TechniSat HDFS

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TechniSat Freesat HD Digital Box (HDFS)
Released: June 2009

TechniSat Freesat Box

This product is now discontinued and the page will no longer be updated. You may still be able to buy this product from one of our listed retailers below, just follow the link.

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About the TechniSat HDFS Freesat HD Digital Box

The HDFS Satellite HD Digital Receiver with freesat has been designed for the reception of both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) programming. The freesat specification offers a fully featured Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), interactive ‘Red Button’ services using MHEG-5 and HD programmes from ITV HD.

The HDFS allows multimedia playback of movies, music and pictures from external USB devices, memory cards and Compact Flash or via a networked PC using the Ethernet port. The network connectivity can be extended further with the addition of the TechniSat USB-WLAN Adaptor to provide a wireless solution.

In addition to freesat mode, the HDFS has a TechniSat mode which offers the extended features and functions expected of a TechniSat receiver, such as multi-satellite reception using DiSEqC and motor control.

TechniSat HDFS Key Features

Reception of all freesat HD and SD channels
Full 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee
Ultra-low standby power: 0.25W
USB ports – front & rear
Card readers – SD/MS/MMC & Compact Flash
Playback of music, pictures & movies from USB, card reader or networked PC
WLAN support for wireless connectivity (additional TechniSat WLAN antenna required)
TechniSat mode off ering DiSEqC 1.2 functionality with motor control for multi-satellite reception
Scrolling alphanumeric display
Easy first time installation with AutoInstall
Extensive on-screen help
HDMI lead included
Freesat programme list
TechniSat programme list
Comfortable on-screen menu (ODS) in 12 languages: EN, IT, FR, ES, CZ, GR, PL, NL, TR, DA, SE, NO

TechniSat HDFS Product Links

TechniSat HDFS Technical Specification
TechniSat HDFS Product Page

TechniSat HDFS Images

TechniSat Freesat HD Rear Connections
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111 Responses to “TechniSat HDFS”

  1. Bernie Says:

    It is now June and still no release date for the Technisat HD Box?


  2. admin Says:

    Still no confirmed release date from TechniSat unfortunately; we are in regular contact with them.


  3. john Says:

    Stock was delivered to severtal distributors last week. We estimate another 10 days before stock will arrive in Comet and Currys stores


  4. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    I saw one at a wholesaler today & first impressions were good ! Your local indie freesat retailer / installer should have access to stock now.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  5. Infliction Says:

    Digital Spy have published an article on it a short while ago –

    The USB, WiFi and LAN connections look very appealing !!! Very tempted but dont know much about the company and its products


  6. John Says:

    TechniSat are a brand leader of upmarket Sat/cable/and terrestrial products especially in their home market.
    The are the number 1 brand on STB’s by a mile in their home market.
    To see some of the range of products visit


  7. TechniSat Launches Freesat HD Digital Box | Join Freesat Says:
  8. Bernie Says:

    I received my Technisat HDFS receiver on Thu from Southern Satellite and boy am I happy!. I live in Germany and I am using a Technisat 45cm Multytenne. The picture and sound are superb and the reception of all four of the multytenne satellites is perfect. I also have two Humax HDs (1 PVR) and this box easily surpasses them. I now wait for the announcement of the Technisat HD PVR at the end of the year.


  9. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    Yes. Sounds good – but can I put my recordings off my Humax onto a memory stick and then watch them using this?


  10. Steve Says:

    Yes you should be able to play them back from your MS.


  11. Prof Zarkov Says:

    All sounds very good – does it upscale?


  12. Prof Zarkov Says:

    Bought my HDFS from Maplin – web order only but if you go into the shop & make up an order over £200, you’ll get their catalogue for free plus it contains vouchers . . so you can end up getting £10 off. Box is very sleek & gives an excellent picture. The system is not too intuitive and the handbook not quite detailed enough but with perseverance it all worked very well – can set up HDMI to 1080 and you can set up a customisable listing rather than the 100s of stations. Shows jps from an SD card – will play with network input later. Brilliant bit of kit.


  13. Bernie Says:

    Found in whatsat website:

    Technisat Freesat box to get PVR add-on

    Technisat is to issue a software update for its HDFS Freesat receiver adding the ability to record programmes to storage devices connected to its USB port.

