Grundig GUFSAT01HD

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Grundig Freesat HD Digital Box (GUFSAT01HD)
Released: 6th May 2008

Grundig HD freesat receiver

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About the Grundig GUFSAT01HD Digital Receiver

The Grundig GUFSAT01HD High Definition freesat Digital Box was released shortly after Freesat’s launch on 6th May 2008. Whilst off to a slow start due to software recalls, the Grundig has taken position to compete with the Humax FOXSAT in the high end HD price range. The Grundig GUFSATHD brings you good quality SD/HD picture and sound, and offers a LNB in/out connection allowing you to piggyback another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish (although a separate cable from the satellite with another Freesat digital box is highly recommended). The EPG is basic but easy to use and the ability to add FTA channels not available on the Freesat EPG is now available.

Grundig GUFSAT01HD Specification

– Freesat compliant
– Access all freesat Digital channels and Radio Stations
– Handy on-screen TV listings
– Interactive TV
– Ethernet support – for future iPlayer and Kangaroo use
– Subtitles and Audio Description
– Simultaneous playing of transmissions over HDMI, YPbPr or Scart (2 x Scart sockets)
– External Power Adapter
– Dolby digital audio output (S/PDIF)
– Automatic software upgrade via satellite
– Audio description / One touch subtitle
– Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 257mm x 42mm x 165mm
– Weight: 1kg

Grundig GUFSAT01HD latest software version

HD 1.5.46 (17-Feb-09)

Grundig GUFSAT01HD official website

Grundig GUFSAT01HD manuals (1.02mb – user manual) (0.8mb – quick start guide)


Grundig rear connections
Grundig HD Freesat Receiver (GUFSAT01HD) Rear Connections

Grundig remote
Grundig HD Freesat Receiver (GUFSAT01HD) Remote

Grundig unit box and accessories
Grundig HD Freesat Receiver (GUFSAT01HD) Unit, Box and Accessories

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87 Responses to “Grundig GUFSAT01HD”

  1. admin Says:

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  2. John Says:

    I’ve had the Grundig GUFSAT91HD for some months now. Installation was simple and almost immediately there was an over air update for it.

    Overall I am very pleased with its performance. What little HD is actually available looks superb. If the same programme is shown on BBCHD and say BBC1 then jumping between the two shows how much clearer an HD picture is and the greater range of colour tones available. The only down side is that the sound is quieter on the HD broadcasts except for the announcements between programmes. That may well be a BBC fault rather than a fault with the box itself. It is easily cured with the box’s own volume control on the remote.

    The box runs warm when on and the separate wall wart power supply runs hot to the touch.

    The remote is the thinnest I have ever seen and takes a bit of getting used to as it doesn’t balance easily in one hand. For me the grey buttons with their white lettering have poor contrast in low light and I find it impossible to read what they have on them at night.

    All seems to work well and be stable except for the occasional EPG crash. When moving around it quickly it occasionally goes blank and says there is no information available. Jumping back out and back to the EPG and all is restored. I find it annoying to lose the picture and sound of the channel I am watching when I go to the EPG. This is not a fault on the box but the way it is designed to work.

    I like the feature which can list just the channels with no information over the picture being watched. That way it is quick to move to another channel.

    Channels which a viewer does not want in the list can be permanently removed but it is a bit time consuming as a 4 digit pin has to be entered each time a channel is picked for removing. Worth the effort though if, like me, some channels will never be found to be of interest. These can be recovered by performing a new installation from the main menu.

    Personally I would rate it 8/10 overall. The thin remote with its hard to see print and the odd EPG glitch have let it down.


  3. Nick Says:

    Ive been very happy with my Grundig box, the picture and sound on both standard and high definition is good, and Ive not had much problem with the more standard and basic tv guide. Its much cheaper than the alternatives too, bought mine from sat-buyer for less than 120 pounds.


  4. Nick Says:

    Sorry, link to product:

    Doesnt come with a hdmi lead though, but noticed that is the same with all of them apart from humax.


  5. jon Says:

    i have the Grundig GUFSAT01HD since november and have been very unsatisfied…when its been on for a time 45 mins into a footy match :( on itv hd the sound either brakesdown or the picture scrambles on SD its fine. and i know the signals fine has i had a friend how fits sky etc to check it. has anyone else had the same problem has im looking to get a different box.


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  7. NickC Says:

    Very unsatisfactory, as soon as I start listing through the EPG, I get the blank screen, apart from the NO AVAILABLE CHANNELS message and I can only sort this by turning the box off completely and switching back on again about 30 seconds later

    I am looking at purchasing an alternative (most probably an FTA box, as this model is hopeless and the benefits of the freesat listing are far outweighed by the uncompromising way of reaching non-freesat channels


  8. Pete Longhorn Says:

    Just bought this reciever from satbuyer for £95, all ready have one of them and its a good unit, paid much more than this less than a year ago.


