel 4 HD on mine – although the stbchecker website says it should. I waited for the bush ‘support’ phoneline for 10 minutes (=£1) and no answer. Do I need to throw it away and buy a Humax or will bush fix it?


  150. Kevin Says:

    all of my HD channels have no picture, but sound. i’ve changed the HDMI cable, used a different TV and it’s still the same. anyone else having the same problem?


  151. noel painting Says:

    After 18 months working ok there is no power to the box. The Bush website doesn’t seem to have any means of contact other than a 10p per minute phone number so will probably ditch it and buy another rather than endure the hassle. Not good Bush! (and the Bush website says phone number is available on Saturday but the answerphone says Monday to Friday. Very unimpressive.


  152. Paul B Says:

    Just recently the blue light stays on, which means the power is on standby/(off), there’s nothing I can do to rectify it, nothing available in any forums.
    Just ditching it annoys me, but looks like only option


  153. Michael m Says:

    Just bought a bush freesat hd from Argos . All hd worked ok with 100 signal but Olympics channels no signal . No one was any help so took it back.


  154. Roger Says:

    Just seen that the ITV Player availability status on the Freesat “Check for On Demand” page ( http://www.freesat.co.uk/what-you-get/on-demand-tv/check-your-box-or-tv-for-on-demand ) has changed from “Coming Soon” to “X” – meaning that it’s not coming at all, anymore.

    No point in keeping this box going, looks like Vestel have given up on updates for the more lucrative Freesat+/Freetime pastures.

    Oh well.


  155. Dave Says:

    Bought the latest model of this box from Argos (BFSAT03HD/A). Worked OK at first and then the indicator light packed up. I took it back and got a replacement which didn’t display the epg. Took this back and it was replaced with an earlier version of the box which didn’t support ITV Player. Will take this one back for a refund and buy a decent make.


  156. Lynn Says:

    Just bought the the latest model from Argos, all ok at the moment. One thing I do hate about it is the channel list very very hard to read, not easy on the eye. one thing I am trying to do is watch my Lovefilms though the TV so I have to unplug the HDMI and plug in another HDMI unless some one knows a better way to do this. Another downer is no sports channels.


  157. Ian C Says:

    Had mine for about 3 years and worked OK, it now has the problem of switching itself off when I change to an HD channel. Bush are hopeless.
    Please look at the Manhattan model instead.


  158. graham day Says:

    Have had this for 2 years and worked very well, however it has been consigned to the bin as mine also will not come off standby, did all the un plug and leave bit but to no avail. Took the cover off and the top underneath of the cover was brown (overheating) pity as it produced excellent picture and sound quality. The heat sink was a bit of a give away with no fan to help displacement.

    Have fallen back to free view that has nearly as many channels anyway


  159. Pat H Says:

    About 18 moths ago bought 2x Bus01HD boxes had problems on several occasions when Box would not com but blue light stays on. Phoned Bush Technical who gave me all rots of reasons why it may be faulty. BUT never indicated they have had problems with this fault. Have tried for about a hour to get box working to no avail then tried the on in my sons room and guess what it too has the same fault. OK Mr Bush what are you going to do about my Freesat Box problems


  160. Digijon Says:

    Anybody else lost ability to playback bbc iplayer recently?
    I have on 2 units.
    Argos and Bush help poor.


  161. Keith W Says:

    Mines not been working for a couple of months too.


  162. Roger Says:

    I gave up on the Bush Freesat HD box a while ago, when something internal failed.

    Whilst browsing about some old bookmarks this morning, I clicked my Bush Freesat link to the “manufacturers” website ( http://www.bushdigital.co.uk ) to find that the website is gone and the address occupied by a domain squatter, handing out “useful” links.

    The Bush BFSAT01HD is not only obsolete, which we knew already, but its well and truly dead as well .


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