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Bush Freesat SD Digital Box (BFSAT01SD)
Released: 6th May 2008
Discontinued: April 2009

Bush SD freesat receiver

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

Argos Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
Satbuyer Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
Comet Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
Amazon Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
Currys Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
Dixons Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop
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Maplin Now discontinued, click ‘go’ to see if any stock remains Visit Shop

About the Bush BFSAT01SD Digital Receiver

The Bush BFSAT01SD Standard Definition freesat Digital Box was released shortly after Freesat’s launch date in early May 2008. The Bush is class as a low-end receiver, although matching the Grundig and Goodmans internals as they are all manufacturered by Alba Group. The Bush BFSAT01SD offers good quality SD picture and sound, and offers a LNB in/out connection allowing you to piggyback another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish (although a separate cable from the satellite with another Freesat digital box is highly recommended). The EPG as with all Alba Group models is plain, but easy to navigate and includes the automatic tune from first switch on. The ability to add FTA channels not available in the Freesat EPG is also available.

Bush BFSAT01SD Specification

– Freesat compliant
– Access all freesat Digital channels and Radio Stations
– Handy on-screen TV listings
– Interactive TV
– Subtitles and Audio Description
– Simultaneous playing of transmissions YPbPr or Scart (2 x Scart sockets)
– Internal PSU
– Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
– Automatic software upgrade via satellite
– Audio description / One touch subtitle
– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 257mm x 42mm x 165mm
– Weight: 1kg

Bush BFSAT01SD latest software version

SD 1.4.25 (15-Apr-09)

Bush BFSAT01SD official website


Bush BFSAT01SD manuals

http://www.bushdigital.co.uk/downloads/Bush%20BFSAT01SD%20IB_Rev1-140308.pdf (1.03mb – user manual)
http://www.bushdigital.co.uk/downloads/BFSAT01SD%20QSG-Rev4-140308.pdf (0.9mb – quick start guide)


Bush SD freesat receiver
Bush SD Freesat Receiver (BFSAT01SD) Front View

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24 Responses to “Bush BFSAT01SD”

  1. admin Says:

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  2. Martin Says:

    I have 2 of the Bush SD boxes – I also have a Humax HD.

    I bought them becuase at the time they were the cheapest – used in kitchen/bedroom.

    For the price they are just fine – both function as expected. The look/feel of the EPG / Menu is not as nice as the Humax – but it works just as well. In fact the FTA tuning is probably better than Humax’s – allowing you to channel hop from Freesat to non Freesat channels.

    I have had past problems with EPG updates – requiring manual freesat tune. But I have also had successful EPG updates.

    Biggest gripe with the unit is the brightness of the Blue LED – which is on in standby. Illuminated the bedroom so much had to put tape over it.


  3. Vicky Says:

    I’m happy with the Bush box, except for the incredibly bright blue light when it’s turned off. With the emphasis on energy saving at the moment I find this really odd and very annoying. It actually stopped me buying a 2nd box for the bedroom. A sleep function would also be good, again I wanted a box for the bedroom, where I use the sleep function alot on my TV to save a bit of energy. Only other minor gripe is the communication between remote control and TV is a bit sluggish, even with new batteries. Other than that good with easy to use epg


  4. Roger Says:

    I have had the Bush SD box since Freesat launch on 6 May,it is very easy to use. I have Programed in some non freesat frequencies such as Horse and Country,Sky news ,Ch5 the Travel channel it was easy to do. The bright blue led is too bright so I put a small peice of black tape over half of it. This is an excellent starter box good value for money. Buy it you can’t go wrong.


  5. rob Says:

    I have 2 of these boxes but both have an annoying problem. In Guide I get “No information available” against any number of channels at random times of day and on random channels. This prevents channel selection and forward recording. Cannot find a solutuion so far.


  6. Brian R Says:

    I’ve recently got one of these. By and large it works fine but refuses to update its firmware from 1.1.12. Anybody any clues?


  7. dave a Says:

    i can’t seem to update from 1.1.12 either. is the update still live? missing a few channels so really want the add channels facility. tried swithching it to manual upgrade then pressing guide but it doesn’t update


  8. Keith B Says:

    I recently bought the Bush SD box and had the same problems with the EPG listings showing ‘No Information Available’. Rang Bush and they said to disconnect everything – reconnect – and then do another ‘first time install’. It didn’t work – also box gets VERY hot!

    From the same satellite dish I have 2 Sky Pace boxes running Freesatfromsky, they all show the EPG listings perfectly so it can’t be a system fault.

    Took box back to Argos and exchanged it for a Goodmans (£10 dearer) this had exactly the same problems and – guess what – ITS THE SAME BOX, just £10 dearer for a different cover! NOT IMPRESSED!
    The box wasn’t sealed and the box had already been set up, so I took it back and hace reverted to the Bush SD box, hopefully it is a software fault that will eventually get sorted.


  9. admin Says:

    Sounds like your satellite dish alignment might be the issue and it’s not pulling a strong enough signal from Eurobird, where the Freesat EPG is broadcast from. Sky’s EPG is broadcast from Astra2.


  10. Jay Says:


    I recently ‘upgraded’ from sky to FTA and Freesat – adding a quad lnb and purchasing a Silver Crest (Comag) SL80/2 100CI PVR FTA receiver and two Bush BFSAT01SDs.

    After installation everything works great except that the two Bush receivers have a colour smear/blur with the colours red, blue and yellow – red being the worst.

    As I had bought two Bush BFSAT01SD I realised that there was an issue with the said boxes and that it mustn’t be an isolated problem. The Silver Crest (Comag) receiver is fine and has no picture issues.

    The problem only manifests itself with the actual transmitted picture, the menu system does not have this problem.