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  10. Daniel Archer Says:

    Apart from occasional sound breaks, which happens mostly when I have muted the box, I have had no real problems. I do think the epg needs inproving.


  11. Chris G Says:

    I have just taken delivery of my GUFSAT01HD, it says that from the reminder the box should change to the selected channel, my ox does not carry out this function. The Grundig hand book says it should.
    Has any one any experience of this problem and or function.
    Also it does not always record the sound on mt Panasonic hard drive recorded.
    Any help advice much appreciated


  12. Jim Says:

    Bought this today from Currys for £49.97, low price due to this being a discontinued line. These are my first thoughts on using this bit of kit. Comes with included hdmi cable. SD picture more than adequate through my 42″ panasonic. HD is very good, I connect a digital in cable and sound superb. It updates within minutes to software version 1.6.47. Highest resolution output is1080i but for the price I don’t have any issues


  13. Alan Says:

    Like Jim I bought one of these from Currys a month ago for £49.97 including an HDMI lead. I rate it quite highly especially for the addition of non-freesat FTA channels. They are easy to add. They are easy to list using the swap button. HD excellent sound and vision. 9/10


  14. Richaed Says:

    I WAS happy with this at first, but it has developed faults where, randomly:-

    1) the sound cuts off
    2) it switches itself off and on
    3) it switches itself off and freezes – requiring the power to be switched off and on to unfreeze it.

    As this was installed for free under the switchover help scheme by Euro Aerials Ltd, I initially called Euro Aerials Ltd, who hung up after I mentioned the fault – and would not answer the phone when I tried to call back a few seconds later.

    I immediately called the Switchover Help Scheme, who took my details and, surprise, surprise, got through to Euro Aerials Ltd straight away.

    After seeing Watchdog’s content the other week about the switchover, it makes me wonder about the firm and the ( end of line ? ) equipment it’s supplying…

    Thankfully, it appears that the 12 month guarantee still applies even in this situation.


  15. Derek Hamilton Says:

    I have been totally happy with my Grundig HD box until the over air download yesterday or the day before. Now I get exactly the problems described by Richaed in 14 above.
    I contacted Freesat yesterday and was told (after initially that no problems were being experienced) that there seemed to be a problem with the most recent over air update.
    I have gone through the process of a first time set up and tried various re boots – taking all cables out etc – leaving the box off for 5 mins and themn re booting.
    Nothing seems to help. The box will transmit for a while then just switch off – I can switch back on but after the next shut off I can’t switch on and have to unplug.
    This has only started since the recent over air update.
    Freesat did take my details yesterday and said they would contact me when a new over air download was carried out.
    I’ve heard nothing.
    Now I’m left with the problem. I don’t know if the box is wonky because of the software download or the service is still wonky or the box is just on the blink.
    However if I buy a new box it won’t be a Grundig.


  16. Chris Howard Says:

    I have same problem as Derek. Phoned Grundig and they said they are aware of the problem, agreed it looks like a corrupt download anf they were working on a fix but did not know when this would hit the airways.


  17. Pete D Says:

    I have got exactly the same problem as number 14, 15 and 16 with my goodmans box! I’m a little annoyed since i can’t watch more than 5 minutes of TV!!


  18. Dave Says:

    Had the same problems as 14 & 15 above, again following a download in the middle of watching an interestin programme… Euro Aerials called out and swapped the unit, and said they were aware of a bad batch from China (the ones that came without an hdmi cable in the box, but did have a scart lead (which won’t give you HD channels). Apparently the new ones are made elsewhere and are less problematic.


  19. Mark Carter Says:

    I have the same problems as 14 15 16 and 17 my box has shut down and nothing I do will bring it back on I shall buy a Humax next time


  20. Malcolm Hodder Says:

    I now have the same problems as 14,15,16,17 but I have also had to unplug and plug back into the power to get it to fire up. Should of took it back under warranty. Doh!


  21. Jason Williams Says:

    update 1.7.48 has pretty much killed my Grundig. it went from losing sound and constantly resetting, to not being able to turn on.
    very disappointed.


