Metronic SATHD100

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Metronic Freesat HD Digital Box (SATHD100)
Released: 20th December 2008
Discontinued: November 2010

Metronic SATHD100 Freesat Digital Box

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

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About the Metronic SATHD100 Digital Receiver

The Metronic SATHD100 is the first Freesat digital box to be released which isn’t from one of the original manufacturers, Humax and Alba. Agreement was made between Metronic and Freesat soon after the Freesat platform launched, but was unable to launch until after the 6 month exclusive agreement was concluded.

The Metronic SATHD100 launched late December. The SATHD100 is the same as the existing Freesat HD digital boxes in all respects, with a single tuner capable of receiving both SD and HD channels. There will also be a non-Freesat mode.

The one thing the Metronic SATHD100 has over the existing single tuner HD receivers is the USB functionality, allowing you to play audio and video files, plus view images from an external hard drive device. You cannot however record programmes onto an external device.

Metronic SATHD100 Specification

– HD satellite receiver with superb Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) picture quality
– Official freesatHD receiver
– Receive over 130 free-to-air digital channels and HD broadcasts from the Astra 28.2E satellite
– HD upscaling for standard definition, improves picture quality through HDMI or component connections
– Simply type in your postcode to pre-load your regions local channels
– Multi-media function: supports USB 2.0 hard disk or USB 2.0 memory sticks
– Play video files, audio files (MP3) or view photo files (JPEG)
– RJ45 connection for upgrading software and future features
– HDMI and component (YPbPr) outputs
– Parental lock facility
– Multiple output resolutions: 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 576i, 480i
– MPEG4/H.264 is an improved compression process for digital television and HDTV, 1080i (interlaced) and 720p (progressive) HDTV video format

Metronic SATHD100 Reviews

TrustedReviews (8/10)

Metronic SATHD100 official website

Metronic SATHD100 manuals

Metronic SATHD100 Instruction Manual


Metronic SATHD100 Freesat Digital Box

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36 Responses to “Metronic SATHD100”

  1. admin Says:

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  6. Bob H Says:

    I have one, but it isn’t fair for me to comment, it would just look biased!


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  8. D Coles Says:

    Bought the SATHD100 in February and all worked fine except for locking up on the last channel selected and then re-booting. Cured by a software update from Metronic. Only minor issue is with the menus which I find a bit awkward when trying to find the right buttons on the remote.


  9. Rory Dalzell Says:

    HELP! I bought the SATHD100 today, did freesat scan ok, did manual scan and now can`t see how to get back into Freesat mode.Please help.


  10. Rory Dalzell Says:

    Help part two: decided to do a Feesat Scan to a least get me back into the Freesat mode and it worked. I can now get Freesat chanels with EPG, but now need to know how to easily switch back and forth from Freesat to non Freesat? I also have a Foxsat HDR (which I hate a vengeance) and standard Foxsat and with these boxes I can simply go into the menu and switch Freesat on or off. I thought this was bad enough now if I have to do this with the Metronic I will be happy.

    I would be most grateful for any assistance as I am sure others out there will be also. I can’t believe I am the first to encounter this problem, although before posting this email I did search various forums with no joy. Very strange! I wonder whether it’s my box that is faulty?


  11. Bobby Dazzler Says:

    I would like to know which has the best hd and sd picture quality out of the humax foxsat hd and the metronic sathd100 if anyone can help me?

    also i believe you can still watch the picture on the metronic when accessing the menu’s, can you do this with the humax?


  12. mrs P gibbs Says:

    We bought this through ideal world and we have the man on Ideal World saying that you can record off it but we cannot see how to do it.Can you please let us know how it is done .Many thanks.


  13. admin Says:

    You cannot record from it, other than connecting to an external device such as a DVD or Video recorder. The unit itself cannot record.


  14. Les Nicol Says:

    As it appears one can connect to an external HDD – If connected to an external media box with it’s own software management woild i be correct in thinking that recordings could be acheived this way.


  15. Tara Marjoram Says:

    I have just bought one of these and am horrified that the remote appears to have a mind of its own and only works itermittently, which is such a pain and a shame as this neat little box would have done everything I needed. Of course, it may be a faulty box. I changed the remotes batteries just in case the ones supplied were not fully charged, and yet the problem exists – it is very tiresome to get the remote to do anything, even when it is virtually placed right night to the receiver on the box! I have not even tried to put together my favorites list as it will take me hours. I cannot recommend this product at this time, unless this is just a faulty remote that can be replaced?


  16. Steve H Says:

    This unit is pretty poor. The channel guide menus are ugly, the remote feels really cheap and the unit generally has quite a few bugs. It often does the previous thing to what you press on the remote, for example you could press channel up and then press teletext, but instead of loading the teletext, it does another channel up and then loads the teletext. I tried changing the batteries in the remote in case a low battery level was the cause, but it still does it. Also, the remote has to be directed right at the unit, it doesn’t have a good range. The programme reminder function is also buggy. If the programme runs over midnight into the next day, it gives you an error message and you have to change the programme finish time to before midnight, but then the picture drops out for a second or so at the pre-midnight time you set on the reminder. It’s basically rubbish. I bought it cause I’d moved into a new flat that only had a satellite point and I needed to get something that evening before Comet shut and hadn’t researched it, but I’m kicking myself now. My advice is spend the extra £50 or so and buy a better Freesat Box.