    Users will be able to record high (excluding ITV HD) and standard definition Freesat programmes to memory sticks and external hard drives and timeshift and pause live TV.

    The update allows recording of one channel at a time and playback of recordings while recording.

    Broadcaster copyright requirements mean that recordings will only be playable on the receiver on which they were made. All drives will need to be formatted by your receiver for recording.

    The new features are controlled by pressing coloured keys on the existing remote control and recordings can be scheduled via the EPG and manual timer and edited afterwards.

    The new features will be included in an over-the-air software update expected to appear at the end of October. Users will be notified onscreen when it is available.


  14. TechniSat HDFS Gets PVR Add-on | Join Freesat Says:
  15. Paul Says:

    Decided to invest in a TechniSat box a month ago and am well pleased. Picture in both SD and HD are brilliant and the box is easy to set up and hasn’t missed a beat. Would highly recommend this box to anyone considering going FreeSat.


  16. ProfZarkov Says:

    Really enjoying the Technisat box – excellent picture & facilities. One niggle – don’t know how to use its handset to control the TV (a Samsung) . . not a lot of help elsewhere?

    Any news on this upgrade??


  17. ProfZarkov Says:

    Just to update .. I’m using my network connection to my home network and can view pictures from anywhere on the network, play music or videos . . .works a treat. I have a huge HDD plugged into the network & can slideshow 1,000s of pictures. Excellent. I’ve found out that I can also set up the timer to do a VCR timer which when active will power up my recorder & record. Saves me setting up two timers just to record on programme.


  18. Qwerty9 Says:

    Anyone with access to a Farnell OneCall account can get the HDFS for £148.95 delivered.


  19. TechniSat HDFS PVR Instructions Online | Join Freesat Says:
  20. TechniSat PVR Upgrade Available From Today | Join Freesat Says:
  21. TechniSat HDFS Receives 5 Stars From What Hi-Fi | Join Freesat Says:
  22. Arthur Says:

    Hi will this receiver tune in non freesat chanells


  23. RoZo Says:

    @arthue; Yes I am told by Technisat it tunes and timer records non-freesat in Technisat mode. According to the manuals switching to Technisat modes will shut off any freesat timers already set but I suppose you could just set it to record the UK channels in Technisat mode if you scan for them. It will also operate diseqcontrols for multi satellites or motor control in Technisat mode which means it is now the perfect box for me to buy … except it’s not a twin tuner.

    When oh when will Technisat progress / produce their twin tuner pvr for freesat?

    I hope it comes earlier than the new Humax HDR2 promised for Autumn 2010 because I fear that even then Humax still won’t allow non-freesat timer recordings.


  24. madanglian Says:

    Great heads-up Qwerty9!


  25. mr no name Says:

    the Technisat will record ITV HD in ‘technisat mode’, however you would need to use the timer to set all recordings and do without the freesat EPG as you can’t set the timer to flick between modes – maybe a future upgrade could sort this out?


  26. mr no name Says:

    use channel 10510 by the way


  27. TechniSat HDFS Freesat Group Winner | Join Freesat Says:
  28. madanglian Says:

    Anybody know what format it puts on external hard disk drives? It doesn’t seem to be FAT/FAT32/NTFS or ext2/3.


  29. ProfZarkov Says:

    It stores it in a format it can only read! Many more posts on the PVR page about this. So you can only play things back on the box and not on a PC for example.
    Mine’s been playing up recently – lost all the radio channels! I went into Technisat Mode and lo, they are all there. The EPG seems very slow – can’t get more than one day . . does anyone know the EPG settings to get a quick and 7 day guide?


  30. SimmoGrantham Says:

    Technisat HDFS box is now end-of-line clearance bargain at Currys! £50 off RRP so now at £129, if I remember right. Off to get the last one in Grantham store now!!!


  31. John Says:

    Technisat at Currys? I can’t see any!


  32. SimmoGrantham Says:

    OK, got the last one – £129.99! Woo-hoo! They were showing stock of 2s and 3s at other stores within 25 miles of Grantham, but it’s not shown on their website. Seems getting down to your local Currys and asking is the only way.
    Set-up was a doddle btw, and HD pic is great.


