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Sep 30 2008

Dixons Freesat

We are please to announce that Dixons have extended their 10% discount on all Freesat digital boxes until 16th October 2008.

The 10% discount applies to purchases made online, using discount code 10DIGI when prompted.

So if you are still considering a purchase, now would be a good time to buy.

Don’t forget to compare the prices of each Freesat receiver using the right hand column and the Freesat receivers pages.

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3 Responses to “Dixons Freesat Discount Extended”

  1. Dar M Says:

    Ordered on 21/09 informed 24/09 that no longer providing install service. So discount is a bit of a waste!


  2. thomas christer Says:

    when are you getting freesat dtr’s in your stores and how much will they cost


  3. admin Says:

    Who’s store? We can’t answer for Dixons, but suspect availability mid to late november.


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