Manhattan Plaza HDR-S


Manhattan Freesat+ HD PVR Digital Box (Plaza HDR-S G1 320GB)
Released: May 2012

Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD Digital Box

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About the Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD Digital Box

Behold the new Manhattan Plaza HDR-S, simple, modern, uncluttered; we like it a lot!

This will be the design for the 320GB Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD Receiver due for launch in May. We very much like the simplistic look of it, black panel with 5 buttons on the top lip (rewind, stop, play/pause, fastforward, record).

Some of the key features include:

– Whisper Quiet – Unlike most TV recorders the Plaza HDR-S is whisper quiet in operation due to its fanless design and use of the latest hard disk technology from Western Digital. The AV-class hard disk uses a Fluid Dynamic Bearing motor to reduce noise and increase reliability whilst IntelliSeek™ optimises seek speeds to lower power consumption, noise and vibration.
– The Plaza HDR-S keeps things organised for you by automatically grouping your recordings by series.
– Freesat On Demand TV with BBC iPlayer & ITV Player
– Favourites function simplified and improved from HD-S. There’s only a single list (which makes setting up favourites easier) and you can now filter the EPG to just show your favourites by pressing the STAR button in the EPG.
– Whilst watching TV you can press the STAR button to change to your next favourites channel, however if you bring the banner up first it will just cycle the banner thru your favourite channels, allowing you to easily see what is on your favourite channels without leaving live TV.
– Auto scan of non-freesat channels as on Plaza HD-S. These can be added to your favourites list and accessed via the STAR button on the remote (though not in the EPG, which is freesat-only).
– You can set programmes to record, to be reminded about, or both.
– When not in use the Plaza HDR-S’ advanced power management automatically puts it into an ultra low-power standby mode that consumes less than 1W of power.
– Ultra compact – it’s actually shorter and less deep than the Plaza HD-S and only 2cm wider.

Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat+HD Digital Box (press release)

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Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Online Reviews

Joinfreesat – 8 out of 10
What Satellite & Digital TV – 85%

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76 thoughts on “Manhattan Plaza HDR-S”

  1. I have had mine a few months and yes it is very buggy but today it has excelled itself, I can not change channels with Channel + or – and I can not use the up down buttons on the centre button I can only change channels by going in to the guide or list, I have unplugged it and turned it back on ,but still nothing, the up down buttons work in the menus but will not let me change channels, has anyone else had this issue, I still have the receipt so if this isn’t easily fixed I will get my money back and buy a more reliable box.


  2. I have had one for some months now & whilst for the price it was really good to start with, I now have to constantly unplug & plug back in again as it keeps freezing. I am also trying to find some information as to if the is a manufacturer recommended dongle available so that I do not have to hardwire via an ethernet, but can not find anything ?


  3. Paul Nokes said:
    I have had one for some months now & whilst for the price it was really good to start with, I now have to constantly unplug & plug back in again as it keeps freezing.I am also trying to find some information as to if the is a manufacturer recommended dongle available so that I do not have to hardwire via an ethernet, but can not find anything ?

    No wifi dongle available for this device.


  4. Somebody at Manhattan gave me a list of things to try ,things that really only added up to switching it on and off again, and when that did not work they are now ignoring me ,hoping I will go away, if anyone is thinking of buying one of these boxes I would really urge you to go elsewhere as these boxes are very poor and extremely buggy and the after sales back and advice is like an episode of the IT Crowd.



  5. hi i have had my manhattan freesat box for 3 weeks now and several times it as refused to load the on demand channels it just sits there saying loading

    swithing on and off does no good i have got conection for my laptop so no problem with the internet — very frustrating and disapointing

    any ideas ?


  6. just brought one from tesco store .i get the fail pause message .just when i needed to use it .and it stopped a recording when i watched a playback film .i want to take back to shop for a refund as its only 3 days old but reading reviews off other freesat boxes bush is no and cant afford a humax .just wasted £150 on this .wish i kept sky now for bit longer


  7. I purchased one of these from Currys on 17th Feb and returned it on Friday 21st because it consistently needed to be re-booted. The channels froze and I could not change channels or view my recordings. It also randomly recorded unknown programs that I had not set up, plus I was unable to cancel them. I changed the unit for a Humax which up to now works perfectly. My advice is buy a Humax in the first place. You only get what you pay for.


  8. Hello – so sorry to be a nuisance but I am having trouble yet again. I have uploaded as you suggested and all has been well for two weeks. Not today though. The box has completely frozen … I have tried four times to unplug at the mains (for varying lengths of time) upon replugging it will only permit me two presses like 1 .. 0 .. freeze … very very annoying, as I write this I am sitting here tv-less … Can you help me, I am getting very sick of problems with this box …
    I should add that there are new batteries in the remote and that I have tried to control it from the box as well ….. how long is this under guarantee for as this is the second one with problems …?