  33. admin Says:

    Just to note, the product isn’t end of life, Currys are just selling off because they no longer have an agreement to sell this product.


  34. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the tip. Just bought one at £129.97 at Currys Ipswich – they still had a few in stock!


  35. John Says:

    I’ve just bought the TechniSat USB-WLAN Adaptor has anyone tried this with thier
    TechniSat HDFS.


  36. ProfZarkov Says:

    I’ve been using the LAN and it works fine. Expect the WLAN to do the same (if slower). Still can’t get teletext or any red button services . . it now says “Connecting…” and then a big error message . . guess this may be a pre-iPlayer glitch?


  37. spicey Says:

    Does this box support DVB-S2 at all…?


  38. hynde12 Says:

    Has anybody been able to network their PC running on Windows 7 yet on the HDFS, I can play files from my sons laptop on XP but not my desktop on Windows 7, I can see it there but just says error with the username and password.


  39. Andrewd01 Says:

    Same here! Just keeps asking for username and password. Tried them all but just get incorrrect username or password message. I’m really frustrated with it!


  40. Scott Says:

    Yes, I’ve managed to link up to my PC network with no problems on Vista. I had to enter my passwords twice in order to make access.


  41. ProfZarkov Says:

    Still having the odd problem with my box – I’ve taken to shutting off the power supply (to all my AV boxes) at night. The Technisat box restarts OK but keeps losing ALL the radio channels – the only way to restore them is to do a factory reset! Anyone had similar?


  42. steve Says:

    got wireless adapter for technisat box and had to do software update to get iplayer on red button menu – trouble is that it does not always appear i.e you press the red button and the top of the menu says how to get iplayer but thats it!

    I have had it working since software update and wireless router is detected and the two way traffic arrows dont have a line through them which means it is set up ok – whats going on anyone??


  43. Julian Says:

    Bought the Technisat with a Samsung 32inch. I love the Technisat but since I have nothing to compare it to I can only judge my use so far. I have had a couple of unexplained restarts, but don’t know what to blame, whether it was the signal outage, television, or the Technisat itself. Secondly, it took me ages to figure out how to hook it up to my home network, I just wish there was more help in this respect.

    It doesn’t seem to like it when I pop in my pen drive either, this is probably the folder structure of my pen drive, so I don’t want to judge too harshly until I buy a dedicated USB harddrive to hook up and use it as a PVR.

    I would still recommend this box, but wish I had the chance to experiement with others first.


  44. Rozzo Says:

    I have recently discovered that my technisat hdfs is only showing a few hours worth of programming in the epg and not the next day nor all 7 days.

    I cannot say if this is a recent development as I used to switch a lot between freesat mode and technisat mode and then only expected to have a few hours after switching. But recently I have had it only on freesat mode for a few weeks.

    Sometimes the channel we are tuned to will show up to 24 hours worth of epg content but that disappears after switching to another channel.

    I have tried leaving the box on overnight and enabling quick start but to no avail.

    Any advice / similar problems?


  45. Andy Says:

    Same problem here. EPG shows only the current day. Anyone know how to fix?


  46. admin Says:

    Are you sure you have got it in ‘Freesat’ mode and not ‘TechniSat’ mode?


  47. Rozzo Says:

    Yes, thanks, it is currently in freesat mode but I have had advice elsewhere that a factory reset will restore the full epg.
    Unfortunately though a factory reset will delete all my technisat mode tuning settings so I have decided to wait until after 3rd November and do the lot so it includes the BBC1HD launch.
    One other warning is that programmes recorded on a usb drive may not be immediately accessible after the reset. Apparently, they won’t be lost but may take a few attempts to get there.


  48. John Robins Says:

    Interesting reviews and comments.

    Have seen the information about recording and networking, good.

    Can it be set up to record to a network drive-wired- and then playback from the network drive?



  49. Teddyboy2 Says:

    I bought a SanDisc 16GB Cruzer Blade. I have formated it to pvr and checked same. Problem is I set the timer to record and get nothing. Could anyone help a feeble minded 82 year old?


