Manhattan Plaza DS-100

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Manhattan Freesat SD Digital Box (DS-100)
Released: December 2010
Discontinued: July 2013

Manhattan Plaza DS-100 Freesat SD Receiver

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

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About the Manhattan Plaza DS-100 Freesat SD Box

The Manhattan Plaza DS-100 is a standard-definition Freesat receiver allowing you to access over 150 UK channels via your satellite dish. Manhattan have a reputation for designing and manufacturing good quality satellite and terrestrial receivers. The DS-100 combined good quality components with two scart cables, whilst retaining a low and competative price for those not looking to opt for a high-definition receiver.

Manhattan Plaza DS-100 Specification

Digitally interactive
Digital text
LNB in
Digital video broadcasting (DVB) subtitles
Auto setup
Auto detection of new channels
8 days electronic programme guide (freesat mode)
Now and next electronic programme guide (non-freesat mode)
2 SCART sockets
Access over 160 Freesat digital channels and radio stations
Audio description (broadcast mix) dependent
Power consumption in use: 8 watts
Standby power consumption: 1 watt
Size (H/W/D): 3.6 cm, 15 cm, 25.7 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg

Manhattan Plaza DS-100 Online Reviews

Information to follow…

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19 Responses to “Manhattan Plaza DS-100”

  1. admin Says:

    Do you have this product? Then why not give us your opinion to help assist potential customers in deciding which Freesat product is right for them. Please stick to opinions/reviews of the specific product on this page. Also, don’t forget to give this product a rating, using the stars at the top!


  2. Updated: Manhattan Launch Freesat SD Receiver | Join Freesat Says:
  3. Satbuyer Says:

    As an official supporter of joinfreesat, we just wanted to let you know that we now have the Manhattan DS-100 in stock for £49.99 + delivery. We are one of, if not the only retailer with stock this side of the new year, but stock is limited, so don’t delay. This unit will make a perfect receiver for additional bedrooms, motorhomes or even for your living room.

    Buy the Manhattan DS-100 at Satbuyer


  4. Alex Says:

    Product page is here:

    You have to login to get the manuals though.


  5. Manhattan Plan Launch Of HD and HDR Receivers | Join Freesat Says:
  6. Rachael Says:


    Just a small point, but it’s Manhattan *Plaza* DS-100, not Manhattan DS-100 :-)




  7. admin Says:


    Fair point :)


  8. Alex Says:

    It’s now listed on for £54.99 including free delivery and £52.99 on Amazon including free delivery.


  9. Technobubble Says:

    Rubbish remote control, but a very reliable box with 2 scart sockets. Much better than the Goodmans or Grundig.


  10. Swampmonster Says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement remote from?



  11. Furious D Says:

    I’ve tried to get a replacement remote, no luck, Got a Universal Remote but that wouldn’t work, got a ‘copy’ remote and that doesn’t work either. All in all a bit of a failure – a freesat receiver but no facility for ‘red button’, ‘subtitles’, ‘programme info’ etc. The shop I bouth the original from have e-mailed ‘Manhattan’ but got no reply so overall poor customer service. Just wish the dog hadn’t ate the original!


  12. Bill Says:


    You give the manhatton 6.62 rating where can I read these reviews




  13. admin Says:


    We’d give the unit 10 out of 10 as it does everything it should do for the price, and is exceptionally good value for a basic Freesat receiver.

    The star ratings are nothing more than visitors to the site giving their rating, but reviews would just be the comments above.


  14. Latest Manhattan HD-S Due Soon | Join Freesat Says:
  15. Alex Says:


    I just noticed the complaint about not responding to a customers retailer… we respond to all emails, but if it was somehow missed I apologise. They could always have picked up the phone?




  16. Craig Says:

    Is there a code for a universal remote for this product?


  17. Miss gibson Says:

    my problem is I have no signal om all my freesat channels would it be possible for technical help by phone to talk me through it or to see what’s wrong I have a Manhattan DS100 freesat box.


  18. Edward Says:

    My mother in law has a Manhattan Plaza DS 100 freesat box which she is unable to turn. She has changed the batteries in the remote and also tried to turn it in manually, but it still does not work. Have you any idea what the problem is?


  19. MadMick Says:

    Have a Manhattan Plaza DS 100 for about 6 years now, still working ok.
    But, the remote is rubbishy and has always been so, almost from the beginning.
    I have had to open, clean loads of times, it just gets sticky inside.
    None of my other remotes have that problem.
    It is very cheaply made.
    Now it is at a point where I can press and press, nothing happens.
    Then all of a sudden it works ( a little bit) almost unusable because of the remote.
    A new remote will cost almost as much as the whole setup ( box, dish and installation) cost – £16 – which was installed for my pensioner Mum when Freesat started as an intro offer.
    Pity the remote is rubbish, rest of box is good.


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