Goodmans GFSAT200HD

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Goodmans Freesat HD Digital Box (GFSAT200HD)
Released: 6th May 2008
Discontinued: October 2011

Goodmans HD freesat receiver

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

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About the Goodmans GFSAT200HD Digital Receiver

The Goodmans GFSAT200HD High Definition freesat Digital Box was released shortly after Freesat’s launch on 6-May-08. Whilst suffering the same as the other Alba Group models due to software recalls, the Goodmans has proven itself as a solid mid-range Freesat Digital Box, with its closest competition being both the Grundig and Humax. The Goodmans GFSAT200HD brings you good quality picture in both SD and HD, and offers a LNB in/out connection allowing you to piggyback another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish (although a separate cable from the satellite with another Freesat digital box is highly recommended). The EPG (electronic programme guide) is basic but simple to use. Please note that this Goodmans Freesat HD Receiver is now able to add free to air channels not listed in the Freesat EPG; this was not available from launch.

Goodmans GFSAT200HD Specification

– Freesat compliant
– Access all freesat Digital channels and Radio Stations
– Handy on-screen TV listings
– Interactive TV
– Ethernet support – for future iPlayer and Kangaroo use
– Subtitles and Audio Description
– Simultaneous playing of transmissions over HDMI, YPbPr or Scart (2 x Scart sockets)
– External Power Adapter
– Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
– Automatic software upgrade via satellite
– Audio description / One touch subtitle
– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 257mm x 42mm x 165mm
– Weight: 1kg

Goodmans GFSAT200HD latest software version

HD 1.5.46 (17-Feb-09)

Goodmans GFSAT200HD official website

Goodmans GFSAT200HD manuals (1.0mb – user manual) (0.8mb – quick start guide)


Goodmans HD freesat receiver
Goodmans HD Freesat Receiver (GFSAT200HD) Front View

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60 Responses to “Goodmans GFSAT200HD”

  1. admin Says:

    Do you own or have owned this product? Then why not give us your opinion to help assist potential customers in deciding which Freesat product is right for them. Please stick to opinions/reviews of the specific product on this page. Also, don’t forget to give this product a rating, using the stars at the top!


  2. Roger Says:

    Good unit while it regularly locks when viewing EPG and needs to be rebooted by disconnecting the power. Not sure the reason for this but it would be appreciated if Goodmans corrected this one blemish.


  3. Denis Says:

    Did have problem with box locking when on Guide also with lipsync. However once I rescanned and got rid of all the non Freesat channels both problems were resolved. An excellant box for the price.


  4. David Says:

    A good enough box, with the HD proving excellent throughout the Olympics and various other sporting events. However, when putting my TV on standby it never comes back on, requiring a reboot of the Freesat Box.

    The guide is functional enough, if a little basic and cheap in its presentation. Good box for the price, but was only purchased as the ariel in my block of flats was replaced and my Freeview was rendered useless. I would not have purchased this on its own merits, as there isn’t enough on Freesat to pull me from Freeview. However, this is more a comment on Freesat, and not the box itself which is, as I have said, good for the price but in hindsight I would have waited for a PVR version.


  5. Liam Says:

    Very good box except for the lock ups when using Red Button Services (corrected by switch off/on). Would also like two features added to the “non-freesat” section, ability to sort the channels and to key 4 digit channel numbers.


  6. Martin Says:

    Dropped into curry’s couldn’t wait so bought this box. So far so good, excellent HD functionality way better than SKY’s attempt (Sky has half the ability)..
    Now has UI for adding non EPG FTA channels, my only gripe being the lack of information available detailing how to do this.. there are a number of sites detailing the required frequencies, however I have experienced some difficulty
    trying to scan using the recommended FEC’s.. (not a father Jack reference!!)


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  8. aln Says:

    i have now had this box for 4 weeks now and i like the stylish look and small size.
    the one grip[e i have,and its a small one, is that i sometimes lose sound even when changing channel.
    switching off from the remote or box doesnt help,i have to unplug it from the mains and back to get sound again.
    its been happening more often,although i dont really mind the unplug bit ,it is a bit of a pain sometimes.
    has this happened to any of you.