  22. jono Says:

    I live in Portugal. I have a1.6 dia.sat dish which has supplied good pics for 3 years from the Astra 28.8 transponder. Have 2 TV´s conected, one Sony with a Metronic DV3 k- box a digi sat receiver, the latest is a Samsung 32 inch flat screen which had an old but satisfactory Protek box.
    I decided to connect the new TV to a new box and ordered a Grundig HD freesat box from Sat Europa in Southampton. Cost £112.17 Delivery £21.74 VAT £20.09
    total £154.00 .
    There was no info.sheet in with the box, but I have been tuning in my Sat receivers since I had a 2 meter steerable dish in 1994, so it was no great shakes.
    So… set it up, plugged it in, put my UK postcode in and off it went accumulating channels. BUT there was no Sky news channel. I contacted the supplier by phone and email but did not get a deal of helpful explanation, seems you have to
    access “non freesat channels” then search. Up came Sky news, Great.
    Around 3 weeks ago Sky deserted us, but only on the Grundig box, it still runs on the Metronic box. Despite all my best efforts I cannot get it to return, all that I can get on “non freesat channels” are half a dozen freesat channels.
    So it seems my Grundig box, despite it´s cost is a washout.
    So off I go to buy probably another Metronic box, 0 out of 10 Grundig. Oh yes I tried phoning them, after 5 mins of being told what number button to press for what, I gave up. Just imagine the goodwill they have llost with us lot!


  23. Derek Hamilton Says:

    Further to my comments in 15 above and all others who are having probs with the grundig (and others), Freesat contacted me and have now uplifted my box by courier and have agreed to fix or replace the box despite being out of warranty last June.


  24. Chris Howard Says:

    Exactly the same comment as 23. They uplifted my grundig and returned a brand new goodmans which was same spec. My grundig was out of warrenty last July. New unit works fine


  25. peter shawyer Says:

    Had the same problem with the box locking-up, telephoned support at 10p/m, what a good scam that is, waited for 15 mins and given a standard answer. So that cost me £1.50. Still no call back to me, and the box is still locking up. Remember Never buy Grundig or what ever they want to call themselves, Bush or what ever


  26. Brian Flack Says:

    I have had my GUFSAT01HD for more than 12 months but had overheating and erratic performance problems from the start. As I am in Belgium, and only visit the UK once or twice a year, taking it back would have been a pain. I ended up fitting a case fan and that fixed it.
    Then we had a duff software download but that was fixed in a couple of weeks.
    Now we have another software misery that causes the box to switch of and on every few minutes. Are they going to fix this one too?
    Frankly, there has been so little HD programming in the last year – and very little of it with DD5.1 sound – that I’m inclined to not even bother with HD until it becomes more popular.


  27. Dave Kimber Says:

    Same problems with my Grundig freesat HD box. got one from Currys for £49.99 for my holiday caravan. Have had an old sky box with an old card in it. now sky have updated the cards I only got a few channels on the old box so decided to get this. What a mistake! first one dead out of the box, second only worked via scart, third started an update and 6 hours later was still updating!! so i get number 4 seemed ok for the week we where on holiday then when we had a weekend away the sound was out of sync with the pictures, then it froze, now it just sits there on bbc1 and does nothing. pretty poor show. oh yes I called the grundig help line spoke to a non english speaking person who advised me to switch off the box wait 20 mins and do another first time install if that did not work do it with the scart connected and no hdmi cable and vice versa, if that did not work take it back to currys. I took it back to currys and was told to phone the number on the yellow band. Yes I said have done that and follwed the instructions given, and was advised to return it to currys, The sales assistant said they did not stock that item and advised that I would be better off with a foxsat at £250. Indeed that would be nice but I do not have that kind of money to spend on a holiday set top box. They would only offer my money back or a really cheap exchange unit that is not HD. Not very impressed now taking the matter up with their head office.


  28. Rolfetone Says:

    Hello, Has anyone Grundigs phone number please ?


  29. Jason Williams Says:



  30. Jason Williams Says:

    the only way to get this resolved is to phone Harvard International on 0871 230 1777 and arrange a collection. apparently the problem cannot be sorted via an update. hope this helps.. i’ll be phoning them today.


  31. Jason Williams Says:

    furthermore, they should arrange collection and send a replacement unit, complete with HDMI cable and not a SCART.


  32. David Gibbs Says:

    I have the same constant switching on/off issue on my GUFSATHD box and have just contacted Harvard International on the number provided by Jason. Will feedback how they deal with this.


  33. Brian Flack Says:

    Those of us outside the UK (but inside the EU) are really stuffed because Harvard Group support will not even courrier our boxes back if we send them to them and agree to pay the return courrier fees. I would be interested to know how EU law stands on that.
    Also, I am getting conflicting stories about the prospect of a further upgrade being able to fix the problem. Some reports say that the 1.7.48 upgrade has caused irreversible damage while the techies at Harvard say they are confident that the next upgrade will restore normal operation. They must had had enough exchange boxes by now to be able to test that theory. I guess we have no choice but to wait and see.
    This incident must put the viability of the Freesat service into question, particularly as, 2 years after launch, there is still relatively little HD broadcast and even less with DD5.1 sound.