  50. SebastianMack Says:


    I think your Sandisk Cruzer has 2 partitions- which includes a hidden drive with software on it. I’m not sure this will help you, but try plugging the Sandisk into your computer and wait for the Sandisk to be detected. If your computer shows it as having two disks (it might open 2 folders automatically when you plug it in), then it has been partitioned, and has to be formatted on the computer first.

    If two partitions show on the Sandisk then go to My Computer, scroll down to your USB Sandisk device, right click and scroll to ‘Format’ , choosing either Fat32 or NTFS- that way the drive will be totally wiped.
    The Sandisk also gets configured automatically for ‘ReadyBoost’ by Vista and Windows 7 -a very annoying feature, and that might have also configured your Sandisk automatically if you have plugged it into your PC, so selecting ‘Format’ will get rid of any hidden partitions and ReadyBoost.

    Then try plugging it into your Technisat, and let the Technisat format the Sandisk again to enable it for use with the Technisat.
    If that doesn’t work then I think it might be a problem with the Sandisc Cruzer compatibility. Perhaps try to get a refund and buy a Seagate USB 160GB drive for about 45 pounds or similar USB drive. For about 60 pounds you can get a 500GB drive from Tesco (probably cheapest place to buy from).


  51. Teddyboy2 Says:

    Thanks muchly, I shall try te above and let you know.
    Best wishes


  52. Teddyboy2 Says:

    Hello again SebastianMack

    Tried everything that you advised, but still no luck. I have recorded pics on the cruzer blade, so I feel there is no problem with it.
    I think that I might try your other suggestion and buy a hard disc.
    Bye Teddyboy2


  53. Dutch Says:

    I’m from the Netherlands and am interested in watching Freeview. I’ve tried using a standard FTA reciever, but then I don’t have a full EPG (I can only see the current programme and the next). Also I don’t get DVB subtitles on the BBC HD channels (there is another subtitle option, but it only shows ugly low-res subs without a sufficient dark background, so that hardly usable). Because of these problems, I’m considering to buy the Technisat. But I do have a two questions.
    – Does the Technisat show clearly readable subtitles (not low-res) on the HD channels?
    – Is it possibe to make the subtitles visible when playing back recorded HD and SD programmes?


  54. Teddyboy2 Says:

    Hello Again again SebastianMack
    Once again, thanks fo your help. At last I AM recording to the Cruzer, I was trying to use the recorder instruction, I should have used the hard disc instruction. Also I have found -( man_usb_recorder_instuctions_hdfs_6852.pdf )- , which has a wealth of ways to do the business .


  55. Freesat Announces 2010 Product Of The Year Awards | Join Freesat Says:
  56. Carolyn Says:

    I have lost EPG and radio stations so am going to go for a restore to factory settings

    So I have noticed that some have restored to factory settings – if I do this I have a couple of questions I hope that some can help with:

    will all recordings be OK – presumably I should unplug it the hard disk – will I still be able to get to the recordings?

    Also what do I need to know to reset it as I didn’t actually plug it in the guy that fitted the sat dish did it – I am presuming that it is fairly easy but do I maybe need to know some details I can get before I wipe it?

    Additionally I can’t get the I player working on the wireless but wondering if the signal is too weak as I know it can be a bit iffy where the TV is – how can I tell if it is getting connected? The marker on the settings on the far right changes from a red slash through it to without, when I select. The strength markers move from red to yellow – should they be green?


  57. ProfZarkov Says:

    On my second box now and it still loses all its radio channels for no reason – quite a pain as I have to do a factory reset to get them back- I’m sure it is a transponder issue? It’s still quite a good box and records well- to either a USB drive or my Panasonic HDD box. Anyone got any thoughts on this radio problem?


  58. admin Says:

    Sounds like you have a dish alignment issue.


  59. Rmax Says:

    Browsing through pvrs and just came across the technisat hds. I am trying to find out whether I can record to a hard disk that is not directly connected to the usb but rather a hard disk which is on the network.
    HAs any one seen the LG blu ray burner with NAS DNLA support? does it connect to the technisat? For the purpose of recording and then burning on a blu ray?