  9. Barry Says:

    I`ve had this box for a couple of weeks. I am quite impressed by it for its price. I occasionally get loss of signal, but perhaps that is not a fault with the box? I have not had any other problems,yet. Touch wood and whistle, as my Father says! I am interested in scanning for those non free sat channels, or whatever they are called. How do I go about it?


  10. Ross Says:

    Excellent box, no bugs anymore due too recent software upgrade


  11. Ben Vost Says:

    The passthrough works in a very arbitrary fashion with a Sky box. Sometimes Sky channels are received, sometimes not. There is no consistency to which are received and which not.


  12. Tony Says:

    In the table of prices above you show Dixons as offering the box for £117.54 with free delivery and £5 off until 31/3. You then show the total price to be £113.54, which is carried over into your side panel as the Best Price for this box. Five quid off £117.54 is £112.54; as postage is free, this is the total price and should be shown as the best price.


  13. admin Says:

    Good spot, thank you Tony :)


  14. aln Says:

    i was one of the lucky ones who got this box for £50 at empire direct online…..they didnt sit for long of course.


  15. Nick Clark Says:

    Hi folks,

    Argos are currently clearing out this box so it is reduced to under £90.00 – thought this might be of interest…


  16. admin Says:

    …but it seems to be out of stock for home delivery or collection!


  17. john Says:

    was lucky to get mine from argos for £89 very pleased with it HD for free come on!!


  18. tim Says:

    Appears great, however we have had the same problem as some of the above people. We are currently on our 3rd freesat box (in about 3 weeks). Our first wasnt a grundig (but virtually identical). With all three we have had this problem with loosing sound. I know that it is just a job of getting up unplugging and plugging in again, but it shouldnt happen and often requires 5-10 reboots in an evening. What is this thing about a software update, might this fix it?


  19. Jim Says:

    I’ve had 2 of these and they were both rubbish. The first one kept losing the sound so I exchanged it for a new one after about 3 months. The second one could not pick up a signal at all after about 2 weeks. I got a Humax box instead and I was amazed at the improvement in picture quality over the Goodmans box.


  20. jess Says:

    I loose signal pretty much every day, not bb1 bbc2 or itv work inthe day very well or at night, middle of the day the channels all block up and only sky news or house of parliment works, very booring. done all the unplugging and rebooting ect ect but still never a great signal on the main channels, please any ideas ??


  21. Terry Rand Says:

    Had unit for six months absolutly no problems, used with Maplins switch to run in conjunction with standard Sky box, never needed to reboot, Can this be caused by cheap F plugs? Signal strength excellent. Unit bought as new for £42 on ebay.


  22. James Says:

    When I first installed this unit with 82-84% signal strength, I found that some channels showed “no signal” such as BBC1, ITV1, while BBC2, News 24, ITV2+1 etc were fine.

    Reinstalls and unplugging didn’t seem to work.

    I have since done two things that seem to have solved the missing channels problem (touch wood): Firstly, I noticed that the unit got very hot underneath my TV, so I now have it next to the TV. Secondly, I suspected that the wireless modem router might be causing interference, and this has now been repositioned to the opposite side of the TV. Now all the channels work fine!


  23. tj Says:

    i have only had this box 3 weeks and lost the sound twice at 95 quid should not happen but discovering this site as enabled me to solve it cheers if continues will take it back.


  24. Andy Says:

    I’ve had this box for around 6 months and overal have been happy with it – but what is going on at the moment? Box resets every two minutes with black screen and green vertical lines – sometimes comes back. sometimes doesn’t. I contacted Goodmans and was told that they were upgrading the box (software I presume but it was difficult to understand the person I was talking to) and that this would take a couple of days. It has now been 5 days where we have been without properly working TV which is unaccepable. Is anyone else suffering with this?


  25. mediaman Says:

    I have had my Goodmans HD box since the start of Freesat and never had a problem until the last update but Goodmans are working on a fix and should be fixed in the next couple of days. Digital Spy are currently have a thread running about the problem.