  34. Jason Williams Says:

    phoned Harvard yesterday and gave them my details, received a call this morning to arrange collection of my Grundig unit. a courier will collect and return to the address of your choosing (my work address in this case). this is all taking place on Monday and i should get a repaired box or replacement within a few days. very helpful service from Harvard so far.


  35. Derek Hamilton Says:

    Freesat arranged uplift of my Grundig box and within 4 days had replaced it by courier with a brand new Goodmans box. I’ve now used it constantly for the last 7 days and it works a treat. More responsive to the remote control and the picture is A1.
    Freesat did admit that it was a problem with a download and only affected the Grundig box.


  36. Jason Williams Says:

    my faulty Grundig was collected as promised today, fingers crossed.


  37. David Henderson Says:

    What a complete disaster, I paid over £90 for my box, even though they did supply with a free HDML lead in Comet. I got my box home and unpacked it and followed all the instructions. It said my postcode was invalid, and continued to do so, on the 5th attempt I put my Mum’s postcode in. It worked a treat, unfortunately my Mum lives in the border region, I live in the STV region. I miss all the STV programmes, and am invited to take the ultimate Christmas Shopping experience in Kendal, a round trip of 200 miles!! I was able to watch ITV HD programmes, but they have now stopped working. Grundig said the box must be faulty and return it, Comet said there is nothing wrong with it, so I’m going back to SKY, at least I’ll get the local STV content for Edinburgh.


  38. admin Says:

    Why not just enter a different postcode within your region? Also try a system reset, that should resolve the ITV HD issue.


  39. Jason Williams Says:

    a new Goodmans HD box was delivered yesterday, so all sorted here! very happy with the service: collected Monday and new box returned Wednesday, can’t argue with that!


  40. David Gibbs Says:

    And my Grundig was picked up on Tuesday and replaced with a Goodmans box today. Can’t fault Harvard’s service. Responsive and on time.


  41. Andy Glasgow Says:

    My gufsat01hd picture is intermittent on all channels the sound stays but there is picture loss i have used it on 2 tv’s and stil have the same problem.

    There is very basic set up menu’s and it may require me to find an engineer menu access facility to adjust the settings, i have not been able to find anything on the net and am frustrated as it has not worked since i bought it. i have resorted to using it as a radio. Any suggestions ?


  42. Jason Williams Says:

    Andy please tell me you’re joking, post #30 tells you how to sort it. all you had to do was read some of my posts.


  43. Dan Hopkins Says:

    Hi Turned on my Tv and Freesat box tonight and I suddenly have no signal. Is this apparent with anybody else the box and reception has been fine for the last 6 months. I have scanned for channels and I don’t receive anything. Any thoughts?

    cheers Dan


  44. Mike G Says:

    Has anyone heard anything more about the possibility of an upgrade to fix this?

    I just got a GUFSDTR500HD as a present (turns out it’s been sitting in a cupboard for a while!), but don’t really want to send it where you have suggested if I can help it… especially as we can’t find the purchase info.

    Any help would be really useful!



  45. Richard Quadrant Says:

    hi there i hope this helps someone who has there unit locked out, disconnect the LNB while the unit is turned off, press and hold the volume down and channel down buttons at the sametime and while held turn the unit on once the unit is on, you should then be able to switch channels plug the LNB back in and hopefully you should be back up and running its the outside of the four buttons, Are engineer just unlocked one this way down in the workshop hope this helps someone.. regards Richard Apparently its a trick used on some satalite boxes too…


  46. Peter Thornton Says:

    I’ve just had a letter from Harvard International PLC stating that an OAD update for the Grundig freesat recievers will be broadcast on the 18th March 2010 which will fix these issues and also give IPLAYER functionality!


  47. TRUKKER Says:

    This is truly the worst item I have ever owned.This extends to the total ignorance of Harvard,that likes to pretend they are Grundig (pity they sold the name to this lot).This so called Freesat receiver has been nothing but trouble from day one and trying to get any sense from Harvard is akin to having a conversation with a lump of wood.It has had just about every fault that is listed for this model,plus a few more that are not.The receiver is currently stuck in standby,due to their rogue update,yet all those fools can say,is “If it’s not under warranty we won’t look at it unless you pay”.What a bummer company.I have sent at least 5 emails to them,but all are unanswered.So,beware if you are thinking about purchasing one of these or something similar from this company.