  60. ProfZarkov Says:

    Thanks Admin for that. I still have the old Sky dish & cabling – think I will invest in a signal strength checker and maybe think about upgrading the LNB & cable too . . although I generally get 80%+ on signal strength.
    Not sure a HDD on the network would work – you may be able to do but the the transfer rate for HD might be demanding. I use an old Panasonic DVD/HDD as an external recorder and it works fine and a bit more reliable.


  61. Rmax Says:

    Thanks ProfZarkiv,
    When you use it as an external recorder, do you connect it through the usb as an extrenal hdd or is it through scart or some other connector?


  62. Rozzo Says:

    @53 Dutch
    Unfortunately as this site does not flag up new messages since last visit on the subpages, there was no prompt for such as myself (a HDFS user) to look at your question and I have only just chanced upon it.
    You asked:

    – Does the Technisat show clearly readable subtitles (not low-res) on the HD channels?
    BBC1HD and BBCHD subtitles are clearly readable but the text size is smaller than on SD.
    ITV1HD does not provide any subtitles at all on the Technisat (nor or Panasonic) so probably not available on any machine.

    – Is it possibe to make the subtitles visible when playing back recorded HD and SD programmes?
    Although the function is there it does not work well at all and I suspect it is a freesat issue as I also had the same problems on a Humax I owned. The main issue is that the timing of the subtitles is some 15 seconds in advance of the speech and I get this in HD and SD quite often. Very occasionaly the timing is okay.
    If you know about subtitling you will have seen that some subtitles are prepared in advance and appear as full blocks, whilst others especially on live events such as news they are typed as the newsreader speaks so do not appear on screen for some 5 to 10 seconds later. These latter live subtitles seems to often fail entirely on the BBC HD channels for both recorded and live programmes.

    There are also two modes of subtitling, DVB and TXT selectable via the tick button on the remote, not the SUB button. DVB subtitles will only get recorded if the DVB mode was switched on during the recording. TXT mode seem to record even if the SUB button was off. The advance timing issue is worst in DVB mode and sometimes switching to TXT mode subtitles resets the timing, but only infrequently.

    I reported the fault to Humax and I believe they included some measures in a software update but by then I had returned the box so do not know if they fixed it entirely or just to the level of poor performance on the Technisat (which is better than the Humax was then). Technisat have also had my report and been chased on it but do not seem to have come up with any software fixes since version d.


  63. Brian Says:

    The biggest failure with the HDFS is the lack of Win 7 shares.

    Technisat are still pushing the line it’s a Microsoft thing. BUT they have Cifs and UPnP in their HDFV box so the software fix can’t be that difficult.

    The more people who bug them about this might shift them to releasing an update.


  64. ProfZarkov Says:

    Reply to Rmax above:
    Yes I use the Panasonic DVD/HDD box as an external recorder via SCART, using the HDFS red button to record but chosing the 2nd option of “new video recorder timer”. I then switch my Panasonic into “external link” mode and it basically just records when its SCART wakes up. I have found the USB record option a bit flaky – it corrupted an external 500 GB HDD drive (fortunately under warranty) and it had to be returned. I’ve not replaced it in the USB slot but use an 8GB stick – seems to work but limited in capacity – I just either watch the recording or transfer to the Panasonic – where I can shift it onto DVD if its worth it. Remember an HD recording will take up a lot of space! 4GB/hr (?)

    What’s the problem with Win7?


  65. Brian Says:

    Win 7 problem:

    It’s possible to access media files on a XP/Vista machine. It’s impossible to do this with Win 7 machines. Apparently the network protocol was changed in the retail versions of Win 7. Technisat have used an older network stack which can’t access Win 7 shares. Sadly, rather than fix it, they simply state it’s a Microsoft problem. All my other media player devices can handle Win 7 shares without problems. However, I believe they have fixed it for the HDFreeView unit – so they have the solution.


  66. Peter Whisker Says:

    I’m not able to do anything with the .TS files created on the HDFS box. Mediaport (on the Technisat website) downloads the program to PC fine but then fails to recognise the .TS file. (It is supposed to use ProjectX to demux it to produce MPG or DVD formats). It is meant to work with SD (not HD) recordings but I can’t get it to work at all. VLC is also supposed to work but similarly fails. Has anyone had any luck with this? Technisat support have got me to hard reset the box, but that’s not helped.