  26. ken dobson Says:

    Appalled with the service from Goodmans over my GF200HD freesat box. They did a download and now the set wont work. Keep phoning India-to their call centre-!!!No joy there. Don’t buy the product… Poor after sales service and fobbed off with excuses


  27. ken dobson Says:

    If you have a problem with your GF200HD phone the customer service manager in England..the number is 02082387650. This is the headquaeters of Harvardplc and they will put you through to Goodman’s customer manager in Portsmouth. He told me there were only 70 sets affected but i think there are lots more. Let’s get Goodman to do something fast to solve this travesty to its customers before we all get refunds and buy a more reliable freesat box from another company.


  28. ALAN Says:

    i got mine from maplins only payed £69 ,i must have a good one. hd is brill on it can not complain you no where to go . no i don,t work for maplins


  29. AmouredGoat Says:

    Bought this box, newly sealed from the car boot, exess to requiirments from the lady i bought it from, Worth the £10 i paid for it, hd works bargin box


  30. AmouredGoat Says:

    jess youre dish isnt aligned properly


  31. JPB Says:

    I have always got to un-plug from the mains and re-plug to get any response from the newly repaced box after turning off the TV.While this is not a big deal,I feel it ought not to be necessary.
    Am I doing something wrong ?


  32. JPB Says:

    Got update 1.8.1 at 18.00 hrs 11/12/09
    Successful download -at last, fingers crossed


  33. adrian lightfoot Says:

    Goodmans GFSAT200HD
    Poor is the nicest thing i can say, six boxes all faulty,no sound , you have to unplug to reset; picture locks ,gets very hot, changed for differant make.
    Would never recomend to anyone.
    0 RATING


  34. aln Says:

    my goodmans hd box has now lost all channels and when i tried the first time install it is stuck on scan as it cant find any channels .

    anyone the same!!


  35. aln Says:

    hmm…it seems to have sorted itself.

    im still not convinced its ok as it definately not working a short time ago.

    was an upgrade put out last night?


  36. Terry Says:

    Worked fine for six months, then did an automatic update and never worked again.
    Trying to get help from Goodmans technical department is worse than getting Sky to sort out their broadband and just as expensive.
    Put your money in a hole in the garden and try to grow it you will have more success.
    Buy a Humax it will work out cheaper.


  37. JohnG Says:

    How come the defaut is always FEC 3/4 and no way to change it when adding
    more Non Freesat channels!


  38. JohnG Says:

    In Menu option I have no SCART Output.
    My s/ware version is 1.8.1
    Anyone else the same!


  39. JohnG Says:

    In Menu option I have no SCART Output. Its missing.
    My s/ware version is 1.8.1
    Anyone else the same!
    Also how can you change FEC – It always appears to be stuck
    at FEC 3/4 with no way to change it!


  40. aln Says:

    i would also like to know if FEC3/4 an be changed….anyone,please!


  41. james Says:

    I’ve had this box for a while and I haven’t experienced any of the problems mentioned here. It works great, brilliant price, looks nice and is easy to use.


  42. terry Says:

    keep getting problems with both bbc and itv hd dropping out …have to unplug from mains then switch back on and all ios good for a day or two then it goes again. bloody annoying


  43. Brad Says:

    At the end of the day you have to remember one thing, they are Goodmans and Goodmans have always and will always be sh!te….Have people got a bad memory or something, would you have bought Goodmans 10 years ago…..I think not!


  44. brian shaw Says:

    I bought a Grundig hd freesat box, had problems with this box for a while and it was eventually replaced by the manf: with a goodmans box. Now this box has developed a rather annoying habit, on the bbc channels BBC1- BBC 1HD and BBC HD the ‘press red’ logo appears every 1 or 2 mins the green button will not fix this problem. Freesat, BBC, and Goodmans all blame each other for this..Its like a flashing red logo that distracts from the programs


  45. Liam Says:

    My Goodmans box has developed a fault. This was a replacement box after the big lockout problem. Switched on from cold it works fine for a short while then gradually the picture begins to break up and then becomes unwatchable. Have tried restarts, first time installs etc but problem persists.