  48. Raymond Says:

    I’ve had this box for over year and a half, only problem I’ve had is the sound stops working usually when I flick through the channels quickly!
    Unplugging the unit for 5 seconds resolves the problem!
    I want to know when they are gonna roll out the update for ethernet support as I want to see how it copes with BBC Iplayer!


  49. Ross Lansdell Says:

    I’ve not had any real problems with GUFSAT01HD, except for the fairly useless EPG but as I use it and not “she who must be obeyed” I can put up with it.

    Since the recent BBC iplayer beta upgrade I have had a few problems.
    The box still works fine on SD & HD satellite reception and selecting and playing iplayer content is fine. In fact I would say excellent, especially the HD programs which look great on my 32″ Sony Bravia. I do have a (sometimes) 20Mbps VM fibre optic broadband. Don’t tell them as I don’t use their telly service!

    The problem arises when I try to return from iplayer to normal service. The RED, home, button gives me a blank screen and no sound. The only way back I have found to work is by means of the GUIDE button.
    BUT, this stops the BBC HD channel working. There is no video, only sound and a bit of info text. All other channels seem ok.

    The only way out of this is the power disconnect reset option!

    For the princely sum of £1.80, 17 minutes waiting and 1 minute talking I got no help whatsoever from “Grundig”.

    Does anybody have an email address for their technical support. The man on the phone said they didn’t have that facility!


  50. Doug Whittaker Says:

    I have just received a replacement gufsat01hd to replace and update my previous bush box which would not work with bbci.The replacement was installed and updated to the latest software 2.2.6 but guess what BBCi still doesnt work.
    This has cost me £14+ and I then had to pay 10p for a minute or threes not very helpful support from Grundig.
    The guy said he will send me another return label and I should then go thrpough this all again !!!!
    To add insult to injury I book their courier service by phone, stayed in all day and they did not turn up More agro !!
    Now I am expected to jump back through the same hoop all over again….. I would most definately never move away from my other boxes made by Humax and I now have to decde whether to go this rpoute again. I doubt I will be bothered though .
    I am NOT impressed I am afraid best of luck though folks


  51. Gerald Says:

    I have been using this box for a wile and recently have come accross a problem. While i was updating my software, the proccess was disrupted by a power cut. after i restored the power, i tried to swithch on te console but it wouldnt work anymore. The power light comes on but no other funtions are available. the console will not turn on. If anyone has any suggestions about solving this problem i would appriciate hearing them. Thank you!


  52. Tim S Says:

    I have had the GUFSAT01HD for about 18 months and it has worked just fine all that time. Just occasionally it gets confused and I have to cycle the power to it. My only gripe is that the digital audio out is not controllable from the remote control, neither is the mute button. Just today I thought I would have a look at iPlayer and have to say picture quality is just fine, and even better in “higher quality” mode. No sound though, which makes the facility unusable.


  53. Nathan B Says:

    I’ve just got this Freesat box and I can’t use the HDMI connection on it. The picture keeps scrambling or going blank and I keep getting “out of range” error messages on my TV. However it works perfectly fine with SCART leads and I can’t understand why. There is nothing in troubleshooting about this error in either the manual for the Freesat box nor the TV. I need help with this problem because it’s ridiculous in wasting £66 on an HD box and can only use inferior SCART leads.


  54. Martin F Says:

    My Grundig box has been nothing but trouble from day 1. It’s now just out of warranty and it failed on Christmas Eve. The picture just disappeared in the middle of a programme and I now get the ‘No signal’ message on ALL channels. Great start to Christmas. I’ve previously had this problem and called out an aerial installer who somehow managed to get the channels working again and didn’t charge me saying ‘they do this sometimes’. He tested the signal strength then and said it was okay. I’ve disconnected and re-connected all the leads /Scarts etc to no avail. Avoid this product at all costs. Try getting an installer out to sort out your digi box over Christmas! No chance. I’m going to try an alternative product as I have found this to be just too unreliable.


  55. Tom Brock Says:

    I have a Grundig GUFSATO1HD box when I press the red button for interactive tv the light on the box flashes but nothing else happens. I rang Grundig and spoke to a man with an Indian accent he told me to do a first time install and this will fix the problem, done this nothing happened.When I watch a rugby match on S4C I have to put up with a welsh commentry as I cannot dhange to English commentry. Any suggestions please?


  56. David Hughes Says:

    I purchased the Grundig GUFSAT 01HD just over twelve months ago. Recently the picture started breaking up with sound distortion, At first I thought it was water in the LNB.Checked it, but o/k. Then the picture went off and the hand control had no effect on the program controls. When connected up now will work for about 30 seconds then go completly off. £95 down the drain.

