Dixons Drop Price On Humax PVR

Edit (03-Aug-09): Price increased to £244 now they have stock!

Humax FOXSAT HDR Freesat+ Digital Box

Dixons have today reduced the price of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR PVR receiver to £234 including delivery, a new low for the product; so if you were still considering a purchase, this further price reduction might just be enough for you to consider buying this great product.

Visit Dixons £234 Humax Freesat+ PVR Offer

The cheapest 2 year warranty deal on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR remains at £254 including delivery, see the product page for more price comparisons.

21 thoughts on “Dixons Drop Price On Humax PVR”

  1. All electronics that are sold in the EU have a 2 year warranty no matter what the shop tells you. In fact the Sale of Goods Act probably gives you more than that under the fit for purpose clause.

  2. Dixons were also doing a further 5% off before 4pm on Friday, managed to snag one for £222.30 delivered. Though I don’t have much faith in Dixons online as last time I ordered from them they had no stock.

    What’s the largest drive (make and model) people have managed to upgrade the Humax HDR with?

  3. When I purchased mine “new” from Dixons (originally) it had football recorded on the hard drive.

    Be careful they are not just dumping machines that are “returns” and trying to say that they are “new”. I never got any sensible response from their customer services. They said “return it but we have no stock so we cannot send you another….!” Money back or nothing.

    I will not be buying anything from Dixons again.

  4. In stock again (8-10pm) at Dixons, but surprise surprise, £244! It would be interesting to know if anyone, apart from Lee B, managed to get one at the £234 price.

  5. I purchased this item approximately 6 months ago and its a piece of kit worthy of recommendation. However, it’s just a box with some electronics inside with probably a cost price being a fraction of the various retail prices that are advertised. It’s because we are British that we are suffering the same old exploitation of excessive overcharging.

  6. Sounds strangley like returns from what Derek says – might be interesting to hear what other folks find when they check their Media folder…..

  7. The Humax looks set to be delivered today, I will be checking closely to ensure its a brand new item!….fingers crossed.

  8. Jamie is 1000% correct in saying EU directive states 2 years guarantee. I had an animated talk with Argos about this, they would not listen, however when I said I wouls take it further-suddenly a refund. (not Humax) Argos are the worst for discounting items, when in fact they do not have any locally. Laskys are (comet) advertising an LG DVD recorder for £109-99, BUT guess what-no stock. This practice should be made illegal.

  9. @ LeeB. Most people have stuck to 1TB. Some people have reported problems with 1.5TB.

    Opinion suggests the safest way to upgrade (from a not damaging the box point of view) is to use an external caddy with its own psu, and feed a sata cable out through the base of the box – there’s a hole between the internal caddy and the psu circuit board. I did an internal upgrade with a low power WD set top box specific hard drive internally and my HDR psu failed after 2 months (although it was by no means certain the hard drive upgrade was to blame). Note PC specific drives draw a lot more power than set top box specific drives, DO NOT USE THEM. Others have had internal set top specific drive upgrades without problem but it seems the safest and most popular option is the external caddy as it takes all the power load off the Humax. There’s a wiki about it here: http://foxsatdisk.wikispaces.com/

    However, any modification is at your own risk and you should be electrically competent and familiar with safety procedures as obviously there’s mains in there (most obvious – unplug 1st and allow capacitors etc time to discharge). If in doubt as to your competence or safety, don’t do it! Take it to a professional! Any modification should be carried out carefully so the box isn’t obviously tampered with as you’ll need to restore it make to factory state for a warranty claim. Technically a modification invalidates the warranty.

  10. @Al (Original) Thanks a lot very useful information, looks like 1TB might be the way to go if no one has managed 1.5TB. I think the new low power Samsung EcoGreen F2 drives might be an option. Out of interest was your HDR a recent machine or one of the early models?

  11. Humax arrived and installed fine, nothing found recorded in the media section to indicate a pre-owned machine, though box did not have a seal on it. A good deal for £222.30.

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