  46. Roy Says:

    my goodmans box keeps loosing the picture but not the sound.i have to keep switching it on and off then the picture comes back, its a right pain in the a## would not recommend this box.


  47. Maurice Says:

    There is an annoying set of faults with this unit and I-player/HD. Watching I-player for more than about 15 minutes stops the unit from decoding HD channels – sometimes the video stops working, sometimes both video and sound. Rebooting the box (power cable removed) clears the problem. Additionally the box will occasionally/randomly lose Ethernet connectivity for a few seconds whilst watching I-player, this sometimes generates an error message onscreen.


  48. Frankie Tully Says:

    My 500 gig Goodmans Freesate HD box has lost its signal and picture. I cant even bring up the menu to retune please help????


  49. paul Says:

    i have a new gfsat200hd it claims not to be recieving a signal but the meter says the signal is fine and i cant access the menu to set anything up ? all connections have been done redone and checked again ive even replaced the coax im getting sick of turning it on and off and nothing working , any ideas ?
    wish i had read the above comment before buying …. so goodmans ! are you going to astound me and help ?????????


  50. Martin Says:

    Unable to get the Ethernet connection to work when trying to use BBCiplayer. Otherwise, the unit has been reliable since the early replacement of fauty items, as long as the power is left on. Otherwise it was unstable.


  51. calvert Says:

    in france with my Goodman Freesat HD. Got 90% signal. when retuning asks for post code (french code not valid) tried UK post code – no service – set just locks up – cant get back to menu. tried switching off and on. Any help ou there?


  52. john Says:

    i have lost bbc hd channels plus can’t get channel 4 hd
    itv hd working fine any one haaving same problem.
    tried every thing i can think of but nowt works


  53. Iain Says:

    Hi I bought mine about a year ago from Maplins while on holiday, I use it mobile while in my camper then it is used in bedroom at home has never let me down. A great little box with HD recomended.


  54. PETE NEAT Says:

    JOHN !! I have exactly the same issue,. I called Freesat they told me its a box issue and talk to Goodmans,. they tell me its a FS issue,. so I called harvard who are the company who own Goodmans, they told me to call Goodmans,. my next call will be to trading standards then Ofcom,. you have 6 years from buying yout product if its not fit for purpose which its not,. cos HD box = HD channels?? if you cant get your HD then its not fit for what you bought it for,. so you will be entitled to your money back,. thats where im going with it unless they can fix it withing the next 14 days..there is nothing you can do John,. there is no quick fix its apparently to do with the softwear then send to your box through the Dish,. regards Pete


  55. jamie Says:

    No bbc hd No itv hd! No hd!! any help anyone???


  56. Dom Says:

    this is a really good box only paid £62.50 at ASDA got all hd chls put the internet on it and can watch bbc iplayer but no others yet this is due to freesat trying to get itvplayer in my area. to jamies comment have you got a hd lnb this can only be the
    thing i can think of . hope it helps.


  57. admin Says:

    Dom said:
    this is a really good box only paid £62.50 at ASDA got all hd chls put the internet on it and can watch bbc iplayer but no others yet this is due to freesat trying to get itvplayer in my area. to jamies comment have you got a hd lnbthis can only be the
    thing i can think of . hope it helps.

    ITV Player is unlikely to come to this receiver; it isn’t anything to do with being available in your area. Also, there is no such thing as a HD LNB, that is just marketing nonsense.


  58. phil Says:

    bought one from asda today guy on the till said dont thow the box away incase you need to bring it back. i questioned this statment and he said it had a 6 month guarantee.Got home plugged it in it doesnt work maybe he was trying to tell me somthing aaarrghh.


  59. Brenda Says:

    Nick Clark said: Nick Clark

    Is this the Nick Clark that used to live in King City many years ago?


  60. Vaishali Says:

    Got the GOodmans Freesat recorder from Maplins about 18-24 months ago. use to work ok until last night. this morning there is no light in the on switch/button. POwer flows through it as the box hums and there is a red light at the back of the box but is looks completely dead from front and does not switch on. i.e no Telly as I have no aerial connection only sattelite connection. gutted. Any suggestions to what I can do?
    many thanks


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