    Just using freeview now and very disappointed.

    These electronic items should be guaranteed for 5 years. they come into the country cheap enough.



  57. Technobubble Says:

    As a EA engineer I can honestly say the Grundig HD has been a good box. Most of the problems I have seen have been by poor installation and bad signal or education issues with the customer.

    HDMI is still quite a new concept and even higher valued TV’s have shown to have big problems with this input. On countless occasions I have been stumped with Panasonic plasma TV’s switching off the HDMI signal, showing a NO SIGNAL sign on the TV. The only resolution I have found is to resort back to SD Scart!…. (this is not a no satellite signal, but no signal from the STB, of which confuses the user into thinking the problem is with the receiver or the installation)

    EA are fitting hundreds and hundreds of FREESAT boxes everyday, and have been for quite a while now, the call back rate for Grundig HD is hardly noticeable, in fact I’ve not swapped a faulty box in 6 months.

    The biggest problems are the PVR boxes (another issue) and the quality of how some of EA engineers carry out their work. This is partly due to the pressure we get to install whatever the situation and as many as possible, sometimes 8 or 9 a day. Not to mention sometimes having to travel up to 300 miles during the day!…. 6 days a week, then paperwork at home afterwards, and van to sort out, and make all those bloody dishes up from flat pack!…

    And they pay us next to nothing and find any excuse to deduct money from us.


  58. Popestar Says:

    My Grundid GUFSAT01HD freesat box has worked fine since Nov.08. Suddenly BBC1HD, BBCHD and Channel4HD are showing ‘no signal’ Freesat have told me that these three channels changed their broadcast format to DVBS2 on 6 June 2011 and therefore, the box, is now obsolete as it can’t be re-programmed. Anybody had the same problem, and if so, any answers – short of a new box and moe expense!?


  59. a2c39a Says:

    Hi @popestar,
    I have no problem with any of the 5 HD channels! My Hardware version is 1.4 my Software (Firmware) version is 2.2.6. The signal level shows as slightly lower on my HD channels than on the SD, has your dish moved slightly?

    My problem is “No Information” most of the time in the EPG. It jumps in/out of giving info as you view it after pressing Guide. Is there a Software (Firmware) cure for this, please?

    Best wishes, John.


  60. daveslough Says:

    My box is fine except I cann ot get iplayer on it,says my ethernet cable is not connected,when it is,I have used different cables,no difference,can anybody assist with info as to how to do it,many thanks.


  61. Mrs Morris Says:

    I am very weary about the problem l have
    I recently had a new hdmi sat dish and wiring and a new freesat hd top box (originally sagem)
    I kept losing the odd channel for a few seconds so an engineer called and replaced it with a brand new grundig GUF freesat hd box saying it was easier and more reliable
    he did not give me a new power lead or hdmi cable for the grundig which may be causing a problem l dont know
    He said he doubted that the new dish was out of alignement as the picture had 100% signal (l couldnt work out how he saw this from the tv dispaly because l couldnt be sure it said 100%)
    He said they either work or they dont and have to be spot on in three directions when fitting
    The first test was to replace the box he said
    If it still played up then it would be the LNB
    However while l havent lost the picture as yet, the only thing l cant understand is in connection with the volume (which was not an issue with the sagem box)
    I am fully aware that not only is the picture quality clearer with HD channels but so is the sound
    However with the original sagem box the sound difference ie volume was negligible
    With the Grundig box the sound difference is huge
    I have asked Grundig about this and have had contradictory views from a software problem to replacing the box to adjusting my volume on my tv but l explained l dont use the tv as l have an onkyo all round sound system
    I have good hdmi cables on board and even replace the hdmi lead from the satbox
    Nothing helps
    The next engineer who was a supervisor said to live with it until all channels become hd and he had to ask an expert what to do
    They said that the volume will alter and its normal and depends on the boxes used as they all differ and process differently
    I dont believe that and l think its an excuse
    There must be an answer
    I am going to request another grundig box with a power lead and hdmi cable and then l may ask them to replace my LNB too
    Prior to this l had a sky box which l bought with a card and l used an old sat dish
    It was brilliant and l never had a problem
    I presume sky boxes are superior
    The interesting thing is that with the old system i would get a full screen format (widescreen) for channels such as TCM1 and TCM2 however since the new system arrived these channels are in square format with both the sagem box and the late grundig box
    Nothing can change that and l wish l knew why
    I may get a new telly in time which has more outputs
    My current samsung is hd ready but is a few years old and only has one output l believe
    I will try to explain my volume problem
    If l watch a non hd channel at a comfortable volume level and then go to a hd channel, the volume is increased by a huge amount even when the volume is set quite low on my onkyo sound system and about half way on the freesat box
    All other channels are stable throughout so then l turned the volume right down on the freesat box to almost zero while on hd channel
    Then l moved to non hd channel and the volume was very low too as it was on hd
    Then l returned again to the hd channel and suddenly the volume was a full pelt is max volume yet the volume bar was almost at zero
    This cannot be right
    i would like to know what to do to resolve this please
    Mrs morris