  67. Dutch Says:

    @62 Rozzo
    Thanks for your extensive reply. But in the meantime, I’ve already purchased the Humax Foxsat HDR. It’s a bit more expensive than the Technisat, but it’s working perfectly, also with the subs (no timing problems whatsoever). I already own a similar Humax (special edition for Dutch cable networks with same exterior and remote) which is working fine, so I took the gamble.


  68. Alan kelly Says:

    Why have Technisat made the non Freesat mode so stupidly hard to get at ?.
    Surely a simple press of a button to access non freesat/ other satellites
    would have made more sense.I just cant understand that Technisat went
    to the trouble of putting in a disqec switch in and then making switching
    between freesat and non freesat so ridiculous,


  69. Rozzo Says:

    Version Number 1666 Patch 7 released OTA according to DTG website


  70. Hans Says:


    is there any Freesat HD receiver with an option for 2 CAM modules on the market ?


  71. Lee Sartin Says:

    I have to say… what an amazing box… its fast, the software and menus are great. Although I have a dual LNB from sky + I have made one of them redundant. I tried the Sagem PVR as I couldnt afford a Humax and got it for £119. It was useless, but the Technisat can pause live TV and record afew things which is all I need really as there is BBCi player on board. I hope to see more of their products on this platform in the future.


  72. Roy Wall Says:

    I’ve spent hours trying to get the HDFS to talk to Windows XP Mode under Windows 7 but with no success. Has anybody got this to work?


  73. Al Smith Says:

    I see that tesco are offering the Technisat HDFS

    for £119.97 and £10 extra discount until the 1st



  74. Gary F from London Says:

    Basically pretty disappointed with this product. Picture quality is not as good as with my Fortec-Star box (which was much cheaper), and am really aggrieved that the USB-WLAN feature, which was the selling point, doesn’t work with Windows-7. Their marketing material should have been clearer about this. I contacted Technics and they said that software updates to be Windows-7 compatable would be availble “soon” — that was 2 months ago .. I wait with baited breath.
    I don’t recommend this product or company.


  75. ProfZarkov Says:

    Having problems now with the EPG not updating – similar to the Humax issues? Could this really be a Freesat issue? Tried all the tricks – factory reset – moving from Freesat to Technista mode etc . . still no joy. Only get a few hours of guide . . gonna try leaving the box on for a day and see if this helps.


  76. Wolfman Says:

    Just got one over eBay but like many on this forum; I am having trouble with the EPG, I looked on the TechniSat website but cannot even find the model listed in the products list. So I guess my question is: does anyone know of a patch to solve this problem and if yes, could they please post the link. Thanks!!


  77. Wolfman Says:

    PS: I did an OTA update which also did not solve the problem!!. So the box is updated to the last available software that is transmitted OTA.


  78. Morsoft Says:

    I have had the same problem with the EPG not updating for the last couple of weeks. The EPG only shows programme information for Now and Next but shows the titles of some programmes 3 or 4 hours ahead (but no details). Everything else says “No programme information available”. I also have tried everything I can think of – Factory reset, Swap between Freesat and Technisat mode, unplug from the mains, Channel search.
    It is driving me mad as I cannot use it as a recorder like this.


  79. Latest Manhattan HD-S Due Soon | Join Freesat Says:
  80. Daryl Says:

    The EPG problem has rendered the box a piece of junk. No support offered from technisat. I can only see the next 3hours of programs – nothing fixes the issue. Are lots of people having the same issue?


  81. Paul Says:

    This EPG issue started on my unit a few days ago. I did have this issue once before but a hard reset (i.e. unplug, hold down the power button and program up+ button, plug back in until “welcome” appears and leave buttons go) resolved it as I recall. However, this reset is not working this time. I will have to call Technisat I think. Would just like to say that apart from this issue this really is a fabulous receiver.


  82. Wolfman Says:

    Hi all,

    anyone that is having problems with the Technisat HDFS EPG should contact Technisat, the more of us that complain about the problem, the more likely there will be a fix for it.

    I paid a small fortune for my box and I am not a happy camper!!. I have only had it a few weeks and if it doesn’t get fixed soon, it is going back!!.