  17. Len Says:

    Got this box a few days ago cheap.
    HD picture very good.SD as good as sky box.
    However,remote control is weak.You need to point it accurately at box which is unsatisfactory.
    Had problem with audio description,which is a running commentary.Could not get rid of it even though the box was set to turn this feature off.
    When changing my a/v setting on my TV to my dvd recorder,I find that when I turn back to HDMI for this box,I get no sound.
    There are no downloads for software updates on the website.
    I will try to phone them tomorrow,and if no support,I will be taking it back before it drives me mad.
    It would appear that the Ferguson Freesat HD box on sale at Comet is a clone
    and I wonder if the Metronic name has been phased out to be replaced by the Ferguson.


  18. Metronic Set For iPlayer Launch | Join Freesat Says:
  19. chris Matthews Says:

    Wich transponder value should be chosen & how dose this affect signal.


  20. Niall Fox Says:

    This Box is rubbish im so sorry i bought the thing. The remote is just a joke as said above it keeps doing the last thing you pressed. Metronic should be ashamed of them selfs selling this rubbish.

    Niall Fox


  21. Mark Says:

    Total rubbish. I’ve had one of these for just over a year. One minute it works, then it doesn’t. Program menu sometimes won’t update, and at other times parts are blank. Box has now stopped receiving completely, telling me there are no channels. Nothing in the manual about this error message….in fact the manual is about as much use as a bottomless bucket. The remote is just as useless. Sometimes performs a different function to the button I press! Well, I’m just about to chuck this thing in the bin, and go out and buy myself a proper digibox.
    Still. At least Metronic are happy. They’ve got £100 of my hard-earned wonga ):(
    If you are considering buying one of these, my advice is DON’T!


  22. Paul Says:

    Had this now for over a year. Great little box.
    No problems with it atall.
    Reading the above I have never had a remote problem. Well once, needed new batteries. Now have a spare set of rechargeables,as sons are forever switching channels :S.


  23. P Dallas-Conte Says:

    I have Metronic HD 100. Picture is fine and no difficulty setting up.
    However remote operation to navigate EPG is cumbersome could be a lot more convenient. EPG on TV screen is white and orange. On my old Sony CRT TV this is virtually impossible to read. It is better on my new Panasonic Plasma screen but could be a lot better.
    The remote needs to be pointed accurately at the box.
    I have yet to find any support, update information etc from Metronic.
    I feel money would be better spent elsewhere


  24. bart Says:

    just comfirming everything that mark says the whole package is rubbish


  25. c f coates Says:

    i live in ashford kent and have two of your freesats hd100, would like to know why i cannot get local merideon news at 6oclock? instead i get midland news can your tell me why. i have put correct postcode in both help?


  26. my user is osouse Says:



  27. S.J.Graham Says:

    purchased my sathd100 from idealworld in march 2009. It failed completely ioct.2010. It was rebooted and upgraded to version 131 by metronic at that time and was advised to phone an unobtainable number with any further problems. I have two. 1it locks on me quite often and i can only get it back by switching the poweoff.. 2 cannot connect to bbci player afterbuying the extra accessories and folling the exact instructions. Please advice.


  28. S.J.Graham Says:

    I purchased my sat hd 100 thr’ idealworld on march 2009. It then failed me on oct. 2010. metronic kindly rebooted and upgraded to version 131, and told me if i had any further trouble to phone which is now an unobtainable number.I have two problems,1It quite often freezes on me and ihave to switch off the power source before it returns.2Icannot get bbciplayer even after buying the extras required and following the tnstructions to the letter. Please advise


  29. R.Stewart Says:

    Ive had this just over a year and it has failed completely after downloading the official update for the BBC I Player. Sent and e-mail to Metronics and no reply after a week.. The box switches on but nothing is coming through and the remote wont put it in to standby. A complete mystery. Tried unplugging and all that sort of stuff, but to no avail.


  30. John Schofield Says:

    does anyone have a link to a firmware upgrade for this box? – Metronic site has version .097 which has a ‘for development use only’ flash on the screen and doen’t work with BBC iplayer. Thanks


  31. derek smith Says:

    I have one of these boxs, not working at moment, are you trancemitting a signal. help.


  32. PeterS Says:

    I made the mistake of thinking the current upgrade was that on the Metronic Website. Upgraded to v97 but had big issues but when I found a link to v125 I thought I was home and dry. Instead I am at home with a black screen!

    Does anyone know a version of the software that actually works? If so how do you load it when you can not get to the menu!!


  33. Keith Chadwick Says:

    I had problems with remote etc and no I Player, downloaded firmware from metronic site and now have even more issues, V0.087 is the only firmware onMetronic site. Box is waste of time and support is non existant.


  34. bez Says:

    Shocking pile of poo.
    I have to battle on, as cant afford to replace.
    Remote does what it feels like.
    Box overheats and freezes every day


  35. Simon Says:

    Awful, Box never worked well from the start. HD seemingly needed to “warm-up”. Many channels would never load-up, regardless of SD or HD. Re-tuning has worked but the Freesat Scan has now conked-out completely and I’m now left with free-to-air SD channels available on Sky, so I may as well have a Sky subscription?

    Save your time and don’t bother and get a Sky subscription. At least you can blame them and get new equipment.

    Finally, this a French equipment and my experience has seen the build-quality/longevity of French electronics to be very poor.


  36. Enoch Beenuyie Says:

    Please I have the metronic star box, it was able to scan the channels but I hear the talking but no video signal. please can you help me solve the problem


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