  62. Ron Fletcher Says:

    I have just received my Grundig GUFSAT01HD box (£69) which I bought solely to see the HD channels on our recent HD TV. It seems to be region sensitive as I have to enter my postcode before it scans. This worked fine and then I went through the channel-list. About half the channels I could could get on my Aldi (Tevion) box were installed. I live in the East Midlands, but can only get West Midlands ITV news. None of the other ITV regions are available. I like to watch Yorkshire News, but cannot get it. I found the Grundig on-line help desk and asked if other ITV regions can be installed. They wanted £22 before they would answer! Would you pay that if the answer is No??? Reading this forum has made me wonder why I bothered. The Tevion is brilliant, well over a hundred channels, I deleted a load and some are scrambled and still have many more than this Grundig. Anyone out there can help get more channels on this Guff-box?


  63. robin bix Says:

    I am so relieved that I am not the only one with problems with the grundig freestat HD GUFSATO1HD, first one packed up after 15 minutes, second one lasted a hour before a large crack sound and various signals flashed over the screen and then went dead, these were supplied by euro aerials,rang up yesterday evening person who answered stated he had heard of this problem, rang today different person stated he had never heard of this problem, take your pick, robin bix, norfolk.


  64. eoghan Says:

    hey guys, i only get certain channels and then for channel 4hd, cnn news and a few other channels i get no signal!!! anybody no why this is?! is it the box/dish thats causing the issue?


  65. barry Says:

    when on bbc1 hd text will work ,but when you disconnect screen goes blank left with just sound, have to leave channel and go back to it to work, also no text at all on itv channels


  66. DavidF Says:

    60. daveslough:Do you have this resolved? If not, what is the ethernet cable connected to at the other end? I have mine hooked into a firewall / router (a DLink DI-604) and it works just fine (no need for the PC to be switched on). Don’t think there was any special set up required at the freesat box (the Grundig GUFSATO1HD), but I just followed the on screen instuctions. It does however occasionally say there is a connection problem when there isn’t (the message dissapears after a few seconds) while watching iPlayer programs. Also just had to cycle the power as was getting audio but no video on ALL the HD channels. Seems to be fine now.


  67. JeremyK Says:

    I was watching BBC News 24 the other evening, I left the room to receive a Skype call from my daughter at University and on my return – ‘No Signal’. I’ve changed the LNB and still it says ‘No Signal’. The connections are fine, the dish hasn’t moved. The Grundig GUFSAT01HD doesn’t appear to be dead: it just keeps telling me I have no signal when there was a perfectly good signal before! Any ideas? Thank you.


  68. len Says:

    I bought the Grundig Digital Set Top Box | GUFSAT02SD and had a professional install the set top box. Either the picture freezes or the sound stops after a few minutes. Very disappointing. The product is faulty I will not buy another grundig decoder again


  69. Mike B Says:

    The HD channels for BBC1, BBC HD and Channel 4 HD no longer work. Has anyone found a solution to this? I have plugged/unplugged the unit, done a first time install several times and nothing seems to work. These HD channels USED to work but apparently there has been a change in transmission coding. HELP!


  70. admin Says:

    Mike B said:
    The HD channels for BBC1, BBC HD and Channel 4 HD no longer work. Has anyone found a solution to this? I have plugged/unplugged the unit, done a first time install several times and nothing seems to work. These HD channels USED to work but apparently there has been a change in transmission coding. HELP!

    The broadcasts were changed from S1 to S2, the latest tech and some of the older receivers couldn’t cope. You’ll need to speak to Grundig/Harvard Group regarding this to see if they can update it for you, or provide a solution.


  71. eve Says:

    Does any one knows why do the volume jumps up high when I change channel to one of hd channels? How to change that?

    I’ve got Grundig box.


  72. Melody F Says:

    We have had our Grundig Gufsat01HD for about 3 years. It’s been working great until 3wks ago. Now we get the tv guide list up but no picture when programme chosen only the words “data service”. Have reinstalled through default settings but no difference. Signal 87%.
    Any advice would be helpful.


  73. emily Says:

    my grundig box wont turn on at all. It started turning off when i changed the channel and now nothing happens. it just showing the blue light and when i press it nothing as well. please help.