  83. zap35 Says:

    I am also suffering from the same issue of the EPG not loading completely. This has been happening for a few weeks; prior to that the EPG would load completely, even if it took some time. I will be contacting Technisat.

    Fortunately I don’t do much recording, so I still have a very positive impression of the HDFS as an HD receiver with PVR functionality.


  84. Graeme Says:

    I have the same EPG problem, was really happy with the machine, not now!


  85. Sys Says:

    Technosat are aware of this problem and are trying to fix it so hopefully a software update is in the pipeline However if it goes on much longer I think keep pestering is the way forward!!


  86. Puggy Says:

    Any update yet? I’ve been on to Technisat, we may need more people lettng hem knw we are not happy…


  87. Paul Says:

    Here’a a follow up to my comment (number 81). I contacted Technisat and here’s the reply I got below. Just to add to what a previous comment said, I would encourage everybody with this EPG problem to go to the technisat website and send an explanation of the EPG problem. The more that send in a fix request the better
    Here’s the link,en,34

    Here’s the reply they sent me today……
    thanks for your request.

    The problem you described is actually known. We forwarded it to our software
    developers. At the moment we can’t tell you when there will be a final
    solution. Please be sure that it is important to us to solve the problem as
    quick as possible.

    Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

    Best regards
    Marco Bergling

    TechniSat Digital GmbH
    D-54550 Daun/Vulkaneife


  88. zap35 Says:

    @87 Paul,
    I received exactly the same reponse (word for word) from the same person at Technisat.
    I would urge everyone to contact/recontact Technisat until they get the problem solved.


  89. admin Says:

    The response we had from our contact was that the technical support team would reply to us, so hopefully we’ll get a full response and not the same!


  90. woidoi Says:

    I have been writing to Technisat trying to get them to confirm that they will rectify the problem and after two weeks received the exact same carbon copy reply as earlier posters. Decided to get Freesat themselves on the case. They responded immediately – good for them! I was specifically asking them to declare if something in the epg data stream has changed that precipitated the sudden problems.

    “You are correct in pointing out that there has been a recent issue with some Humax and Technisat receivers getting delayed guide information. This is being looked into by Humax, Technisat and freesat and should be resolved soon. We have had correspondence with both companies and both Humax and Technisat have confirmed that it is a software issue that will be rectified as soon as possible. However, we can confirm that freesat did increase the amount of EPG data that is transmitted and that is the reason why Humax boxes are delayed in receiving the EPG data. We are currently unaware of why there is a Technisat issue. We apologise for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.”

    Maybe the reason for Technisat Epg problems but still we wait for an update. For me the problems started about six weeks ago.


  91. Paul Says:

    @admin: Any update on the forthcoming software update from Technisat to resolve this infuriating EPG issue? It’s really becoming annoying at this stage and I wasn’t inspired by their reply to me which I included on an earlier post here! Surely they would at least be willing to provide freesat with some kind of progress report at this stage on the issue?


  92. admin Says:


    There is a software release due tomorrow but I’m unsure if this is for everyone, or just a beta update for some to test. Hopefully won’t be long.


  93. Dale Says:

    This is beyond s joke – Christmas is coming and still no fix. Think it may be time to try and get a refund from technisat and buy a working box.


  94. Peter Says:

    Has there been a fix yet? I am interested in purchasing a unit, but will hold off if there is no fix.


  95. Dale Says:

    I have this problem regarding the EPG. I would add that I have always had the problem of the radio list becoming empty. Technisat have chosen not to solve the radio list problem. One wonders why they would solve the EPG problem. I suppose the best bet would be to return the set under warranty if the EPG is crucial to you.


  96. Dale Says:

    I didn’t post comment 93


  97. Dale Says:

    In case it is of interest, this is what I received today from Technisat:
    “many thanks for your email.
    For the epg data you´ll have to wait at least 2-3 hours until all data are
    available for one week. In case you don´t want to loose the data please don´t
    switch off your HDFS. Actually we are working on an improvement for this
    situation and are checking the loss of radio channels.
    We thank you again for your comments on this and reported it to our technical

    Best regards
    Hartmut Dockhorn ”

    TechniSat Digital GmbH
    D-54550 Daun/Vulkaneifel


  98. Angie Says:

    I have tried for hours nw to get my HDFS to see my computer via the WLAN adapter, but no joy. The instuctions are very basic, no troublshooting guide….
    Have set up a shared folder, don’t know what else to do.
    I think the link is there as I am getting no line through the double arrows. And I have BBC Iplayer now, which I did not have before.