    Naturally I Googled the problem and found that others have had the same issue. The forum and thread in question is –


    As others did, I have contacted Bush/Alba, but have had no response.

    Some people think that a software update may fix the problem as the menu system does not have this problem and its only the transmission that is effected.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    I’d rather not take the boxes back to Argos if a fix is possible.

    I too have problems with the EPG not showing all the info on programs, this is intermitent, but seems to effect Zone Horror most often. I have a good strong signal on Astra, Astra2 and Eurobird so I’m not sure what the issue is. Has anyone sorted this problem?

    One other gripe is that the menu system is so slow! it has such a lag. My Silver Crest (Comag) box is so much quicker, almost instant. Hopefully as with several things an update for the firmware would be nice, although I get the feeling that Bush/Alba aren’t so interested now the boxes are out there now.


  11. dave a Says:

    FAO Brian R and other bush/goodmans/grundig sd users on software v1.1.12…..the over air download is no longer on air and new stock is supposed to have v1.2.16 pre-installed. No idea as to when and if the oad will be back on air but have emailed bushdigital and argos for their thoughts on how to rectify the problem.

    good box otherwise apart from slight colour shift as mentioned already and VERY directional remote


  12. dave a Says:

    email from argos this morning letting me know new stock arrives at my local store (perth) with up to date software and they will happily exchange. Worth getting in touch with them if you have an affected box


  13. david a Says:

    reply from argos….new stock at my local store (perth) on 16th feb that meets current spec and they will happily exchange. Worth emailing if you have an affected box


  14. david a Says:

    reply from argos….new stock in my local store (perth) on 16/2/9 with up to date software and they will happily exchange. Worth emailing argos CS if you have bought an affected box from them


  15. Give your Freesat products a rating! » Join Freesat Says:
  16. Jo B Says:

    The Bush (and no doubt it’s other incarnations) is absolute rubbish. Do NOT buy it – I probably wouldn’t even have another from this group even if it was free!

    Constant problems with the EPG showing ‘no info’ when moving forward / up-down. If you look at the EPG too long it cuts off and says no channels available requiring box to be switched off/on.

    Adding other available FTA channels is annoying as you end up with several reoccurences and no way of removing them – it’s either all or none.

    The programme reminder function ceased to work after a few weeks – annoying if you want to record different channels whilst out.

    Bright light on standby completely pointless, no wonder it uses 10watts on standby. Handy for finding your way around in the night but gets in the way of sleeping a bit.

    Bought it in October – ceased functioning completely last week.

    Nil out of ten would be generous. I’m off to buy a Humax.


  17. Gareth Says:

    I bought two of these boxes for upstairs televisions so I only use the EPG and have not tried to use any of the other functions. I’ve had absolutely no problems with these. The EPG is a bit bland but the picture quality is OK on both Samsung LCD and a Sanyo CRT television. I would say they are good value for money. If you want a better quality product go for Humax


  18. Brian R Says:

    The over the air update seems to be back. Its updated twice over the Easter period (including today).


  19. Jay Says:

    Hi again everyone!

    Just thought I’d update you on my problems and resolves (of sorts) regarding the Bush SD box.

    I too had more problems with the last software update on one of my boxes (I bought 2), freezes intermitently etc. I took the box back to Argos and as usual there wasn’t any stock to replace it with, so as the HD version had come down in price I thought I’d try that instead.

    Amazingly the HD box works perfectly, even though I don’t have it connected to a HD LCD , just by a scart lead to an old widescreen tv.

    The navigation of the menus is spot on and there is no colour bleed, plus the information for the EPG always appears – “No Information” is history!, although the software version is higher than that of the SD box (1.4.25) – (HD box version 1.5.46), which I think may have something to do with it.

    The only slight fault (another?) is that the sound has a slight his, but I’m hoping that when I get a HD LCD this should be resolved through a HDMI cable.

    Luckily the other SD box I have doesn’t suffer the freezes like my other box did with the software update, although the slow menu and annoying colour bleed is still as obvious stupid as ever.

    I would have asked for a refund on the other SD box, but I’m cutting my losses until something else avails on the horizon. The Humax is just a bit too expensive for me and even though the HD version of the Bush box works great, I think I’ll just wait and see how these thing pan out.

    Another thing regarding these boxes, the do get a might hot!

    Incedentally, I live in the Republic of Ireland and purchased these boxes up North (Northern Ireland), the same boxes are available in Tesco Ireland, albeit with a different branding other than Freesat and they retail for 300 euro!


  20. Jay Says:

    Just to keep this up-to-date, a new software version appeared this weekend 1.5.26, although I can’t say I can see any new changes :o(

    Come on Bush/Alba get your act together, your customers ain’t happy. Even if they were just concentrate on the colour smear/colour bleed, that’d be a good start.

    I noticed also at the weekend that the Irish copies of the Bush SD and HD boxes in Tesco have been reduced to a similar amount to that in sterling – ’bout time, money bleeders!


  21. Keith Bown Says:

    I have now taken my SD box back to Argos and, as I need 2 scarts and the 2nd generation boxes only have 1, have upgraded to the Bush HD box (£18 extra).
    No more juddery pictures and the TV guide now populates immediately, with no more ‘No Information Available’ messages.
    I connected the box with the HDMI cable and viewed an HD broadcast – yes it’s a better picture in HD – just need more HD broadcasts!


  22. Andy Wellings Says:

    Have a Bush 2nd generation set top box very happy with product,and remote control is excellent well done Bush


  23. alice goodwin Says:

    I have just installed my bush freesat box but can’t get some of the channels like virgin fiver five us. The manual tells me to go online to get the frequency channel number but having problems finding where i would get these. Can anyone help me finding the website. Thanks


  24. admin Says:

    Virgin One, Fiver, Five US are not available on Freesat; they are encrypted on DSAT by Sky!


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