Panasonic DMR-XS380


Panasonic Freesat+ HD DVD 250GB Digital Box (DMR-XS380)
Released: June 2010
Discontinued: Unknown 2011

Panasonic DMR-XS380 Freesat+ HD DVD 250GB Digital Box

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

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About the Panasonic DMR-XS380 Freesat+ HD DVD 250GB Digital Box

High Definition DVD Recorder with Twin HD Satellite Tuner compatible with Freesat+ and 250GB HDD

DIGA’s H.264 encoder compresses the recorded programmes at a lower bitrates but retain its high-definition resolution, which takes up less space on the disc without compromising on picture quality as much. The images are crisp and clear due to advanced compression technologies that are optimized to match each scene.

With more than 140 digital TV and radio channels to choose from it’s fairly likely that at some point you will want to record two programmes broadcast at the same time. The freesat+ Twin Tuner allows you the freedom to do this and offers a multitude of other viewing and recording options.

The 35-hour long time archiving in HM mode is also convenient for saving hard disk space. In HM mode, a maximum of 169 hours of high definition recording data can be save onto HDD (250GB).

DIGA becomes more convenient with addition of Rewind Live TV. On top of Pause Live TV which let you pause live TV programmes as if you are watching recorded programmes, Rewind Live TV will allow you to rewind live TV to the scene which you want to, upto 2 hours, so you won’t miss important moments. *Rewind Live TV will be effective while channel stays the same. *The function of Rewind Live TV does not work during simultaneous recording. *For Pause Live TV, when 8 hours pass since the programme was recorded, the recording stops.

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  1. Do you have this product? Then why not give us your opinion to help assist potential customers in deciding which Freesat product is right for them. Please stick to opinions/reviews of the specific product on this page. Also, don’t forget to give this product a rating, using the stars at the top!


  2. Only purchased this as no Freeview in my area Eastbourne until 2012 and have Sony box that is Freeview from my previous address
    So had to be Freesat Panasonic box this Panasonic box not as easy to use a the Sony every thing is harder to do and you cannot copy to disc whilst watching another programme
    But the quality is very good


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