  99. Profzarkov Says:

    Hmm, just got back to this forum after a few months . . seems not much has changed. I flagged up the loss of all radio stations a year ago and it is still happening. Didn’t really think it was a dish alignment problem – signal is good. I also get a poor epg service . . . it does update eventually but this really isn’t good enough. I also lose recordings. I may start to watch a PVR recording on my USB stick then stop and leave it for a few days, when I come back it’s there but with no picture just sound . . no matter what resets I do . . moving the stick around or doing a PVR check . . . it’s gone. We haven’t had a software update for a year. I think Technisat have given up on this box and will probably bring out a new one later this year, leaving us with this duff box.


  100. Profzarkov Says:

    Looks like the Echostar is the rising new kid on the block!
    The epg problem is a pain – where can we check for OTA updates?


  101. castalla Says:

    Angie said:
    I have tried for hours nw to get my HDFS to see my computer via the WLAN adapter, but no joy. The instuctions are very basic, no troublshooting guide….
    Have set up a shared folder, don’t know what else to do.
    I think the link is there as I am getting no line through the double arrows. And I have BBC Iplayer now, which I did not have before.

    You won’t see anything on the network if you are using Win 7 – it’s been broken since the box was released and never fixed despite numerous requests to do so by users.


  102. Peter Says:

    I have also lost the radio channels (but I have them on my Sky receiver so it is not the dish). I called Technisat and they told me to update the software with version which is available on their website. When I visited the website the version available is (which is already installed on the HDFS). I called them back and they said they did not understand why the latest software had not been uploaded to their site and to “try again next week and have a good weekend”. So we just have to wait. This is no way to deal with problems or customers.

    Let’s see what happens “next week”


  103. admin Says:

    Peter said:
    I have also lost the radio channels (but I have them on my Sky receiver so it is not the dish). I called Technisat and they told me to update the software with version which is available on their website. When I visited the website the version available is (which is already installed on the HDFS). I called them back and they said they did not understand why the latest software had not been uploaded to their site and to “try again next week and have a good weekend”. So we just have to wait. This is no way to deal with problems or customers.
    Let’s see what happens “next week”

    We have version here if you want it, the file is 5mb in size. Just email us.


  104. Profzarkov Says:

    Hmm, seems the epg/radio channel problem is still here.
    I’ve left my box on for 4+ hours today and still now update beyond today.


  105. Peter Says:

    Hi Admin, how do I email you, what is your email address?


  106. admin Says:

    Peter said:
    Hi Admin, how do I email you, what is your email address?


  107. Chris Says:

    The failure to populate the EPG properly and the loss of radio stations are still problems on my HDFS. It is running software version which is the one currently available on the Technisat web site. Posts 102 and 103 above refer to a later version Is it known if this fixes either of these problems?
    Technisat’s email help responses have failed to mention this update, or anything else in the least helpful.


  108. Dan Says:

    Hello Chris,

    The loss of radio channels is a bug on the HDFS when you switch from Freesat to Technisat mode.

    The “solution” is to reset to factory settings and the radio channels are restored…

    However I have and I can’t find the new firmware either…

    Can you email me it please admin?




  109. Thomas Says:

    Hello Admin
    I have a Technisat HDFS. The software doesn’t appear to be anywhere anymore on the Technisat site. If you have it could you email it to me so I can update my box. Thanks a lot!


  110. Fergus Says:

    My hdfs will will not find 119 (ITV HD) with a London post code, however it will find other variants using Belfast or Manchester codes.

    Anyone else got this issue?


  111. Alex Says:

    I am having problems with timed recordings on my USB stick (an Adata C906). The USB stick is new, it formats with no problems on Windows 7 as NTFS and Linux as ext3. Quite often it will not record programs, or attempting a new recording will corrupt the whole stick so it has to be reformatted by the HDFS. Any suggestions?


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