  74. Sandra Says:

    The same has happened to me and when I do get guide and try to record it always fails. Have retuned several times. Dies anyone know what is going on?


  75. joanas Says:

    Just got gufsat01HD yesterday, HDMI dont work,.in the menu it clearly said you can add non fta channels, but it would not let you change FEC, one of the important part to find the chanel you want.


  76. JohnCA Says:

    Can anyone please help me?! I bought a Grundig GUFSAT01HD several months ago, and as a FREESAT Receiver, I just cannot fault it. However, as one of the reasons I wanted the unit was because I hoped to be able to get BBCiPlayer, I have been more than frustrated as try as I do, I just I cannot get it! I have tried connecting Homeplus Turbo Plugs – without any luck. I have just bought an ethernet cable to go between my router and the Grundig GUFSAT01HD – and once again, I just cannot access BBCiPlayer. Besides the screen saying that my ethernet cable is not connected (when it is) I have run out of ideas (other than wondering whether my unit is faulty!) N.B. besides the Grundig GUFSAT01HD, I have a Netgear DG834PN Router, and Ethernet cable between the two. Is anybody able to help this old geezer and advise me to how to access BBCiPlayer?! Thanks


  77. Nigel in France Says:

    I purchased tow Grundig Freesat HD boxes in late 2008 from John Lewis, I believe this was a new model that had just been released. They worked OK for about 1 year, I then started getting sound-vision synchronisation issues which required a master reset to cure. Wwhen Channel 4 HD launched it was impossible to watch, picture stalling/jumping, as if the box could not keep up with the signal. Now other HD channels are exhibiting the same problem. I never liked the EPG as you can only show the current and next programme on the OSD. Also this display often shows ‘no information available’ and takes absolutely ages to update. Fortunately these are only used for bed rooms, our main Humax PVR is so much better. Today I have ordered two new Humax Freesat HD boxes when they arrive the Grundigs are heading for the bin!!


  78. admin Says:

    Nigel in France said:
    I purchased tow Grundig Freesat HD boxes in late 2008 from John Lewis, I believe this was a new model that had just been released.They worked OK for about 1 year,I then started getting sound-vision synchronisation issues which required a master reset to cure.Wwhen Channel 4 HD launched it was impossible to watch, picture stalling/jumping, as if the box could not keep up with the signal.Now other HD channels are exhibiting the same problem.I never liked the EPG as you can only show the current and next programme onthe OSD.Also this display often shows ‘no information available’ and takes absolutely ages to update. Fortunately these are only used for bed rooms, our main Humax PVR is so much better.Today I have ordered two new Humax Freesat HD boxes when they arrive the Grundigs are heading for the bin!!

    Good choice, the Humax HD’s are a much better receiver; in fact, arguably the best.


  79. duds Says:

    My GUFSAT01HD has worked very well in every respect except for accessing BBCiPlayer. ie same problem as JohnCA (message 76).
    On phoning Grundig helpline I was informed that this box will not update software past 1.9.1 and you need software versions higher than this for BBCiPlayer; so I will need to buy a new freesat box!!


  80. dave Says:

    BBC iplayer is pretty well useless on the box. It sometimes doesn’t load and when it does 90% of the time it starts glitching about 15mins into programs and then either returns to BBC iplayer home screen or locks up. Any ideas?


  81. dave Says:

    Also it has the same irritating volume increase when swithing to HD channels


  82. sally orrin Says:

    I had this fitted in february works OKish but the remote interferes with the TV and selects timers when info is selected. The coaxil connector is abysmal and there is no way to keep the cable in place except with duct tape, it is always falling out of the plug in part, very very bad design – unless the installer was a bodge it and scarper chap and did not do the job properly, certainly would not recommend if this is the correct connection.


  83. gharib Says:

    “i have problem with freesat Grundig GUFSAT01HD always demand postcode”


  84. James Says:

    goodmans freesat plus gfsdtr500hd has swapped channels BBC2 wth BBC2 HD. Watching picture in HD but recorder will not record as it FAILS saying no signal,am watching same???


  85. Abby Says:

    Mine worked fine for 6 years. Suddenly it failed – no power light and it’s not because of the fuse in the plug. Should I just replace it? I tried another box (Curtis) but it won’t tune anything other than radio channels (I am in Barcelona).


  86. nigel blakemore Says:

    Hi l have lost my main cable to my grundig guf sat01hd could you help find a new one


  87. steve PALMER Says:

    I have a Grundidg freesat box GUF SDT TR500\\hd and need a replacement remote control that includes s record button and aplanned program record.Can you advise and suggest who sells them.Many thanks
    Steve palmer


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