  9. Ive just brought this box and having trouble with recordings. 2 have failed and some record normally but some record half way through. Any ideas? Or should I just contact direct?


  10. Hi,

    I apologise for anyone having trouble with the receiver, but please visit our website ( so that we can assist you. We have just released a major update that overhauls the core code and recording code. Because it is such a big overhaul, it requires resetting to factory default, which is why we can’t put it out as an automatic download, as we can’t be resetting people’s boxes automatically.

    We’ve done lengthy field tests with a number of customers before making this release and it has resolved all their issues, so I’m confident that for anyone having trouble it will do the same. Part of the problem with solving these types of bugs is being able to reproduce them as every setup is different, but thanks to the assistance of our customers we have been able to do so.




  11. Hi, I’ve had my box for several months now and it’s been Ok with the exception that I have very little success with scheduled recording when I’m not going to be at home. Almost every time I try to record a programme, when I come to watch it, the library will say a quantity of items when I only expect one and also when I select it it says ‘Failed’ against every item i.e every channel it seems to have tried to record the programme and also ‘This recording was not made because there was no signal to record. Please check your tuner connections.’
    Surely if there was something wrong with the connections I’d have problems watching programmes conventionally? Am I doing something stupid?


  12. Alex said: Factor

    i just updated my plaza t the latest firmware and now it doesnt even turn on, blue power light which then flashes red once in a while.


  13. Hi all, I bought one of these boxes from Amazon on 3rd of September & promptly returned it on the 9th. It would not control the tv sound it froze & on start up I got the GREEN SCREEN effect. The tv I have is a brand new TOSHIBA ( this is my third TOSHIBA as I have had no problems with them) so I am afraid Manhattan is without doubt off the list.


  14. I am having same problems. Recording two channels when recording only one. (and not on live pause.) Unexplained internal error, fails to record. Happens frequently. It even contined to record a Lewis episode for 11 hours, (used over half of memory) Box is just over a year old but it should last longer than that. I am disabled and so fixed income and cannot afford to replace this thing every year.


  15. Hi Margaret, sorry to hear of your problems with the Manhattan, after I returned mine I purchased a Humax HDR1000 from Tesco for £169 & up til now its brilliant.


  16. I am also having problems with this box, it tells me I am recording two programmes when I am not, will not live pause, recordings fail on a regular basis and scheduled programmes won’t record (there is even a particular programme I cannot even set up as the box won’t let me put it on schedule).
    Being a pensioner and not knowing that much about these boxes (this is my first), I naturally thought it was me but now I see others are having the problem. Could someone please let me know what I should do next?
    I have had the box since July 2014 and it has been like this all the time.
    Many thanks.


  17. I have the Manhattan HDR S. Can I use the USB to save my movies onto a hard disk so that I can release some storage on my freesat?

    Thank you


  18. Hi guys can any body help please .I just got one of these and first problem is it is looking for a postcode. I am living in the republic of Ireland and our postcode don’t work on it.Secondly when it goes to default postcode i only get 1 station .it tells me it found 167 stations but i can only see 1 and it freezes . Any body able to help


  19. I have a HD+ plaza with an old remote, so much for the free replacment upgrade, although a lot later than released of ver 2 they wanted £12 quid,

    i ask, if u don’t use forums how did they let people know they could order a new remote, not my fault i only just found out


  20. you may need a software update there have been 3 since they where built,

    the current ver is 1.40 but i would do them all in order of release

    they are avalible from the manhattan web site under news


  21. Enjoyed my PVR till now. When I try to record it says ‘maximum number of timings set’. NOTHING recording, over 60% free space. Be sad to loose grandchildrens’s recordings. – so I guess caput after just only a year! Any ideas??


  22. Hi is there any fix or update for the Plaza HDR-S so i can watch BBC iplayer? As this was one of the main reasons i bought it.


  23. hi have a plaza HDR-S 500,was watching a program finished went to turn off nothing only way mains turn off
    turned back on blue light came on nothing else HELP


  24. tony said: i just updated my plaza t the latest firmware and now it doesnt even turn on, blue power light which then flashes red once in a while.

    This has happened twice and this time it will not come on ,its as though its stuck on standby , switching off and on does nothing , a total waste of time , sometimes records ,sometimes doesn’t , recorded 30 mins coronation street for 6 hours .


  25. I have a Plaza HD.S that l have had for 18months still in the box as l have taken ages together rid of sky.
    Only to find that although it tunes and displays menues and program guided when you select any Channel it goes to blank screen and no audio, has anyone an idea as to the reason, or can anyone let me know the lattest software version. Ron


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